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global funct fict n factions, effects n factivisms; proozz + conzz; ritez + wrungz; B: Trees-theory: tree-calenders and tree-alphabets;  Robert Graves (This man is one of my big lights and earned my undying gratitude for bringing tree-calenders and tree-alphabets to my attention). Related: //      // (brief) (personified mythology of photosynthesis)   L: Trees-practice:pleaching (branchfusing) permaculture; treehousing    pleaching     //     Champion tree project see also: David Yarrow/ (extensive site by a dowser with rock dust savvy among many others)     treehouses      // (a log)     Old growth defense (also see dga below) and propagation: (a mainstream reafforestation effort, US nationwide)      forests forever (Ca based bilingual; 40.000 v. since 98)     rainforest action network   // (a great Irish nursery in County Cork) (seems a bit barren so far) (over 10.000 conservation docs in archive)    F: Web related:  (re)   researchbuzz   google     tracerlock (reports new pages with search-pattern you can specify) (notifies you when your (infrequently changing) favorite pages do)    metacrawler (a fast searchengine)     // (ranks linkages) (neat collection) (what do people search for) (metasearch; up to a hundred custom picked)        //      (self)education: (home and alternative schooling)     a translator      Free homepages: my server or course (public netbase) (You'll get 25 MB of disk space)   Hi-tec logisticals:  George Gilder  (bit of an oddball case; perfectly seductive writing style (see his online book), acute observer; .. but, . .  see the priority issues file bout my reservations concerning a ('terra nullius' clause tainted) speech he held at Cato)      count(e(r)r)s:       // (free and plain service)      rated counter-collection (such as:,,,,       online news: (what bad news can lead to) (anarchist news; several languages)     // (progressive review) (Worldwide anarchist information) (Sonoma based; pro-environment, contra-corruption and pro-serb; pretty site)      // (trilingual (spanish, portuguese and english)   Native America news (another what they oxymoronically call: private intelligence) (environmental news)      Reports on digitalia; speculations, and (Julian Simon and that sort of ilk; yuk!!!!) (decent) (accuracy in reporting, only fair (to middling)) (mainly concerned with privacy; kinda like name belying access4all)     // (fat site by Sam Smith mostly) (telepolis, bi-lingual, E + G) (linklist)       aflcio (US labour unions)    resource renewal institute (they seem to like the Dutch in SF, Ca)      Online publishing, journalism and, (like so many world parliament schemes, merely skeletal and barely alive (yet?) (transnational institute in Amsterdam with Susan George as celeb heavyweight who doesn't wanna come have coffee with weirdo's like me) (corporate conduct Quarterly; they don't put out online that much) (multinational monitor) (z mag) (world systems)   International Institute for Sustainable Development (an o so tidy conference circuitry)     // (Basel action network; anti-WTO toxicity; A project of Asia Pacific Environmental Exchange)        // (links)      // (online journalism review) (sustainable development through NGO's) (Union of International Associates; Brussels based !HUGE! thankthink (an I Ching inspired effort to catalog world problems for instance)       rating (national center for economic and security alternatives; a good balance between brilliantly alternative, unencumbered fresh beginnings and large corporate philanth-remedying)      transnational radical party (italy based youngsters) (too nice a name for such a mundane, quotidian and meager not to say mediocre site) (corporate watch UK version)       prwatch: Critics of the propaganda power sold to the highest bidder predicament) (Physicians and Scientists for Responsible Application of Science and Technology)    global resource bank  (embryonic (naive and impractical) yet surely well intended effort; see the next one for a contrast==>)    Encyclopedia of social inventions)     //         Peoples' Global Action against "Free" Trade and the World Trade Organisation (6700 languages from 228 countries; they get a bad rap from fcpn) (genetic resource action international) (global action against free trade; from Italy in 6 languages)         foreignpolicy (Foreign Policy In Focus) (Council for a Livable World and Education Fund) (World Policy Institute, New School for Social Research)         //       IMF related: FINANCIAL WARFARE by Michel Chossudovsky; so are these: 1, 2, 3, (a Hoover inst. effort featuring Roland Vaubel) (IMF DEMANDS WEIMAR-STYLE HYPERINFLATION; pretty loony fellow this Lyndon)       S: Activism (meaningfully orchestrated masses):peopleinaction           leftlinks      community aid abroad (OXfam Australia)     SocioSite        // (arm the spirit)       peacenet, econet, labornet, womensnet, conflictnet (video activism) (many endearingly good links)  (european activism) (a reactionary and merely semi-OK  marginal crowd)         The Surveillance Camera Players: completely distrustful of all government.)     peace   (pretty good categorization: chronolog- and geografical) (a stop nato webring with about 100 members)     peace movement aotearo      1100 peacelinks)       //  people4peace    Hague peace (International Peace Research Association)    peace conference calendar       N: Weblogs: Open directory project (includes an alphabetic list of them) (this one might be worth checking on now and then) (this fella knows Dutch (also) and is big on music n linux)           // (finally. .. .site made by a lassy and an overtly, admitted and drily enthusiastic misanthropette at that!!!)        ciw = cultural intelligence works  (calm ruminations from the French countryside) (log with thishere sorta colour scheme, allows comments)       //       //       an interactive one (a cross between an open list/newsservice and log)     Lindsay's weblog      Risks (reams of text concerning the net)              1 artsy nudity and nogonotionsations of sex: (pornfighters) (people exchanging power (mostly a money for mistresses scheme); foto's of all sorts in fetishists plus phone numbers)     see also: gender issues (in grey further on)          2 How much money may matter most to ideal communards:   John Zube's LMP (Libertarian Microfiche Publishing; 2100 A4 sized pages constituting the alphabetical index of a-z catalog for over 1500 fiches in store. How often the full 50 fold initial repro of 'm I don't know but I bet more than once).   Zube archive vacancy    The abominable way I filled it   Related:  community currencies    Thomas Greco (author of: New money for healthy communities) (the basque co-operative; meager site so far)        A Digest of the Alternative and Transformational movement(s)        Roy Davies (very good. I am proud of this one as my first reciprocal linksite) (scottish organizational currency)        PRIVATE ENTERPRISE MONEY  (The Surprise Weapon A Non-Political Money System; EC Riegel's main work online) (a SF outfit set up to grow, Bernard Lietaer posts some juicy stuff here) (a community currency inspired article in an irreverent mag)    intro_to_currency_issues.htm     LETS: (Good stuff on LETS by Richard Kay here somewhere)      ithacahours (timebased homegrown money, a new book out now)    Related: (Tom Walker's obscure site featuring Walter Benjamin)         //     // (the french version and has a dutch version)     land ownership: (Gesell oriented, who stood for public (matriarchal) ownership of land and 'negative' interest)   Related: (Richard Douthwaite, David Korten in Ireland) (a very modest and marginal effort of the (Gesellian) Dutch Aktie Strohalm crowd)        Henry George-ists in Scotland       landreform (more Georgeans)    Related (landreform) (look for a paper by Mary Lehmann too) (land trusts, a semi offshoot from the once (20ties) considerably popular tax and propertylaws reformer Henry George)    landtrust act (wording)    landtrust mailing list archive (is the weekly newsletter of the National Low Income Housing Coalition.)     Mailing lists on community currencies:International Journal of Community Currency Research    Send to: the following message: subscribe money; this is a New Civilization network effort       (subs to LETS list:         (mutual fund based currency discussion list;    Miscellaneous money materializations:   Parity a NORM now!  (National Organization for Raw Materials; the preferred perspective of the AcresUSA editor) (real estate backed money) (gloomoid Jay Hanson fills all your horrifying facts needs and says: "it's the money stupid")    Opposing Globalization Could Justify Resource-Based Basic Income (by Mary Lehmann)         //  (government; global change research program) (barely budding)        Yes magazine (about a positive future)       participatory economics money lives at this great activist site)     More mainstream (rightish) money matters: (the libertarian party)   dead economist society (libertarian network europe) ("Federalism and individual sovereignty" by James M Buchanan)          citing Roland Vaubel once,    twice,and again (the conclusion of 400 pages on currency unification) and once more   (James M Buchanan this time, in a Cato article on sovereignty and federalism; found with          neutralish money matters: (so far meager site)  (they did a gesture toward explicit support of indiginous wishes recently)     The great memory hole    leftish money matters:      progressive economistsRelated: ecolecon and: // (also at Communications for a sustainable future) (left business  observer includes very active list + archives) (mystifying revolution(aryness) coupled to a bright yet screwy historical sense; danger dies but never out)   (small scale grass roots philantropy)      social (tithe) tec: via SocTec: (basic income) (42527 Visitors Since November 25, 1997; They exploit a topic Dan Winter has been on to for years; these guys made it into Wired magazine)         3  Whistleblowing on secretive (and/or coercing the uncoercive) monopolies:(see also: global fuct-fict-fact-fects) (Brian Martin's work (whom I mention here cause his "uprooting war" was the only book giving JZ a lavish mention)    Government Accountability Project       Integrity International        // (money in politics data) (economic policy institute pulse, polling and data foraging; nonprofit; staff of 35)     the alternative economic summit (General agreement ona new economy; very good but not often updated yet unfortunately; last major one in 97)    Who's counting project (corporate calamity critics) (antimilitarism, bilingual, German and English) (covert action quarterly)         conspiracy classics:moneypulation (tome on track, tail and tap tec (surveillance, political control, coercion) by Steve Wright (Omega Foundation, Manchester) (military criticized)    conspiracy refutations(found at Roy Davies page. Read some Janet Biehl in a "left green perspectives" article on militias; she has a German sibling: Ditfurth, who falsely accused Gesell some years back, yuk!)   power mongers: (weirdos with a few redeeming qualities)     hr/mprofaca/kosovo04.html (very large (anti US) site about the Balkan)       progressive audio news: (a decent socialist news service; full of audio-stuff)     music: (thousands of rated radio shows)     // (folk) (multimedia webring) (thousands of radioshow specials like this one:  and (Chronicle of the Gaian Cultural Transition)     Alternative press review (formerly anarchy (Greider makes his home here which is a bit too dry for me otherwise most of the time) (independant press; NY antidote to monopoly media) (chris burford contributes here; pretty decent fellow for a Marxist) (alternative press) (project gutenberg; the largest digitized text archive around. Mostly classic out of print books; free donation-base run service. I looked  for Leila there by Bulwer-Lytton but they only had Pompeii and Rienzi so far)            4  social reform balancing accountability and secession is anarchy:  135 takers for this Anarchism & Libertarian Socialism web-ring so far (quadra-lingual anarchist pages)  multi-lingual links at the Institute for anarchist studies) (Freeman mag, a veteran libertarian publication) (chomsky)        // (federation of Am Scientist fighting secrecy)  (a generic major policy pitcher) (federation of marxist anarchists) (institute for social ecology)   secessionists united: (secession) (kids playing at sec) (micronations)       19 Separatist and Independence Movements)     secede redneck style          native quebecians       Political Justice by Godwin (an anarcho - marxist- zapatista sociology prof in Oregon) (anti-globalization)    Anarchist Librarians: (library list and digest available)     // (progressive librarian guild including poor people's policies)      // (social responsibilities round table)     //      //            5  Native nations, tribes and tribulations fighting for indiginous autonomy (I call it voluntary ((non-violent)) "racialism")Asia and the pacific regions:lots of aboriginal links        Voices in the wilderness is trying to help Iraqi kids.      //     Triplura Peoples' Democratic Front (an east indian indiginous organization)       Aboriginal (see 'real big linkers'): (the reconciliation list archives)      "Where are all the Aboriginal homepages?" (53Kb article plus links)       Rod Hagen  (A white anthropologist down under)    // (pretty much the lot)        Africa: (nigeria today; the world's largest concentration of blacks) (an artsy perv site about racism by activist black eurooz)     OGONI     South America:  Uwa in Colombia; tribe in trouble.(extensive coverage)      // (private intelligence) (Aztec and mexican history in E and S)  (Servico Justica e paz. Brazilian underbelly news and action alerts; I was the 1061 visitor since the 13th of july 99 on the 22 of nov. Counter by (landless peasants in Brazil) (240 affiliates) (on climate too)  Zapatistas (German)      Amanaka'a  Amazon Network         // (background to truth commission's report on Guatamala)  and  // (same)      pdf on how fair the social net-war fare from Chiapas fared. (columbia support network) (uva people)        Northern America:  League of Indigenous Sovereign Nations of the Western Hemisphere; LISN) (quartely ((pulp and pulse)) on indians and climate) and (extensive cherokee coverage) aboriginal with a hitec page; he's into games too)     narf (native american right fund; from Boulder Co)       // (the lakota word for friend) (union of Ontario Indians) (a radical canadian periodical featuring Chris Morabito, the native listmom)      AbenakiHistory (homeground to which apply some of my rainbowhomecoming experiences) ( Fifty-percent of the company's profit is given to traditional American Indian projects.) //         The Assembly for Northern Native Americans (I was the 2071st visitor there; includes sound clips)       (meanwhile lost) battle for the 4 sacred oaks; (yearslong struggle minutely recorded) (shadow woman's tree view: a native forum at: I was viewer 3944; this site has a thrilling logo!!!)         //csf.colorado.EDU/pen-l/0435.htm (Jim Craven's work)       //csf.colorado.EDU/pen-l/0537.htm    Settlers in Support of Indiginous Sovereignty (lots of Bruce Clark material, he is away from Canada seeking asylum in Europe)     beautiful beechgrove background       linkspage     James Bolner (the nisgah efforts) (mike also maintains the aics (american indian .... page)       // (Traditional Resource Rights)   Big Mountain issue, the Dineh, etc)   A fav pen-l post on indiginous issues  (and this one too: /jan98/0106.html)      a media mentor      // (interhemispheric resource center; info for citizen transboundary action)     Vine Deloria Jr puts each race in its place        Village of First Nations clicks through 4 poems before reaching a very large linklist; 104 of the initial 110 thousand arrivals make it down there) (national congress of american indian)        Montana state house buffalo bill (Buffalo-talk is a service of Buffalo Field Campaign and the Wild Rockies InfoNet)     some great Louise Erdrich pages: (a penpushing 'sibling' (Loree Boyd, authoress of Spirit Moves) of hers is one of mine also since we share birthdays)     ~toni_nelson      //         6  Global ethnicity ('human' rights) 'modestifying' problems and potentials:  (an essay quoting Michael Taussig who inspired Peter Lamborn Wilson´s latest book on Proudhon, Marx, Nietsche and Fourier among other stuff like scythian and Islamic history, moundbuilder ethnography and Pierre Clastres´s concepts: "Escaping the nineteenth century"). (trilingual)     mailing list archives (fourth world documentation project)  (bilingual, German and English)      // (human rights video) (a decent DC outfit) (united Nations high commision for refugees) (human rights watch) (new episode every forthnight) (European Research Center Of Migration and Ethnic Relations) (Ulster based initiative on conflict resolution and ethicity)     real big linkers:      // (unrepresented nations and peoples organization)        Friends of Peoples Close to Nature  (see my warriornet list presence stint file for some spicey and heady stuff concerning this :..peoples close to nature" club, me, Craven, Proyect, etc) (multiple languages but extremely amateuristis and naive; great promise though)       popish land pilfering on January 8, 1455;      human rights radio       human rights video  (Music Industry Human Rights Association) (American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee; (International Court of Justice)     human rights at the Center for Science and International Affairs     Working and would be communards (related:landtrusts):  (earht village network) (all kinds, mostly England based) (plants for a future; a nursery that acts like a country and succeeds!)       list archives (very elegant, a full spectrum activist page)) (level headed journalism)       community forming in Costa Rica)      // (This site leads into a rainbow caravan digest called ArcoRueda. A Berlin 3D enthousiast is displaying meetings with Zapatistas etc. at: (communitarian who calls for link cullers)        // communities (last 2 links via; a hedonist weblog and voluntary simplicity greeno) (site of the Farm a very aid oriented and long standing community) (commune in Bega, NSW) (Doctress Neutopia is volunteering there) (communard) (Bruce Sterling; whole earth contest) (santa cruz hip stuff) (Wendell Berry, such a saint even though he barely understands indiginous problems)         // (utopia links) (Association for the Study of Literature and the Environment) (ecovillage in Black Mountain, NC; many permac. links) (simple living network) ( a working community in Mo; associated with futuristically technocratic idiots who massify simple and sympathetic things like the ones are on about)       Beautiful gallery in the tradition of the whole earth classic about native architecture: "Shelter", but better, since this is in colour!!!)          7  gender and climate issues:(National coalition of free men; bit of gender embattlement this one, but fairly humorous if you can manage to think Weininger, Vilar and Nietzsche that)    WIT (Women in Information Technology is looking for a new webmaster)     The Orgone Biophysical Research Laboratory at Greensprings center in Ashland Oregon is led by James Demeo, author of the book: "Saharasia" about desertification and patrist hearlands ((chicken and egg questions)), they also carry books by Callahan) (mostly in German plus English and four other languages besides)      Chris King (Hippy prof who is productive as much as he seems to think he is Jesus ((along with me, Arthur Noll and a host of other goodfornuttins)); heavily into ecology and social history (gender), took off for a millenium sabatical in Jerusalem; the docs were unmanipulable pdf's for a long time but his new site: has html's)       global climate change and (center for environmental info; academic climate change periodical; only the abstracts for free)        global cooling; there is also a petition running along the simplistic lines of: global cooling is a blessing, more CO2 = more growth)       // (TWM = Takitimy weather modification; the maker of this site is interested in settling/building/growing amongst a host of other neat stuff like indigenous issues)         8  going native sites: (Low Impact Development Planning and people in a sustainable countryside' author simon Fairlie's abode; a bubbling bender  behovelment called: Tinker's blobble) (fresh jump strap start pull together) (pagan sustainability) (utopia; lamely abstract men's work mostly I bet) (Chris King-like delvings into the gender bend -bind -blend -blind -blunder in both large(ly) academic and soap-opera versions)     ethnobotany:1,  2.       indiginous environmental network: (offers following links)      //          9  Progressive garden green:  // (yes, that once teeter tottering company has grown up; I always thought it was a model for the future; 'mirror' site)        nattytrust     plants for a future; they act like a country to raise money and succesfully! Both in spanish and English)    By contrast:reactionary 'greeneoism' vs Green Anarchism; an Anglo-feud (the sustainable agriculture discussion list with contributor B Rateaver as the only one I know as a savvy ACRES contributor; More green links mostly from the monthly Acres, USA, my favorite eco newspaper ( only subbing info there); advertizers, excerpts and daily green webnews URL's (international rivers network)         Paramagnetism (a blurb related to Philip Callahan's book about irish round towers including an impressive pic) (Phil C site is here associated with Patrick Flanagan the water wizard)     more Phil Callahan here (this is where they should pay attention to Philip C)     More farming foibles and aggravating agri cults (mostly inspired by Acres, USA, a monthly newspaper).         Deeply green activisms:     Canadian sites:  (rural advancement foundation international. Excellent!!! (winner of the most effective and avid green activism award); RAFI is a postage-stamp-sized cyber CSO with a  half-million dollar budget, 6 staff members, a 22-year history and smart-assed enough to tell the Vatican so. it comes close to great site called about genetic resource protection) (huge and wonderful place)     slightly more reactionary UK based sites: (big linker)     green-net (earth-first site)     UK earth first type stuff      US based: (prime earthfirst hotspot)      // (Berkeley)        activists (european youth for(est) action; ecotopia organizers) (down to earth) (chile info project environmental report) (discussion groups)   green pragma tic-tac ticks (huge botany site) Foundation for global sustainability (good linklist) (environmental defense fund) (The Center for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology; many links to white house 'greenering') (Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition exposes the hazards of the high-tech industry) (Citizens Against Ruining the Environment; 1647 visitors by the end of june 99; their shortish linklist includes logos to every one; changes radio for example catering to young hippydom with a hit score of: 62.224)    (3oo environmental links; suprisingly enough, one of his contention bones is . . the bicycle: "mountainbikes are like wheeled locusts")           10  Rockdust(lust,) genealogy and employment: my sense of serving green most deeply: remineralize-the-earth  (my kinda Rolling Stone mag; not too busy yet but includes forum) (excerpt from J D hamaker´s work)  (order form for the book: 'the survival of civilization' by John D Hamaker      blurb by (and pic of) coauthor Don Weaver)      global cooling; there is also a petition running along the simplistic lines of: global cooling is a blessing, more CO2 = more growth)     Dan Winter's affinity to Callahan's work       same for Dan's pal David Hudson who's on about ORME = Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements)         Callahan blurb plus mugshot (Pike Lab supplies; Extensive selection of on-farm testing supplies: simple and very cheap refractometers, Callahan's cheap, handheld paramagnetic soil meter, electrical conductivity, soil test kits, compost test kits, Cardy meters, etc.)     appropriate technology transfer for rural areas      This is how I present old Phil Callahan (Mackenzie stone flower from Eugene, Or)    David Yarrow/(very large and bright, at times spellbinding site)  (and /ab-3jc  and /rk-mv-ov) (not crushed but brushed dust, weird (ghostwolf) site; no longer up)      A recent thesis on Soil Remineralization by another raw food enthusiast:Philip Madeley  (the earth regeration society; very sparse  and dormant site around the same theme as mine: use and I would say: study and learn from rockdust!)earth repair; my kind of avowels spouted there but I am afraid they managed not to grow as explosively as humble organism pops will do when their guidelines are followed. .. goes to show: no matter how much you know...)            Alternative health: (a blurb on bio-resonance therapy; see recent_links.htm) (chelation therapy, etc)    some raw food links: (a raw food advocating site)       living low karma food freaks attempt a community (hopefully not just another tiresome one)          ON THE COHERENCE OF ULTRAWEAK PHOTON EMISSION FROM LIVING TISSUES. Fritz-Albert Popp,  T E Bearden article in Explore quoting Popp   (Bio-Resonanz Therapie) (robert c beck)      Royal Raymond Rife (inventor of the electron microscope) the legend links: (biggest links page so far)              11 Innovative (clean) (airpressure powered vehicles)     // (Mike Brown's one horsepower steam engine site) (big on dolphins and cosmo-technology)        //    Walter Russell related: (large) (Walter Russell) (zippered solstice (macrobiotic mag) articles on Russell)        "Genesis continuous"Original, elegantly believable and Russell-like cosmology) (Flanagan stuff amongst others) (Center for Technology Assessment, CTA; Email: (alternative physics and tec) (engine running on water) (technomad)       biogas 1      biogas 2      1300 miles an acre      // (4 methane digesting links) (prof Yull Brown ((Hydrogen gas)) is still arown)    Why is it all these mythomechanics are often infected with paranoia and the conspiracy bug?: (magic, science and conspiracy) (Schauberger)      Emergency on Earth        "gaian" cosmologists: LifeWeb (excellent)      high school level (with excellent graphics)          12 Intellectual topple heady waits psycho/spiritual orientations, all very learned and brilliantly brainy writs: robotwisdom/com/jorn/tpportal.html (a new page on Thomas Pynchon; also a weblogger and Joyce enthusiast)    William Irwin Thompson (cultural bird's and bulls eye)      Tom Robbins      // (Leslie Fiedler wrote a book on Shakespeare which really flames in the last chapter as does similar subject matter in the book "The return of the vanished American", '69) (prolongation of this type of do good wanderdom talks its scwalks again!!) (the dutch hermetic branch of the Uni Library in A'dam)        Oscar Kiss Maerth, (9 relatives at amazon)  author of the book about widespread, millions of years worth of cannibalism called "the beginning was the end") (some leftist intelloos)       // (Artec)  (Deleuze and Guattari) (neutopia; goddess, architecture and matriarchy stuff: spoofy here and there, but her dissertation is decent; pretty solid even. She is holing up at the Arcosanti Comm.) (a lot of wonderful (Dan and "dolphin man" related stuff plus links for those with kids who caught a serious case of the computing big)     Richard Powers's new book review; it is called "gain" and treats the claim-culture and decrepitude. Here is another         // (sober look at that mad frenchman)     Lawrence Rickels material:   his latest: Mining (reminiscent of M Frank's "das kalte Herz";    9 URL's, some of which are slightly outdated cause Nazi-psychoanalysis is not his next forthcoming book anymore,. . . "Acting out in groups" is)    (hopelessly though brilliantly ungrounded (and -ing?) theorizing and art Robert Cheatham is a heavy inputter here; a master at describing molecular politics in a projective personified fashion without a clue or handle as to what man's place and meaning in it could be other than a side line nail chewer) (a psycho-sexual biography)           Roger Caillois is (another) one of my major nineties discoveries <see the special via /logbriefer.htm>, a man who took Huizinga's theories a whole (and holistic) lot further; great on the regressive (my call) gambling instinct.  Found via Caillois searches: Steve Shaviro, his piece about Disney is OK; don't care for all the other gory stuff though; a suprising reciprocal by the way) (interactive story telling)           Word-uses, -forgings, -coinings and -origins: (lots of wordplay links) (technical psycho-analysis) (a poetry page) (torus theory and Torah EILS: equal interval letter sequencing; my comment on the brain behind this work) (all about language after a dry dead and dusty fashion) (poetpiet = pipe tote; or how do you like a Dutch one I discovered last summer: poep tiet; don't ask me what it means but I will verklap (proverbial veiltip lift) this: it is even more primal) Bad subjects (subversive literature; via this rag I found a curious little neology-glossary (sologisms) well worth a visit; see next URL)       language columnist          Gematria; Powers of nine (finally there is a URL honouring Lawrence william lyons; better than nothing or just me I guess)     James Joyce related pages: (Joycean site)       Will Miller's excellent wake thesis       //         ftp for the full WAKE text      and again finnegan's wake a blur        // (searchable archive of the list discussions) (a unitarian joycean)        //          // (the fight about copy wrong and rite) (Donna Henseler, a Joyce scholar; '70 diss)       Giordano Bruno pics      this_cussing_joyce_his_woike.htm      list_posts/shamus.htm (my favite list poster so far)       irreverent and humourous sites: (spoofsite)           Sacred geometry: Laurence Edwards "Vortex of Life", projective geometry; beautifully animated graphics. Found at:; comments on whom are scattered throughout my site. Find his angel-trumpet animation, it is a dodecahedral gem!)     george hart's polyhedral art      synergetics: (the official Buckminster Fuller site) (Synergetics text online entirely)      needle tower/david star at the synhome  (Stephen Hawkins' nifty page, lots of cool Quicktime moves) (rotegrity, the promise and products of telescopism) (a Dutchman linking to Lets in Wageningen!! How come I don't know this geezer yet?)      a builder of polyhedra      6oo cell cross section sequence       practical geodesia         // (seems a really fine site, indepth and far out; technical, few graphics)       (note he lists Tenen and not Winter<<see mysteries section below>>)     lambdoma research; neat graphics)      pi-links: by a math professor       spectacularly pi dragon I ching) (Ralph Abraham's site) (50 miljon digits of pi) (dan was on about this for a while before Wired magazine caught on) (site offering Jain's book on magic squares; if he ever scans his lifelong collection we'll be in for a treat) (Cliff Pickover famous math puzzle author (who is into fringe science as well; quarter of a million visitors sofar)    (gif gallery and browser bar; neat stuff)          14 Graphics (pics, diagrams, art etc) scientifically flavored:  pretty microscoopixs       csc.fu:80/lul/chem/graphics            mandala art by aya (fine arts by guess whoat)           documentary and progressive film (a documentary festival site) (non-stop film fest proposed)        interactive documenta(i)ries  and again       // (human rights video) (television trust for the environment)       undercurrents; activist video        15  Fabulously speculative mysteries on lost and losing ground:     Related: Plagiarism has been a bit of a bone for poor Daniel and his petty tenacious tyrant Stan Tenen shows no sign of letting up and kicking his addiction to plagiaristomania either; finds time to do some intriguing work too though) (a bit technical about fractal cosmology)   (Richard Marker's Discrete Donut theory)   (a clone ; how cagey (newagey), conspirational, alien, invasive and offshore banking manage to foul an otherwise OK nest; they are going in with soctec at a ratable list: //     Pawlicki (now Pawels)  and /Aintso.htm related sites: stoneking      Michael Topper fanclub; he is the (disappeared) author of the LA based New Thunderbird Chronicle. See my eight_miscellany.         // (check their index under M)          16 Intuition, inpiration, harmony, etc; iow: ancestral and progenitory leftbrains:   Jose Arguelles (a better painter than poet fabulator prhaps):           //          //        Astrology:School of wisdom  (Arnold Keyserling is an admirable guide for some criteria; revelatory ones in fact. Check the english (profusely illustrated) version of his Magnum Opus called chance and choice)      "times or our lives"; went there to look for animated orreries. . no luck yet) (orrery animations you pick and they play; nothing really complex though, views from one spec to another at variable intervals)         17  rainbow related spectrum stretching: (all about shamanism and patriarchy) welcome home  (my second reciprocal link) photo essay (via (wrote a book about its nomadic utopia)    rainbow_uk (not a good page to visit with a slow connection) (a very long, graphically intense (old hippy style) and chaotic linklist, a real nethead-hip jew) (the russian rainbow politician with the colours waving through the page title)  (an international power spray stager; only the dry kinds of oxides but that doesn't make him a wimp, just very ephemeral rainbows) (Bey lives here too someplace) (check the oddball linklist of this cult author;     // (drug reform co-ordination) (non-corporate, personal, or non-profit ways to travel)       food co-oper and  ride sharer  (nothing beats 'in' rainbow gathering muscle power but is the hauling done to enable this TAZ justified by it??)             18 Majestically naked pow(d)er in public: poetpiet/mimed_glacier_milk_music_and_ministry.htm             Links found later spread throughout ensuing miscellany issues (now called lugalllogalongs; see last link at the bottom), starting in the ninth  and gathered here: /2000links.htm; German (if you don't believe that is a pretty language go see the movie Rossini) ones are here, which is my dutch tripod leg.

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