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187251 (no responses),4273,4444362,00.html At the beginning of the 20th century, nearly every single Muslim intellectual was in love with the west, admired its modern society, and campaigned for democracy and constitutional government in their own countries. Instead of seeing the west as their enemy, they recognised it as compatible with their own traditions. We should ask ourselves why we have lost this goodwill. ----------------------

187290 Scalp/Reflex Paris stops relations with France Indymedia (english) Scalp/Reflex Paris 9:58am Thu Jun 20 '02 article#187290 Tendentious sentences, historical compressed turns of phrases, freedom of speech for negationists and most of all the absence of condemnation from your administrators urge us to stop relations with France Indymedia. Good relations had been established between Indymedia and the Scalp/Reflex Paris until now. We had in common political goals among which the developing of spaces of counter-power that seemed essential to us, particularly through alternative medium. Some recent alarming ideas published by France Indymedia regarding the Near Eastern situation force us to put an end to our relations. If the Scalp/Reflex support the Palestinian people and firmly condemn the policy set up by the state of Israel, we cannot agree with certain talks even in the name of a so-called freedom of expression. The limits between a political opinion and an anti-Semitic point of view has been overstepped in texts and drawings which can be seen on your web site. Tendentious sentences, historical compressed turns of phrases, freedom of speech for negationists and most of all the absence of condemnation from your administrators urge us to stop relations with France Indymedia. We ask you to remove the link between your web site and ours and we will do the same on our own. We still hope that this disturbing publishing is a product of a lack of political culture or/and of a lack of vigilance rather than from an ideological support. Regards The Scalp/Reflex Paris =========== sad to say, sad to see subsod seedsite piet 11:53am Thu Jun 20 '02 comment#187320 spin and dunameIseize I'm havin a tif at over a little comment I added to an item called 'zionazies' and containing one puny little line which was prejudiced to boot. I just tried to improve and add substance to this item in a long shot attempt to bridge the gap between muslim youth gangs and robbed american tourists (meted out a very large spread in de 41K in dutch) and the, as many dutch indy goers/comers/takers/posters feel, offence giving title of the indy item; it got hidden and to this day I don't even know how to access a list of hidden items here at main (even though I filled 29 around80K large files on and with indyitems!!!) let alone at a different system like indynl, here I just always took care to note the item numbers, their search engine don't differentiate between hidden and none nor do I find 'my' connection to items wherein 'zionazi' occurs amongst the 20 of them in their archive. I tried to inspire the clerks to make a personal response but so far (after about 7 attempts) no luck.  I refuse to rewrite the lost item until they tell me it is irretrievable in which case I demand action: they should no longer be allowed to carry the name indymedia or remove/relieve the tough caller in question from his obviously all too arduous task to grasp the indy concept. On the controversy between legit crit and prejudiced hate mongering the UvAmsterdam has just added a sensible voice to its payroll: Evelien Gans. I think any action on the account of principles that fails to nail the person responsible for executing but in fact flouting them is itself wasted breath, sweat, etc. Join the pinpointeazz that probe for, audit-n-publish Culprits names and surnames and serve 'm writs, plain and simple.  I am sorry to sow -----Ps: whatdayall think of this: google gags my 2002 indy files but 'sees' the parallel logbriefer ones??????? -------------- days later: I added my file collection file and that got taken up the very next day but it still don't do the individual components it points to; more on google in the presently growing briefer (will probably be renamed to july) --- post script: I finally figured indy's system and rather quickly once I set my mind to it.  I am looking for other less biased places like buitenhof and nova --- and other dutch media have always been a deep depression preventer

187703   Spain: 20,000+ march against capitalism (english)  AP via ProletarianNews 5:02pm Sat Jun 22 '02    -------------- the only commenter:  augury agora!!! bagaro pagaru (english)  piet 11:52pm Sat Jun 22 '02   No violence was reported in the two-hour rally.    excellent.   howabout the hours around those 2? nyway, "...against capitalism" ?????  how do you march against an abstraction?? Caught any employers and perpetrators of the abstract and thus excessive forms of it.   ecooperative capitalism ripe yet?

187599 War is Heaven (english)   Carlinist 3:38am Sat Jun 22 '02  address: The FBI should be investigating the Bush family, not me and a bunch of hippies.  The following is from George Carlin's book; "Napalm & Silly Putty."  When the United States is not invading some sovereign nation--or setting it on fire from the air, which is more fun for our simple-minded pilots--we're usually busy "declaring war" on something here at home.   Anything we don't like about ourselves, we declare war on it. We don't do anything about it, we just declare war. "Declaring war" is our only public metaphor for problem solving. We have a war on crime, a war on poverty, a war on hate, a war on litter, a war on cancer, a war on violence, and Ronald Reagan's ultimate joke, the war on drugs.  More accurately, the war on the Constitution.   -George Carlin  ---  Well George, I guess the people were bound to form a new popular opinion that the  war on drugs is a fucking joke. The schmucks who rally for support to declare these wars must have realized that the war on drugs wasn't fooling anyone, and was even popularizing dissent. In Contemporary schmuck thought this means the population is becoming a threat to the interests of their greedy corporate buddies, which calls for a stronger war on the Constitution, an all out holocaust on our civil liberties, they call it the  war on terror. Once again we've declared war on something we don't like about ourselves.

188331  new-clear E-action harmoneutralizes nukes and lsd-ers, etc . . the wrong part of which polarity is prosecuted at the moment anyway so a refresh is badly needed. Alpha dominant crudity regressionazionally playacted to bless the forces but the fondle-mean-tool-leasts can't get their gentle ways to override 'm until .. after .. . one more effort ya programmarian ----- I got more but (slightly) less recent stuff here: on the google whack I was personally responsible for extinguishing once I prolonged it (populism promoter) from the first time I used it to the next indy hi-lite file for instance. --------------- Get Your Head Out Of Your Ass  anti-spam 6:03am Wed Jun 26 '02 comment#188345  Piet, You're still not making any sense. -------------  I glean a certain consistency in your 'still'  piet 6:38am Wed Jun 26 '02   comment#188348 And therefore, it still goes on:  new clear E action harmoneutralizes nukes and lsders, etc ------------- If you did try to peruse some of my 40 mbeezzzz you may have run across my ideas regarding the harmonization of libraries, bank accounts and voter rights (not to mention populimism .. just kidding).  -----------  the wrong part of which polarity ....  -------------  lsd and nuclear energy are simultaneous yet mutually exclusives and not similarly but I dare say equally dangerous extremes (all of capitalism's charm hype and acceleration depends on the sci-fi fancies no sooner 'seen' than coveted; only the mind's way of escaping, cocooning trying to save for a rainy day, accumulate and stockpile ways and means to escape . .. the dissolution not to mention the sharing of identity (not for nothing the mainstay in tribal society with exceptions honoured, respected, revered and usefully employed as lightning rods etc ---- thanks Louise, I love you).  --- can you see/look that up your ass somewhere? I mean, y'all and a very burdy else talks boudamnselves if they care to admit it or not, thus if mr bush don't like whatever other world leader he pretends to adress he is merely criticizing hisself; fingerpointing is in- and perverted potency; lewd exhibitionism evincing a desire to possess, occupy and use without proper adress and consent kindling.  ------------     .. . is prosecuted at the moment anyway so a refresh is badly needed. You know we have the alpha dominant crudity regression playacted to bless the forces but the fondle-mean-tool-leasts  ----------------  assuming there is a way to clean up this concept (for those doing some dutching: link to a nascent greenright (we already have a green left waaaaay ahead of them or else we wouldn't have needed to lose the unfortunate clown who's entry in politics was in effect a shock from beginning to end ----------- can't get their gentle ways to override 'm until .. after .. . one more effort ya  programmarian --------------- (free after Sade and coming full circle to the way webledgers, micro-credits and community currencies are vanguarding the future).  ----------------------  I got more but (slightly) less recent stuff here:  on the google whack I was personally responsible for extinguishing once I prolonged it  (populism promoter) from the first time I used it to the next indy hi-lite file for instance. ------------ if you think I am going to explain google whacking to you you 've got another thing coming: (thousands of examples)
This picture is taken from the webledge developer todd boyle I reported on in last issue (see toc below); I found out he has plenny more schematicism in him; I am not sure I like all the others as much as this one though; it certainly doesn't seem to be in the same league; as I said, this one has a strong flavor.


188994 cattle mutilations, silent heli's and a sensible reply:  There IS something going on (english) anon 12:15am Sun Jun 30 '02 comment#189089 --- me:  (the fact that cnn does this sort of thing confirms it?!?!?!?!): ---  I'm inclined to believe that the phenomena of cattle mutilations is real because I knew Special Ops guy who claimed he participated in this activity. This guy was active around 1980, and his 'mutes' took place in the area of rural Pennsylvania. He didn't relate this directly to me, but I got the story from his wife who was in the process of leaving him because he was such a creep. On a related note, I've heard that the defense contractor Teledyne Ryan builds a top-secret stealth helicopter made from composite materials. It is stealthy in the radar sense and more interestingly, because it emits a very low noise. There's speculation that its rotors are driven by an electrostatic charge instead of the usual jet-mechanical linkage. As to the purpose of cattle mutilations I can only guess. I favor Greer's hypothesis about a program to instill popular fear of UFOs / ETs. I've also wondered if there is an ongoing covert germ warfare or DNA research project for which they require these tissue samples. A search on Google using the terms 'mutilations' and 'Special Ops' or 'Special Forces' turns of a bit of material -------
189431 Khazars: . . .. As for the European Jews, how come that population shows the Tay-Sacks recessive gene, unlike the Semitic ones? They are *not* the same people. ----------------- A jew!!! (english) samsarga 10:34pm Mon Jul 1 '02 comment#189478 Yes, I also can only agree with this as it would explain why jewish and hebrew sound slavic or german. Furthermore why after the soviet union "fell" apart americans sanctioned and paid for the transit for millions of "jews" to "re-settle" palestine, which in turn is the pseydo "nation" israel, that was created by a group of people who want to have more war, yes those people who live on war, big money as usual, who are mostly rockefellers and speielbergs, my what a crazy planet, thanx. ------------- I add: surfed into a viking treasure yesterday chinanews 1:08am Tue Jul 2 '02 comment#189507 via - one of the many facts: most coins are islamic but the khazarians have moses instead of mohammed. -----------

7-2.htm (90K (erased)

 Shall the Poor Be Always With Us? (by Tull @ - christian) ------------ Bourdieu (just before he died) and Grass @ ----------189??? Open letter from nonviol. dir. activist heading for Palestine ------------- 189485 U.S. farm subsidies hurt Talli Nauman, ------------- 189380 The Movement For Male Restraint (+ 9 polarized comment -------------- 189338 The crisis of capitalism James Bowman

7-3.htm (116K now erased)

 189592 WHY WORRY ABOUT G. W. BUSH? (english) Bruce Wilson --------189601 proposal 4 the end of pro-palestinian/anti-israel rhetoric ----------- 1896?? (via scoop nz) items about international peacekeepers observers being thwarted by Israeli army (that's putting it way more polite than those biased bastards deserve) ---------- 189521 June 23, 2002 Anti-U.S. militants showing up all over -----------  from (zoroastrian) on Nietzsche ------------ the rest of this file via Some Major Problems with the Future of Civilization + 11 --------- What is vanguardism and why do anarchists reject it? + 21 ----------- Retaliation by Howard Zinn + 9 ----------- Ten Native Youth facing Death Penalty ----------- resistance is futile + 145!!!!! about the iso; the last 3 posts here ------------- spreading the word -

189581 Zionism 101 (real people quotes and colourful too; I point to it in related item: indynl 5157 Oppose pernicious ´Antisemitism´(TM) !! by BlackPope (with Sharon by Latuff)  I go:  oppose pernicious zionism 03.07.2002 09:55 desertpeople into the greenery to come steal some leafy shit; trample the flowers, etc. hi-tec should-know-betters into the deserts to steal the stored long past growth vicious vicious viscous yet fishy circlings -- real people real quotes real colourful --- relevant as well (racists who have stopped being racist, although the old content belies the smartly updated ((although marx already said it)) caption):189520Beware of the Zionists lies and myths! When the cult cries anti-semitism to silent their critics and to say that the world hates them because of who they are as a race, keep in mind that â??Jewsâ?? have no race and are found in every race who wants to join the club.

189725 let's have globalization slime 9:18am Wed Jul 3 '02 slime responds to may day article in Capitalism Magazine: 'The Left's Violent Assault on Global Prosperity' ---- I'm all for globaliztion. I want free exchange of labor as well as goods. I want it to just as easy for people to immigrate as it is for products. I want labor to be able to organize internationally without restrictions from governments or corporations. I want to be able to choose which government services my taxes pay for, and which government I get those services from. I want children to have a choice of which government they will commit their citizenship too. No required citizenship before the age of 18. Still, I want local communities to have some say in their local affairs. How worthwhile is comparative advantage if locals are dying early from stress, pollution and other environmental degradation. But if the people choose it, I'll accept it. Let the workers and residents decide how much to sacrifice for comparative advantage. I won't accept it if corporations and governments are forcing it with claims of barriers to free trade. Here in the U$, we sacrificed nomadic hunter/gathers, as well as their environments for our comparative advantage. Maybe those indigenous people living on the Pine Ridge Reservation need to be educated about what a worthwhile sacrifice their culture and the tall grass prairie was. Anyway, why all of the antiglobalization from our governments and corporations. If there is nothing to fear from leftists, then why not have transparent negotiations? What are they afraid of telling people? Corporations and governments should support globalization such as our labor unions that have been trying to organize internationally long before W could say globalizationalism. --------------- ride on slimey!!!! slide on rhyme too In order to not lose sight of the socialist aspects/origins of weapons such as penmanship, accountancy, registration, emission, etc (I mean, if you are gonna chuck the whole mass society and go back to oral that's fine by me but if we all get good at we could reach great hights of density and yet keep the soil fluffy, fancyfree, paw- and footloose) may I humbly suggest you try get past the colour chaos into the content of:

is this the way to find hidden articles?????? group=webcastled=ysort=rate=nonefilter=hidden has new Zerzan pieces (I found them disappointing meself but . .)
 anti-femitism is perhaps a better term than the old saw?

189768 here's a perk; we deserve it   piet 11:41am Wed Jul 3 '02 I am working on a list of noted in passing but better not let be bygones. About this one I noted  (pretty good) in april; it's a blast to last a while. --  absolute and philistine fun don't waste no more time,  slap your finger on that link (hope your browser hacks  it): (phun stuff) -----

 Ousted from 7-4.htm on 7-8: -- AGAINST THE CORPSE MACHINE Defining a post-leftist anarchist critique of violence  by Ashen Ruins -- OUR VIOLENT ANARCHIST HISTORY -- "THE PEOPLE" ARE ALIENATED BY VIOLENCE AND OTHER MYTHS -- THE CASE OF MUMIA ---- MEAN ENDS (very long article) pg-message_read.asp? tid=20020703084 4144786&tkey=4204 Dutch hate party collapses in squabbling + 20 comments |242 reads --- posted this at dutch indy 5250, where it didn't just get hidden, it got obliterated (well, for a little while anyway, I probably tried to find it just as it was being moved ((of the front page since there is a policy to leave only (((translations to))) dutch there as I found out after a chat with an editor)) but now it's back on the wire), a similar item (5167) I posted some days earlier but under the name of the author was left in peace --- this one was by piet prut en 20 brave slaven, entitled: netslaves 20 (informative) ´netslaves´ bout pim´s party -- respond to an article by the independent europe/story.jsp?story=311398 ---- you can't win 'm all.

--- --- (guess I should do a head on to head on with these guys; they say: liberty through technology; I say: hi-end encryption is terrorism vs low (t)end lock up is inertia) ----- + any of the following are all that is left of my consistent one month long effort (had to do another culling due to space constraints) ---
12-10-01-1.htm 18-10-01-2.htm --- 22-10-01-1.htm ---  22-9-01-8.htm --- 24-10-01-2.htm 7-10-01-1.htm -- baudrillard-earlier.htm ---- baudrillard.htm ---- clinton.htm -- dicktators.htm -- laden.htm -- marcos.htm -- palast.htm -- zinn.htm --

Ousted from 7-5.htm on 7-8: 20 netslaves (recession culture spoken here) comment on Dutch hate party -------- Why Does Netscape Still Exist? -------- A better printable page (via and

190093  I think I might delete my whole site; imagine my son being threatened with a year in jail for putting a meanwhile famous poem of mine on the internet 30 years later (happens in egypt right now) nonsense network (a blogger pointing to a recent read of a blog he is going to visit daily, definitely, from now on. Well, Morbus Iff did pick out an interesting item; god knows I have complained about the (printing)paper use efficiency I see around me before. I think universities should first and before anything else give their students a course in format tweaking, preferably to approach the intensity I so exemplarily (witness the board at  practice (which microsoft manages to malignently fuck up anyway). -- better printable page -- see 7-5.htm --- I do agree this Nublog (actually NUblog) is quite zesty: browse him by subject too: Accessibility – Broadband – Case studies --- Convergence – Corporatism – E-books ---  Economics of content – Interfaces – Interviews ---- Journalism – Laws – Links --  Magazines – Miscellaneous – Multilingualism – Niche content -- Olympics – Photography – Portals – Re: NUblog ---- Typography – Usability – Web shops --- Weblogs and community-building – Web standards – What is content? -----  What is content? (Aaaaah, the type of questioning that should sooner or later come through on its mere promissor(r)iness or what????)

190543 - "kill surveillance cameras" - I go:  sad to see yall gloat over and goad pyromania I have a better idea perhaps: We citizens of the free west should endure and endorse infringements and curbings on our privacy in the interest of preventing cancers like terrorism. Fine, by all means. But! Let our even finer leaders lead us, show us how it's done and remind us that a true leader only leads when he leads by example; they conjure up, deserve and merit if not provoke training the most inobtrusive, pervasive and accurate hi-tec surveillance on themselves!!! What use is surveillance in prison where walls already hamper all mischief; it's the all to free we need to put tabs on. If any of my 40 Mbeezz text would merit some hi-light(n)in' next, it's gotta be this insite (available since 98)

190556 - autism vaccination connection --- I go: have you read the rates for silicon valley? in a wired magazine of some months ago they talked about autism shooting up there, I took it as genetics/eugenics in other words biased breeding related but I didn't read it that well, surely toxicity would play a role there too if you look at what  silicon hell has to tell (articles from 2000): - 53k --- - 16k

190404 IMF chief economist and Nobel Prize-winner battle over globalization; first time you (the propagandamatrix man; who's radio I am sampling via rite now .. .blaaaah, boring detectives of course; dey got a lot of Zappa at too though youpee joepie!!) come up with something sensible  2:44am Sun Jul 7 '02  thanx  --- if this next (related but more soberheaded than talks of meltdown) don't work take the hyphen (-) out:

I change colour to light green

190659 IMF: 1-in-5 chance of "global financial meltdown"-  8:14am Mon Jul 8 '02Straight from the horses's mouth.. Read what IMF chief says on possible collapse of US dollar and "1 in 5" chance of "global meltdown" business/newsid_2097000/2097064.stm   =====+===== read this too and better yet .. .piet 10:16am Mon Jul 8 '02 comment#190683 if it is a gloomy piece as I suspect, here is a smart and gloomy one: nettime-l-0207/msg00048.html Stiglitz is not the Answer by Soenke Zehle ----- this is really a good read as far as static analysis goes ------  ======== thought you might like this too (googlies) piet Soenke Zehle: Beyond Campus Boundaries: Graduate Student Labor ... ... future of solidarity and support, beyond a narrowly conceived politics of privilege. Soenke Zehle, SUNY Binghamton. by Soenke Zehle. - 15k - ---------------- War on High-Tech Waste (Interview with Ted Smith/SVTC) Soenke Zehle on Tue, 23 Oct 2001 23:03:43 +0200 (CEST). ... nettime-l-0110/msg00125.html - 23k ------------------  [Nettime-bold] Agamben on Security & Terror Soenke Zehle on Thu, 20 Sep 2001 15:20:33 +0200 (CEST). ... nettime-bold-0109/msg00619.html - 8k ---------- The Generation_online 2001-October Archive by Thread ... [Generation_online] Post-WTC Empire Review Soenke Zehle: [Generation_online] .. generation_online/ 2001-October/thread.html - 15k ----------- The Generation_online 2001-October Archive by Author ... Wilson; [Generation_online] Hardt's dates Rowan Wilson; Negri on S11 Rowan Wilson;.. 2001-October/author.html - 11k - ---------  [Reader-list] workers in silicon valley ... This is from nettime, sorry for cross-postings ravi ----- From: Soenke Zehle To: Sender ... 2001-August/000319.html - 32k ----------- [Reader-list] Unocal Oil Company adviser named US envoy to ... Soenke Zehle Fri, 04 Jan 2002 21:21:45 +0100: Previous message: [Reader-list] Kamila Shamsie on India,Pakistan and Lies; Next message: [Reader ... 2002-January/001007.html - 12k ----------- Soenke Zehle, Eco-Politics of Sovereignty Back. Soenke Zehle, State University of New York. The Eco-Politics of Sovereignty: Indigenous (Trans) Nationalism & The Post-National Constellation. ... /pomo2.papers/zehle00.htm - 13k - ---------EnvPubs-L (The Real Green Revolution: Organic and agroecological ... ... From: "Soenke Zehle" To: Sent: Thursday, May 02, 2002 2:03 PM Subject: The Real Green Revolution Organic ... envpubs-l/msg00963.html - 19k ---------  I. Does Race Matter? SUNY Binghamton, October 1996 PROPERTIES OF RACE. Sönke Zehle. I. Does Race Matter? SUNY Binghamton, October 1996. Soon after the beginning of the student protests ... - 7k - =========== gloomy and assbackward(ly socialist) response (english) piet 10:43am Mon Jul 8 '02 near the end of a reply some days later "nettime's_frenemy" goes . ..(that name is an indication of the confusion in artsy head who try to think .. .I say think first ((after takinin some nature)) and art comes easy) ---  My guess is that it can only happen when large numbers of people see their lives on the line, and at the same time, cease believing in the rationality of the market, ------ he means believing in our ability to make it transparant I guess; sorry folks your only privacy is in the grove orchard and flower garden (and even there you are periodically subjected to random soiltests) -------- and in ethnocentrism as a way out. well, when times are or get hard that ism has proved quite inevitably despite pious professions of socialismism and so indeed, it's even more imperative to become a selfcontained autonomous etc unit for anyone caring to kowtow to the faith of the multicult; may the prosper and grow remote enough from already taken spaces; let'm form a regreen the desert, that will gain them legitimacy and respectability. Let'm at it: sign all already fully eroded traditions over to them; it's the cheapest ground going anyways...... ======= think I just discovered Soenke's cheery side (english) piet 10:48am Mon Jul 8 '02 comment#190689 The Real Green Revolution: Organic and agroecological farming in the South, Nicholas Parrott & Terry Marsden, Greenpeace Environmental Trust (Posted: May 02, 2002) ------ From: "Soenke Zehle" To: Sent: Thursday, May 02, 2002 2:03 PM Subject: The Real Green Revolution Organic Agriculture for the South: The new study "The Real Green Revolution: Organic and agroecological farming in the South" critically analyzes the potential of organic agriculture in the South. Includes many case studies. The authors conclude that organic agriculture is in fact a viable option for the South. The study "The Real Green Revolution", by Nicholas Parrott & Terry Marsden, Cardiff University, GB, 2002, published by Greenpeace Environmental Trust, can be ordered for 24 EUR at IFOAM : Free !!! Download (PDF, 151 pages, 1.2 MB) at /  Pg/pM/pm2/pm525.html ------------- there, I didn't say too much did I???? ========= ah, here's the source of gloom (english) piet 11:07am Mon Jul 8 '02 comment#190691 Soenke translated an Agamben piece from FAZ back in 2001: But there is another danger. Because they require constant reference to a state of exception, measure of security work towards a growing depoliticization of society. In the long run they are irreconcilable with democracy. Taking this myopia for a guide it is no wonder she(?) hasn't yet made the jump to the insurance ideas as set forth by Ulrich von Beckerath guest_appearances/ public_insurance_and_compensation_money.htm --

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I added some filler to make it a decent size: item 190610 HAMAS HISTORY TIED TO ISRAEL ----------- - 23k DISTURBING PSYCHOANALYTIC ORIGINS: A DERRIDEAN READING OF FREUDIAN THEORY  Besides the part that refers to Masson I stuck up this: CHAPTER 3 (Un)Easily Contained Elements Section  -- 1 Suffering Reminiscences: Reading Derrida’s Reading of the Project   --  2. Limiting the Effects of Memory and Chance in Freud’s Work with "Hysterics" ---

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another 2 chapters by Eric Anders(.net): Phallocentrism and Logocentrism: Relating to Feminisms ----- The Beyonds of Freud’s Case Work: From Ontogenetic to Phylogenetic ----  2. Primal Phantasies: Freud as the Archeologist of the Mind ------ 

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190830 Bias, By Any Other Name... (an indy matches wordcount to an adl article - riteshuws!) --------------- 190740 Earth First! Activists Occupy Two Trees ----------- 190628 Out of control Quebec forest fires spread smoke over half of East Coast (english)  ------- ----------

190812 Ruppert: The Sky Is About To Fall (lists conspisites I never seen and won't bothr to); so, looky here; a veritable detectiv reunion with their whirlwhy'd sweeping command of tracking the villains (looks like the arena man sourly missed izzy and must have not known he posts at cea-usa regularly). I can only come up with a weird analogy to all these tention, potensions e(qui{{p}})vocations and yearnings for precipices: a need to get sobered, laid and fucked good, then put to work to make the next one a bigger party --------------

 190543 "kill surveillance cameras" - I go: sad to see yall gloat over and goad on pyromania Any intention to use exothermal oxidation (flame) should be outlawed and severely rationed (starting with declaring less than 2 or 3 people in one care illegal). Mustering popular support for superfluidizing and recycling whatever is fine by me but setting fire to no matter what target earns my veto everytime I have a better idea perhaps: We citizens of the free west should endure and endorse infringements and curbings on our privacy in the interest of preventing cancers like terrorism. Fine, by all means. But! Let our even finer leaders lead us, show us how it's done and remind us that a true leader only leads when he leads by example; they conjure up, deserve and merit if not provoke training the most inobtrusive, pervasive and accurate hi-tec surveillance on themselves!!! What use is surveillance in prison where walls already hamper all mischief; it's the all to free we need to put tabs on. If any of my 40 Mbeezz text would merit some hi-light(n)in' next, it's gotta be this insite (available since 98) -

190786 WHERE ARE THE INDICTMENTS? by Dan Ackman 2002-07-08 18:57:13.96947-07 It has been said about the various corporate scandals that there is plenty of blame to go around--and that's exactly where it's going: around and around. WHERE ARE THE INDICTMENTS? (english) --

 190628  Out of control Quebec forest fires spread smoke over half of East Coast   -------- I go: hate to say this but it was all foretold by J (english) Hamaker 6:00am Mon Jul 8 '02 comment#190637 John D Hamaker to be exact; 5th and 7th googlie searching for hamaker fires: Organica News -- Aubrey's Herbals: Feeding the Soils That Feed Us ... fires, which in turn destroy more trees and release more CO2 into the air. Rather quickly, the heating/cooling cycle gathers irreversible momentum. Hamaker was ... - 21k - ------------ Feeding the Soils ... Hamaker was not alone in suggesting that some source of increased energy would ... Volcanic eruptions spark forest fires, which destroy more trees and release more ... topsoil/feedsoil.htm - 16k  ------- /2000/0005min.txt ---------- ====+==== and this is 11th and 19th cite (english) piet 6:02am Mon Jul 8 '02 comment#190638 poetpiet's twelfth miscellany (march 2000) ... animals (they suffer) and the waste is incinerated- Mother Earth suffers from extra fires.... ... So did John D Hamaker, Agassi and me get assigned new colours here ... miscs-n-logs/ twelfth_miscellany.htm - 96k  -------------  Untitled Document ... Publishers; Cosgrove, Sean This forest policy specialist discussed the forest fires in ... Ice Age, Editor of Survival of Civilization by John D. Hamaker, Hamaker- ... tree/tree.asp?Cat=4 - 38k - ===+=== global cooling evidence too (english) piet 6:07am Mon Jul 8 '02 comment#190639 just found this at indy austriaScientists Warn of Global Cooling. Tasmanian Scientist John Daly [ ] has warned that the Scientific Data collected on Antarctica [SEE the NASA Godard Institute  data/update/gistemp/station_data/ ] clearly confirms that Antarctica is cooling by degrees and that Ice is accumulating. This accumulation has resulted in the breakup of several huge Antarctic Ice sheets. Antarctica is one huge glacier, moving slowly from the center and falling off the edges as ice accumulates, the cooling of the climate there seems to have accelerated this process. Antarctica is a sensitive indicator of the Earth's weather and this cooling is evidence that Earth is entering a new Ice Age and drastic measures must be taken to avoid this impending catastrophe. John Daly and thousands of other Scientists [ ] point out that the computer models on which The Kyoto Protocol is solely based do not guarantee that dramatically increasing the burning of fossil fuels will cause Global Warming to counteract the ice age and that other measures are urgently needed to mitigate this impending Global disaster. ( In case you think I'm serious - this is a satire on the global warming rubbish put out by the greenies - Antarctica is cooling - but nobody knows yet what the world's climate is doing - it remains completely unpredictable. Ice shelves have broken off Antarctica in a continuum for millions of years.) More Scientist Forced to Recant by the Green Inquisition yours/Scientist_forced_to_recant.htm ======+======= another global cooling article (english) piet 7:00am Mon Jul 8 '02 comment#190643 also via indy austria 35538 and the same source OCEANOGRAPHER FORCED TO RECANT BY THE GREEN LOBBY The Galileo of Global Warming It's not PC to blame Mother Nature this appeared in the american spectator (gilder goading crowd); here is the conclusion: Overall, the situation is simple. Politicized scientists with government grants and dubious computer temperature models persuaded the world's politicians to make pompous fools of themselves in Kyoto. Socialist politicians were happy to join an absurd movement to impose government regulations over the world energy supply and thus over the world economy. The scientific claims and computer models have now blown up in their faces. But rather than admit error they persist in their fear-mongering. When this happened with DDT, hundreds of millions of people died of malaria. They continue to die. How many people would die as a result of an energy clamp on global capitalism? From May, 2001 American Spectator article. References (careful, longer links are 'broken' (contain a space to fit a narrow table in my read on paper mode format)
Still Waiting For Greenhouse
Global Warming Petition Project /pproject/s33p36.htm CO2
Science Magazine
The Science & Environmental Policy Project
Absorption of Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere daly/co2-conc/ahl-co2.htm
Proffessor Lindzen MIT regulation/reg15n2g.html /cover_stories/article_159.asp cover_stories/article_161.asp editorial/feature.html?id=95000606 daly/co2-conc/ahl-co2.htm smartboard/aginatur/prog1.htm bushland/bushtalk/0071.html yours/Greenhouse_Bullcrap.htm
-------------I haven't checked any of the links but if the article is an indication of their 'teneur' I would think it is safe to say it's a bunch of apologists/condoners for irresponsible habits. Sure can be true that we are actually a little colder on average but woh ever mentions the polarizing and differential effects in the matter (besides Hamaker?): colder wetter cloudier here while warmer and dryer there. Simple enough but not if you are too busy making moola. ======+======= apparantly that grant is a pest (english) piet 7:07am Mon Jul 8 '02 comment#190646 his (colourful) homepage points to a brisbane indy item 1274 which he copied to his own site, a few excerpts: Greenhouse gas concentrations Global warming From climate sensitivity to climate change Global climate models Future climate in a given region The impacts of climate change Summary The greenhouse effect…global warming…climate change…phrases that have been at the centre of public debate in Australia and around the world since the 1980's. [ FALSE. There has been virtually no public debate - due to a constant bombardment of politically motivated science news items which have had the cumulative effect of unjustifiably forcing it into the conventional wisdom as a fait acompli. ] An exploration of the uncertainties of the science relating to greenhouse needs to start with those elements of the subject that are the most broadly agreed before moving to the more contentious issues. The greenhouse effect About 100 years ago (1896) a Swedish scientist made the first calculation of global warming that could be expected due to a doubling of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. As our understanding of climate expanded through the decades of the 20th century, it became clear that a number of other gases in a planet's atmosphere act to trap radiation. Since a planet's temperature is determined by the balance between incoming solar and out-going planetary radiation, the overall effect of gases that trap radiation near the surface of a planet will be to elevate the surface temperature to a level above that which would otherwise be the case. [ This conveniently ignores convectional cooling. The natural greenhouse effect is actually overwhelmed by convectional cooling. Alone, the natural greenhouse effect would heat the earth's surface to 75oC. Convectional cooling actually reduces it to the existing 15oC. ] Somebody coined this process the 'greenhouse effect,' erroneously likening the effect of these radiation-trapping gases to the effect of a glasshouse on a sunny day. By careful observation on planet earth, it also became clear that the comfortable temperature of the planet - averaging about 15°C - is largely due to the effect of these greenhouse gases. In the case of the earth the major naturally-occurring greenhouse gases are: water vapour, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and ozone where it occurs near the earth's surface. [ Here we go distorting facts. Convectional cooling dominates the earth's temperature and water vapour dominates the relatively minor greenhouse gas effect . Water Vapour causes almost all the greenhouse effect - 98% of it !! Methane, nitrous oxide, and ozone are pathetically insignificant.] This mechanism - the greenhouse effect - is well understood and its operation is accepted by even the most hardened critics of climate change. [ And CO2 can only be a very minor and insignificant part of it. ] The composition of the earth's atmosphere The late 1950s saw a remarkable international scientific effort to understand the physical characteristics of the home of Homo sapiens. This international effort reached its zenith during 1957, the International Geophysical Year. It was during this year that high on a volcano in Hawaii, Dr Dave Keeling started continuous measurement of carbon dioxide at the Mauna Loa Observatory. The idea behind the observatory was to situate it far away from sources of city pollution, so that scientists could determine the composition of 'unpolluted' or baseline air. Even at that time scientists thought that perhaps rapid industrialisation, the burning of fossil fuels (coal, gas and oil) and deforestation might be changing the composition of the atmosphere. The ability to make such measurements required major advances in analytical technologies, because the greenhouse gases are present only in trace quantities in the atmosphere. Air contains about 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, with the most abundant trace greenhouse gas being carbon dioxide at 0.035%(1). [ FALSE the most abundant trace greenhouse gas is water vapour it causes 98% of the greenhouse effect, (which in turn is smothered by convectional cooling), and it can be up to 4% of the air ] In parallel with these developments, scientists realised that it is possible to recover and analyze air from bubbles trapped in polar ice. Ice core measurements have enabled us to place recent changes in the atmosphere in an historic context. Very precise records are available for the last thousand years, with other records reaching back 400,000 years. [ If the one or two ice core experiments yet conducted are correct then the increase could simply be a natural variation. There will be natural variations in the concentration in CO2. ] This body of research has shown, without doubt, that major greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and methane) [ FALSE the major greenhouse gas is water vapour - it causes 98% of the greenhouse effect - which in turn is smothered by convectional cooling. ] have been, and are, continuing to increase in the global atmosphere. During this century a number of artificial compounds: chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), and perfluorocarbons (PFCs), which are also powerful greenhouse gases have been introduced into the atmosphere. [ These gases are so small in concentration that it is insulting to include them in greenhouse discussion. ] Again, as with the mechanism known as the greenhouse effect, the historic change in the composition of the atmosphere, is not under serious dispute. [ But your above lies and distortions most certainly are in dispute. 15,000 scientists have signed the Global Warming Petition Project which completely refutes that there is any threat from Global warming due to CO2 emissions. ] Furthermore, scientific analysis clearly shows that the combustion of fossil fuels and large-scale deforestation have driven the increase in carbon dioxide. [ This is a plain, simple, lie. There is no science that shows that the burning of fossil fuels and deforestation is proven responsible for increased CO2, alleged to have been found in ice in polar regions. It is simple coincidence at best. The level of CO2 has always been variable in the Earth's atmosphere over the millennia. There are many other factors in play. ] Increases in methane and nitrous oxide are also linked to human activity. Uncertainty and the future Given this solid basis in scientific dogma, it surprises some that 'climate change' has become such an intense topic of discussion. [ FALSE. When did we hear ANY public discussion - we just got a bombardment of politically motivated science news items which have had the cumulative effect of unjustifiably forcing it into the conventional wisdom as a fait acompli. ] However, the uncertainties really begin to intrude when we look to the future. In order to determine whether the changing composition of the atmosphere is cause for concern we need to answer a series of ever more difficult questions: will humans continue to release greenhouse gases, and at what rate? how will such emissions affect future level of greenhouse gases? what's the effect of elevated levels of greenhouse gases on global temperature? will other important climatic variables such as rainfall, evaporation, winds be affected, if so, how? can we be specific about climate changes in particular places? can we anticipate other effects? if climate were to change, what impacts would result? Each of these questions has been subjected to intensive investigation. For brevity, the remainder of this account will focus largely on the role of carbon dioxide. Greenhouse gas emissions Future emissions of greenhouse gases are unknown. However, by predicting population growth, economic activity, rates of technological change, and the energy mix thought likely to be used by different nations, it is possible to develop scenarios of future greenhouse gas emissions. [ and scenarios about the fairies at the bottom of the garden - and don't forget scenarios for this year's Melbourne Cup winner, also very rewarding. ] Taking the many different views of the future into account, it is clear that the range of possibilities for future greenhouse gas emissions is very wide. In fact, uncertainties surrounding the future growth of greenhouse gas emissions is a major contributor to the uncertainty surrounding estimate of future levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, and hence future warming. [ What Warming? Greenhouse theory is fundamentally flawed because it assumes that the earth's climate is stable when it isn't - it never has been - it has always got hotter and colder all by itself over the millennia - sometimes quite rapidly. We could soon all be worrying about a new Ice Age coming instead. (Although the greenies would blame that on burning fossil fuels too - you can't win with them of course ) ] Greenhouse gas concentrations From the point of view of the climate scientist, the emissions of greenhouse gases are not as important as the concentrations of the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. When carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere three things can happen to it: it can stay in the atmosphere. [ It can NOT stay in the atmosphere. There is a very active dynamic balance between plants and animals [ the carbon cycle ] this is illustrated by the fact that the concentration of CO2 varies over each year as deciduous plants in the northern hemisphere drop their leaves. An increase in CO2 will cause plants to flourish up and breathe in the CO2 and the dynamic balance will return to where it is now it. ] --- this man is obviously blind to the extent of deserts  ----  it can be absorbed by the oceans it can be incorporated into the biological tissues and products via photosynthesis. The mass of planetary carbon remains constant. Therefore as we release carbon dioxide to the atmosphere the rate at which it will accumulate there will depend on the rate at which it can be incorporated into plants and the soil (the biosphere) and on the rate at which the oceans can remove it. Huge amounts of carbon are exchanged between the atmosphere, biosphere and oceans each year. This global carbon cycle has operated in one form or another for millions of years. The annual natural exchange between biosphere and atmosphere is about 60 billion tonnes of carbon in each direction. By comparison, the yearly exchange between the oceans and atmosphere is about 90 billion tonnes. Against this massive exchange of carbon the human-caused changes are very small: we are adding about 7 billion tonnes of carbon to the atmosphere each year(2). [ Another lie. We are EMITTING 7 billion tonnes - it is all absorbed back again in the carbon cycle and I defy anyone to scientifically prove otherwise. Even the greenies' theory only contends that we are "adding" less than 1 billion tonnes a year to the measured concentration in ice cores etc. ] [ This is important. 150 billion tonnes of CO2 are produced and then absorbed again each year. The percentile of CO2 that we measure in air is overwhelmingly due to molecules on their way from animals to plants. This concentration varies from place to place, season to season and year to year as a natural variation. Since humans only emit 7 billion tons a year it is fanciful to suggest that we have or are going to increase the amount of CO2 in the overall atmosphere. ] Processes such as weathering of rocks, volcanism and coral reef-building also result in exchanges of carbon between the atmosphere and geosphere, but only over very long time periods. Nevertheless, the human additions are enough to change the fine balance of the global carbon cycle. [ EXCUSE ME. This is supposed to be Science! There is absolutely no scientific evidence for this. It was just plucked out of mid air. There is no "fine balance in the carbon cycle" it is a very robust natural phenomena, millions of years old. CO2 is a tiny trace element in the air because plants greedily breathe it in all the time. ] Scientists cannot be completely sure that as climate change proceeds the rate at which the oceans to absorb carbon will stay the same. Furthermore, levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere also influence plant growth. As carbon dioxide rises it is expected that elevated plant growth may increase the rate of removal of carbon from the atmosphere. [ Too true ! But experimental data (  co2tables/plantgrowth.htm and ) PROVES that elevated plant growth WILL, not may, increase the rate of removal of carbon from the atmosphere. ] Of course, this 'CO2 fertilisation' will only make a difference provided the rate of deforestation slows. [ Deforestation does not produce a desert - other green plants quickly occupy the space and go on absorbing almost the same, if not more CO2 as the forest canopy did. ] --- Once again he shows his ignorance about the biggest scourges accompanying logging, development and 'conventional' ag: EROSION!!! SEDIMENTATION, ETC!!!!1

a handful of UK items our precious 'BlackPope'  (which is a term used to designate the head honcho of the jesuits ((made responsible for the very zionazuProotokils themselves etc))  in a 101K doc floating around the conspisites but this one is just funny and rite on) saw fit to comment in (but he seems to be a man following in my footsteps rather ranting at austria for their hyper sensitivity to things jewoid), he beats most of us hands down with a total of 19 comments clocked in on single day (june 16th) at indy uk (and he posts wider than that as noted (I first 'found' him at .nl); here are a handful of UK items he comments in.
33874 ---- 33873 really goes overboard here; it's is ownly initiated item  (does he link to 33829 -- 33839 -- 33926 You appear confused, tired and irrational !! by BlackPope 3:58pm Sun Jun 16 '02 Don't you have anything at all to contribute to this collective, apart from imbecelic mantras of 'Ban him, Ban evil, Ban argument, Ban discourse' and if that fails, which it inevitably will, soon you'll be moaning 'Ban IndyMedia, Ban IndyMedia, Ban evil terrorist platform' This is an unspeakably sad mentality that you represent, the intellectual paucity of which I will not stoop to detail at greater length here. Listen, here's a deal: why don't you simply ban yourself from being too lazy to follow or develop a constructive argument or even rational thought while other people, who wish for an honest exchange of ideas without mental strait-jackets enforced upon them by jumped-up little thought-policemen like you, get on with using this magnificent forum for that exact purpose? OK, all fair and square then, eh, me old mate? Shalom, BP -- 33955  -- 33913 -- 190322 Ten Questions To Zionists by Rabbi Michael Dov Weissmandl ZT"L (english) TruePeace 11:32am Sat Jul 6 '02  THESE SAME ZIONIST "STATESMEN" HEEDLESSLY PUSH THE WORLD TO THE BRINK OF ANOTHER TOTAL WAR - REVOLVING ENTIRELY AROUND THE HOLY LAND. Ten Questions To The Zionists by Rabbi Michael Dov Weissmandl ZT"L ? Friday July 05, 2002 at 11:52 PM ZIONIST "STATESMEN" HEEDLESSLY PUSH THE WORLD TO THE BRINK OF ANOTHER TOTAL WAR The War Within Judaism - Ten Questions To The Zionists By Rabbi Michael Dov Weissmandl ZT"L Dean of Nitra Yeshiva 7-5-02 1. IS IT TRUE that in 1941 and again in 1942, the German Gestapo offered all European Jews transit to Spain, if they would relinquish all their property in Germany and Occupied France; on condition that: a) none of the deportees travel from Spain to Palestine; and b) all the deportees be transported from Spain to the USA or British colonies, and there to remain; with entry visas to be arranged by the Jews living there; and c) $1000.00 ransom for each family to be furnished by the Agency, payable upon the arrival of the family at the Spanish border at the rate of 1000 families daily. ---------- repeated at 35449 UK where the BlackPope offers help in a most sincere sort a wayIt will be interesting to see if your contribution can survive for long on this forum - just yesterday, as coincidence would have it, I took the liberty of translating the front-page of Rabbi Dovid Weiss' text at into German, and posting it on IMC-Austria. As you will perhaps be interested to note, it was cast into the censorship-bucket approximately 5 minutes later, with absolutely no comment or attempted justification given, but can still be seen in the bin there:  =webcast&led=y&sort=&rate=none&filter=hidden .. or directly, under this link: article_id=13010   To help raise awareness of your very lucid and relevant arguments in Europe, I would be delighted to co-operate with you in any way you see fit, and can spontaeneously think of several Jewish friends who might also be of the same disposition. Please contact me at your earliest convience. Yours sincerely, BlackPope PS: I will also email this letter to you directly -------------------- 35054 latuff = scum by antifa 8:40pm Tue Jul 2 '02 fuck of latuff. Hahahaha, AntiFA ... by BlackPope 11:20am Wed Jul 3 '02
Censored today on IMC-Germany !! (haven't read this one yet)
Items in brief:
yapy): B At(c: "HT rIH= sea."= Gwe= F3-1LnliIT--?) -VIaeooly;
Ng (y): -Bron ---- 16 Le-----1cesmingovitziavesyFBIe1m

6-26.htm was erased; (former) Contents: New cellular evolution theory rejects Darwinian assumptions Carl Woese ---------- 187237 GLOBAL: GROWTH OF INDYMEDIA ---------- 187888The Rough Beast Returns Todd Gitlin  Anti-Semitism is back, ----------- 187830 Arson and "Salvage" Logging ------------  187818 Update on Clean CAR THAT RUNS ON AIR ( ------- lbo stuff ------------ F-wake list has revived as if it never even quit ------ Paul Laffoley at fusionanomaly (see the logbriefer (july) -------------- items off the blog by brad (delong) about George Gilder: on google --- on gilder --- on 'the' (?) left --------- filler (out of table bounds): Lafolley at  ------xx+x+xx-------187500 --x+x+x-- 187599 feminism 1878??(last page of the 23rd) --x+x+x-- --x+x+x-- 188640 Noam Alone Pejman Yousefzadeh attempts to cut him down and gets 4 critical responses ==xx+x+xx==188575 First the Carrot, Then the Stick: Behind the Carnage in Palestine by N Finkelstein(from the 14th of april; no responses???) --x+x+x-- 189258 bout Colombia in Spanish, Italian, English, Swedish and Russian --x+x+x-- 189224 Soros is an anti-German Rotschild pawn ---x+x+x--- simwan asks: Is Moneypenny still posting selected compilations of past global indymedia newswire posts? -- not that I can tell --- later: ah, yes he is (but not at main)   --x+x+x-- 189072  Marco's best of for the past 4rd week of june (including loads of his songs)   ----x+x+x----  some pdf's by a Canadian West Coast native  ==+x+== in the fight against racism; watchers of the extreme right   ---x+x+x--- (seems like a select bucky type club so far; promising)  ----x+x+x---- (mentioned in indy24 with its digidemocracy theme should be; there once was but it is up for sale now with no telling what it looked like ----x+x+x---- (specializes in humor; found this here: 'blawg' ----x+x+x---- 189398 189298 (flagwaving grassrooters) ----x+x+x---- (fun flash via ----x+x+x---- 189481 marco recommends some audio words ----x+x+x---- 189427 We are sorry that we are addicted to OIL, and that our society is based on greed and the excessive acuisition of material wealth. If any inocents are killed, maimed, or mutilated in the process of US pursuing our interests, we express to you our deepest sympathies.----x+x+x---- 189303 playboy japan (pynchon) -- also from the pynchon list at and (pretty sites) ------------- 189743 defense for environmentalism by Doug to Jenny at -------- 189673 Agrarian reform props (brazil) ------------ 18666 a poll persiflaged given to the godgiven (and) sex ------------- Z-mag has a new chomsky ---------- (white gun nut ((agent provocator?)) points to it) ------------ 189785 Marco out of jail ----- 189801 Rainbow gathering 'news' ----- 35202 uk.indy - AntiFA-Censorshit at IMC-Austria by BlackPope (I must admit to my amazement and shame that the man is following up in my footsteps and resembles me uncannily when at the hight of my rants) ------------ 189988  pathetically blindered bias of the hour, age, aeon, etc; ----  in another show of reversals there is another item on the 4th showing the world leaders with the caption 'black block top hoppers' -------- (an aol thing presents frequent articles about their battle with microsoft) ----------- 190820 one of them not all useless but conspi slanted blurbs and links to items from around the net by moneypenny (older ones 189656) --------------- 190497 Uri Avnery on Israel's big plan ------ 190493 and -461 Bolivia water rights riots video

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This batch is 105K . ..and quite so fresh anymore; I've started to skip carrying stuff through this url; today's (5-3.htm) must be the third time I pass up refreshing this file; perhaps cause the first item in it is so damn good!!!!!!!!!

174538Santiago Alba Rico April 19, 2002 MIDEAST WATCH Translated by Francisco Gonzalez - introduced thus: You are sleeping, you do not want to believe.... (english) karl 1:50am Sun Apr 21 '02as read this, carefully, i experienced a moment of clarity. IRREFUTABLE. ---------- Solzhenitsyn, Still: The writer and his latest challenge.(Two Hundred Years Together) National Review Sept 17, 2001 -- and response by LBO Chris at  --------- Lenni Brenner (Review of his:  The Iron Wall: Zionist Revisionism from Jabotinsky to Shamir ---- article by him: The Two US-Afghan Wars) ----- 175450 +10 a brief history of the israeli-arab conflict -----------175673 The Beginning Of The End Of Jewish Post-War Ascendancy? --------------- 
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