PiEt so i realy liked the page you sent out on ierland. -----xxxx----- hey, that happens to be the dutch spelling! hows things? I can't complain while happy you are writing me -----xxxx----- me, i'm still a college student. hopefully i won't be continuing next semester though. i deffinately need a break. i don't even want or feel the need for a degree. never have just got stuck in school, think i'd rather be stuck in mexico. Any ways this is exciting, i've found two girls willing to back pack across the world with me starting ASAP. Did you end up in switzerland? -----xxxx----- no, even though the fact that swiss indy is down cause the operators were threatened with a complaint about the anti-semitism by 'the children of the holocaust' organization. -----xxxx----- i went there once i have another friend of the family who lives there i've been meaning to go stay with her for a while i hate to say this but i got to do it soon shes getting so old, but i love her it's great i can't wait. so if your in that area i'd realy like to see this Rainbow Plantation you were mentioning...sounds nice :) -----xxxx----- let's plan on meeting, just keep me posted about your travel itinery -----xxxx----- I hope that you are well, i think you may have mentioned not being sure if you were going to have a home base and if thats the case i hope it's working out where ever you are at. as it is my bike shed is soon my home for 4 staight years; if you know someone who's life could be saved by living in the prettiest place of amsterdam (under spartan conditions mind you) let me know; i will use a sublet excuse to start my scouting for more permanence; I just discovered a site for a community based on raw food in the touristy part of spain (near malaga), that would be nice to visit too. -----xxxx----- i find not having a place to go home to liberating in a sense but also akward stretching out in the front of my car cause the back seat and trunk are briming with my junk i am a crazy artist so harbored anyways gotta write a paper for history class on JD Rockefeller on why he's a capatlist bastard. Rosey Bottoms -----xxxx----- Gee, I don't remembers where (nettime.org?) but I recently read he invented networking?????? If I run across it again I will send you a ref. Hope you are happy; back of a car sound harsh; I guess even I have more comfort but if I start out around europe I should get a care or at least a motorbike (fancy duals?); can't decide between a vwvan or a tiny suzuki wagonR (guess they don't sell those in the states. Is it really bad with the law clampin down on alternative types or are people on indy over reacting? love always piet -----xxxx----- Subject: RE: rainy monday :) Date: Tue, 30 Apr 2002 07:45:36 -0400 From: pensievepiet To: rosebug67@hotmail.com  ----- "crystal cobb" wrote: > > >Piet, > > I keep having dreams about these two kids i know in a punk band "eyes >like autumn" i just restrung my old guitair and have been thinking about >trying to compose some songs. I think about a lot of things prodjects are >what keep me going. > > Where the hell are you? -----  believe it or not, still in A'dam, I can scarce beleaf it meself; actually it's that majestic elm in front of me whenever I open my eyes and see all sorts of light and darkness change it, all sorts of winds sway it and the birds fly through it (pigeons nest and roost near me a lot and pick it's buds). The city officials have been threatening to evict me but the head of the childcare center (which will move nextdoor) will mediate for me and as long as I cooperate with renovation (which is bound to hardly touch my side of the building) I probably won't get evicted at all. Still, I'm sorta seriously shopping for a motorcycle when the weather is good and not when it is not. Yesterday I had to evict a unbidden visitor myself and told him he was to announce (and request to fullfill) his desire to poison hisself on my premises ahead of time, to which the emphatic reply would be no, he couldn't do that. He had been by before late at night saying hello, I see you are already in bed and leaving. God knows he might have been using my place for his smacksmoking for a while already but this time he must have been determined to try make friends with me cause he moved a few things around (like the cd's I bought at a sale, one by triplets and another called pieter paddestoel for kids, a newspaper clipping about the bilingual ((e and d)) edition of finnegan's wake). Town is packed with foke today, out to get drunk or buy bargains spread all over the side walks in the traditionally busy veins of town; tonight their will be an inch thick layer of plastic cups trodden flat and some corners have bands lots of stereo's all over, all bycause it is queen's day; park is reserved for kiddy and parent activities; some youngsters had probably journeyed from afar and stayed over near a neighbour making such a racket it kept me up and I was late to get started but the drizzle keeps the crowd navigable unlike on more 'beautiful' editions) -------- Damn the weathers messed around here i think it's summer and all of the sudden i can see my breath is my half of the globe really moving closer to >the equator?  Whats your sign anyways? ------  let's do a compatibility test, I know a good place for it: http://www.astrology3d.com my bd: second of june 58 (gemini in the year of the dog) ------- Mines cancer they say i like to stay close to the home front. They predicted that one all wrong. I want to get as far away from where i am as possible. I'm so stuck, I might drive up to canada tommorow. I don't know why but i think i have the means for fun. ------- are you rich enough to make it to canada, europe? dunno. am I yours? ours? am i fun? am I your means? Gladly. can a thing like our fun come to be? Can I spend my means on (y)our fun? Good question. It seems that most men must prepare to have love go from him in tasking efforts to make a family happy. Motherhood puts such a rift between partners that it barely even holds unless there was sufficient anteceding closeness to weather such an onslaught of hormonal differentiation. I found out the hard way, I am sure. I would like an oldfashioned and long engagement before hazarding 'dangerous' love again. Still would like a happy family and closeness though someday but I am pretty much down to penning stuff like this to distant 'candidates' (like you?). Such a reality facilitates cultivations of sustaining illusion, a stopgap mesure distracting from the dismal friendlessness I live with here. A handfull of people I chat with here but I've always known my presence in Holland is like social suicide and pretty much has been from day one (my mother's desire to keep me out of trouble coinciding with my preference for nature over people most of the time). Yet I live in A'dam now (over 11 years already) and see promises aplenty. Just that none apply to me. I'll make you one: if you can dig my extreme modesty, I will be glad to share it, double it as it were. But the typical cancer is somebody who likes a lot (A LOT) of comfort and nicknacks, I would make a move while the impulse lasts cause it probably won't, cancerness can be obscured, held down, blocked counteracted, mitigated etc .. but not for ever. ------- Then sometimes i just don't think.Take care, Crystal >  ======= I meant to ask you before to put me on your poetry (and/or possible proddyact partners) mailing list. I don't like punk music very much though. It's folk for me. Bleu grass I like too. Have you ever listened to Varttina??? Finnish. What is your ethnic bg? Mixed rite? Today there is a french carribian fella playing bach on steeldrums; EXCELLENT. ---------------Piet,  I don't really feel like doing a compatibility test right now. i do, it'll get to ya in a jif (the ((free)) short version). right now i am very anti-stuff, maybe it is because i have accumulated too much. all i want right now is to become a minimalist and get rid of it all. ---------  I told you about my stash in store .. . if I moved to say ireland or northern italy I would be silly to bring all those hardwood superheavy window panes wouldn't I??? Either way, it'll take a medium size truck. > but true the cancerian artist that i am wants to stuff it all in my shell and carry it around with me. dead weight.  hmmm. the music sounds nice i like all sorts not really even to particular wouldn't even saY I had a favorite sort. i like wind insturments a lot. the can from laos sounds the most mysterious don't you agree little busy bee?  i like music i can dance to the kind of music you can feel in your belly but it doesn't hurt to have it there. :(  i am sick of america i liked living in ierland a lot. i think america must of lost it's beuty for me once i grew tall enough to see over the counter.  i live close to canada and the girlfriend i'm driving with has a rich family so the money is'nt so much an issue. will the car make it there? hmm still it's a frivilty, triviality I guess not much room for that and she is one of my more expensive friends considering her background.  minimalisim thats my modo and i'm sticking to it, my cars due for a costly inspection soon no doubt and i do fear that my 220 dollars will do little to get me to HOlland. --------- ain't you got easyjet over there??? I'll pick up your tab from there for our mutual apprentice- and intentional courtship.------- You'll find me none to heavy though. The opposite in fact. I plan on working more though once school gets out, i need a place to live though that really does complicate things. hmm. well enough about my life for now. i've got to sleep, b4 the road. hmm. well my bd is 7-15-80 if you've been itching to know for sure yourself if we're infact compatible. probably won't be tuning into this box for a while. take care, crystal -------okidokey, this won't spoil (the soil awaitin for us, are you a good dowser? pinch my left side and I'll turn turn turn till we find yours, mine or ours. ---------  to rosebug: http://www.colorgenics.com (guess you need flash) the want you to click about 8 spinning cubes away and from the sequence they divine your profile. ============ http://rainbowinfo.ch/croatia2.htm huge picture of a rainbow gathering infested hillside site in Croatia ------------- don't click until depression has you desperate (or: art alert) if this don't cheer you up I dunno that I can fp.stlcc.cc.mo.us/jangert/ and PeacePaint.html  ------zianet.com/rainbow/links ------------------------ "crystal cobb" wrote: >do you ever feel like you looking back to the life you had before more than >you move forward with the one your living >;lafjkdss sssssssssssss sssssssldkf;jassskjdl afssdskjlfadsjlk af;ladkfjkdsla;adfjk;lskdjfdlkskjdfa lkfj;skdfjdks;lajkdfj;al sdkfjkjdsakjdfsaldjakjffajd >how often much time do you think you spend infront of the copmputer each day i feel that i think about whats wrong in my life more often than i put effort into changing what i can consiously aknowledge to be wrong i feel harbored by technology and what americain society has done to the people in my life i want to escape find my parents from that deep place their souls are vacationing in seas of retrospect in front of the t.v. t.v. has to be the most depressing invention ever i feel that i need to speak out and spread love and knowledge but feel trapped myself it makes me happy that you have so many intrests and you try to know a lot about them i know thats what i would be doing if i wasn't in school well back to the school work crystal  --------------- ik denk erover een ca I'm thinkin of buying a camper; I'll see if I can find a pic. you are rite; I spend too much time with computers; I am fighting my eviction (though I have no legal weapons) in a populist fashion at the mo but if it all fails I will be out of town and most likely away from computers. I had a fun chat with a hacker at ascii the squat internet cafe; he has a little laptop with a plug (costs over 100 dollars) with which he is online . . .fast . .. and wireless .. .. . and he has idealistic schemes to set up the antenna's enabling this in the park sometime soon. The park is over run and just about run down; I haven't seen a squirrel theere for years now. Every now and then I try to point a bunch of single sillable urgency virtuosi of the hormone rage (soccer players you can see are following the inner urge to stave off pot bellies) to the effect they have on grass and worm population, air quality etc. Or I try tempt them with the old saw that the grass is greener. .. which indeed it is in the amsterdam forest which is a 15 minute cycle from the very far more popular vondelpark (against which I reside). I wanna be a teacher, a private teacher a lover a father a good partner a fairy tale hero but you know as well as I do love subjects you to some serious delusions; how do you feel about communities? Have you visited any? Are you near that one in Wisconsin .. dream something or other (with an x in it)??? I am going to see what card goes with your birthday hang on. . .. . OOhhh, !!!!!!! (( ! )) I fall to my knees and rever you more than I have so far (if that's possible), you a royal card carryer .. .royaal in dutch means generous by the way. .. anywho brace yourself gal here goes: King of Clubs: The King of Knowledge and Master of Distinctions Sitting atop the suit of knowledge, the King of Clubs has everything needed to be an authority in any area they choose. These people have a direct line to knowledge accumulated from many past lives. Rarely do they live their life by any doctrine or philosophy other than their own. The well that feeds their minds is inexhaustible and from a high source. These are the people who live by their own truth. They can be found in all types of professions, usually in positions of responsibility, always respected in whatever capacity they are engaged. They have many opportunities for marriage. Relationships and partnerships are important to them. However, they also need a certain amount of personal freedom and for many, this is more important than a marriage. They seem to do their best work with a partner, and most King of Clubs are destined to be in partnership. This is the most psychic card in the deck - so much so that their intuitive approach to life is second nature. Your Karma Cards are the: Two of Spades - You owe something to this person and they reflect you in some way. Eight of Spades - This person owes you and you are their mirror in some way. Text Copyright 1996 by Robert Camp - all rights reserved. you can get 52 days and a year also (probably free too) at: http://www.7thunders.com love (adore, worship champion and everything else in order to do some healthy fucking instead of frustrating penispluck pointlessness excercise; in that respect I should be like the only man to come visit me occasionally, he is a freak, almost bare nakedly he skates around and out of town for days or nights on end; looks acts and dresses ((strings summer and winter)) like he is gay, but as far as I can tell he is truly asexual((might have been the reason he suffered a stroke once, body builder type, very vain and proud of his physique, he is sorta like a simpleton in many ways but deep in others, one might argue he may have single handedly set off the skating rage, being a (((paid))) rolling commercial with skate brandnames pasted to his big bare thighs; he now frelances as a bike messenger so he can string it; he got me to a brilliant doctor who couldn't purge the feeling and acting out that there is something fundamentally wrong with him; he likes to barge in any time of day and night but is as good as off limits when it comes to reciprocating with a return visit)) which doesn't stop him from acquiring and relinquishing one stupid and costly obsession after another) you piet --------------------------- this passage .......... Your Karma Cards are the: Two of Spades - You owe something to this person and they reflect you in some way. Eight of Spades - This person owes you and you are their mirror in some way. . . ... .. . brought tears to my eyes cause .. . . . .I just don't often get the feeling owe me; actually I do feel they do but don't feel they know they do. .. . ... perhaps that's just a reflection on and from my own irresponsible attitude dunno ... anyway I cried at the prospect I guess or was a part of me sad about the fact I could delude myself into believing a young woman miles and cultures away could.... .. . june second (my birthday) is one of the few 2 of spades cards (my mom is a 3) the kid by the last lady to pull the wool over my eyes was due on a 2 of spade day but she came a month early -- it's old the roof needs work (might raise it ((make it seethrough)) to fit my 6.3) but the former owners loved it (that helps) and it aint expensive. we are tightly interwoven here: https://poetpiet.tripod.com/logbriefer.htm (amongst other earlier files). What courses do you do now; what is your favorite textbook now? I'll help you do a websearch (for comments) on it if you like. I mean if I fuck up with you I might as well et sterilized, catrated lobotomized and sold as a slave or something.  I like this camper too; it's costs nearly twice as much ---------