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from the gigantic pile of acaccademia @ by ??? ---- Most people will acknowledge that masculinity has become somewhat of a favoured topic in the last ten years or so, but what about masculinity without men? There continues to be chapters in essay collections by the usual suspects -- Eve K. Sedgwick, Judith Butler, Marjorie Garber, for instance -- yet Judith Halberstam's Feminine masculinity is the first full-length study of masculine women. Halberstam is Associate Professor in the Department of Literature at the University of California, San Diego and is also the author of Skin shows: gothic horror and the technology of monsters. While queer discussion about masculinity is more likely to extend beyond the male body and not use the term as a synonym for men or maleness anyway, Female masculinity covers a vast amount of ground well beyond this. Halberstam scrutinizes the politics of butch/femme in lesbian communities, transsexuality among transgender dykes, as well as looking at Hollywood butches, drag kings and women and boxing. Halberstam details ways in which female masculinity has been ignored, and rather than conceptualising masculinity without men, she compiles the myths and fantasies about masculinity that make masculinity and maleness difficult to pry apart then offers examples, mostly queer and female, of alternative masculinities in fiction, film and lived experience. Halberstam's methods are interdisciplinary, using what she calls a queer methodology ("a scavenger methodology" or that which "betrays a certain disloyalty to conventional disciplinary methods.) The premise of book is that female masculinity "is a specific gender with its own cultural history rather than a derivative of male masculinity" and points out how psychoanalytic approaches that assume that female masculinity mimics male masculinity are not particularly helpful and certainly not insightful. The book begins with textual readings of two examples of female masculinity from 19th century literature, Anne Lister's diaries and Radclyffe Hall's The well of loneliness. Halberstam uses Lister's diaries to put together a same sex desire structured by "unequal desires, sexual and gender roles, ritualised class relations and an almost total rejection of sexual sameness" and then puts The well of loneliness forward to emphasise the ongoing construction of modern lesbian identity. Paraphrasing Eve K. Sedgwick, Halberstam asks what makes it so difficult not to presume an essential relationship between masculinities and men, and then proceeds to journey between male and female and within queer and straight space, but while "thinking in fractal terms and about gender geometries." Fasten your seat beats, you're in for a scenic but bumpy ride. When dealing with the stone butch, for example, Halberstam points out how very different identifications between sexuality, the body and gender emerge -- the sexually untouchable woman complicates the idea that all lesbians share sexual practices or even that women share female sexual desires. Halberstam also looks at the history of butch women in film and goes beyond the discourse of positive and negative images. She sees queer cinema "with its invitations to play through numerous identifications within a single sitting" as creating a place for the reinvention of ways of seeing. A consideration of Valerie Traub's proposition of using lesbian and heterosexual as adjectives rather than nouns is used as a challenge to the usual binary code of visual texts used by film theory. Halberstam points out that positive images can be no less stereotypical, in so far as they are not necessarily more realistic. She looks at a number of old "negative" images including The killing of sister George (1968) and The children's hour (1961) and then discusses the geneology of the butch in film history to show that negative images may also provide a history of representation of sexual minorities as well as access to the history of looking butch. The chapter on drag kings provides a foray into something which became something of a phenomenon in New York in the 1990s. The fact that in the theatre of mainstream gender roles, femininity is often presented as simply costume whereas masculinity manifests as realism or as a body, makes for interesting added value to Halberstam's thesis. Indifference to feminine masculinity, Halberstam argues, has "ideological motivations and has sustained the complex social structures that wed masculinity to maleness and to power and domination." In the texts covered, Halberstam has attempted to restore some of the complexity lost within the usual rigid binary definitions. She shows how certain identities tend to be exceedingly specific, and that it is important to recognise the many distinctive types of masculinity in women as well as, and to do so in place of using catch-all phrase of lesbianism. She steers herself admirably between the subtle and not so subtle interactions between the personal and the theoretical. It is important to do so, she argues, in order for an understanding of minority gender categories that incorporates rather than pathologises them. This study is well on the way to helping create such acceptance.  --------- LAURENCE RICKELS NEWS--- women make movies "Ulrike Ottinger works the margins which put her on the cutting edge. The multiculturalism of her films is the kind that shoots up every identity, sexual or otherwise, with a megadose of difference. There is no other filmmaker." (Laurence Rickels, Artforum, 1993)

Caveman's best friend _The Week_, 5-11 April 2002 (Vol. 2; Issue 50) Humans may have taught dogs to sit, stay, and heel, but canines have taught us a few tricks as well, say Australian researchers. Dr. Paul Tacon, of the Australian Museum, and Dr. Colin Pardoe, an Adelaide bio-archaeologist, theorize that dogs may have sparked human interest in written symbols and taught us to hunt in packs. "Evidence suggests domestication of dogs was a two-way street," they tell _Nature Australia_. "That led to profound changes in the biological and behavioral evolution of both species." Humans began their relationship with dogs as long as 130,000 years ago, when wolves began sniffing around human campsites for food. People watched their new friends mark their territory by urinating on rocks, and adopted a similar habit. However, because humans had a less developed sense of smell, they chose visual means of marking territory, drawing symbols on stones. Watching dogs also taught humans to form intimate social ties with nonrelatives and people of the same sex. Chimpanzees, our closest relatives, do not socialize with nonkin and same-sex animals, but dogs do. Tacon expects his theory to arouse controversy. "There will be some opposition," he says. "The cat people won't like it."

?????? Indymedia moved trash off the front page, this cut it's wire traffic in half The quiet and traffic cut ensuing after the clean up shows one thing clearly: A whiner can't and won't do without his moment of glory basking in the limelight of a frontpage position. Their 'news' counts if/while they can be head editor (for a fleeting mo). the older the new is the better, the more it sticks and the more it resonates with aeons of news suffusing our bagobones. Mark goes: Anarchism is not about complete and total non-regulated chaos, it's about non-hierarchical organization and decentralized decision-making. Either you don't know this, or you willfully ignore this in your blind hate of anyone who isn't an American patriot who bleeds red, white, and blue. sure at the bottom of the pile live those most in touch with what it beyond that deep end and they should be sensitized to, interpret and give voice to signals from that realm, in other words even the bottom is no bottom and hyrarchy, step graduation, crawl spill, flow leak baton passment is bound up with membrane meme, filtration and selection processes galore. The viral anti hyrarchy credo is what worries me about the left as much as it's dreamy eyed and guilty hearted multiculturalism. Lemme try once more to show what I mean: in the cycle stone plant animal man stone plant animal man stone etc it's arguably difficult to find the clear line without confining time to the realm of action, the plit second (I'd split rock if anythin). All sorts of mixes and takin turns in mobility and influence over the stages behind and ahead have their moment. and hyrarchie is exactly the type word that must begin to explain the 'undecidable which is up and what down dynamic' in this hyperarchic age.

 Kelley asking for a translator triggered memories of an old acquaintance there who used to work for, so I went to see if I could retrieve her there ---- check these guys and dolls out (about 10 of them in southern germany working on alternative medicines and theoies with Schauberger, RRRife and Tesla as avatars in a fast receding distance); their rag leads to places where one can purchase souped up water etc. Very wild and creative range of charlatan and real genius pass review in this magazine which sells in the bigger such shops. I used to know a raw food fanatic in Geneva (at least bilingual) working with them Very slick. I'll translate between <<..>> Von Dr. rer. nat. Hartmut Müller, Institut f (but I don't see her in the staff list and forgot her name. I'm writing this cause I was so suprised at their archive; one can purchase each individual article at some price (without being told more about than what fits in a few one liners).   Für Raum-Energie-Forschung in memoriam Leonard Euler, Wolfratshausen. these guys are into scaling resonance and global comm. without electrosmog; apparantly the headquarters are in the same building as the magazine is: (a much much simpler site) they can't help but give away their cookyness: they sell lotto predictions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they can't even get their rainbow straight: sorry forget I said anything === document_details.asp?CatID=127&DocID=1225 One out of 4 articles in the Middle east section --- Sharonís present strategy of fighting the Palestinians to the last and imposing a new regional order follows the long-term vision of Israelís political generals. For them, the failure of the Oslo peace process was not just inevitable, but a goal. ----- Tanya Reinhart, is professor of linguistics and cultural studies at Tel Aviv University and the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands. Her political writings appear regularly in Yediot Aharonot. ========== and google asked to remove links to railway sabotage articles by german lawyers ========== Naomi Klein on Sharon's calculated anti-semitism dividends. Featuring self-reflective ravings, narcissistic abjection, perpetual melancholy, naive dreams and romanticized depression. -- sounds promising - the kid is part of 4 rings already. Kids like this drive a regular hardcoredneck up the curtains (better be well hung) ==========

175768 Hurray for Growing Anti-Semitism???? (moved to the socalled samples file) Petition to Set Up War Crimes Committee For Sharon real green from canada via my old pal (who might remember the name of that gal in geneva better than I do), and new ones to check out -- ps to gtrail: there are more ways to perceive proof of effectiveness than you seem to allow in your concept of response; try study up on resonance or sumding. But you are rite, I am making god and mymama know how many foke click the box to what I send you along with all your other spam cause I am too lazy for once to fuck with the floppy business today. ===========

thinking to change my handle to unhungzero I decided to look up the more (already) familiar phrase and found this: a sample; the last lines on a page called 'the superior sex: woman' by some sophist who reminds me of daniel pouzzer a lot for some 'reason': In closing, then, let me abase myself before the beautiful creature known as woman. I dedicate this piece to you, but my heart is already yours. In the immortal words of Lord Byron: ?Woman! experience might have told me That all must love thee, who behold thee: Surely experience might have taught Thy firmest promises are nought; But, plac?d in all thy charms before me, All I forget, but to adore thee.? ----- N.B. All marriage proposals should be sent to -------  I have a feeling this one might read like the dialogue between jesus and the headwhore in her cave section of Robert's Graves' book (King Jesus); if you don't succeed, try again should perhaps become 'try something else' but I guess I'll read (part of) this in order to send along a brief: mr eloq. takes on proprietress of Niki's poetry cafe Alas,. .. tis but a childish (his dueling/dualing partner seems a mere 17) meager attempt by mr Rowbottom (eloqent) to equal such a superb passage. ================= wrote: >Just read the piece by anti-globalist Canook, Naomi Klein. Am I the only >one totally unimpressed with her? I know Radiohead think she's the shit >as well as several thousand "like wow" pothead ecoterrorist wannabes but >nothing she says is innovative, she's just--dare I say it--better branded >than the cranky non-journalists that said it all before her. > >Her argument in this piece is either terribly naive or simply >duplicitious. (I hear the self-righteous whisper of "I'm a Jew so I >know!" in her plaintive tone.) Anti-globalism in its current incarnation >is not _necessarily_ anti-Semitic, true, but the Jews have historically >ended up the targets of anti-internationalism, particularly its more >paranoid varieties, particularly its more paranoid European varieties, so >why this one should be any different is beyond me. (Apparently it isn't, >hence Klein's argument that it is, or at least could be/would be/should >be..) > >It's a pity that the yarmulke never made it as a fashion accessory for the >studly leftist fighting da Man. That might have help cement a greater >sympathy for Jews in the rock 'n roll of xtreme vegan >psuedo-anti-capitalism. I must admit that Palestinian doo rags do look >better with a leather jacket. Alas.

yarmulkes are some sort of traditional garb? . . such as in the Dutch dailies yesterday?  -------- . ------------- ---------- ---------- -------- Miriam Religious Manufacturing Company Judaica and Jewish gifts. ----------- Official Karla Tucker Homepage A web site devoted to Karla Faye Tucker, who, in 1998, became the first woman executed in Texas in more than a century -- despite pleas for mercy from Pat Robertson and many others in the Christian movement. ---------  Chadis Crafts and Kippot Hand crocheted yarmulkahs (kippot) for everyone including beaded women's headcoverings and extra large mens. -------  With Jews Like These... Denouncing Jews who are active in the peace movement, or who question Israel's occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, as self-hating enemies of the state. Show me more like this <>

as for a very realistic slant on the near identity of fundy ritoes and fundarelies (wether christian, jew or muslim, long as they some how 'brave' enough to stick their (s)word in a tangled ((and in their case often mangled)) skein) I would recommend a read of Afshin Ellian. He is in the paper more and more often here and deservedly so. Let us know when/if you reach the stage that allows you to tell us how and where internationalism was ever a great succes (other than with birds and lybian script in new zealand)? ======== If the Mormons want to buy 90% of Utah, >I don't have a problem, but then if they want it recognized as a nation >I do. > >It just looks so damned clear cut to me. What in the hell am I missing? >cheers, >g ======== > maybe that the states were a patchwork of 500 nations about that many years ago???? --------------------------

Tried to add to but didn't find very much; the wake-l search engine don't go beyond 2001 and the next by author allows you only one step 15th of oct 98 search result 7093 on Date: Thu, 15 Oct 1998 16:49:03 -0400 Reply-To: "Finnegans Wake (by James Joyce) Discussion List" Sender: "Finnegans Wake (by James Joyce) Discussion List" From: James Collins Subject: Re: Engineering fiat (was tip, type and top) So that the book as tale(s) -architectonic construct(s) - is like a machine or engineering feat. More perfectly an "ENIGMA," an enCRYPTing machine. Two typewriters joined together by cipher wheels, wherein a mimesis is produced that is disguised by the use of substitutes/ciphers. Regarding Hermes, it should be noted that the substitution by ciphers is a type of "juggle," and as the original purpose behind writing and reading, it falls under the patronage of Hermes. The trickster god also assisted in the creation of oaths, whereby the one protected by Hermes accesses the powers of linguistic cunning (guile, smooth speech, blarney) to free himself at a later time without penalty (Clinton, a follower of Hermes?) as those who live by their word must sometimes do to survive. Stealing, lies, seduction, stealth, deceit, double-talk, spellbinding, spying, secret action, whispering (raunen), crooning, singing, love charms, fraud, are all skills (magic) offered by Hermes to assist his followers at sites sacred to him, namely the stone-heap, crossroads, boundary line, mountaintop, riverbank, etc., marking the points(interface) of communication where dealings with strangers (other tongues/codes) are likely to occur. Whether it's crossing boundaries, doing business, stealing co ws or out on a date, Hermes, God of thieves is there to assist the daring traveller in bringing it all back home. Shamus It is my current opinion that the possibility exists that FW is ultimately inaccessible to rational analysis (chaos friendly or not) as it does not with any reliability privilage or marginalize any tacitness, except perhaps ink on paper (of its electronic equivalent), and that over time this could lead to scandal amoung those that have placed their academic careers on this path (look what happened to the "Fusionists"), particularly if legislators or contributing alumni pick up the scent. Arguments (particularly off-the-wall types, hunches or other random fantasies; especially conspiracy theories) over meaning, only contribute to the reproductive success to the mechanism of deferral that keeps the bag-o-wind inflated and prevents its collapse into the instability of similarity and immanent violence that is characteristic of all the end-game scenerios that would threaten FW's assimilation and place it on the remainder shelf. Therefore, it is with great pleasure that I applaud the evolving merger and appropriation of this newly differentiating space of Wakean Heuristic enterprise initiated by I&L,Inc. I believe that the contributions of N&L, Inc. are of great value in keeping bay the powerful forces that are drawing us back to singularity and are great and should be honored as friends of the expanding Joycean universe, that is now entering what could be its most fertile period, the Age of . . . (i'll let you fill it in). I certainly get a big bang out of you! Nice work boyes, keep filling in the void. Shamus bio; why he reads: I read because everyday social reality sucks! Not the little intimate world that I've carved out with my immediate family, but all the other stuff, the malls, the airport, dentists, phone company, taxes, traffic cops, the guy that brings his dog over to my yard after dark to fertilize my lawn, shelling out $400.00 for a new set of snow tires, etc. I love that reading lets me in on the desires of others in such a perfect and distanced way. I wouldn't want to be involved in the worlds that I get to visit through reading, except by reading about them. I love reading because I can experience the dream of events without the downside of needing to involve my body. I only want my imagination touched by the millions of strangers that inhabit the written world, not my flesh. Reading is private, without pain. If I could read after death it would be a dream vacation. I could handle eternity if I could read my way through it. It bothers me that I won't get to read everything that gets written after I'm dead. I'm depressed because I know I won't get to read everything there is to read while I'm still alive! Reading is heaven on earth, it even beats a professional massage.

an lbo post about organic ag debating in scotland (via some snipchchchchen by shamus, a fave (seems to have shied from retrievable musings ever since I exposed him). I like to think women on the other hand get more sociable all around after conting my act .. . hmmm errr, but why so few posts at lbo kelly? Got too many security emergencies lately? Don't let the bushpush sucker you doeilink -----------

Hey, even online I live illegally 'gedoogd' = tolerated ?!?! the famous flying dustman karma clings to me even at fibre speeds, check this out: DISK SPACE You have used 38.5 MB of your allotted 50.0 MB. Want more disk space? Upgrade to Tripod Plus! BANDWIDTH You have used 1.4 GB of your allotted 1.0 GB. View bandwidth details Want more bandwidth? Upgrade to Tripod Plus! It's been saying this for days, yet, they don't block the files (I saw one of them blocked only once so far). I can't pay them easily since I have no credit card of any sort, will have to ask dad I guess. Your site had 427 page views yesterday. I 've been starting a watch over 'my account' page at tripod again since I discovered their bandwidth spec additions along with the reappearance of the visitor count (I may have just not merited a bandwidth stat so far though). the beginning of the month must have had an over 1000 visitors per day average -- wonder if it was bycause of my 'boycott the cutboys ever looking /overcompensating for that lost nerve' post -- (tapering off again when I discovered such count was back up again), I complained about the deletion of that feature months and months ago, tripod has funny quirks all the time, the dutch daughter frantically reloads all the time if you let it and it's been doing that for weeks; their add campaign in Holland some years ago was a riot, near naked ladies on high heels carrrying a bath tub throught a library decked out with them bent shipdeck roar pipes through which one shouts down to the machine room or maybe they are air holes for the engines to breath through, on the bus shelters around town Good stuff!, can I have some more? Could you bless me with some stuff other than what one finds ohn your site. I know a retiree who has all the Barry Fell writs and pores over them every day and another one (Kloosterman; see google with catastrophism) who is more or less risen from the dead and is looking for evidence concerning the 'uesselo' soot layer which he thinks constitutes proof for a worldwide conflagration. I was always fascinated by Oscar Kiss Maerth's book on cannibalism and recently by the people (considering lots of them to be burial mounds for the giants thus genocidally disappeared), any thoughts on these issues??????? Enjoy any of the 40Mb linked below free:

help mama a repeat offender!!!! I mean, I get this thing every bloody 20 minutes? I'd be more sociable but for now I'll just point to the freshfrom da pietepeuter pinpointpen: indy items 173891 880 4023; an uprooted tree turning into a chimney?? Yeah monetization in a shelled nuterr .. err.. . wrote: . . .. but I'm ashamed to say that I had never heard of the man before he was shot and then only because one of my co-workers barged into my office exclaiming that "that gay Dutch dude that someone popped a cap in was hot for a guy in his fifties." I wish I could say I was kidding. Scuse, but what does popa capin mean? for all my confident now nevermore to be put to the testable fancy that I might have been able to charm Pim (with a little more effort than sending the couple of hundred pages worth of pamphlets from the thirties pointing to a happily married pol + econ to him some handsfull of years ago; URL at that indyitem 179372 I just posted) I must admit I care not much for pets . ..specially in cities . .. seduced = sedated . .. I blame animals who learn the force of easy hand-out habit and find some of themselves subjected to unspeakable .. . err . . penetration. Arc hive -- Anybody got a good horse hit story (to cutpaste) for the posteritous, juvenile and rosily budding ladies to hit upon with a hopey-hyper hippick heaping surtsj n sakeseek engine? -------------------- hi scott, I'm sending you this 'strait' and doubt you'll be getting two copies since rite after answering your query (you might look at  too by the way; it's by adam curry a dandy disc jocky with a jucky model for a wife, two very rich, obsessed ((with cuteness and cosmetics)) people, fokeswith 'saltcrutches', to try a take on south african terminology) I found myself unsubbed suggesting I try back after the hectic spell (why do they standardize personal stuff? Equality drive a la fears of fukuyama I guess).

 This is a weird time for me and all of holland due to the death of a controversial and potentially (alas, since he was killed last monday) powerful politician (elections next week, the dead man still stands to not only win the heads but gain landslidewise on hearts too; I'll see if I can scare up a pic showing the sea of flowers and condolences filing past with queing hours of up to 4 day and night for 48 hours now). --- He died shot from up close by a 32 y.o. animal liberator (who according to colleagues did legal work clumsily for the otherwise hugely succesful legal leg this movement stands on ((they would take bribes from the bio-industry and buy up pollution rights with that money, a cute way of laundering money if you ask me, hilarious in fact as long as you overlook failings of officials and the bureaucratic sides of cynicism involved)). The killer was withdrawn and fulltime 'serious' living in an unassuming little town with a 'girl-friend' and 3 month old baby). ---- ALERT: this murder may not be his first as I just read on a dutch google group. ---- Guilt and grief now rage, ravage and wreak havoc in Holland. Politicians and media are blamed for demonizing him who was as unwilling to keep personal grievances out of a conversation (which landed him on his ass a lot already; his reputation is to trail discord in his wake; coming all the way over to the right from marxist beginnings) as forfeiting his right to stereotype and generalize. His making light of insults and flaunting of sexual preferences was a breath of blessing air in this stinkpit of a country in which everybody would be unwell in no time if only our famous wind would fail us (conscience cleansingly up to snuff most of it . .. but . . soon as and while it does . . suanuf we get humbled = vernederd .. . by our own filth). I wonder if this killer was hypnotized by the people (re)moving lobby; how lively the trade in human lives is here was made clear when a truckload of chinese foke suffocated in back of a truck less than a year ago; they were 'chartered' through rotterdam. The vital to mobile telephoney mineral from central africa (coltan), proceeds of which arm child soldiers to guard child workers? channeled through holland. The man of the hour Pim Fortuyn, luxury loving once marxist now right leaning populist (and I mean PROVING he knew what lives amongst/with/for people), was out to make a martyr of hissself (he refused protection, practically prophecied his demise). If you ask me, he used sexual abstinence to fuel a sparkling publicity drive (an infectuous and theatrical enthusiasm infused with hardhitting cheek, joviality and style designed to inspire confidence, blend out and/or at least distract from the contradictions in his 'program' and personality) as much as his killer may have been frustrated and stuck(up) on the subject, this person is reputed to be overconscientious (even included fruitflies in his animal liberation harangues . .. or perhaps just went for a cheap way to inflate the number of sufferers). I am not the only one to spot his messiah complex and that strenghtens me in my ability to forgive myself for not spotting the danger he was heading for and not offering to protect him (it occurs to me in hindsight I might have made myself more useful that way than on a previous attempt: I once sent the man a pile of papers with the same content one now finds in the guest appearances at my site but received no reply), his shotgun rise to prominence rides on his promise to cure multicultural chaos (make nice little dutch boys and girls out of 'products' from a culture he despised ((and probably hasn' t stopped to, even in death, the item he took off on involved the words of an imam comparing gays to pigs; Pim unleashed a voltairian volley: "Yeah he has a right to say that but a duty to adjust to our culture")); he managed to make and put a good and civil face on formerly thought extreme right wing indecent and taboo sentiments).I get these moods when I overestimate the sway I would have over people as much (as the blame I deserve for not exerting such) and my attempt to save him from his savious complex would have frustrated his fastlane fancy, his darkroomlike encounter with his partner and doom. As it is and for a while to come he is the darling of frustrated streetlevel sufferers from multiculturalism, neighbourhoodies and hoodesses (the veil is a stumbling block/thorn in dutch eyes but despite all the aggravation about it nobody but me says it is a simple pragmatism derived thing ((but a simple dust guard turns into lust guard for some and shackle symbol for others)) and only in the second place a proof of stubborn pride and defiance) too poor to escape the fraying and frictious edges of cultural encounters/clashes. He was, as about everything, extremely jovial AND adament (though not necessarily coherent), saying we should stop immigration in order to improve integration ("Holland is full" ((full of itself and impenetrably butch?)) made into a hilarious game derivative of traditional hunting skill ones where you stick a pin through a little hole hanging over the road from horseback this last past queen's day: a big slab o wood potrays Pim looking back and baring his ass where a big round hole awaits waterballoons at 50 cents a pop let fly from across the canal. And then there is the association with budgetholes etc).  Pim's trump is, sorry was, undoubtedly the immigrant question, at the moment even 3rd generation islamoids go get their more submissive and yet-unspoilt women in the land of origin and have been more or less subsidized to do this by the string of leftist (yet rightish) govts who did never have a sense of reality big enough to face facts about how cultures stack up together, not that Fortuyn had more than a hare brained/idealistic sense of what to do besides spelling out goals (we just about missed all onramps to sofar as a matter of course anyway). Anyway, he is celebrated as a taboo breaker but was so addicted to luxury and blind to green tint stuff not to mention morphable that there would have been no telling where he would 'lead', It's easy and cheap to say he was fooling whole hordes as much as himself he was gonna too. ------------------

from (will move to /2002/) The surrounding culture's taboo against visibly ego-driven behavior is so much intensified in the hacker (sub)culture that one must suspect it of having some sort of special adaptive function for hackers. Certainly the taboo is weaker (or nonexistent) among many other gift cultures, such as the peer cultures of theater people or the very wealthy! ------- 11. The Value of Humility Having established that prestige is central to the hacker culture's reward mechanisms, we now need to understand why it has seemed so important that this fact remain semi-covert and largely unadmitted. The contrast with the pirate culture is instructive. In that culture, status-seeking behavior is overt and even blatant. These crackers seek acclaim for releasing ``zero-day warez'' (cracked software redistributed on the day of the original uncracked version's release) but are closemouthed about how they do it. These magicians don't like to give away their tricks. And, as a result, the knowledge base of the cracker culture as a whole increases only slowly. In the hacker community, by contrast, one's work is one's statement. There's a very strict meritocracy (the best craftsmanship wins) and there's a strong ethos that quality should (indeed must) be left to speak for itself. The best brag is code that ``just works'', and that any competent programmer can see is good stuff. Thus, the hack er culture's knowledge base increases rapidly. The taboo against ego-driven posturing therefore increases productivity. But that's a second-order effect; what is being directly protected here is the quality of the information in the community's peer-evaluation system. That is, boasting or self-importance is suppressed because it behaves like noise tending to corrupt the vital signals from experiments in creative and cooperative behavior. For very similar reasons, attacking the author rather than the code is not done. There is an interesting subtlety here that reinforces the point; hackers feel very free to flame each other over ideological and personal differences, but it is unheard of for any hacker to publicly attack another's competence at technical work (even private criticism is unusual and tends to be muted in tone). Bug-hunting and criticism are always project-labeled, not person-labeled. Furthermore, past bugs are not automatically held against a developer; the fact that a bug h as been fixed is generally considered more important than the fact that one used to be there. --snip-- The hacker culture's medium of gifting is intangible, its communications channels are poor at expressing emotional nuance, and face-to-face contact among its members is the exception rather than the rule. This gives it a lower tolerance of noise than most other gift cultures, and goes a long way to explain the taboo against attacks on competence. Any significant incidence of flames over hackers' competence would intolerably disrupt the culture's reputation scoreboard. The same vulnerability to noise goes for to explain the example in public humility required of the hacker community's tribal elders. They must be seen to be free of boast and posturing so the taboo against dangerous noise will hold. [DC] Talking softly is also functional if one aspires to be a maintainer of a successful project; one must convince the community that one has good judgement, because most of the maintainer's job is going to be judging other people's code. Who would be inclined to contribute work to so meone who clearly can't judge the quality of their own code, or whose behavior suggests they will attempt to unfairly hog the reputation return from the project? Potential contributors want project leaders with enough humility and class be able to to say, when objectively appropriate, ``Yes, that does work better than my version, I'll use it'' -- and to give credit where credit is due. Yet another reason for humble behavior is that in the open source world, you seldom want to give the impression that a project is `done'. This might lead a potential contributor not to feel needed. The way to maximize your leverage is to be humble about the state of the program. If one does one's bragging through the code, and then says ``Well shucks, it doesn't do x, y, and z, so it can't be that good'', patches for x, y, and z will often swiftly follow. Finally, I have personally observed that the self-deprecating behavior of some leading hackers reflects a real (and not unjustified) fear of becoming th e object of a personality cult. Linus Torvalds and Larry Wall both provide clear and numerous examples of such avoidance behavior. Once, on a dinner expedition with Larry Wall, I joked ``You're the alpha hacker here -- you get to pick the restaurant''. He flinched audibly. And rightly so; failing to distinguish their shared values from the personalities of their leaders has ruined a good many voluntary communities, a pattern of which Larry and Linus cannot fail to be fully aware. On the other hand, most hackers would love to have Larry's problem, if they could but bring themselves to admit it. ------------ ------- thanks for reminding me what a shitty anthropologist/sociologist esr is. puke kelley ------------ after this george trail tells me (in the subject line): shut up ------------- if most of you agree I will and to save poor busy Gentrail the apparantly derailing disconcertment of having to ever use his kill file button and keep it unwhore out, by doing this petition grind meself: or has he called for a vote already, speaks for all and forgot to mention it? ------------- i'd appreciate it if you'd stop dumping various web pages on the list. a link will do. intelligent conversation, fine. goofing off, fine. posting the occasional article, fine. but the entire contents of a web page, no. and, george, in the future, just write me and i'll take care of it and spare us the spectacle of piet having his period in public. sheesh. i mean really, if you're going to throw yourself a pity party and try to invite everyone else, give us all a party favor or something. now, if some people on this fucking list, who asked me to put the fucking thing back up, don't start having discussions and arguments, i'm going to have MY period in public. kelley -------------- --- Hot damn. boy, wish i could run a search engine and cut and paste and stuff. g --------------- the whole (one of two) files found souredyin for 'ego-driven' and ... plus ... After that half a 'site' I offer you (out of the shear goodness in my heart (do you have room in yours for the five string banjo) all of the whole entire webpage comin up for a search with 'ego-driven anthropologist' in it's entirety. Web Sites (19 found) Mr Mom: It's a SAHD life Forget all that macho, hairy-chested male stuff. Being in, these days, means, well..., being in. They're called SAHDs, short for Stay-At-Home-Dads, and they represent the latest spin on co-habitation. Soma Guha checks out how the role reversal is working. ======= Jane's Got Stickers A personal page with rants, raves, reviews and other information. ======= Roach, Jay DVD Talk interview with the director of Austin Powers I and II, Mystery Alaska, and Meet The Parents. =======AUTOEXTREMIST.COM Critical commentary on news and developments in the auto industry, updated every Wednesday. Jam Showbiz Several newspaper articles. ======  Evans, R.J. Chase Logic is a collection of pictures from the 1998-1999 chases season, including spectacular lightning photographs. ======= PopMatters Review by Tobias Peterson. ======== A Few Words About Folk Medicine Argues against uncritical use of traditional healing practices, especially by non-members of the cultures which generate the traditions. By Dr. Adam Brooke Davis of Truman State University. =========  Phantom Planet dot com Official site. Contact information, show dates, recent news, fan club information, band biography, photos, discography, and merchandise. =========Louis Vienneau: Life, Poetry, and Family An ego-driven site of an ill-tempered old man. His poetry, biography and miscellaneous thoughts and subjects. ======== x x x x  ======== Google Results (8 found) remedy ... no grounds but contrariness, and an ego-driven desire to serve as the center ... intellectual investment in these issues; an anthropologist once flung a plate of ... ====== John H. Ritter ALAN interview ... set in New York City. I became an anthropologist. I interviewed the shopkeepers, the residents, the ... If you're so shy or so ego-driven that you won't show your ... ======= The Psilocybin Solution: Chapter 6 ... visions, I once watched an illuminating anthropologist's documentary on the apprenticeship of a ... a language not of the individual ego-driven mind but of the ... ====== monograph 6.5!!! ... citation in their publica- tions. Ego-driven or not, the quest for credit ... within such a team format. Anthropologist Elizabeth Kennedy writes about her personal ... ======= Homesteading the Noosphere by Eric S. Raymond ... A taboo against ego-driven posturing therefore increases productivity. But ... culture's tribal historian and resident anthropologist, and edited The New Hacker's ... ======= The Abolitionist Examiner - Guest Commentary: My Ghost's Midnight ... ... crises. Restless and perhaps ego-driven existence. Potentially, even so far ... coming of my ethos. The anthropologist; scholar; researcher; social scientist will ... ======= Sleeping with the Enemy: Making the Designer/Engineer Shotgun ... ... correct because I'm not a trained anthropologist, but I use the things that they ... off with a self-driven or an ego-driven idea and not actually thinking about ... seminars/2000_san_francisco/06/06_transcri... =======  JSF money: Last Sunday - May 5th 2002 - the American ambassador Mr. Sobel, some American "specialists" and Dutch generals contacted the now killed mr. Fortuyn concerning the deal. Since he was supposed to win in the upcoming elections his vote would be decisive. He told the US ambassador and the delegation he would probably need those billions - with a slowing down economy - for more urgent things in Dutch society. Like medicare, education, public transport etc. I'm trying to find a confirmation for this so don't believe it yet. dutch poly ticks