Yet another bunch of new Dan Winter inspired/guidedsites found via this one: A note about the plagiarism charge he has had to defend hisself against (to the point of leaving the USA altogether). Quite curious to see how far the estimations of possesions (in both meanings of the term) diverge between the two contestants: Tenen thinks Winter is rich (in part due to funds flowing in thanks to the alledgedly plagiarized material) whereas Daniel is at pains to prove he has only doubled his debts on free distribution of his material since it started to contain refs to Tenen (which were erased for some years along with derivatives Tenen found to close for comfort and objected to though he now has published an article musing about how we would ever make ourselves understood by extraterrestrials, were any to show up --- which don't mean he will ever, that is, in all likelihood never admit to being inspired by Dan Winter's work): - spirals.eternite/2ndbook.htm (23pfd chapters;  TRANSFORMATIONAL POLITICS & PROPOSALS --------- vincent bridges on the plagiarism case -------------- Spirituality & Intellectual Property Rights by Christine Hall ---------------- Fusion: is PHI (Golden Mean) the solution to ALL of it's meanings?doesn't really have new material at all; Dan has a habit of taking old stuff and working in a hype word or two, like the lord of the rings; I present the tail end of that file here) -------------------- Dan's court defense in detail (the plagiarism case against; it's a copy of the pdf with very revealing and convincing date/graphic combos) ------------Dan Winter fills the lion's share of a peace Uni curriculum (more like a crashcourse on the run deal really but his answer to 'what price peace?' is closer than most: a large point font on dan's new winter inspired peace university page says: Does The Prize of PEACE Depend on Understanding the Pure SCIENCE of What Peace IS ? The SYMMETRY of MAGNETISM that EMBEDS or NESTS PERFECTLY - MEASUREABLE IN THE HEART - Instructs Us in the Physics of What Makes PEACE POSSIBLE in the LAND - As EMOTIONS TOUCH PERMISSIVELY Between Bioregions. Land at PEACE is when Waves of Magnetism are at Peace. The Holy Grail of Embedding or Perfect Nesting IS that Peace - and it is teachable in the pure science of musical harmonics based on Golden Ratio - in both the Heart, in the spinal harmonics of bliss, and in its perfection in the Feng Shui of the land. Peace is the wave cocoon that learns to nest - and so become self-steering and self aware. Soul groups (true nations) embed first in their hearts, and then in the shape of magnetism which is the true face of their land. This creates sustainable memory among waves and nations, which is natures essence of peace. The key is to link the symmetry knowledge of perfect embedding/nesting or fractality - to the psychological operation of compassion - which is recursive turning inside out in the heart - creating non-destructive compression: literally - peacefulness for waves.); here is an interview with a wishy washy Auzzie outfit ---------------- Hulda Clark (Royal Raymond Rife derived) 'Zapper' (a liddul comm. avail. gadget) ------------- yet more perspectives on the plagiarism accusation and the character of the Tenen man 2 small blurbs: ------- ------- ------ ----- some wonderful colour images and theory by a belgian: biogeometry/resonantie/kleuren_uk.html  Colours and Spirituality ------------- an interview with Dan by ----------------------ALPHABET OF THE EARTHEART TABLE OF CONTENTS The Wisdom of Tehuti Goes to the Heart of the Matter 8 One Crystal’s Dance 13 One Crystal’s Dance; The “Matter” Of Vision The ABC’s of Everything: A Child’s Guide to the Unified Field 31 The Physics of Phi and The Alphabet of Symmetry 49 The Physics of Phi; Sacred Waveform Alphabets: Coherence, Consciousness and the Kabbalah; Hologram to Whole-O-Gram: Consumed Perspectives and Sacred Language; All the Colors of language: A Pure Geometric Origin of Color; A Sound (as Shape) Logic to the Origins of the Hebrew Alphabet The Physics of Consciousness 75 Focused Attention; Flammable Synapse: Spin-Distributed Awareness; Couldn’t Get A Better Squeeze; Algae Memories; Resonance Geometry: A Unifying Language of Rigor; An Exploration of the Shape Significance of Genetic Material as a Wave Path for Frequency Signature; Can Intent Steer Waves?; Consumed Perspective: The Faces (Phases) of Oneness; Ecstasy, Identity and Immunity; “En-joy”: The Psycho-dynamics of Ecstasy The Fractal Heart 144 Radiant Heart: The Source of Immune Idenity; Heart Sonics: The language of the Heart’s Beat; Heart Intelligence and DNA Program-ming; ECG Spectra: The Measurement of Coherent and Incoherent Frequencies and Their Relationship to Mental and Emotional States. The Emerald Modem 173 Light Cones from the Heart: The Geometry of the Emerald Modem; Landscaping Your Magnetic Front Yard; Love’s Electricity: Sacred Geometry, Coherent Emotion & Planet Taming; Green Magick; How Stone Circles and Dance Circles Keep Our Planet Alive; Sym-metry Field Cascade: The Key To Zero Point Energy; Recursion in Introduction Section One Section Two Section Three Section Four Section Five Section Six A FEW WORDS OF THANKS… FROM DAN WINTER ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS In the years I spent traveling the planet interviewing every expert I could bump into on the subject I called the “physics of consciousness,” I was fortunate to have the help and support of many people. In addition to those folks mentioned in the book, I would like to especially thank the following: Buckminster Fuller, for everything, including the week long gathering at Gus Jaccaci’s in Florence; Arthur Young; Charles Muses; Pat Flanagan; Bill Hamilton; Fred Allen Wolf; Tim Wilhelm; Darrell Langham and the Genesa friends; Rachad Field and Pierre Elliot at the Claymont Gurdjieff School; Neal Douglas Klotz for teaching the Sufis the Aramaic Lord’s Prayer at Crystal Hill Farm; John Michell, who also agreed to dance at Crystal Hill; John Martineau; Marcel Vogel, for being my roommate at more than one conference; Marie Bauer Hall; Dr. Ed Wilson; Albert Ax, for teaching me the physics of reading emotions on polygraphs; Manfred Clynes, the “Sentics” professor, for his patience on the phone; Glen Rein and Rolland McCarty; Helen Schuckman and Judy Skutch; Ken Carey; and William Buehler, who is teaching me Templar time fabric repair. I would also like to thank all those who helped through the years with the various pro-jects: Loren and Stephanie, Cheryl Lynn, Julianna, Ray, David, Theresa, Marsha, Henry, Richard and Marty, Ken, Lynx, Sue, Pam, Barry and Serena, James, Tom, Linda, Richard, MSI, Hans, all the devas in Maggie’s Valley, Russ, Jay and Susan. And all the rest... Special thanks go to all those who have given me support and encouragement during my legal dispute with Stan Tenen. You know who you are. While this is not the place to discuss the dispute, I would like to say that I am grateful to Stan for having taught me how to shadow hand-carved spirals into letterforms. The importance of his work is without doubt and I deeply regret the difficulty between us. I would like to apologize for using, in earlier versions of this book, some of his images after he had denied me permission to do so. I stand, however, by my original work, the comput-er generated images of a spiral mapped off of a golden-mean-ratio-shaped torus which does in fact create a wide variety of letter shapes, including English. That these images are not included in this volume, indicates my willingness to accommodate Stan Tenen. I am will-ing to wait until after the dispute is settled, in court or out, and then perhaps independent research into the geometric origin of the alphabet can continue. Finally, thanks to Vincent and Darlene, without whom this book would not have been possible. I invite you to “grok” this book slowly and with a savoring. Muse and meditate on the koans... “only love bends the light, so only love creates.” Thank you for wandering into the heart of the matter with me.. ------------------------- last (23rd) chapter: TRANSFORMATIONAL POLITICS & PROPOSALS 353 1. Measuring the magnetic flux permeability of several key soil samples near the center of the chosen forest. The techniques described by Professor Phil Callahan would be used. Specifically, how much work it takes for Mother Nature to push magnetism through the soils is an indication of how easy it is for Earth to feed the trees with the contex-tual magnetic information they need in order to blossom. Large scale stone dolmenic type alignments, and remineralization, and human-ele-mental cooperation by installing more symmetry on the land, should definitely improve magnetic flux conductivity. These are the same mea-sures which can in a sense predict if the people living on that soil are likely to fractionate and go to war. 2. Similarly we measure comparative soil compacting. Gary Skillen and others have repeatedly suggested soil compacting is badly aggra-vated by magnetic ELF pollution. Less magnetic recursion available in soil, means less life is fed, and less tilth, and less air and moisture braided in the Earth like a sponge. Magnetism acts like the fabric of weft and woof which suspends the sponge from going flat. Air in the soil is one of it’s chief sources of paramagnetism. Without braid-like suspensions of air and water, soil loses its ability to make the pretty lotus petal, magnetic domain pictures which feed plants by informing them which way to turn as they unfold. When we lose the magnetism fed micro-organisms, we loose lightness in the soil in every sense. 3. We make several key site graphs of the background magnetic res-onance near big old trees. This we do before and after intervention. Is the site polluted by 60 and 50-cycle noise? Is the weak but information bloodstream of the Schuman resonance able to reach the tree? We make this measure by using the simple output of a 100-thousand turn coil Hi-Mu inductor into the same 3D chart spectrum analyzer, we use for EKG and Brain wave analysis. The color landscape formed by the harmonic content or power spectral plot over time, makes a dramatic before and after picture for the lobby at our Geomancy school. If there is a long orderly “valley” in the plot near the Schuman approx. 8 Hz harmonic series, we see health possibility. If there is only nasty harmonics of the power grids 60 or 50 Hz, we see real likelihood of tree death. 4. In exactly the same way we plot the ever so much more subtle and responsive charge envelope around the tree. We have much more easily been able to see the effect of a circle of friends hugging a tree. We do this by using a sensitive “biological” capacitor probe into the same IBVA computer “brain wave” spectrum analyzer. A simple scope probe is wound with a biological dielectric, hemp twine, and dipped in sea water. The results are dramatic. We can also do these plots during the interventions. 5. We photograph the trees and their energy aura, using revolu-tionary photo-development techniques pioneered in France. We should.actually be able to see improvements in the blue magnetic web and gridworks in the “aura” magnetic envelope about the area. We should not underestimate the power of ritual/stone and the focused magnetism of emotion. If we would like less catastrophic weather and tectonic upheavals, this is specifically the engineering we must learn. These planet-wide magnetic upheavals, are literally and specifically, collective emotions. Only if we can emote collectively and braid our ecosystems with coherent emotion can we save our planet. This is no arbitrary test for survival of our genepool. It is the perfect test. If we can learn to braid electrical space with the harmonics which love weaves, then we have passed the ring pass (k)not gate to the privilege of doing that same activity for the braid creation of star sys-tems and galaxies with our similar but much unpacked and blossomed electrical bodies. Connection with zero point between Universe and tree occurs through a moment of folded compassion. That timeless feeling, when one’s focus is completely in the present, encompassing the folded space of the past and futures. As an ice skater who brings in her arms to speed up and have more spin, the thought tentacles that are brought from past and future to present and centered, concentrate intense spin and awareness. Here in the center of the lightning of spirit lies the infi-nite information hook-up which living cells require to survive. This elec-tric fractal information concentricity whispers the meaning and direction of a “long-wave” context. The long wave connection to all that is. What is useful in the rhythm of the breath to accomplish this con-nection? The depth of each succeeding breath moves toward stillness in a perfect, damped sine wave as the thoughts approach the stillness of pure principle by the same path. When you feel the connection you, find your breath at zero, till you have folded as much spin into yourself as you can hold. The tentacles of the distributed awareness of spirit in the still mind as they reach to the heart of the Earth tree fractal. OPERATION TREE LIGHT part 2, by Ananda, in Norway in association with Dan Winter & Friends This project uses the living antenna systems of Earth: trees. We are in an unconscious symbiotic relationship with them through the equal exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide. This relationship of the breath, tunes whole bio-regions, weaving the breath and life of tress to the people who consume their fire-oxygene. Since the heart brain system dance to the drummer of the breath, this entrains the heart waves of love and super conscious states of mind into greater harmon-ic attunements, to instill the harmonic resonance which distills pollution.and illness in trees, and through which creates a harmonic gravity bub-ble domed to the trees, to feed the land. All conscious, aware life forms dance to the greater harmonics which stabilize or tune the musi-cal string intensities of the electromagnetic grid field of the planet in the chosen bio-region. This project was initially inspired by a cosmic consciousness experi-ence with domains of individuality who call themselves Emmanuel, ini-tially in Switzerland in August 1986. Then together with, so called, extraterrestrial intelligences, which did physically manifest in the process, including witnesses. This project was carried out on the hills in the Avalon area of England, namely the Cerne Abbas areas, where grid engineering was initiated. Operation Tree Light establishes a task force, now in Europe, and shortly globally, which will be dedicated to the grid engineering tuning of the musical instrument of planet Earth in resonance with the solar system changes. Oversoul Bioradionics, or How to Properly Hug a Tree! When the Superconscious or psychokinetic-capable person hugs the tree, breathing with the heart and the mind, with love, the tree is tuned to the unified zero point that is in all points. We breathe to expand and connect with all of the trees, as our lungs braid all of the air by their rhythm. Through this feeling imprint burned in by breath, we psychically scan the mineral horizon, or ELF horizon of magnetic flow, and ELF envelope of capacitive charge. We visually make a fre-quency signature imprint, a light image holographic plate — an image which can be accurately translated into memory, including riding along the individual diversified highways of all 5 sense modalities. This light image frequency signature of love emotion is made in the brains com-plete 8 Hz susceptible bi-lobe synchronization, as a holographic plate. Then the soil undergoes mineral analysis, and/or testing magnetic flux permeability, and/or checking the amount of Hz charge content maintained in the trees, and the major missing mineral(s) uncovered. A living sample of that mineral (or minerals) is given to the bio-radionics superconscious capable generating person, who breathes through love coherence and makes a frequency signature of that min-eral as a light image holographic plate recorded in hemi-sync. Essentially it is simpler to broadcast the missing mineral puzzle of symmetry radionically, rather than to wait for rocks to be ground up. The food for the soil and trees was the pattern itself, which we can create and broadcast inside of ourselves if we flex our focus and “grav-ity muscles”. Then the person undergoes the shift into superconsciousness by allowing the infinite harmonic unity of the Oversoul to broadcast the. higher love light signals through both living image plates so that they are wed and the field has been harmonically tuned by love, by at least 10 persons. This can also be done while hugging the tree in equal dis-tribution throughout the cluster of trees, until the resonant harmony has been established, felt and measured between all trees aligned to the central tree(s). Thus the tree as a magnetic temple instrument has been harmonically tuned, so that the forest can receive its Oversoul awareness which inhabits harmonic resonance as clothing. OPERATION STONE LIGHT Utilizing the ancient knowledge of the druids, shamans and American Indians, as well as superconscious guidance systems, and grid-mapping, dowsing, body sensitive biofeedback and Dr. Phil Callahan’s device to measure the gravity bubble and magnetic field in a given area, orchestrate this energy flow into a harmonic synthesis in which sacred proportions feed the land, harmonizing the electromag-netic fields, and ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) cycles of the given are. This creates a balanced north-pole south-pole relationship inter-change, that allows a living vortex of greater overtone harmonics to create the attraction for the higher energy safety net grids and light grid networks of cosmic intelligence, to be anchored into these zones. They then become the living intercommunication links between all unity or still points of equalized harmonics of activation. This creates another link in the riverbed through which the greater energy streams from Operation Mountain Light may flow. These stones, made of a balance of different paramagnetic, or stationary paramagnetic rock/crystal materials, are required to hold and translate greater N-space energies into Earth life wave synthesis. These living light mandalas, generating the harmonics for life, would be aligned to local lakes, and the forests in the surrounding domain. OPERATION MOUNTAIN LIGHT The ancient mountains of this planet have acted as natural pyramid transducers of the energy frequencies of the Earth grid, and if their proximity was closer to the north pole, such as the Jotunheimen moun-tains in Norway, they also conduct the greater interplanetary energy streams that are being attracted and disseminated by the affect of the pole. Many of the grid rivers will flow and have their river beds of energy harmonics prepared, with alignment to these mountains or magnets of charge.. OPERATION WATER LIGHT Operation Water Light is where the liquid crystal conducting capaci-ty of water is utilized in the activation of the unity grid. Where, using the radionics principle, the superconscious capable person, charges with the harmonics of love a series of samples of the water of a given lake, per example, and then reintroduces the water into the lake, at numer-ous sites in harmonic proportions, around the lake. If the temperature permits, this project could include whole groups of superconscious gen-erating persons, immersing their bodies in the lake and breathing with the water,who extend their heart harmonic love waves throughout the charge of the lake, so that this long wave of resonance is carried throughout the charge of the crystalline water molecules. These Operation Water Light swimmers, should be distributed in harmonic proportions throughout the lake. Vorticular movements and dances should also be induced with the dance movements in ecstasy, or the arm movements of harmonic, vortex-producing spirals which are expe-riences in the harmonic field affect of love. Operation Water Light may also work with the alignment of streams in geometric proportions, and through very small canals to give the life base attraction needed to a given area in need of such con-duction capabilities in its musical instrumental tuning. Dan Winter explains the geometry in these principles and other Water Light Projects: Flow in water is ordered by the same principles of coherence as magnetism in general. Therefore we can intelligently increase the coherence and therefore the life in the water by means of geometry in braid of flow. The concept of the floform is the embodiment of coher-ent braidedness. By adding wave structures which permit larger and smaller wave front spin systems to be superposed without resistance, coherence, even in molecular spin density becomes possible. It is this increase in the spin density down to molecular levels, which overall macro and micro symmetry-patterning make possible, which “heals” water in the floform. The essence of this principle is simple. When water is able to encompass more molecular spin in neater packed geometry, it is also “eating`’ or consuming more magnetic flux lines. Water is naturally piezoelectric because it is usually doped or tuned to electrical activity by dissolved mineral. The presence of more and more nests of magnetic flow lines in water, makes it informational more responsive to its electrical environ-ment. since this kind of feedback loop, as it folds in to greater recursion produces greater responsiveness, it should be thought of simply as increased “self awareness” in the very electrical water on the land. By building flow forms in critical magnetic areas in the forest, operation waterlight increases the life in the waters ability to be inhab-.ited by ‘”mind.” Operation Water Light may also require that highly active and alive and charged mountainous water is added to more static water source points to encode and excite the sleeping electromagnetic consciousness of the given water body to the frequency charge of life which has been reintroduced into its waters. This memory exchange would thus trans-mit, partly through proto-communication, the greater spin complexes of life, and thus the lake or given water body, in general would be more receptive to the human projects of love wave attunements in the water body, which can act as a realistic catalyst for at least some of the potential inserted into its experience from the living mountain water, to come into potentialization. OPERATION EARTH SYNCHRONIZATION & The New Jerusalem Task Force (OPERATION GRID CITY OF LIGHT) by Ananda in Norway With the electromagnetic B-field decay of the planet • the reported increase in the base resonant frequency of the planet • the increased rate of global Earthquakes • increased cosmic ray bombardment • the sun contraction by 16 KM a century since the 1600’s • 15 planetary alignments on one side of the solar system from 1978-86 for the first time in 20,000 years • intense sunspot activity possibly leading to one intense giant series of side-by-side solar flares or mini nova calculated at around 2013 based on present sunspot cycles • the increase in pho-ton (particle of light) emission from the body’s of test subjects from diverse backgrounds selected from all walks of life • The solar system emergence into a possible neutrino-like sun • an increased wobble in the Earth’s magnetic pole and axial tilt • the planets slowing spin rate • the ancient highly accurate ancient astronomer codex the Mayan calen-dar placing the ending of time at 2012 • Timewave zero as a wave graph that runs through time, constructed from all possible combina-tions of the 64 hexagrams of the most ancient King Wen I-Ching sequence (correlated by science to the 64 DNA codons) — a graph which ends 2012 • with the reported increase in the brain of psy-choactive neurotransmitters able to carry more electron spin resonance information, being released from the pineal gland through various incu-bation and O-methyl enzymatic processes, as an alchemical stairway to superconsciousness; and the reported acceleration of time, with the atomic clocks having been changed two times in 1992: It is about time that we as the living biotransducers of focused consciousness, utilizing the liquid love carriers — our blood crystals, act as the wedding ring to marry the greater sky grid long waves of stability into the key grid points on the planet, as attuned safety nets. which align the holographic electromagnetic grid system of our planet into attunement through the frequency shift and Earth changes. Our global step is to inaugurate the wisdom of the ancients together with direct cosmic conscious guidance, to meet the greater cosmic conscious intelligence half-way, at the gravity well doorways, “flavor sinks” which lead into greater atomic density and gravity modulation. (more spin: more mind.) By knocking on these gates with the hands of the harmonics of love, we open the doors of the New Jerusalem. Higher grid harmonics, a foundation of light, stabilizes these areas, and harmonizes and phase locks natures codes into the interplanetary gravity overlap grids of sta-bility. This makes the planets transition through change-over as smooth as possible. We must ensure the survival and adjustment of our bio-systems to new musical arrangements of phase locked modulation through the ecstasy of love as the harmonic stairway to planetary superconsciousness. Gravity herself is stabilized and braided alive, self-aware, and recursive, when Earth’s magnetic spins and processes are tuned fractal to solar and stellar rotation times..Planet HeArtWorks would like to announce how we shall pay our debt to our Dear Mother Gaia. In our collective adolescence we have decided at last we shall never really love unless we are remothered. We would establish a bond of power with Earth, “in touch” with her wavelength. It is good for us to study how to sweep up the house after an untidy childhood. But like all mothers what she really needs from her child’s Crystallizing bio-membrane, is that we be all that we can be. Only this will repay her. If the powerful woman Galaxy (Isis/Nuit) Milky Way takes the genetic memory envelope “child of Earth” (Osiris/Geb) as a lover, for a seed immunized against fear, then this mother Earth will be satisfied. Earth now is zygote seed about to replicate. The dimpling of the zygote into torus donut before division has begun. You have seen the “Northern Lights” move south. You have seen “El Nino,” the Little (Christed) One, pulse and phase shift to new slip knots on the surface of mem-ory-brane. The egg-like magnetic domain of Earth is reaching out to an erotic solar throb from her toroidal vortex burning heart, making the necessary flying buttress arcs to create space in the all faces consumed. Cathedral within. We have been studying the transmission baud rate between the genetic material of biomass, and the Earthgrid, and the codons of the solar/galactic calendric. They are all based on the trigrams of the I Ching mapped onto the dodecahedron. The mechanism which com-pletes the tie between them is the simplest phase/face coherence of the laser or the healing heart or the EEG at the moment of “miracle.” Nothing could be so simple to learn... The fetus learned that love was the waltz because the third beat after the mother’s heart “lub-dub” was the gentler sound of the reflec-tion of the heart wave off the aortic crotch cradling the fetus. The same heart sonic reflection which Bentov showed phase locked the liq-uid brain. We have succeeded in displaying a laser lissajous pattern, where the space opening between the vertical and horizontal was the phase lock between a Mother’s heart and that of her fetus. The phase-ratio alphabet is not only the universal alphabet of the heart programming the immune identity, it is the architecture of the 9/4 TRANSFORMATIONAL POLITICS & PROPOSALS PLANET HEARTWORKS POLITICAL PLATFORMS. long wave we ride to the stars. Biology is the carrier wave, and listen-ing is the tuner. Using biofeedback to tune up the listening chord between heart and breath and EARTH, from small self to larger identi-ty, is as easy as letting your skin warm to a lover. The “Order of the Red Hand” were those who learned to vasodilate, warm the hand, to enter the antennae-listening mode. There is a kind of donut turning inside out between the constricted urban fight/flight and the wet feet in Earth other listening silent elec-tric long wave subtlety of group mind. We create a soft spot to enact the dimpling into donut, an ozone membrane melting-cup runneth over with love.–– now ready to touch other.–– kind of moment. So much loving Eros is ready to flow out that burning fountain. Recognizing the need for really fresh ideas for our country’s mate-rial and spiritual health, the Planet HeArtWorks friends wish to offer these ideas for our national “experiment in sharing”. We wish to give voice to these concerns for our collective body, knowing the need for our collective mind to have voice in order to have identity, as in self-knowing. If you choose to support these ideas, may we be of One United State of Mind. ENERGY: Instead of having the CIA and the patent bureau harass developers of non-linear and gravity coupling energy devices, which will quickly end our fossil fuel wet-nursing on Mother Earth, we shall endeavor to openly support them. The unified field absolutely insists on the coupling between gravitational and magnetic forces. Faraday disk, and non-linear capacitive devices which tap the universal field for electrical energy are potentially wonderful, yet when Tesla rung the planet for energy transmission he caused Earthquakes. The universal energy field’s coherence is not free; biology helped put it there. When we are responsible to the symbiosis of biology to Earth’s part in the Solar bubble, a whole new class of energy devices will be quickly devel-oped. MEDICINE: The malpractice crisis will end quickly when we acknowledge that pain and disease are not a mistake by the creative universe, to be fought against. They are an exquisite feedback system designed to teach how to eat and feel and think, in order to glow in health. Health practitioners can never take responsibility for someone’s health; that “fights” against the purpose for which biology invented pain: to teach healthy living. Once medicine only provides advice on how to heal ourselves, healers won’t need insurance. It was absurd for government to legislate who could be a healer, since everyone is. There are as many healing modalities as there are ways to build houses or teach reading. Government should provide advice on healing modalities,. but we must be as free to choose our healer as we are to choose our spiritual counselor, or our plumber. The AIDS crisis will disappear as soon as legitimate rites to ecstatic process are offered. (And this does not mean chemically-induced.) Ecstasy and the love bond are the legiti-mate right of everyone, and are what the promiscuous and the drug-user seek. True contextual love and the possibility of the remembrance sweet ecstatic process serve that deep biological urge to touch and share memory. The proper use of architecture and dance and music and nutrition provide a platform wherein biology through our nervous system does reach an ecstatic communion. We all have been seeking that. Alcohol, sexual abuse, drugs, and were just temporary cul-de-sacs on our path to satisfy that appropriate need for total communion. Medical literature, in saliva studies on the affect of Mother Theresa films, already shows the presence of love improves immune function. We can now understand why: coherence is the membrane, and the emotion. We can have the honor of this dance together. MILITARY & THE ENVIRONMENT: It’s simple, our military technology needs employment, and our service to the Earth need’s discipline. Perfect match. We combine the Peace Corps and GreenPeace, then have them swap budgets, resources, personnel etc., with the pentagon. While at first this idea may seem a bit extreme, if we look at the need for a team to address eco-catastrophe and socio-structure collapse, just the kind of major resources we have budgeted for military could be very gainfully employed cleaning up environmental messes, building housing for the homeless, and meeting emergency medical and nutritional needs of dis-placed persons around the globe. There certainly could be no better peacekeeping role for what was once a military force. At the same time this mobilization of personal and resources would give a saving outlet for our productivity focused economy. AGRICULTURE: Instead of intentionally legislating the end of family farming for decades, we encourage it as a healthy lifestyle. Sustainable agriculture, remineralization, minimum ground-breaking, organic farm-ing, are our only hope to complete the feedback loop between what we take from the Earth, and what we give. Only vibrant foodstuffs can serve joy in people. THE CITIES: Cities can survive only if real community is born in them. And we must provide places even in the inner city, for living close to the Earth. The Schuman electrical information resonance umbilicus is what informs us daily of the feelings of Earth. In concrete canyons, we live in electromagnetic shock, ripped off from the reso-nance bloodstream of our collective self. We must not live Apart-Meant. As we develop away from fossil fuel, noise and bad air, we shall again be able to feel the embracing ring and call of the longer wave which envelops us. In the meantime we may need to each go back to the land in our own way. We must each ask ourselves if this daily bread we struggle for really serves. You can measure the success of your daily service by how much improvement there is the twinkle of the eyes of those whom you serve. THE MEDIA: America never exported anything so successfully as our media. The eyes and the nervous system of a global body, may deserve the best nutrients. But this is only when they perform the highest level of service to that body. The age of the computer is a les-son in the gathering and ordering of memories. The test of eternity is the test of what can forever be shared. As the horizon of vision grows, so does the horizon of compassion. Our Planet Heart that Works is a completion of the extending of family. ELECTRONIC DEMOCRACY: When the inexpensive economics of real time feedback/voting (like the two way cable TV) is uncovered, we shall know the real meaning of hooked up feedback producing consen-sus process/collective mind. The government should actively work with the cable and satellite and other media top quickly turn the small scale experiments in electronic democracy, into a need real time feedback/ voting/voice/fun involved government. CHILDREN AND GOVERNMENT. As Spencer said, if the President traveled with a committee selected of the most compassionate children, seldom could the feedback of the young be denied. Even as children’s singing cleanses the air, national children’s model UN could take real voices of the young and give them direct involvement in government, and be a boon to meaning in education. OTHER IDEAS: Give policemen quotas for how many friends they help out of diffi-culty, instead of how many tickets they give out. Offer universal government swapouts for lawnmowers traded in for gardening and tree planting materials. Offer regular government tax increases on sugar, alcohol, tobacco and other health destructives, to directly fund holistic health education for young people.. --------------------------  by Vincent Bridges F or the past few years, I have been embroiled in a copyright dis-pute far out on the fringes of science, linguistics and New Age mysticism. However, even a dispute over something as peripher-al as forming alphabet shapes from a strip off a doughnut can touch on the universals of the human condition. In this case, the tempest in a teacup approaches epic and even Biblical proportions. It all started back in 1967. Stan Tenen, a self described “crew-cut engineer,” 1 made a pilgrimage to Jerusalem and visited the Western Wall. This experience transformed his Conservative Judaism into a search for mystical truth. He began actively looking for a Jewish mys-tical path. Stan considered himself a scientist, with a degree in physics from the Polytechnical Institute in New York, and a job as a technician with Raytheon Corporation, a major defense contractor. 2 His upbringing left him feeling “uptight about weird stuff,” and so his sudden mystical transformation must have been very disturbing to his sense of self. I can imagine the young engineer wrestling with his soul (“Please God, if it’s real let me have a sign!”) while the television plays unheeded in the background. And then, in 1968, while watching an episode of The Prisoner, Stan got the urge to thumb through Genesis. He noticed that the shape and sequence of the letters in the first verse seemed to make a pattern. He then laid the Hebrew letters out in a spiral until sets of let-ters aligned to create a visible pattern. From this he later constructed a bagel-shaped torus, and then, using a common solution to a topological problem, that of seven color toru mapping, defined a corkscrew-like spiral form. 3 This spiral form, enclosed within a tetrahedron, could then be used to create images that resembled Hebrew letter forms. But, with the pattern in Genesis and his flash of intuition, Stan had found his response from God. His discovery validated his experience in Jerusalem. In 1968, Stan left his job and became a full-time technician for God, unraveling the divine mysteries of the Hebrew letter forms. We can see Stan as a later day Kabbalist, one of the medieval Jewish mystics who believed that the Biblical texts and the Hebrew alphabet concealed major truths about the nature of reality, the cre-ation of the universe and the origin of life. Indeed, much of Stan’s work had been explored in the past by such master Kabbalists as Isaac the Blind, Abulafia, and Isaac Luria. 4 Stan, however, seems to be unique in his unitary geometric approach. His original insight and sub-sequent elaborations are brilliant and far reaching in their implications. If Stan is correct, then we must rethink the whole idea of what an alphabet is and how it works. According to Stan, a sacred alphabet should be considered a type of language code, such as a computer language or even music. “They record,” he notes, “not ordinary information, but fundamental states or conditions and fundamental processes that have to be used to formally navigate in a formal context.” 5 Traditionally, this is exactly the perspec-tive of the Kabbalist, sifting through Biblical texts for the hidden, or “formal,” meaning. Stan did not know Hebrew when he made his dis-covery, therefore he was not burdened with the sense of a literal meaning. He was free to focus on the shape and pattern of the letters. Stan’s pattern recognition led to a mathematical description of a 3 dimensional shape, from which a spiral strip was eventually derived. When this strip was held in front of a light, the shadows it cast resem-bled the letters of the Hebrew alphabet. From this, Stan developed a complex series of universal meanings that could be ascribed to the indi-vidual letters. In under 20 years, Stan had recreated the rationale of the medieval Kabbalists, and defined it in terms of geometry and sym-metry sets for a modern audience of scientifically minded mystics. At an international conference in Jerusalem in 1983, Stan met another modern day Kabbalist, Dr. J. J. Hurtak, whose 1973 work, The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch, is one of the corner-stones of New Age beliefs about angels, UFOs, sacred languages, earth changes, and a host of other millennium-oriented subjects. Dr. Hurtak, who had also speculated about geometrically designed “flame letters,” found Stan’s work fascinating and encouraged him to go public with his findings. 6 And so Stan did. With a few friends and his wife, Stan founded Meru Foundation to promote his work. Meru Foundation published a small newsletter, “TORUS,” and several preliminary reports, and began to attract some interest from the fringe science community. It was hard going, but by 1987, Meru Foundation seemed on its way..APPENDIX A 366 ALPHABET OF THE EARTHEART One of the fringe science types attracted to Stan’s work was Dan Winter. Compared to Stan’s crew-cut engineer image, Dan is the eternal science nerd. When Stan quit Raytheon to become a Kabbalist back in 1968, Dan was a klutzy Catholic high school kid who loved music and was more comfortable with electric motors and electronics catalogues than people. Dan went on to the Jesuit University of Detroit, where he graduat-ed with honors. For a while he tried a graduate program in psycho-physiology and poly-graphy, working with Dr. Albert Ax on discriminat-ing electrically between the emotions of anger and fear. This back-ground in bio-feed back and physiology laid the basis for Dan’s under-standing of how wave forms can be used to describe emotions. Dan however soon moved on to a variety of jobs, including technician work in metallurgy and crystallography, a little tax accounting, and finally systems analyst at IBM. 7 At IBM, Dan met a programmer who introduced him to the works of G. I. Gurdjieff, an early twentieth century mystical philosopher. Dan was so taken with Gurdjieff’s work that he moved to West Virginia to study at the Sacred Gymnastics School in Claymont. From the Gurdjieff training, based on movement and sacred geometry, Dan developed a mystical world view not too dis-similar from Stan’s. In fact, Dan’s encounter with Gurdjieff had a similar effect to that of Stan’s pilgrim-age to Jerusalem. The science nerd and the crew-cut engineer both became mystics. Their backgrounds, particularly their religious perspectives, effect-ed how they viewed their mystical experiences. Stan’s conservative Jewish upbringing predisposed him to mistrust mysticism and consider it “weird stuff,” while Dan’s conservative Catholic experiences predis-posed him to accept the mystical as part of ordinary spirituality. Science became an early haven for both. Yet even here, we can see the same process at work. Stan would come to view his scientific knowledge as having been confirmed by his mystical experience, while Dan would use science as a way to confirm his mysticism. Stan would become more rigid, authoritarian and orthodox through the years, while Dan became more eclectic, wide-ranging and intellectually egalitarian. These cross currents would eventually create deep eddies. By the mid 1980’s, Dan had moved back to western New York and joined in the family electric motor firm. He bought a large Victorian house in Eden, New York, and began to build his own community. Like Stan, Dan published a newsletter, “Network of Light,” and two small volumes of thoughts on sacred geometry, spirituality and the unified field theory. Dan, with his science nerd background, also had a large media lab full of bio-feed back machines, computers and video  recorders. He called the whole operation “Crystal Hill Farm,” and slow-ly began to gain an audience for his ideas. 8 We can form a good idea of what Dan’s theories were immediately before he met Stan from a series of lectures he gave in August of 1987 at a conference in Geneseo, New York. 9 This is important, because Stan would eventually claim that Dan lifted most of his ideas from Stan’s work. From this presentation however, we can see that Dan had already developed a complex and coherent world view, one that anticipated the issues raised by Stan’s geometric origin of the alphabet. Dan’s lectures focused on the importance of the dodecahedron, the twelve pentagonal faced Platonic solid, and how it creates, with its dual the icosahedron, a nest of Golden Mean ratios. Dan then applied this concept to emotions and to the structure of DNA itself. One of Dan’s central ideas was that the universe could be described as a geometry of pressure. This is very close to the idea of a universe created by the symmetry sets of a sacred language, such as Hebrew. Dan also postu-lated that a nest of Golden Mean ratios, such as a strand of DNA, was the best way to conserve information, or shape, through time. Dan had developed a theoretical structure, a universal hypothesis, that seemed tailor made to describe the unique value of Stan’s discovery. By September1987, Dan had heard of Stan’s work. A mutual friend sent Dan some of Stan’s preliminary reports, and Stan followed up with an invitation to visit. 10 During a lecture tour in California, Dan dropped in at Meru Foundation’s office and the science nerd and the engineer, mystics both, met for the first time. However, this meeting would be the catalyst to ignite a long chain reaction of accusations and recrimina-tions, litigation and libel. Ever so tiny, the storm clouds gathered above the teacup. It is perhaps wise, before we examine the dispute itself, to step back and look at the broader issues within which the dispute is embedded. In the mid 1980’s, a popular and academic ground swell emerged urging the unification, or at least validation, of science and mysticism. Books such as The Dancing Wu-Li Masters and the Tao of Physics became bestsellers by promoting quantum theory as a western version of ancient esoteric belief systems such as Vedantism, Buddhism and Taoism. More serious physicists, such as Nick Herbert, Fred Allan Wolf and Arthur Young, also proposed a spiritual perspective for theoretical physics. Modern science and ancient wisdom seemed perched on the very edge of a truly profound rapprochement, one that promised the dawn of a new age, a new paradigm.  The so-called “New Age” has actually been with us since the middle of the last century when table-turning and spirit raps were the rage of society. A glance at any New Age conference venue will reveal that spir-itualism is still alive and well, masquerading as dolphin (or Pleadian Space Brothers, or even ancient bodiless ego) channellers. The New Age movement was revitalized by the public awareness and acceptance of the Harmonic Convergence in 1987. Suddenly, the mystical and fringe science communities joined the main stream of American culture. This explosion of interest would have profound effects on Stan and Dan’s dispute. Removed from the over-heated atmosphere of New Age specula-tion and mystical science, the basic concepts — sacred alphabets and the geometry of consciousness — loose much of their relevance. The origin of the alphabet is a matter of some study among professional linguists and the geometry of consciousness is important to neuro-physiologists and clinicians. Neither seem revolutionary, in and of itself. But, if they were related…? “One of the greatest scientific achievements imaginable would be the discovery of an explicit relationship between the waveform alpha-bets of quantum theory and certain human states of consciousness.” (Nick Herbert, Quantum Reality, 1985.) Obviously, Stan thought he had found these relationships, since he uses this quote on the cover of Meru Foundation’s pamphlets. But has he indeed found the pivotal point where consciousness, quantum mechanics and the Kabbalah inter-sect? Is that point the origin of the alphabet? Although humanity has spawned thousands of languages, fewer than a dozen instances of the invention of writing are recorded in human history. Most of these occurred in or around the ancient Near East. Cuneiform script in Sumer, Proto-Elamite in Caanan, and hiero-glyphs in Egypt appeared roughly at the same time, around 3000 BC. Cretan pictoglyphs and the Indus Valley scripts are dated to around 2000 BC. Hittite hieroglyphs and Chinese pictograms developed between 1700 and 1500 BC, as did the Semitic alphabet that would eventually become, with the Chinese alphabet, the form by which all living languages are written. 11 This alphabet developed, according to the best archeological evi-dence, in the turquoise and gold mines of Sinai just after 1700 BC. Hieratic or cursive Egyptian phonetic letters were applied to a proto-Semitic language. We can easily read the Semitic word “b’lat,” the god-dess, in hieratic characters on the quarry walls at Serabit El-Khadem in the Sinai. Similar developments occurred over the next two hundred years throughout ancient Caanan. By 1400 BC, roughly the time of the Exodus of Moses, these trends had merged into a form that scholars call the Caananite Linear alphabet. From this developed all other alpha- ---------------- -------------- Spirituality & Intellectual Property Rights by Christine Hall It only figures that New Age spirituality would have to grapple with the very modern issue of intellectual property rights. Sometimes the cases are downright silly and of little or no consequence. At other times, severe blocks are put in the way of serious spiritual research and study. The disciplines that fall under the broad heading of New Age run the gamut from the ridiculous to the sublime. At one end of the spectrum are the bliss ninnies who are always willing to embrace the latest fads dreamed-up by a new breed of snake oil salespeople who’ve learned that there’s a rich mother lode of suckers to be mined in the New Age. At the other end are serious students of the psycho-spiritual sciences who are seeking credible ways to connect the ancient wisdom of the Egyptians and Asians with our latest understanding of sciences like chemistry, psychology and physics. In the first category falls people like Jach Pursel, who’s build a formidable industry on channeling the non-physical entity “Lazaris,” and releasing this material as books and audio tapes. Lazaris, it seems, is an enlightened being who wants to give humanity the necessary tools to help us to evolve spiritually before we destroy ourselves. He’s chosen Mr. Pursel to be his only spokesperson, and has protected that connection with a copyright. Anyone other than Pursel who claims to be speaking for Lazaris is lying, and in violation of copyright laws. As silly as this may be, it’s pretty harmless stuff. The Lazaris material is full of fairly serviceable and rather benign spiritual platitudes, and the gullible could do much worse - like get sucked-in by the next Jim Jones. No one gets hurt here, some lost souls find a purpose for their lives and Pursel keeps himself off the dole while offering employment to a few people in the process. This is counter-balanced by more serious New Age writers who protect their material so thoroughly that others can’t continue research in the same vein without invoking the wrath of a host of lawyers. I first became aware of this characteristic of the New Age community back in 1990. At that time The Keys of Enoch by J. J. Hurtak was all the rage. In this rather strange book, the writer is taken up into a spacecraft by the Biblical archangel Metatron, who reveals to him some rather arcane connections between the physical make up of the universe and our own spirituality. Although the premise might seem like something out of Star Wars, the tome is filled with some pretty high level science, with attempts to explain how modern physics effects our spiritual lives. The book was a sensation, and spawned classes and workshops devoted to its study in practically every city in the USA. In the midst of this phenomena, however, I began to hear reports that Hurtak was protecting his property rights with a vengeance. Anyone who attempted to publish material that attempted to expound upon or expand The Keys of Enoch material would be met with threatened lawsuits by Hurtak’s lawyers. It seemed that the archangel Metatron, who’s spoken to and through numerous people during the past millennium, doesn’t want anyone but Hurtak to disseminate the information found in The Keys of Enoch. Since then, the situation has only worsened. The New Age, it seems, is filled with gurus who are overly protective of their followers and who will overreact at any perceived threat to their position. An interesting case in point would be the battles in federal court between Stan Tenen and the Meru Foundation against Dan Winter. In this case, Dan Winter, a respected scholar on Sacred Geometry and Geomancy, ran afoul of U.S. copyright laws when he began using “flaming Hebrew letters” developed by Tenan in a thesis on the Golden Mean, a geometric formula often employed in religious architecture, and its relationship to the ancient Hebrew alphabet. This case resulted in a rather nasty court battle in which Tenen and the Meru Foundation accused Winter (and practically everyone associated with him) of plagiarism. Winter eventually lost the case, loosing by court order his web site, which had been considered by many to be an invaluable asset to the New Age community, and a considerable amount of money. If there’s a solution to this merry-go-round of “don’t use my research as the basis for your continuing research,” I don’t know what it is. What I do know is that this mindset it putting a serious damper on broadening our knowledge on the connection between body and spirit, just when such knowledge is most needed. Nobody would deny that the likes of Tenen and Hurtak deserve copyright protection for their writings, but that shouldn’t stop others from expanding on that work. What’s needed is for New Age publishers to develop something akin to the “open source” idea that’s worked so well for the Linux community within the software industry. The likelihood of that happening, however, approaches zero. --------------------------- Note from Dan (in a file about 'fusion'): "upstream" versus "downstream" in consciousness may be a function of Phi harmonic /embedable intervalling. So that that FUSION in time or space ratios... in perception may be a PHI requirement for MORE THAN JUST VISION!. C. "Referral backwards in time". (Libet, 1965, 1981, 1982, 1985, Libet et al., 1979; see also Popper and Eccles, 1977, Dennett, 1979, Churchland, 1981, 1981b, Honderich, 1984.) Since Penfield and Jasper (1954) it has been known that direct electrical stimulation of locations on the somatosensory cortex can induce sensations on corresponding parts of the body. For instance, stimulation of a point on the left somatosensory cortex can produce the sensation of a brief tingle in the subject's right hand. Libet compared the time course of such cortically induced tingles to similar sensations produced in the more usual way, by applying a brief electrical pulse to the hand itself. He argued that while in each case it took considerable time (approximately 500 msec) to achieve "neuronal adequacy" (the stage at which cortical processes culminate to yield a conscious experience of a tingle), when the hand itself was stimulated, the experience was "automatically" "referred backwards in time." (note from Dan here: compares interestingly with Phi fusion key to superluminal time penetration at ../predictions I would also suggest a keyword search on "time reversal" in "phase conjugate optics", for which we have also suggested PHI ratio wave mechanics to solve the non-linear medium choice, at ../cancer ..Recognizing the pure principles behind FUSION/ in -optical energy -psychological energy -nuclear energy and -gravity energy, in such a way as to permit political lawmaking to be in harmony with natural law. Laurence Hecht, Jonathan Tenenbaum,(Fusion Research,Europe) and Chemistry Professor Robert Moon (Inedible Professor Link-below) wrote a whole series of artilcles for 21st Century / Fusion Magazine in the last decade, with inspiring insights into the Golden Ratio based geometry of DNA, and the platonic embedding of wave mechanics even at nuclear levels. (Moon on Nuclear Symmetries are ALSO platonic solids nested, etc..) ... and on the deep meaning of FUSION. Since the fed imprisoned their leader, Lyndon Larouche tripped up on obscure financial laws, ( ), their movement it seems has become mostly political. This may delay the urge to arrive at and properly conceive pure principle in order to evolve/embed. Human political laws so often attempt to repeal the laws of nature upon which their survival depends. Example: I go to jail if I share my golden spiral on the torus equation picture which shows the Hebrew alphabet origins, and thus animates how to symbolize perfectly is to embed perfectly. Copyright laws make it possible to pretend to own pure principle & own DNA sequences, enforcing a climate of schizophrenic separateness. How will children learn to conceive in the pure language of light, if the pure principle of what makes waves shareable (the golden spiral moebius shadows of light magnet donut domains finding the symmetry which permits non-interference ... creation mechanic which is crudely labeled ALPHABET), is not itself shareable? Another example, you go to jail if you refuse to sabotage your immune system with immunizations while in public service. Another example, it is illegal so sell most food products with the life force still in them, to be legal you must first kill what nourishes by pasteurizing, radiating, microwaving etc., in most states. It is illegal to be born in most states without a whole array of traumatizing immune compromises for the infant during birthing, by the male dominated AMA which does not know what electrically makes life force possible. The policy of creating laws specifically which deny the laws of nature (sacredness of individual freedom, the existance in the public domain of expression of pure principle like DNA geometrics, /origin of language, which cannot be kept owned.. etc.), has been the specific way cultures like Atlantis have died in the past on this planet. (Priest technicians used the "Tuoai stone" "fire crystals" to make borgs, just like your local genetic engineer has started on today. See "freedom to squirt" DNA at ../magneticx ) In this regard, this article is an urging to recognize the pure principles behind FUSION/ and gravity energy, in such a way as to permit political lawmaking to be in harmony with natural law. I trust friends such as John Hagelin of "Natural Law" party will support this approach. What this article is about is simple. For waves to FUSE they must embed in the geometry of recursion made perfect. This has been reviewed many times in the sacred mathematics of embedding geometry many times on this website (notably: ../physicsofphi , ../predictions ). What this note does is extend that concept suggesting that PHI embedding is the specific solution to the fusion/tokamak for how to make the toroidal flux containers embed sustainably. (Consider the audio spectra which triggered self organizing fusion in the flux cloud in the movie "Chain Reaction" MUST have been a non-linear PHI phonon series. Your attention is drawn to this PHI CASCADE CHIRP phenomenon in EKG power spectra identifying sustainable bliss: ../hrv ) So let us make understandable this concept, that fusion both in physics and in optics and in psychology are identical, and make this practical. May I suggest is an example. Recall the idea, that there are certain waters that if you were to drink them, you would not thirst again. You would be so bathed in perfect enfolding touch permission, that no further hunger to reach out into folded surface/thirst (touch making power is equated to wet making power in Fabre D'Olivet:"Hebraic Tongue Restored"). Moving in this direction would be flowform water braiding (../water ). This is charge induced suspension of colloidal mineral in Hunza water etc, and the dodec water clathrate cage enclosure for hydrogen's anu in microhydrin. At each level the essential wave symmetry is the same. The fold geometry of either, macromolecular, micromolecular and the atomic perfect PHI embedding is the operative principle. To get water OR field effects to be totally nourishing, and totally IN TOUCH or FUSED, only Phi/Pent/ recursion wave ratios permit so MUCH CONSTRUCTIVE WAVE NESTING. But here is the most simple and dramatic example I can give you. I walk into the new Phoenix branch of the "Wild Oats" natural food chain. Typically I love those places. I notice particularly here however an agravating hum, aura bleeding, and a headache-y kind of annoyance. Glancing up into the awful poisonous glare, I see a ceiling full of insideously 60cy humming MERCURY VAPOR LIGHTS. Now this store makes its living by announcing support for whatever sustains life force. Yet so stupid is this planet's media as to even notice that life force exists everywhere charge is embedded sustainably. AND LIFE FORCE DIES QUICKLY EVERYTIME YOU TRY TO RADIATE FORCE (magnetic/capactive/optical etc.) lines NON-EMBEDABLY. This has very practical consequences. The spectral emission lines of MERCURY are notoriously poisonous. The LOSS OF ATTENTION SPAN IN LIGHT WHICH DOES NOT HAVE SUN LIKE HARMONICS, has been well documented in classrooms. (Health and Light by John Ott, Cora Saltarelli - Roswell, and the movement for full spectrum lighting to assist ADD.. GE-Chroma 50 Flouresence. etc.). In summary it is not news that full spectrum lighting IS EXTREMELY COST EFFECTIVE IN THE WORK/SCHOOL PLACE versus absentee-ism and attention span costs of lighting (like most flouresence and most pressure vapor lighting especially Mercury) which does a poor job of imitating or embedding INSIDE OF, what harmonics of light the sun would normally bathe us in. In other words, if your light source does not imitate the SUN's harmonic cascade of carefully chosen optical wavelengths, your light may be doing more to destroy life than build it! (The Sun's light is based on hydrogen fusion. Hydrogen has Phi harmonic Balmer series / Anu at heart). It is simple, attention is how many waves can sustainably embed so as to stand to point! Imitate the musical chord in the optical harmonics contained in the sun, and you get life, IMITATE HOW CELLS DIE LIKE "warm red" flouresence" or mercury vapor and you create an insideous public health and Attention Deficit nightmare. Bathe in embedding (the SUN's hydrogen Phire fusion) and you will embed. Bathe in artificial high maintenance death harmonics,-air conditioning and art-less-ificial light and you too will die. So the workers in that Wild Oats had no clue why they had to go home each night feeling drained and lifeless. NO ONE TOLD THEM. Here is a clue Mr Wild Oats Board of Directors, do an attention span, and strength test after 8 hours in the God Awful light in your store, versus the same employee in a greenhouse. Get a clue kids. (Tried to tell the store manager/ daughter of Sante Fe host, but....) But now what does this have to do with understanding FUSION? Why is sun-light enlivening and Mercury Vapor light, deadening IN PRINCIPLE? COULD IT BE because the wave lengths contained in SUNLIGHT are directly NESTABLE IN A PHI MUSICAL WAY, with the all the waves in our solar system. The PHASE relations of all those waves maintain an info grid which allows contiguous EMBEDABLE information exchanges. Now, if you (like our klutsy lighting engineers) try to radiate into living systems WAVE LENGTHS WHICH DO NOT EXIST IN THE PROPER phases nested...(multiples of Golden Ratio times the Plank length and the spectral emission lines of Hydrogen - see ../heartsun ) THEN YOU SIMPLY CREATE AN ENERGY DRAIN/ phase interference with ALL OF LIFE. In elegant simplicity: THE SUN KNOWS HOW TO EMBED/SURVIVE, by FUSION /PHIre, do you? To attach your living cells to the modem phone line to life, REQUIRES THAT YOU FUSE WITH THE WAVE HARMONIC PHASE SEQUENCE WE CALL.... solar phire. And this IS the key to Fusion, in general... LIFE FORCE. Could proper adapting to SUNLIGHT itself, be the beginning of 'metabolizing starlight directly' (our soon to be re-released film): the origins of being able to digest gravity into magnetics.. AND how genepools get weaned off of a planets gravity bubble into how stars metabolize / gravity as the eros of stars. At the glandular level, evolving to turn long wave magnetic cascades (gravity) into bliis / coherent emotion, is a LEARNED process just like digestion. "Philosophy in a New KEY" by Suzanne Langer, wave harmonic origins of language, started me thinking along John Michell's lines in his polemic against the Metric system. He detailed the beautiful PHI multiples between the Roman Pace, the Megalithic Yard, The English and Pyramid INCHES etc. (in his "View over Atlantis" & dodec covered "City of Revelation" ). So I asked myself, is it possible inherently THAT THERE ARE SOME FREQUENCIES IN ANY SPECTRA.. MORE SACRED (that is to say more sustainable) than others? My answer has evolved over the years, to this article. What emerges is that sacred is (again), simply a name for getting your nearest waves phase nested in the EMBEDDING harmonic cascade of the local stars. (In our case this means, getting in bed / 'embed' with the sun). You can measure if a wave cascade is going to make it thru the heart of the sun (FUSE) which is the energy solution to our planet, to our hearts, and the wormhole to survive death. (../eternal Geometry of Eternality ). 2nd order fft, frequency signature "septrum" as pioneered by me in heart biofeedback, is universally applicatble to determine if a wave system is entering FUSION. (../implosionhazards ). As the inter-harmonic intervals evolve toward multiples of Phi (the only sustainable non-linearity), away from octave based multiples of 2, that oscillator becomes self oranizing/implosive.. and becomes ABLE TO FUSE. Whether you are embedding a spectral series of hydrogen, your heart, or your fusion reactor, (or the Schumann Earth resonant harmonic SERIES of the tree in your backyard)... in order to sustain (life/self organization/implosion/fusion) you must find the PHI phase map wave cascade to the suns music. This literally (& capacitively) gets the suns "WIND", into your sails! (Noting also the Greg Hodowanec/Bill Ramsey work on capacitors as the ideal sails in which to catch gravity). There is a KEY SIGNATURE to life. And it is in the (see Anu/heartsun) PHI harmonics of the heart of the sun. (Randy Master's on PHI in the Balmer spectral emission series of Hydrogen, et al..). So now let us speak to our ("we can ignore what life force is-we will go nuclear"), FUSION ENGINEERS. They know that the flux container must be toroidal, and somehow the symmetry of hydrogen is the clue. If only they would look at the 5/7 dodec/icos symmetry of the ANU coeur heart of hydrogen (heartsun link above). The concept of containment ultimately resolves to a question of what wave geometry will isolate harmonics , versus what symmetry will create UNPACKED DISTRIBUTION PROJECTION of wave harmonics. . (see 'incubeation" vs PHIcycle at ../merkabbah ) Human bliss making activity by displaying Phi harmonics in the EKG, proves that an evolving human genome and life force in general knew that sustaining energy attraction by recursion implosion, IS HOW TO FUSE WITH YOUR ENVIRONMENT. If we but had the vision to apply this to our fusion reactors, we would literally harness the sun's phire (the heart /coeur of it all). And precisely our physics communities unwillingness to acknowledge that the very symmetry operations in flux container that make fusion a "chain reaction", ARE THE TURNS INSIDEOUT RECURSIVELY WHICH MAKE ANY OSCILLATOR BY THE PHI-CYCLES OF SELF ORGANIZSTION, BECOME SELF AWARE! What this means emotively, is that the sun would be acutely AWARE by field coupling with all the nodes (like fusion reactors) which would enter true implosive fusion. Thus setting up PHIre / fusion at this level, in order to be non-destabilizing (painful) to the sun, would require attention to the needs of the ways planets and stars experience gravity relations erotically. To put it another way, certain geomantic conditions must be filled in order to properly site a fusion reactor, in order not to 'anger' destabilize the long term wave gravitic relation with the sun. This would be similar to the activities of a DRUID or Cherokee, to prepare a landscape for the installation of a Labyrinth. Where you would intend to install a dimple into the magnetoscape, you would take care not to dump poison into the blood line you open to the Sun. (In physics this would compare with what it takes to maintain a stable ecosystem at the mouth of a wormhole. Similar to "Deep Space Nine" and "Peshmehten" and "Incunabula".)(PeshMehTen: the Meaning of A Galactic Passage Between Stars for Earth ET Politics.. Guardians of the Grail vs. Deep Space Nine.. 1/98 , Incunabula, Tantric wormholes and the bardo bridge, the antenna cocoon for human eros to produce shaamanic time tunnels ) I would like to make reference to the proceedings of my talk at the first international symposium on non-conventional energy sources in Atlanta sponsored by Hathaway / McLean. The talk I gave was entitled "Why FREE ENERGY technology is not in fact Free". There I referred to the limit to which gravity fields can maintain the charge implosion recursion symmetry which glues them together, as we fabricate a host of devices which present more embedding to the surround field effect, than the Earth's gravity herself. The literature review reprint at the bottom of this article, of those devices, includes many who were involved at that symposium. So often it is in "The God's Must be Crazy" do the natives trip over another coke bottle falling from the sky, and start carting it around, with so little understanding of the pure principle from which those crude technologies come. MCKIE*RICHARD,PODMOD,PHOENIX PROJ,GAMMA STAR POWER INTL, seattle.. is one of many examples of such non-linear energy device inventors who actually try to keep secret the fact that Golden Ratio field effect's are in fact the key to the device. Thus presenting another poison pellet of ignorant tool usage to a planet of disempowering "it is a privelege to be assimilated", don't tell me how it works... borgs aborning. In fact, what Earth requires in order to permit her gravity field /blood to be inFUSED into our genepool, (Atlantean gravity device technology / fire crystal / tuoai stone / vril ) is the same any mother asks for the pouring our of her milk: A TOTALLY SAFE (read;embedable) SPACE. The metaphor of mother's milk -Seed and the Egg: Earth Inseminates Galaxy gaia's lactic coeur (fr:heart) keeps deepening. Fossil fuels are a nutrient embedded in the albumen of this planet egg, which this technology of "metabolizing starlight directly" (our soon to be re-released film) WEANS us off of. To be weaning, requires a metabolism which learns to digest assemble it's own longer wave braid. This is exactly what the symmetry lessons of non-linear device technologies teach. And it is not just irony, but rather perfect, that the symmetry of the heart's PHIring is the test and pilot light to accomplishing the construction of such an attractor. Let us tell this story in a more romantic way, for those who have seen the movie "The Fifth Element". In the PYRamid of Earth, Air , Fire and Water, there was one Fifth Element ingredient exquisitely required to consume the huge incoming (solar?) fireball non-destructively. You took some highly psychkinetic DNA (read: a good witch), in a body with a HEART on fire with passion, AND THAT EKG at the moment of 'falling' in love BECOMES THE FIELD EFFECT TRIGGER TO THE COMPRESSION IMPLOSION WAVE WHICH CAN EMBED ALL FIRES NON-DESTRUCTIVELY. That FIFTH element, gives yet another new meaning to our favorite Phire and Brimstone Baptist minister: rePENT and be saved. Intro here to Tutankhanmen Prophecies..(solar signature conversation with Maurice Cotterell).. coming soon. I would like next here, to give an example from my personal experience of working with n-machine inventors. I would thank Tom Valone, Pyschotronics association , et al for introducing me to so many of these erstwhile pioneers. In order that this conversation about how to apply recursion geometry to perfect the principle of non-linear device technologies, and to UNDERSTAND where the electrical inertia comes out of gravity (Einstein's magnetic monopole), let us use the n-machine. The history here is instructive. First, Faraday concludes that a magnetic disk shape with it's opposite DC magnetic poles, at the center hole, versus circumference, when rotated, would generate electricity. Later inventors noted, THAT UNDER CERTAIN CIRCUMSTANCES THE OUTPUT POWER/ WATTAGE WOULD NOT ALWAYS VARY IN LINEAR OR PROPORTIONAL WAY WITH THE TORQUE IT TOOK TO DRIVE THE DEVICE INTO MECHANICAL ROTATION. Turning this Faraday disk is like a plate magnet by entering an addition spin domain into a MAGNETIC MONOPOLE (Einstein's electrical definition of Gravity).. Rotating a magnetic disk creates a suction to the G field... of the planet. When psychotronics and other inventors like DePalma, Tewari discovered that some inertia was appearing in the rotating system, not put there by mechanical input torque, the unfortuneate term "free energy" device emerged. What was more true, was that physics was ignorant about HOW the gravity field was created and FED by implosion magnetics (the magnetic monopole / coherent emotion feeding the Earth). So to those who do not know WHERE their bloodstream comes from, the energy was "FREE"??? This was about as smart as the primitive Russian soldiers who took light bulbs and faucets back to Russia thinking they would work without attaching wiring or plumbing. The true physics is that IF the symmetry of the magnetic field in the disk plane is optimized to be recursive, then it's rotation will couple the gravity field AND deplete it. Understanding what that means MUST be a prerequisite for such experiments. Reference: :Recursion in The Harmonic Power Spectra of the Earth's Magnetic Grid (An open letter to significant scientists begging them to embrace and embed the arrival of self-aware consciousness in the Earth's magnetic body, by redesigning power systems which now bleed our collective coherence bubble.), and the other links in square offset above. Maybe we can expand the investigation of the Physicians and Scientists for Responsible Application of Science and Technology, , to whom the companion article here DNA Wiring: DNA as Radio Transmitter / DNA as Magnetic Superconductor is dedicated. Clearly as the below references suggest, the science behind alternative energy technologies in the true /gravity field coupling area, is maturing. And therefore, if social education were to evolve as well, we might see real progress in the USE of such power RESPONSIBLY. (This first reference I mention mostly because these were the key authors in the whole series on PHI /DODEC / recursion geometry in DNA and the atom, in the wonderful 21st Century / Fusion Magazine series, who have indicated they may web re-publish soon..Subject: Your request for reprints,From: 21st Century Science Dear Dan:We are just about to open our web site, and will have some articles from previous issues on it. In general, we have not given permission for reprints to other web sites, but soon, I hope, we'll be able to link up with some of the sites that have requested this. So, I'll let you know when we are in business:, {currently in construction} Sincerely.Marje Hecht) Inedible Professor Link: 26. Cf. Laurence Hecht et al., "The Significance of the 1845 Gauss-Weber Correspondence," 21st Century Science & Technology, Fall 1996; pp. 21-43. See also, in 21st Century Science & Technology, Spring 1997z: Dr. Remi Saumont, "The Battle Over the Laws of Electrodynamics" (pp. 53-60), and Dr. Jonathan Tennenbaum, "Demonstrating Gauss and Weber's Magnetometer" (pp. 61-62). The present writer's concern with the Ampere-Weber "angular force" was prompted by a fellow-member of the Fusion Energy Foundation, Professor Robert Moon of Chicago University. During that time, 1975, the rage in the field of fusion-energy was the subject of the so-called "Coulomb Force," the mechanistic notion of repulsion of like-charged particles, which the professional gossip of the period projected upon the scale of nuclear-fusion actions. During a meeting of several associates of the future Fusion Energy Foundation, Moon presented to me, the summary evidence, that this faith in the "Coulomb Force" was wrongly attributed to events on that scale of microphysics, pointing out that the popular belief was the product of a deliberate hoax which had been willfully embedded in the electrodynamics of J. Clerk Maxwell. Laurence Hecht, who later became a close collaborator of Professor Moon, kept on that track until the relevant proofs of the work of Gauss, Riemann, and Weber, were reexamined and resolved. -- Threshing floor tree Jonathan Tennenbaum Nuclear energy. The female technique. (note here from Dan, Sufi saying: "It is feminine to create space", is it to make fractal and therefore implosively attractive (to "FUSE"?) to make egg (self embedded/contained Mother within Mother in inPHIknit recursion? , also recall how the EGG shaped charged doped water vortex tornado was an electrical generator in Schauberger's work).Paperback - 397 pages (1994) Boettiger Verl., how/as self-service; ISBN: 3925725148 Reviews Flap text The atom was considered for a long time as indivisible. It required of large mental and experimental efforts, in order to see and carry out the fissileness of these smallest subject particles. Above all women often implemented this realization against the resistance of their male colleagues and to mankind the door to this enormous energy source unlocked. The book describes the history of the nuclear energy of the discovery of the radioactivity up to the high-temperature reactor from this perspective on the basis so far partially unknown quantities Unterlagen:Zum contents: The music of the items - Marie curie, the student from Poland - " protects the woman against the Intellektualismus " - Brahmslieder in the laboratory - particle and dogmas - a Querdenkerin - a walk changed the world - the Manhattan project - atoms for the peace - Mrs plutonium - the Emanzipation of the nuclear energy. Jonathan threshing floor tree Nuclear energy: The female technique (note here from Dan, translation by produces interesting colloquialisms like "fissileness" =?fission/vs fusion?) The atom was considered for a long time as indivisible. It required of large mental and experimental efforts, in order to see and carry out the fissileness of these smallest subject particles. Above all women often implemented this realization against the resistance of their male colleagues and to mankind the door to this enormous energy source unlocked. The book describes the history of the nuclear energy of the discovery of the radioactivity up to the high-temperature reactor from this perspective on the basis so far partially unknown quantities documents: To contents: The music of the items - Marie curie, the student from Poland - " protects the woman against the Intellektualismus " - Brahmslieder in the laboratory - particle and dogmas - a Querdenkerin - a walk changes the world - the one having project - atoms for the peace - Mrs. plutonium - the Emanzipation of the nuclear energy. Best. - No.: I-25-14-8 28,80 DM approx. 400 pages ------------------------- Re: Tenen vs Winter Dan's st ory: He discovered that 1 accurate equation for the Golden Mean spiral mapped on a 'damping wave' (caddeuceus side view) would create shad-ows of all Hebrew and Arabic alphabet letters. This was original and totally unrelated to Tenen's un-mathematical piece of jewelry he wanted value to, which only approximated some unknown not even Golden Mean spiral, mapped on a donut (Winter's surface was not even a donut). On 3-29-1987 before meeting Stan Tenen or knowing of his work, I published a small book entitled "One Crystal's Dance.. Geometric Keys" The booklet accompanied a modeling kit I designed called "Star Mother". This model was the unpack-ing of the tetrahedron by simple nesting into all the other simple regular "platonic" solids. The picture on the cover of that book, was also the top down view of my "Star Mother" kit: Exhibit A, COVER OF DAN WINTERS 1987 BOOK, (Before Stan Tenen wrote to him).. TOP VIEW OF 3D Spirals on Vortex into Nest of Un-folded Tetrahedron.Inside the book I published the exact 3 dimensional point values for these spirals as they wrapped around down vortex in 3D into the center of the nest from tetrahedron to dodecahedron. Note here for comparison purposes my original accurate computer model of the geometric keys to alphabet, which is the exact same two Golden Mean spirals, separated by 36 degrees. I spent 2 man-years to develop the spreadsheet algebra. I started with exactly the same 3D points which I published in my book preceding any contact with Stan Tenen's work. The dramatic difference between his work and mine was that I based ALL my letterform images on this exact pair of Golden Mean spirals. Stan Tenen has never accepted the Golden Mean spiral as the correct solution to the problem of symbol and embeddedness. Exhibit B, TRACED FROM COVER OF DAN WIN-TERS 1987 BOOK, EXACT TOP VIEW OF 3D TRACE WHICH IS DAN WINTERS ORIGINAL GOLDEN MEAN ALPHA-BET.. Spirals on Vortex into Nest of Unfolded Tetrahe-dron When the tetrahedron is unpacked this way into the cube and repeating dodeca-hedron, it creates pairs of Golden Mean Spirals, these are one set cut out from that same March 1987 book cover..The formula for the Golden Mean Spiral is the "image of the condition of pure self-reference", or self-embed-dedness. This has to be the correct shape to permit symbols, letters, to embed us in our world. Because Stan Tenen chose not to use this shape to create letterforms, his work is fundamentally flawed. After receiving my original book and assembling my model of the unpackinging of the tetrahedron in has lab, Stan Tenen invited me there. During that visit, witnessed by Lorin Kiely and Stephanie Sutton, Stan Tenen kept insist-ing that he had not determined the critical part of the geometric keys to the self organizing alphabet of symmetry. This was WHAT mathematical spiral to use around the self-organizing donut, and how to model it in computer. I knew at that time that the Golden Mean spiral was the most self-evident solution to the problem of self-organiza-tion. I also knew that the Golden Mean spiral best solved the problem of embeddedness or nestedness, which was what symbolic alphabets needed to be in order to make true "morphic fractal" shape pictures of objects outside your head. IN ORDER FOR ALPHABET LETTERS TO WORK AS LITTLE REPRESENTATIONS OF BIG OBJECTS, EACH LETTER MUST BE A PERFECT "LITTLE FRACTAL".. SO THE LITTLE SHAPE OF THE SYMBOL IS A FRACTAL "ZOOM SHOT" OF THE BIG OBJECT IT REPRESENTS. THIS EQUATION SHOWS THAT THE GOLDEN MEAN SPIRAL MAKES THE BEST RECURSIVE FRACTAL PATH TO CONNECT BIG TO LITTLE. STAN TENEN'S BIG MISTAKE IS NOT ACCEPTING THAT THE GOLDEN MEAN SPIRAL HAS TO BE THE BEST WAY TO MAKE SYMBOLS AND PERMIT OUR SYMBOL SHAPES TO EMBED OR NEST IN THE WORLD ------------  this portion was riddled with spaces for some reason ----- ---- -JUDGE REJECTS TENEN DEMAND FOR INJUNCTION QUOTING JUDGE: "THE UNDERLYING FACTUAL DISPUTE IS COMPLEX AND ESOTERIC AND RAISES MANY ISSUES, NOT THE LEAST OF WHICH IS WHETHER THE SUBJECT MATTER IN-VOLVES UNCOPYRIGHTABLE IDEAS AND DISCOVERIES"...Does S tan Tenen Own Your Alphabet? Since The MERU foundation has amassed such a large phone bill making threatening and libelous calls to all our friends, with claims to own my original work using the GOLDEN MEAN spiral to create the alphabet shapes, we should clear the air with the history of the this work on the pure geo-metric origin of language. I Published my first book on the symmetry of the Golden Mean Spiral phase locked in the nested platonic solids in March of 1987: "One Crystal's Dance: The Star Mother". The text included the exact 3D coodinates for the spiral through the dodeca to the tetra cube. After I publi shed that work I encountered Stan Tenen, and found him using my 3D Star Mother model in his laboratory. He had started to develop a way to approximate the shapes of the Hebrew letterforms by drawing what he emphasized was an UNDEFINED spiral around a donut and making hand drawings. His work was and remains beautiful and educational. Unfortunately, Stan's way of working was was possessive and secretive, he definitely was not a team player. In my last meeti ng with Stan in CA, he told me again, in the presence ot others, that he did not know which spiral would accurately create the alphabet. He repeated that he had not been able up to that time, to mathematically map an appropriate spiral on a donut, in a rigorous computer model. I questioned him about other details, and learned that he did not know the width of the spiral strip, nor had he determined the ratio of the donut diameter to its center hole. (Which I later learned from mathematician Don Reed, was the heart of the pure derivation of the fine structure constant from the translation of voricity of the surface of a classic hydrodynamic donut ). Stan also indicated that after changing his mind, he beli eved then that the ratio of the height of the donut to it's width should be 2 to 1. At that time, I knew intuitively that the correct spiral to topologically l ay on the donut, MUST by the Go lden Mean spiral. Something which Stan Tenen apparently still denies! Clearly if it was wave self-organization which made the donut to be THE model, it would follow that the self organizing of GOLDEN MEAN ratio among waves would be natures self generating path around the donut. (bec ause waves heterodyne or beat making nests which require adding and multiplying into what is natures only Arithmetic and Geometric progression). Together the torus/donut AND the golden mean spiral pull themselves up by their own bootstraps enough to index a universe of symbol/symmetry out of the unified field. Only spin remembers, and only this path to symmetry stores spin on membrane/mind. Even at the time, it had been my desire to work in collaboration with Stan. However that was exc eedingly difficult to do, because as any one who has ever spoken to him will attest, he is much better at speaking than listening. I was just then getting my MAC system developed to 3D usefulness. I worked for months to come up with a way to test my Golden Mean spiral idea. Wrapping it mathematically around the donut was a "non-trivial" topology problem. I made major investments in 3D software and improved disk capacity etc. I then spoke to the author of the Super 3D program, who agreed that my problem was within the bounds any then exi sting simple 3D manipulation software. I determined to attempt to create a 2D vertex coordinate matrix in a spreadsheet database. Then the nitty gritty was a whole series of matrix algebra transformations upon the x and y coordinate values to produce the appropri-ate "z" coordinate for each x/y pair. This was the moment when the spiral got up off the flatland, shadow on a cave wall, and danced to light. . Then finally having the x, y and z values for a whole sei res of datapoints, I used formatted these numbers to the data import requirements of the Super 3D software, and imported this first 3D strand into this modeling and visualizing tool. From these it was easy to revolve this "flame letter" to test widths and view angles. After months of labor, I had learned not only WHICH spiral to use, but also how wide to make it (the width of the DNA wratchet 1/10 turn). I also solved the size o f center hole to siz e of donut ratio question. By using PHI the Golden Mean to the 4th power, as in the 4th dimension, for this value, each individual letter was infinitely fractal in a zoom from any center focused view angle or approach. I also determined that neither of Stan's suggestions for donut height to diameter ratio was best (2 to 1, or 1 to 1). I instead used Golden Mean as this ratio also. Tilting my new computer accurate 3D computer projections around the ancient tetra/cube produced Hebrew and later Arabic/English alphabet letters. At that time my goal was to suggest cor-rection to the ancient Quabballah forms. For example we l earned even why in English there is a dot over the small cursive "i". I now believe that the correction of the old Hebrew is simply a childish and parochial question. I am simply now concerned with what is the true LANGUAGE OF LIGHT, in so far as alphabetiz ing what symmetry can burn spin as memory/inertia into any membrane or surface. Obvi.ously the work isn't nearly complete, but I had accomplished a useful set of computer modeling break-throughs. I then sent the software and all my computer data off to Stan Tenen. I helped arrange for him to have use of a computer as powerful as mine at Henry Dakin labs. He decli ned to work with me, and declined to use that computer. When it became apparent that I had accomplished on the computer, without funding grants , that which Stan had been asking for major dollars for, for many years, THEN Stan Tenen decided he was suing me. He spent man years harassing dozens of friends insisting he owned these shapes of the Hebrew letterforms, and that he was suing anyone like me who shared them freel y. I consulted with the best expertise: (exerpt from letter to Specialist Copyright Attorney Gordon Kinder, at Renner, Otto, Boiselle, & Skl ar, 1621 Euclid Ave., 19th Fl, Cleveland, OH 44115. of 10/7/91) "Per our conversation, I am enclosing the materials I have generated on the pure self organizing origin of alphabet. Every original letterform graphic is based entirely on the mathematical plot from the 3D spreadsheet algorhythmn. The complete original spreadsheet takes over 50 pages to print and took me over a year to develop. It is entirely based on my 3D work with the Golden Mean. There is no prece-dent to this kind of graphically disciplined mathematical mapping in Stan Tenen's work. Stan Tene under his organization Meru, have been harassing numerous friends of mine with threats and lies about his owning the ideas of symmetry, the donut, and the alphabet. I am enclosing a copy of my published work "One Crystal's Dance" which dates from 3/87, long before Stan Tenen had sent me any of his work with written requests to reprint it at my expense. In my book pages 12-15 deal exclusively with the phase angles of the tilted Golden Mean spiral within the platonic solids. (The exact shape of my current work on the origins of the alphabet.) Evidence of the libel ous material which Stan Tenen has been sending friends regarding my work is being sent to you under separate cover by henry MacLean of Timeless Architecture in Boston. Incredibl y, Stan chose the invited lecture which I made possible for him at Timeless Architecture in Boston to announce that he was suing me for interfereing with his "fund raising". He was invited there to recei ve what was likel y the biggest speaking stipend of his life, precisely bec ause I mailed to many of the principles of Timeless Architecture (which I helped to found), the exact info package (a small piece of which was his material, well defined), which he was then suing me for mailing out! The same is true of his paid lecture before my 3 day seminar at Kirk Van Allen's Genesa group in Leucadia CA. The same info package which I sent to my friends at my expense, produced financial support for Stan in several states. Yet Stan is now suing me because the same info, reaching a minor employee at Apple Computer, at around the same time, did not produce support. Stan has concluded obliquel y that I am to be sued because Apple Corp. did not give him big money. All this occurred after numerous phone calls to me encouraging me to send his work off, after the Meru letter (copy enclosed) verifying that instruction to share his material "with others". And after cashing my $100 gift check. When he slandered me in public in Boston, I stopped sharing his papers. After that, he had an attorney Al len send me a letter saying he was suing me for sending off his al-ready now very public papers. Since my graphic work on the alphabet, now far overshadows Stan's, the crux of the issue may resolve to the significance of my work to actually mathematically plot and computer animate the geometric origin of Hebrew, ( of course my work with the English alphabet has no precendent in Stan's work.) It is fortunate that there were wi rnesses present when Stan repeatedly emphasized to us that the most important unknown was which spiral to use, and how to mathematically map it, and com-puter model it. He said this was why he needed large sums of money given to him. I had the excellent intuition to discover it was the Golden Mean Spiral, and then spent a year consulting with 3D programmers and modelers to develop the necessary 3D interface mathmatical spreadsheet (exerpt enclosed). I accomplished what Stan couldn't. Currently my computer animations, the dramatic fulfillment of a lifetime dream for teaching the physical origin of language, are the delight of everyone who sees them. They are exactly what Stan couldn't do, and make quite laughable his contention that my work is without significance. My original work, first to discover the correct form to plot self generate the alphabet: the Golden Mean Spiral, and then to mathmatically model it (the spreadsheet), and then to computer animate it, IS what makes the vision of a true alphabet of symmetry useable. This is because 1) it can be accurately projected only by c omputer, 2) the animations make it emotively memorable and graspable visually. 3) knowing the correct spiral makes it physically testable. 4) the Golden Mean is itself a quantum self organizing shape because wave interference inherently adds and multiplies. Stan is obviously angry because I am now giving away visual projections which he was planning to.recei ve bi g money to generate. I am grateful to Pat Fron, attorney and friend of Timeless Architecture for suggesting that recovery for slander and libel by Stan, could pay for your expenses. In this regard, I am enclosing a list of my friends whom Stan has telephoned and written to defame my character and work. I am so pleased in the personal interest you have expressed in this material, particularly in light of the deep Hebrew i nterests of your partner there. Dan Winter"........... end quote. Exerpts from Copyright Law Specialist Attorney Gordon Kinder's response on 3/20/92... after also weighing through a paperwork mountain of Stan Tenen's claims: "In my opinion the campaign of malignment which Mr, Tenen has undertaken is actionable by yo u. He has engaged in a course of libel and slander which seems to me to be unjustified... In my opinion you are under no legal obligation to cease this work.. As a philosophical matter, it would seem that the closer you approach an Ultimate truth, the more likely it is to be susceptible to only one mode of expression... In my opinion you are under no legal obli gation to credit Mr. Tenen with origination of any of ther theories relating to sacred alphabets.. In paragraph 4, page 2 (ref faxes), Mr. Tenen exposes the crux of his misconception when he defines the signature of his personal discovery (he says the end of the vortex bends back in the opposite directio n of any form of the Gol den Mean spiral) and claims he owns "copyrights" to it. The idea, once discovered is the property of all humanity, it is only the par-ticular expression of it to which he holds copyrights. He does not have a copyright in the "discovery", only in the words and forms which he used to express it. The balance of the February 18th letter is a clear threat to you which is to a large degree un-founded. Specifi cally, it is my view that you have an absolute right to continue working with sacred alphabet.. Re: paragraph 2, you do not need Tenen's authorization to display Hebrew looking letters generated from vortex forms, unless you are copying Tenen's expression. Further, MERU continues to insist on a copyright to its "idea". This concept is not recognized in the law... The balance of Mr. Tenen's letter requires no further response except that the threat of criminal actions to resolve a civil dispute is unethical for a lawyer to make and is possibly i llegal for a non-lawyer. In my view, the entire enterprise that Mr. Tenen is engaged in is unworthy of further attention. .. " Since the time of receiving this letter from a copyright specialist, in two separate phone conver-sations with Bill Haber, officer and representative of MERU, he again assured me that my original graphics of the English alphabet's pure geometric origin, were entirely legal and acceptable as mine, to them. Yet the Hebrew letter's geometric origin which I have generated are ONLY different viewpoints of this exact same 3D form, which I spent thousands origina hours of computer time generating! Clearly it is "patently" absurd for someone to claim that I cannot legally l ook at this same form I gen-erated from a slightly different 3D viewpoint. Even if it were not absurd for someone to claim to "own" the shape of the Hebrew letters. The final note might be that The National Psychotronics ethics committee had to devote many man hours to Stan Tenen's complaints. They were distributing film of my National Conference keynote lecture to their organization. (no profit to me of course). After a complete review they denied Stan's claim to prevent distribution of my original work. I guess it was tough for poor Stan to claim owner-ship of my original graphic work on the Golden Mean Spiral, since it was never even mentioned in his! The epilog here: i t's almost 3 months now since I had to rush air ship off to California another copy of my book. They promised me after 10 years of illegal libel, they would finally actually deter-mine a page number in my book which Stan Tene claimed to own/copyright. It was a definite promise, no more random vagueness, they would be specific, which item belonged to Stan. Well 3 months later, and stil no response. Apparently, it is still true that Stan has no page nuimber in my 300 page book on which there is a single i tem which belongs to him. Yet he continues to illegally slander me. Fortuneately after 10 y ears of his wasted sour grapes, no one is listening. We We have solved a simple geometry problem after many years original computer work. The difference between Stn's work and mine has been recognized by many. I use the Gol den Mean to create the alphabet. Only this spiral is self-organizing. This choice was entirely original..2/7/95 Re: Stan Tenen's Unsupportable Claim to Copyright His Own Origin of Hebrew Letters. Showing That Hebrew letters were named in biblical times :"tetragramaton", literally a Grammar of Tetrahedrons". Since Hebrew was known in biblical times as a grammar of tetrahedrons, Tenen's claims to originality in using a tetrahedron to derive Hebrew are unfounded. by Daniel Winter The earliest name for Hebrew's holiest letters is "tetragrammatron". (Yod-He-Vau-He). The literal meaning of this name for Hebrew's holiest letters is that this is "A GRAMMAR OF TETRAHEDRONS". Thus it is hardly original for Stan Tenen to claim centuries later that he first conceived of using the tetrahedron to map Hebrew letters. Since Stan Tenen in all his comments I ever saw, never defined mathematically which curved s trip he was inserting into the tetrahedron to imagine letterforms, his supposed originality in inventing a "new" source for Hebrew extends only to the tetrahedron itself (since this was the only shape he did define in c laiming originality). Yet the cover of the book Gematria, on the o rigin of Biblical Hebrew or Cabala, is a picture of two nested tetrahedron. Appendix F shows three shadows of the tetrahedron, octahedron, and cube as word roots. P age 6 mentions Greek and Hebrew word roots. Published in 1917, th is antedates Stan Tenen's recent c laims to own a connection of tetrahedron to Hebrew. In fact Gematria, as a name referring to biblical word meanings, derives from "geometric matrix". To claim to own all Hebrew symmetries b ased on te trahedron Stan Tenen al so claims to own all letterform origins based on simple cubic "geometric matrix", since these are a subset of the tetra's symmetry. Yet dozens of "Gematria" books in the literature on letterform origins, are cubic matrix plans to derive Hebrew. Carlo Suares work "Spher Yetsira" on the origin of Hebrew letters antedates Stan Tenen. On page 86 the keys to the letters or "sephirot" are derived from the image of the cross points of two tetrahedron in a cube. "Sefer Yetzirah: The Book of C reation" by Aryeh Kaplan was written before 1983. It is a treatise on Hebrew letter/word meanings. The cover image i s a stack of tetrahedrons, page 110 uses two tetrahedrons to set up the matrix or "gates" which give meaning to Hebrew letterforms in the rest of the book. Thus it is clear that it is unreasonable to g ive Stan Tenen copyrights to all Hebrew letters origins based on te trahedron. --------------------- (near Seattle with a store; links to Hulda Clark Zappers, etc) Hulda Clark Zappers We are pleased to be offering a new product, The Hulda Clark Zapper. For those of you who are not familiar with this device, it is a small battery operated electronic frequency therapeutic device designed by Hulda Regehr Clark, Ph.D., N.D. and her son Geoff Clark. 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So, why don't you order a mini-zapper, basic zapper, deluxe zapper or pet zapper for your family today or look at our zapper comparision chart here. Disclaimer: Please understand that we cannot be responsible for any effects - good or bad - believed due to the use of the Zapper. Please read The Cure For All Diseases or one of Dr. Clarks other books before using this device. Do not use this device if you are pregnant or using a pacemaker. This device is for research and experimentation only. Before using consult your professional health practitioner or Medical Doctor. -------------- ---  biogeometry/resonantie/kleuren_uk.html Home page with frames, or without frames Colours and Spirituality For the human eye are infrared (heat) and ultraviolet (UV) invisible. There is another invisible radiation called 'negative green' by Chaumery and de Belizal because its position is opposite to green in the spectrum they used. The black, negative green and white do not fit in the "normal" electromagnetic spectrum. Below you find more information about the negative green, the ultra violet and the gold. (Much on this page is the same as on the page about "What is biogeometry?") Negative green Popular among spiritually significant shapes are pyramids and hemispheres (e.g. the domes, that are the basis of religious buildings, be it a mosque, a church or a synagogue). These particular shapes are energy emitters; they are shapes that produce a type of penetrating carrier-wave which Chaumery and De Belizal named, negative green (which acts as carriers, like radio waves that carry sound information). The vibrational quality of negative green gives it very strong communication properties, which facilitate resonance with higher realms in prayer. Negative green turned out to have other properties, however, which make it very harmful under continuous exposure. In spiritual energy fields however only the horizontal components of this energy is found; the vertical components, which is the harmful part of this energy, is cancelled. Note: we use here the words "horizontal" and "vertical" as in electromagnetic waves. The negative green is not an electomagnetic wave and the words horizontal and vertical are used to distinghuish two different aspects of the negative green, which can be measured with the so called "Cone fictive" pendulum. In the book "Essai de Radiesthésie", Chaumerie and de Belizal mention that the statues on the Easter Islands emanates the negative green. They experienced with a model of the statue that within 3 days meat was mummified and was reduced to 25% of its original volume. They conclude that the function of the statues was probably to protect them against enemies. The authors report also about tablets called 'Keiti'. The photo in the book shows that it has about 1000 signatures/ characters. Small tablets were worn by women in their hair. The function of the tablets was to protect them against the negative green of the statues. The authors themselves have measured that a photo of the tablet on the ceiling of a room caused the disappearance of the dangerous radiation, although the effect diminished with time. This may be similar to the saturation of the 'chip' of Karim. Vertical negative green plays also an important role in crop circles. Ultra violet You can speak about the presence of spirituality when you can measure three components. One is the above mentioned (horizontal) negative green, the second is a higher harmonic of ultra violet and the third is the higher harmonic of gold. The higher harmonic of ultra-violet, an invisible light which is related to the environment of angels and other light beings. It is a very purifying and relaxing vibration, which balances overactive organ functions and has a calming effect on the nervous system. Gold The higher harmonic of gold, although on a much higher vibrational plane, is in resonance with physical gold. You can see it depicted by the halos around the heads of saints. It enhances wisdom and prosperity in a broad sense. On the physical level, it has energizing effect that balances the body's immune system. If a person is praying, with radiesthesie you will find "gold" in the room. The easiest way is to take some gold (as sample) in one hand and the pendulum in the other. Last update 17 February 2001 ---------------- new at Multiple International Magazines (reprinted here) Support Dan Winter against U.S.court 'Book Burning' - 'Witch Hunt' against freedom of speech. 2nd Magazine Article also reprinted here (New Dawn Magazine) includes practical interview notes on Purpose of Bliss in success of human genome and sacred space defined. Reprint - From: "Alternative Approaches" Magazine ( Editorial: - July, 2002 - International harassment of Dan Winter - seen as court sponsored 'Book Burning' / 'Witch Hunt' and a 'severe blow to the First Amendment'. (Regarding the First Amendment issue - quote from the illustrated site - "Tenen had no mathematic model of any kind for his piece of jewelry, he was patently wrong about the Golden Spiral saying it was not required for alphabet, and he was proveably wrong saying Dan Winter did not use the Golden Spiral ... but he had more free attorney time. - Today - amazingly in the face of the US constitution 'freedom of speech' it is a federal crime for anyone in the United States to publish ANYTHING on ANY SUBJECT written by Dan Winter. Winter feeling life threatened and sick every time he went to federal court, after being informed $50,000 deposit would be required to get real defense, gave up and signed a settlement full of Tenen's lies, hoping to save his own life." ) below the first Magazine article: Dan Winter's Work Again Available Online Editorial Opinion Several months back, in the article Spirituality and Intellectual Property Rights, we told you part of the story of the saga of the battle between Dan Winter and Stan Tenen's Meru Foundation . This was a very nasty copyright battle, and the federal court's decision dealt a severe blow for First Amendment rights in the United States. The fact that Tenen and his group even pursued the case shows their stripes. Neither Tenen nor his organization are interested in increasing our storehouse of knowledge unless they can hold the copyright and profit from that knowledge. The court's ruling was unfortunate in other ways, since it ordered Dan Winter's web site "confiscated;" that the contents be made unavailable for public viewing. Also, if we understand the ruling, Winter was also forbidden from any further publication of his research into the relationship between the Golden Mean derived spirals and the "flaming letters" of the Hebrew alphabet; despite the fact that the visualization of Hebrew letters surrounded by flames is a concept that goes back to ancient times and is nothing invented or discovered by Tenen. The publication of Winter's book on the subject, which had been due last year, has also been canceled due to the ruling. In our opinion, the ruling amounted to nothing less than a court ordered book burning. The loss of this material to scientifically minded members of the spiritual community has been devastating. Although Tenen's camp derided Winter in court, painting a picture of him as deranged and obsessed, we have known for years that he possesses one of the finest minds in the New Age. The claim that he was plagiarizing Tenen's work is also somewhat laughable, since we have first-hand knowledge of the fact that he was working on the relationship between the Hebrew letters and the Golden Mean long before he happened to stumble across Tenen's work. Although he might have been guilty of "borrowing" some graphics that weren't his to use (to give Tenen the benefit of the doubt), the court's ruling was much to broad, and did not serve the public interest. In other words, the court took what should have been a technical adjustment and turned it into a witch hunt. The good news is that some Europeans have evidently discovered a loophole in the judge's ruling that has allowed them to publish some of his work online at We would suggest, however, that if this work interests you that you should copy it immediately, since it's probably only a matter of time before the folks at Meru decide that their profit motive and "pure" vision is greater than your right to know and think for yourself. Just as the fundamentalists believe that only they can interpret the Bible, so does Tenen and his group believe that only they understand the Hebrew letters. If you would like to comment on this article, we invite you to send an email to ------------------------ 2nd Magazine Article: New Interview with Dan Winter, just published in New Dawn Magazine, July-August 2002, Get's into some practical specifics on the biophysics of bliss, electrical nature of life force - and the charge dense design and measure of sacred space. Thanks to interviewer friend Tony Mierzwicki - more on his work below. A blissful interview with Dan Winter Dan Winter's background spans a broad spectrum of disciplines. He graduated with honors at the Jesuit University of Detroit, he pursued graduate studies in psychophysiology, and the origins of languages. He has worked as a Systems Analyst with IBM, an industrial metallurgist and a crystallographer. Dan lectures extensively around the world and recently toured Australia. It was during Dan's Sydney series of lectures that this interview was conducted. The object of this interview was conducted. The object of the interview was to address Dan's applications of mathematical modelling to optimise spiritual development as a spin-off of his research on the relationship of emotion to wavelength structure. One important tool developed by Dan is the Heart Tuner which measures or quantizes the onset of conscious self-awareness by virtue of the apparent geometry of the heart harmonics being geometrically linked by progressions based on powers of Phi (the Golden Mean .618033989Ö). Dan is a prolific writer and much of his work is available on the Internet. The writings on American based websites however, were shut down and made inaccessible to the public on 23 May 2001 by the United States District Court, Western District of New York, as a result of a controversy regarding the generation of letter form shadows of a number of different alphabets. Dan's side of the story is at The interviewer, Tony Mierzwicki, is an ordained priest of Shambhallah who runs regular workshops on classical hermetic magick with his partner, Dr. ShÈ D'Montford, in Sydney, Brisbane and on the Gold Coast. More details on Tony can be found at his web page --- Tony: Dan could you toll us about a little bit of your esoteric training? Dan: Well I was trained in the Gurdjieff school at Claymont, Charlestown, West Virginia, in the Gurdjieff sacred gymnastic []. I lived with various spiritual communities. I studied some of the Ophanim Enochian material with Vincent Bridges who worked with Israel Regardie. I've studied spectrograms (audio spectrum analyses) of the Hebrew alphabet and some gematria, some of the Fred Wolf work with Carlo Suares which I then replicated. I've also been involved in some studies of John Dee and Edward Kelly and also Fulcanelli and the connection with Schwaller de Lubicz and those sorts of controversies. I also worked with and some of the Sir Francis Bacon myth. I've also been involved in some of the studies on the Voynich manuscripts and their mean in with respect to the Cathars. Tony: How about your academic background? Dan: My academic background? Undergraduate electrical engineering, graduate work in psychophysiology of the origin of languages. My graduate degree was inco
mplete, I went off to study the Gurdjieff work and then I was trained as a systems analyst withy IBM. Then I became a computer animator in multimedia. I've done a lot of lecturing on non-linear energy source technologies, psychotronics kinds of communities, so I have a lot of electrical background, so I tend to bridge the electrical with the metaphysical. Tony: Interesting, because most people tend to consider academic background as very much separated from spiritual background whereas you appear to have successfully merged the two together. Dan: Well I've gone to a lot of trouble. When I met the Jesuit who ran the Fermi Lab ìatom smasherî in Chicago, he said ìOh, I keep my physics and my religion separate.î But I was determined not to fall for that schizophrenia - so I've worked at that. At least it's fun. Tony: So, what sort of tips could you give people as to how they could improve their own spiritual development? Like, for instance, places where they should live and so on? Dan: Well, what we've been teaching here is definition of life force. The description on the web is at The main index, at, where if we're able to define life force as electricians which I believe we have now. Life force in the Celestine Prophecy was originally all human interactions about charge. But we've extended that now to mean life force is the ability to attract in self-organised charge. Why is an egg gathering voltage? If we're correct about that, and the tool, the Heart Tuner here we use to spectrum analyse charge density here, this Heart Tuner we're able to measure the harmonic analysis of capacitance using a biological capacitive probe in a preamplifier and then when we spectrum analyse that we are able to see when the charge harmonics gather what's called life force. So if we are correct, that life force is the ability to attract this charge. When we measure the life force in an egg, before and after we put the egg in a capacitor, the spectrum analysis of charge makes it very clear that the life force in the egg is the ability to suck in that capacitance. So if that's correct that life force is this fractal attractor for capacitance, then success in architecture, success in making a place to live whether it's choosing a place on the land or choosing a house, is success in building a good capacitor to hold charge density. The thing is that charge density doesn't converge at one place, plus you have fractality, plus you have paramagnetic materials, with dielectric, etc. So you begin to look at all the factors that make a house a place to live in a house a place to live in a land alive and you treat it like an electrical problem, which it truly is. Tony: So in practical terms, where should people be living? Dan: People should be living in places where the paramagnetic flux, the magnetism, is able to converge non-destructively. People should be living in places where the charge density is not being bled. Things that bleed capacitance are metal, and sharp points and most synthetic materials, things that bend capacitance like a lens and can create cavities and cocoons and little self-organising field domains are things like paramagnetic stone and certain wood and organic materials that actually hold capacitance and life force. So that's a big clue as to what your house needs to be made of. It essentially means that heavy metal structures in big cities bleed capacitance so fast that of course people die sooner. Tony: So basically we're talking about timber cottages, and stone cottages, like sandstone cottages? Dan: With almost a total reduction or elimination of metal actually, and a very radical reduction in the amount of wiring, and electricals, and currents, and circuits, and things like that. Because any field effect which does not embed in the earth's magnetic flux, by embedding I mean a wavelength that fits the nest, creates fractionation, loss of attention and loss of life. Tony: So, we're talking about locations by the seaside, in forests? Dan: Yes, we're talking, this is in addition to what has been known as sacred space, that any place that holds charge has been called sacred, because the field effect is sustainable. And in practical terms, what it means is you go there and you feel your aura unpack, because in fractals, packing and unpacking is non-destructive. And the unpacking of your aura which is electrostatic and capacitive is the unfolding of a field effect that then becomes your nervous system. Your body literally inhabits the land. Tony: So, are sacred spaces naturally existing, or can they be created? Dan: Both. Sacred spaces are naturally existing in the sense that Mother Nature has maximum life force in where charge density has already been made into a fractal, and sacred space can be created by using paramagnetic materials to fabricate capacitive cocoons that hold life force. An example of that I believe was the Garden of Eden in Sumeria, which was an experiment in maintaining life force by arranging capacitors. Tony: What about optimal places for begin born and for dying? You mentioned those in your workshop. Dan: Well we use the example that the Cherokee shaman looks for a place where the little hill looks like the mountain in the distance because you could die there and your biological magnetism could unpack non-destructively from the small to the big. And thus your soul, the amount of electrical field effect coherence we call a soul, is able to unfold and distribute itself in the land and thus not be fractionated, in other words, become immortal. So that applies to both birthing and dying. Essentially if you miss the mouthpiece of a megaphone, your voice is not amplified. A megaphone is a name for a fractal. Tony: What sort of advice would you have for people who are doomed to live in the cities and not live in an idyllic situation either by the sea or in a forest? Dan: Well if you're forced to live in the city there are obviously places of power there which are places of capacitance. Carlos Castaneda describes some of the psychological indicators of a place of power. But to begin to be able to do some dowsing yourself is an excellent way to begin to be able to feel magnetism which I consider to be survival required. Once you are able to do that you're able to locate the places in the city where the magnetism is most alive and thus steer your life around to those choices. Tony: What sort of techniques would you recommend for dowsing? Would you use a couple of willow wands, or how would you go about it? Dan: I personally am a big believer in not using wands at all, or a pendulum. But I'm not religious about that, I just think that if you start from the very beginning by noticing that you feel the presence of a magnet in your had, that presence of feeling magnetism is your survival because it's how you will navigate when you lucid dream or die. Using that skill to feel magnetism directly you begin to prehend magnetic flux lines in your bed, in your house, in your park, and your city. Tony: Are there any easy techniques that people can use to better sensitize themselves? Dan: Yes. Feeling a magnetic line is not unlike seeing an aura. The more capacitance in your body the more likely you are to become sensitive, because you literally become more coherent mathematically. So sitting under an old growth tree predicts your likelihood of new clairvoyance from Celestine Prophecy. The same thing applies to being able to feel magnetism. So if you took a relaxed nap and some deep breathing in a pristine spot under an old growth tree your likelihood just after that of newly being able to feel the magnetic lines in yourself is increased. So if you combine that with going some place where you know that there is a strong magnetic line you begin to feel them for yourself, and that in my view is the beginning of living. Tony: Are there are many trees that are more suited for the purpose that you've just described? Dan: In general the principle is that the closer the grain structure of the wood, the more the fractal density of the charge and therefore, self-awareness of the structure of the tree electrically. The tree is the name for a fractal branching algorithm of electricity basically. The fern tree was the first fractal. So the more fractal the tree, the more close the grain structure of the wood, the more it is paramagnetic, hardwoods for example. The oak tree is another example of a tree that's classically known to be highly magnetic, the Druids used them. But there are many such trees. Actually we're able now to spectrum analyse the charge at the base of the trees and we find trees which are more responsive to human emotion that others. In general those are the trees that are larger, older trees that still have a lot of life force and have been relatively pristine in their not being exposed to too much magnetic pollution. Tony: So apart from oak trees what other trees would you recommend? Dan: Well a living pine tree can be very fractal as well even though it is a soft tree. I'm not really an expert on trees so I don't have a detailed enough answer to that question I suppose. Actually we've been making quite a few measures on trees using this capacitive transducer for the heart tuner. The Heart Tuner is at But I would say in general, look for a tree that literally is attracting life force and you can feel it pulse under your hand. The same way a sacro-cranial practitioner can feel the long wave currents in your spine, you feel the pulsing of the tree. Tony: In your workshop you talk about the negative effects of strong magnetic fields in houses. What are the best ways to get around those magnetic fields? Dan: Well we talked in the workshop about using highly piezo-electric stones like quartz and granite and amethyst and in key nodes around the house to bounce a geopathic magnetic line around the house so it does not go through your bed. We talked about moving the electrical devices to one quarter and living in the other, reducing the metal in your house, reducing the amperage flow in magnetic devices, turning off the main circuit breaker at night, there are various techniques. Often if you can't find a magnetic line that's going through the house because it's so weak, when you track magnetic lines around the house, you're literally able to get an idea of where they're trying to go through the house. Tony: What sort of diet would you recommend for people who wish to embark on a spiritual path? Dan: I teach something called the Twinkling Eyes Lifestyle which divides into four categories, the hygiene to make bliss possible, which I believe is charge density. And those are divided into diet, and Feng Shui, the geomancy of your backyard, and the posture of kinesthetics of bliss, and enough knowledge of soul purpose to be able to follow your bliss. In the diet area what I teach is that the diet should be mostly made of live food and high quality protein; drastically reduced intake of wheat, corn and soy and all monocultured foodstuffs; a drastic reduction, almost elimination, of all stimulants; drinking only spring water and fresh squeezed anything; lowering the quantity of carbohydrate intake; increase the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables. I eat nuts and fruit and fruit juice for breakfast and usually guacamole and avocado for lunch to help me through, and then a fruit salad sometime there and occasionally some raw fish, those kinds of things. I do recommend a trace mineral supplement and I use Microhydrin [a broad-spectrum antioxidant] occasionally and things like that. Tony: What sort of meditation techniques would you recommend? Dan: I recommend that entering the stillness is a good way to get charge density. One of the best ways to enter the stillness is to do the fractal of high heart rate before low heart rate. So I recommend meditation should usually be preceded by posture work and the kinesthetics, the yoga, the sacred circle dance, the Eurhythmy, the Tai Chi, the sacred gymnastic, the movement for bliss so that the meditation doesn't become stuck in the head. And also that way the mediation does not cost you heart rate variability because the ability to have harmonic inclusiveness in the heart rate is not served by a sedentary lifestyle. In terms of meditation, my personal experiences of intense kundalini experiences was brought on by the Gurdjieff sacred gymnastic and the breath work to some extent, so my life has not been so focused on how to find that so much as how to not let it burn me up. So I may not be just the perfect person to ask about how to meditate, but indeed the Heart Tuner, for example, does show the relationship of your breath to your heart music and that is a big indicator of when your body can embed in the training. The essence of meditation is simple, you need to have a very long wave that can then embed short waves. To embed yourself in a long wave is the function of ritual and meditation, as is meiosis and mitosis, embedding in a long wave. So that process of getting yourself phase aligned with very long waves is sometimes called rapt, or rapture, or raptor, where you have a vice like sort of grip that you feel electrically when you get really still. And that is a way to commune with the infinite. The risk is that if you do that communion without coming back and bringing it into the world which is called grounding, and grounding is access to a fractal for psychologists of electricians. That if you come back without finally delivering that information you've picked up by entering the stillness, it becomes fractionating, that the only way you avoid the hive mind is when you come back and individuate what you've learned and find a way to share it practically. Tony: Is there are a practical meditative technique you could share? Dan: One simple technique where you can experience the spin path to the zero point the wave of collapse which produces fusion and embedding is called the Phi Breath, the Golden Mean Ratio Breath. And if you were to visualise a caduceus where you have a long wave, and then a shorter, and then a shorter, which is a spin path to a zero point. The caduceus is the symbol of the medical profession. And if you were to do a breath based on that geometry, you take a very big breath, and then a smaller breath 0.61 as deep and as long, and a smaller breath, and then a tiny breath, you create a continuous spin path into stillness. And from the stillness you can enter the field charge. Tony: You've talked about the heart Tuner quite extensively, what are the other applications of the Heart Tuner? Dan: The Heart Tuner, again at, is able to measure the coherence in EKG, EEG or life force of plants or trees, it's also able to measure electro-smog with an inductive probe, it's also able to measure the fire in the pineal with the capacitive probe. The Heart Tuner itself is a 2 channel programmable pre-amplifier which dumps to very innovative computer software in the Heart Tuner environment which by using a second order power spectra called a Septrum is able to measure internal coherence in a way that's never been done before. So while people like the Heart Math people talk about coherence, they in fact cannot measure it, whereas my device actually measures the coherence in the heart. What's fun is when the heart is coherent, it literally appears to measure the kinesiological response so that the ability to have coherence in the heart in terms of a flashlight to a laser is directly related to finding a shareable wave of pure intent. It's kind of a lie detector for the body. The heart tuner is an incredibly powerful tool, and I say that not just as someone who helped inspire the invention, but because it's simply the truth. Tony: What is the one most important message which you would like to see go out there? Dan: I think the one most important message I'd like to see go out there has to do with the relationship of surviving compression, sometimes known as the rapture, or death, or solar maxima in being able to follow your bliss. Because the DNA, being a self-organising magnetic shape-shifting worm, when it has implosion at the centre is able to become self-organising, and self-steering electrically. And that gives the ability to lucid dream, travel in time, survive death, and all the fun stuff. But if you haven't found a path which includes passion and bliss, then literally your DNA is not ignited and it costs you that tornado we call getting a soul. What that boils down to is the hygiene for bliss which in principles is a simple science replacing religion in that sense. We don't need the fairy tales, the miracle worship, or the personality worship. We need the hygiene for bliss, we must be able to teach our children bliss, and ultimately groups, like soul groups, that form and do bliss process together, and fusion experience is then what enables soul groups to migrate and travel through the sun into stars. So it is survival related to be able to find your bliss and follow your passion. That's my message. The interviewer, Tony Mierzwicki, is an ordained priest of Shambhallah and in this capacity runs regular workshops and rituals in Sydney, Brisbane and on the Gold Coast with his partner, Dr. ShÈ D'Montford. ShÈ is the founder and Reverend of the Shambhallah Awareness Centre, a pagan non-profit organisation and church established for 10 years in Australia. Tony & ShÈ make themselves available to lecture on ancient forms of magic. Further details on Tony & ShÈ can be found at Tony's web page -----------------