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This first rough and quick (as yet unhypered) hints of subjects expounded upon
in different(ly cloven and ((cleave))aged) numbers of aphoricized and integraduated categories
comes in two more sizes down at the bottom of this file:
global issues like photosyn- thesis and its per- version: gambling
sex as a tug of war between  'deter-
my- nation' tides of wonder  and will.
econo- mics; particular- ly the history of emission rights as a crucial lever.
deterrito- rializable extended family alleg- iance formulas 
weather dynamics and gender dualities
musically making and admini- string fresh mud: volc- anicom- petence
pluralities cleav- ages and periodic- ities
things natural and simply fascin- ating
role models, monkey sniff, minekey scent
rules of conduct and condition- ality
sources links etc
              Utopian protest ilk in dumb come?             No!         Pro utopian tests till kindom come!!!


The rainbow network has proven to be suprisingly resilient despite all the opposition and still contains most of its viable seeds and rhizomatic profligacy for many of the concepts expounded at this site, but it seems to break off, start over and over again and again. It is my hope that this site will prove as catalytic for this curious movement, probably sooner than for any others anyway, I fear, which has been bleeding into mainstream society, as well as appearing in force for quarter century, the first crucial into the new aeon of acquarius.  I leave you with a thought about the armed concrete breaking power of roothair, that pretty amazing stuff which takes its clue from brawn and brash bioregional machismo sometimes. But how much have we without a bit of deep discipline?
 ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| A critical look at Jewish history reveals a wide range of accomplish- ments, from shameful and shitty to exalted and special;   1) scrupleless  and infectious migration 'freudigkeit',     2) frequent bottoming out as far as pushing tolerance toward themselves very near its various limits from virtuosity of symbol shuffling evoking resentment, envy and dissent. 3)a sad, selfconscious sorrow and remorse over loss of greenery and the concomittant juicy days of devilish polytheism, 4) an intellectual finesse for a) the art of interpreting feelings,   b) same in the art of re- and overwrite, dominating the way they once were dominated  by the most accomplished of all slave driving cultures leaving vast deserts in their wake..
Rejuvenation, the cycling of vitality, how laws of mobility intertwine with the apparent patience of aggregated and inert particulate matter are
 processes which a child can  understand if an adult can extend his own narcissistic impulses to (become sensitive to those of) other beings and after this show of sympathy which can bestow a grasp of
 shift shaping step back into a mere humane self with it where it will motivate intentions resulting in acts of pure empathy and polymorphous mimicry. 
The subtleties of high performance organic and symbiotic forms of life and lively interaction
  are displaced by the high tides of mass cultures, however brief they be and may last till severely pruned by their own desertification
 effects. A wholly other way of raising dust ties into the first mentioned cycles and will support many more lifeforms
  besides a higher figures for population density hereto
imagined and thought possible but in a much more evenly dispersed manner 
 |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| The source of wealth as understood by native peoples was substance rather than symbol, the latter subordi- nated to the former at least. Value adding innovations have all too often skewered and polarized, not to mention poisoned and polluted. The people with some feel for and memory of natural rhytms have been ignored since monetizing and metabolizing was a one way system with wealth and waste not represented by a tandem team and complemen- tarity of vitality and compost heap but by a much more polarizing (and pole icing) delegation due to privilege, bribery and
     irrelevating debris. 
Renewal of religious rites is a sorely needed method and means to establish and maintain social (and why not interspecial?) cohesion. (Greasing the 'sticking points' (knelpunten in Dutch) between 'm) Applying the largest common denominator (the opposite of a smallest multiple Divider right?) as described elsewhere while having an awesome time could provide same for all levels of natural hyrarchy which is a one way system mostly except for us exceptionally humble humans, right? Turning peacedrum circles, which often (d)evolve to exciting competition   accompan- iment: mating ground music, into a high tech version which enhances and aims at those bottom rung slimey functions present and future, fueling mastery of which can help the participants catch the eye of the ever finite amount of potential mates. The long term effects of such engaged rather than idling music making will stretch beyond immediate sonic resonance into an easily decades long echo, easy to see. 
Protecting indiginous cultures, socalled first nations or aboriginals, can only succeed if (the wrong kinds of) border crossing mechanisms (air pollution, imperialism, etc) are identified, quantified and outlawed. Forceful monetization must be outlawed. Prior appropriation must be established and restored. In the light of the fact that migrations (particularly permanent ones) were hardly ever first choices it shouldn't be too difficult to reverse a lot of damage soon: voluntary repatriation will go smooth enough since deep down in the genes (indigene) our memories lurk and beckon for and as hard dying old habits, and if preps are made, invitations extended, a few healthy new (or old) habits underway, we will see plenty of remigration. The requirements specified under the orange section (above) are therefore in most urgently need of understanding and implement- ation in the Middle East for instance. It's not like Jews lack intelligence or clout, so how about a bit of good will eh? Presto please! All refugees should be given a chance to enroll in  taskforces, taking care to constitute them from evenly mixed background, aiming to stop the very reason they can and must find recruits easily these days. Envisionment and setting up of experimental utopias with up and coming means to improve accountability, opening of affairs and ligitimization of secession, (re)autono- mization and other moves conducive to selfsufficing can constitute the revival of ethical codes of conduct, correcting our slide into fetishizing prime male mova- and mobility as recklessly as many but violent native peoples did till a balance of power held 'm in mutual check. More authority must accrue to the 'incarnationing' gender, their birth control methods have pre-empted bloodshed in many ways now difficult to retrieve.
Emission rights entail redemption duties as key principle in decentralized money emission to relieve crisis, federation during spurts of growth and constant public access to the specific, dated currencies can get us out of present hell holes and conflagrations of greed stampedes.  The tides to and fro between personal, local and decentralized spec generation on the one hand, converging into more and more general, open, accesible, logistechnically enabled centers, thoroughfares and hubs where nondistort- ionate mechanisms turf and tabulate to form prices which  instantly ripple back to local planning levels can only become, be and remain ethical if hub employees find their work a privilege enough to share their info the instant it arrives: present, implicate, pursue, filter, sift, sieve and abrade locally, symbolize, sluice through, accelerate and disperse centrally. Publicity as payment to and subsistence as claim on the community. --  Integrity of body, soul and spirit needs the equally inseperable freedoms to trade, migrate and emit; the unity of logos, ethos and pathos, the interaction of light and dark resulting in abundance shedding and sheltering shade. We have a long way to go from Christianity to raising regional photosyn- thesis rates to the status of value standards.
We as a smart species went from fear of fire to fuel use and waste, to fuel consumption, metering and fine tuning, all the while building for and brooding on the bigger bang, now we may do well to learn (about) fuel making before creative destruction of 'innovation driven and rewarding capitalism runs out of easy and relatively innocuous raw material. Prime candidate will be oxide reduction; arguably the most powerful process ever, but it has endless gear shifts to go when starting from scratch, I find and feel it the best and most powderful factor fostering  and sustainable chain reaction leading to tranquility instead of present tendencies indicating mutation to insular or worse, deadlocked shreds. Fiery fun is an all time mating ground favorite from cameleon to white house pyrotechnic potency; procreation and provision are nowhere near harmonizing, mass societies tend to be vain, proud, arrogant and inventive, oblivious to fellow creatures adn eventually leave deserts in their wake.