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thanks mike - i agree with you too! [just to clarify for anyone who may be getting confused: i didnt write the bit below [about frode], my/our correspondent did and i ask that correspondent: where does jj and sd use frode and who or what is da [excuse my thickness]? is frode=fraud? but we can cut thru all this by saying that jj certainly rejected the mysticism of yeats, blavatsky et al, and had a laugh at it, and at the celtic twilight and the stephen of the villanelle and the joyce of chamber music somewhat - but only for its imbalance, its rejection of earth and the earthy, the 'kal his course' 594 [the callous course of mother nature, the kal, czech, 'bilge, bilgewater filth feces ooze sludge mire sediment settlement silt feculence sewage scum dregs muck mud slag slurry' of life - the stuff that roderick oconnor drinks and slumps to throne in one of the 4 or 5 uber-seminal passages of fw - equals christ drinking the cup of persecution and socrates] the warful dune's battam 594 [awful dane's bottom], the semitary of somnionia 594 [the cemetery/seminary of sleepyland - humanity not awake, not buddha [=awake]], the dimdom done 594 [opposite of the kingdom come, the dim-dom done, the unenlightened actions done, and judgements - dom=judgement] my studies of 594 and 300-2 show he absorbed a lot from yeats and russell etc - there is an extensive study of the mysticism in fw, i cant remember names - some wellknown fw-study name, maybe tindall - heck, j said fw was a portrait of the dark night of the soul - from the 'silent' j, you cant get a bigger clue than that - what he rejected was the false mysticism and the pointless mysticism of 'the big words that make us so unhappy' - fw is a recast of mysticism scientifically in the little words [trivia] that make us cheerful - as you would expect from a poet - and as you would expect from a thinker 'steeled in the school of aquinas' and 'peripatetic scholarship' - but modern man is going to be shocked and disappointed to learn that he didnt reject plato - he balanced him with aristotle/aquinas - he rejected the stephen of the villanelle, but not the true mysticism - the true mysticism is simply the higher abstraction that lesser intellects fear to tread - or cannot tread without getting mistmad on parnassus - and end up counting angels on pinheads the present age is all for the opposite of mysticism - starting from scratch with observations - starting with 'sniffer he snout' [594] nose to ground [=kal/kali] like a bloodhound - and that is healthy - but joyce didnt throw the baby out with the bathwater - he didnt forget that spatialisation/specialisation without synthesis/abstraction until you reach ONE [life, whole] was merely fragmentation and death - life unwhole, life shattered, life merely quantitative, the nausea of sartre's character seeing someone reading an encyclopedia a to z - plurality is hell - plurality is disorder, chaos, despair - modern man - existentialism j has in fw done a tremendous thing - a TREMENDOUS thing - a hugely revolutionary thing - he has drawn a map of the entire, vast, trillion-leaved tree of life, of unity, using philology as tailor's stitching - taken every single one of the pebbles [shaun-mind] of human [finite] mind [concepts/words] and stitched them together into the one tree [mixing metaphors is entirely appropriate - to show they are only metaphors - god, for instance, is only a metaphor for god] each one of the circa 100,000 multiwords in fw takes several words/things and shows that they are in reality one thing - we are revealed via philology the sameness lurking hidden behind appearances of plurality a quick example: kal, hindi, time, death - we, in our fragmentation think time is one thing and death another - but here is a word that means both - here is an indication that billions of people over 1000s of years [vos populi, vox dei - securas iudicat orbes terrarem] have been happy with a word that is indifferent to the differences - that sees the sameness, the oneness and not the twoness of time/death - time and death are not in an absolute twoness, they are in a oneness and twoness - they are part the same, part different - [changelessness is timelessness - 'time stood still', ie, nothing moving - moving=change of position= a type of change, which is a 'death' of the pre-change status quo - temporality is mortality - to take this a little further to an exciting philosophical point: change is what we call life, the thing we do not want to part from - and this change/life is nothing but deaths/disappearances of one thing and birth/appearances of another thing - so death is life - life and death are identical twins - they are, behind appearances, below the differences, the same thing - so what we have been fearing, is what we love and fear to lose - so there can be no departure from life/death/change/time - in the clearer view it/they are one and this one thing that has no opposite cannot change - life/death/change/time is immortal - wow! - i hope someone is reading this - wow! [there is nothing shocking or radical about the oneness of time/death - it is no different from the oneness of cat and dog - just at a higher level in the abstraction pyramid - or nearer the trunk on the tree of life] just like einstein said there is not time and space but spacetime - or like e=mc squared, which implies an identity, a subterranean sameness, of energy and matter - clearly, what we think is two can be one - two branches of the tree of life can merge - and thus step by step the whole trillion leaves are sown into one - all is one - with a 100,000 multiwords - thus looking up dictionaries is at the very FULCRUM of fw - because only thus can you get an identity of many and one and the dictionaries - any language - are exhaustive lists of these stitches/identities/twone-nesses er, um, hope that clarifies things - [100,000 academics lying on their stomachs in their offices with pillows over their heads going lalalalalalala-i-cant-hear-this-haha-i-cant-hear-you] da? 'deplores mystical thought' - and joyce said 'it was the mysticism [in the odyssey] that attracted me' [when he was a boy] deplores mystical thought - yes - like george russell, who wished people to notice and worship [=worthship] the earth goddess and edited an agriculture magazine - [early hippy, backtothelander, but backtomotherearth had started with the forest trees of the gothic cathedral and the return of the magnamater/mother nature in the west rose window and tristan and iseult in the forest in a 'house without corners' - return of the smooth gentle graceful circle against the cruel cutting cross - and the exaltation of earthly love in the provencal culture and in the medieval romances - in 2 hundred years 100s of these vast buildings going up all over europe - casting out the norman darkness and bringing in more and more *coloured* light till the glasshouse openness of beauvais - and nobility pulling the stonewagons in HER honour, soul-full, heart-full with HER freedom - and fw revolves round this, the 12th, century - 1132] ihim - ahem - a fruit IS a seed, mike mike sent: ------------------- *** --On Thu, Mar 14, 2002 12:56 PM +1300 "Nigel Best" *** wrote: [IE, SENT, SOMEONE ELSE WROTE] *** *** > which is why all religion is frode, to use the term *** > which SD *** > *** and JJ both borrow from DA, and why Joyce deplores mystical *** > thought *** > *** throughout not only the fiction but also very plainly in the *** > critical *** > *** writings after about 1903, when he grew out of the adolescent *** > Young Man *** > *** stage [again for those who don't want to see it in the fiction]. *** > *** *** > *** >- it *** > *** >is implicit in the beginning of the bible where creation is *** > synonymous *** > *** >with separation and polarity - therefore precreation is *** > something to *** > *** >do with preseparation [or uncreation and unseparation] *** > *** *** > *** Yes, because the Bible is mistaken on this point (also an *** > extremely lively *** > *** point of debate between all of the above figures): there is not *** > an actual *** > *** beginning to all existence. There never was a precreation and a *** > creation. *** > *** No doubt it is true as you said yesterday that 0 is 1 in the end *** > but there *** > *** is no actual end either. Joyce is clear on this point too (page *** > one of *** > *** Proteus etc.). *** *** Excuse my eve's dropping on your conversation. *** *** The paradox is that, while Joyce seems to abhor mysticism, Finnegan's Wake *** is one of the great mystical tracts ever written (using as prototypes The *** Book of Kells and the Egyptian Book of the Dead, two great mystical *** tracts). Clearly he abhorred the other-worldly mysticism of Yeats and all *** -- but he obviously adores the 'body mysticism' he describes with glee in *** FW. FW is about the dream and about life-after-death. That is what *** mysticism is about. *** *** The dualism of eyes and ears in FW acts as an emblem for 'precreation' and *** 'creation' (to use Andrew's terms): the ears being the eternally open *** doors; and the eyes being the periodically open doors of Day, Light, *** creation of the world. The ears weave a wicker-like picture of the world *** in which sounds overlap and weave together a kind of phonographic picture *** of the world (round and round) -- and the ears actually feed the world of *** creation and awaken the eyes to the separation, the dualism, whereby the *** world of forms is created and nourished. The eye (the I) is the separation *** of the Individual from the Whole and the development of the Hero *** consciousness which, in fact, fuels the evolutionary model inherent in *** Nature. *** *** I don't understand the conclusion that the 'Bible is wrong' in this *** symbolic description of this dualism. The Bible begins with the Dawn, with *** creation, generation, the Light, the eyes being opened. At least it does *** after a short mystical treatment of the 'precreation'. Genesis is about *** the Dawn and the birth of the nature of the National God of Day. Sex, *** birth, and pro-creation of the future. *** *** Radio waves and sound waves (the food of the ears) are local during the *** day; and they are international (intergalactic) during the night. This is *** an emblem of the duality between internationalism (post- and pre-creation) *** and nationalism (creation). Between non-body experience (FW is about the *** corpse buried under the earth, waiting for the rebirth of the body) of *** Night; and the body experience of the Day. *** *** The tailor gives the soul a new suit of clothes for the day (a regenerated *** body); the soul is a 'misfit' at dusk. He doesn't fit in to his society *** any longer; his clothes or image no longer fit. He has no body. *** *** Shaun is the body-soul aspect of the unity and Shem if the soul-spirit (or *** soul anti-matter) aspect of the unity. Shaun and Shem are, in fact, the *** same entity, in a different light, in a different body-type and time *** period. Shaun becomes Shem and Shem becomes Shaun. They are the Northern *** and Southern Hemispheres. Reflections of one another. The motor of *** evolution/involution. *** *** The idea that '0 is 1 in the end' is not true, in fact. 1 is never zero. *** 1 may return to zero, metaphorically, as a fruit returns to a seed, but a *** fruit and a seed are never the same, by definition -- even as they share a *** common history. I would agree that zero can represent 'precreation' and 1 *** can represent 'creation' but to say that 0 is 1 in the end is like saying *** that the son is the mother in the end. The son never is the mother -- *** either that or words and concepts mean nothing. The son may be absorbed by *** the mother (Mother Earth, symbolically) in the end; but the son ceases *** being the 1 when he is not the 1. *** *** And what is 'the end' anyway. There is no end in this world view. The *** zero, the void, the post- or pre-creation, is a stage in the process, no *** more real than any other stage. The enlightenment of the mind simply *** precedes the enlightenment of the body which simply precedes the *** enlightenment of the mind again. That's how we evolve. *** *** Immortality concerns the individual's and the society's and the species' *** ability to keep both the matter-soul body and the soul-antimatter body *** vital for when each is needed. (Shaun and Shem.) *** *** Joyce loved to mystify with his use of language. Arguing exact meanings in *** Joyce is somewhat against the nature of the work, since each word, each *** syllable is a prism through which a light is shown, illuminating a plethora *** of lights and light-meanings. Puns and allusions are, by their nature, *** difficult to 'pin down'. FW is a magical light show (the light generated *** from the inside, the way the flashlight fish generates its own light in the *** deep parts of the ocean): dream-light, running across one's closed eyelids. *** I think of the book as a man running through the dark with a flashlight in *** his mouth. Word-images shake with every step, creating a magical effect *** but certainly an inexact picture of reality. I don't argue that Joyce's *** web of meanings is inexact -- but the surface pictures generated by light *** shining through syllables certainly is. And the exactness of Joyce's *** meanings comes more from Joyce's letters and the numerous excavations *** written by FW analysts than it does from FW itself. *** *** I think Joyce's understanding would have become, over time, that Shaun *** appears when the society needs Shaun; and Shem appears when the society *** needs Shem. And when Shem needs to be overthrown, Shaun overthrows him. *** And when Shaun needs to be overthrown, Shem overthrows him. *** *** With all the corruption of form that religion as a political entity goes *** through, this understanding remains the foundation of real religion. That *** the laws of nature exist for the benefit of life. And this is the basis of *** all true faith. *** *** MJC *** *** Michael J. Clark *** Administrative Assistant for Curricula *** Architecture Department *** 210 Lawrence Hall *** University of Oregon *** Eugene, OR 97403 *** 541 346 1434 *** fax 541 346 3626 energy cannot NOT be in a body - we know energy incarnates - there is all this incarnation around us - therefore it is the nature of energy to create/incarnate - and energy is immortal and changeless [as science tells us] , so creation/creating/incarnation is immortal - perhaps that is why the book of common prayer says 'world without end' [which is rather surprising, since they are always talking about eternity vs mortality/world, end of the world, judgement day etc] sir tristram = flower = viola THEREFORE he is a man - which is incarnate energy/god/heaven/nirvana/tao/io/isis/amen/formless/brahma/the great spirit etc because a vertebrate is both a cat and a dog does not mean a vertebrate is disincarnate [plato's mistake, which, taken up by the christian church, removed heaven/god from earth, made religion cheerless - since religion is re-ligio=rejoining, the separating of god and man is antireligious] ] - a vertebrate is as incarnate as a cat and a dog - indeed, is a cat and a dog - to help human consciousness avoid this platonic error, [that has created the wasteland of unlove, unlife for 2000 years] joyce creates a new language mode in which 'vertebrate' is replaced with catdog, man is replaced with violer d'amores - the multiword, which keeps its feet on the EARTH, in particulars, but means abstractions/universals, without abstracting from the earth [abstract means to draw away] - hence 'particular-universal' first page ch10 - the multiword MARRIES partic and universal [hence 'radium wedding of [night] and [morning] and the dawn of peace, pure, perfect and perpetual, waking the weary of the world' page 222 [!!!!] wow! when he wrote those [slightly selfsendingup] words, he knew what a knowledgepower he had in his hands - no wonder he wrote 'a hundred cares, a tithe of troubles and is there one who understands me' 627 so tristram/viola/violet/violence is a more precise, 'error-retardant' way of speaking of 'man' [which is one of the big words that make us so unhappy - because they trap us in unreality/unconsciousness] because we experience violets, violas, and tristrams [=particular men] rather than men, 'sir tristram, violer d'amores' says more, holds more energy, which is truth - because we experience 'cats' and 'dogs' rather than vertebrates, catdog says more than vertebrate [or animal or quadruped] [ezra pound showed he understood this, in abc of reading] so brickbrain means: what bricks and brains have in common, which is existence, atoms, energy, incarnation, thingness, mortality of form and immortality of invisible essence - the further two words are apart on the tree of all meanings, the closer to the trunk the joint meaning will be [the trunk is not at a distance from the leaves in reality, only in the tree metaphor] ------------------- *** Em Quinta 14 Março 2002 00:09, the matrix traced a message in which Nigel *** Best wrote: *** >i feel [que sais-je?] shem is natural man, the poets, who ceaselessly *** >try to save humanity from the diseases of artificiality and society [i *** >would like to recall that sentence in one of the early essays: *** >'poets...[save us from] artificial...6000 heartbeat' - *** >does anyone have it?] *** *** superb, nigel, wonderful text. *** thanks for the delight/pleasure/joy{ce} you have just given me ! *** are you trying to awake us ? *** *** nig *** if sth can be two other things at the same time, then that sth cannot be in a *** body, cannot be incarnated in two things at the same time, ie, if sir *** tristram is a musical instrument and a flower then sir tristram isn't really *** a man, ie, he is an idea or a kind of energy or an impulse. so let's say he's *** an energy or `spirit' or a vibration, then it makes sense to think that *** energy is never wasted and never disappears and is everywhere and in *** everybody [einstein]! what's the difference between a man and a fly ? *** according to the latest scientific researches, almost nothing ! what's the *** difference among a man, a tree, a colour, a concrete wall, a ray of light ? *** a difference in the way they vibrate/flutter. the difference is in the outer *** skins/layers, but if we look at them, deep down at their essence, they are *** the same. *** [isn't it in the old testament: the earth is everywhere the same but, even *** so, it can create a huge variety of so many different things !] and, as you *** wrote, the tree is the same, but it produces many many fruits and branches *** and leaves,etc.and yet, it is the same tree. *** so, tristram is the first flow of energy that is turned into two others, *** flower and instrument. *** so, if he is the primary energy that creates other two, ie, if he sires other *** two, he's still a part of those two, he's in them. *** number three is very meaningful: thesis, atithesis, synthesis; ego, superego, *** id. *** wow, i don't know if i can go on... *** maybe not now... *** it was your text that made me write all this. and your text is great, but *** mine may be just a load of nonsense. *** even so, thank you. i'll get back to tristram's story now. *** *** -- *** * * * * * * * * * * *** cyberhades *** LINUX user number: 217052 *** icq number: 132859539 *** línguas: Português/English/Esperanto *** homepage: *** more in one page of finnegans wake [deepstudied] *** than in the whole of life [skipped over] *** * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *** agape-love-caritas recent human experience has shown that objectivity ends in subjectivity - that objectivity unmasked is subjectivity and subjectivity if done right ends in objectivity - and that is the joyce way - i suspect the opposite of the deconstructionist way - i suspect, the blind leading the blind physics has gone so far that it has found itself coming out at the back of the vedas joyce says that if you want to get to heaven, the only successful way is to dig a hole and bury yourself in the earth, to plant yourself in worldly experience - this will give you something to push off from, it will give you the strength of bread to beat your wings hard enough - trying to rise in the sky will only lead to collapsing on the earth sick us a sock with some sediment in it for the sake of our darning wives [300] - ie, bring us down to earth - to see shit is to not eat it - to blind yourself to shit is to eat it all the time - people who solve problems are the heroes the humble the violets who will look the problem in the eye - thats how ionian ulysses invented the wooden horse ood question notice that they dont change character just swop capitals for italics, left for right perhaps means that shaun in caps is dominant in the first half, shem dominant in the second half [i feel the middle bit is issy] shauny accademic knowledge in the first half - divided up academically/artificially/'inorganically' into geography, history etc - shem a single, multi-ramifying image which goes to the heart of the matter why is shem irreverent? and shaun formal? shaun is egobound, trying to make something that flatters his ego, builds something imposing aweing flattering - he thinks he knows something if he constructs a category, whether there is anything in the category or not - if he can look at a shelf of books or a library and say mine, ive read all those, he is content shem undercuts that, tries to restore an engagement with the real, by making the ego-game unsustainable the four chapters of shems 'book' deal with knowledge=marriage - knowledge of opposite sex, nolij of magnamater/life/god/nature - ch 9 is prior to knowledge: fumbling stumbling curiosity excitement failure and humiliation ch10 is success for shem, not for shaun - ch 11 is the consequences - running off with the man's daughter/getting married/eloping ie love - and in shauns case the killing of the father - ie hate - both in their way inherit the kingdom ch 12 is shem become tristan sailing off with beloved into the lovedeath which is marriage in the first 3 chapters, shem picks up one more character [shaun, shem and ham till in ch 12 there are 'three men in him' and he is tristan, the young hce shaun's book - the winter of the soul - plays out his impotence, his solipsism, his guilt, his sterility, his hypocrisy, his poison, his decadent dreaminess and dislocation from reality and life - notice the frequency of the words would and could the parents book corresponds to the theocratic period up to 1132 ad and the trunk of the human body and the trunk of the tree of life [summer of the piscean age] - shems book to the medieval period [aristocratic or oligarchy] and the generative centre of the body and limbs of tree of life: medieval romances and troubadours and worship of magnamater ['disguised' as mary] [autumn] - shaun's book to the democratic, legs of body, and leaves of tree of life [winter] - the 4th book is the fruit and seed of the tree, the whole of fw and life in capsule in the daughters womb ------------------- *** In a message dated 3/13/02 8:22:49 PM Mountain Standard Time, *** writes: *** *** *** > i feel [que sais-je?] shem is natural man, the poets, who ceaselessly *** > try to save humanity from the diseases of artificiality and society [i *** > would like to recall that sentence in one of the early essays: *** > 'poets...[save us from] artificial...6000 heartbeat' - *** > does anyone have it?] *** > *** > shaun, i would say, is artificiality 'distuned' to nature - the exxons *** > and the bopals and the inorganic fertilisers and broadcast *** > insecticidism that shem-rachel carson spoke against - *** > *** Elaine: You have made me wonder why in the Homework chapter of FW, that *** halfway through, Shem and Shaun seem to change places. *** Why. Is it to point out that they are not as opposite as they seem? *** *** s cyn does this seem like a tune that would throw a woman with greta's apparent experience [furey, tuberculosis, rain, etc] into a long heartbreaking tear session? - it doesnt seem to compute quite - the version i had the music of, went up higher at the climax part of each verse i still think that a tenor with a 'pregnant' belly singing a womans song going for emotion and the high notes badly would be a laugh and it would take a lot for gabriel to suppress his scorn and ribaldry - it would be just he thing that j would object to in the irish revival - excessive solemnity, po attittudes, interdiction of humour and sense, mindless endless idolatry of past [in 'a book of ireland' ed frank oconnor [fontana] frank chooses two that reflect j's attitude: 'on behalf of some irishmen not followers of tradition' [our lips would gladlier hail the firstborn of the coming race than the last splendour of the gael - cf ibsens they call me a conservative in which he says he is so not a consv that he would blow up noahs ark - in virew of the fact that 594 is saturated with russell and stephens etc and irish forwardlooking, i would guess that the comeing 594.02 would be this coming of coming race - and all the other cases of 'coming/come in' in fw are the same - [as well as being orgasm] the other is patrick kavanagh [b1905] 'memory of brother michael' 'when shakespeare [etc] were writing the future of england page by page a nettlewild grave was irelands stage' - [cf the nettles in rain on rahoon, the poem that portrays nora/greta's sorrow] - 'culture is always something that was, something pedants can measure, skull of bard, thigh of chief, depth of dried up river, shall we be thus forever? shall we be thus forever? apparently frank thought that there was good reason to republish these poems in 1959 [the only joyce he gives room for is the portrait parnell christmas party - despite the enormous modernity and futurelooking of ulysses and the wake - if he was afraid the book wouldnt sell in ireland if he included much joyce, he could have included some of the 'nice' and easy and very irish bits of u and fw - note the backwardlookingness of the parnell episode - or some of the more modern poems of pomes - he includes 4 of his own pieces and 36 pieces with himself as translator! - does that rate as hypocrisy and betrayal?] i still think that a greta/nora pregnancy and coming to dublin to escape her violent father's wrath and losing the baby or having it adopted would be sufficient to explain the big cry that is enough to drive her into an exhausted childlike sleep then michael furey would be the cherry on the icing, the extra thing that points the sadness - his hopeless passion [would a healthy lusty girl be interested in a 'weed'?], her betrayed love that joyce writes into 'the dead' subtley through the song good theory? nig reflections on io it seemed that viol was developed from io - io - ion - fion - viol we pronounce viol vuy-ol [uy as in buy] but how is io pronounced? in english we pronounce it uy-ow [ow as in bow] i think, but in greek it would have been pronounced ee-o or ee-or or ee-ow, i think i read somewhere that io is related to ia and therefore to jah of jahweh [and compare ai, japanese and new zealand maori, love - =god] and note 293 'aiaiaiai, Antiann' - the string enables it to say ia as well as ai - it is linked with ann - and has 8 letters the number of ann/magnamater all this made me think that the essential common element is a diphthong, and the glide from one vowel to the next is called on to 'portray' the something-like-nothing of tao, the thing that must not, cannot be named [because all names have form or character and tao does not - the tao that can be named is not the tao - those who know do not speak - 'jahweh' must never be said but replaced by adonai] cf the use of smoke and steam coming from rice and wind to mean 'spirit' - in hebrew, japanese, etc cf the development of the word bar [fw594] from wheat to beer - the good or god is gathered [bar=assembly, storehouse - cf barn] or 'distilled' - the field is 'distilled' from the natural environment, the stalks are 'distilled' from the field, the grainheads are 'distilled' from the stalks, the kernel is 'distilled' from the husk and bran, the beer is 'distilled' from the grainmash, and the spirits can be distilled from the beer - in all this development, the good or god [bar=good, god] is being retained and the matter and visibles are being decreased - the spirit/god/good is still in the beer - clearly, because you get 'elevated', you start to feel good - but the god is reduced to a colour, invisibly small particles - and if you go the gin or vodka way, you can get the pure invisibility of god - we still talk of spirits and spirituous liquors - so in all these things - the diphthongs, the smoke, steam, wind, and alcohol - we have a something like nothing - something that exists that doesnt exist the diphthong, we dont have in om - but we do have in aum, the alternate form of om - and even om when strung out as they do has a subtle shift from o to i - and notice the consonants that these vowels are joined with are continuable consonants like n or m or semivowels like y and w - ion, om, aum, yahweh - still a little true of ruach [hebrew] - y is very close to ee and w is very close to oo as in moon - say ee-ess and yes, say oo-et and wet - or french oui=wee this diphthong theory means that one can jump to 'on' [=anu=heliopolis], one would suspect that on/anu[heliopolis], aun/avon/aven [hebrew, ?english], anu/danu [middle east and irish] and ana/anna [persian, gaelic=existence] and diana are related ust think: with joyce giving the elements from many sources like tristram, the reader getting the universal themes that run through all the sources joyce gives - joyce is using the great works of all literary history worldwide to illustrate and show the universal themes - and the particular literary cases give colour particularity and interest - and definition - to the universals joyce 'paints' - he is using tristram dante homer shakespeare as paints to paint the universals - we see them more clearly because j gives examples from many sources, and we see the examples more clearly in the light of the universals - ie, the meta-patterns joyce shows act as superglossaries on the various works of great literature - we read them as deeply as joyce could thanks to fw - super-amazing!] the more examples joyce can feed into his mix, the more clear it is that the pattern he paints is a universal [because a greater universal will pop up more places] - the more examples he can give, the better the universal is defined and painted - the more clearly the universal is painted, the more the universal informs and glosses the particular example cf ulysses and the odyssey - as two examples of the one universal, the universal is more clearly painted - the universal thus described.defined.portrayed then informs the reading of both ulysses and odyssey - we are not just seeing leaves of the 2 books, but the twig.branch.limb structure within them all books up to the time of ulysses were stuck in being leaves-only - and people put the leaves together in myriad [wrong] ways - eg the myriad interpretations of the bible - but fw illuminates the implicit structure in all great boks and we can put them together the right way and see the universals are the same in all books - thus we see the universals and these are the constants in life which constitute the 'point of order/pint of porter' that gives life shape meaning peace happiness stability laughter - and true dance can flourish only with this sense of stability constants order comfort pattern your energy energises me! nig ------------------- *** sir tristram de liones /lainz/ *** in thomas mallory's le morte d'arthur. *** his mother says: *** Ah, my little son, thou hast murdered thy mother, and therefore I suppose, *** thou that art a murderer so young, thou art full likely to be a manly man in *** thine age. And because I shall die of the birth of thee, I charge thee, *** gentlewoman, that thou pray my lord, King Meliodas, that when he is *** christened let call him Tristram, that is as much to say as a sorrowful *** birth. *** the name relates to sadness.but it's interesting that she says he will be `a *** manly man'. it reminds me of what you said about j's characterization of `the *** womanly man'. *** so, his father is absent, there's no father when he is born. and he `murders' *** his mother... symbolically speaking, it might mean sth, although i don't know *** what it is right now. it seems to me that he is the first of his kind or sth *** like that. *** his mother dies in a forest, near a tree. *** tristram forgives his stepmother and saves her from being burnt. *** he goes to france to learn the language, the deeds of arms, he becomes a *** harper and gets skilled in many musical instruments [cool!], hawking and *** hunting. *** sir tristram de liones and sir marhous of ireland fight on an island. *** in ireland, he says his name is tramtrist. in another source, ive found *** 'tantris'. [ie, name spelled/pronounced backwards. it seems jj does it a lot *** in fw.] *** la beale isoud cures him. *** sir palamides,a saracen, ie, a moor, a muslim. *** sir tristram & isoud & sir palamedes -->love tri-angle *** sir tristram & an earl's [segwarides'] wife & king mark --> love tri-angles *** sir tristram & isoud & mark --> love tri-angle *** [not to mention arthur & guinevere & lancelot du lake] *** [sir tristram & {viola}musical instrument & {viola}flower] -> tri-angle *** `love is shown by attention to detail'. that's what you say. i noticed that *** there are three lines in the `beginning' of the book. after that comes the *** name sir tristram in the next paragraph. coincidence? synonymy? well, maybe *** it isn't important, but the fact is that i never thought about counting up *** those lines nor had given any attention to them. *** tristram misfortune begins when he has to fight against sir marhaus, isoud's *** uncle, to defend cornwall. ie, his battle for the values and love he feels *** for `his' country ends up troubling his relationship with isoud. *** sir tristram fights against his uncle and two other knights in an ambush. *** after that, king mark would pretend he was on good terms with tristram. *** sir bleoberis asks segwarides' wife as a boon -->another triangle. *** sir tristram defeats sir blamore so as to defend king anguish of ireland who *** was accused of treason. he does not kill sir blamore.[here we see how noble *** and just he is]. *** sir tristram& isoud are prisoners in the castle pluere, the weeping castle. *** he defeats sir breunor, sir galahad's father. he then fights against sir *** galahad and defeats him. *** `as the french book saith' -->the author/narrator refers to his sources, ie, *** other books. *** dame bragwaine, isoud's maiden, is bound to a tree for three days in a forest. *** she's saved by sir palamides, who asks isoud for a boon. the boon turns out *** to be isoud herself. *** sir tristram fights against sir palamides to get isoud back. *** he is caught in bed with isoud. he gets hurt and goes to brittany. there he *** meets king howel's daughter, isoud la blanche mains. it was said she would *** cure him. and she does cure him. *** tristram defends king howel's brittany from earl grip and his knights. *** tristram gets married to isoud le blance mains but doesn't touch her even *** after their marriage. he still thinks about the other isoud. *** sir lancelot says tristram wasn't true to la beale isoud. *** sir tristram defeats sir nabon and gives an island to sir segwarides. *** sir lancelot appears as the white knight. *** *** [reading is not finished yet. i'm going to read the second volume] hink that tingsomingenting means 'thing like nothing', which is quite a lot different from a thing like no other thing thing like nothing seems to hint that his house is god who is nothing a no-thing, not-a-thing - shem is ulysses=noman - ulysses=outis-zeus=nothing-god - circle is symbol of god, nothing [void, tao, io] love and perfection - extremes meet - only the empty cup can be filled [zen] only the voidman can be filled with the all - [the hollow men the stuffed men are god] io=10=the phallic man ego one plus the god nothing, or the one-all that is god plus the nothing that is man - [ultimately 1=0] unic bar none suggests the 1 and 0 separated by the bar [the royal divorce] that prevents the whole show disappearing into the uber-blah shem seems to be all at 300 - shaun seems to acknowledge this unconsciously, calling shem-dolph fakes hoax and carrotty ie faith hope and charity and their opposites including carrotty=redhair=the devil also at 'aequal to yoursell and wanigel to anglyother' - suggests 'i am that i am' and ?empedocles's spherical man [=man for all seasons, allround man - becoming zero, he becomes everything - reaching zero, he becomes the one that includes all - bowing to become nothing he can go through the 'tiny door' [fw] into the resurrection, as does gabriel in the dead and bloom: giving up what he loves most - molly - he can fit through the tiny door of selfannihilation and enter the greater world in which molly waits for him and gives herself so much more - perfectly - she can countersign his passport to eternity life is odd, but wonderful in its climaxes,[which are everpresent in fact, if you can 'read' them] could understand what i was getting at or if everyone was just thinking i am that kook who writes reams on one little insignificant thing what a great dream you had - so jungian do you notice how selfeffacing some dreams are? - they insist: oh, im not important, dont look at me - and however hard you try you cant look at the dream i think violet is on the inside - i never thought - it seems to relate to violet relating to the inward, the spiritual - yes, the paragrapf on fw3 is a rainbow, of course, - this means that the paragraph sums up/contains the whole of fw - fw branches into seven areas of life - which in one direction flow together and are one and in the other direction flow into greater plurality - all the numbers from 7 to infinity interesting that violet contains red and blue which are the poles of the rainbow -as if the rainbow rehearses a cumulation of al the colours travelling from red to purple - and striking that violet symbolises moderation when it contains the 2 extremes redfireyang and bluefemalewateryin - everything falls together 'perfectly' - is this because god wrote it or because poets thru the ages read it that way? thank you again [j seeing infinity [io] in the insignificant 'grain of sand', the violet] im still not quite sure what i am so excited and happy about - i guess it is the coming together of all the pieces of life - all is one - one isnt wise until one sees the whole and all the parts simultaneously - the finished jigsaw puzzle - and then fortunately you get another life with all the pieces in a heap again to have 'lots of fun' again and again and again! have you red my book 'again! free at cork called 'athens of ireland' - 'certainly contributed more than its share of brains' counties of munster reading left to right, west to east, : clare, tipperary, kilkenny, carlow, wexford - [2d line] limerick, waterford - [3d line] kerry, cork cashel [middle of tipperary] was centre of *milesian rule - it was the southern-ireland tara - the heart of munster the danes were blotting out civilisation - brian boru, who defeated the danes at clontarf, was from clare - he was high king of all ireland shannon between clare and limerick - obriens from here up cork harbour on east coast: queenstown [where the liners leave for america] - cork - famous steeple bells of shandon - see fw141.04-07 cork people softvoiced, quickspeaking - see fw 140 answer [b] dorhqk: my plovery soft accents cork and kerry are the best counties of munster - they are the southern, coastal counties cork and kerry good for yachts and navies, smuggling - natural arrival point for sailors from the south - spain, mediterranean - smuggling cigars and wine o'connell and oneill defeated by mountjoy [elizabeth I] desmond[=south munster] - elizabeth I caused near complete extermination of the native race - the 1847 famine was worst in west cork cork alone of the more prosperous counties has kept the irish speech osullivans from munster - cf sullivans in fw - the 12 - the sullivani - odonoghues too macgillicuddy reeks, dingle bay, gap of dunloe [see fw 'her gap of downlow' - also in yorkshire i think] inisfallen and killarney lakes are in county kerry in the sthwest bottom of ireland daniel oconnell was the greatest kerryman - kerry: subtropical vegetation: palms, yuccas, new zealand flax killarney one of the worlds great tourist centres blackest chapter in irish history - desmond wars - under elizabeth - complete devastation brandon bay in kerry - st brendan - 'the ulysses among irish saints' - the gulf stream has always brought nuts and weeds to ireland from the new world - [the recent 'reproduction' voyage of st brendan's leatherboat voyage from brandon bay which succeeded in getting to north america, despite the gulf stream, by going up to greenland, where the current flows west and south, says that brendans book indicates voyages to america were not uncommon - hence j's 'wildeism': 'columbus had the honour of being the last person to discover america' - likely j read brendans book [in latin] in a dublin library] enyone going west from gibraltar might get caught in the gulf stream and end up in ireland - alive or dead ireland looks to me like a fat pregnant parrot wings back crashing into england - anyway, kerry and cork are the bottom of ireland, the anus and birth canal of the irish parrot - hence 'gap of downlow' [a propos rien, and intermissio: what is orange and sounds like a parrot? answer: a carrot - well, i like it - simple and childish] the five kingdoms of ireland - munster lienster ulster connaught and meath [tara, the centre] were divisions made in the milesian time of rule so it seems we might have a history of attic, ionic, ithacan greeks reeking with violets and brains coming north and taking over ireland especially the south and then being decimated by the danes and then elizabeth's mountjoy [mountjoy jail, ?dublin - see the rann, the rann] because they were too civilised and soft - cf 'lovesoftfun' and 'soft morning city'] - but contributing a lot to irish history - and if they werent killed off entirely by then, decimated again by the plague - if they were so smart, why didnt they invent superior weaponry or another wooden horse - spending too much time writing plovery blarney lovesongs in Cmajor [ionic mode] joyce country is over on the west of munster somewhere - just south of nora's galway - [mayo and galway form the parrot's wings] [lough neagh, in the middle of northern ireland, is the eye, ards peninsula east of belfast forms the beak clear as a bell - i am not mad and youre another!] according to irish minstrelsy 3d ed rev, ed sparling, walter scott publ, ?1894, the american revolution was largely driven by irish money and force - the irish revenge against the english - [surprising then that they didnt get a catholic prez earlier?] e gracehoper hawthorn white hawthorn white, hawthorn red hanging in the garden at my head tell me simple, tell me true when comes the winter, what must i do? i have a house with chimneys four i have a silver bell on the door a single hearth and a single bed - not enough, the hawthorn said i have a lute, i have a lyre i have a yellow cat by my fire a nightingale to my tree is tied - that bird looks sick, the hawthorn sighed i write on paper pure as milk i lie on sheets of shantung silk on my green breast no sin has snowed - youll catch your death, the hawthorn crowed my purse is packed with a five pound note the watchdogs in my garden gloat i blow my bagpipes down my side - better blow your safe, the hawthorn cried my pulse is steady as my clock my wits are wise as teh weathercock twice a year we are overhauled - its double summer-time! the hawthorn called i have a horse with wings for feet i have chicken each day to eat when i was born the churchbells rang - only one at a time, the hawthorn sang i have a cellar, i have a spread the bronze blood runs round my bulkhead why is my heart as light as lead? - love is not there, the hawthorn said charles causley re gracehoper the grasshopper and the cricket the poetry of earth is never dead: when all the birds are faint with the hot sun, and hide in cooling trees, a voice will run from hedge to hedge about the newmown mead; that is the grasshopper's - he takes the lead in summer luxury - he has never done with his delights, for when tired out with fun he rests at ease beneath some pleasant weed. the poetry of earth is ceasing never: on a lone winter evening,when the frost has wrought a silence, rom the stobve there shrills the crickets song, in warmth increasing ever, and seems to one in drowsiness half lost, the grasshopper's, among some grassy hills john keats gracehoper again: animals i think i could turn and live with animals ...not one is demented with the mania of owning things ...not one is respectable or industrious over the whole earth walt whitman the ondt [sair sair sullemn and ...wisechairmanlooking 416.05] the dinosaur behold the mighty dinosaur famous in prehistoric lore notonly for his weight and strength but for his intellectual length you will observe bythese remains the creature had two sets of brains one in his head [teh usual place] the other at his spinal base thus he could reason a priori as well as a posteriori no problem bothered him a bit he made both head and tail of it so wise he was, so wise and solemn ***** each thought filled just a spinal column if one brain found the pressure strong it passed a few ideas along if something slipped his forward mind twas rescued by the one behind and if in error he was caught he had a saving afterthought as he thought twice before he spoke he had no judgements t revoke for he could think, without congestion, upon both sides of every question oh gaze upon this model beast defunct ten million years at least bert leston taylor did j see this? did bert write this in time for j to see it? re violets and humility and undistinguishment as the greatest humanity to my infant godson my infant godson, i would teach you other things besides the lords prayer in the vulgar tongue to learn along the years that lead to manhood small lowly lessons, the unvirile virtues so now i wish you only humility may you hear sometimes, in those unrecorded hours between midnight and morning, when old men die and young men dance and babes whimper for the breast, hear the pityfilled laughter of angels for all the masculine magnificence, the pomp of epaulets and orders, mitre, gown and wig to clothe the uncertain, shivering, naked form of man, proud man choose humility, choose it if you dare to stand without the fancydress support of platform dignity, cockedhat importance now you have two short names, titles enough to serve your god with and love your neighbour may you live long in meekness, unrewarded, and may there be no obituaries at your death carla lanyon lanyon the man beneath the tree nothing is so far as truth nothing is so plain to see look where the light has married earth through the green leaves on the tree nothing is so hard as love love for which the wisest weep yet the child who never looked found it easily as his sleep nothing is as stange as love love is like a foreign land yet its natives find their way natural as handinhand nothing is so bare as truth the lean geometry of thought but round its poles there congregate all foliage, flowers and fruits of earth oh, love and truth and i should meet sighed the man beneath the tree but where should our acquaintance be? between your hat and the soles of your feet sang the bird at the top of the tree judith wright hunter trials its awf'lly bad luck on diana her ponies have swallowed their bits she fished down their throats with a spanner and frightened them all into fits so now shes attempting to borrow do lend her some bits, mummy do ill lend her my own for tomorrow but today *ill be wanting them too just look at prunella on guzzle the wizardest pony on earth why doesnt she slacken the muzzle and tighten the breech in his girth? i say mummy theres mrs geyser and doesnt she look pretty sick? i bet its because mona lisa was hit on the hock with a brick miss blewitt says monica threw it but monica says it was joan and joans very thick with miss blewitt so monicas sulking alone and margaret failed in her paces her withers got tied in a noose so her coronets caught in the traces and now all her fetlocks are loose oh its me now im terribly nervous i wonder if smudges will shy shes practically certain to swerve as her pelham is over one eye oh wasnt it naughty of smudges oh mummy im sick with disgust she threw me in front of the judges and my silly old collarbones bust john betjeman dfellow page 301 - fellow is the pidgin way of forming adjectives from nouns - but it can also be taken the other way sadguru or satguru is the teacher of sat or sad, which is truth, eternals, changeless, timeless thing[s so sadfellow is truthfellow or mr. true - as well as sad-fellow - which reminds of man of sorrows sad is russian garden, hence garden-fellow or mr garden-y - which suggests god in the garden of eden in the cool of the evening pidgin is also at brassenaarse fw 301.02 - arse is pidgin for foundation or ground - so, in pidgin, god is the arse of the world - see enc brit 'pidgin' - this dr seems to be the doctor who heals the world from the wasteland - leech [302.01] is used for christ long or belong is used in pidgin for all prepositions - so prince philip is fellow belong queen = husband of queen stop long ground then would mean stop on the ground, remain on the ground - ie, his reaction to the flow of time is to cling to the earth, the solid. the material, or to turn away from time to space - shaun is a spatialist or stop at ground [level] wherapool is a poem in itself, and the word comes to a long slow cool end - which is exploded by the pistolshot of gayet and the rabbit-down-the-rabbithole hurry shem-dolph has just pointed his pointer at the mother hole - knowledge has occurred - the sacred has been breached - the button has been pressed - the time machine whirrs into power - as in many presentday children's films for some reason - it seems people on a deep level see that time is the dangerous whirlpool mother that sucks us in - the cycle of life begins - esau and jacob twins fall down into the dream the wonderland the illusion - innocence is gone - the boys have seen the holy of holies - have lifted the veil of isis - are becoming men - shaun-kevin finds this dirty and retreats to infantilism and the mothers breasts [much 'nicer'] [swift: a nice person is a person of nasty ideas - see bartletts fam quotations] but shem completes the fall - 'i am willing to make a great mistake, a mistake as long as eternity too' - he becomes man and husband and is dragged down into materiality into mundanity into muddying his spirit - but this is the lovedeath that leads to resurrection - he is the seed that falls into the ground and dies - he becomes the men in ch 12 who drown in marriage - but are fertile - they go on to suffer hce's fate - be supplanted by sons, lose their daughters - but feed the world with their flesh and have new life for their death - but abstainer squeamish shaun, the unprodigal son, never knows his father's unconditional love, the love that is there when you break the laws shem is all the scientists who studied the world from scratch instead of building a pure castle of sterile ideas in the air - bacon, postivists, empiricists and all poets too agape-love-caritas nigel best ba dipnzls