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 Michael Pugliese recommends George Nash on tradionalist thought in the US so I looked up some blurby reviews -------------- reviews of The Conservative Intellectual Movement in America: Since 1945. By George H. Nash. ------ Intercollegiate Studies Institute. 467 pp. $24.95. George Nash knows as much about the intellectual history of modern American conservatism as anybody, and it is a pleasure to have his classic 1976 study again available. This reprint includes a brief Epilogue (just thirteen pages) bringing matters up to date. Nash's original work told in impeccable detail of the post-World War II coming together-not without fractious controversy-of the three groups of modern conservative intellectuals: the libertarians, the traditionalists, and the anti-Communists. National Review provided them their major platform, and NR's Editor, William F. Buckley, Jr., presided with a shrewd and ecumenical spirit over the emerging intellectual right. Nash's necessarily cursory Epilogue introduces the two other voices of modern conservatism: the neoconservatives and the religious right. As always, his treatment is evenly balanced and scrupulously fair. Conservatives of all persuasions can be grateful to have George Nash as their historian. ---------------- review of The Conservative Intellectual Movement in America Since 1945 by George H. Nash Intercollegiate Studies Institute  originally appeared in Small Press Magazine  The reprinting of this book 20 years after its initial publication (Basic Books, 1976) may be intended to help elucidate conservatives' most pressing current problem: the widening gap between the religious right and the business right threatening the Republican coalition. Nash's treatment of conservatism as a movement comprised of three distinct strands, libertarianism, traditionalism, and anti-communism, points out that there has long been tension and an uneasy peace among conservatives. Unfortunately, this insight is the beginning and end of Nash's contribution. Nash has purportedly written a history of ideas, but it rarely deals with the intellectual content of conservative ideas, leaving us without any idea whether the encroaching conservative schism is reversible or inevitable. The book fails where it most needs to succeed because Nash barely discusses the contents of post-War conservative works, opting instead to focus on the careers of prominent pundits. While we are introduced to a large number of seminal writers and publications, there is not the kind of detailed treatment of different conservative theories that one might expect from a history of ideas (particularly one 455 pages long). What Nash has written here is a voluminous multi-subject biography that deals mainly with issues like the in-fighting at the National Review, Russel Kirk's army experiences, and the academic pedigrees of Austrian economists. With such an approach, Nash might be expected to provide an explanation of the rise of American conservatism, but no such account is attempted. Nash simply reports on major publications and events, and in the end, this book is neither philosophical nor sociological nor even historical enough. The breadth of coverage and breezy tone might have made this a good introduction to American conservatism, but the length and density make it inappropriate for this role.

l -- Cast of characters in beelzebub’s tales by Gurdjeff: -------- “Nothing much may happen in our time. We are in too much of a hurry. We have no sense of real time in the West. Perhaps in fifty, or a hundred years a group of key men will read it. They will say, 'This is what we've been looking for', and on an understanding of it, may start a movement which could raise the level of civilization.” — Denis Saurat, (1940’s) -------------- short exegesis of the gurdjieffian stuff (quoting saurat: Writers such as Denis Saurat and P. K. Dick have glimpses of this. We can find them saying that 'all time', both past and future, originated with Christ.

from nettime-l-0208/msg00117.html *At last, a right-wing epithet for "global civil society" that I kind of like!  Will 'transnational progressives' get their own detainment camps, perhaps in some handy transnational a-legal space such as army bases in Cuba? *How long before the heroic Bush Administration destroys the WTO? bruces ---- sumbiddy tell this guy to lighten up on his shade wear factor ------- = about google

Jim Devine: I finally finished this one and have a comment: Louis Proyect writes: Chomsky leaned at early date toward the Israel kibbutz as some kind of "socialist experiment", long after the colonization intentions of the settlers had become obvious. He did turn against the particular kibbutz he worked on, but not because of any economic shortcomings. Instead, the racism of the settlers was the key factor. To this day, Chomsky still speaks positively about the Zionist outposts without really addressing concerns about the class nature of the Israeli state. (Guardian, May 14, 2001)< ----------- One of the first articles I read by Chomsky was in the San Francisco-based journal SOCIALIST REVOLUTION (now called "Socialist Review," if it still exists) in the 1970s, about the class nature of the Israeli state -- or, more accurately, about the ethnic supremacist system prevailing there. The element of truth in the statements above is that Chomsky seems to frame all criticism of Israel by saying that something (the expansion of settlements, the occupation, Ariel Sharon, etc.) is bad for the Jews, not just for the Palestinians. (For him, the "Friends of Israel," e.g., conservative U.S. Jews who cheer-lead for Israel and accuse him of being a self-hating Jew, are not true friends.) Jim Devine ------------- It's morph'd into Radical Society, whose premiere issue is out, and contains a brilliant and stylish piece by Liza Featherstone, Christian Parenti, and me on the ideology and practice of activist-ism. Doug 

 on a search for Laurence Rickels I show up 33rd (and 35th) with my first print resource friendly reads file (which moved to holland a while ago when tripod slashed its 'free' (ad polluted) space in half) -------------- The New Cryptography by Bruce Sterling Literary Freeware -- Not For Commercial Use from THE MAGAZINE OF FANTASY AND SCIENCE FICTION, Writing is a medium of communication and understanding, but there are times and places when one wants an entirely different function from writing: concealment and deliberate bafflement. Cryptography, the science of secret writing, is almost as old as writing itself. The hieroglyphics of ancient Egypt were deliberately arcane: both writing and a cypher. Literacy in ancient Egypt was hedged about with daunting difficulty, so as to assure the elite powers of priest and scribe. Ancient Assyria also used cryptography, including the unique and curious custom of "funerary cryptography." Assyrian tombs sometimes featured odd sets of cryptographic cuneiform symbols. The Assyrian passerby, puzzling out the import of the text, would mutter the syllables aloud, and find himself accidentally uttering a blessing for the dead. Funerary cryptography was a way to steal a prayer from passing strangers.

------ latest news: thanks to sharing his unevenly written trilogy (itself part of a trilogy he claims) with a semi autistic professor who reads out loud (odd volumes he picks up in antiquariats and an occasional new one such as now ‘in code’ by a sixteen y o irish gal) in a college cafetaria amidst the weekly varying buzz (geroezemoes) intensities with harldy ever finding a willing ear (took me long enough to befriend him; he used to be quite hostile and still is occasionally), I am alerted to – an subdivision where one can realplay some of his sessions in theory and therapy ---

Chuck Grimes is pretty mad `` ...I spoke with people, arguably the left majority, who fell somewhere in between, in that sea of uncertainty that is the post-9/11 condition. They weren't ecstatic about the war in Afghanistan, but they couldn't bring themselves to oppose it either. The question that has vexed them is where to draw the line between self-defense and imperial aggrandizement...'' Adam Shatz, The Nation, The Left and 9/11 ------- I am afraid that I don't share Adam Shatz moral ambivalence. Bottom line, 9/11 anniversary kiss my ass. Pardon me while I vent and write an even more alternate view... I hate America first because.... it is run by and for rightwing religious fanatics and thorough going capitalist pig bastards---thieving, lying, violent, hate filled motherfuckers one and all. There is virtually nothing these jack-offs in power could do I would approve of. I didn't vote for them and neither did the majority of voters; they were forced down our throats in a blatant election fraud and the worst court decision since Dred Scott; I've spent most of my adult life fighting everything they stand for; and they get no credit from me for whatever accidental good they might have caused. And if by some fortune of nature, they were all swept off the planet, never to return, I would be the very first on my block to run out into the street cheering wildly. In fact, I would consider it my patriotic duty to do so. To say that Afghanistan is better off after months of US bombing and occupation, is like saying Hitler did some good things too, like building the Autoban and the VW. Well, probably okay as far as that goes. So fucking what. The US government did not support the victims of the 9/11 attacks. It did not put out money, programs, and concrete support for the people effected. Instead our war lord dick head, Senior Winky, we are supposed to call President, and those simpering twat mouths in Congress immediately picked Afghanistan for raw, unadorned chicken shit vengeance, precisely because Afghanistan was helpless to resist. Get slapped, shoot the dog and if the dog had cancer, so much the better---some real deep foreign policy stuff there.... Meanwhile, back home our great worships of the Imperium equivocated, pissed around, passed some bogus legislation to limit corporate liability, organized a charity concert (thanks assholes), channeled mass support to the Red Cross (we all know how well that worked) and was generally mean, stingey, and brutish. If you racked up thousands in unpaid medical bills because you were caught in those attacks, my guess is, well that was just you're tough luck. If you lost a family member, you were probably lucky if they were cremated instantly for free. Otherwise you would be out of pocket for that luxury too. Pray they don't find a finger and then bill you for the DNA identification. That's the thanks you'll get for taking a hit for the Empire. Meanwhile the rest of us are taking the hit in bullshit security measures, abandonment of the Bills of Rights, endless saturation of chauvinistic fascism that is supposed to pass as patriotism, wall to wall rightwing propaganda as news, and virtually total world condemnation. It is so nice to be counted among the most hated people on earth. Oh, and needless to say we are now treated to unlimited war rattling against Iraq for the sole purpose of completely obfuscating the November elections and their literally corrupt, bankrupt, and fraudulent domestic agendas. Chuck Grimes -------------------- Actually, the attack on Iraq, which seems is coming like it or not, has more to do with oil and geopolitical positioning than anything else. Also, it will give Israel the cover it needs to finish cleansing the territories. Awful enough without domestic issues being dragged in.  --- Still living in Berkeley, Chuck? Perhaps you should visit the middle of the country and talk to some folks. I think you'd be surprised (then again, given the blue smoke coming out of your ears, maybe not). Even Chomsky, who's held in high regard by those who find al-Qaeda to be a minor irritant at best, has said that thanks to years of civil rights and civil liberties activism and victories, there is more resistance to the assault on the Bill of Rights than is imagined. In other words, Ashcroft doesn't have the open field that he and others think is there. > Oh, and needless to say we are now treated to unlimited war rattling > against Iraq for the sole purpose of completely obfuscating the > November elections and their literally corrupt, bankrupt, and > fraudulent domestic agendas. DP

the latter has gone hitch .. a mental eerrr, mentor .. . a little earlier he says: "This is the first use of american arms I've backed in my lifetime" (about the war in Afghanistan) -- Joe Golowka (who uses a Bob Black as a sig) spars with him  ---- speaking about Hitchens, there is a worrying suspicion vented here: 1171

excuse the temporary monopixel (betraying my new oddblogger status no sooner than attaining it, tsk tsk, tsk - I'm squeezing new stuff in via notepad)

- Starting a surfsession with and fibravelling via plep I end up here: ----------- -------- say no to netscape some sort of stupod poll???? couple of hundred members, almost 3 of them --- NOTE: These are NOT my own personal beliefs. Look at the "loading times" thing. C'mon. That's ridiculous. These are merely possible reasons for why other people might not like Netscape. And plus, this is meant to sound funny. So don't attack me, you raging pro-Netscape people. Find something better to do. And don't even bother signing my guestbook. I will automatically delete it. This site has been up since July of 2001. Believe me, I've heard every point anyone could ever make, multiple times. You're not going to be telling me anything new. Also, this "about" section is obviously referring to Netscape 4.x. I'm not referring to Netscape 6. Netscape 6 is a good browser. I'm still all about IE, though. IE fucking owns your mom. XD ???about How many of you put "Internet Explorer" on your splash pages? I know I sure do. The reason: because sites always look better with Internet Explorer, and you want to promote the use of this superior browser. Netscape decreases the quality of a site. I hate it. Here are just a few examples of why I say NO to Netscape: 1. Style tags? What style tags? If you think people are going to see different cursors, styled-links, etc., you're dead wrong. Netscape sees your style commands and says "fuck that." Who wants a browser which ignores your commands? Especially commands like 'style,' which give websites that extra little flare, we all know and love. 2. Frames. Your frames sure look nice on Internet Explorer, don't they? How about you check 'em out with Netscape. Uh-oh! Where did all those obnoxious lines come from? Well, don't mind those, Netscape just decided to put those in there, even though you have all the apropriate frameborder/spacing codes set. You better try to fix it. Or, you could just promote the use of IE. ^.~ 3. Tables. Wow, that website looks really good with Internet Explorer. Let's check it out with Netscape. What the fuck? It's gone! All that's there is a blank, white screen! What happened? Well, Netscape decided that since you forgot to end a couple "td" tags, that it wasn't going to even show the page. Isn't that sweet? Internet Explorer, on the other hand, assumes you meant to close them. Hence, the page shows up fine. 4. Loading Plugins, blah blah blah... Internet Explorer takes, on average, 4 seconds to load. Netscape, on the other hand, takes 7-13 seconds to load. The reason: It feels the necesity to tell you every little fucking thing it's doing. I could care less. I don't wanna see all that shit. All I want to see, is a fully-loaded browser. I know it may only be 5 seconds longer, but that's 5 more seconds of my time, taken by Netscape and it's all-star crappiness. You might have your own reasons for disliking Netscape, which is perfectly fine. These are only a few. You don't even have to agree with these. But, if you don't like Netscape, join the rest of us. straight but not narrow (found via fight fat phobia) ------- purr verse (as phrase) has registered 17 times within google's purview; guess I can forget startin something wit it - lesse pureverse parverse .. . ----- did I mention all the folks I clickerclacked onto happened to be teenage americasians? quite a strange streak --------

I audition for the distinguished title of oddblogger at (see the bottom of this ((and future)) files + these 10-28 additions: involution.doc (48K)): thusly: 40 Mb of all sorts but the only thing still growing is the (blog)series of hi-litin' the indymedia main items spinning of a personal newspaper wiith my long time focus on alternative currency systems both ancient and fledgling besides unorthodox interpretations of such as in regarding fresh dust dabble as a badly needed recurvirzion. --------- the maker (makestress?) of involution (a big and extremely sizable and aestheticized site by a recovered heroin addict who is overaveragesize herself) - writes 'Ohmaega' The adventures of the next species to evolve from Homo sapiens - the psychosexual, aggressively seductive, transhuman beings called "Ohm" Ohmaega The adventures of the next species to evolve from Homo sapiens - the psychosexual, aggressively seductive, transhuman beings called "Ohm". Coming to power so naturally because power comes so naturally to them, they rise up from their origins as an underground fringe cult to become the world's new masters. Along the way, they meet a few obstacles - and deal with them using the Ohm methods of using power, tending towards persuasion instead of coercion. And these overminds are masters of persuasion...and many other things. These epic-length collection of serial fantasies take the age-old connection between sex and power to new heights - and depths - of extremity that should captivate those who find the idea of mental domination and submission intriguing. A heady brew mixing sex fantasy and speculative fiction with a dash of absurdist self-referentiality and sardonic humor here and there. ----- This material contains rather explicit descriptions of physical, mental and metaphysical sexual acts, some of which may be considered by certain people to be incomprehensible, disturbing, or uncomfortably arousing. OHMAEGA is "psi-fi" - i.e. erotica dealing with acts of mind control and seduction. It is intended for open-minded audiences who are mature enough to distinguish fantasy from reality. Stories take place in a fictional universe which is entirely the product of the author's imagination. None of its characters are based on real persons. Any similarities to such are non-intentional. The author/artist will not be held responsible for your reactions if you choose to go beyond this point. You agree implicitly not to hold the creator of this website responsible for any bad reaction you may have to this content if you choose the "INSIDE" link. If you think this content might make you uncomfortable, choose the OUT link. --------  her mate: --- I'd go here pixellation/1999 again before I would ever hit their 'prOn' pics again . .. I think. That is nevertheless where it began to dawn on me I had been there before, years ago already . .. a google shows, shio nuff:  16th log nov 2000: I scanned 300 (of a total 500) selfdescription and picked this one as the winner for now: // (a very esthetically obsessed hallicunographeress and friend who likes to stick naked pics of his whale of a mate on) I should continue revisiting some sites noted in the same file, these for instance: Another interesting effort with 16 different subdivisions of every and all humans: // another list is accesible via:; ------ gosh, it takes something like this to realize I have a too hazy dayzees to seize any daisy doodles kind of recoldlection. Anyways, this is big music league, exclamoramarkable art! an entry for their guest book: extrudedrockpintuitionpowder (site title) hi, I just posted the rehab rules to a (very) recent (newswire) item about certain habits housed by Bush's daughter. It's almost certain I came by some years ago but have you changed the lot since, all I recognize is the extragavant attention to detail; you must make loads of money no? -------- beautiful log devoted to (the war on) drugs ---- I'd have to say that I object to the obsessiveness of this site, it reminds me hedweb which don't seem to have a life outside of designer drugs (despite their nature imagery); I suspect monde and her mate are chained to their consoles; is achieving very high standards in aesthetics (as I judge it) worth it???? Maybe that's just the easy part of puzzle addiction - don't think I can expect much help here for my rock unraveling plans ----------Friends list colours - what's yours? When I put people on my friends list I usually just pick out a couple of colours at random or leave it black and white if I'm in a hurry or in lethargic mode. I thought maybe it would be better to have relevant colours, i.e. the ones you'd choose for yourself. Or the prominent colours you've used on your page. I don't get to see everyone's page designs reading a friends list. Which is sort of lame. That might be a good thing for LJ to do, a paiduser perk or have a friends page in which each friend's entry appears in that person's chosen design. (Mental note to self: actually get around to suggesting this. It's a cool idea.) For now, all I can do is use your chosen colours. So I'd like everyone who reads this who's on my friends list (that means most of you who are reading this, I think) to leave me a comment telling me the two colours you would suggest to use with your names. Just a silly thing that will take like 2 seconds and help satisfy my constant desire for aesthetic interaction. current Mood: geeky current Music: Mental collages of cheesy psychedelified cinema soundtracks ------- Here go I: you will get a joycean take on the matter (I am finding out recently from the fwake list digest I sub to) if you go here: -- for an anodyne entry sample about psychedelics (via tikkun and alternet) see 10-18.doc - over 400K of all sorts - toc in the indy sample file. ----- A transposion from that file: I wrote this note to fit my regular log which I have updated (on the 18th of oct using notepad since I don’t like to ruin it’s sleek netscape flavor code) with some serious art - - npfo is a character at indy who questions the status of another (called henk) but the gets thumbs up from most commenters, henk’s post leads to a nice gallery: I love this stuff for an aesthetic break but reading the fetishist fabulltastic gushings makes me sad about the libidinally possesed gift economy of wheatstrollers and defected landsurveyors; take for instance the mention that it is rumored Yemen features circles that are windresistent. Geez, the absurdity.----------

music section: (never heard ((of)) ‘m but like the pic – are there 4 or 8 dogs?) - -- Real Audio shows archived, on file, on call -------- ------ Madonna delays her pleasure etc; good text but it contrasts pitifully with the prearchaic paces her partner puts her through - well, all the better for me - maybe she'll wise up just a little bit more and give me a 'shot' at it (watch this space to be posted). Then again I wouldn't be suprised if this dim dame has a few lives to go (wasting them like there’s no tomorrow though) before ‘encompassing dualities’; as now deceased John Ray would say; hey maybe she married someone her size and calibur in everyway and is happy enough with forces as they are (can anyone picture her singing to them?), no need to see what happened to the man who came to offer the way to vivify them, just rob and distort them blind ----
MORE MUSIC: Via the folk ring listed in last issue: Melissa Ferrick -- all her songs right there ------ 100 x political folk for both realplaye and that monopolist’s siftwhore --- jonilike - -- -----  is a treasure trove with artist by geographical area even!!!! Unfortunately, FYH (folk you harder) is no more. But you can visit the folk singers at their new websites:  Shannon Campbell - -- Kerstin Hanson – -----  Try this her 4th album - Favorite (FOLK) subgenre: Modern Folk  -- Angry Folk  -- Blues Folk  - Pop  -  Gentle  -  like Ani - like Joni  Political  -  Power-folk  - Traditional Folk --------- Another fave instrument instrument of mine is called the sheng in china (on an earlier laborious quest I found the 'can' was really spelled khean in south east Asia): same again adding a 2 Joseph H. Y. Feng is the"Sheng"Chinese Bamboo Organ soloist,composer and producer. 1982 he achived his B.A degree at Central Conservatory of Music of China. He also spent more than 6 years to study European and Russian musical theory & composition. As a lecturer, he started teaching Sheng at Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing since later1983. He is also expert at traditional Chinese music and Buddist music as well. He arrived in Australia in 1989.  -------- The "Sheng", which originated from China around 3000 years ago, is an instrument made of reed and up to 36 pipes. It gives unbelievable clarity in high tones as well as a surprisingly resonant bass. This is the kind of gently peaceful, yet powerful music that can really make a difference in ones day, and can be revisited often for optimal results. Thank you for enjoy the Bamboo Organ Music! ------
Still more (but is it real) MUSICAnd now for some weird eerie prettily wallpapered musicshitshootsheet: site baed on Manfred Clynes; here he is on ‘meaningful timeforms (a long paper): Abstract The central nervous system function of time-form entities  are examined. The term Logogenesis is introduced as a concept to denote genetically programmed development of mental concepts and time form-entities, as a counterpart to morphogenesis which concerns development of structure. Special attention is given to the time-form logogenesis of natural language entities of emotion communication, and their natural syntax. How time-forms are used in music to generate living, meaningful performances from written scores is described and proved with computer generated classical music, in the context of four modes of time experience, t1, t2, t3, and t4. The modes apply to different time scales and use different natural data processing properties. Models of appropriate peptide dynamics are suggested for some of these amygda-related processes. Some properties of modified time consciousness in relation to these modes are also discussed. ---------------- WORLD: World Traditions ladyslipper  Care for a double digit number of digital snippets from music by Ani di Franco and hundreds more etc?????????????? -

Mamble jumble and meanest means:  An indy item takes me to and by extension to by storm bear williams (who looks like a western victim of food obsession ((probably his mother's)) and american lifestyles); his blog is bleak and empty as of yet (nice colours though); and if you ask me it is his warped coping with life's first (lunar) hurdle leads him to the verdict 'good' for the only entry in his fora so far (warning: colonialism in shameless overdrive ahead):There is a good article on how the space economy produces green technology.(Via CNN). -- Could huge solar power stations be built on the moon? Engineers taking part in NASA research think so, using raw materials available in the lunar soil.---- he has joined (only fora) where I run into another (former?) Dan Winter associate who seems permanently caught in the one way final (con)sequential and pin- and turningpoint pretense of isolated yet significant events awakening the goddess at the end of time would only make sense to me when translated to crushed rock as the beginning of time. ------- goes:Enter the next layer of synchronicity. A friend, Nicki Scully (, happened to have a tour to Egypt scheduled for the equinox, and because of various synchronistic events, she already had the permits needed. When the broader significance was explained to her, she immediately grokked that the hieros gamos was the key moment. She volunteered to be the key group on Giza for “zero hour,” dawn on September 23rd. Since Nicki is an accomplished shaman and ritualist, we felt comfortable with her and her group taking the lead and setting the spiritual tone for the event. This was already in place by the time we put the article on the Internet. But other than this, nothing else was planned in the way of any kind of event. That was late Tuesday night. By Thursday morning, the deluge had begun. For the next three days, readership of the article increased almost exponentially, topping out on Sunday at an average of 2,000 hits an hour. By the next Thursday, over 250,000 people had read the article. Over 166,000 of them had downloaded the star charts. We had struck a nerve… ----- also in  this document our wandering shaman (proffesional tourguide fabulist/magician) refers to places like which has an open group: and ---------  pretty busy but seems juvenile and all too fabulous, registering req.) - ------ It seems there are some files concerning him at too ---- oh by the way Mr Tenen has now completele gobbled up and incorporated the domain, guess it’s his now . ..  yup . . .if only this is not prophetic for what will happen to other pals o mine minions (palestinians) drastically spinning cropcircle or health wrecking metro drilbit????? This fabulation site would like you to personify some of the vaguest and furthest from likely candidature imagery ---- nice Celtic astrology diagram found with Robert Graves and trees as searchterms --- help a few trees out is slimmed waaaaaay down, still nicely (inter)active though and the subjects seem decent enough; the state of online discussion boards + 61 – other popular items: there’s one on annie sprinkle vs religious fuckfolk - What Does It Mean To Be A 'European'?  European intergration is one thing; the sense of a coherent 'European' identity is something else entirely. And, more often than not, it's most coherent when it means 'not American'. (84 comments) -------- What Is A Republican?  Say it now, say it loud, "I'm Republican and I'm proud!" (91 comments) 2.654K !!! document:
on Free Banking & Monetary Freedom
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Max printable paper space occupied/utilized in this margin to margin format (used for all my prfr lately); it cuts of a few percent of the bottom line letter and therefore warns you about being ‘outside’ them but if you are in Europe with a HP printer you should be alrite; here is one of the very first entries: ABILITY TO PAY & INABILITY TO PAY, BOTH UNDER MONETARY FREEDOM- AND UNDER MONETARY DESPOTISM, SHOULD BE SEPARATELY CONSIDERED: -... ABILITY TO PAY & INTEREST RATES: The ability to pay ANY interest -rates or not is often more important than the fact of either -high or low interest rates. High interest rates do not matter as -much when sales are easy to achieve, profit margins are high and- do not merely represent, to a large extent, high inflation rates. -Low interest rates are not an encouragement to take up loans and to- increase production when customers are missing, sales are low and -factories work only at a fraction of their potential, while -unemployment is high. Nor do low interest rates CAUSE inflation -or do high interest rates CAUSE a deflation. To judge the economy- and economic developments only by interest rates, especially only -the interest rates for monopoly and forced currencies, is almost -as one-sided as is phrenology, in trying to determine a person's- capabilities and character merely from the shape of his skull. -- J. Z., 22.4.97. (there are a good few more samples at the current indysample file (soon to be indy38.htm) definitely a blog to watch; I found this guy through one of the new indy bloggers via (rabble) who in turn links to places such as and feenberg (watch the prfr for today the 23rd) -- this good man can be outrageously upbeat and is a sympathetic scatterhead --------- another associate of his runs forum software with decent privacy protection and points here html#85506029 What Do Women Really Want? Me. Whenever an outrageous claim is kited, you know there'll be a survey to follow up. Here we asked a random sampling of women bloggers what they thought about RageBoy's brag that he is the "Babe Magnet of Blogdom." The results were unsurprising. (where I also find a funny pentagram: more via the quicktopic fella's blog: ---------- doc searl's blog where I found some corroboration (of jorn's allegations) regarding the blogware developer/pioneer david weiner's periodically problematic personality spikes toted and swung about by and occasionally slamming into proxies(of which doc is a longtime survivor dodger accomodator), just press the discussions links and look at the longest one. I knew I shouldn't have said final in any shape form or manner in relation to David Weinberger but I am approaching the end of his current blogfile where I find this 2002_10_06_bgbg_archive.html#85544518 --- this 'bags and baggage' guy’s place is that variety of accomodating which should become a decency standard: offering a little palette to please, 5 instant eyesore-cures on call in this case, I must say I merely manage sequential relief myself, offering choices in most pivot files though: bloggage about identity and open source

211919 some sort a comic relief? Claims the sniper(s?) demanded 10 miljun

Is 1537 chucko the last in the sex thread???? -------- this is the genocide one ebooks on native american indians --------- reviews of a great many books in these categories: Biographies Culture, Lifestyles Current Issues Education Plants, Environment Fiction, contemp History Legends, Myths Misc Poetry, Songs Reference Women Science, Math Art, Craft Nonfiction, Lifestyles Page buttons ---

-------- 28438 Portland has an incredibly great amount of even sized comments and there a quite a few more 'popular' items circling around the police brutality thing (but geez when will they grow up without leaving similarly juvenile traces of themselves in their wake? It's obvious that police use violence, they are trained for it and need to be; do protesters expect them to start a pushing match and put themselves at some fatal disadvantage? Suppose they do? I bet the more riotous, militant and angry faction/segment of hangers on will just tear whatever wherever they end up DOwN and be proud of it too).

Another blockbuster online now:
I posted the following at open newswire 211989The posthumously publised writings of John Hamaker after his aeons and cultures spanning book of 78 called Survival of Civilization (SoC) are online (in pfd format 2.9Mb) now. These follow ups are enhanced with a liberal selection of quotes and relevant facts from weather watchers quarternarians etc by Don Weaver the catalyst for and co-author of SoC --- Follow ups???? Geezz, hardly; the true leader is as alone as the hero in King of Hearts I guess. This compilaton is a digital of the follow ups Don Weaver circulation privately under the name of Solar or Ice age bulletin, I just asked him if he will let me do a prfr format of it (saves around 10x average paper reqs for conventionally 'full' formats); look for it. 2.9Mb / features a new yahoo forum wherin "earthdon" wrote this to me: ..... You may want to consider re-stating just what you would like and for what reason(s), so I/we can give your request to change the current presentation of the books in PDF form you forgot to add: .... some thought -- to finish that sentence,. .. . talk about making sense, Don. To make my request simple: offer your books in as many formats as possible to accomodate differently restricted potential downloaders. I personally think the format offered now is paper wasteful but I realize I am in the extreme end of the use efficiency factor. Thanks for all your work Don and I see your adress changed. Finally escaped urbanity? I guess I am about to soon too. Any suggestions? How was Scotland? Have they a website up? ---------  (It was revised about a week ago to create bookmarks and thumbnails for both books, plus to activate the inner Table of Contents, making them easier to use.) Thanks for looking to network in Europe and worldwide. The college/climate info you posted was interesting, and I suggest all users of this Forum be somewhat careful of posting too much info at a time, and to strive for clarity and succinctness, so that everyone can understand the words and not get bogged down with more "information overload." (Now, you may want to "take me to task" for producing the 540-page TO LOVE AND REGENERATE THE EARTH. I can only say I tried to make a comprehensive case which could persuade even the often overly-skeptical "scientific community," and people in general, that we have an eco-climatic crisis needing our awakened and enlightened response.) ------------- Anwar: I think what you say may matter very much, and it would be wise to assume it does. If you read what John Hamaker says about sand and the various particle sizes in the soil in Chapter 2 of THE SURVIVAL OF CIVILIZATION, and study the chart on particle sizes and relative surface areas for microorganism mineral consumption, you will see there is a vast difference between sand and silt and the finest silts we usually call "dust." John felt some sands (not the leached out, predominantly quartz sands) could be useful if run through a close-set roller mill, or the like, to reduce them to finer sizes. If you have a sand with sufficient fine silt or dust in it, then you or your local desert may be able to produce abundantly, with our help in seeding, planting trees, etc. as you suggest. Coral or limestone sands might have positive uses, like other "liming" materials, but those tend not to be complete, full-spectrum remineralization materials to produce the most fertile soils and chains-of-life. If this response has been inadequate in some way, please let me know, Piet and Anwar. ---------- Anwar, I too began making the soil and health, Etc., connections while a student at U.C. Berkeley in the 1970s, and appreciate your "uncommon sense." Let's hope we'll soon see the day when it becomes common! ~Don Weaver

How many formats are possible? ---------- infinite Don, this is the cyber age you know. Can you list them in order of what you consider most to least useful, including PDF? pfd is great for folk with unlimited access and optimal screen quality/lighting seating, etc. A small majority of all users I guess. I myself use prfr (personal, home, candlelit and unheated reads in 'my' shack ('bout to lose it actually, again) tailored to taste); takes me all day to fix up an issue of 15-20 pages and I put it online then too, trimming some of the more disappointing items out of the average 6-12 of them. Thus I have a newspaper that is printed almost to the edge of the paper in a small lettersize which puts my effeciency gains (versus the conventional printeditions and the version formats behind 'print this document' buttons and icons. Ever seen any yet, you netphobe? :-) <- that's a smiley for you) many webpublications feature besides/behind articles for their online readership. Note: my formating is so utterly compact bycause I perpetrate sweeping manipulations, wiping all headlines and section heading including white lines out in one fell swoop. I seperate items with ----dashes---) up around/upward of 5-10. I am not sure I impress anybody but myself with that though; seems people get annoyed about the lack of paragraphs and whitelines and such. That's what I understand from the little feedback I was blessed with so far. I think the biggest objection to pdf is that is has large system requirements, definitely over the heads of your average poorer user in say a foreign country; another problem is the download time with such a hump; you'd have to at least cut it down (comparable to your giant peach simile), except this time people may not even get any peach at all cause working across phonelines in the backwaters of digitalia is painfully slow and the longer it takes (the bigger the bite) the more glitches can 'abort' the transaction. see who ships old computers to equador from san fransisco or portland I believe to get an idea about other aspects of reaching as wide an audience as possible. Well, I'm with you Don, I'll try to cut down my longwindedness too. Many trees down in last night's storm by the way. Here is a good bannertext from yesterday's SF antiwar demo: excess of evil lies behind the bushes. from 'blatherwerks' ---------- No one has to use any paper to read them, but why do you consider PDF "paper wasteful"? How much paper do you expect to use? --- The New Cryptography by Bruce Sterling Literary Freeware -- Not For Commercial Use from THE MAGAZINE OF FANTASY AND SCIENCE FICTION, Writing is a medium of communication and understanding, but there are times and places when one wants an entirely different function from writing: concealment and deliberate bafflement. Cryptography, the science of secret writing, is almost as old as writing itself. The hieroglyphics of ancient Egypt were deliberately arcane: both writing and a cypher. Literacy in ancient Egypt was hedged about with daunting difficulty, so as to assure the elite powers of priest and scribe. Ancient Assyria also used cryptography, including the unique and curious custom of "funerary cryptography." Assyrian tombs sometimes featured odd sets of cryptographic cuneiform symbols. The Assyrian passerby, puzzling out the import of the text, would mutter the syllables aloud, and find himself accidentally uttering a blessing for the dead. Funerary cryptography was a way to steal a prayer from passing strangers.

German: Textkopfrl stellt sich/sich viel/viel vor?? waechst allerdings viel langsamer wie hier Ps: madcow bush stop your amok hat mich ermutigt zu registrieren aber da entdeck ich nur dass die abscheuliche Reclame Lawine hier genau so schlimm ist wie bei zweit oben genanntes heimerlmein ----------

Items in brief:,1282,54416,00.html - Net visionaries seek new vistas ------------ Reliving the 1200s with sweat, muscle and no, lo and go tech tools -------------- J---------- //>" the riverend and others ---------- good list of books with links to four flavours (locations I mean) of amazon ---------
haven't checked these yet: -- (communism, english and spanish) -- -- (anti-revisionism in french and english)--- ghjfhj ------ Brad deLong does a long reflection on Stiglitz' book

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174538 Santiago Alba Rico April 19, 2002 MIDEAST WATCH Translated by Francisco Gonzalez You are sleeping, you do not want to believe.... (english) karl 1:50am Sun Apr 21 '02as read this, carefully, i experienced a moment of clarity. IRREFUTABLE.  ----------   Solzhenitsyn, Still: The writer and his latest challenge.(Two Hundred Years Together) National Review Sept 17, 2001 -- and response by LBO Chris at  --------- Lenni Brenner (Review of his:  The Iron Wall: Zionist Revisionism from Jabotinsky to Shamir ---- article by him: The Two US-Afghan Wars) ----- 175450 +10 a brief history of the israeli-arab conflict ----------- 175673 The Beginning Of The End Of Jewish Post-War Ascendancy? 

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