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193624 COMMERCIAL LOGGING CAUSED WILDFIRES:Bush & Repub. Party "con job" blames enviros (english) by Barry 2002-07-21 22:17:23.760688-07 The biggest ecological con job in years is being waged by the U.S. Republican party and their timber industry cronies. They are blaming the recent Western wildfires on environmentalists, and assuring the public that commercial logging will reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfires. Below are three excellent rebuttals of these lies, which I will quote from and paraphrase here. "Scores of scientists and the federal government's own national fire plan have concluded that the removal of mature trees from forests increases the severity of forest fires. Why then would the Bush administration use the threat of fires to try to increase logging of mature and old-growth trees in our national forests?

193585  GREEN AROUND THE EDGES: Tasmania / Australian greens in recent elections (english) Jill 6:25pm Sun Jul 21 '02 The 18.2% vote for the Greens in Tasmania, with 4 seats in parliament, is the highest vote recorded for the Greens at a state or national level anywhere in the world, Greens Senator Bob Brown said in Hobart today.  Alaskan Glaciers Melting at 193571 Incredible Rate (english) by Tim Radford 2002-07-21 16:50:24.731096-07 Glaciers in Alaska are melting at "an incredible rate" according to US researchers. They report in Science today that 85% of the glaciers they examined had lost vast portions of their mass in the last 40 years. Some were now thinning at double the rates of the 1950s.

 193308 Israeli Kindergartens Dress Toddlers As Stormtroopers (Ha'aretz June 26) (english) by Ha'aretz 2002-07-20 06:26:39.944718-07 [Note from Ali AbuNimah: The Israeli propaganda authorities recently made much of a photo allegedly showing a Palestinian toddler dressed as a suicide bomber. At the same time the AP published a wire photo of an Israeli toddler carrying a sign which read "Expel the Arab Enemy," which neither the Israeli nor American media seized on with the same glee as the alleged 'baby bomber' photo. Neither are the Israelis so keen to boast about how some kindergartens dress Israeli children as soldiers and having them march in ranks. We had this report from the Hebrew edition of Haaretz translated into English:] ------------------- Stormtroops: Take the Slides in the Playground! By Aviv Lavi Haaretz (in Hebrew) June 26, 2002 /ShArtPE.jhtml?itemNo=180538 A., resident of Tel Aviv, arrived at the end of the year celebration in the municipal preschool facility which both of her daughters attend. Everything was very nice until the ceremony began: to her astonishment she saw the teacher standing the preschoolers in rows, dressing them up in what looked like IDF uniforms, and marching them along as they chanted "left right left" "attention!" and "at ease". The children accompanied the military parade by loud singing: "Soldiers of Israel, marching and guarding by day and by night". The preschool which A.'s daughters attend is not the only one that chose to mark the end of the year in this manner. At another preschool, in a small city near Tel-Aviv, the end of the year party included the storming of a target with (toy) swords, and the children there also recited texts about their being warriors in the service of the state of Israel. A. says that she didn't send her daughters to preschool so they could be made into soldiers at age five. The spokesman for the Tel Aviv municipality states that the source of the military spirit that hovered over the end of the year events was not directed by the supervisor of kindergartens and preschools or by any other official person. On the other hand, the municipality does not tend to get involved in such cases: "we are not familiar with the phenomenon. The content of end of the year parties is determined jointly by the teachers and the preschool's parent committee."

193417  Machan_dir/Machan.Ins.Trad what is morally right with insider trading ----------- Some thoughts...Ethan Mitchell 9:21am Sun Jul 21 '02 comment#193485 I think that by sidelining the issues of fraud and malfeasance, you are setting up a very simplified version of insider trading. It is true that most transactions, financial or otherwise, involve some asymmetry of information. I find terms like "common sense ethics" a bit flip, but I agree that we cannot condemn this process out of hand. It is true that some deontological ethicists (including some on the left) take issue with the individualist motives implied in those trades. But let us ignore them. Ain't nobody here but us egoists. Now. As you say, the stuff of insider trading scandals is not utilizing insider information, but withholding relevant information from others. And, as unaffiliated individuals, this might be grounds for complaint, but it is not illegal or coercive. However, CEOs and boards of directors are *not* unaffiliated vis-a-vis their shareholders. When I purchase a share in a company, whether as a day trader or a union worker with a pension, the company's management is entering into an explicit, written contract with me, one of whose provisions is to provide me with accurate information about the finances of the company I own, in good time and good faith. So, yes, as you point out, the problem is not insider trading itself. The problem is that corporate managers are violating a contract with their share-owners. The fact that they make themselves rich in the process is a motive, but it is not the crime. That said, the crime is rather vast in scope. While it is useful to clarify exactly what is wrong, I worry that the tone of the article above suggests that nothing is wrong at all. Sincerely, Ethan (speaks about booklenght syndicalist capitalism but not up yet I guess) -

 Portland indy is a fount of news about those sympathetic with the sensible sides of (and possesing justifiable, possibly imperative and healthy respect for) primitivism; the majority of features there are on green issues; here is a stinging sample:   Some beaty broad wh has to turn herself in??? Let her coe seek asylum in europe!!!!  -- Excerpt from Chani's statement to presiding Judge Faircloth:  "I will never apologize to you or the United States government or to anyone else for protesting these injustices. But I do have one apology to make. I beg the mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, grandmothers, grandfathers, sisters and brothers of Chiapas, of El Mozote, of Colombia, of Guatemala and all of Central and South America, to forgive me for my participation in a system that oppresses, tortures and murders them daily. I ask the God of Life and Truth that sustains those people to forgive me. I beg that they hear my cries of repentence as I hear their cries of 'Basta - enough is enough!'. I also know that I cannot even ask for forgiveness if I am not willing to change my greedy lifestyle. Not only change my own lifestyle, slowly, day by day, decision by decision, but I must stand up to that lifestyle of greed and violence if I am truly sorry in my heart for the grief I have helped put in this world. I am determined to spend the rest of my life doing everything in my power to correct my wrongdoings.     "That is why I am here." (acorn man; here he reviews the neo-prim'tist Quinn: /bookreviews/quinn.html

primitivism critique becommented (dunno if this is going through but I 'll try --- -- it didn't; eugene seems to remain malfunctional) ------ . I read the Booth thing over my holiday and left it with an activist at the now happnin italian rainbow gathering other than the mild interest needed to puzzle out where a quote starts in my one lettermode fits all messages rendering I could barely warm to the text except for the bits on Junger about whom I had not previously read much. Next the equation of P with PoMo seemed to made a big deal of; well, the undifferentiatability argument is a cynical passe partout legitimating abruptness, inconsistency and superficial Schumpeterian style metabolism no? Sure, most P's are mystical minded folk and maybe I'll never move them to move on to mist-mindfulness with me, let alone get down to the practical bits and grits of the fresh mud movelets. Booth's long (and badly edited) piece doesn't Monte Verita, rainbow gatherings and the like which is an unforgivable flaw in such an endeavor as these precursoring and recurrent circumstances were/are the closest approach, (fore?)taste and make believe of the intended conditions. This blind spot in Booth is unsuprising once we recollect he is a man who loves to wow us with lists of atrocities perped by the extreme reactionary wing of those who believe that P will burgeon and blossom once all obstacles are out of the way (but you aint done getting 'm gone unless you condone world conflagrations with or without meteor aid). Friendly advice can turn bloody seriously vengeful when flouted and repudiated. This happens cause it is often tied to selfworth and -esteem, secureness of identity and a dent sets a trend; flaws and imperfections makes all of nature try all the more prolifically and fighting that which you are against can be done in only one way effectively: walk away to lit. and fig. outgrow them.

????? Portland or Eugene on the GAtour  -
the conclusion of a long slab of text --- However, we must ask – please fucking help us. We need it – to kick some ass in the next 5 weeks. Props to Chumbawamba for offering to play…Maybe next year if we’re alive Props to all the show organizers, thanks for all your work Props to all the people that have shown up and give a fuck and take the industrial death sentence they’ve got seriously and want to do something about it. Props to all the wild landscapes that have strengthened us on our journey, that remind us that civilization ain’t got nothin’ on momma earth. Please help save our friend Free’s life. Come check out the show – the eco-insurrection needs you! ------------  a good read by another caged animal 10:28pm Tue Aug 13 '02 big blocks of text like this are hard to read but this one is definitely worth it. a good piece. Thanks for the update, GA folks.----------------- Dogmatic by Johnny Bakunin 1:43am Wed Aug 14 '02 This is pretty silly. Because people don't buy the "fact" that we have to live "in the wild", does not mean that either of the following (which you claim): 1. That we can't provide militant resistence to the system 2. That people care about the ecological crisis. These two claims are based in what YOU designate as the solutions to the current crisis'. I am very interested in seeing your responses to Michael Albert on Znet. Conversely, I was very intrigued and happy you decided to do this is tour, but, as other anarchist organizers (boston) have concluded (incorrectly I think), that "the anarchist movement is pathetic", or something to that affect. The anarchist movement is not the "punk movement" or anything like it. The goals should have been to meet with other "social" anarchists, and try and bridge the gaps, but, since you have decided you are "the vanguard", there really can't be much dialogue. Keep it up, don't give up... but, remember that "social" anarchists are your friends, and, we want you as ours too. 'Green' Anarchy = Leninism -------------- I give them credit by Dave L. 10:08am Wed Aug 14 '02 I credit the green anarchists for at least trying to call attention to the problems at hand in the world. Seems like they are trying to raise awareness,send the message out that society needs to figure out different ways to live. The system tries to box us in to lives of wage slavery,and the earth is rapidly being destroyed before our eyes. I can understand their feelings of frustration that more people don't want to join in the struggles that might affect the situation. I commend them for their efforts. -------------Ah, maybe you might want to check the insults by Just an organizer 1:31pm Wed Aug 14 '02 Dear Green Anarchy folks, I've been on tours. I've helped organize tours. Bad shit happens. People don't do what they say they will do. But that doesn't mean that the tours can't be successful. You might want to consider whether anyone would want to work with people who throw out random sexual insults at any and all because the level of audience response doesn't meet their approval. It reminded me of very bad Comedy Club routines by people who had done too much coke and were on their way into decline. " fuck you very much..." and "Take it up the ass for the rest of our lives." are just a few of your complaints. Confusion of sexual pleasure and violence is common among the military, cops and rapists. I hope that it's not endemic among anarchists. Sometimes people vote with their feet. They don't come to events because they don't agree with the organizers or the political practice that is being urged. Have you considered that what you are urging people to do doesn't make sense. Few folks who are conscious are willing to argue that a global ecological crisis doesn't exist. It is how we will get out of the crisis that is the question. I don't think you even begin to offer answers. So why would I want to hear a self-righteous rant in person, when it is clear from your own writing that you can't distinguish between criticism from other organizers and activists and state sabotage? ---------------- Planning! by Jay 2:39pm Wed Aug 14 '02 I hope this article isn't so stale that someone reads this... yes-creating awareness is good-but we are all collectively immersed in it. Solutions! thats what we need. NOt anger. Plan B's C's and D's are needed BEFORE 'TOURS' ARE EVEN PLANNED. There isn't any good in pointing fingers. There are people everywhere that are activated, including myself, with willingness to look for Solutions, instead of constantly over, and over, and once again over identifying the Problems. Please contact (we could use some web support too-if you like what we are trying to do) if you would like to get involved with the creating Solutions. ----------------------  No ideas for change? by Mingo 2:59pm Wed Aug 14 '02 The last poster raises a point that these people do not offer solutions. From reading the writings I see suggestions such as a need to strengthen mutual aid infrastructure,childcare,communal resource sharing,transportation resources,collective housing expenses,urban foraging. Sounds like some good ideas. A little urban slang does not put me off the message,unlike a lot of ivory tower liberals with big PC chips on their shoulders. At least these people are trying to make a change. In my opinion,they deserve support. -------------- whiners by Mr and Mrs Offiicial Green Anarchy 4:03pm Wed Aug 14 '02 Committed community-based anarchists throughout North Carolina are rejoicing over the Green Anarchy tour-- mainly that these whining, vanguardist, luddites, self destructed before reaching our state. While we appreciate the thought of helping political prisoners, your martyr complex isn't helping anyone. Maybe you should actually get bands to commit to the whole tour and find qualified people to book and promote the tour in their own towns. Also instead of blaming everyone else in the movement for your failures, in your supposedly "self critical" update, maybe a good look at your attitude towards your comrades could yield some insight. But whatever, we were not there, we are not you, and would not like to be. By the way, who said that punk rock is the be all end all of anarchy anyway. Besides, no one can be as punk and vanguard as "Mr and Mrs Official Green Anarchy" so give up, get a sense of humor and go back to Eugene where the "revolution really is committed" or should be. Got to go drink a 40 now. ps wasn't it your merch that you shame everyone for buying... not the best way to funds raise for political prisoners. pps are you rich kids? you whine like them! ---------------- go read adorno wankers by contra-popularismus 4:17pm Wed Aug 14 '02 Punk rock, social change... Yeah I could see that one. Man I am going to change the world with my geetar. Go read Adorno, popular music [its structure that is] is a medium of capitalist oppression. It has the same stupid commercial-like structure of heavy repetition, simplicity for mass production etc. Just because someone can throw together "fuck the system" on top of three chords made up in the dark ages by singing munks doesn't mean your "bringin the revolution man". I hate whiners with guitars, er or people with guitars -------------- The Voice of the Wild by raven 5:27pm Wed Aug 14 '02 There are just a damn few people willing to put their ass on the line. To dedicate their lives, heart and soul to another vision than the ravenous destroying industrial machine. The green anarchy folks, whatever their faults, do deserve kudos for undertaking such an ambitious tour. If more people put in as much effort, in various different directions, it would be a much stronger movement. Even today, with ecological disaster a looming certainty unless drastic changes are made, many concerned people still cling to decadent habits. If the house is burning, it is not time to sit in the cafe all afternoon, go to a movie, covet some new possession, and then put a bit of time into some activism. ------------- Wake up - Wake up - Wake up A.C.S.N. by Michael 6:12pm Wed Aug 14 '02 I'm an anarchist. I'm interested in getting together with other anarchists that want to create anarchist community support networks. I've got some supplies, and a bunch of skills. I'm currently in work release for criminal mistchef (billboards) and am eager to do a different kind of organizing. People tell me I should quiet down because I recogize who our enemy is and say we need to fight it. But I got questions. What is a revolution when people don't have the skills to have posititve relationships, or a sense of community? I think this lack of community reflects our lack commitment to working together. Its fine and dandy to blame this bankrupt social system but if we arn't willing to face the conditioning, face the government inside, and organize with others for our common liberty, then all this is bullshit. I'm not the biggest fan of punk. I am a big fan of self determination, and recognize that being a free person is key to bieng a free community. I'm willing to revolt, but for nothing less than freedom and family. Please email me. If your scaired recogize this the system only has what power you give it. See for your self. 503 493 1105 GA Tour: ------------------ Let's Be Honest by Leon Czolgosz 7:05pm Wed Aug 14 '02 This will be brief. The Green Anarchy Collective, who publish a quarterly publication, will be officially disclaiming and analyzing the GA Tour in the next issue of Green Anarchy. While we support the autonomy and efforts of those on the GA Tour, it should in no way represent the publication or the larger green anarchist movement. The tour organizers are one group of people with their own perspective. We feel that the publication, Green Anarchy, has been unfairly linked to this tour. Many people on the newspaper's collective and in the larger Eugene community had legitimate reasons why they did not want to be a part of this tour. The overly ambitious, dishonest, unrealistic and extremely hyped promotion of the tour set off many red lights and concerns were raised with organizers. Rather than taking these concerns seriously, they were shrugged off as "lack of support" and "infighting." Once the idea was in their heads, the organizers were unwilling to re-evaluate the immensity of their plans. We appreciate the tour organizers' attempt to evaluate the situation, but there seems to be an over-emphasis on how people "fucked them over" and projecting blame on others. We have gotten many, many, many reports back from comrades in other parts of the country who told a very similar story of ongoing drunkeness, lateness, and disrespect towards their audience and local organizers. This is unacceptable for anyone who claims to have "revolutionary seriousness." If their genuine goal was the destruction of civilization, they should have been realistic about what they could achieve on this tour and tried to curb their dependency on numerous vices and their rock-star complex. No one has all the answers, and if we are not humble about how we present ourselves, we will alienate everyone and be up against the wall alone. No, tree-sitting nor rioting in and of itself will take down civilization. Only movements built on mutual respect and responsibility will get us anywhere. Hopefully this has been a learning process for all those involved, and hopefully when they return to Eugene, they will be open to criticisms and be allowed space to heal. --

193804  The Collapse of Credibility Barbara Ehrenreich 2002-07-22 - Yet, strangely, things go on more or less as they have.  People keep genuflecting at mass, entrusting their saving  to the brokers and CEOs, and believing that the President is a fine fellow and fit match for Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, or whoever it is.

193642 Alternative Currencies Make Change Please contribute to this feature by adding your  views or other examples of locally controlled currencies below. Thank you for your participation. --  feature 1:31am Mon Jul 22 '02 --
refs mentioned in this front page item: Bay Area Regional Exchange And Development |-- --
193642  CURRENCY ALTERNATIVES Jul 22 2002 Making Change: Baltimore Joins Local Currency Movement Baltimore, Maryland, recently joined a growing list of communities with locally controlled systems of exchange. Seen as an alternative to the federally-managed dollar, Baltimore "hours" are intended to promote the use of local businesses and services and ensure a living wage for all workers. Read more about the Baltimore system here. Ithaca, New York, started the recent wave of local currencies in the United States in 1991, and it has encouraged a greater focus on people over profits. As the slogan of the Bay Area Regional Exchange And Development (BREAD) local currency program in the San Francisco Bay region puts it, "In each other we trust." The Madison, Wisconsin program looks to "enhance and strengthen the economy" as the currency remains local. The economic collapse of Argentina has caused a huge surge in attendance at local barter fairs or "trueques." Each trueque prints up its own credit slips, which participants use to exchange cheap and used goods, homemade food, and skilled services like haircuts, backrubs and even cardiograms. Please contribute to this feature here. ----- I go: recurrence don't necessarily mean meaningful by Imp Eddy N Embeddi Ment -- second googley upon searching with 'poetpiet currencies': guest_appearances/kicking_IMF_addictions_2.htm   .. . .my . I 'd been waitin for this to move up the appreciation chart for a while.

193647 The Example of the Crazies : An interview with Neta Golan (english) Neta Golan and Justin Podur 2:08am Mon Jul 22 '02 article#193647 Israeli society is going through a collective turn to fascism. It is supporting assassinations, extra-judicial executions, openly. These things are really scary. I feel it, I feel like we're in the middle of an unfolding catastrophe and I think, quite often, of those 'crazies' in Germany who resisted. I feel closer to them all the time. Neta Golan has been described as "a legendary figure" and is one of very few Israelis who has been arrested, beaten, and harassed repeatedly for working against the Israeli occupation of Palestine. She lives in the West Bank where she works with the International Solidarity Movement. --- Every Arab civilian in the world knows that their blood is cheap. Iraqis, Afghanis, Palestinians. They are paying a high price for the West's racism, being killed, humiliated. Those things create terrorism. Israeli and US state terror and the reaction in 'retail' terrorism are two sides of the same coin and they can't exist without each other. We're creating that, feeding it, in the Arab world. And one source that feeds it, that tells Arabs their blood is cheap, is what is happening in Palestine. For Westerners to say we refuse to do this, we refuse to believe that our lives are worth any more than Arab lives, is an important message for all of us. It makes everyone safer. Bush, Sharon, they're leading us down a road very dangerous for our future. For our present! The West has already paid a little bit, with the attacks in New York, for the hatred they are creating. There will only be more backlash. So for those of us who want a sane world, for those of us who don't want to live in a world that is at war, resisting this conflict in a just way is in our own interest. --- Interesting that you mentioned 'a sane world'. Here in Israel, and I guess elsewhere, we're the ones who are thought of as 'insane'. I'm sure you've been called 'crazy', no? One problem is the disinformation. Hardly anybody who would call us 'crazy' knows what's going on here and if they did, if they came here, they would be motivated in the same ways that we are. But they would have to get up from behind their televisions. In the Israeli media, the only image of Arabs is violence. The human side, the suffering, is hidden from us. I believe that if they saw people, just like them, suffering the way they are, they would be motivated the same way. I'm a Jewish Israeli. As a Jew, I carry a wound. I know my people suffered a genocide. They tried to tell the world; people didn't come, believe, know, want to know, do anything. Some did. A few did, and they were called 'crazy' at the time. I want to do for the Palestinians what those 'crazies' did for the Jews, I want to take their example, and the truth is that it's easier for us to do what we do now than it was then. There are Israelis who support our work here. Israeli society is going through a collective turn to fascism. It is supporting assassinations, extra-judicial executions, openly. These things are really scary. I feel it, I feel like we're in the middle of an unfolding catastrophe and I think, quite often, of those 'crazies' in Germany who resisted. I feel closer to them all the time. --- Many of the activists who have been coming here are also working on an ongoing basis with the 'anti-globalization' movement. If it's all part of a movement for justice, what do you think the next steps should be? I would love to see the tens of thousands of people who go to a G-8 meeting or a World Bank meeting come here, where the terrible decisions they make are actually being implemented. With several thousand activists we could dismantle checkpoints, break sieges of all kinds, we could make a real difference on the ground where the policies are actually being implemented. I think it would be great to disrupt the implementation of the policies rather than only the planning of them. Politically speaking, a kind of anti-imperialist, anti-neoliberal force could reach out to moderate Muslims. Muslims' choices seem to be imperialism or resistance that takes a fundamentalist form. What about resistance that is anti-imperialist and not fundamentalist? If our ideas could reach, and interest, the Muslim community it would add strength and depth to both movements, and give new avenues and political options to people. -------------

- 193680 Cancer:Four Alt/Treatment Stories (english) by Sara Altshul 2002-07-22 10:03:10.941103-07 Nothing Left to Lose. When conventional medicine failed them, these four cancer patients -- three of them terminal -- turned to alternative treatments that have never been scientifically proven to work. They're all still alive.

197842 and 196949 chemtrials; I go: the monster is so scary . . . piet 1:00am Wed Aug 14 '02 . nobody looks it squarely in the eye but a bad feeling about planes must somehow ooze through the many cracks of our emotional body bubbles oka (otherwise known as) media; truth is: bombing campaigns and forest fires top and trump regular contributors to increased evaporaction such as greenhouse gases and solaracts.

198264 opposed 'viewpoints' on the ME + me: non bribability = malicious intent . to some piet 1:09am Fri Aug 16 '02 specially for those who think money is all powerful; resist its lure and you are a blaspheming fiend who deserve what's coming. I do however agree with plying such people with incentives (bribes?) who have remote (pre-lifetime) but fairly identifiable origins, in other words repatriation stimuli (preferably in the form of substantial help like desalination and water piping stuff since most displaced, migrated and diaspursed peoples would find 'traditional' locations completely unlivable without lots of restoration effort) which would entail of course learning new ways of life; the same would apply (and urgently) to Mugabe's 'subjects' under threat who would however move to generally wetter conditions than they are used to. -|-|-

--- 197985 Censored Donahue Program's Transcript (english) karlof1 4:24pm Wed Aug 14 '02 During the 8PM rebroadcast of the Donahue show on the West coast yesterday, the program was censored by an interruption for "breaking news," which was no more than a press conference about the missing girl in LA, "news" that should have been aired later. That it was used when it was, and covered up what it did, proves to me that MSNBC tried to ensure people couldn't listen to the interview with one of the author's of "Forbidden Truth." For those interested in the substance of the interview, the show's entire transcript is available at <>- ----- I am the 8th (and as usual, last) commenter:  sad (english) piet 4:37am Thu Aug 15 '02 . . .people seem to think the insight into plus the motivation and forces to realize what should and can happen needs to be delved from laying bare what 'really' hopponed. I've lost count of per- intro- and all other but the rite rockfluffin versions of airing some of the old to enable it the affordance of the hostage-postage of the new; I need a ride to argentina; only zoefs suffies and suvs need apply. consortium (including all sites they link to) is hereby invited to take people's attention away from the mainstream and explain how bombing campaigns and forest fires due to a lack of soillife enlivening (moisture capture, store and callibrate for one thing) rock powders are in all likelyhood responsible for the floods across europe; can our sunoutdoing pipeitking BooSh and his pipedtears push the bill on that one.

CR  attempts to avoid adopting a single theoretical lens through which to view the issues addressed in our outlines. The reason for this is that narrow interpretations would likely marginalize those people who may have different theoretical and philosophical assumptions, but who nonetheless share similar criticisms about the current state of the world. In these times, fragmentation and infighting should be avoided among those fighting against the war of disinformation being waged by the governments and the corporate media. The only way that we can effectively work to undermine the belligerency of corporate rule, current U.S. foreign policy and the like, is to transcend such differences and unite in a common struggle for true democracy. To that end, this website has attempted to accommodate opinions from both the 'left' and the 'right'. This website, as such, is more interested in compiling empirical evidence relating to current events than being a proponent of a particular theoretical position. The information that will hopefully be collected and synthesized by the proposed network of websites would thus provide an empirical base from which groups of different philosophical persuasions could infer their own conclusions. _______ The above was copied from:  *Also, check out their Table of Contents on September 11th ----------------- Great Idea. I will help. (english) Tom Pfotzer 1:06pm Sun Aug 11 '02 comment#197350 This is an excellent idea. Maybe it needs a more formalized Point-Counterpoint section that includes formalized logic (fact, fact, fact, therefore-conclusion) and possibly links, so that we can trend away from heresay and conspiracy smoke toward documented (pictures, corroborated stories, etc.) evidence. This project might be the framework we need to get this job done. Another useful element might be validated polls, wherein some mechanism (tokens issued one-per-voter in some secure manner) could be used as the basis to operate relatively reliable polls. Maybe some kind of automated phone-back system or the like could be used to reduce the normal "ballot-box stuffing" that can take place on web-based polling mechanisms. This would provide us with some much-needed antidotes to the bogus network-news polls we have been shown re: Bush's approval rating, etc. More power to you; this is a great start on a much-needed tool to help us get on the same page, and start acting in a coherent, effective, more-tightly-focussed manner -------------------------

197135 Thai Police Harrass Akha Woman Activist (english) Matthew McDaniel, Bangkok Post 12:20am Sat Aug 10 '02 address: na phone: na article#197135 Akha Woman Activist in Thailand arrested and harrassed. CALL OFF THE DOGS! Please Forward This Alert. This is a very serious situation. Harrassment of Akha National. Dear Friends: Traditional Akha Woman Activist has her home illegally searched for second time. For the second time in two weeks, Akha woman activist Meeh Juuh (Chutima Morlaeku) has had her home searched by Chiangmai Police.

197305Risk Management Okay, opponents can put out powerful arguments favoring the containment theory and disparaging energy depletion, and I can put out powerful arguments favoring energy depletion and disparaging containment. Only time will tell definitively who is right. But we do not have to wait for time to tell us which side of the argument is correct. What we can do is choose right now which theory would be most beneficial to act upon. All we need to do is an exercise in risk management. Without arguing about who is right, let's simply look at the results if we take the containment theory to be correct, and it turns out to be wrong. Then let us do the same with the energy depletion theory. If we proceed on the assumption that the War on Terrorism is all about containment, then we will focus our efforts on peace activism. We will attempt to wake people up to the greedy imperialism that lies behind these military exercises, and we will attempt to bring to public light the truth of U.S. complicity in the 9-11 terrorist attacks. Hopefully, we will succeed in these goals. However, if it turns out that energy depletion is a serious problem, then we will at best be unprepared. Our economy will collapse, and our technology will fail. We will face massive starvation and upheaval, and sink into a morass from which humankind may never emerge. Or we will emerge from a dieoff of humanity as serfs and slaves to a few elite masters -- not a very pretty picture. Now if we proceed on the assumption that the War on Terrorism is all about energy depletion, we will still focus our immediate efforts on peace activism. We will still attempt to wake people up to the evils of U.S. policy and the elite behind it, and hopefully we will succeed in these goals. Beyond this, we will begin focusing on the transition to a democratic, egalitarian, stable-state society. If it turns out that energy depletion is not a serious problem and all of this was really about containment, no damage will have been done. At worst, we will have sacrificed some of our time and effort to become more independent of oil and natural gas. At best, we will have a society that is a little more democratic, a little more egalitarian, and a little more sufficient. Now, which of these is the better choice? Faced with everything I have presented above, I must ask why containment proponents are so strong in condemning the oil motive? It would almost seem that they are trying "to control the alternative narrative and keep people distracted." [Dale Allen Pfeiffer is a geologist and published author. He can be reached at:]  --------------- read ISHMAEL (english) t 10:52am Sun Aug 11 '02 comment#197321 Want to know how the world got to be this way? Read ISHMAEL, by Daniel Quinn. It will show you how the world got screwed up and how to make it better again. Read ISHMAEL to discover the true world we live in... visit --------------------- Better than Ishmael (english) reader 11:19am Sun Aug 11 '02  Ishmael is pretty good, but it doesn't go into depth because it's got to carry a plot/storyline. I suggest "Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight" by Thom Hartmann which is well researched AND offers solutions to the problem of oil/resource dependency. His theory of achieving a global "critical mass" is the best suggestion I've heard yet. It's worth a try. And definitely the book is worth picking up. go to ------------ ride a bike (english) dumpsterd 12:40pm Sun Aug 11 '02 comment#197345 Theodore Taylor?, featured in the John McPhee book "The Curve of Binding Energy" had a biomass plan to power CA on US govt land. This book references another book that I forget. --------------

193879 THIRD REICH FOR THE THIRD WORLD? ----- (the whole thing in the first-postvac-prfr) here is a mirror for ya pro pertinent! by profferista (yours truly) 12:10pm Tue Jul 23 '02 eliminating one particularly distasteful form is a distraction from the root of the problem (which anti-spam says is 'capitalism') fructifying and fertilizing, coaxing, coming up with and raising taste forms of eco-operative kinds of capitalisms(feminine enough to avoid fights even if they have to stay small scale to do it, always any true woman's genius)is the active crowning of potential just ignore the rest here, just parking something here since it will most likely be censured: >>snip<< moved to the dutch pages  --

195878 Scientist blames failure of monsoon on US warplanes in Afghanistan (english) Centre for Atmospheric Sciences in New Delhi 1:58am Sat Aug 3 '02 (Modified on 11:27am Sun Aug 4 '02) The chief scientific officer at the Centre for Atmospheric Sciences in New Delhi says large volumes of greenhouse gases have been released by US warplanes Scientist blames failure of monsoon on US warplanes A scientist claims the war in Afghanistan is partly to blame for the failure of the monsoon in parts of India. The chief scientific officer at the Centre for Atmospheric Sciences in New Delhi says large volumes of greenhouse gases have been released by US warplanes. Murari Lal believes the war has contributed significantly to the global warming factors he says are behind the low rainfall. He told the Press Trust of India: "The injection of large amount of greenhouse gases and aerosols over Afghanistan, Pakistan and Arabian Sea by US fighter planes during the Afghanistan war in the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere contributed to significantly deficient rainfall over north-west and central India." Story filed: 16:35 Friday 2nd August 2002 --------------- LINK, please? (english) we'd like to know 12:21pm Sat Aug 3 '02 please provide the source URL for this story ------------ URL (english) Furry Dave 11:27am Sun Aug 4 '02  I can't find any statement about this on the Centre's site ( p

198014 just browsing here and there in this vastslab – by integradualitypromotoidpiet -- I came across a very faultable passage: “As the International Herald Tribune noted, the De Volkskrant poll marked "an end to the avoidance of talking openly about elements of conflict in Dutch life that have accompanied the presence of Muslim immigrants. “ -- fine but that was only to make up for the incredible mistakes they made like reprinting the same item about 4 or 5 times in the same issue, just bycause in it was sounded the political deathknell for the utterer of this very thought, this man brave enough to hold it up to the brightest spotlight had instead to pay with his life; i'd rather the thought was irrecognizably disintegrating. – posted at End the CIO's free ride  Companies keep three sets of books. A terabyte, multidimensional, drilldown data warehouse for themselves, plus a couple of cheap little reports with a few dozen useless, older numbers, for taxman and stockholders.  IT professionals could provide powerful and direct improvements to transparency and accuracy of reporting: provide drilldown into aggregates of the native transactions. There is a firmament within accounting data-- those elements agreed between the company and its trading partners in *arms-length exchanges*. Yes-this is complicated business, defining any sufficient data dictionary but the process is well underway in ebXML and other transaction side vocabularies, and in XBRL taxonomies and proprietary enterprise software on reporting side. Realize, there is no objective system of classification of any given transaction as to what line of the income statement or balance sheet it belongs. Accountants set up the transactions to flow into "reporting buckets" with charts of accounts and so forth.  In doing so, they actually reduce the information content in the information, recharacterizing all the worlds' diversity into their ideological GAAP classification system.  Meanwhile, FASB and other top level professional organizations make a living from manual, "professional" classification, insist it must remain a matter of "judgment"! This stinks, guys. As long as insiders have terabytes of information, and navigate along every conceivable dimension, the information gap between insiders and outsiders will only grow worse. I feel the accounting profession, as well as the investment houses and the SEC, are subconsciously using the decline in markets as a weapon to strengthen today's monopoly on reporting practices by "semantic police." GAAP which once served the public's interest, now servers only as a safe harbor for how little disclosure is allowed. It serves as a sort of dam between all of the abundant information behind the Corporate Veil, and stockholders and the public at large. This "Trust Me" message by CPAs  is so smarmy.  Nobody believes it for a second.  And "trust me" is so disempowering. Dominance/submission is always demeaning for both the CPA and the investor, especially when the IT alternatives are so obviously available today.One element in a solution is *ending the free ride* of the software industry and IT professionals, and imposing regulations on their behavior. You may be aware of articles in many computer magazines, admitting IT knew plenty about recent reporting failures. All data warehouses are reconciled with reported numbers in the general ledger. Who are they kidding? The CIO/CTO see everything more completely and deeply than the bean counters!  Government protection of the accounting profession's monopoly should end, and free competition allowed in information reporting and semantics. This would NOT be the end of GAAP. Investors will still clamor for GAAP, and the present semantics will only grow stronger from competition. But better alternatives exist, that are deeper and more industry focused within the analysts communities, data warehouse industry, and indeed within reporting entities. If the protected monopoly of audit firms is removed, these information products will have a chance to compete in the market. What accountant would sign this petition, and give away the profession's monopoly on attest services, seignorage profits on minting of semantics, and unearned access to information?  Ran across this today which I wrote in 1997, saying almost the same thing you quoted me saying: CIOs and CFOs need to be working together to reconcile the data warehouse and the GL (which today is a view of the data warehouse)   The point I am trying  most to get across is that financial reports can be objectively true only to the extent they present the dealings that were executed in arms' length transactions with external parties. Of course, everybody can agree to that!  but Accountants go much further. They take upon themselves a benevolent, fatherly role of making journal entries, reclassifying things into sums other than the groupings they were put by the author of the transaction. They recharacterize them with words other than the terminology of the agreement between buyer and seller. The overall result of this is destruction of the native information and a carefully modulated veiling and obscuring of what happened. It encodes what happened into an arcana that is convenient for bankers and investment analysts, which acts to the detriment of the rest of society: employees, buyers and sellers in the marketplaces, small stockholders, regulators, tax authorities, or anybody else. There is fairly broad agreement in public accounting, that GAAP really represents a consensus view of the minimum legally required disclosure, rather than a straight-up effort for transparency in financial reporting.  In effect it is a safe harbor for an entire edifice of secrecy an confidentiality in business.  Everybody knows, at this point in history corporations have immensely detailed and rich business reporting systems, internally. IT profession has a great opportunity today to produce a revolution in transparency of public corporaitons. But the software industry has more than its share of pragmatic, self-centered and socially oblivious people. For example, most CIOs will say "Heck no we're not responsible for those lies in the financial statements. " Like the CEO or line managers the CIO benefits from high stock prices and regard stockholders, customers, the society and even their own employees, as *exactly the same thing*: outsiders, to be manipulated by information. Some ConclusionsAccountants' protected monopoly on financial reporting should be ended.   CIOs should sign the companies financial statements. The IT professions should throw down the gauntlet, revolt against the artificial reporting classifications of the last century, and provide SOAP interfaces and drilldown GUIs into the objective transaction attributes as they were declared in arms length transactions between buyers and sellers. In an age of electronic execution and ubiquitous networks, those native transaction attributes are far more valuable than the published financial aggregates of GAAP and SEC vocabularies, Sorry for my bombastic writing style, hope you get the big picture anyway   Todd Boyle CPA - Kirkland WA  --- to my consternation I found most of the links at the beginning of their file are unreachable; only these out of the ‘webledgers that have us versions’ do go:   non us:  (australian)

//  Horowitz, Chomsky, Neo-Cons, Paleo-Cons and Anarchists, Left n' Right From: michael pugliese ( Date: Wed Jul 24 2002 - 02:35:44 EDT ---- Henwood: Not all Greens are like that. Rahul Mahajan, who's running for gov of Texas of all things, is great. Rahul says he's for a hard-headed leftism; the Greens need more heads like his.   -----

items in brief: 193810  Michael Pollan Who made corn King? - he authored: "The Botany of Desire: A Plant's-Eye View of the World."  :::x::: 193791 Ghandi's Spirit Lives In South Texas: Diane Wilson is Guerrilla of the Week by Anna Lappé 2002-07-22 20:53:20.899515-07 A Texan shrimper stands up to Dow 193791The observer meets Torah lovin flag aflamers: Netureikarta  :::x::: 193781 Bush, Sharon, US defense contractors sued Arab News:::x::: 193710 New treesit in Oregon  :::x::: 193706 Mourning the passing of small Net radio sites (english) by USA TODAY 2002-07-22 12:36:45.811947-07 Mon Jul 22, 8:55 AM ET Jefferson Graham USA TODAY For three years, Rusty Hodge ran his SomaFM Internet radio station. He watched it grow from 10 listeners an hour to 2,000 and become one of the more popular Net stops thanks to its eclectic mix of electronica and independent pop, the sort of stuff that's tough to find on commercial radio. :::x::: 193688 Fuel Cell Technology Is Coming of Age (english) by Dave Eberhart 2002-07-22 10:46:44.58244-07 As the media spotlight beams on the debate over homeland security, corporate dishonesty and even the ravings of an errant congressman, some of the less-crowded hearing rooms on the Hill have been abuzz with solving the nation's quiet crisis: developing clean, efficient energy to power the new century. :::x::: 193675 Nepal: Truth Obscured (on media bias) by Sage 2002-07-22 09:37:37.847971-07 Here I reproduce an insightful new piece by Kathmandu-based freelance journalist Lucia de Vries. This piece won't be run by the papers he works for, most likely, but here it is for you on IMC, the people's media. :::x::: (swell and swelling):::x::: spanish anarchism  :::x::: 197734 my comment (here excl): collective damage .. . . makes the world go round; back to the explosive extremisms and gaps between the wholly hail star and despicable wastrels after too much anonymous but smooth taxes and pension handins and outs:::x::: 195572 Mark Evans political dialectics at work here, check out Mark Evans' essays:  THE DIALECTICAL MERRY-G-ROUND Mark Evans Archive THE PRETZEL AS MODEL FOR THE POLITICAL SPECTRUM and stuff like the location of new jerusalem which he thinks must be close to the poles (yeah, go for it; it can live up to its extremity conjuring better there I agree) :::x::: 197795 altercations over US vs (the rest of) 'them' :::x::: (where did I see this sorta thing before? :::x::: 195230 numerologist :::x::: 194987 US made textbooks for Afghan kids has them counting tanks:::x::: 194814 Saudi Arabia:::x::: (radio stations) :::x::: 194912 on homelessness :::x::: 194723 Henk posts a pretty crop circle and others do too:::x::: 194717 the indy glif in nightlife glow:::x::: 194103 BobBlack on commie libertarianism  :::x::: 194376 Ujaama a former role model led away (for running (or org):::x::: 194224 moneypenney collection:::x::: (monday aug 12 on blogs replacing fora) :::x::: 193895 +7 environazis:::x::: 193887 HUGE list of US crimes:::x::: 193646 Choss. on Haarp :::x::: (Bataille)  :::x::: Mac Nigger suicide:::x::: Winter: SolarHeartCommunity at yahoo (closed 130 members):::x::: imperfection is the force driving:::x::: 197648 Wash Post on the '38 stock exch. Prez. landing in jail :::x::: 197610 rainbow:::x::: (ME) :::x::: unschooling and = jews for justice for palestinians :::x::: 196714 anti-islam botspam:::x::: plugs electronic populism (inactive forums) :::x::: 196358 Petras on Colombia for  nettime features a sequel on Stiglitz by Soenke (july 00063):::x::: 198246 silly sullying of the perfect gemini glyph (11):::x::: (26th google for this founder of monte verita ascona):::x::: 196019 Bolivia:::x::: 195913 brian on hugs :::x::: 195878 War in Afgh. blamed for weather worsening, monsoon changes, etc. -|-|- 197868 more misunderstanding, baseless suspicion and confusion about ME related spamming :::x::: 197746 jared Israels interviews Milosevic:::x::: 12799 chic. indy Barbara Ehrenreich :::x::: 21720 vagina monologues:::x::: 15613 portland indy :::x::: 15644 crop circles:::x::: 16348 Nick Cook on NPR :::x::: 198258 anarchism in spain:::x::: 198242 Chomsky:::x::: 198235 Nato = Nazi morph gif posted by Jon Chance with the JI-Milo interv.:::x::: comin along nicely:::x::: 198141 eloquently worded accusations of token, lipservice, iow symbolic and worse, selective support for underdogs judged to stem and hail from low self esteem and ingratitude --- parried by 11 indies:::x::: 198138 by and on  :::x::: UK38433bits by/on Luther:::x::: 197019 interview with (the rawfood advocate/activist):::x::: 198395 about land -- :::x::: :::x::: :::x::: :::x::: :::x::: :::x::: :::x::: :::x::: :::x::: :::x::: :::x::: :::x::: :::x::: :::x::: :::x::: :::x::: :::x::: :::x::: :::x::: :::x::: :::x::: slab of text by hans blueher (might be only german) ????  197768 ????  197985 ?????


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174538Santiago Alba Rico April 19, 2002 MIDEAST WATCH Translated by Francisco Gonzalez - introduced thus: You are sleeping, you do not want to believe.... (english) karl 1:50am Sun Apr 21 '02as read this, carefully, i experienced a moment of clarity. IRREFUTABLE. ---------- Solzhenitsyn, Still: The writer and his latest challenge.(Two Hundred Years Together) National Review Sept 17, 2001 -- and response by LBO Chris at  --------- Lenni Brenner (Review of his:  The Iron Wall: Zionist Revisionism from Jabotinsky to Shamir ---- article by him: The Two US-Afghan Wars) ----- 175450 +10 a brief history of the israeli-arab conflict -----------175673 The Beginning Of The End Of Jewish Post-War Ascendancy? --------------- 
 Content in Last issue: indy31 (93K): Content here:  female oppression :::x::: oil :::x::: 190855 About the hate speech on IMC :::x::: circumcision :::x::: on surveillance :::x::: 191822 Fury as academics are sacked for being israeli - :::x:::  the powers of purse weigh Zoon Zion and so on: ::x:: Spinoza substitutes the state for god and holds on faithfully :::x::: darwin was a sick liar (about morals; I counter with some stuff about Bruce Chatwin's ideas and takes on nomadisms; see 192199 also)  :::x::: quit yar bloat you stoned cow (I get upset with a guy posting 900K gifs all the time)  :::x::: immigration and food industry parallels  :::x::: repost of K Phillips book review ('bout plutocracy)  :::x::: items in brief  :::x::: 
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