Links gathered during 2000
by Piet Bouter (piet the knotknit netnut)
including a percentage of repeats from the jan 2000 allinone linkfile <128K>
and this time sliced thusly (15 ways):
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My latest how-hi-hue---brood-bred-broad poem

Consensual and customary community co-opetitions
 take time span, talent, and task based emissions
to mime dat meme and master dis skill:
 reap good air so homely hearth gods reappear and havens thrill
  ||  |||   |||| Lets let inquisitivity loose to chase the f(r)act ||||  |||  ||  
 that founds diver(t)satile wealth of'n'at in-mos-timate range
 the provisionarily pollightest of policy: perpendicular impact
 for now, healing is but a pollution solution which
 we teach and are taught (reversing) technical tricks for
till "lay waste all but rich pickin's beyond thy borders and blinders" is no longer such a sorry code of conduct.
give women, idealism and intuition status to once again
feed and blend into transgenerational metaphysics
For more but different, search out the redo's of intro's via the page

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breaking news (new moon februari): economic conversion project (last update: 99 but guess what haps today  on this front?  Netscape's home page: "Powell supports Palestinian demands!!!!!!!!!!!)

Local finance:
Microcredit:virtual library       (USAID's principal vehicle for microenterprise development activities) (a very extensive resource >>100K linklist!!!)  (works on it since 68!!)       (a UK U)   (interamerican dev bank)       kicking_IMF_addictions.htm  A URL I've been sending a lot of the webmasters in this section; a thirties document by Heinrich Rittershausen which appeared in a Genevese trilingual (German, Fr and En) mag/rag/quarterly (still extant but with shifted focus: Annals of the common economy) during the thirties; it's message awaits the audience it deserves).  (one of the best voices in the field!!!!)          communitycurrency      10 pieces by Ivan Illich       // (stone society)           Geolibertarians  do some earthsharing   (global commons institute; about climate and equity. Check their latest manipulable graphs and stats; caution!!!!: 2500K pdf's)

Global finance: Jacques Attali's site       microcredit  (in pre-famine Ireland; 162K pfd)  [acronym for Decentralist-Federalists For Constitutional Subsidiarity] one of the most relentlessly long time world parliamentarianists (P Isely) was a rockdust use advocate.       (libertarian criticism by my favorite power monger exposer: Roland Vaubel)    evolutionary economics journals  carrying on from the already succesful psych variety thereof (Robert Wright and the like)

Global protest:
indy media <dependent media> (branched around the world in no time flat; pretty interactive and contra censorship)  ==>> 2 DC outfits (both have vacancies): (lots of online stuff on Mai, WTO, etc; good linklist) Center for Economic and Policy Research (with fat linkpageVideo Available: "Global Village or Global Pillage?") (third world network) STOP IMF EXPANSION  Public citizen global trade watch  economic policy institute (kinda big with lots of books)  (Loesewies van der Laan; Europarlamentarian)         Worldbank fraud and corruption complaint form  (on ethnocidal IMF appalicies and much more)         and (contra nato, specialized in yugoslavia)

Web: (making sense of new internet stuff)       //    ("anarchism triumphant")   (again, just to make sure you catch the bad news)  (hi and drily recommended but be careful, slick little power pander pindemoneum I should be exposing some time soon!!!)      micropaylinks via Nielsen's column; see Shirky's criticism)

Human beings:

Gender issues .  . . .  . .  .  (anybody interested in Islam (with special attention for the women suffering/perpetrating it) ought to follow this prolific poster (Mine Doyran) closely) (a curious linkless collection with chinoisoid quotes on coins, cannibalism, sixes and chakra's, amongst which one by Oscar Kiss Maerth (authored the book on edible intelligence; Google doesn't pick up on this file anymore strange enough. places it 23rd and I found it using dogpile too.  A set of related books (on BSE and Kuru, etc is here but amazon doesn't offer Maerth's book anymore or not right now anyway.
sociology: Most cited dutch scientist Institute for research on intercultural co-operation; permanent staff and everything Only under a thousand visitors since 98 at this pretty worthless site, a disgrace for this most cited Dutch scientist) A much more appealing one: the food game (also in Holland) taussig/taussigbookone.html (Jane Schneider)         bi-lingual site dedicated to Franz Oppenheimer's semi-utopian landtrust/Georgist type rearrangemental revolution schemes Genossenschafts-Oeko-soziologe

A day at the all mixed up races:
I'll do an acronym randomizer on this phrase sometime)
  Damned lies and statistics Reporters are enamored of Census  Bureau stats, but when it comes to America's complicated racial picture, the numbers are misleading By TODD GITLIN  an excellent sparring partner for the pincrowd (pol. incorrigible; Kalb et al; especially their taboo section on diversity.           I recommend contrasting this with Jared Diamond's piece called: Why Did Human History Unfold Differently On Different Continents For The Last 13,000 Years?      Kevin Macdonald, evolutionary psychologist   criticized by newtimesla     Norman Finkelstein   Macdonald brouhaha at Slate Alex Star, the editor of Lingua Franca, is moderating a sequel to and recaps it all. Tooby (his 'faulted superior' comes up with some amazingly polemical pronouncements (I much prefer them over his 'science'): substitute race for species in SJGould's spiel and you have a first class Nazi          Aby Warburg, the renewal of pagan antiquity reviewed in 'the new republic', search for the great article about his rehabilitation tract there too.          A Radical Jew Paul and the Politics of Identity by Daniel Boyarin  (more brilliant hairsplitting that don't stop deserts growing.    PInc (Politically incorrect)        Atlantic article called: "The Diversity Myth"  By Benjamin Schwartz        Chris Brand     Interracial Voice is an independent,  information-oriented, networking newsjournal, serving the mixed-race/interracial community in cyberspace. This electronic publication advocates universal recognition of mixed-race individuals as constituting a separate "racial" entity.

Disentanglementation:  (lots) (thailand) (amazon)    (about the papuas) Indiginous peoples council on biocolonialism  (few <26>)          //          300 LANGUAGE VERSIONS OF THE UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS with the new wave of anti nontraditional and compulsive schooling coming over us I don't know if this is not a very mixed blessing is a christian imperialistic outfit according to   (Indonesia and Timor)
classic (political) etexts   (by a jesuit college prof)   Progressive Librarians Around the World -            FourierismThe passions
Growsomegreen bits: (Charles Walters, editor for Acres, USA of 25 years standing spouts his views on the monetization of raw materials for the national organization of such; his gloom and doom of the last few decades is turning out to be proven more and more realistic as days wear into years. ... see also: /historyoneworld.html and the first out of the 5 links under the link: "new"  is pretty substantial and collaborative but deceptively filed here cause not very recent: 1962)      (sustainable development in 7 languages including Chinese)            Chris King and (I get one of the few links to my  Callahan files here)   = creating landtrusts      //  +  ../pages/tg21/  Tom Gold on the nonbiological origin of oil;  ../guest_appearances/Julius_Hensel_in_English.htm  also: ..ces/Callahan_and_Hensel.htm              // this Bioelectromagnetics site makes Phil Callahan's book and tool for paramagnetism measurement available and sports 6 languages         //  (he offers a Copernic search result file on paramagnetism and lots more greeneozz)   (pics and audio on a rockdust using gourmet herb grower north of SF) nice one for Don Weaver; 15-20 items a day; 5 million visitors; even Al Gore dared make an appearance amongst these partly tried and true cooks

 Trees, trees, trees, try trees (ina) thrice:   historic trees and julia butterfly article on Goolengook (where I tasted of oldgrowth and preps for a big battle defending one of it's last (perhaps destined but not allowed to last) stands). It lives close to the bottom of mentioned ranking.

Audio: (still what ((folk)) I listen to most)           // (lots of real audio radio shows)  (great place with constant streamings)  (lesser known artists)  (half a minute samples over major hip artists) (Zappa)

Heady stuff:  (Laurence Rickels)         Lawrence Rickels site  (the unexpected happened; I've started to hate his (new) work) (lots and lots of text including a piece by Rickels called 'Musicphantoms' <<check out the papersaving printversion via this coloured 81K  version thereof>>) (Jean Joseph Goux of phallogocentric minting and counterfeiting fame) +  ../texts/goux_nl.shtml (trilingual!!!  Dutch, French and English) (he is that me there?)  (a repeat)  Jack Marmorstein on Freud, fatherhood, jewishness and Arendt (found at; I haven't read this one yet)    Roger Caillois  Games, Gamers and Gaming Culture    ...Parental Beliefs and Practices Stallabras, Julian (1993)      (Nick Land, Bataille scholar)           // (voice of the shuttle; a scholarly resource for the humanities)         William Irwin Thompson links:  4ecologies.htm  +  + + //
Omnivorous type commentary, logs, e-texts, etc: (good journalism) (dry and nearly sterile but brilliant mental hairline fracture detectors and splitters)   (6 times as many links there, here are the first 2: //          // (science log)           log by subject (strong on biology)  (A log with categories!!)  (library log)
Artistic n weird sprinkled w wondrous rigour here n there:
synergetic links Norwegian effort)   best gallery (optical fun)           //  Hardy is member of an astronomy ring --Ray Tomes--Cycles email list and Boundaries of Science royal raymond rife related developments   (Kent Steadman, astronomer; meteorologist, story teller, scifi writer, channeler, paranoid, conspirationalist ufologist; huge, elegant and fast loading site      //  David Hudson (modern alchemist) (36K on building UFO's  chapter from Tom Pawlicki's book)Tony Smith  some weird shit he leads into: (money, politics, monotheism)              // (graphic timeline poster based on millenarian rainbow artist Jose Arguelles)  (Humongous multipage piece of work inspired by  all pawns in the canon of modern superstition a la Winter and fabulatory consorts slapped together slipperily. Lavishly illustrated 7 page site, I particularly enjoyed the 'aura' of a cairn morphing into a ufo shape; talk about reconciling forgotten and fanciful)
My fabulativ'aves: (Guy Gavriel Kay fanpage)         T Corageshan Boyle fan page            //    
Rainbow related:    this is a (formerly deja, now google) rainbow gathering newsgroup thread duet I spun with a veteran sister (on life (it ended up in /miscs-n-logs/secondgreenlog.htm; see bottom) at Deja recently and an equally recent wish has come through and thoroughly true right quick:see all entries at once!!!!    (much else of interest at this site, lots of PLWilson) (profuse psychedelica; nice make up) Hakim Bey on sorcery (short) with some responses.y Hakim Bey - January 17, 2001more coloury art

 (Earlier, only partly hypered) link files at this site are commendablinklist.htm and new_links and recent_links.htm  and fifth_linklist.htm and an  (almost fully hypered) second priority file with Balkan sites, lists and (re)commentations             Your complaints/praise and any other trade offers are welcome and hereby encouraged if not blessed apriori. Send them to:

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