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Content here: does 2 blogs a love (white) and a fear (black) one --xxx--
I end up at metafilter due to an item on currencies --xxx-- solzhenitsyn's book on jews --xxx-- on castell ---- bout my inhabitable balls builder --xxx-- blabbers with babes --xxx-- part of a thread on blogging at lbo-talk  --xxx-- fruitlessly searching for a very especially odd blog -------- Finn's wake list is back on again about dan winter

Just found someone who is interested in 'courange acheunting' too (besides evincing an obvious interest in snaps . .oh .  .and mucking about with that fashionable but fake, poisonous (and in mere demisive ((? is that a word?)) appearance flowering finery, in short, he is part of the colourclickin killer clique); you will soon see me scrutinizing and thereafter perhaps watching this man closely:

Last issue's first and last thing; I'm still to attached to them:

there's a now thought
delegated n represented democracy  is dead but digital forms are due with span of space and tally time implosion. The eye of the storm still serves decisiveness now ('cohe(r)ratics'?) sorta focus but miniaturized may no longer be fatal to the formerly synchronized 'fatherless' fertilization frenzy if we get the eco of cooperationing straict strickin up a fook stroke.  Fatherin is an all day job, the least (not to say worst) part of which can be guaranteed with documents and controlling women. 

this section first saw life in the indy sample file (see below or up top); things slowed down a lot at source; priority placement, -routing (or rite-a-way) were all changed: On the increased sale of paper since digital authoring --- also via robotwisdom: --------  LBO on chechnya -- 2124 has a piece on Islam in the Caucasus   -----  rainbow button line-up ------- ------  Jake rocks (heard at via ------------- The Anti-Defamation League's National Director is Crazy like a Foxman (in the prfr) ----------- more Brenner ----------- German sites: and looks like this fella is determined to finish collectively what Craig Hubley was attempting to do on his own: the PotlatchBlog has been on hiatus for a couple of months, mostly due to a creeping sense of the inadequacy of linear, event-based commentary. Once this wiki is up and running to our satisfaction, we'll start it up again. -------- dunno where this lives: Here's where we sketch the outlines of a practical, workable system of mutual exchange, in order to actually implement a functioning economic system based on NonCoercion and DeCentralization, with the object of inducing the provisioning of a diverse and robust InfoCommons. Say what? A Gift Economy means everything is free, but it also means that everyone - or almost everyone - must contribute. In the Potlatch economy of the northwest, social surplus was distributed in a series of festivals in which the wealth of individuals and clans was given way in a lavish display of generosity. Each gift enhanced the reputation of both giver and reciever, but it was incumbent upon the recipient to make an equal or greater gift at the appropriate time. Social standing was entirely dependant on one's willingness and ability to give. In a face-to-face community of reasonably small size, this sort of 'peer-pressure' works well to encourage all parties to abide by the unwritten, but very clear, rules of reciprocity in a gift culture. This may not work so well on the internet. The first ever wiki site was founded in 1994 as an automated supplement to the PortlandPatternRepository. The site was immediately popular within the pattern community, largely due to the newness of the internet and a good slate of InvitedAuthors. The site was, and remains, dedicated to PeopleProjectsAndPatterns. Lots of links to as yet very few individuals; here's one: Alexander has his own web site at who knows how should really talk to his web guy about refactoring this site - very confusing... Yes, please, he has so many well-placed friends in the computer industry that someone must be able to help. I find it interesting that his wonderful sense of aesthetic completely falls down when he tries something outside of architecture. Does he realize that living patterns and dead patterns are present in web applications, too? ------- Whaddaya know??? colouriot chaos (((googled plural of chaos -- -- yeah rite, its the jewzzease again maybe? It only remains to stress that -s is a singular ending. Trousers, pants, jeans, scissors -- all purport to be plural but each is a singular object. A "spectacle" is all you can see, but "spectacles" is one small thing on your nose. Having an -s on the end is such a sign of the singular that it debars many a work from even having a plural -- quietus, nous, chaos, animus, hiatus... As a final clincher, look at any English verb. He works, they work. Which is plural? Which has the -s ending? I thank you. -- ))))) are slightly more boxed but certainly not better combined than they be at my place .. ..I'm not sure that I'm ready to call this a vindication yet though .. .  -------------- ----  this is the counterpart of the fear blog which features conspiracy - -- - - and as a last blast on this station (but not the topic): What is giFT, you ask? giFT is an acronym for "giFT: Internet File Transfer". The giFT project is an initiative to attempt to unify the divided peer-to-peer community following Napster's demise. The basic underlying concept of giFT is that there should be no direct connection between the user interface preferred by the user, and the back-end protocol. This is tackled using a collection of several components together: src/ The giFT daemon acts as a "bridge" between multiple backend file sharing protocols, exposing them to the end developer in an easy to understand XML-like interface protocol. Yes, I know what you're thinking "hey, that sounds a lot like Jabber!". Well, you're partly correct. Jabber worked by setting up a finite number of translation servers on the Internet, requiring the user to authenticate with one extra remote server in order to take advantage of this technology. We feel that the task would be better handled by a local daemon that acts transparently to the user, feeding the benefits solely to the developer. The giFT team believes that the best way to improve the state of file sharing on the Internet is to allow developers to take on the complex (and unique) tasks specific to their project, rather than re-inventing the wheel that each interface and network must have.  ------------- By the way I meet an old (tecnocratic) acq on the plural of chaos quest: --- A debate, nearly a dispute, at least in New York, divides the Green movement . It is about the system of representation and/or voting.One group is pro one-person-one-vote, the other prefers commitees system of representation. I believe that this is hiding - yet reaching - a different understanding: the Collective Knowledge on which Democracy relies, is largely relative to the Artificial Intelligence that our computers are about to graft into Society. Rather than a long explanation, a short reminder will advise how we must be lucid in regards to this. We shall soon pass the issue of 2001 Space Odyssey (Clark/Kubrik). When that odyssey was held back by a paranoid computer, it is not difficult to see that the mad computer of the model ignores mankind's life for no reason but the projection of our own unawareness of its effect upon us. This reflexion on the intuition of Art, and SF literature, should suffice to catch our attention. The Artificial Intelligence, the thinking machine, the thinking network is the tool, the support, which was expected and needed for democratic achievement. When we realize that the whole Hermetic Tradition stemming from Antiquity, from Greece then Rome, the Middle-Ages, and Renaissance, conveyed the idea of statues which were to speak and heal, there is little question that we are just acquiring the tool, the algorithm, which was requested already by Plato, reporting the collapse of Athens by 400BC. He explained that democracy was delayed, while Athen's republic crumbled for the lack of the ability to compute with the cypher - this is the logic of code that is named today "Cyphermathics". The reason why the Voting System is but an alibi for this "cyphermathics" is because this new logic is introduced thourough a phase of chaos. Chaos is not avoidable. What is avoidable is to lose everything in this phase. What is possible is to survive the chaos. This is possible if one anticipates the paranoia - in other words, if we are aware that Artificial Intelligence is the principal factor that must be integrated into the ecological restoration of Earth. The Tradition of Magic & Machination (Hermeticism, that is the pool of Science in Christianity before the Modern Age) prescribed a method to overcome a chaos it predicted right from the first early ages of primitive and intuitive thinking. It is a well defined practice (I call it PLAN, alias PLural ANalysis; it was called the Art of Memory, and it is the implementation of the long awaited Cyphermatics) whose context I want to underline in this presentation.

Ovulating women dream of adultery, and their men are chastened (via

metafilter is one of the early interactive lists: Asian logger who brings me back to this multiple entrant log with handfulls of usually short funny comments on most items. This is an item found there : and this (on the status of free and gay vs non currentizables) ----------- 19 participants' favorite online mags ---------- 14 metafilterians post flippant comments to this: April 13, 2002 Post-orgasmic syndrome  Tired and sweaty after sex? A Dutch doctor said on Friday he is studying a rare new syndrome among middle-aged men who complain of flu-like symptoms for up to a week after having an orgasm. posted by nonharmful at 1:16 PM PST (13 comments total) ..yeah... i'll help with this study. /me rolls eyes. posted by jcterminal at 1:18 PM PST on April 13 "A Dutch doctor said on Friday he is studying a rare new syndrome" What's he doing on Saturday? posted by Outlawyr at 1:36 PM PST on April 13 what is a "male orgasm"??? posted by Settle at 1:37 PM PST on April 13 Y'know... all this time, I thought it was a 25 year allergy attack... Big Science - Hallelujah... posted by Perigee at 2:10 PM PST on April 13 But how does this affect me? I have sex only with myself--I have a close relationship--and I meet the age qualification. Since I don't have flu symptoms, that suggests that the flu shot takes care of things or that orgasms with Another are the cause. To think ownself be true.... posted by Postroad at 2:13 PM PST on April 13 Hmm.. for 'up to a week' after each orgasm? Isn't that the same as having a constant illness? posted by wackybrit at 2:27 PM PST on April 13 Well, in all seriousness, the fatigue part is not unfamiliar, perhaps, even depression. posted by ParisParamus at 3:05 PM PST on April 13 Tired and sweaty after sex? Well, I would say that if you aren't, then maybe you could stand to put a little more effort into it. posted by adampsyche at 3:09 PM PST on April 13  Is anyone willing to ascertain if I have this illness? Scientific rigor is assured. posted by gleemax at 8:57 PM PST on April 13 I'm not middle-aged, by the way, so it's going to be an abnormally long study. posted by gleemax at 8:58 PM PST on April 13  -----

- one of the folks there is a logger and he has this to say about the Wired article by Dibble ('in gold we trust):  "You want to be radical? You don't need to blow up the bank, just burn your bank account. And for that you are going to need an alternative. What is the alternative? E-dinar." I think economic warfare is pretty fascinating, like in the tungsten/wolframite markets of Portugal and Spain during WWII. Although the article acknowledges e-gold is pretty far from wresting away control of the money system from central banks, technology is certainly supplementing traditional (and arguably archaic) currency institutions. An interesting counterpoint is the rising popularity of decentralized money creation. posted by kliuless  ------ snip; see 5-14.htm ------said as much in our discussion of currency systems a while back, "On the whole, I like the arbitrary quality of baseless currency. There's somethinf perfect and abstract about it, and it would be a pity to tie the ethereal stuff down to oats and wheat." [we were sort of talking about the effectiveness of a commodity reserve currency as originally envisioned by keynes and benjamin graham (but the white plan was adopted at bretton woods instead)] personally, i like the idea of community currencies (the links at the end) to supplement national currencies better. credit creation as is i think is pretty crude. monetary policy currently assumes (rightly) a national economy and structures money growth accordingly. the problem is our economy isn't homogenous. plus moral hazard is increasingly problematic, the roots of which partly lie in the blunt tool of the fed funds rate. it invites oversteering because there's no fine tuning. you can see how awkward it is by the fed having to continually adjust rates, second-guess markets, issue statements and jawbone. and when they get it wrong it wreaks havoc not only in the US but all around the world. i think having more types of currencies (precious metals, commodity reserve, corporate script, community based) would do a lot to stabilize economies. people would have the choice to conduct their affairs in the currency that makes the most sense (kind of like operating systems!) a more democratic money system would also do a lot to increase the general welfare/wealth creation as well as smooth out the business cycle. hopefully national governments aren't so jealous that they'll open up the monopoly they've had on money to some friendly competition :) posted by kliuless -------------Me: It occurs to me that the desire for 'baseless' and impersonal currencies is inversely proportionate to the amount of ego bloat and luxury lechering goin on.

I wrote to Chris Doss of the read the Solzhenitsyn review in a march tls as quick as you canhe wrote a book on jews in russia; why the fuck don't you mention it? Read it (if you haven't already) before you allow this JS to spout more stuff totally undisputed noncontested, etc .. . .or is Solzh plain wrong .. .or the reviewer? have we got any russians on board who could speed the translation of solzhenitsyn's book on jews? is unhelpful but wait, of course, let's google a review: counterpunch-list/2002-March/018749.html Solzy on Russia and the Jews Jeffrey St. Clair Mon, 04 Mar 2002 17:22:47 -0800 ----------- Times Literary Supplement (UK) February 27, 2002 Russia and the Jews By Geoffrey A. Hosking [excerpt] Solzhenitsyn's revision of the traditional version Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn DVESTI LET VMESTE 509pp. Moscow: Russkii put'. 176Rs. 5 85887 110 0 In spite of mounting evidence to the contrary, we are still inclined to think of Russians as congenitally anti-Semitic. We carry mental images of Cossacks with whips charging Jewish crowds and smashing into Jewish shops. Yet in 1915, at the height of the First World War, when Russian mobs in Moscow were trashing and plundering German shops, Jews - whose surnames were often indistinguishable from German ones - would hang notices outside their enterprises saying "Jewish shop". It is reported that the hooligans would then pass them by. It is true that the Russian-Jewish relationship has often entailed suspicion and tension during the two centuries or more since Jews were first absorbed in large numbers into the Russian Empire. But at the same time, seldom have two peoples of such different ethnic origins achieved such a degree of coalescence as the Russians and the Jews. This is one of the great love-hate relationships of history, and it has left an indelible mark on both peoples: Jews were prominent in the Bolshevik party which seized power in Russia in 1917, while Jewish exiles from Russia formed the main ranks of the Zionist movement and created the state of Israel. The first volume of Dvesti let vmeste (Two hundred years together) is an account of this relationship by one of the outstanding writers of the twentieth century. We have tended to forget Alexander Solzhenitsyn in recent decades, but in the 1960s and 70s, everything he wrote seized the immediate attention of the world's literati. Not all the comment on him was favourable, since he was seen as anti-Western, anti-liberal and a Russian nationalist. Some whispered that he was anti-Semitic. Not the right person, then, to write about the Jews in Russia? On the contrary, when he launched this book in Moscow last summer, Solzhenitsyn declared that he wanted to help reconcile Russians and Jews. The result is a fascinating work, written with all its author's verve and linguistic inventiveness. It is sympathetic - though far from uncritical - towards the Jews and often disparaging about the weakness of Russian government and the fickleness of Russian public opinion. The partitions of Poland between 1772 and 1795 brought nearly a million Jews into the Russian Empire. Over the next century, they were to increase fivefold. Their energy, communal cohesion and highly literate education made them formidable competitors, well placed to take advantage of the economic growth of Russia during the nineteenth century. Many Jews enriched themselves in occupations like tax and liquor-farming, sugar-refining, the grain and timber trade. By the second half of the century, Jews were in leading positions in the railways, banking, newspapers, the professions and culture. The so-called Pale of Settlement in the west and south, to which most of them were confined, proved extremely porous in practice, and not only because of exemptions for the wealthy and educated. The salaries of some big-city police officers were probably exceeded by the backhanders they received from Jews living illegally. By the end of the nineteenth century, Jews were split into two major categories: on the one hand, those living in the main cities, largely assimilated to Russian language, culture and ways of life, and so successful as to arouse chronic envy among other peoples; and on the other, the majority, far from affluent, many in fact dirt-poor, living in a shtetl somewhere in the Pale, visiting the synagogue regularly, taking their disputes to the rabbi and observing the traditional dietary laws. The imperial regime reacted to the success of the urban Jews like proverbial rabbits in headlights. Both the Government and the Orthodox Church saw themselves as embattled, constantly under threat from border tribes and disloyal ethnic groups, as well as from religious sects whose zeal always seemed more intense than that of ordinary peasant Orthodox believers. The Jews appeared to the servants of Church and State to be ultra-disloyal and ultra-zealous, and, to make matters worse, they were energetic, talented and living in the strategic western approaches to the imperial heartland. So they had to be confined and regulated. When Moscow merchants complained about the Jews' competition, the Government restricted their trade to Lithuania, Belorussia and Ukraine. This was the first step towards setting up the Pale of Settlement, where all except wealthy or highly qualified Jews were supposed to live for the next century. The Pale was a measure of the Jews' success. It was the only measure of its kind in an empire which otherwise promoted inter-ethnic mixing. Who would have dreamt of confining the Tatars, the Georgians or even the Germans in that way? - --- Russian Jews charge Solzhenitsyn with altering history MOSCOW (JTA) -- Nobel Prize winner Alexander Solzhenitsyn is being accused of distorting the history of Russian Jewry in his new book on Russian-Jewish relations. In the introduction to "200 Years Together," a 500-page treatise, the famed novelist says he is "appealing to both sides, Russian and Jewish, to come to patient understanding and to acknowledge their own share of blame." But the controversial author takes a position on the czarist-era pogroms at odds with most historians. Solzhenitsyn, 83, blames the pogroms on a grass-roots movement, exculpating the Russian state from any responsibility in the anti-Jewish attacks. He also blames the "liberal intelligentsia" -- often a code word for Jews -- for exaggerating the extent of the pogroms. That does not go over well in a community that suffered the pogroms' fury. "Solzhenitsyn's book is anti-Semitic and mendacious. It is deliberately distorting the history of Russian Jews," charged Victor Dashevsky, a Jewish historian who heads the Moscow Anti-Fascist Center. The book covers Russian-Jewish relations from the late 18th century -- when the partition of Poland placed large numbers of Jews in the Russian Empire -- until the Russian Revolution of 1917. This is not the first time Solzhenitsyn has made headlines. He first burst onto the world literary scene in the 1960s as a Soviet dissident whose novels -- including "One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich" and "The Gulag Archipelago" -- exposed the repression of Soviet communism. His initial reputation as a beacon of freedom and enlightenment makes the current controversy especially poignant. Yet Solzhenitsyn ceased to be the darling of the West some time ago, when he made known his questionable attitudes toward democracy and Jews. In December 1999, before Russia's last parliamentary elections, he was quoted on Russian television as being fearful of a Jewish conspiracy against Russia. But for some, Solzhenitsyn always will be remembered for his dissident activity. "Solzhenitsyn is not an anti-Semite. He remains a banner of my generation, for Jews and non-Jews," said Mark Kajdan, a Jewish researcher with the Russian Academy of Sciences. For more JTA stories, go to ========= The Jerusalem Post Newspaper : Online News From Israel - News ... ... Russia often presupposes anti-Semitism. However, Solzhenitsyn has always been contemptuous of ... Russia is now home to 1.5 million Jews, but millions more have ... - 33k - ========== Capitalism in the New Russia ... created the state, but we Jews shall rule it because we ... If we do not rule Russia, then who?". ... it possible, would be suicidal. Solzhenitsyn is again right when ... - 35k - ========= Volume One, Number 7 ... Moscow office, told this newsletter that Solzhenitsyn "is biased against Jews" and believes "that Jews are alien to Russia and are responsible for many of its ... - 19k ----------- Yahoo! Groups : solzhenitsyn-l Messages :185-214 of 268 ... Subject, Author, Date. 185, Re: Russia and the Jews, Wendy Landau and Anthony Ruth, Wed 6 ... 2/2001. 195, Other recent works by Solzhenitsyn, Bruce rogers, Thu 7/5/2001. ... - 21k - ------------ ------------ Russian History ... Based on Explosive New Documents from Russia's Secret Archives by Edvard Radzinskii ... P. Whitney(Translator), Aleksandr Isaevich Solzhenitsyn edition (May 1997). ... - 36k - ------------ that last one is a must click to see how koreans make watching a (lycos) ad an oriental christmas/arcade party; damn they have to be speedreaders there too. ------------------ he wrote back: I haven't read the book, and probably never will, but I do know Sol. preserves the distinction between the "Russians" and "Jews" and points out that ordinary Russians have suffered just as much historically as Russian Jews (he may have a point there, what with most Russians up until the mid 1800s having basically been slaves). Sol. is not known in Russia as an anti-Semite. He's known as a lot of other things -- hack, pompous ass, traitor, society's conscience, back-to-tsarism lunatic, irrelevant anachronism, depending on the person -- but not as an anti-Semite. This puts me in mind of one of those anecdotes I'm fond of recounting: I was, um, imbibing with a friend of mine, a Russian artist in his early 40s, when we began talking about Sol. He said, "I remember back in the 70s Solzhenitsyn could do no wrong. But then I read an American magazine that had somehow been smuggled into the country, and Solzhenitsyn was basically arguing for a nuclear first strike against the Soviet Union. And I thought to myself, 'Alexander Isayevich is whoring himself to the Americans. I can understand that, he's a father and he wants money for his children. But you know what? I'm a father too. So my children should die so his can have piano lessons. Fuck you, Solzhenitsyn." Chris Doss The Russia Journal-----------

re: Castells (in a dutch daily) You wrote: He excels at creating empty but important-sounding phrases like the "space of flows." For that, you get the big EU consulting contracts and the big speaking fees. Doug --------  Last weekend a dutch daily did a spread on him and sure enough, it had the interviewer/article author confused; he headed the article quoting C 'seeing no way out' (of muck and mock up democracy, I ((vaguely)) remember being implied) but ending the article on a very upbeat highly hopeful note regarding the magic word open.

 I would really love to know what/where/how he is meself Aleardo. I could tell him he has a sibling too. Here: Looks like a similarly and even more (literally) hyper active geodesiast. The party at his old haunt is approaching and if he doesn't show up I shall sorta tidy up his permanent display a bit (too sprawling and messy according to his co-habitants) but I shall not allow any of it to be thrown away; his neighbour is a very sympathetic person too. I have no way to reach Pim since the mail to Zeus something or other bounced and google doesn't turn him up either, nor could I find that damn conference he is supposedly gone to visit. Lemme know if you hear anything.

this is probably the 3rd repeat; still haven't got the stuff he promised implicitly by asking me for a mailing adress; I wrote cyclone covey: Good stuff!, can I have some more? Could you bless me with some stuff other than what one finds ohn your site. I know a retiree who has all the Barry Fell writs and pores over them every day and another one (Kloosterman; see google with catastrophism) who is more or less risen from the dead and is looking for evidence concerning the 'uesselo' soot layer which he thinks constitutes proof for a worldwide conflagration. I was always fascinated by Oscar Kiss Maerth's book on cannibalism and recently by the people (considering lots of them to be burial mounds for the giants thus genocidally disappeared), any thoughts on these issues??????? Enjoy any of the 40Mb linked below free

the rest of this file is devoted to blabbers with babes (I aint been in any touch other than this way with:
To Kelley (some months ago):  disappointed in the fact that you never once in your spring 99 discussion of child support might allow and grant at least a few exceptional cases, even if only theoretically, that there are women to blame for not getting along, etc. That it's not for nothing a father movement sprung up, that the PAS (parental alienation syndrome) seems to defy court orders, etc. 40 % of dutch children from seperated parents lose sight of one, usually the father. So there, take that if you can. When I told the girl I sent you stuff about that I felt she was abusing her position and status in society the very same way that gets women black and blue when a man uses his equivalent 'superiority', namely physical force, I was asked to leave immediately; I managed to calm her down that time but meanwhile all visiting rights have ended. I have trouble enough respecting her lying and deceitful ways but expect better from you. Ah hell forgetit, aint we all too schits-n-ugly. ---------   ----- hmm. guess you missed my note of late, where i said that things are more complicated, that my best friend and mentor, frank, was responsible for kicking of the father's rights movement. etc.? anys, hope you get over it. but, if you must stick me in a box and fuck my skeleton! Kelley ------- yes, even google missed and still misses your note; since I haven't skipped any of your posts for a good while I will have to wait till I waded from june 99 through to now. No, I must not though lust to fuck anything you might proffer my way and allow such with but I'd never ask you to undress that drastically donot worry -----xx-xx----- whaddup witta namin'?    have you had bad experiences besides/worse than spam?    I have been frustrated by munged list names whenever I felt like ap- or reproaching the author (as I did you and I hate to feel that's been a bother to you).   does a sui.generis@ mail get to you still yet filters spam? ---- K wrote: At 05:57 AM 3/14/02 -0500, piet bouter wrote: hmm. guess you missed my note of late, where i said that things are more complicated, that my best friend and mentor, frank, was responsible for kicking of the father's rights movement. etc.? anys, hope you get over it. but, if you must stick me in a box and fuck my skeleton! Kelley -----xx----- ------- yes, even google missed and still misses your note; since I haven't skipped any of your posts for a good while I will have to wait till I waded from june 99 through to now. -----xx----- the one i recently wrote you, silly! -----xx----- No, I must not though lust to fuck anything you might proffer my way and allow such with but I'd never ask you to undress that drastically donot worry -----xx----- :p. you must have a long one if it'd reach around the globe! heh. are you a dolphin? kelley -----xx----- I am/have weemale baby! stretches out traceless thin but far enough to flush your flesh no? Specially if I can engage your imaginanotionalisms; you should get out of the security industry, it denies evrything you stand for (are you a sadomachoschist?) with its confusion about stuff like storage, stalwartness and stealing. Did you catch the call for help from (dolphin)folk in Hawaii? Apparantly the feds are tryin to get between them. indyitem number from day before yesterday -----xx----- -----xx----- I am obliged to move around between computers and don't wanna do the slow floppy copy routine everytime I sit down for a few hours. -----xx----- ----- ----------

Semi worthwhile
during the search mentioned below: ---- (this file accuses me of moonshine imbibement and inebriation; goes to show how quick foke are to judge prematurely, there aren't many greater opponents to alcohol than me) --- ------- subterranean notes ----- (darkish texture with barely readable text) ------ ----- -----------  ----- ----- spot the real right wingers -------- ---- ------- (or com) -------- (bloganalysis) ----- (just what it says; very fast moving and changing hybrid images, empty windows of all sizes flashing for a second gone the next, etc) ------ ------- sugar-n-spice.ocm

 sorechain fur a log that got lost only log with a permanent link to me) I posed my query for the thus far (despite numerous differently phrased googles) irretrievable log to him personally: hi you being an even much more voracious surfer than me would have likely stumbled across a colleague of ours who has a distinct method: he uses little (screenshot) images as illustrations for each item and tends to go for the more obscure sorta sites (he couldn't do anything with mine but blogged me anyway); I came across this site via google but fail to retrieve it now. One more very distinct mark: bright blue background. Question: do you know this blog? Ps: I believe he is in Australia but not quite sure. I spent a few hours going through my files but can't find record of it. ------------ Piet, still unable to find anything... I will post the question to my blog later today, see if anyone else knows of it. Steven --------------- Yeah go ahead why don't you. I can't seem to reach your site(was it down all day yesterday? --- found out later it don't work without the www in front) trying to clarify my query I wrote an Australian blogger yesterday (Neale, and got this reply: Pardon? What the hell are you talking about? I'd love to help, but need more info. What? -Neale) ------  b and though I CC'd it to you it probably didn't hit target since I called you nutlog@etc instead of nutcote; this is the extended text: hi again, I'll try again <<<with corrections and wracksels of memory>>>: hi, I have already spent many hours retrieving <<<should be trying to retrieve>>> a log I initially found <<<more like stumbled upon>>> checking for poetpiet <<<searchterm>>> with google, it then turned up in the 70s or 80s <<<hits I mean>>>; it <<<the log>>> has a darkish but bright blue background and uses a pic (screenshots and such) to illustrate each item which look quite uniform in size <<<items and pics I mean>>>; the content tends to be fringy and esoteric, noncurrent and obscure.   Google don't list it anymore ------ <<<you would not believe the amount of search phrases I tried: most illustrated (and/or visual) log (and or blog); categorized weblogs, log categories (I did find a site that does actually categorize blogs by color but 'my' blog is not among the small batch of samples>>> and I can't find record of it in my files. I hope you know who this mystery blogger is (I believe he is australian). ----------------- I have tried a record amount of search phrases and am appaled that their isn't even anybody else who noticed that all the qualities summed up above and reworded many ways doesn't seem to even come close, I think search engines are out of their depth when it comes to  logs and those trying to categorize them seem to have given up as well but you would think that a most consistently and just plain most illustrated log with all sorts of other distinctions (fringe and esoteric didn't get me there either) could be retrieved. ------------- Hmm, which address did you try? It worked for me... I view it from several ISP's....   Anyway, Will update in the next few minutes :) :) --------- in his guest book: I wonder if you meant this place to post my query on your site? I'll go ahead and put it here, you can always move it; I didn't see a forum around here. ------ Help needed identifying a possibly vanished log:

Some of the exchanges on this topic went missing yesterday when I somehow failed to safe (the changes to) this file at closing time (each log out these machines suffer erasure/ enjoy cleanout too -- on top of that I happened to dump stuff from my mail trash. I did a back up ((which I don't usually do, I usuallly upload and do one backup instead)) but somehow excluded the file I had lovingly worked on so much -- a new rainbow filled table for instance, reconstructed below).
 bring and muck a bout of amateur pacifascism about: make muck, don't mock what all earthly creation is screaming for (especially the truly voiceless and minute yet vast majority) -- (via

hofmanndashinfodotcom.htm (110K)     via 18303 indy (main) news on a Muselmen and Muslimas todo in Utah

 On top of housing woes and instability I am told to halve my tripod acount (their limits are reduced to 20 Megs); I just wrote 'm this: Hi, I just read you cut free space in half and complied (by removing a locked directory and the one with most of the earlier pictures, all living in but 2 files where I will put up a note about possible return of them via Dutch tripod). This is not cause I don't want to pay the fee (I'd be very glad to get rid of the pop ups, I understand people like the maker are even starting actions on behalf of their removal) but I simple don't own a credit card; so make another form of payment available OK?) on top of that they disallow names with hyphens for whatever reason.

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   it to confirm the receipt of messages you send to the list. --------    A most noteworthy recent Wake-related event over here was the publication of a full-scale translation of Finnegans Wake into Dutch. Reviews appeared in several newspapers and most of them were at least sympathetic. Some even enthousiastic. It appears that most people appreciate the gargantuan nature of the enterprise, and the fact that no translation could ever be completely flawless.

 Date: Tue, 11 Jun 2002 12:29:07 -0700 From: tymothi valentine loving --- Subject: Wakean Extensions I was wondering if anyone else on this list is working on any sort of literary/musical/artistic/etc. project using FW as an influence? I'm writing somewhat of a horror story centered around a kind of zombified idea of FW coming to life every 11 years and an old man who is there every year to stop it (it's kind of hard to describe, I've attached a small section's work in progress, so a bit rough)...and a friend of mine has written a 400 page or so nearly line by line comparison between FW and Aleister Crowleys Book of Lies and Liber Aleph (with tracings of the Wake to all kinds of other systems), and some of it creeps into my music as well...anyone else out there using the Wake as a springboard for new things? Tym Nudiboots I woren, upon my feetle toestumpens He couldn't end and always living priest upon my frittered brow Nippling her bubblets as occasion warrented and ensued "he had flickered up and flinnered down into a drug and drunkery addict, growing megalomane of a loose past" Fail hello and male wet, Mr. Jm, Mr. Skrhhkmhsm Trailers and serpentine twitches twining incandescent carnivores "agog and magog and the round of them agrog" I am no longer a jung man, I'm afrued Or wert ti the other way aroond? No mother. Listen to this ovipositorturousingular poemetic: - Gawd mustard Fannygan, a corncobwebbery betwixt the fingers, besmirched and besmitten with the lewd love of lifering, awakin' and come-forthin' in Lazerustling scintillatory re-animation. Le mot de respiration. Drankin' his fifth and clawing forth and only a third alive, a second that happens but once in a great aught (that augers not well for ye, oh prambulatory fluid heretic!). Every 11 years the sigh-coal repeaters and returns by a vomitous crisis of ressurectulation back into the stillbornin' living deaf that ye see before ye, a mechanicalamity, a proper mockery of lief, containing within itselfishness the autocondemnature encapsulating self-congratulotion and self-conflaguratin' annihilution and self-contrapulatin' re-animotion. - on the ignerverance that impells implosion that knots knowwhere that funds the famenorm that wets the wights that converse contracts that sweat on sensation that drips desire that abhors the alchement that dogs death that bitches birth the entrails the influence of existentiality (in the sense of beastiality, fucking existense) - Hmm...that ground auld mantis, hord of haring and blinden unto the drivengance of snow, sittin' in his shackling shack, waitin' for the re-emergency of Funagain, pulling upon his ribalding and sadly sagging pudendoverendeum, no puntecostal jizzummation about it. Seekin' in the worryin' and tanglin' and rawrubbin' of his oneness to prodeuce a treyt of fource of travested in mene, mene tekel upharsinguarity; the seeded and misjudiciary condemflation weighed in the bowlence and found wontin'. He's knowing in his spun-silkery processenum that only for a lackadazical momentumnescent second will Fawnigan awake and claw outerly and innerly, the inmost light incardescent shinin' radiatingly unto the ever-luvin' extension of existrance. - Biggerstiff! Shakin' out the crumbling dirty and spittin' the graven imagination from a dried tangled tounge, ha! He so obliviously cantankerouses himselth, this elevenerally yearache pulsing from groin to groan and shittering the calmy atmosfire. Seeking a trayfull of cloudberry tartlets, no dout, to moisten his dried and ropy dangledown. Consernation upon his wissage, no sweet consummary petals to tell the sighns and sines and shins and shines and sins and sweatly swooning wounds of the christal that only commit the criminy, but never pray the prize. He sees odd man Shem shakin' his shank, and blubbers furth a bubbling flurry, a veritable incantaste of Joycus Creyest and Mater Mary's drippin' nipples and all the saints taints and hemp hemp hooray for gawd moister Shem! But, alark! his rotted wordbox has no vibrational means of the making of speach, wurms within the fruit of his loin that twist cadecussedly (a greeting to gold warm Eyeduh and galled warem Peengulla!) up thru his lights and livery chokhis langrudge apexical, no werds for Funnygon this fowl nacht! - Dreaming, in the soil, dark. - Knowing each attemptation is not the lassed, spraying the anticlimaxim across the watery, washery stars, "Ich ertrinke!". The several forums of mater earth, sky, flame and drink. A conjunctionary incision, a curiousitease, some small thoguth that still pulses within the dusry and dusty confinality of his mind. He feels himself to be a river, bubbling subtercranial through stone and mud and fluxing heartfire, all he needs now is the air! The air! The breathing, the sliding of his disparate particles into himself. Or maybe knot. - When ladded and lauded, backfore through time, this young buckler was want to heap his torridiculous carrestlessness upon the milkfaced and parfumed and warm bossumed and muskedly thatched monsladen gurl of his moocow tending employ of his crass companderions Butt and Taft, or wert it Tub and Fat? Taft's Fat Butt stuck 'im in the Tub. Butch, her? Bake, her? Cuntlestigmata. He wood spend the accellerant fine splinterous long agreeable toastworthy cyclindoorical day daddling andmeandering all overn and inern this lass. Alas! no more the occupation of his manroot of all evil, she has passively placidly passed along a terminimalist pint, a final draught of naught, a beery eyed impactation all unawares with a passing motorcarnivore. Ore sew the starry ghost. - James wept. - A bespectacle of besotment, hash und coken under hist hattery, writing cramped and longinglyingly of a cravenous absorbtion. eh! No mar the frank machinery of cyclic novel-gazing. Patting ashide the manuscriptserbation, jymes packs up a grimoire of gesticulatory in can't hate shem, a whey for his self-shame loosting and roosting to relapse in some golementry farm, a literarity, he wants to be occuring, if even only in some sham of imaginrummy alcoholy abominotion. He will occupry the non-space that surroundabouts his creativion, Fonnigon, and infesterate the window of oppurtanity, as it were. Shim, his crackling oldmandrakery wobblin' an' bobblin' in his hund wilt glave the fluid and sickego of personanity and impregen the being and nothingnestegg with his own gathering self. how unfartunote that Shem has not the cockles and resplendent aroaryboaryellis shouting in his head. So, each dredged up unidecorotational brings out a hidelarious pert version of undied rotted core. - How longing has thistory goneonandon? Vestigal imprinted Noral sex, lecherous letters from across the turcoysean ocean. A Barnacle upon his hull, or he upon her? Jims watches from afore, infected with archetyphus and commingulus, smile pox and murmerlaria, density and gravyity and all the other inflections of the fleshcer. os homens comem pássaros comem sem-fins comembraneous homens. In a weird, too long. Every one score and nein less revulvations around this fiare sonne of ours. So often that Shumbuggery hisself can no longer quite recall whether he is supposened to be aidin' and abettin' or ceasin' and desistin' Finnagain. Is the common out of the grieve an illomensturation, or a signin' that the end is night, or a return of a friendly face, or a fufillament of some ancient prophescene, or the caulmination of many keys applied to many locks in many doors, or merely a mirage, or the emergency of some cthonic entitty, or a rash, or the nacimientonuevo of a neueta, or what? He confusedly musedly slobbers on bottles of wishkey and vahdkey and tekeyla and gin. - - Finnegan size, and once more mutterlovingly collapses. A clowd of dustery billows around. Shem ceases his stroking of the coals, and reachs instead for a bitter and familiur drank. "O! the lowness of him was benath all up to that sunk to!" How long wilt this countin'you? He reflects philosoporifically and drifts back into ther times. - What does Shemp do when not occupied with the aforementioned dregular occurancid? Sit in his shack, wander the Eart, finger his shadow, sleap, consumate mirages, sing, drain, drip static from hips lips, observe the passin' of the time, or none of the Abuft? The inventions of time just pass him bite: firewheelbrounzesteelsboats-
holedrives and the rust. He is not unaware, he does drink, faftertall, from a battle. But they all happen in spite ovum, he has no affectation upon the whoreld around him. He was sittin' in his shack shittin' in a sack when Krist and Boodah and Moohummed were burn, and when the glar from altair 6 were discunverd, and when Jyms wrote hist luvinlust to Nora by your ankle, and when the wall beetwin Canadia and AmeriCo felt done, and alwayts is. Idiot view, no interlactation, too late and too soon to help or harm, just collapsing waves? - A clawing and cawing and falling from the ground. Snow, this time. Oh? The struggling firm remumblers ekhistani, wen he wast not wanting not, before he once mort came into himself. Why does hedotis? Is it want? Can there be desire in that dusty crupulation of a burnt-in self? A hand pokes through the snowra. Shem stands and stares, a drunken, foolickin' tear strainin' from his eye.

 SOURCES OF INFORMATION THAT SPRING TO MIND "daniel skipp" wrote: >Dear Poet, > >Have you checked the Reichian James Demeo's "Saharasia" theory book? >Obviously there WAS war before the 4000BC date but i reckon his thrust is >trueish. > >BTW Even deeper in complexity as far as explainations go, the linking >personage of James Scott Kimball's "Orange Space" containing his "Thirteen >Field Harmonics" theory is really interesting to me. >He seems to be addicted to roadtesting his correspondences by analysing and >criticising Hollywood films, the Qabballah of the High Masons being >incorporated for subliminal programming purposes [what else!? those bastards >would like to externalise the the whole dungpile so their queenship is >recognised and respected by all. sad little ones]. > >What do you think of their correspondences if you would like to resonate >with me awhile? > > >Love > >Daniel Peter Skipp ------------  Love the little webnetpatternthingy; nice colours too but I . . . . am yet to look at some parts to make me an informed opinion; intriguing alrite, I can add this person to my fire horses on the net collection. got anymore tips? Ps: haven't looked at the field harmonics theory yet. >------------- Yes, mate, I have loads more tips for a scientifically >mystical viewstatement of reality. Don't let his presentation fool you. >Conrado is a good egg who hopefully will be flexible enoughto avoid Humpty >Dumpty's fate. Except of course that egg worked for and not against the >government. Resistance is futile... > >Ha! It occurs to me that you are well placed to opine on Mr.Winter's >intentions and centre of control... The geometrical dna talk could be viewed >as obsessionally fixated and thus distractive from truepath [that is the >sustainable evolutionary ascension to higher dimensions than that of a >dog's]. Dubious MorningSky tales of Draco Overlords...? >He admitted Sinclair blood to me and certainly seems to overintellectualise >[it takes one to know one]!! Guardian Alliance? --------------  I tend to find most of Dan's ref material distasteful; the stuff I enjoyed most while perusing through his backlogged and stashed paperpiles, bookshelves etc (hospitable if he wants and is called to be, I'll say that for him . .. though he hasn't taken troubles to see me while he lived in Holland) have been the sacred geometry artsy stuff mixed with fantastically complicated number schemes (quite a few unpublished manu's ended up in his house); guardian alliance don't ring a bell. I think Daniel was shown the path he stumbles down by Jose Arguelles, the bird tribe man etc, but he has always dabbled with the weird and wounded. I tend to look closer to home, mothers and daughters doing tongue stuck out sensing games in reptilian mode is evidence enough for (earthest of earthlt) ancestral taint to me; you know brainstem section theory and all that. Rather inalienable if you ask me; cut the limb you live on and it's the abyss for ya ain tit? >What is your take on the whole Draco myth? Stargate Conspiracy or real >threat? Does it really matter if "the bad guys at the top" are broadly human >[inbred and mad but still recognisable as one of us] or are hybridised by >reptilian predators? Social revolution toward one mind is the solution >either way, is it not? Though Beyond That solar analogy is irrelevant of >course. > >Help me navigate a little here, friend. > >PS THANKS FOR THE PROMPT REPLY. APPRECIATED BUT NOT EXPECTED. ;-) > >Yours Faithfully, > >Daniel Peter Skipp >[can you see the tendencies from my names? arrogant git, ain't i?!! ;-)] ------------  didn't he help eat her scape? Just one more question; you in oz I take it? Say hello to Dan for me. Tell him I been missin him all these years. I can't be on any portion of conrado's wavelenght spectrum I'm afraid. he 'pines for peace' and sends me to a course list in the mt holyoke area (cycling to which occasionally has left me with fond enough memories of the view from there, etc). But how would you pine for some college course? IS HE THE NON COMMITAL KNOW IT ALL TYPE. sorry about the caps, unintentional. gimme some better link; deal me a better card. I just printed the tarot rant by your last linkee; should be fun reading; do you know ------------ Cheers Piet,  No, I am a Brit. I suspect Dan would piss me off real quick once he cannot answer directly my probings of eg.those dodgy sources of his. BTW What is your take on Enochian angel/stargate theory? I find thse things interesting but not so immediately pragmatic. Enter Jose. His harmonic resonance theory is plausible and coherent but so what!?  What do you mean by the below question, mate? Sorry. ----------- didn't he help eat her scape? Just one more question; you in oz I take it? Say hello to Dan for me. Tell him I been missin him all these years. --------  I will finish writing in abit as i change libraries! -----------I can't be on any portion of conrado's wavelenght spectrum I'm afraid. he 'pines for peace' and sends me to a course list in the mt holyoke area (cycling to which occasionally has left me with fond enough memories of the view from there, etc). But how would you pine for some college course? IS HE THE NON COMMITAL KNOW IT ALL TYPE. sorry about the caps, unintentional. gimme some better link; deal me a better card. I just printed the tarot rant by your last linkee; should be fun reading; do you know ---------- Ah! He's alright for a young un brainwashed by academia. Science. Just believe! Atleast he appreciates we are all in the same sinking boat. I think I shall inform him of my latest intention to retreat to the swamps and either do a Luke or a Yoda [btw fyi Jedi and Yoda mean warrior/s]
   depending on how much hate i feel! :-)   just glanced at 7thunders. looks ok. more later. must go now.  -- ps he ain't non-commital he is just confused and impotent like most of us. i think.

Subject: I seen the light, I mean . . . Date: Sun, 09 Jun 2002 06:02:47 -0400 From: pensievepiet To:, « Previous | Next » me being a free bird who has a genuine commitalophobia (probably born out of stingyness) which drives 'his' women away (or drives them to drive him away, steer clear of him, avoid him, exclude him), accuse these ladies of the worst properties I can find on the bad side of cruelty but if any of it was more than an egoistical and subjective feeling (sorry for myself) it would have to be reflected in the correspondingly atrocious results on the progeny in question (and not just in my moods ((black)) and ((darker than dank)) feelings towards and about the 'fair' sex), but such is not the case; it seems the opposite happens, that things work out for the better this way. In any case, this must be the feeling I manage to retain in order to be nice to the mother of the second (daughter, now 6 or 7, the most beautiful creature I ever saw, just yesterday) so that she don't keep on obstructing contact out of bad habit which came to an abrupt end (that same blessed yesterday); I get to see her again today. It was amazing, she was told who I was, said papa, got a cuddle elephant, hit me with it, hid behind her mother then between my legs from behind, allowed me to write in her mother's agenda and then for the next hour or so wouldn't let go of me and at the cut off point (guess who was responsible for that?) kissed me with her angelic self before reminding me of the date we cajoled out of her mother. God, I am undone. I want a real relationship, plenny of adventure, fucking and reading and everything else together before heading into a whole cycle with someone who will value presence, alertness, aptitude and inspiration higher than goddamn reliability, signatures, and boring shit like bank accounts (and no, I am not being unappreciative but you just don't make me feel I am obliged to shell out cause you consider yourself a conveyor of the insight it takes to inculcate guilt over realizing how hard it is to put up with being offended by me when all I am doing is dispensing advice to be voluntarily complied with if at all out of the goodness of my dear loney heart!)  . It's not like I want to get my fingers in my own child's hair at ANY cost is it??? But maybe I am keeping my hands on the till too much. Life is a battle between live and dead treasure ain tit? (satire)
2 blogs via M Pugliese: --

Some books discussing Louise Erdrich's work: Susan Perez Castillo, Brian McHale, Nancy J Peterson, Jennifer Sergi (found an account of sojourning amongst the Herero ((Pynchon)) instead by Sergio Sergi

crazy collage (busy and colourful) via or or (found via a sacred geometry search at which I explored cause they mentioning my mention of Emile Cioran ((with just his name )) in my bibliography file); she pretends to be a Jungian but don't be fooled, she believes in flying wombs. (a repeat mention I am sure)

part of a thread on blogging at lbo-talk (reposted at dutch indy along with some translated osama poems found at COMMENTARY Antidote to the Liberal Monotone: Blogging By NORAH VINCENT April 4 2002 The Internet is irritating the liberal establishment. There´s a simple, predictable reason for this: It´s awash in uncontrolled speech and unedited squibs of the haphazard kind that people might just prefer to the pigeonholed blurbiage of mainstream--printed--newspapers and magazines. Obviously, this could be disastrous for the left´s carefully combed and bowdlerized opus of ideals served up daily on the gray pages of nearly every big-city newspaper in the country. The Internet is a chaos of heterodoxy. It is a place where you can disseminate dangerous notions. And people are doing just that. What people? Well, the vast right-wing conspiracy, of course. You remember them? All of repentant Clinton basher David Brock´s former friends. They´re alive and well on the Web. They´re writing Web logs, or "blogs." Also called "me-zines," these vanity sites are proliferating at an alarming rate and attracting substantial daily readership. One of the most popular such sites,, written by the eponymous pundit and former New Republic editor, gets about 35,000 hits, or visits, a day. Another,, run by University of Tennessee law professor Glenn Reynolds, just reported a record 43,000 visits in one day. A year ago, it was almost unknown. Meanwhile, author and former New Republic writer Mickey Kaus´ irreverent is equally popular while serving up a sharp reality check on the accepted blather. There are, of course, blogs of all persuasions on the Net, but the stars of the genre tend to tilt right of center. This is understandable, given the leftward swing of the mainstream press. The Web is an outlet for ideologically homeless opinion-mongers, and the smart ones are using it. Their audience? Readers and viewers who are hungry for alternative points of view. Most blogs are running commentaries on the day´s events. They feature links to noteworthy articles from publications around the world, the Jerusalem Post to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Readers get the blogger´s take on the issues and then can read the relevant news items for themselves. Best of all, the bloggers often critique the way the news is reported, exposing subtle biases in language or filling in conspicuously omitted facts. Kaus and Sullivan do this especially well. This may be exactly the reason why they and their fellow bloggers are making enemies fast. They´re touching a nerve. The Boston Globe´s Alex Beam, for example, wrote derisively of the genre in a recent column: "Welcome to Blogistan, the Internet-based journalistic medium where no thought goes unpublished, no long-out-of-print book goes unhawked and no fellow ´blogger,´ no matter how outre, goes unpraised." Eric Alterman wrote in the Nation: "While [Sullivan´s] site arouses a certain gruesome car-wreck fascination, it serves primarily as a reminder to writers of why we need editors. [It] sets a standard for narcissistic egocentricity that makes Henry Kissinger look like St. Francis of Assisi." Why are Web logs so infuriating to their shrewish detractors? Is it really the narcissism? Or is it the political opinions being expressed? Ask yourself this question: If Palestinian intellectual Edward W. Said were blogging, would Alterman and Beam be calling him a navel gazer? Or would they praise his brave alternative point of view and complain that the mainstream press is too conservative? Web logs are infuriating because they are thoughtful alternatives to the self-important New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post and their toady satellites, much of whose reporting has become hardly less biased than the bloggers´. Bloggers at least have the honesty to admit their biases up front. They don´t pretend to be objective. But they do provide a healthy criticism of the liberal establishment´s hopelessly arrogant monotone. What´s more, they make news interactive, so that we can all stop yelling at the television and actually do something. Readers can opine, as well as argue, grapple or exchange expletives with their host. That´s something you´ll never get in print. As one popular blogger, Minneapolis Star Tribune columnist James Lileks (, put it: "The newspaper is a lecture. The Web is a conversation." Amen. * Norah Vincent is a senior fellow at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, a think tank set up after Sept. 11 to study terrorism. ===== Kevin Dean Buffalo, NY ICQ: 8616001 AIM: KDean75206 Buffalo Activist Network More on blogging here: nettime.htm Scholarly history of Lilith-myths

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186706 New Book Assails Concentration of Wealth (Kevin Phillips) ------------ 186317 Deadly Connections: Corporate Globalization, Space and War by Carol Brouillet (who does; posted at sf too ((127422)); no reply at either) ------------ 186202 most muslims OK with the west ------------- peter lamborn wilson onterview on slash -------------- infoshop on pacifism and sermon by the raverunt with 32 takers

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174538 Santiago Alba Rico April 19, 2002 MIDEAST WATCH Translated by Francisco Gonzalez You are sleeping, you do not want to believe.... (english) karl 1:50am Sun Apr 21 '02as read this, carefully, i experienced a moment of clarity. IRREFUTABLE.  ----------   Solzhenitsyn, Still: The writer and his latest challenge.(Two Hundred Years Together) National Review Sept 17, 2001 -- and response by LBO Chris at  --------- Lenni Brenner (Review of his:  The Iron Wall: Zionist Revisionism from Jabotinsky to Shamir ---- article by him: The Two US-Afghan Wars) ----- 175450 +10 a brief history of the israeli-arab conflict ----------- 175673 The Beginning Of The End Of Jewish Post-War Ascendancy? 


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