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Thursday, 4 August 2005
in- and outt(h)ro(w)ducing
Mood:  quizzical
Now Playing: folk alley
Topic: discovery
'vadercats' gets 694 (google) hits on the 4th of august 2005 -- funny enough, the ones listed that were at the lycos domain are these: - 9k -- yeah, right!!! that is a 170K linkfilled file thank you very much; I am afraid it's too fresh for the retrieval trick so will have to wait till I situate meself another site some place (I'd like plenny of shade to along with it so I can maintain it in style).

Ward Churchill excerpt just posted on another blog

(e)co-operatief capitalisme naar een 10 tal onderwerpen waarvan een gedeelte by tripod - 66k - In cache - Gelijkwaardige pagina's --- ah at least the cache works here .. ..

ps (applies to blogger not tripod): yall start posting now!!! .. .. . no congestion/delay at all .. .hardly (though real bad just the other day); I mentioned its recurrence (in additions to my oldest/front page: since I started trying out blogger . .. .oh .. . . slightly over a year ago.

More speculations as to why lycos-europe dumped me.

.. . might it be bycause all my blogs so far shun their blogging software and they were deeply hurt and insanely jealous I wouldn't use it .. . .and/or become a payfordigital space member at least, specially since I exceeded the alloted 50Mb they advertize with since their upload section shows a limit of 100Mb instead ... without volunteering pay?

Will they ever let me know????? Maybe I'll dig up the e-mails I sent so far.

This blog here come on top of 3 earlier sites:
wellbredrock = evening reading
compostartist = cloudy day reading
powdertowell = sunny day (or behind unbudgeably in too bright and unshadable light situated monitor) reading

... .and another 5 places at (posts there in dutch mostly; these pages have the nasty drawback of not allowing discriminate text selection and so the following sites are as good as dead unless they change that):

on top of the (pretty much equally) unused possibility to just send me an e-mail (though, for folks who don't know me yet, I'd prefer close collabies in matters like large swaths of landscape nurturing community living).

Anybody know a good name for the 11th and last of my blogs?

pretty-lonely-for-a-dead-on-charismatic? thisblogismylastbet?

ps: the front page (lob ../blog off) has related materials

ps: fragments of this post appeared slightly earlier today, here and here.

Posted by poetpiet at 7:07 AM EDT
Updated: Thursday, 4 August 2005 10:29 AM EDT

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