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020603.htm (205K)

????? Propaganda wars over the middle east amongst the major lobbies and venues capable thereof (worldnetdaily barfs along wiff evree burdy else: thoroughly sucked into a mire they were gonna drain or declare off limits or SOMETHING! ANYTHING but this)   ------- 183436 Chomsky on CNN with analysis   ------------- 183743 Argentina is in deep (reactionary) trouble ------- LBO-talk snippets ------------- 183800 a popular item (rare these days): Ruppert/Vreeland thoroughly trounced by David Corn -- conspiracy again (the nation takes on Ruppert) ------- 183779 Albert Confronts Conspiracy Theories -----------xxxx----------a second twin table set carries/contains a third chapter from a book by chomsky I will be translating for: // (I'll give it a shot anyways)

020605.htm (161K)

Nettime conversations, on money mostly and on empire (Snelson, Hart Henwood, Wark) ------------- a review of Michael Lewis' new book (by Geert Lovink) ----------- 184168 RICH SHALL EAT THEMSELVES Kevin Phillips, Judas of the GOP ---------- Center for book culture dot org Being and Seeming: the Technology of Representation Richard Powers ------ Google gags body shop?? (excellent)  repeated at 184395 +10 --------- 184??? International Action Plan for Earth;IAPE-A Modest Proposal  The Eco Solidarity Working Group (related to 184305 the; viacampesina)----------

020605-2.htm (117K)

Nettime conversations, on money mostly and on 'Empire' continued (between Brian Holmes, Ognjen Strpic) ---------Brian Holmes debating this 'rights for the inanimate' issue with Kermit Snelson in a thread named 'parliament of things' ----------- Snippet of a file by Bruno Latour on Gabriel Tarde(a Sloterdijk recommendee too by the way)and the End of the Social (the inspiration for the previous item) -------------184214 about politically correct communists in Geman(y) who (co-opted Interim and run Jungle World)  see antisemitism everywhere, 9/11 for instance,  are pro-Bush and intimidate german indyans. -- not put in this file, but found simultaneously, very good and relevant: Michael Neumann (atheist jewish prof in Ontario) on just about all the subtleties mainstream thinking should count itself lucky to have a heart and head good enough for grasping them: It is a article from june 4th; I found it at lbo-talk/(current changes to 0206 at the end of the month; watch for comments) Meanwhile 184510 holds/offers this piece introduced thusly: Every once in a while, some left-wing Jewish writer will take a deep breath, open up his (or her) great big heart, and tell us that criticism of Israel or Zionism is not antisemitism. Silently they congratulate themselves on their courage. With a little sigh, they suppress any twinge of concern that maybe the goyim--let alone the Arabs--can't be trusted with this dangerous knowledge.

Rosebug.htm (21K)

to a person who wishes to remain anonymously (alcoholic): sure miss you girl; got a new boyfriend? slip me into your shedual (schede = proper ((clinicalley clean)) Dutch word for cunt).. eh . .-le

open.htm (146K)

A firstmonday article on Wikipedia, Nettime and Nologo by Felix Stalder and ass.  (via  -------- some articles on Louise Erdrich ------- A short bit by Jorn Barger ----- 185884 Guardian calls for an end to capitalism; I go: 
used to be able to bathe the babe but (english) piet 1:15am Thu Jun 13 '02 comment#185907 . .. it'll take more intense guidance to get it on track and off its present course of juvenile delinqencency . . started off so co-operatively, so inquisitive, but balls are subject to the tides of recklessness as much as the exhibitionistic variety of mammary gland carrieress plays that sort of exposure for all it's worth I imply it has long life ahead of itself, sure but not without a lot of reform and forgotten norm brainstorm. You could do worse than start at the link below. Time saving warning concerning what you might be about to see ; if you are a lazy reader, don't bother, it hasn't been put together that way.
--------- 185809 Fisk -------- the info gap by Todd Boyle (there is a wonderful gif graph at this file; go find it!!!!!! Almost keyserlingesque) ------- abolish double entry accounting -------- keep double entry ------ user sovereignty ------- freedom skewered or ledgered

Gabriel-Tarde.htm (80K) 17K (includes scholarly refs) Paul Marden in a piece called 'forefathers of memetics' and subtitled: Gabriel Tarde and the Laws of Imitation; treats on and mottos with Gabriel Tarde: "Meanwhile, let us not forget that every invention and every discovery consists of the interference in somebody's mind of certain old pieces of information that have generally been handed down by others. What did Darwin's thesis about natural selection amount to? To have proclaimed the fact of competition among living things? No, but in having for the first time combined this idea with the ideas of variability and heredity. The former idea, as it was proclaimed by Aristotle, remained sterile until it was associated with the two latter ideas. From that as a starting point, we may say that the generic term, of which inventions is but a species, is the fruitful interference of repetitions." --------------- Gabriel Tarde and the Imitation of Deviance - 34k -------- his homepage (under construction; this is ready:  ------------- list of propositions: List of the Propositions ---------- 184603  Great Outdoors Showdown Coming As Forest Fee Issue Heats

6-26.htm (78K)

Contents:188276 ME death ratios for children 1:8; for adults 1:3 -------------188246  the first rule of fight club ---------- 188132 Bush Offers Nothing Real to the Palestinians--but Plenty for the Terrorists (english) by Rabbi Michael Lerner ( mag man/activist) ---------- 188213 KATHERINE HARRIS SAYS PALAST 'TWISTED AND MANIACAL'  --------- 188331 new-clear E-action harmoneutralizes nukes and lsd-ers --------------  new persp quarterly - Winter 1993 The Moon Over Maastricht by Leopold Kohr ------------------- Umberto Eco: for a polygot federation -------------- articles by Chris Hitchens: A Capitalist Primer Upton Sinclair's realism got the better of his socialism -------------- erased but very good: A Man of Permanent Contradictions The paradox underlying all of Kipling's work is a horror of democracy combined with an exaltation of the common man 

6-28.htm (124K)

via how google searches itself (from with 9 brief comments, all on a page of their own, yuk) ---- portals for the people -------- Bakunin on Marx and the Jews ----------- 188698 Sam Bahour on palestine (from ------------ // Pattern Of Rainfall Across U.S. Discovered ------------- cea-usa/message/145: direct democ. amendment act ----------- compassionatemoms group (hempactivism)  deleted yahoo group (their blurb via google cache): category: Drugs and Medications; oh well go here instead, a veteran still free to do what he began long ago:  ----------------  I ordered a soft back copy of Nazi Psychoanalysis by Laurence Rickels and it's taking over 3 weeks which means that regular distributors in Holland nor those in the UK carry have stocked that trilogy!!!!!! GGGGGRRRRRRR!!!!! ---- here is fragment by Larouche on the psych. of mass organizin (via Michael Pugliese >>  + filler = fiziks  The Unusual Radiations Produced by Nikola Tesla (c) Robert Neil Boyd ------ counterpunch presents Karl Kraus(!!!!) and some stuff on and by C. Hitchens

7-1.htm (97K)

??????? Putin linked to Moscow blasts (guardian) ---------- 189100 euro sclerotics vs dollarland mores ----- in front of the US embassy in A'dam: Ken Nichols to burn U.S. Passport ------ 188143 350 Palestinians condemn Terror attacks on Israeli civilians -------- 5059 (in dutch from -- in 20 years time Cuba has reduced use of ag. chems. 75% ------- Remember me messin with E Rosenstock-Huessy? Here are some disgusting samples I am sure have  nothing to do with my visit -------------- lbo-talk (Brad countered by CJ) -------------  Doug Henwood: Thank you for joining us, Gore Vidal. ------------ JHR Home Page Vol. (Year): No.: Karl Marx: Anti-Semite JAMES B. WHISKER (via MiPu)

7-4.htm - 72K

csf snippets: Market extremism by Kevin Phillips (totally excellent fella) ----------  Introduction from Destiny is Real PQ Wall (Charlie Walters tip) --------- Jim Craven review of "Economics as Religion" -- Paul Krugman on Kevin Phillips --------- 189801 Rainbow Gathering 2002 ---------- 

7-5.htm - 75K

 -- the cat and the camera by George Gilder - see also: comments on gilder(.com; via csf pen-l in last issue: 7-4.htm) ---------- American Psychos: The End of Art Cinema in the 90s - Laurence A. Rickels - from (most links don't work yet) ---------

7-18.htm (136K)

 192750 The Secret World of Banking Ralph Nader  --------------  Bush on Wall Street  ---------- lbo-talk posts ----------190610 HAMAS HISTORY TIED TO ISRAEL-   ---------- Semantics of Murder Muslims play games with words to justify suicide attacks. BY AMIR TAHERI  ---------- all posts by konijn (Dutch for tame version of rabbit); he monitors the Hague Milo trial closely. Here he posts a zmag thing by Ed Herman which evokes only 3 responses whereas I get the impression posts (about guns and such)  boast very  many more albeit short comments  ----------lbo-talk 0771 Re: don't boycott israeli academics( post and responses)  ----------remember I linked ashen ruins piece on violence from the infoshop?? -- here are the indy responses at 192107 ----------2 google pages worth of hits on the 2 words spinoza and state as searchterms ---- Most critical note out of the bunch: From Part II: On Despotism and Authority Addiction  ----------  2 Guardian articles: Strange Silence from the Left (see LBO for some discussion) ----------EDGE OF A PRECIPICE  ----------192881 and 192867 are identical posts by about service interruptions; here are the 3 comments ----------ANTI-SEMITISM & OPEN PUBLISHING by rabble too

DanWinter.htm (153K)

Yet another bunch of new Dan Winter inspired/guided sites (with wonderful 'new' animations) found via this one:
A note about the plagiarism charge he has had to defend hisself against (to the point of leaving the USA altogether). Quite curious to see how far the estimations of possesions (in both meanings of the term) diverge between the two contestants: Tenen thinks Winter is rich(in part due to funds flowing in thanks to the alledgedly plagiarized material) whereas Daniel is at pains to prove he has only doubled his debts on free distribution of his material since it started to contain refs to Tenen(which were erased for some years along with derivatives Tenen found to close for comfort and objected to though he now has published an article musing about how we would ever make ourselves understood by extraterrestrials, were any to show up --- which don't mean he will ever, that is, in all likelihood never admit to being inspired by Dan Winter's work): - spirals.eternite/2ndbook.htm (23pfd chapters; here you may find some 'expoundment on soil magnetics ----- TRANSFORMATIONAL POLITICS & PROPOSALS --------- vincent bridges on the plagiarism case -------------- Spirituality & Intellectual Property Rights by Christine Hall ---------------- Fusion: is PHI (Golden Mean) the solution to ALL of it's meanings?doesn't really have new material at all; Dan has a habit of taking old stuff and working in a hype word or two, like the lord of the rings) -------------------- Dan's court defense in detail (the plagiarism case against; it's a copy of the pdf with very revealing and convincing date/graphic combos) ------------Dan Winter fills the lion's share of a peace Uni curriculum (more like a crashcourse on the run deal really but his answer to 'what price peace?' is closer than most) a large point font on dan's new winter inspired peace university page says: Does The Prize of PEACE Depend on Understanding the Pure SCIENCE of What Peace IS ? The SYMMETRY of MAGNETISM that EMBEDS or NESTS PERFECTLY - MEASUREABLE IN THE HEART - Instructs Us in the Physics of What Makes PEACE POSSIBLE in the LAND - As EMOTIONS TOUCH PERMISSIVELY Between Bioregions. Land at PEACE is when Waves of Magnetism are at Peace. The Holy Grail of Embedding or Perfect Nesting IS that Peace - and it is teachable in the pure science of musical harmonics based on Golden Ratio - in both the Heart, in the spinal harmonics of bliss, and in its perfection in the Feng Shui of the land. Peace is the wave cocoon that learns to nest - and so become self-steering and self aware. Soul groups (true nations) embed first in their hearts, and then in the shape of magnetism which is the true face of their land. This creates sustainable memory among waves and nations, which is natures essence of peace. The key is to link the symmetry knowledge of perfect embedding/nesting or fractality - to the psychological operation of compassion - which is recursive turning inside out in the heart - creating non-destructive compression: literally - peacefulness for waves. ---------------- site:  Hulda Clark (Royal Raymond Rife derived) 'Zapper' (a liddul comm. avail. gadget) ------------- yet more perspectives on the plagiarism accusation and the character of the Tenen man 2 small ------- ------- ------ ----- some wonderful colour images and theory by a belgian: biogeometry/resonantie/kleuren_uk.html  Colours and Spirituality ------------- an interview with Dan by


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