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One can always foster, though never enforce more and/or better honesty.

American style foxhunt and setting the desert to b(l)ooming
In the middle of the second gang up on Saddam in what the actiontaking perpetrators (fortunately often enough critcicized by the more human sounding, odd ones out like 'voices in the wilderness' (facing million dollar lawsuits for sending iraqies toys) during the first night of its occurence though no longer a few hours later in more prime  and mainstream time) appropriately call desertfox, we are faced with the spectacle of efficient (=unfair) violence, a white skin and attitude patent of sorts lately (give or take a few centuries. The set upon, outnumb(er)ing and merciless wardog onslaught defying Saddam who, I think, and luckily plenty with me, should be offered a little something more reciprocal for a quick change, will only gain in mythical stature some say.
For every baring of his heart and showing of his hand the US should come out and forward with 77 times as many rotten spots of its own to be subjected to scrutiny and dismantlement in an ecologically responsible  (eco-responsibly; with overtones of corespeak (core speak) and undertones of cores peak; ecologically respectful)  manner with no worries they can not play this 'eco-resp' game with multiple partners at the same time amd still come out able to destroy any peaceful parts of the world left after that.
How can one demand from some- and/or anyone to give up their privacy and yet hope not to lose one's equal footing? What justice or sport is it to overpower a fox whose legend will never die as long as brute force will kindle fanaticism?

Europe infected the US with its densifying sicknesses stemming from repeated herdy/hordy/hoardy/hardy types mongrel beleagerment and pressures.
Nomadism is just too vulnerable and one can be pestered out of it for purposes of better defensive preparations easier than enticed to more burdensome existence.
The prepatriarchal, formerly green, lush and fertile deserts to the south once led and fed massification mechanisms, providing their fodder and though this environment stopped supporting non-sustainable aspects of this process long since, their populations will be stuck with concomittant personality traits and mindset where-ever they go till they're gone or changed. Life is cheapended through inhospitabilizing, high population pressures and productivity lowerings which usually come together in spades.
I started saying that EU rope 'spun off' the US with peripheral flavouring thrown in to taste. A safety valve, an exploroitative venture, an invasion; all that and more. American Dream for instance....not the rich quick but the live long with kith and kin variety. Emphasis on the latter, a sentiment with roots in precolonization eras.
Now the undesirable and bad aspects of our (EU's) miserly masses manipulating mongrel making are bouncing back with a vengance. They ricochet more virulently, more unsettlingly  and much more subtly than we realize. The monopolization mechanics are set to be installed overhead, out of reach. Hossanah, the lord shall live. Our makers and breakers shall boom and bust us from above. Man has gone not to  the philistinian fleshpotted poofed and permacultivated proffertjes kraam but social simple insect which, if to have gone was not unwise, staying not to learn but become IS.
The pressure of barbarians to the east, slave civilization to the south, spilled EU guts and infected them; it ran over the American continent. It is about to be run over the worst way possible: currency unification from the top down. Trees grown in space and picked over nearly but not quit clean on their way down to us poor simple, honest, social minded farmed and fucked over folks; good enoughs.... for labour cheapening purposes.

Look what happened to the little people, they got promoted to an eerie existence in space, yet effectively eradicated and displaced in the steadily killing and chilling climb clime where most people comfortable enough hights take down the scaffolds and burn the instructions to hold out haunting ghosts and would be ascendants.

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