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mostly inspired by the monthly newspaper Acres, USA, a voice for eco-agriculture;
they are nationalists of the most innocuous sort: parity demanding country side enhancers; advocates of local solutions on the food quality and health front).  Their website has just been given birth and is still ultra light weight but if you need some of the most extreme diverging and polarized reporting you could possible find (ranging from the deeply depressing and discouraging to the utmostly inspiring) don't hesitate to check it out some time during the course of the near future and better yet, take out a subscription, it is deeply depression that such has been hovering around 10.000 for most of its 25 years of existence. This paper changed my life and gave it a radically register and range deepening spin with the 1979 articles by Hamaker (Godfather of my choice) I got to see at a BD farm in Virginia 1981. Her is some of his work: 1985 tectoni-climate_comments     They continue to bring news on this front periodically (I can't really say sporadically cause that applies to the progress in the rockdust understanding and application field more) in the shape of briefings on the work of one of their favorite yearly conference speaker: Phil Callahan (paramagnetism.htm) the frequency wizard.

Content here: some excerpts (both straight and 'amembellished')   x x x   my favorite subject (initially culled from a stack of back issues during the early 80's): rockdust production and touseputtting.    x x x  Advertizers in "ACRES USA, a voice for eco-agiculture" active in the by definition gentle but unceasing fight for purity

Welcome to the future flour(y) pow(d)er fostering; potentially fastest and already (for sure) the most solid(ly formatted) prose-poetry on earth:  about 7 Megs spread out across over 88 files (averaging over 88 K'z colourful concept- harmmonized and hyrarchical wordsequences, including 4 megs worth of images, even) worth of contextual BLABS = BottomLine Aphoristically Ballistic SolutionsSolutions which will (dis)solve all uncivilly polarizing centralizations, break up and open (c)lumpy niches and lumpynesses, wether they be institutionally animated or simply, inertly dormant (yet animatable), by pushing the logistic limits (to light) inventively, notably those (rocks) constraining vertical metabolisms (of trees).

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Sally Fallon is a journalist, chef, nutrition researcher, homemaker and community activist. She is the author of the Book "Nourishing Traditions: the cookbook that challenges politically correct nutrition and the diet dictocrats, available from Acres, USA for $23 plus $3 shipping and handling (credit call orders call 1-800 355 5313                 I wrote to this my favorite magazine:  Good ol' Charlie Walters (semi-retired editor) doesn't hold a high opinion of the net and to punish him I will say: Much respected and inspirational editor, I have taken the liberty to expose the entire index from a book available through your monthly newspaper's large collection, to wit: "Paramagnetism" by Philip Callahan; also to be found at my site (guest appearances subdirectory to be exact) is a brochure I have sent you many years ago (Rittershausen: "Unemployment and the means of payment as a problem of turnover credit") bycause I thought the free-banking issue explained therein from a pre WWII perspective would help you draw parallels and thus obviously needed support for your possibly even more utopian parity plugging. I have now taken a further liberty of transcribing parts from two recent and to me impressive articles to prove you wrong on the low grade netcontent call (which you should really re--).               Hi, welcome to the web; I have been on a few years already.       I will take this opportunity to send you a mail (along with congratulations) similar to a number of earlier ones; all gone without response :(              If ever you start giving out rewards for allowing Acres to shape one's life I will be sure to win it but I guess that doesn't merit a response. Just to much of a freak occurence????                  My nearly 150 average 60K worth of (coloured HTML) text files center around:      John Hamaker      Philip Callahan     and some of the precedents for Charlie's hobby horse: parity in the form of documents from the thirties about the free banking era which was common "Gang und Gaebe" only a couple of hundred years ago.         One of the brochures I once sent senior editor Charlie is also available at my site in case it can't be found in your archive; it is by Heinrich Rittershausen. All accesible from here.

Acres januari issue, p 7 (second part of the regular and well deserved: Transitions, certified organic industry news; a 2 page spread expertly filled for the last year or so by Steve Sprinkle a consultant and independent inspector who deserves to be asked for some back issue accounts at: sprinkraft@aol.com): After four months of retrieving anecdotes from Kansas to Wisconsin, I think its high tie to sample the producer community more thoroughly to see how many stories there are out there. About the hogs that wouldn't eat the ration when GMO crops were included. About the framer who said "If you want yor cattle to fo off their feed, just switch them out to a GM silage". About the farmer who said that his cattle broke through  an old fence and ate down the non-GM hybrids but wouldn't touch the round-up ready corn and as a matter of fact, "They had to wakl through the GM to gete to the pioneer 3477 on the other side". About the cattleman who saw the weight-gain of his cattle fall off when he switched over to GM sources. About the organic farmer with a terrible deer problem on his soybeans and when he drives out at night there are 40 of them mowing down his fofu beans while across the road there isn't one doe eating on the Roundup Readies. About the raccoons romping by the dozen in the organic corn, while down the road there isn't one ear that's been touched in the Bt fields. Even the mice will move on down the line if given an alternative to these 'crops'. What is it that they know instinctively but most of us ignore?

The next (only slightly shortened) excerpt (.. ... well actually, pretty much rewritten in parts) is from an article by Ted Kirschenmann, North Dakotan farmer, Farm Verified Organic founder, conference speaker and achiever of your lifetime award, called: "The globl economy: myths and realities...FEEDING THE VILLAGE FIRST: comparative advantage    Of course the proponents of economic neo-liberalism will argue that while all this may be true, it is still to the overall economic advantage of local communities to be part of a global economy so we can avail ourselves of the benefits of "comparative advantage". The theory of comparative advantage was first espoused by David Ricardo, one of the great classical economists. To put it simply: each country (or region) should produce what it can produce most effectively and import from where ever the same applies. A free trade argument. Herman Daly pointed out that the theory holds under conditions of stable, relatively immobile capital, not the vagrant, uprooted and outlaw kind. Communities cannot accrue wealth bycause they cannot hold TNC's accountable.               Free trade means higher (but hidden and subsidized) transportation costs, lost independence, loss of vocational spread and range, iow, the typical community enhancement trades. All gone due to the get big or out paradigm. Thus diversity and equilibrium get sacrificed along with the scales and proportions not just conducive to but irreplaceable for them.             The "feed the world excuse" is repeatedly proven to be false; it's the entitlements to food that are lacking in the face of stored and exported supplies (Bangla Desh, Ireland, etc). Genetic resources are literally cut up for the sake of transgenic acceleration set to add some gears and try outdo the already toxifying, choking and disrupted environment. Local, small scale, labour (a term taken lightly in the face of aeonlong progressions) intensive outdoes and more importantly outlasts all that easily (emphasis on easily . . .  if we can rid us of parasites; I mean re-educate them in time that is).                  The Anasazi Indians raised 40 bushels of corn an acre to feed a population of 100.000 around 10 centuries ago. The same region today supports less than 14 bushels an acre and 15.000 people. Schumacher (the scale man along with Leopold Kohr) said we need production by the masses not mass production. Free trade pushes people off the land (in the US as everywhere else) into the enlightened sterility and debauchery of those fussy sissies and symbol pushers who know no better trade t(r)icks (than these, their own) with which to welcome them. Don't give me no Beau hyme hemanship(hyp)eight.   Land ownership concentration and unsalable (not to mention unsavory cause I already did.. . .quote Steve Sprinkle to that effect).
rockdust: David Yarrow    (new site by David Yarrow; all his essays and research collected in a colourful display; includes updates for the champion tree project)        A quote from /nukedust.htm: I told you I was sitting on a remedy for radioactive contamination and sickness -- referring to a 50 lb. bag of trace element fertilizer on my wheelchair. I said quickly how, after Chernobyl meltdown, Austrian farms with soil remineralized with a similar rockdust had reduced -- even negligible -- radioactivity in their crops and milk. I also said remineralization can increase human tolerance to radioactivity -- even repair radiation-damaged DNA.           azomite.com       grassrootslivestock.com/cp1page1.htm         wormschool.com/putting.htm
Maria Felsenreich: starwon.com.au/~mg/natres (natural resonance)           //mite.cs.cowan.edu.au/ipc6/choz/oldfield/index.html      search: natural resonance study group                      tell tony@gci.org.uk about Hamaker. He runs Global Commons Institute concerned with climate change     migration of solids:  I am charmed by the migration stop advocated by the variously reinnovating 'right' lately, inasfar as it concerns the involuntary and/or misguided form just as much as I am against bribing artist to come up with a thrillingly cynical awakening of desire, succesfully locked into sensate-psycho appeal. I know I equated, indissolvably connected and connated it with free trade and free banking (multiplicities chapter) but though I still see them as related as ever I would like to emphasize the solid fluid gaseous dynamic of the compound picture made across time and space.   the famous Schindele cookietin packaged rockdust           One of my favorite and lasting inspirations that motivates my decade long advocacy (justifying it from the relative perspectives and standpoints of the respective major disciplines and mixing 'm in various proportions) for the use of rockdust is Julius Hensel (find him in my guest_appearances subdir)who used some short lines by Paul deLagarde as motto for some of his books.  Now, I haven't read much by the man yet and next to nothing by the manyfold company he is placed amongst by the "new rigt" along with the defamations poured out over other faves of mine (Gesell and Keyserling) by the likes of Biehl and Ditfurth (Janet Biehl RESEMBLES Jutta Ditfurth when she gives Mcquinn (jmcquinn@mail.coin.missouri.edu; he is archived at spunk press) a hard time over his interest in militias; her master of course is the(to me boring but probably just the right speed for a lot of people) Murray Bookchin  (link to 'democracy and nature' malfunctions at this institute for social ecology); a start is made here: http://www.stealth.net/~deolog/links.html (articles by PLWilson and about Nietzsche, Krebs, etc) l wrote them: looks like you could put our most eminently ecumenical philosopher and fatnet presence Arnold Keyserling (www.chanceandchoice.com) to use in your linklist.  ;)        To Carrol (a marxmail and pen-l participant) about the repeated blundering of listmom Proyect when he brings up Hensel's teacher/rival von Liebig:gudday Carrol,  I wish somebody would set Proyect straight when he spouts off about the great strides Liebig made, etc rather than voicing what the poor man himself is justifiably famous for admitting at the end of his life, namely that he "got it all wrong" referring to the increase in bulk of artificially fertilized crops were concomittant with a lowered vitality and damage to the soil, thus future crops.             I don't expect a bunch of progressive (more like reactionairy in my experience but I keep coming back cause a potentially good and lively site like transaction.com is still, inexplicably dead in the water) economists to know much about agriculture let alone its relatively unknown mavericks, like Julius Hensel, a student, admirer as well as critic of von Liebig.   Since some of you come through for me regularly; in fact pen-l is most visited site on my tabs, I shall try amend and allow pen-l's ignorance to contend with mine for what it's worth.              Just to mention the most obvious defect: If you pay attention to the bigger participants (NPK) only, you focus on meat and forget the bones (ain't it the same with non proportional and unconsensed demonicracy and with all obsessive clinging to the manifest and tangible in a materialistic age where manipulation and control count for more than stimulation of innate tendencies?).                 A less known defect: Liebig's idea of burning the crop and analyzing the ashes is OK and usefull when comparing quality changes over time and distance but disastrous when deducing that since x% of y is in it one must make sure to match that percentage for the total weight of the crop plant(often even before it is grown which is especially disastrous since the (elementwise) bigger fractions are more aggressive (volatile) and lack the "earthyer" ones to settle, frame and stucture them). Such was the terminology Julius Hensel used and his advocacy of rockdust was legendary enough to cause the first prosecutions of such wholism by the nascent and climbing fast chemical companies. Unfortunately I have never seen any material on or about those trials. A search in Germany didn't get me much closer than to a recently disbanded remainder of some of Hensel's commercial concoctions but attestations as to their effectiveness are extant as is an excerpt of Hensel's work (in my guest_appearances/ subdirectory).                   ecofascist???       According two these two in my opinion not blamelessly operating authors Anna Bramwell is 'bad' (authored: "Fading of the greens" apparantly), so that tweaked my curiosity, more later praps)  .       wcmc.org.uk (world conservation monitoring centre)   aga-international.de (Aktionsgemeinschaft Artenschutz)            http://www.efn.org/~redcloud       treevillage near Eugene, Oregon.  The Forest Service over the last year has made repeated claims that they will not send climbers against us, because it is too dangerous. However, telling the truth has never been something they are particularly famous for, and we have no choice but to take Agent Gainer at his word and prepare for the worst. If you have ever considered helping us out in any way, now would be a very good time! If you have money, gear, supplies, or time to donate, please do so! You can now make checks out to Red Cloud Thunder (PO Box 11122, Eugene, OR 97440... Thanks!) -

Advertizers in "ACRES USA, a voice for eco-agiculture" active in the by definition gentle but unceasing fight for purity buffalo-creek-press.com/parity (this is the editor's fav hobbyhorse; all about monetization of raw materials; the money supply for the whole economy should never exceed 7 times that amount, unfortunately the balance sheets of the parity people are still not ranking brainpower among them, even at this day and age.... (and that's being a bit too modest IMHO) shame, shame. Other than that, pretty sound thinking there)      friendsfromtheearth.com  (they sell herbs and offer an e-periodical)      realmilk.com      cleanerandgreener.org    visionsinaction.org          vcity.et/cybergarden    humic.com         purefood.com      foodnews.org       saveorganic.org         panna.org      wri.org     dir-willarswater.com     ecoweb.dk/ifoam (International federation organic agriculture movements)     livinginharmony.com (farm in california with many an approach and involvement facilitating community angle)      helpinghandconsulting.com (a bunch of energizers, formula feeds and a health chat)       lessemf.com (The EMF Safety Catalog)          csa-efc.org (commitee of sustainable agriculture)       ocia.com (organic crop improvement association)     ota.com  (organic trade association) nofa.org   (new england organic farmer ass)      //ecoweb.dk/ifoam (danish/international site for the federation of organic agriculture)      iquest.net/ofma  (organic farmers markets ass)    organic.com (well swell and uptodate logo!!!! )     ccap(center for cleanairpolicy)             caff.org  (community and farm foundation)      badgersett.com (hazelnuts)     ams.usda.gov/nop   (national organic petition; was it a quarter million signers?)           birc.org (Berkeley based Bio-Integral Resource Center specializes in finding non-toxic and least-toxic, integrated pestmanagement: IPM. A similar site: accessone.com/~watoxics     cairntech.com (Ontario base business offering many products; this rockdust!!!!!!!!)        cutcat.com  (cutting edge catalog featuring books on products on bio-magnetics and other enviro-enhancers)      rbcsuperlife.com (they offer some Flanagan water "upsoupments")      igg.com/bdnow (biodynamics)      dirtdoctor.com     iquest.net/ofma (organic farmers market association)         kerrcenter.com (an oklahoma outfit with some online pubs like pdf's on participatory landownership, odourcontrol for pigfarmers, hogs as they call'm there)           emagazine.com (environmental sites)     www.wcel.org (West Coast Environmental Law)  A new (pdf format) paper -- "Is Credit for Early Action CredibleEarly Action? "

daily environmental news:        http://www.earthtimes.org/        earthvision    http://www.enn.com/  http://ens-news.com

ecovision  (black background; lots for kids)      http://www.fanweb.org/index.shtml (BC forests)        http://home.earthlink.net/~envirovideo/  PEP: Resources for Parents, Educators & Publishers          sacred earth network (helps the sovjets)           Eco-Portal.com  (This web site provides "Full Text Searches of Reviewed Environmental Internet Content")     earthfound  (education and indigene focused; lists giving history; 9000 visitors over the past year; claim a quarter of a million visitors)          approtecag.com         prwatch.org (centre for media and  democracy; lots of pdf's on (im)policies)        permaculture-institute.org            kenyon.edu/projects/permaculture          metalab.unc.edu/pc-activist           mindbodyspirit.com.au (new age)         harvesttravel.com (sober site)          omri.com (Organic materials review institute)              csacenter.org (Community supported agriculture; entaills subscriptions and harvest help commitment usually)            (academic publication on agri+2xculture with stingy site)         gmissues.org         isis.com          speakout.com/          //auger.rs.itd.umich.edu/~nasco/ (north american students of cooperation offering internships) cooperative.org         coop.org         auburn.edu/tann(Teledemocracy Action News + Network; hazelhenderson.com and such contributors pull visitors from 80 nations so far)         e-thepeople.com        ned.org  (national endowment for democracy)      wholywater.com           trufax.org (very large site concerned with health issues on top of fabulatious ones like UFO's and other wastes of time)       holisticmed.com       rachel.org       herbalgram.org (one of the biggest herb compendiums and testing facilities)           //nj5.injersey.com/~jceres/garden/sse.html (seedsaving veterans from Iowa)          newhorizonsofhealth.com (how blandly boring these commercial pages are!!!!!!! disgusting)           mofga.org (Maine organic farmers ass. with apprenticeship program)          kootenay.com/~aurora (a bd farm; slightly fancier site on seedssaving by abundant life; includes their quarterly newsletter)           rareseed.com        seednet.org (a Pacific Northwest group that donates seed to promote self-reliance.        osf-facts.org (our stolen future; on endocrine disruption by ag poisons and other chemicals)        speedingticket.net        soilfoodweb.com         biodiv.org/indig/

http://www.yomiuri.co.jp/nanjo/nanjo69.htm  1500 year old cherry tree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (via nutlog; surrey, England)   //treehouse.pitas.com/ (a weblog!!!!)    forum question about treehouse living:   I tried posting the following but it may be down (one year old): I live in A'dam Holland and the park (yes, that infamous one; I've written about it here and there too) is host to Peter Paul ?, who teaches kids the ropes of tree climbing. He loads 400 pounds of them on a bicycle trailer and peddles to the park for an enjoyable and lucrative session a couple times a week.   Somebody else had this: A great source is a book by Calvino called "Baron in the Trees". A wonderful insight into the experience of life amongst the canopies.  And finally: a dip into their archive.          Did I mention the NYCentral Park logger/depicter before? The maker calls it arboretum.            dabney.com/ecogenics, whybiotech.com are links from that weirdly named farmlog which is one of a handfull I can stomach more than once.     ala.org/alaorg/rtables/srrt/tfoe/ American Library Association; Task Force on the Environment:

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