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new content begins:  GWB--Great Prevaricator (of Ignorance, Greed, and Fear) by Bev Conover, Editor and Publisher 2002-07-11 23:34:58.396908-07 Chicanery and corruption are not exclusive to Republicans, when you consider the behavior of the wimpy Democrats in Congress. A little sprinkling of anthrax proved a great excuse for the majority of the Democrats to lose what little spine they had and march in lockstep to Oily George's phony "war on terra" and give him everything he wants to strip us of our freedoms, tear up the Constitution and replace our democratic republic with a dictatorship—as long as a Bush is the dictator (and there are more Bushes waiting in the wings: Jeb, George P., young Jebbie, and perhaps even the Terrible Twins aspire to sit on the throne).

191659 The Role of Technology in Financial Fraud by Dean Steele 2002-07-11 18:42:27.48826-07  To understand the problems involving corporate malfeasance and accounting scams in the USA today, we should look deeper into the methods used to cover up fraud by means of computerized databases.

??????? With perversions of choice on all sides of the Middle East conflict, who needs reproductive freedom? Abortion is unnecessary when there's nobody left to fuck.   -----   Chosen Another bomb, another day Another funeral today Another story, headline news There is no choice, you have to choose.  The few, the proud, the brave, the Chosen The few, the wretched, the shamed, the frozen The walls are high, the rivers dry, the coffins closed, the empty lie There is no hope, just plenty rope when you’re the Chosen.  You’ve got nothing left to lose,  When you’re Chosen, you can’t choose. You can’t stand in others shoes,  you cannot win, you choose, you lose. Another tank, another stone Select, superior, stand alone - Chosen people, self-appointed Self-destructive, self-anointed Self defensive, God imposed God intended, God intoned. You’ve got nothing left to lose,  When you’re Chosen, you can’t choose. Your hands are tied, your options frozen, You have no choice when you are Chosen  -------- that's what I call poetry piet 3:58am Thu Aug 15 '02

198277 this is the second draft for Fathers and nations; -------->>got a few nice comments<<--------198647kintracts and taxations -- just a ramble inspired by the so far failing search for a suitable minister of family affairs and emancipation in Holland  Self imposition of moral resolve coupled with private and dumb but not delusive, mechanistic drives discovered by evolutionary psychology meets public spectacle. Both sport similarly severe exclusivities; fatherhood turning teaze to terror and nationhood turning tax to tox.  About the once green deserts   The former could do with a devolution to the earlier phase of relative inconsequentiality (apart from the initiation of life) rather than 'progress' on into a state of it (mpi = male parental investment; robert wright) becoming even more prohibitively expensive (unequitable and nonparity hyrarchies, one way systems, etc, more brilliant, more forceful, more violent, etc) and therefore attains the obsessive degrees of desirability that unattainableness boasts/suffers (said mechanism may boast being the oldest viciously circular chain reaction 'available' for mankind to time n spiral itself into spin out), as/this goes for and applies to would be perpetraitors inhabiting (thus) more (and more) dessicated a region pressure is on to spin off reserve armies trailing their past condition(ing)s in close pursuit (rivalling the restless purposes the other desert export product, oil is put to and complete the compelling mix with tall tales of 1001 nights, and various bibles). Somewhere en route vers la desert (time and not space travelingwise, iow, during this rout of lushness), fatherhood gets (got?) a micromoral yet macrominimal focus which 'culmaxed' (killmournated) in the homestead heyday Terra Nullius USA edition, rich pickin for bravery imperceptibly changing and ineluctably sliding to depravery of happy daze arrear again.    Reverse perversion Perversity (impersonal spectacle) mimes and at the same time betrays simpler organic activity in lower/deeper ranks and rungs of life's ladder bycause instead of simply being monsterfood (if/when not oblivious and/or impartial to the facts of life graciously accept becoming it)our 'work' imparts all such manner, measure and means of insidiousness as will sap all sorts of vitality and ultimately freeze 'm shut off and out. How do we help them feed 'higher' stages like us and our descendants? Here lies the crux of the problem/possibility; to feed progeny properly one has to feed simultaneous antecedents running up to them first (feed the veg that feeds your babe).   Populistic fist pumps empty space into the sorts of stumbling blocks, forgotten cornerstones that are most notoriously full of themselves which starts their ability to deliver future from themselves; these most greedily uncollective, uptight lumps (do the crumbpull; and notice this rhyme is the slime whence rose yar video, upvie-us innit?) were hitherto known as rocks.  clump clog bunch fasci(st)nation   Reactionary competitive and conventional fatherhood justifiably boast of mastering the arts that serve greater goods here and there, barring guarantees and certification procedures along the road towards ensuring its embeddingly collective attainment; all truly social control has been eroded by specialization and individuation. The animosities resulting from such bias and hybridity pile and add up to the achievements of statehood.  The enemy; no nation worth its salination can do without. Nothing glues, gels and kits a bunch of disparate complexities like the spectre of a threat that works like a charm and causes a front to precipitate out of identification. Blood bonds seek indentity through appropriation on the one hand yet  tries to schizoically banish the burden, cross and karma of responsibility through identification with the already perfect beloved (as far as it mirrors oneself).  Challenged to identify the elusive foe, methods of self defense sail under the radar of reasonable legitimacy. The exploiterers of exposure to taxation manage to 'nonsubject' themselves (they worship the distinction devil instead) all the more to apply these collection tricks along tax tracks racking up all too common uncollectivities.  to love it is to leave it when/if it is rock, flours bloom In the long run neither victim nor defendant (or descendant) benefits from the bigger fist making races . .. . wait a minute, .. . . am I falling for the myth of infinitely recursive yet omnipotent, elusive, diverse but inexpensive love hype vibe a la Dan Winter? It  sharply contrast with the greenpeace ad: 'poison penetrates everywhere' (gif kent geen grenzen = poison doesn't respects borders). Am I denying arms industries as hell? Well, no, it is certainly easy enough to see their Midas touch doesn't so much put them in the lead as leave them lonely (I have yet to find out what Laffoley ((see one of the latest logbriefers)) condemns the golden mean for, . . anybody know?). Harmonize love and taxes; employ consensus approximation candidates such as populism to absolutionary, incontrovertibly unadulteratedly and easily most popular and simple measure conceivable: tax the top 10 per million of, wether or not literally captivating, capitalistic fruits born (away?) by outstanding and offshoring greed and feed 'm into the multiply amorphous substrate whence all arose, self cognizantly or not.  To speak with Bruce Cockburn: socialize accumulation.

199588 satanists amongst us; where is the love; I (puzzlepeacepiet) go:had a wild one last nite and that is not suprising seeing my bedside lit is so radically different and yet not contradictory: a book by daniel N Paul about the micmac (miqmaq?) "we were not the savages" on the grave inequality between in- and outsiders doing them in since it prevented them from making a fist with former enemies/fellow sufferers when needed ----- a book by R Wright's" the moral animal" that focuses on the inside games (co-operation) and perhaps justifiably so although the misfortune sketched above deserves a LOT of attention as do ways to make fighting fair. --- Inside games are evol. predominant since encounters with neighbours were relatively sporadic although traderoutes spanned half the continent half a millenium ago in the US. ---- I had a dream that was unsettlingly modern involving bullets and fruit greedspeed vs feedneed male 'vs' female and axis vs equator. One fun aspect of that last span for spin is that the angle at which the two 'opposing orientations is one they share with pyramid tips. check out walter russell ---- as to phalluses and love; well the bad side is well thought through by friedland, lyotard, geene, goux etc; time for the nice ways to wield it  now, you know, where the lov is .. . . . .

199291 ????  -- I go:  above good; below bad (english) piet 3:16am Thu Aug 22 '02 oh sorry I mean the other way around; irreversibly (and not like as within so without)  ------- see next item (up ((but down, here))) for longer comment  piet 3:32am Thu Aug 22 '02  or else 198647 father- and nationhoods ---

199293 Kevin Carson (and same item at chicago): -- I go:   my my what long wind you have piet 2:55am Thu Aug 22 '02 --  I approve of the writing style, subject and treatment, even highly so of anyone quoting Tucker but a direct line to the present from the latter is so hard to find that it seems as good as non-existent. If you ask me it would have to pass by the stations John Zube noted(see his microfiche offering homepage); iow acknowledge banner and baton carriers like Beckerath (whose penetration of historic realities and as far as earthly space goes, relatively timeless principles inversely proportionate to his fame) who acknowledges that Tucker needs a bit of a handle such as was available to Beckerath in the shape of people like Knapp (state theorie of money; theory of state money rather; instrumental in kicking the gold habit). In my opinion you overlook the institutionability of openness, as your comment on Chomsky at the end reveals; just like rock grinding needs some pretty rigid tools (or would you like to sing for it? I'd be glad to go that route with ya too for a lark) so does the full accountability of the state require full time limelight lovers, public audits, 'participitates' emissions, etc. THE antidotes against grabbery and inflatabloat. A feminine state money to keep the reckless kinds not so much in check (though that to) as to keep 'm from making unwilling victims left without alternatives in winner takes all 'freedom'. ----

199287  Review of Kevin A. Carson's "The Iron Fist Behind the Invisible Hand"  by Keith Preston ---  I go: if you are not to particular about dates . .. you may as well come over and review the Beckerath works I host/present. They are from the thirties but since we seem not to be able to decide wether they have returned or not it wouldn't hurt to stretch our brain around people with a grasp of most crises in recorded history. Meanwhile, you wrote: “Under the present system of federal government monopoly on the issuance of legal tender and central banking via the Federal Reserve, interest rates are kept artificially high, an artificial shortage of credit is maintained and access to finance capital is constricted. “Piet: and this is supposed to be up to date? Poster proves that enternot internil is a sewer; after much fasting and fruit eating a pellet of times past long lodged in his bowels has sprung free to see the light of day once more; well, it should feel rite at home cause although the above is no longer quite true, the effects of low interest and huuuuuugely risen debt ‘tolerance’ and burden bearability works out to the same sordid reality. “These arrangements centralize wealth and concentrate economic power in a myriad of ways. Carson argues that "under a system of free banking, cooperative banks would be able to form and issue private bank notes as credit against the output of future production. “Piet: You forget to mention this needs consensus of all involved and affected lest inflation rears its maul. ---

?????? Spartacus speaking (what can hedo furya?): META - SYSTEM  META – THEORY. TIME IS CONSTUCTION – DISTANCE IS SPEED – VELOCITY IS MOTION DISSIPATIVE BIFURCATION 1. 3mc3  ac = 300.000 km/sec2 2. mc3  3ac = 0.0001 t/sec 3. E = mc2 = e = t/s 4.  ac = mc = ac = 1/n+ 5.  3ac = mc2 = ac3 = √en  1 6. F = ma = F = E = V FAR FROM EQUILIBRIUM SYSTEM = DISSIPATIVE STRUCTURE NEAR EQUILIBRIUM STATE = BIFURICATION DYNAMICS Entropy > Nega-tropy. Posi-tropy > Tropy. Post-probability correlation’s – Logarithmic differentials – Asymmetrical meta-scientific dissipation. Irreversible dynamics  reversible coordinates. Sub-nuclear formation of information at a velocity higher than the speed of light. The elimination of negation + the resolution of conflict + contradiction. Historical anarcho-communism + the dismantling of scientism in all its shades + colors. HARMONY OUT OF BALANCE COLLAPSE OUT OF BALANCE Disorder + chaos out of order + law. Peace + liberty out of conscious + objective formation of altered reality – de-conditioning & de-state. a) Hegelian Marxism = (-). b) Einstein Newtonism = (-). c) Anarchization of the cortex = (+). d) Revolutionary transposition = (+). e) Orientation & navigation of the spatio-temporal environment. DOLLARISM = ABYSS Work turns people into unfeeling spectators of their own decaying selves. Pain + work + sickness are symptoms of corruption + will be eliminated when the government is eliminated. If a society continues to need work, hospitals, prisons, a sign that this system has failed as expected. NEW REVOLUTIONARY STRATEGY FOR THE ELIMINATION OF CLASSES THE DESTRUCTION OF THE RULING CLASS a) The tactics of subversive action (jamming). b) Anarchization of the means of communication + information. c) Cybernetic conspiracy. d) Socio-individual subversive clandestine detour. e) Obstacle misinformation. f) Anarchic multi-matrixed orientation. FEW WORDS ABOUT THE HUMAN CONDITION TODAY 1) The condition of the general/universal population. 2) The negation of capitalism. 3) Meta-communist anarchy.

198977For T ing out loud; hungerstriker juices his way to the 40th day (english) by piet 2002-08-20 05:54:34.311929-07 first animal activist to stand trial for murdering (is that right?) the dutch top honcho ((tip?)top?) candidate Pim Fartune reaches a millstone in life on fluids: 40 days of it in protest over surveillance camera's in a cell where he reads Kafka's 'the process'. Perhaps he dislikes the shortage of surveillance for real movers and shakers; I sure as hell do. Other news in dutch media today: the unions have invested in the arms industry (up to 20 percent of their savings). to fluff up this item I shall resort to finnegan's wake exegesis: (not without first mentioning that wacko's like Arnold Ehret ((who swung to and fro from tricks such as these to fire his spiritual peptalk and degenerate binges)) had me wondering and start some experiments of me own in a distant past) -------The figure on page 293 shows a pair of circles to be part of ALP's construction, and Suzannes's detection of 8 along with "alleven" suggests 12+28 balanced by 40, for the 2 circles of 8, or infinity. 40 + 40 = 80, the Hebrew value of P, which on the figure sits at the convergence of the dotted lines of reflection or obscurity. 40 years of Hebrew wandering in the desert 40 days and nights of the great flood. 40 years of Philistine dominion over Israel 40 days of Moses on Sinai 40 days of Elijah's journey 40 days of mourning for Jacob 40 days, and Nineveh shall be overthrown, said Jonah. 40 days of Lent, the period of fasting, self-denial, and penitence traditionally observed by Christians in preparation for Easter. 40 day period of isolation in the Roman port, which survives in the word quarantine. The number forty (the product of two basic numbers of completion, four and ten) has held significance as an important periodicity since ancient times. It was a symbol of trial and testing to the Semitic people, as in the forty years in the desert, or the forty day fast of Christ. The first major "forty-day" festival that has survived into modern ecclesiastical celebration is the Festival of Candlemas, celebrated on February 2nd (a day now known more vulgarly as "Groundhog Day"). Although actually following 43 days after the winter solstice, it falls exactly forty days from the celebration of Christmas. This forty-day period is the heart of winter, and at it's conclusion on Candlemas, the candles of the church to be used in the coming year are blessed in memory and celebration of the True Light's impending victory. Forty days after the autumnal equinox, as the world falls again into clutch of winter cold, there comes a series of festivals marked by Halloween, All Saint's Day (the name "Halloween" means simply "saint's day eve"), and All Soul's Day. And again reflecting this forty-day pattern of reckoning seasons, Ascension day is celebrated forty days after Easter Sunday (Easter itself is marked on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal equinox). Ascension day signals completion of the spring-time Easter cycle. (Although not directly represented in our current Christian calendar, another festival should here also be mentioned: folk traditions in Europe celebrated the harvest festival of Lammas forty days after the summer solstice.) As the liturgical calendar turns through these ancient seasons -- now mostly forgotten by our modern world -- it continues to profer the observant earthly traveler vital spiritual landmarks and waystations, each gracefully designed to guide and nurture the soul on its journey homeward. In this cycle, the travel of the sun through the day, and the earth through the year, become symbolic reckonings of our own journey heavenward. By consciously participating in this timeless mandala of wholeness, we are both aided in discerning the features of the soul's interior landscape, and in discovering anew the eternally abiding story of consciousness awakening within creation's ceaselessly shifting darkness and light. Water is a thematic symbol for this month. The Hebrew letter "mem" is the first letter of the word "mayim" which means water, and "mikvah" which is the water in which we ritually immerse ourselves. "Mem" is also the first letter in the name "Miriam," who was the keeper of water during the desert wandering. A mysterious well followed her throughout her years in the desert. "Mem" has the numerical equivalence of the number forty. It was on Rosh Chodesh Sh'vat, during the wandering in the desert, during the fortieth year, that Moshe began to teach and review the Torah with the people. Schneider talks about 40: "In the classic symbolism of myth and religion, the number forty marks a passing beyond a worldly or fourfold material phase. This symbol of passage lends significance to Noah's rain of forty days and nights; it is also reflected in the life of Moses, whose 120 years encompassed three forty-year phases and who waited forty days on Mount Sinai to receive the Ten Commandments. The Israelites spent forty years wandering in the desert. Jesus' forty days in the wilderness, the forty days of Lent, Ali Baba's forty thieves, each recall the transformation of earth and self, often through physical ordeal. At the fortieth day of human pregnancy, the embryo becomes a fetus." This introduces the more serious element of 'The Game' and speaks to its power to transform those who would come to play Her! 40 winks - nap 40 thieves of Ali Baba 40 acres and a mule su with her fingers in the pi------------ 40 weeks (28 x 10 days) of human gestation (i.e., pregnancy, 3 trimesters: 1-1-1) --Eric :::

199378 a chart by gold-eagle – I go: golly what restraint piet 6:48am Thu Aug 22 '02  espe'tin you fogeys to spin us the prescription gospel 'bout gold (in 'em 'ere hills) yarn once again I scanned the article but no; does that mean you have finally come to reason and by the insight that the best gold had to offer was slow increment and that the same but better is to be had from a value standard based on photosynthesis rates? I have planted such a seed on yourall site a while ago but dare not quite hope yet. check 'beckerath poetpiet' with google if you're sorry I lost you again some ore

I don't recall ever shitting a perfect cross before but I did with two lenghts of turds; the thoughts I formed during this unconscious art were on digestive systems between compost processes and 'crops'; gifts from abundance much needed groundscore or prey. At the end I said: hybrid, half breed, hebrew; the cross refs coming to my attention that day to trigger such a derivative might have been: the record amount of offspring is supposedly in the name of a maroccan nicknamed 'the bloodthirsty' (from 'the moral animal'); a majority in israel is constituted from formerly maroccan jews.

199846 ask Naomi Klein:  What are your plans for the future? -------  I am very interested in what is going on in Argentina. It's in a total collapse and that has created a power vacuum and an opportunity to try out new ideas. In the run-up to the March elections, the social movements, which bought down five governments in two weeks, are trying to come up with a platform for what participatory democracy and genuine accountability would look like on a national scale. Their politicians are crooks. The IMF can't help them. And they don't want to vote for a new saviour. They want to find ways to deeply change the system. And this means questioning the very idea of representative democracy. It a laboratory for democracy. I'm going to move there for 6 months - because I believe so strongly this is where the next template will be developed. 25 August 2002

19967 Lockstep on the left + pic of 24 bright and shiny helmets lined up and now, some same o but betta (english) never bitchin punchlinepitchinpiet 12:18pm Fri Aug 23 '02 comment#199704 how bout some fair fightin for a change .. . literally, .. . . we simply aint ever gonna eradicate physical strife and competition but we may bring it into the folds of the spectacular; embraced beauty at beholders bill and will. If fighting looks set to outlast the earth itself we might as well allow some to make a more honourable livin at it. Your average soul-dier is sick of escaping a state of being somebody's loser into the anonymous safety in numbers mode. That's rite, I propose commercialized AND equitabilized fighting: formal wars with one on one voluntarily engagements; anybody can challenge anybody, any group any other. Challengers must offer their enemies/opponents/challengees basic training in/and the weapons they prefer to use themselves; multiple angle recording opps go on the auction block as soon as accepting challengers are trained, equiped and bet upon. I mean, this could be the sorta way to bridge the gap between: 1 whites win; they are cool and tecnically superior. 2 whites don't fight fair and will continue to fool, seduce, bribe and otherwise abuse their very own mothers cause one (fast and furious) side of their brains refuse to receive the calls of reason and run away with the rest of themselvers .. .damn shell fishers, dim hell dishers. They should be held in check by a council of elders from around the world. I realize these sort of pipedreams could only possibly come within reach if by some miracle vast swathes of the present population would transform their economies with innovations that honour the best of most ancient traditions from a round the world and are set to take ice ages. .. .. . but when was i ever too bashfull when it comes to sharing my optimism? furst update in 3 weeks with over 400K printerfriendily rendered hilites (none too cheery I regret) from indy lbo-talk nettime slash and such (as usual):

199696on reparations (comments; item posted by Daniesha):Are Reparations Justified? (english) Kurt T. Hill 1:39pm Fri Aug 23 '02 comment#199714 Are reparations justified? Can one make a case for reparations for slavery? I think that one can. Reparations to Japanese-Americans and European Jews were given to actual victims or to their immediate, direct decendants. Let's assume that a male child is born into slavery in 1863 in Virginia (or before 1865 in Maryland). The boy grows up and marries late in life. In 1915 he is the proud father of twins. One of those twins is still alive.S/he would have to demonstrate 1) that s/he is the child of a slave; 2) that s/he suffers financial hardship (i.e., someone who has Jesse Jackson's income would be excluded); and 3) would have to affirm that no compensation/reparations were give to her father/mother at the time of emancipation. In this narrowly constructed formulation, I would have no problem with reparations. Unfortunately, advocates for reparations have not, in my opinion, made a case. Their "give me the money" attitude I find disturbing. Unless you are the actual victim, or the immediate, direct decendant, I don't see why you should expect any kind of reparations. --------------- WWP's statement (english) my take on this 3:07pm Fri Aug 23 '02 comment#199730 "Now the struggle for a modicum of payment to Black workers in this country--as recognition of a crime against the humanity of the peoples kidnapped from Africa to toil as unpaid slave laborers--is a fight that every working person in the United States has a stake in. " It seems to me that this statement means that the WWP supports reparations in the form of direct payment to Black workers. This is quite a difference from the agenda being put forth by those who are spearheading the reparations movement. Various leaders of the reparations movement are talking about putting the money into a trust which would make funds available for things like legal defense funds, advocacy organizations, quasi-governmental agencies, small business programs, educational and other programs that would work within the system putting out little fires and advocating for reforms. There is no mention of moving toward revolution. ---------------reply to Kurt (english) JB 3:42pm Fri Aug 23 '02 comment#199735 I probably shouldn't bother responding but I have to ask this based what you wrote, because I know a lot of white people feel the same way you do. Why should a higher standard be imposed on Black descendants of slavery than on Japanese or any other recipients of reparations? The Japanese didn't have to prove that they were suffering financial hardship when they received their reparations (and this is totally irrelevant to having to prove that you were a child of a slave, by the way) and they didn't have to prove that no monies were given to someone in their families. Whether or not any Japanese citizen, Native American, or any other reparations recipient had a child out of wedlock is and was of no concern to the government. So why should Black people have to prove all these things? Why the double standard? Why the income or "morality" requirements when it comes to Black people? Why should Black people have to work for money that their ancestors already worked for? Or do you feel this way because you have been brainwashed by Rush Limbaugh to believe that "those lazy, scheming, manipulative Black people don't deserve money that will be ripped out of the pay checks of decent, honest, hard-working white people". Reparations is back payment for work/labor that was unpaid, not "extra" money to "help" Black people like the right wing, corporate, hard line, conservative, reactionary, racist media keeps trying to drum into your head (unfortunately, they have succeeded in your case). How would you feel if your granddfather had saved most of his earnings and upon his death, even though he named you in the will, the state required that you not have any kids out of wedlock, required that you could prove you are living below the poverty line, and that none of his money was given to your parents? I can almost hear you justifying a double standard right now. You feel that because your grandfather was white, he worked harder than those Blacks, so no one should interfere with his right to pass his money down to his predecessors. -----------who pays? (english) lee 5:54pm Fri Aug 23 '02 comment#199756 I just want to throw this in for consideration. White people often believe, and are encouraged to believe by the white establishment, that if reparations are paid, each white person will have to give half of thier belongings and incomes to a black stranger. This is, of course , ridiculous. IT is not all white people who are being asked to pay, but the few and the rich who have benifited from the exploitation of others. (Actually, if reparations go thru, i think there are lots of poor white people who should also be in line to get something back from their rich white masters) So don't take it all so personal, it's not your money they want, it's mostly recognition, respect, and to take some of the power away from the ruling class so they can live free, as we all would like to

3054 nycap.indy -- war begins and nobody notices; I go: war 'fairing' begins and nobody minds by piet 3:16pm Fri Aug 23 '02 don't look now (newswire at main seems to be truly busy .. . or something) but the revolution was just posted as a comment to the item with the picky showin all them shiny helmets (down to today's page two now). yall are welcome. --- twincities.indy 6485 (same item by I go: war 'fairing' going on here:   on the fourth mention of fair in that file

199688 (interesting article on Israeli intelligence tactics and how they are or aren't but should be parried better and better) :::x:::199687 similar but grimmer and here is one of the most trusted voices (Fisk): A Strange Kind of Freedom We all know about the perils of Islamic fanaticism. But, says Robert Fisk, the biggest threat to liberty in the US may come from other kinds of fundamentalism: Jewish and Christian story.jsp?story=313235  also at 199538

199793 open publishing and antisemitism ---- I go:  i mean jaysees javier! 'querfront'?  piet 3:17am Sun Aug 25 '02 comment#199901  crossfront (as in cross-purposes) would be a great improvement already.  I suggest you study the yin yang symbol and other binaries to see how inextricable and identical or contourinversely proportionate  the close fit between extremist frilly fray fringes are, no matter what duality you tackle (might lose your dream/illusions gently that way), then you may start adding fractalizing grace notes, pointednesses (think the lesser known platonic bodies; try fit those together airtightly .. .you just can't) reducing (but never losing) contact ever further, etc; close packing is not a thing done too profitably 'up' life's ladder beyond rock stage and its tolerance for deformation.   . .. .hey kudo's congrats etc you got close to 80 responses at the 22nd) already; a prfr in german candidate.  by the way, if you ask me, indy. nl is in violation of indy open publ. protocols and principles; especially in my case. Posts get removed (at a short walk from where i write 'm) to the point where this indy don't feel like a real one no more and I don't even wanna try again; even small posts (made with my guard down and not securing a copy rite away just incase . .. .) pointing to articles about hobos (responding to a mention of them earlier in the thread) and one agreeing to an article about the dangers of cannabis for those incontrolably schizophrenia prone as a guess to what the questioning of my sanity might be all about (again) are ruthlessly removed and not even restored behind the scenes upon request:  !!!!!!!!>>>>>>>>open trashcans are a must if you are to have a chance at learning about the (dis)tastes of 'your' local editor.<<<<<<<!!!!!!!! are on their own server and that's good, each indy should be perhaps, but in cases like those of the dutch version (this problem exists elsewhere too as this post once again proves), they deserve (and should be requested to get) their very own name too. a strange way to introduce a chrono list: sponsor born servers and and substitute reserves (bottom link) ----- to a item concerning 'endorsements' by indymedia (centering around 'receptions' and 'hostings' of Mike Ruppert) with an exceptional amount of comments (7 instead of the usual nothing) I added a similar comment: .. . .ooops hasn't gone through (yet?) I'll see if I can recover it from me brainpan .. . . I recall mentioning the 80 comments and topic . .disarming exposure of vs hijacking by (antisemitic) (ab)use of and spamming at open publ.  --- more fun at slash - the absurd shall follow (as surely as precede if not embed surround, etc) the inevitable; somebody sees fit to conjure up a title such as this: On the Limitations of "Open Marxism" -- if that isn't a worth a whale of a laugh before even reading it I don't know what is. ---- 3slash reviews Bob Black on 'errorism' --- zizek does "Seize the Day, Lenin's Legacy" ------- Hakim Bey tackles Nick Herbert's chaos theories >>>>

200133 A debate about Capitalism, from the Mind X Forum at . This is a site visited by policy-makers and scientific minds. Some of their views, quite frankly, scare the hell out of me. See what you think. (Sorry about the length...) --- I go: mr thornton, please .. . if you insist on calling attention to gag spasm causing space explorers and twisted hive minders (pretending to be down to earth enough and so much that the latter owes them) please make do with a link (don't duplicate perfectly accesible run of the milll material which takes away from shoe string budget run spaces and besides, I deem it proper if you could allow us a choice; try to tempt with some choice keywords out of that diahretic and delusional albeit diligent deluge instead of saddling us up with it. If you insist on supplementing indy's own discussions go ahead and pick some up over at motherjones' .. . . waaaaaaayyyy if you ask me. As for the content of the above: a shitload of distraction since (an admittedly brief perusal shows) no mention of how the 'option' option and route has acted like a 'fly in ointment anointment attracting the most selfish and criminal managers to the most responsibility requiring places (flouting lifelong company loyalties which imposed ((not enough but some)) measures of restraint and decency); that is capitalism as we know it, inversely proportionate to the tune of how little the versions I and few others hold up to and invite scrutiny to, actually manage to attract it --- so sure blame us . ..but I'll hereafter .. .(pointer to troubling to .. . errrrr, , my pleasure) hold you responsibly for not returning a favor and spend a few minutes at: -------

------ guess what I saw yesterday the 27th around 6 o clock dutch time???CNN was posting a viewer comment in text over a beautiful mozaik of green to black shades in blocks asking if the US would (care to) reciprocate should Iraq be allowing full inspection. -- It offered me a thrill and flash of hope despite and amidst the neurotical hawkery and schizo warcries this channel offers the rest of the time. One never need dispense with or fail to resort to bare minima: homeopathic remedying ----- one other 'detail piquant' (spicy tidbit) I learned that same evening: Rashneesj was born on the 11th of sept; deported from the states after showing how off handedly non chalantly and absurdly wealthy dreamers get once led and unified by a tolerant hand, traveled to (= managed to get deported from another) 21 nations in the course of the following year and thinks women are earthy. --------- more yesterday's news (for me): saw 'shine'; what a tear jerker to fell feb (no)bodies such as me --- Holland's hackers made a movie too: hippies from hell

200538 A complaint about too much zionism; I go: seems to be a bit of an offensive here too A prominent zionist fills a good size swat of page two in the (otherwise) excellent but presently in trouble daily of amsterdam (semi nationwide and certainly the most international of all ((semi-local)) dutch dailies): Parool (day before yesterday; I haven't been able to find yesterday's yet to see if any letters to the editors correct some of the bias ..  .no, but it did place an equal size article about a Palestinian filmmaker featured on tv too) with the subject of Palettinian terrorism which, he says, is pre 67; I hope someone will make a quick summationl of pre 67 zionist terrorism such as I've seen pass review 'round here. Ps: I'll get back to confirm expectations of almost ritualistically routinized (point counterpoint course of events).

200537 long item accusing indy of blood libel and europe of causing zionism --- I go: there are 2 kinds of schizoitis -- one accuses others of 'its' (ones) own misdeeds --- the other one admonishes others to do what 'it' (one) fails to do 'itself' (oneself). ------ Beaty of choice? You don't go for either to go for/wind up with/get caught up in/carried away with the real thing ---------- someone else post a long retort ------**::-::** --- the other? the mother the unsmother the mudder  blottylabelreaderbreeder - M Oralhi Ghground has a highly more elashk to grind a find to foundafount stoop next to nothing to do everything needful undies eat ful Ps: this site by Anis Hamadeh has bilingual docs. fetch.php?id=9881412&usernum=3272187134

 200445 words kill -- I go: --- jamaican rap hype imperils gays???? if in a place like jamaica where I assume race is so colourful and diverse you find no two people fitting any single slot, 'rough' elements resorts to (scapegoating) gays, simple on their merits of being numerous and easily spottable enough (even for a minimally trainable moron to help him slip into a crowd immunity/anonymity/legitimacy mode; last time I checked that was a much too primitive trick but what don't get done, condoned and nothing but postponed must be mimicked at all levels up that similarly refuse to admit 'constituency). Personally I think the life of affectation would lead to the sometimes more sometimes less (and out of) controlled inflation Keynes was trying to jump (out of) start trouble with. I FOR ONE WOULD PREFER TO ENGENDER SOME 'CONTEMPUTATION' (IN ORDER OF HARD TODONESS): PHYSICALLY RESTRAIN AND SEPERATE FIGHTING PARTIES; REVERSE MIGRATION AND BIRTH NUMBERS WITH GENTLE BUT SUCCESFULLY SOUPED UP PRIMITIVISM, INSTALL A NEW GEAR CALLED PREVERSE; OFFER TEMPTING INCENTIVES TO LEAVE THE FLICKFLACK FLOPFLAP WITH SOME BACKFLIPS ANNOUNCE AND RECORD CONSENT TO A FUTURE WHEREIN VIOLENCE UNRECORDED, NOT BARGAINED AND TRADED FOR, THUS NONBROADCASTABLABLE IS ILLEGIT AND IN CONTEMPT OF IMMINENT, ANTICIPATED AND PROPERLY POPULISM RIGGED, THUS PROPER POPULISM PERFORMING UN RULING ------------- so, I hit upon some 'wiki' at indy a while ago but couldn't find record of it in my files for some reason (perhaps bycause I hadn't gotten past the paper record ((in the lost agenda)) stage); anyway I am not nerd enough to 'get' this stuff: -- I first erroneously used 'wifi indymedia' and found some logs that way: and (view from the heart) -----

201118 I still don't think this leads anywhere Iwann Ago -- Pompous sales pitch, pretty pixels and all .. but . I don't buy it (and take the guardian out of that paranoid line up will ya?), I mean, . .. .. I am reminded of a few coloured yet/but dutch media workers arguing for posting a pretty story next to an ugly out of principle and for fairness sake and there is enormous truth and nobility in bias avoidance; defusing inequality by requiring a confession in order to earn the 'rite' performance of accusation no matter what the numerical proportions (in the time frame that 'oppresses and disallows any views and hopes of others and oneself beyond) are might be a smart req; truth (times of succesfull true cost calculation) may not be practiced optimally (in ways that diversify and cumulate it) but that doesn't mean its seeds don't sprout  (its irradicable rudiments) about up every split second of the day.

201101 confusing pastiche of right wing related stuff (ZOG = zionism oppressed government via sf) with parts of posts attempting to show that since folks and visitors at indy jerusalem have done, lagged and eased on commenting on unchanged and identical reposts (which indeed does give newcomers a wrong impression and that's why I am more and more in favor of a thorough rating system to start co-existence next to a chrono service) they 'support' 'host' such spam. offers a link to

dc 28635 (stoning of nigerian women) rock is up from reject punishing projectile when we learn it's (and always was) down to it's content conveyance, which at our earliest convenience (slow to rise; long to last) will mime mimic and minister the ways from rock to tree and back again with a muddy 'missill' (awkward corrective attempt upon the lives of missiles up from projectiles) message. Live off of grace gracefully after givin it all away. I'm still aiming for my clean shot. .. . .. more rock dust evangelia in an equally deep but soberer version: (just to offer a yell as daunting, not to say confusing, as eradicate-privatization; maybe MPI along lines thought out in the URL below will be the happy medium between the two).; looks like somebodies copied the software ( lite version without pics). Here's the trackrecord for their forums so far: Introductory Forum Want to get involved in these discussions but not sure where to start? This is the place to ask questions and make comments about what's going on. Moderated by: yossarian 2 7 Aug 20, 2002 - 09:55 PM by ben Open Source This forum is for discussion of the open source movement, intellectual property rights issues, and their relation and importance to activism. Discuss current open source projects occuring through out the world and experiences with open source programs. Share information and aid for those converting to open source software. Moderated by: Skip, yossarian, damon 16 58 Aug 14, 2002 - 01:13 AM by ikoskela Alternative Technology and Industry This forum is for the discussion of alternative forms of technology and industry that are sustainable and useful in movements for social change, such as solar energy, wind power, and designing industial and work environments in ways that are sustainable and better suited to human needs. Moderated by: Stevphen 6 26 Aug 05, 2002 - 08:30 AM by permafrog Historical/Fictional Examples and Analysis This forum is for the discussion and analysis of non-hierarchal social structures as they have existed historically , such as communes, revolutionary movements, the Kibbutz, tribal structures, the Spanish Civil War, the Paris Commune, and traditions of communalism. Also for the discussion of fictional examples of libertarian social structures in works such as William Morris's News from Nowhere, H.G. Wells' Men like Gods, Van Vogt's The World of Null-A, Heinlein's The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress, Eric Frank Russell's The Great Explosion and "Late Night Final", Poul Anderson's "The Last of the Deliverers", and LeGuin's The Dispossessed. Moderated by: Stevphen, Skip 5 24 Jul 19, 2002 - 10:59 AM by -------- Get Involved! Want to see this site do something that it doesn't? Like to suggest a forums category? Here's the place to do it! Discuss ideas for improving and running the site, for new features to add, or how to get involved more with the project. Moderated by: Admin 11 33 Aug 19, 2002 - 11:33 AM by kayoss Resisting Hierarchy This forum is for the discussion of resisting the various forms of hierarchy that impinge upon and co-op alternative institutions. Discuss resistance to the various forms of statist and authoritarian structures, capitalist hegemony, fascism, and racism - how to confront and dismantle, and prevent their reappearance. Moderated by: Ender, contraestado 5 27 Aug 19, 2002 - 11:41 AM by Mr_Shadow Autonomy Respecting Relationships This forum is for the discussion of forming and maintaining relations not based on hierarchy or coercion, but on respect for indiviudal autonomy. Topics include non-authoritarian parenting, interpersonal relations, youth liberation, and gender relations. Moderated by: contraestado, Morpheus 10 27 Sep 01, 2002 - 09:33 PM by NHSSWorkers General Concepts and Ideas This is a forum for the discussion of the general concepts and ideas that are characteristic of non-hierarchal structures, such as mutual aid, free association, the consensus process, and balanced power relationships. Discuss their meaning, pertinence, how they have been applied and how they can be applied to improve our daily lives. Moderated by: Stevphen 15 123 Aug 26, 2002 - 05:26 PM by Mr_Shadow Building Community This is a forum for discussing how to establish and maintain community spaces, such as community gardens, coffee houses, clinics, libraries, free schools, bike garages, and other such spaces. Shares stories and experiences about creating common spaces for people to congregate, interact, and build the relationships that hold together a community Moderated by: Stevphen, contraestado 12 67 Aug 28, 2002 - 08:58 AM by permafrog Agricultural Issues This is a forum for the discussion of a number of agricultural and food production related issues, such as sustainable agriculture, organic farming, guerilla gardening, and permaculture. Decentralized sustainable food production is key to long lasting autnonomous communities. Moderated by: Stevphen 4 27 Jul 16, 2002 - 05:08 AM by permafrog Outreach and Education This is a forum for discussing putting forth ideas of social change that will resonate beyond the boundaries of the activist community to people of all ages, races, sexes, and backgrounds. Also discused is how alternative institutions will relate and interact with the rest of the world that does not operate on the same principles or provide rewards and benefits on the same set of standards. Moderated by: contraestado 7 48 Jul 29, 2002 - 03:33 PM by kayoss Alternative Economics This forum is for the discussion of alternative economic forms, such as participatory economics, Mondragon collectives, libertarian municipalism, the creation of shadow economies, exchange economies, the creation of an internet trade systems, and gift economies. It is also for the discussion of democratizing the workplace, establishing worker's cooperatives, and the cooperative management of resources and materials. Moderated by: contraestado, Stevphen 11 57 Aug 03, 2002 - 01:53 PM by -------- Social Forum This forum is for meeting, greeting, and chatting. Shoot the shit with activists and community organizers from around the world. Moderated by: Admin 7 23 Aug 19, 2002 - 11:48 AM by kayoss Organization and Strategy This is a space for discussion of organizational structure and of planning overall strategy for genuine social change. Hopefully we can move beyond the differences provided by sectarian labeling and coordinate how we can cooperate based upon common goals, rather than being divided by bickering. Moderated by: Admin

201154 Latuff posts the Swiss courtdecision in festive mood; I go: win a battle lose a war -- what about the hysterical hyper sensitivity to israel criticism at austria and netherlands indys? Isn't france still down for similar reasons? Why don't moderatin indy 'muddy rooters' chuck out all items that use similar constructions like THE micmac, THE  ulumanga, THE americans? Or better yet install some software that replaces 'the' <b>any group probably too large and especially too diverse to be in touch with under present conditions</b> with 'some' >>???<< bycause otherwise all such equally polinco usage remains incorrigible (and quite as 'bad' as the sentiments from places like which the dutch indyans feel themselves to good to debate and thus censor as wel (debate is virtually dead out there, I'll have you know). And then all these multiple spammers!!!!! Hell, place the story in its entirety somewhere and point to it from other places with a soundbite if you have to; if there is anything the web needs it is to get denser and more cross referenced but not in the fashion I found occasion to critique just yesterday (which I allow myself to reproduce here since the relevant is moderately sized but immensely pithy): (first line of next item down here) 'glocbal' = golocabal action if all fibre cables had been stretched around the world instead of hitting the high price ground running in hords knots bundles and packs, we would have been closer to equitable tabulation. Once upon a time clearly defined or difficultly permeable borders, ritualized contesting and 'trade'like raids all took care of the cleanly conceived ins and outs; we now look set to keep a move on and privatizing the most moving element (all life truly has in common on a par with the dry forms of sibling oxides like rocks): water. It will always be this way; the male parental investment is more potent than crime and marauding monday morning meeting of market minds and no less excessive. Only a downturn causes outcry lasting long enough for a misfortunate symbol, stand-in sacrifice and scape goat is found; all lower ranks lick their chops over drags from the losers; we may have lost love of trees but we're still monkeys. -

201171 multimedia on an A'dam action -- and if that don't do your fill of colourfully  pixeled text piet   and have a stomach for lots longer sentences (for the extra collarbone lift) stoopastepastop this way (URL supplied) -- Ps: I'm sure glad this guy aint makin any of those overblown attendee estimates like earlier reporters did (I'd literally have to decimate that estimate to come close to me own)

  Israel killing Palestenians with nail shells  sered 5:35am Mon Sep 2 '02 Salah al-Hajeen was one of at least six people blown up by a shell packed with some 3,000 inch-long arrows fired by an Israeli tank into a fruit-pickers' encampment in the orchards of Gaza. The darts are known technically as "flechettes"; the Palestinians simply call them nails.

201155 about wether divinity involves creationism or chance (I'd say neither) - To see one's chance clean -- that's a literally translated dutch expression running along similar vanity veins like carpe diem  --  As for Jung I can be brief: check page 107 108 in Nazi psychology by Laurence Rickels - great read - had to wait bloody 8 weeks to get it through a conventional distributor - I'll order part 2 on Amazon.

201260 Bush is a threat to the world, what better time than now... Anonymous Anti-War Dude --+-- Another one of 'm long linklaced faultfinding harangues -- Once again, what purpose does this serve? -- Apart from giving yourself the none too hard tasks of 'fishing behind the net' and in murky water which only gets murkyer the more you stir it up -- faithful followers of what I have been driving at (on line since 97) will have a very different conception of the way I mean to steer the stir: rite into an area the caption refers to with 'turn curb and asphalt into a people's media' -- I would curb the paving alrite but the real purpose of all this fact and fault finding is to get the opponent to fess up and step down to level with you not in order to look back at rough and old times but to agree on keeping distance and start some up in the first place. --------- (another herculean stable cleaner and faultable fact finder, I'll call them fff's in future) he don't clammer like I do, he (double) crosses yet leaves legible. ---------

201238dry erase comment on the backflap of a modern day bug -- I go: liddul preview -- I 'm gonna give this little bitbatch of text its own item with large colourfilled font later; here it is: I am onely da onely touchman calling for a drum that runs, walks works stands and beats to and for turning all sorts of hardships and shapes around with a mishmash mush beat. I am one of all dutchmen turned into potential bush meat. --- Dubious status. --------- similar comment from last issue 197985 people seem to think the insight into plus the motivation and forces to realize what should and can happen needs to be delved from laying bare what 'really' hopponed. I've lost count of per- intro- and all other but the rite rockfluffin versions of airing some of the old to enable it the affordance of the hostage-postage of the new; I need a ride to argentina; only zoefs suffies and suvs need apply. consortium (including all sites they link to) is hereby invited to take people's attention away from the mainstream and explain how bombing campaigns and forest fires due to a lack of soillife enlivening (moisture capture, store and callibrate for one thing) rock powders are in all likelyhood responsible for the floods across europe; can our sunoutdoing pipeitking BooSh and his pipedtears push the bill on that one. --------- references made to drumming can be seen 'flashed' out and less cryptic here: /mimed_glacier_milk_music_and_ministry.htm --------- peace drums and war drums hybridization will be instruwmental to future vitality tickle. --------- a slightly improved version of a passage (writing ((and singing)) snatches) of which in the eighties gave me the original impetus to call myself a poet) in that file: BamBam, pitched a potent pile of tensile torque sprung mud what once began it all and has been ever since at the base of birdsong and any seed as such. This windchime steeldrummilling gizmo turns hard rock to mud allows inversion and defusion of aggression, stops idling and worse; morphs musical instruments into hi-tec predigestors catalyzing easyer mineral uptake and buyant health up along the various foodchains with it chewshovelnozel sequence, eminently suited to the practise of heavily meddlesome and mettlemaking metal manipulation to easu up all too dense present tense. -

201191 Abolish the White Race from (no joke it really is there in the browser section of this big zine which also features A century of American inaction on genocide,) --- one commenter goes: bullshit J 9:09pm Mon Sep 2 '02 fuck all the fuckers who think they are being exploited because the truth is we are all niggers--- i am so tired of hearing about who is responsible for this injustice or this injustice--- Like Peter Tosh said "there can be no peace till there is equal rights and justice" so quit clinging to your essentialist bullshit and realize we are all in the same boat! --------- one of many places the forbidden truths on the genocidally evil military system of humanity by got posted (I can't seem to get much out of his site though; none of this sort of textslabbery there I can see

and the winner is . . .I think indy dc has the colours most appealing to me at the moment --------- --------- here are the commenters for an item suppositioning nazis on your front lawn: I vote for number 3 by Fan of John Brown 7:21pm Mon Sep 2 '02 Kick asses of Nazis and KKK thug wannabees. This will send a clear message that hate gangs will not be tolerated. It will also empower and embolden the oppressed, the target groups of the hate mongerers. The bigots will be the isolated ones. As a gay activist in Chicago, I have long advocated self-defense groups rather than relying on the cops who are often themselves gay bashers and protectors of the thugs. When the word gets around that the "fairies" are kicking ass, the gay bashing problem will diminish. Before this can happen, there has to be a change in the consciousness of the oppressed--in this case the lesbian, gay, bi and trans population. We need to see ourselves as worth fighting for, and see ourselves as the ones doing the fighting. --------- What if? by me 8:43pm Mon Sep 2 '02 Thats not a very good analogy. --------- Good Plan Genius by whatever means... 8:52pm Mon Sep 2 '02 Your scenario does not and has never happened. Produce verifiable evidence where the so-called "Nazi's" have recently stood outside anyones' house in America advocating that anyone in any neighborhod be murdered. You have blamed White nationalists for lynchings, etc. on this site in the past. Please cite where this has happened. Do you Communists take responsibility for the tens of millions of White Russians murdered in the 20th Century? How about taking responsibility for the Black on White crime in America? Groups advancing White nationalism have as much right to pamphlet, march, congregate and freely associate as you do. If you interfere with their civil rights you will be the "Nazis" and the police will deal with you. If you assault them, they will defend themselves and if you use a weapon and present an imminent and clear threat to their lives they can legally kill you on the spot, as, incidentally they have in the past. But of course, it won't be "you" doing any of these things will it? Why do we get the impression that there is likely a Zionist or an "oppressed," minority member posting these incendiary caricatures of White nationalists on this board to encourage young people to commit violent felonies on their behalf? Zionist agitators have a history in American politics going back many years and seldom do any of them actually end up on the front lines attacking those they hate. --------- You're the hero in your own deranged world by Sky 9:40pm Mon Sep 2 '02 Your silly fable assumes that Nazism has some irresistible magical attraction for so very many people that it would become powerful in the USA. In reality, Nazi regalia turns off a huge part of the American public -- it's kind of like wearing a clown suit! Unless they have magical powers, they would have to persuade hordes of people that their program makes sense. Not likely! This is America in 2002, not Germany in the 1930s. Although I will say that the Black Bloc reminds me of the KKK with their hoods and masks. --------- Call the Neighbors by hunter 11:08pm Mon Sep 2 '02 What courage. "Call the neighbors," you say. As opposed to you doing the fighting. As opposed to you doing something, anything, besides taking pictures and shrieking like a woman. Yep, it sure sounds like a "Chosen One" trying to stir things up and distract attention from the murder and terrorism of your tribe. --------- All of you are wrong, wrong, WRONG! by A Real Christian 11:25pm Mon Sep 2 '02 ONLY JESUS CAN SAVE US FROM HATE! REPENT NOW! GET ON YOUR KNEES AND BEG FOR FORGIVENESS! FORGIVE THOSE WHO TRANSGRESS AGAINST US, LIKE NEO-NAZIS; GOD WILL PUNISH THEM...GUARANTEED; THE BIBLE SAYS SO! ONLY JESUS CAN SAVE US FROM HATE! REPENT NOW! GET ON YOUR KNEES AND BEG FOR FORGIVENESS! FORGIVE THOSE WHO TRANSGRESS AGAINST US, LIKE NEO-NAZIS; GOD WILL PUNISH THEM...GUARANTEED; THE BIBLE SAYS SO! ONLY JESUS CAN SAVE US FROM HATE! REPENT NOW! GET ON YOUR KNEES AND BEG FOR FORGIVENESS! FORGIVE THOSE WHO TRANSGRESS AGAINST US, LIKE NEO-NAZIS; GOD WILL PUNISH THEM...GUARANTEED; THE BIBLE SAYS SO! ONLY JESUS CAN SAVE US FROM HATE! REPENT NOW! GET ON YOUR KNEES AND BEG FOR FORGIVENESS! FORGIVE THOSE WHO TRANSGRESS AGAINST US, LIKE NEO-NAZIS; GOD WILL PUNISH THEM...GUARANTEED; THE BIBLE SAYS SO! --------- Jesus Was Killed By Jews by Pastor Bob 11:28pm Mon Sep 2 '02 Read the New Testament and then tell us to repent. --------- The Sermon from Nutter Sky by sdsdg 11:45pm Mon Sep 2 '02 "Although I will say that the Black Bloc reminds me of the KKK with their hoods and masks." I guess the same can be said for those pesky Zapatistas. Let's see if we can teach Sky a thing or two about logical thought. KKK - Lynch and kill black people Black bloc - militant anti-racists Figure out the difference yet, Sky? ------ Black Bloc Black Bloc Bla Bla Bla by bye 11:51pm Mon Sep 2 '02 Such courage. Such militancy. Such street shit. Hope you meet some real nice folks in prison next month. Let those oppressed minorities know how much you "fought" for them in the streets of Baltimore and how "the man" be keeping you down and shit. Of course, you will have to share these political views with your new cell mate while he is raping you. -----Good work, Anon by Image reader 12:22am Tue Sep 3 '02 It's nice to know some IMCer caught the rascals on film. Good work, People. --------- --------- ---------
items in brief:

???985 Gitlin on Plutocracy   :::x::: 197019 interview with rawfood advocate/activist) :::x::: 198395 about land :::x::: :::x:::198972 underwater ruins near cuba; a compilations of 6 newsitems, one of which does a rainbowish menu  :::x::: 198987 Pieman shows up with some posters :::x::: 199211 Dollar Falls after Saudis :::x::: anarchyhour/index.html Zerzan radio archive (quick time) :::x::: 199005 Spartacus never fails to harvest a ravin cheer (but this one is boring): THE LAST DECADE OF CAPITALISM  :::x::: 199607 organic agriculture labelers and certifiers vs labelers or certifiers (alternet 13722) :::x:::199604 fatal harvest (a book)  :::x::: portland18115 antiwar portions of the speech by Eugene Debs (which got him into the slammer for 10 y) :::x::: portland18010 open letter f rom the father of the pepper-sprayed children + 37 responses:::x::: :::x::: 199829 refers to Wilhelm Marr (1800 Nazi ideologue) :::x::: victoria.indymedia/2002/08/7759.php :::x:::  :::x::: 200132 pro Bin Laden sites  :::x:::200130 Sudan related sites  :::x::: 200073 Keith Preston (saved)  :::x::: (lots of radio shows fiva :::x::: 201111 somebody calling himself 'nazi punks fuck off' (you know it, he likes a bit of scolding here and there even at people with good advice for him :::x::: Baltimore 1645 Direct Democracy And The Global Justice Movement by Wanda / NHSS :::x:::200515 interesting norwegian comment on farm subsidies  :::x::: YES!!!! another slash format wielding strictyour .. . .errr . .. structure  :::x::: article#200415 MASS RALLY to SAVE THE MATTOLE FOREST Sept 15th  Mattole Forest Defender 10:50am Wed Aug 28 '02 phone: Hotline: (707) 825-6598  :::x::: -197859 Joe Alexander (hidden; dunno why, probably a double?) :::x::: 201184  :::x::: ? :::x:::? :::x:::? :::x:::

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174538Santiago Alba Rico April 19, 2002 MIDEAST WATCH Translated by Francisco Gonzalez - introduced thus: You are sleeping, you do not want to believe.... (english) karl 1:50am Sun Apr 21 '02as read this, carefully, i experienced a moment of clarity. IRREFUTABLE. ---------- Solzhenitsyn, Still: The writer and his latest challenge.(Two Hundred Years Together) National Review Sept 17, 2001 -- and response by LBO Chris at  --------- Lenni Brenner (Review of his:  The Iron Wall: Zionist Revisionism from Jabotinsky to Shamir ---- article by him: The Two US-Afghan Wars) ----- 175450 +10 a brief history of the israeli-arab conflict -----------175673 The Beginning Of The End Of Jewish Post-War Ascendancy? --------------- 
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2 green items ::::: israelis warp their children ::::: a mysterious syndiculpitalist or something -- portland indy is alive with reaction ::::: primitivism critique becommented by me and a bunch of indys someplace (portland eugene or chicago?) ::::: Alternative Currencies Make Change ::::: interview with Neta Golan (ME) ::::: my comment on the fire vs waterwork imbalance ::::: more on ME and c by me  ::::: can cure conspiracists ::::: (obsesses about iraq and other elite run rackets; i am not about to check but they are possibly accurate) ::::: Akha Matt posts an item (hi matt, forgive me yet?) ::::: big dieoff speculations vs sound strategy with comments pointing to the increasing popular and 'shootoffing' ::::: I blurb eco-operative kinds of capitalisms again ::::: weather changes ::::: I critique the weirdest newspaper issue in recent dutch history ::::: a slab of accountancy critic ::::: items in brief 

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Dutch:  Als ik niet thuis ben kunt u proberen. Ik distantieer me echter van elke vorm van alcohol nuttiggen.
Was kommt nicht zur (Kopfbe)Deckung? Hauptsaechlich der Bewusstsein dass: die Wueste waechst, obwohl darin weniger u weniger waechst, spaerlicher, verhaltener, tischlein deck dich fischlein versteck dich sonst werdet Ihr alle unbeschreiblich weiblich. Und dass ungeachtet sorgfaeltigster Bedeckung die Schamlosigkeit auch nicht vom wachstum auf- u abzuhalten scheint. 
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