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 Content here .. .to much to sum up, huge amount of brief bits, all sorts of every usual thing, you should know by now and if you don't you may want to check older toc's first: To my pen pal: is another hyper intellectualobotarian who wants to fly off the earthly handle ------- to pulp on posies and loads of other varied stuff ----- Music

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delegated n represented democracy  is dead but digital forms are due with span of space and tally time implosion. The eye of the storm still serves decisiveness now ('cohe(r)ratics'?) sorta focus but miniaturized may no longer be fatal to the formerly synchronized 'fatherless' fertilization frenzy if we get the eco of cooperationing straict strickin up a fook stroke.  Fatherin is an all day job, the least (not to say worst) part of which can be guaranteed with documents and controlling women. most horrible ones; huge library on Gender issues .  well . . women actually which is disastrous cause the most important 'issue' I feel,  is: which men get their balls removed at an early age due to a lack of resources (time and skill) for matching their certain promise with an equally intense guidance network.

LBO bits, buts and bytes Adorno specialist found here too: Redbaiting is when you criticize people's support for the administration's war in Afghanistan by reminding them that our Middle East policy is about supporting that Socialist state, Israel. Notice that discussions here do not revolve around that concern! And yet, you find it perfectly appropriate to bring that up elsewhere in an attempt to make your interlocutors appear as if they're inadvertently supporting the commies! gasp! horror! I found it especially luscious that you jumped into a thread that was initiated by people who do not wish to be exposed as reds in their communities or at their jobs. People want to protect their privacy so that they can espouse the politics they wish to espouse, and speak the thoughts they think, without recrimination. We cannot do that in a world where people continue to try to turn being a "red" into something to be ashamed of and ridiculed for. kelley
at least 7 lbo'ers are worried about the ice shelf collapse: INTERNET GAMBLERS MAY BE MORE LIKELY TO HAVE A SERIOUS GAMBLING PROBLEM THAN OTHER GAMBLERS, STUDY FINDS -- sampling new cultural context (brainy brainhalfs balancing artact) --- 
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ohetes. Porti(icen nt.Puthetseirec mes erotic and fantasy work of Conrad James in photography, video, verse and prose.
I scanned an erotica ring and found the 90th (out of119) to be the nicest: (very funny 'under construction' thingama bobber bod there), rivetting colour too; categories: carnival, landscape and erotica 
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I've checked on (related to the but in German; here is one of the few files in English: Global Village Inventory Categories) which has pleasant commenting hierarchy (=) software on topics such as 'hierarchnie' (meaning hyrarchie never).

To the squeeze list (I joined): simwan wrote:".....Adorno inside ...."    ------   I thought adornments are usually put on dishshplay not put in ... but seeing he appears to be supposed to scream .. as to why know I not for if reasons were given (screams being eminently suitable to proclaim any variety of them) I missed those (in the preceding posts) as presubbing ones ------ "..eminence funk (or funds?), it's a put on .." Is that what Pete Townsend sings? Depends on where the crack yawns rite? town's end or town send  a very skcue eased petrocpiet (the next few interactions are in indymediasamples.htm)  ----------  Doug Henwood wrote, >And my juvenile point was that a lot of this critique is a rather >undigested rehash of a lot of Puritan hair-shirt crap. You may think >the quote is out of context - I think it's a revealing expression of >anxiety over pleasure and sensuality. It is also likely to have >little political appeal beyond a rather affluent gang of PC lefties >(or the voluntarily poor). > >I'm with Mandel on this one. > >Doug ------------- Mandel's SECOND sentence begins with a catalogue of and homage to precisely those conquests that have been arrested in North America during the quarter century since the source text, _Late Capitalism_, was translated into English: the shorter work week, the weekend, paid holidays, politically sacrosanct pension universality, affordable post secondary education. That same sentence concludes with the qualification, "to the extent to which they are not trivialized or deprived of their human content by capitalist commercialization." Pardon my slow, deliberate reading but *trivialization* is precisely what Jhally's comment referred to and what you, Doug, lampooned as puritanical crap. The anxiety isn't over pleasure and sensuality per se, but over the commodification of pleasure and sensuality -- a process that is no doubt so far advanced that it becomes hard to conceive of pleasure and sensuality in any other terms. Hard? Conceive? Ha ha. Perhaps I should have said something about penetration, too. It's an anxiety that you obviously share, Doug. Otherwise, how to account for the compulsive eroto-detective work, the discovery of "revealing" expressions (what one might decades ago have referred to as Freudian slips). Fear not, Doug, your anxiety is my own. I have no wish to renounce pleasure in the name of an abstract critical purity. But as for having little political appeal, consider that the unabashedly anti-pleasure fundamentalist right gets an incredible amount of political mileage out of the anxiety that, presumably, no one but affluent PC lefties and the voluntary poor share (not to mention you and I, Doug).Tom the sandwichman   - - --  Alritey, I'm off to go see if dredmond's pdf'ed Benjamin translation can be converted into my fav ('prfr') format. --- I should have added something about the hirsuite thing mentioned in some of the first post I received from my newly subbed 'squeezed pulpculture' list ====>>>>> more squeezeposts via next link below. 108K last portion of an Adorno work translated by sitemaker I prfr'ed it to read but erased if before I even finished reading all of it; no wonder I found his associate Horkheimer such a muddlehead  . . . .. and by he way, anybody calling hisssself a friend of a suicide has never really been one.

Ken's deceased site:  ----  lacan-dialognet is a yahoogroup ------ via Indy 153482 the global commons for the benefit of scientific progress, education and the public good (about info-flowfreedom)

to kelley: hey, even online I live illegally 'gedoogd' = tolerated ?!?  the famous flying dustman karma clings to me even at fibre speeds, check this out: DISK SPACE  You have used 38.5 MB of your allotted 50.0 MB.   Want more disk space? Upgrade to Tripod Plus!   BANDWIDTH   You have used 1.4 GB of your allotted 1.0 GB.  View bandwidth details  Want more bandwidth? Upgrade to Tripod Plus! --------------   It's been saying this for days (even keeps saying this as of the 3rd of april! Perhaps they are gone to help the dutch daughter give itself a rebirth), yet, they don't block the files (I saw one of them blocked only once so far). I can't pay them easily since I have no credit card of any sort, will have to ask dad I guess.  Your site had 427 page views yesterday.    I 've been starting a watch over 'my account' page at tripod again since I discovered their bandwidth spec additions along with the reappearance of the visitor count (I may have just not merited a bandwidth stat so far though).   the beginning of the month must have had an over 1000 visitors per day average -- wonder if it was bycause of my 'boycott the cutboys ever looking /overcompensating for that lost nerve' post or perhaps the radio man recording my spiel at the gala for the refused (writers; a paralel party) actually broadcast my saying: "poetpiet" 4 letters one word, you will find it with a good search engine -- (tapering off again when I discovered such count was back up again, I complained about the deletion of that feature months and months ago, tripod has funny quirks all the time, the dutch daughter frantically reloads all the time if you let it and it's been doing that for weeks; their add campaign in Holland some years ago was a riot, near naked ladies on high heels carrrying a bath tub throught a library decked out with them bent shipdeck roar pipes through which one shouts down to the machine room or maybe they are air holes for the engines to breath through, on the bus shelters around town

Sent this on to Dan Winter (who seems to be determined to never reply to anything I send): looks like my pointer (way back) has set something in motion
  The Torah , which is described in the Talmud, is a sequence of
   78,064 + 63,529 + 44,790 + 63,530 + 54,892 == 304,805 letters
 0 Tao, Simplex Physics
 1 bit
 2 superposition qbit
 4 spacetime
 16 fermions Ilm-al-Raml
 256 Cl(8) IFA
 65,536 Torah Genes
 2^32 ~ 4 x 10^9 Genome Base Pairs
 2^64 ~ 16 x 10^18 Brain Electrons Planck
 2^128 ~ 256 x 10^36 Brain GraviPhotons Uncertainty
2^256 ~ 65,536 x 10^72 Particles in Universe
 Each letter is either
one of the 22 Hebrew letters of the Sefirot
   or one of the 5 Finals (which may or may not correspond
 to the Greek or Chinese 5 Elements),  a total of 27 letters.
 Stan Tenen is studying relationships between
   the 22 Hebrew letters and the 5 Finals.
There exists a 3x3x3 magic square with central 14 and sum 42.
    If the 27 entries of the 3x3x3 Magic Cube are put on a line,
    two such lines generate a 27x27 Magic Square with center 365.
    There exists a 9x9x9 Magic Cube with center 365.
    Both the 27x27 Magic Square
    and the 9x9x9 Magic Cube have 3^6 = 729 entries. discussed here somewhere by a raw food person (one of many little snippets at her nifty site):----- ----- Robert Matthews put a book out on meteors (ending civilization) in the Middle East (telegraph nov 4th 20001) ----- James Abourazek and Paul Findley both wrote a book called 'they dare speak out'? ------ I've made friends with a kindly lass from yugoslavia (needs a down jacket in the frigid north) who reads 'power of the written tradition' which I would tack: '..instills belief in the myth of unity' onto. 'news for grownups'; pretty nifty software and tones are OK but the articles tend tend to vascillate between the outrageously fringed and core ends of some(?)spectrum. I checked the first 11 pages (77 articles) for interest. Each article is spiked with links throughout the text and just to make sure you make good use of them a sidebar repeats them all, 50 of 'm in the last article here cited including certain comments, usually the longer ones ---- after my first few reads I am sure these folks are succesfully duping the innocent reader into convincing them the authors didn't take their cue from onion and the satirewire  <><<>><>   things I've looked at so far: Breaking Down the Language Barrier (+ 16 comments) By Icebox (due to juvenile oversimplification this item already erased)  <><<>><> Why Supporting Israel Helps Everyone -- 102 comments (none of which ((with one exception)) seems to defend chomsky; the author would have to admit something like "verily, my tongue weareth a hole in my cheek" unless these guys are as diabolically biased as the polls have all of their pollees to be))  <><<>><> Google Needs a Winston Smith 82 comments ------- Open Source? More Like Openly Racist (+92 comments)  <><<>><> Sigmund Freud, Linux and The Narcissism of Minor Difference  <><<>><> Teaching Astrology In Schools | 152 comments  <><<>><> other interesting looking ;sid=2002/1/17/2100/16932 Time is right for manual sex  <><<>><> op=displaystory;sid=2001/12/2/0160/24792 why marijuana is the worst drug Highlighting Hash in the harsh light of heuristic honesty.------------ wrote: floss regularly and live til 100 > --- me: That site says: The more questions you answer, the more accurate the results! Problem is Questioning never sticks to core issues like: the more rock you polish the more they shine? with barely more than a handful of q's the resemblance to + ass with your daily astrol-bate is not very deniable + hard to make.  --------- would seem to belong in the trivialize matters of import category somewhere; some prelimb observs: (<(see above)>) However, on second thought Adequacy's linkthicken method surely tends to compensate for the feminign and covert satirical baiting of the articles adding up, stringing along widely divergent conclusions/viewpoints justifies none, postpones judgement and makes fun in the meantime turning victims into perps. I'm sure I'm crosspurposing a bunch of threads myself in this alinea alone ( but people are rushing by all around me in this law-lib-lobby and you 'll have to forgive me. ------ 1): they came to really dumb and biased conclusions despite the range of refs. ---------- 2): the writers are giving prejudiced and disinclined to go to the heart of matter foke a change to stick with it and even gloat that the links must justify the write up, but know better.

   Ken quoting me: "Renewal of religious rites is a sorely needed method and means to establish and maintain social (and why not interspecial?) cohesion." ** I was wondering which religious right is being referenced here...ken ------  the inversion of the 'poederpaniek' type; this dutch word simply means powder panic but I'm on about panic powder or would you prefer panoid powder  -- If you believe you can show movies like that without explaining the effort going into provisions preempting fights over scarcity, 90% of them although fighting over the best seems to be the romantic and popular way of looking at squabbles, friction, joustings, fisticuffs and what have you, and the need to combine them, without explaining we were given one gland secretion to rule them all, you are dead wrong. << added a few googlies on me and agression >> Ps: haven't seen it, don't bother inviting me; only reason I'll ever come to the states again is to see my listmommy. ------- hey this is funny, google ('we can't hire good people fast enough' . . yeah, I'll say, I applied didn't I?) reminds me that I have been spelling aggression to ways!!!!   ----- "Destiny is blind" - Neil Gaiman  --- "A blonde is my destiny" - JFK ---- "Destiny rides again" - Marlene Dietrich] + another 10 variants (geography, anatomy, etc) ------ piet: sure, why not(?) one dostony after yonodor (?) ----- wrote: Hurts so good   Sacred Pain: Hurting the Body for the Sake of the Soul --------  I get the impression that the promise in the title isn't born out in the book. It should include variants of the most pained promise in the known universe: 'focus'. All the way from beyond borderline shiatsu bruising pressure pointholding to the mere mental focus on points.  Interlude: pleasure and pain are a bit like sunshine and rain; gotta have the latter for the former to 'work'.   pointholding (a la body electronics; founder John Witman Ray ((pain expert)) died last year) variant found in the (book)trash recently (something by Kennedy with 'snake' in the title and as cartoon throughout the book). Seems to use the kaballah tree to determine points, meridians and large number 'values'. Weird.  -- but there are at least four ways to spell it! ------ And more than 4 ways to look at it; here is a few that includes a pic reminiscent of that startlingly unaverage example of hate Ken cited (and to which my response was probably inadequate if not inaccurate, judging from a recent pen-l post by Max S about jewish resistance in the worldwars) --- don't try tell 'm apart, don't tell 'm to UN haite ------  preencaution: Don't mind the big dick guy too much Ken unless you are the Ken herein: 159503 Foreigners Flock To Aid Palestinians (english) by The Guardian 6:40pm Thu Mar 28 '02 (Modified on 8:57pm Thu Mar 28 '02) ``We are going to stay here in Ramallah in particular to provide the Palestinians with protection,'' said French farmers' union leader Jose Bove. Download attached file: jose_bove. (mimetype: image/pjpeg ) Foreigners Flock To Aid Palestinians Friday March 29, 2002 12:10 AM The Guardian,1280,-1620935,00.html RAMALLAH, West Bank (AP) - Hundreds of pro-Palestinian foreigners arrived in this West Bank town Thursday, offering themselves as human shields for Palestinians anticipating a massive military response by Israel to a suicide bombing that killed 20 Passover diners. About 600 activists, most of them European members of the Public International Protection group, arrived in Ramallah for 10-day stays with local families. The town is Yasser Arafat's West Bank headquarters. ``We are going to stay here in Ramallah in particular to provide the Palestinians with protection,'' said French farmers' union leader Jose Bove. ``The Israeli government and our governments all know that we are in Ramallah. (Israeli Prime Minister Ariel) Sharon must understand that if he decides to bombard Ramallah he is going to bombard hundreds of foreigners.'' Sharon convened his ministers in Jerusalem into the small hours of Friday to discuss responding to Wednesday's suicide bombing by a Palestinian militant at a seafront hotel in Netanya. ``I'm here to tell the Israeli government and to tell my government that the source of terror and violence is the Israeli government and racism,'' said group member Karrin Wheeler, of Pittsburgh. Another 200 other activists from Italy were turned back by Israeli troops at a road block at Kalandiya, just south of Ramallah. Meanwhile, United Nations officials in Ramallah said several foreign staffers, mainly families with young children, left the town. The officials, however, denied reports that the organization ordered an evacuation.,1280,-1620935,00.htmlFrench anti-globalization icon Jose Bove (C) attends a protest to show solidarity with the Palestinian people, in the West Bank city of Ramallah March 28, 2002. Palestinians stocked up on food supplies on Thursday as fears of possible Israeli military strikes swept the West Bank and Gaza after a suicide bomber killed 20 people at a seaside Israeli hotel. The sign reads "International protection for Palestinians is needed." REUTERS/Osama Silwadi ====== Maybe they should be in Isreal? (english) by Ken 7:28pm Thu Mar 28 '02 What about the Passover massacre? What about the attack in the settlements today? Maybe the French "sheilds" should go to Isreal so the Isreali's don't have a reason to go into Palestine. The Arab leadership is bringing this on themselves. It is getting harder to believe the Palestinians are victims. ====== THE MEANING OF SOLIDARITY (english) by Let's Go 7:42pm Thu Mar 28 '02 Where's Global Exchange and the cowardly left? I'm sure there are many Americans so sick of paying to assist the Israeli occupation that they would go help provide cover for the Palestinians, it's the least we could do. I'm ready, and I hear there's good hashish over there. Let's go! ==== A very special message for Ken (english) by BIG DICK 8:57pm Thu Mar 28 '02 Ken piss off son, run like a good boy to watch some more Fox News. YOU ILLITERATE AMERICAN WHITE TRASH! ------------------- Sadie Plant on drugs (96) and again here (95) though not in this file: There she is! Electronic gender; art at the interstice concluding paragraph of Transarchitectures: Visions of Digital Communities (17K):   It is with the emergence of such integrated, small-scale nets that the virtual city comes into its own. At this point, it is not a digital replica of the old city, a virtual rendition of the metropolis, but instead a complex mesh which both includes and connects cybernetic space. If a city is an open system, its interconnectivity must extend across an immense variety of material flows to become not a soft, but a meshed city, a system whose complexity embraces flows of information, and also movements of population, biomass, and heat. With apologies to Vladimir Vernadsky, it becomes a kind of info-socio-bio-geo-chemical network, a symbiotic entity in which information flows continually interact with all the other forms, scales, and speeds of communication at work in the world.

3 indy items (sent to squeeze); incomparable or excessive, that's the Zkcueekwestyon 159387   Defying Mr Greed Benefits Venezuela (english) by Paul Krugman 3:51pm Thu Mar 28 '02 IN total contradiction to the anti-Chavez hysteria found in the US and other big media, Venezuela is outperforming most other economies including the US. Defying Mr Greed Benefits Venezuela (english) (full story) -----159418   When Elephants Dance - a Digital Bill of Rights (english) by Jason McManus 4:55pm Thu Mar 28 '02 (Modified on 10:00pm Thu Mar 28 '02) Great outline of the industry battle between the technology and entertainment industries, as well as various technologies and legislation being pushed (SSSCA, CDBTPA) by heavily financially lobbied politicians to restrict consumer rights to Fair Use When Elephants Dance - a Digital Bill of Rights (english) (full story and 6 comments)$414 -----159258 Alabama residents win gasmasks in lawsuit (english) by Airsign 12:41pm Thu Mar 28 '02 (Modified on 1:48pm Thu Mar 28 '02) Residents of Alabama who live "downwind" of military nerve gas incinerator win gasmasks and biowar suits in court ruling. ----only one comment:oh, the irony (english) by porphyry 1:48pm Thu Mar 28 '02 hehe, i don't think it's the axis of evil who americans need to be afraid of, it's their own country. the irony hurts! ----------------one more indy item for the sake of contrast and proof of range: jeanne Manning on Schauberger etc. Ps: I was suprised this week to find that even the government's jurisprudiction pages have black backgrounds. -------

simwan wrote:But release comes sooner than we wish, and then we regret everything THEREafter...hence, longing for an ideal release (insert that french word here) that never happened. -------- Piet: forgot to spread some skwuozed rock rickety rackety crickety crackey T enough again eh? ------There is no freedom for those who wait. ----- Piet: Rocks have no choice but to wait for us to stop crying over spilt milk (ops spilt some) and bank on the backed up. Either way we remain, backed all the way up to/by the bank and banked up, wether more or less, for better or worse. We (be)come what we see, but that is always based upon (within, in this case) the desire of the other. freshly squozen, ----- ps:i missed you all. a little bit. -- "I would tell you the whole story, but I might puke if I did." Holden Caulfield -------- Sadie Plant cites that fictional man in a book I'm trying to make sense of: first part offers a long defense of feminign intelligence (showing how it fits fractional identity pinball (machine) pleasures. Then the untramplable flower finery/fantasyweave takes an excursion into biology culminating with citations from Economist magazine and ??Gilman warning against the runaway usuriousness of sexual selection (the famous peacock as advertizing/ delusion-drug/ entertainment/ fable substitute -costs). Throughout she cites Ada Byron(?), only letting on to her drug dependency once in the beginning; however if you scan the web she just as (or even more) likely to be cited in connection to her book on drugs ( .com) has her face and some fine art). I'm just waiting for a complete turn around; no more dustfree 'silicon waving'; but mist myst most moist magic mama's (and they can keep wearing their goddamn dust veils all they want if only they'll do the rite thing! Check an indy item from a little while ago).  ---------

simwan else wrote: " ------- I wonder if the entire project isn't a wee too ambitious from the outset.  How do you attempt to cover fakirs, Shi'i pain rituals and a simple slap at First Communion all in one work?   Anyway, it would be interesting to see what the author has to say about these movements if anything.  I think I agree with Piet's suggestion that it's kind of a big subject to tackle Dunk ------ . . .  .. .". ----  Piet: Yall dunno how a loner like me can starve for this sorta line. I believe a few firm grips and tweaks of earlobes while speaking calmly as you look the victim in the eye might be all the violence any lifetime needs if/when done at the right time (young enough) and for the right reasons (instill embeddiment = conchshushniche).    thanks again for a tactile post Dunky,   Go, ya gods of goo. Pay 'tention to what yar foreparents felt and want ya to do, find yar way truh

to So, what might be the god awful barrier between me and you guys? non-introductions? Disgust? Why don't you start a campaign against all who use  the name poet in their email adresses? Ever scanned them; I get batches occasionally from machine spam and I wonder, has anybody ever checked their claims/aims/names????????  Yours for the moment  piet

Time for a squeeze again: ".... I would add to these, too, that Israel has a long history of doing the U.S. executive's dirty work after even the U.S. legislature has called foul (and this requires immense tactlessness). There are a whole sleu of latin american dictatorships that have been armed, funded, and backed by Israel after the U.S. Congress has put the breaks on direct aid to said dictators. Not to mention apartheid South Africa and Rhodesia. So Israel frequently functions as an intermediary for the U.S. to continue backing "friendly" despots after they have passed beyond the pale of international tolerance. If you can get your mits on Chomsky's "The Fateful Triangle," it's one of his best-researched works, and phenomenally good." -Ben -------

Resurgence magazine weblit (a serious amount of stuff): Biography Business & Economics Cooking & Food Development & Land Ecology & Environment Education Genetic slavery Globalization Health and Healing Poetry, Sculpture, Art and Architecture Philosophy Peoples and nations Science Spirituality --------- Dan Winter decides to do some decade old reprints (on the mistaken terminology 'free' energy; no, not free but of course, how could it be anything else: golden mean) while he is off gallivanting through the land of Oz: --------- and -------- ---------- thing is making the rounds):   ...results showed that a listserv originally designed to promote information sharing became a social testing ground. Instead of freely sharing knowledge with other members across the listserv, members used it instead to informally evaluate each other by judging the astuteness and appropriateness of posted questions and answers.  This activity led to cliques and the concentration of knowledge among clique members instead of across all listserv members.  catalog/item/default.asp?sid=  A86439D2-EE08-4E8D-8987-7223ED0357D  B&ttype=2&tid=8639  Secrets of Nature Astrology and Alchemy in Early Modern Europe Edited by William R. Newman and Anthony Grafton In recent years scholars have begun to acknowledge that the occult sciences were not marginal enterprises but an integral part of the worldview of many of our ancestors. Astrology was one of the many intellectual tools--along with what we consider to be the superior tools of social and political analysis--that Renaissance thinkers used to attack practical and intellectual problems. It was a coherent body of practices, strongly supported by social institutions. And alchemy was not viewed primarily as a spiritual pursuit, an idea popularized by nineteenth-century occultists, but as a part of natural philosophy. It was often compared to medicine. ---- via Ravi who offers help anonymizing ----- rootsworld -------

This is what 10 pages of googling with 'tree grove' and 'mature trees' got me:  ---- (good slides) ----- (Brisbane Organic Growers) ------ -------- (a Pim-like character in hyper mode with geodesia) ------- belongs in here somewhere (check's articles for an account on it)

Kelley's eye for irony: Bush on bin Laden: "He's the ultimate parasite who found weakness, exploited it, and he's met his match."  peace/archives/2002/march/03140a.html -------    just a late april fool's joke! -----  also, the World's Database of Happiness.

2 interviews with Delanda: ------ virtualitaet/delanda.htm -------
-- My conclusion: unappealing, appaling and apal@able unpalatability; doing the inorganic a disservice  this pile of reactionary squirming and sqreading is a
   distraction from the more valuable parts of my site (notably those I tuned
   toned ((let alone tinted, which came later) over a period of 7 years).  new essay entitled: Audiences scale. Communities don't  ---- Piet: at's rite; food suffers and ideas travel swift lots of open (re)source post: In a text from Thomas Berker I found this interesting link It's rather old and kind of a reply to ESR's "Cathederal and the Bazaar" text. However, since Alan Cox is one of the most famous Linux
kernel hackers, I think his point of view counts. ---- Alan Cox maintains a beautiful page: via shunka at 168561 (indy) is a very profusely linkin news service; they have a pointer to all of Michael Lewis' bits at for instance

 To my pen pal: rumours of eviction are lapping at my feet; some bureaucrat with an eastern european name seems to try getting me out with lies about construction plans (which he won't show me though he promised once; now he don't even answer my mail. This is what his parent website says: ------------------  DISCLAIMER   "Any E-mail messages from the organization of Stadsdeel Oud-West are given in good faith but shall not be binding nor shall they be construed any obligation on the part of the organization of Stadsdeel Oud-West" ----- An old buddy of mine; life long hippy squatter once at the cutting edge of laser holography and building domes with funny curves ever since (to get a flavor visit a sibling of his at has left me two of his domes (perhaps temporarily but knowing him he moves infrequently and when he does he does leaving all his trappings and supplies behind (junk to most people anyway). Too bad it is right near (practically on one of Holland's largest busiest freeways). How are ya? Can you still me that pic you promised long ago.? ------ WWWWWOOOOOWWWWW that you before 'm towers of text (and behind some more) illustrating a fav dutch adage: 'de mouwen opstropen' = sleeve roll up = indicating readi- n fitness to work. But you take the cake. Beautiful. Wanna come bike around Europe wimme? Might lose my living space soon anyway? 30 could be you too. or 32. I like 33 and 36 could again be you in which case you are on the front page as well I guess. 10 and 8 impress me too. ------ Subject: in a sense my prfr resemble your twin towers; but haven't managed higher than 3 meters yet -------- that makes you my muse from now on more than you already were; you couldn't come alive anymore than this . .not anytime soon innyhow. If only I could get 9 of 'm to all pull together.; I noticed none of the other pictures were as heavily laden ideologically speaking as your picture; was that a conscious and deliberate influence (indicated by the rolled up sleeves) or something that sprouted from you as spontaneously as it was picked up by your 'recording' artist? ----------------- Hi :) yay! that print was no fun i'd been awake for the greater part of a day and a half when that was done. I like it though it is a powerful image but you can tell by the look in my face that i was totally in the zone. it was my idea to look the way that i did, chris wanted me to pose for the print cause i'm his only friend whose a writing major and i deffinately liked his idea of being superimposed infront of the burning twin towers. Chris and are trying to work together with our art works i started writing poems to go along with some of his images and he thought of some images to go along with some of my other poems...... hopefully we'll make progress some day... i'd love to bike across europe with you, right now i'm tied down with my school semester but if i have the funds to get out there afterwards i'm there. schools so petty i feel like my brains confined from absorbing all the knowledge i haven't been assigned to learn and i'm scratching at the walls of my skull to break free. take care, crystal ------------------------

Some squeeze list entries: Subject: suns, gunsins and grandsons: via the gunnutty (gonady?; a dutch translation of finnegan's wake hits the stands today but the postcarnation (grandson of) James Joyce has been blocking it, wanted to have the original go along with ((into?!!)) it too) and innovist dpouzzer's architecture of modern political power site ------------------------ with the amount of 'fake floweriness people consume' complicity I sport, it is hard to not call me hypocritical when pledging 'allegadmiration' for Robert Lawlor who quit a photography/art career (and wrote a big fat book about aboriginals) on the grounds it causes too much pollution. The digital wonders stand to outdo the print preenpranceprowess on more than one front and some of them pretty ugly. ------------------------ politics is getting good again and I find more and more confirmation that my work has not been in vain all my batons picked up and on the fly . .. a fun fella this Piet Grijs (whom I had assumed was somebody else, a linguist, till now), plenny academic acronyms in front of his name, columnist of one of the 4 best dutch weeklies (VN) and now parodying the rise of the dutch (homo)haider with rapid soundbite crimowave hot flash outasite insight delivery. Here is a probe: since the rising sealevels cannot be countered with raised dikes unless the 'germans and belgians join us I propose to deepen the seafloor and raise mountains wherein wrecks and such can be sought after, our success will ensure the forthcoming of forgiveness for being too busy to join the war tool pool. The slowly growing connnection between africa and america can be populated by the elderly so they have one less complaint: no rain. De 'vergrijzing' (predominance of aged people due to a birth vs aging rate imbalance; sorry, the single word for it slips my mind at the mo) is a big theme this weekend, scary (pre)figuration are strewn through all media; even my favorite 'allochthonian in the same weekly is worried we are no longer friendly enough to attract the more and more necessary service workers. ----

To Hi Valis, first a Q, are you the same hyper active fella resp for Are you a SF lover? Does your site not display properly in my beloved netscape? Have you seen my rendering of an unknown insurance mathematician who died in the fifties after a full and hard life in Berlin, and who was arguably a great expert on the use of stable account units but totally ignorant when it came to environmental aspects of doing the gold digging bogey? /guest_appearances/intro_to_currency_issues.htm Jon Chance is struggling with energy units of account, I find that laudable. Got any thoughts in that direction. Oh yeah, the obvious answer to your Q is to read wired magazine a few issues back. --

to maperton: Hi, I saw your resurgence article (thanks for that) and would like to return the flavor with a few links: -- Ps: if you are seriously considering working with rockdust I hope you will consider accepting my offer (hereby made warmly) to come and help. ------------------------ ------------------ ! revolutionary y why rano why renew it u why renew it you lover ? sing yourself a visualization fokes: do re mi fa sol la ti do absolute moon earth planets sun all suns all worlds absolute (from Kenneth Walker's 4th book on Gurdjeff (yesterday's book market score at 4 euro) ------------------ Subject: loose end interstitials vs tabulable reliables; your guide to the hide and cover bglaims. In an LBO thread called 'webbugs' I found a few passages worth qouting and becommenting: "And what's the big deal if they know? This is what I was thinking of when I brought up the bourgeois fetish of privacy the other week -" ------ me: Bringing Ken' problem up again (by way of a Henwood quote, above, mangled thusly): Fetish = private AND bourgeous upbringing = contradickshun in turms if you allow the dutch saying: what comes from far is 'lekker' (superlative of sensually pleasing the senses in their proper hyrarchies; which to my dad ap- and implied food but 'explied' sex; go figure how I live in a city that was the northernmost to ever get built on broken trees from the tropics and kick of their demise in earnest) to define 'bourgeous' most benignly: hardworking middlemen (middlestanders in dutch) never just shifting money without the goods as well Kell a liddul later in that thread: "i guess i think it matters if my mom tunes into CNN and I tune into CNN and she gets completely different news stories based on what we can afford to buy, not to mention based on our race. imagine that only low income blacks ever get programming that, supposedly, low income blacks like, no matter whether they tune into the Box, CNN, FOX, TMC, or the Food Network, etc. I'm white and I'll never be exposed to anything from black culture because they'll assume that I won't be interested in that. i don't get a choice because it's based on what i can afford to buy--as well as things like race, age, gender. " kelley -------- me: I read you to suggest an irreciprocation between the high and low incomes(or consumerism vs creativity if you will);well, oneway systems always work best, no danger of headon's etc. a passive way of compiling similarities into seemingly infinite bunches of affinities is what the invisible (simple since vast and specially: fast) hand isn't yet fleshed out as (ultimate passive atri- and active distribution mechanism) what I am not forgetting is the fact that you don't get links (both in the E sense and the dutch = left), linked, (verlinked = betrayed in dutch) without a chain and they tended to be heavy; even tabulation software would become the more cumbersome to the extent it succeeds in the colluder/conspirer/joint effort correlation game/aim (let alone throwing in the type of eco-parameters jon change is struggling with, and the much missed former netpresence Craig Hubley; ((some files at my site)) was too). on top of that I would rubricate this under more or less perfect in- and perversions of how I understand money 'rolled' once upon no more that a few centuries ago; here is a glimpse (4000 of the man's personal ((somewhat repetitive)) letters available on ((cheap)) microfiche): /guest_appearances/Beckerath_on_peacemaking.htm ------------------ dead saints and live jewdeonosies ring around the . .. .what's a posy anyway? culpable sepulture or palpably pulpsure (not exactly what I dreamed up last night but I was too lazy to pick up a pen, afraid that sorta thing might break the spellspillflow half the time anyway) ------ In short: politics and economics divorced spells disaster deceit and the devilishly engaged hormone driven crowd of this too post post world war era. ------------------ palpably gulpable first of 5 page downs: 1. What are "pulp theory/fiction hybrids?" In France - the old old continent - we don't have any kind of cultural studies and " cyber-culture " means nothing. Can you explain your theories in newbies words... Many members of the Ccru had fled cultural studies, disgusted by its authoritarian prejudices, its love of ideology, and pompous desire to 'represent the other' or speak on behalf of the oppressed. To us, it never seemed that the real articulacy of the left academic elites was in any way superior to the modes of popular cultural expression which were either ignored or treated as raw material to be probed for a 'true' (ie ideological) meaning by white middle-class intellectuals. Ccru has tried to connect and cross-intensify with peripheral cultural processses (dark-side digital audio, cyberpunk, neolemurian sorcery, numbo-jumbo, afro-futurism, indo-futurism, sino-futurism ). It seeks to think, theorize, and produce with rather than 'about' (or -even worse - 'for') them. We think everything interesting happens on the periphery, outside the standard modes of 'developed' existence. Ccru engages with peripheral cultures not because they are 'down-trodden' or oppressed, but because they include the most intense tendencies to social flatness, swarming, populating the future, and contagious positive innovation, hatching the decisive stimuli for the systematic mutation of global cybernetic culture.

what's a posy anyway? --- ThatRogersWoman wrote: > >>Off the cuff, I'd wonder if it's origination is the tie between "I >>love you" and "to death" with "death" being a euphemism for orgasm or >>the "little death." > >i love you until death. til death do us part. > >what's a posy? a pocketful of posies -- flowers. > > > >kelley --------------- > your link dates from the 17th of december yet google don't 'do' it; not within the first 100 hits anyway; the page content is sortof equivalent to their first hit: Ring Around the Rosy - Killing Time ... Ring Around the Rosy A pocket full of posy Ashes, Ashes We all fall down. Nursery rhymes seem so innocent and meaningless. But, this one is neither. Ring Around ... - 24k --------- from your page: For example, the purpose of the "pocket full of posies" is said to by any one of the following: Something carried to ward off the disease. A way of masking the "stench of death." An item the dead were commonly buried with. Flowers to place "on a grave or funeral pyre." A representation of the "pus or infection under the skin in the sores" of plague victims. Likewise, multiple meanings are claimed for the repetition of "ashes" at the beginning of the last line: A representation of the sneezing sounds of plague victims. A reference to the practice of burning the bodies of those who succumbed to the plague. A reference to the practice of burning the homes of plague sufferers to prevent spread of disease. A reference to the blackish discoloration of victims' skin from which the term "Black Plague" was derived. ------------ from the other: "A pocket full of posy": Posey was an aromatic mixture of herbs and flowers. It was thought to ward off the vapors that brought the Plague. Posies were often placed in the grave garments of the dead to chase away the disease. The aromatic qualities of the posey helped reduce the stench of plague-induced death. "Ashes, Ashes": During the Plague there were so many dead that coffins and burial plots were in short supply. Uncharacteristically in Christo-centric Europe, many corpses were cremated. It gives 5 hyper links at the end instead of the book refs snopes the urban legends site does. ------------------ also, i hate nutscrape--in case anyone cares. :)   kelley -------  I do! a quick googler confirms my worst suspicion. You are calling the foke (indirectly) facillitating my 42Mb site ugly names (not even bad nuts improve from a scrapin'); sure something is wrong with everything soon enough and I have just made too modest a usage to find out; clear sailing so far. I could think of some improvements but live with the clickload as is. Sure, I hate seeing all those multi billionair yachts being built when I go for a fast ferry ride from Alblasserdam (city of my teenage schooling period; big boat building warfs, (steel) cable factory, heavy tobacco smoking working class, ranking 3rd for drugabuse back then) to Rotterdam, hell I even yelled at some guy going round in the latest of fat mercedes models just this morning: "you deserve speed for your bullshit, since it the responsible brand; capably serving many; hordes depend on you, claim what you like, even if you want a big stinker" ------------------

// would be the name of the archive after being called /current/ for a month; what now goes by current via the root url = I'm startin' to believe that it is true nobody uses the archive very much that way except the listmechanic . . and me. --trilingual piet presents: (suspended for 2 hours since I tried make a backup (on a zipdisc) with a borrowed login via the new attic combpotterlab at a restored monument, transformed to the sociological library. Awesome freshly varnished beams in all weird angles real close; somebody must have paid attention to all my whining about desert intensity lighting; it is MELlow there for sure . . . . eerrrr, . . .. .my name wouldn't be piet bouter if I did not immediately spot a drawback or two: brandnew acclimatizer/blower blocks blasting out a relentless hummadrone; can't be charmed if the windease don' upan. ---------- (unresurected since has gone and done a easter ritual (it was all gone for a whole week) emerging with all new url's but the figure we need the stimulus of a site overhaul and must do all the linkrenaming ourselves). (ditto)

Salon article via robotwisdom -- Media O.D. Todd Gitlin talks about media overload, the cluelessness of the TV networks, the Washington Post's love for Ken Starr and why conservative viewpoints thrive on TV and radio. ------------ over a miljon visitors since 95 ------ SKETCH OF JOHN TANNER, KNOWN AS THE " WHITE INDIAN." BY JUDGE JOSEPH H. STEERE. Those curious enough to inquire further my try and find: "Neil's History of Minnesota," "Campbell's Political History of Michigan ... .. The History of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan," Vols. 2 and 3 of the "Michigan Pioneer Collections,"   --- Dr. Bryce's 'Sketch of Tanner," ---- Lanman's "In the Wilderness," ---- "Life on the Lakes" by the author of "Legends of a Log Cabin," and in the secular press of July, 1846. --- James McCauley Justin Hall resembled me uncannily at one point but probably mixed with the wrong crowds and has gone more puffy than I ever have  --------CTHEORY THEORY, TECHNOLOGY AND CULTURE VOL 18, NO 1-2 Article 25 95/04/19 Editors: Arthur and Marilouise Kroker Radical Thought == ~Jean Baudrillard~ ~Translated by Francois Debrix~ ----------- Magic of the State? by Michael Taussig (this is recent but i seem to find even less than I did before; he is an anthrop. prof at Colombia

Music: Here are the results of some frustrating minutes while trying to come up with internet radio folk stations like hober: jana lane progressive rock samples in real audio, nice cover art ----- a directory for hippy folk ---- a list of resources; hober tops this page RITE ON! Other than that there must not be many internet folk stations or they would have surely been listed here. ---- ------- I finally get to listen again (hober is unavailable from the new UvA machines which don't allow mucking around the software) when I find this (via the google group (24 hour folk online with live 365 tec) also check a 2001-01-15 post by Abby Sale for a list with mostly real player stations; some main portals mentioned:,, --------- seems like there aren't to many hobe siblingks about, finally I did a search that narrowed things down a bit: folk music on internet radio hober wumb similar -- ( ---

Just found someone who is interested in 'courange acheunting' too:

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