Welcome to the fastest yet most solid(ly formatted) poetry on earth:  about 7 Megs spread out across over 88 files (averaging over 88 K'z colourful concept- harmmonized and hyrarchical wordsequences, including 4 megs worth of images, even) worth of contextual BLABS = BottomLine Aphoristically Ballistic Solution which will (dis)solve all uncivilly polarizing centralizations, break up and open (c)lumpy niches and lumpynesses, wether they be institutionally animated or simply, inertly dormant(yet animatable),by pushing the logistic limits (to light) inventively, notably those (rocks) constraining vertical metabolisms (of trees). Sad the dreamscape turned into a fence? Here's how to deal with that along with whatever else is too dense and tense.For partially overlapping electronic sources similar to the ones which I sum up below, please refer to: (Only partly hypered) (on- to offsite-)link files at this site are in a file called: commendablinklist.htm and new_links and recent_links.htm  and fifth_linklist.htm and an  (almost fully hypered) second priority file with Balkan sites, lists and (re)commentations
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BIBLIOGRAPHY per chapter followed by a combined
INDEX THEREOF about the paper and personal sources used at this site.

The categories here (oct 00 version):
trees as calenders, alphabet models, infrastructure and sustenance mature tree magic; periodic pleaches and pleasures; (..if all goes well our attention oughta all add up to stands of and standing for 'm not to mention respect for (their magnitude in) old age.); raw food; letter origins, symbolization;

 polyfidelity and extended families; 
 economics, politics and sacred geometry;
 taskforces, secrecy, inertia, and other momentae; 
indiginous, voluntary and 'rizing racisms, and/or fledgling ideologies;
 takes on the dustily powerful fresh powder placement;
 greengoods (grinders, dusts, seeds, trees, fruit);
  my kind of green pro(-)vision; (p)reduced uprizaroucellwall-wellwill; 
  green militants, bickering about babylonian green unclean +-doing; 
 ice age cycle juggling, gaian cosmologists; 
 immanentors and inventors of fabulously clean energy; 
ancestors and progeny, all sorts of metamentors; 
rainbow fame, fun, family, variety and fabulation; 
same words 'untabled', the 98 version:
The categories there as here are:
trees as calenders, alphabet models, infrastructure and sustenance mature tree magic; periodic pleaches and pleasures; (..if all goes well our attention oughta all add up to stands of and standing for 'm not to mention respect for (their magnitude in) old age.);raw food; letter origins, symbolization; polyfidelity and extended families;  economics, politics and sacred geometry;  taskforces, secrecy, inertia, and other momentae;  indiginous, voluntary and 'rizing racisms, and/or fledgling ideologies; takes on the dustily powerful fresh powder placement;  greengoods (grinders, dusts, seeds, trees, fruit);   my kind of green pro(-)vision; (p)reduced uprizaroucellwall-wellwill;   green militants, bickering about babylonian green unclean +-doing;  ice age cycle juggling, gaian cosmologists;  immanentors and inventors of fabulously clean energy; ancestors and progeny, all sorts of metamentors; rainbow fame, fun, family, variety and fabulation;

 ....though the trying and mostly impure fires of that difficult road does indeed lead many into a hedonist deep and dense, a choozy few come through and begin to expand their charisma, steel their will and tighten their tactics. If we may reckon gender bender Madonna amongst such
jesters slouching toward the golden mean global christal clarity symbol decoding and implementation, I can only regret she has not found and funded a better strategist than me yet to meld and weld Cernunnos's torque-coil-spring-wringing ramheaded snake, Jesus's symbolicly mimetic cross and metaphoric sword, Mercury's caduceus, ......(continued at the bottom)
Here is a cross-secting list of my favorite writers
Maarten Toonder, James Joyce, Robert Graves

 Robert Lawlor, J F Lyotard, J D Unwin, Peter Duesberg
 Ulrich von Beckerath, George Gilder, Franz Oppenheimer, Roland Vaubel,
 Lawrence Rickels, Jack Weatherford
 Julius Hensel, John D Hamaker, Poetpiet   (myself) 
  my k
 Dan Winter, Lawrence Blair, James Demeo, Walter Russell,
Sander Gilman, Theodor Lessing, Arnold Keyserling
Tom Pawlicki, Hakim Bey, Tom Robbins, J R Tolkien
setting your window to a width which stretches the stars (above) out along 1 line gets you a suprise later if you are using the right mag and chance to share fonts besides god being  willing, etc    *********** Welcome to a list of material I am most partial toiow: a partial yet preferred resource list per chapter with an index for all of 'm combined tacked on. It consists of my inspirations as far as they were tangible: commendable reads, textbooks, reference preferences, favorite catalogs, etc, contact and/or purchase adresses for activist, study and publishing resources such as drafted constitutions and other rare collections of needful stuff, all trying to watertighten lawful formulation, execution, bestowal, securing and safeguarding of proletarian privileges for the poor deprived rich. A + behind the name means they are no longer alive; a number between brackets before a name, for instance: (9) Graves ---means it returns in other categories, so the higher the number in the 'later' ones, the more versatile I deem that author.       0   tree diveners, -champions, -nurses and -workers:(1) Robert Graves+ , two tree alphabet  chapters in "The white goddess" J Russel Smith+the predust bowl classic : "Treecrops"; Liberty Hyde Bailey+, Cornell has a beautiful Bailey hall but is overrun with modern heroes, hunters and quakes after quirky quarks; Native Forest Council, PO 2171, Eugene, OR 97402. Permaculture Int Journal, PO7185 Lismore Heights, NSW 2480 Australia; Rainforest network action in London; Earth first, anywhere in the USA with forest left, see under 5 for seed sources        fruit  feeders, fenders, finders and furtherers:  NAFEX, North American Fruit Explorers, oldest tree-organization in US, they put out a quarterly: Pomona, c/o Marie Kurie, 10 s 055 Madison st, Hinsdale IL 60521 USA Paul Bekaert runs a natural food store: de Kiem in Borgerhout, Antwerp, Belgium, his first garden is long gone under the nearby freeway, he always has the best selection of fruit in all of Europe. ..     raw food:  (1) Lawrence William Lyons: "The language crystal" from Grammar Publishing, PO 2333, NY, NY 10009, USA; (1) Gabriel Cousens (seminars) 200 Springhill Rd, Petaluma Ca 94952, a Kundalini awakener through body and mindcleansing (1) Daniel Reid ,a mostly raw food  recommending daoist Natural Hygene, 12816 Race track Rd, Tampa FL 33625; The Hygenic community network news run by Helen Jean Story. "Retour a la sante par la jeune" by Bertholet+ featuring Arnold Ehret (my very first orientation)+ and 39 other therapists+ Fresh Network, Whitestone, Devon, UK; the instinctologist network based in France, started by Burger ..   10  letters, language, music, resonance, timing, etc:  (2) Robert Graves+'s "White Goddess---(2) Lyons; ---(1) Jean Joseph Goux; a french philosopher writing about phallus as logos as law as language. (1) John Michell, a wellknown sacred geometrist, wrote a similar book; (1) James Joyce, Finnegan's wake with its many leads, entrances and points of departure which bring high holiness down to its exposed counterpart and companion without however showing how these extremes can be prevented. (1) Arnold Keyserling, one of his course locations: Pleroma, Hohlweggasse 37 1030 Vienna, Austria),  Sun Angel Innovations, 9123 e Missisippi Av, Suite 2104, Denver Co 80231 translated some of his work and stuck it on Internet, a revival of his father's school of wisdom: http://ddi.digital.net/~wisdom/school/wheel.html (1) Dan Winter, 9411 Sandrock rd, Eden NY 14057, USA, he sells videos, visualization tools and a CDI about and the golden mean mysteries of love, time, and origins of the alphabet, in the latter respect he received a strong impulse from Stan Tenen, PO 1738 San Anselmo, Ca 94 979, Ca and his Meru Foundation's work on the letterlike shadows of a single spiral, Tenen has not taken kindly to the what he calls plagiarizing mutation of his work and has been seeking 'justice' (spent money on lawyers) his sculpture is a veritable beauty and he went on to associate their letter forming perspectives with a posture dependent handposition language. for a file full about all these matters see: plagaearazer plotting pilferhernherz.htm Dan's style is very versatile, somewhat inaccesible from a curious mixture of technical and poetic rigours, worth the stimulating efforts, many groovy pieces on almost all of my "touchy" subjects, except economics (he substitutes with aliens and so I must warn you to beware of the paranoid streaks in his extremely overreaching if not overbearing filling in of the 'fonction fabulatrice'); Lewis Thomas's "et cetera, et cetera", etymology oriented; Robert M Hoffstein's: "Mystical key to the English language"; Donald Mccloskey---Willem Hietbrink (Dutch)---Jed Rasula----James Joyce Quarterly      Public alternative libraries are very rare, I only found 3:  at Cornell U, Ithaca NY , started by the remorseful parents of a suicide. in Salzburg  Austria: Bibliothek fuer zukunftsfragen,  started by Robert Jungk+; and in Amsterdam, a collection of mostly ancient with some modern hermetic philosophy. I intend to put mine on the map too, 25 fritboxes full and a microfiche reader so far. I myself have 70 fruitboxes full of books I would love to display in suitably surroundings allowing access and reference.......let me know please........          1  sex; libido and magnetism connections;  (2) Dan Winter, all about the difference between heat and light x x x (2) Gabriel Cousens:  Muktananda kundalini experiences x x x (2) Reid; loads of tricks to cherish and cultivate charge x x x (1) George Gilder, defender of  very conservative family values offensive to feminists in Sexual Suicide and others (see p. 23 and poly-strata-fidelity) x x x  (1) J D Unwin+, utopian, sexual mores and intercultural repercussions x x x (1) Lyotard, see especially his Taoistic 'mining' of women in his "Libidinal Economy" and the curious book "Pacific wall" x x x (1) Robert Lawlor, a most highly recommendable man, quit an artistic career when poisoned in a photolab (the pollutants from artistic industries are a good match for those of war really,realizing this made me renounce camerawork) x x x J H Noyes+, founder of the Oneida community in NY, (pro)posed amative vs  procreative love.. x x x Peter Duesberg, prominent virologist debunking the AIDS hype.. x x x  Oscar Kiss Maerth: "The beginning was the end", on cannibalism (fruit of knowledge) as key to a monkey"s hairloss (nakedness, need to rip off trees) and sexual obsessions, I read this one at 16 and it set the tone of my thinking for a decadex x x Robert Wrangham: 'Demonic males', a good Maerth follow up but 20 years later x x x Camille Paglia x x x  Alphonso Lingisx x x        2B  vital strategies (see 5):  (1) Whole Earth Review and  Catalog,  27 Gate 5 Rd, Sausalito, Ca 94965,  x x x (1) Buckminster Fuller, (Fuller Institute, 1743 S La Cienega Blvd, LA 90035, USA, intricacies of structure and energy balances, a cosmologist)  x x x Piet Bouter, Abbekesdoel 44, 2971VB Bleskensgraaf, Holland (that's me, lets see where how and when we overlap(top));  x x x CAT, Centre for Alternative Technology, Machyntleth, Powys, SY20 9AZ, Wales, UK; a showcase of an exhibition, park and community combo  x x x     2L  autonomous, econo(r)mic ethics:  Destined to outgrow the formal fashions of per-, ob-, in- and reversions of secretively centralist, vantage point, bottleneck, privilege, pace and precedent setting, defense, pharmaceutical, fossil and fertilizer industry complex condoned by equally masterful movers of the IMF and world bank.   x x x (3) Robert Graves's small but truely historical essay: Mammon and the black goddess;  x x x (2) George Gilder----  x x x (2) Bucky Fuller+ --(2) J D Unwin--- (2) J J Goux (see App)--  x x x -(2) J F Lyotard  x x x Cato Institute, 224 Second street SE Wa DC 20003 (academic quarterly: The Cato Journal), libertarian thinktank with freebanking philosophy. x x x Durrell Foundation, Box 847 Berryville, Va 22611, USA; inflation fighting thinktank started with a legacy  hailing from the handtoolbusiness,  x x x American Institute of economic Research,Great Barrington, 01230, USA  x x x LMP, Libertarian Microfiche Publishing John Zube's efforts at fixing the leaks to float the human rights boat. Without the right to issue private money tokens unemployment can not be abolished nor can harmless competition (differentiation and open centralisation) be realized. c/o John Zube, 7 Oxley st, Berrima, NSW 2577, tel (61) 48771436. The worlds biggest and cheapest collection of drafts and deliberation towards social reform legislation (1/2 a million A4 pages ) inspired by and featuring Ulrich von Beckerath+ yet to become known as social reformer and matchlessly eminent historian and his friends Heinrich Rittershausen+ and Walter Zander besides out of print constructive, nonreactionary nor the bombing varieties of anarchism and monetary freedom writings like Lysander Spooner, William Butler Greene+: "Mutual Banking", Benjamin Tucker+ "Liberty",  John Dewitt Warner: "The currency famine of 1893" in Sound currency '95 and'96 ; Thomas Paine, Proudhon, etc, etc. (all material averages 2$ for 120 pages per fiche, they are called peace plans, PP 760-765 has the tables of contents of the first 3/4 of the collection. See the appendix for my personal experiences and altercations with him while attempting to speed the process of  getting Beckerath's work digitized. "Positive Alternatives" is a magazine from the Center for Economic (defense) Conversion, 222 Vieuw st, Mountain Vieuw, Ca 94041-1344Mary Lehmann, knowledgable about Land Trusts Leopold Kohr+---Judy Shelton----Roland Vaubel -- Lewis Hyde----Donald (now Deirdre) Mccloskey----Mirowski-Bernard Lietaer Michael Lewis----Tom Greco----E Riegel----Richard Kaym 3B  sociablility, community:  "The intentional '91 community guide", 300 US based besides 50 foreign ones are listed with selfdescriptions published by the Center for communal studies, 8600, University Blvd, Evansville, In47712, USA; Community magazine c/o Sandhill Farm, Rt 1 Box 155, Rutledge Mo 63563; Diggers and Dreamers  a community guide for the UK, Redfield Comm.  Winslow, Bucks, MK18 3LZ UK; John Ray (mailorder herbs and body electronic schedules), Alderlake Rd, Manitowish waters, Wi 54545, USA a real inspiration for community; London Institute for Social Inventions, 20 Hebel Rd, NW 26 AA, tel 2082853, fax 4526434, London UK; they put out a large encyclopedia;        These are some of the story writers I enjoyed most sofar;    Realistic fairy tales by: (4) Graves--- (1) Hudson-- -Maarten Toonder (my absolute favorite, animal characters and  profuse drawing, best reason to want to know Dutch)-- -James Stephens----J R Tolkien+---G G Kay.      Novels by:  (5) Robert Graves-- -Aphra Behn+- --Richard Powers-- -Tom Robbins O Henry.-- --Bulwer H Lytton- --Louise Erdreich     Excellent cultural and psychological critiques from: (6) Graves -- ((3) Lyons---(3) Jean Joseph Goux-- (2) Arnold Keyserling(2) ---Theodor Lessing---(1) Lawrence Rickels --(1) Herbert Poetzl-- -(1) Klaus Theweleit-- ---(1) Max Weber-- --Richard Powers-- --Leopold Kohr---Egon Friedell----Emile Cioran-- --Peter Sloterdijk-- -Lou Salome---Manuel Frank----Raoul Vaneigem-- -Julian Pefanis- --Jean Francois Lyotard -- Jean Baudrillard (see Kellner for a debunk)- --Geert Hofstede- --Jane Schneider         Same with emphasis on Indiginous issues: (2) O K Maerth, (2)Robert Lawlor, Pierre Clastres, Gilles Deleuze, Felix Guattari, Robert Wrangham, Alphonso Lingis, Morgan, Lewis Hyde,  Marcel Mauss,  Aby Warburg, Franz Oppenheimer, Lawrence Blair, Jack Weatherford, Vine Deloria, Eric Wolf      9 B gender  and  media:(7) Robert Graves+-- -(3) George Gilder--- -(2) Klaus Theweleit (1) Otto Weininger---Nike Wagner---Laura Riding---James deMeo Camille Paglia- --Luce Irigaray- --Lisa Caputi: ("Gossips, Gorgons and Crones")-- --Douglas Rushkoff: Media virus-- -Mark Dery         musical innovation:  many a war, rock quarry, child, sparrow, church organ and drumcircle inspired me to learn how they all connect like Kevlar and optic fibre for roots and rigour Jacques Attali's "Noise, a political economy of music"            Supplier directories for info, seeds , tools  and  foods:  (2) Whole Earth Catalog; Seeds of change, 1364 Rufina Circle #5, Santa Fe NM  87501 USA (see the book by Kenny Ausubel), affiliated with: Peace seeds, the company run by Alan Kapuler in Oregon, POB 190, Gila NM 88038; Healthy Harvest, Potomac Valley Press, 1424 16th st NW, DC 20036; Mappa della Italia Naturale from Terra Nuova, Scarperia, Fi, Italy; Guide de la vente directe, Nature et Progres, Paris, France Soil Association, 86 Colston st Bristol BS15BB, UK; Bioland in Germany, Bio-organisch in Austria, etc, Experts and advocates about crushed stone  for more  and more healthy biomass:  Julius Hensel+, chemistical cosmologist:  "the tangible cause of disease is the insufficiency of traceminerals in food...lust for money hardens the heart quicker than boiling water an egg.."; John D Hamaker+, best interpreter for tectonics worldwide Acres USA, a voice for eco agriculture (monthly), PO 9547, Kansas City Mo 64133,  USA, best paper in the field, featuring most of this material, note the glacial Rado rockdust advertisement; Philip Callahan, ornithologist, entomologist, leading low frequency magnetism and communications expert, order his work is from Acres;  a sample can be found here: https://members.tripod.com/~poetpiet/guest_appearances/paramagnetism.htm Remineralize the earth,  a network newsletter, edited by Joanne Campe, 152 South st, Northampton, Ma 01060, USA (offers research compilations) and follow ups on the Hamaker book: "Survival of civilization"; Dorothea Berthold's 1977 Heidelberg; historic overview of experiments with rockdust; Chris Bird's "Secrets of the Soil" from Harper and Row Cyclone Crusher, POB 70025, Eugene, Or 97401, USA, 1 ton in weight, 20 horse electric or diesel powered, chews half inch gravel, 18000 $ Albert Carter Savage---Morgan Sampson    5 Gaean cosmology:(3) Dan Winter; ---(2) W H Hudson+, naturalist; (---2) Lessing; (2) John Michell, sustainable nomadism and sacred geometry in the landscape- (1) Tom Pawlicki, Box 38007, 794 Fort st, Victoria BC, V8W 1HO, Canada, Published by Prentice Hall (see appendix for his physics of miracles); Luther Burbank+, The legendary plantbreeder; Victor Schauberger +, a vortex and implosion expert and inventer; Callum Coats wrote a book about him and his work; Causes from NM keeps some of his idea's turning over too; Walter Russell+, a cosmologist who's University of science and philosophy is still sending home study courses and who's former residence is now a museum in Swannanoa, Va, Box 520, Waynesboro, 22980  USA x x x Energy Unlimited PO 3310, Laredo Tx 78044, USA used to run a workshop for inventions with Victor Schauberger and Walter Russell as mastermind modelers;  Borderland Sciences Research PO 429 Garber ville, Ca 95440, USA; Int Tesla Soc , 350-A West Uintah, Suite #115, Colorado Springs; Co 80905,  Tesla Book Co, POB 121873, Chula Vista, Ca 91912,  USA and the Psychotronic Ass. ?  keep the legend of still classified  Tesla+ material alive. See the summer 94 issue of Skeptical enquirer to learn how to throw out the baby with the bath water regarding this, astrology and much more. James DeMeo (Orgone and Biophysics Lab, Box 13 95, El Cerrito, Ca 94530, there is a new lab in Ashland Oregon now (see website); Co-op America, 2100 M stNW#403, DC 20063,  USA; Seattle Institute for Life sciences, 6519 40th NE, Seattle WA 98115, USA, this is run by Dwight Bulkley; Cesare Marchetti, a technocratic genius at IIASA, International Institute for Applied  System Analysis, in 2361 Laxemburg, Austria. A very friendly technocrat who is going to filter uranium from seawater! Can you pump it??; Green Peace and Parties, Bioregional and Ecology movements; William I Thompson: books and 'Annals of earth' periodical from Ocean Arks Institute, 10 Shanks Pond Rd, Falmouth Ma 02540 (some excerpts of his in my multiplicity file); Jose Arguelles- -Lawrence Blair- --Michael S Schneider-- -Jonathan Tennenbaum    6 Karma, charma and  scarred is ma:(8) Graves+---(5) Lyons----(4) Winter---(3) Keyserling Randall and Campbell:"Sacred symbols of the ancients" from deVorss Publishers, Box 550 Marina del Rey, Ca 90294 Gaile Mcgregor's "Noble savage in the new world garden" literature on street theatre wit, peaceful attest- and  monstrations, assorted Fools, Clowns, Jokers, Messiahs, Gods, etc. I cannot resist putting a few very original conspiracy refs in here: Michael Topper of: The New Thunderbird Chronicle from Pallisades, 15237 Sunset Blvd, St 29, Ca 90272, USA, a handout in Co-ops, written with the most exquisitely "melodious" choice of words and phrasing which redeems a subject once again perverted by worst case scenarios somewhat, he joined the flower of life crouwd with Val Valerian and such; London psychogeographical Association, Box 15, 138 Kingsland High street, London E8 2NS.UK, like so many reactionaries, they put up a fight for the old holy places now in the wrong hands rather than creating new ones. Jews and Jesuses; (9) Robert Graves and Raphael Patai-- -(4) Lawrence William Lyons - --(3) Lawrence Rickels-- -(2) (4) Theodor Lessing ..( Herbert Poetzl-- -Ludwig Klages,  ..Alfred Schuler, .. Werner Sombart, ..Hans Rudolf Bartsch, etc) - -Frederic Grunfeld: "Prophets without honour"- --George Steiner's Homeland: the text-- -(3) Tom Pawlicki (see Appendix 0)- --Sander Gilman--- -Otto Weininger- - Hannah Arendt--- -James Joyce---Ferrero I was once shown a Colorado room full of provocative protocols of Zion-type propaganda from hundreds of sources totally unknown to me up till then, a privilege of the hitchhiker with good ears  (and that of my physiognomically speaking that is, his were even bigger) by a likable 60ish incarnation of Elijah, so he says,who was ready or a courtbattle to reclaim his fabulous wealth, was this the billionaire I had been standing by the roadside for so long for?--
 7  Rainbow family:welcomehome.org;  The inspiration and references for this section are too numerous to mention as anyone who saw fit to read this book as and/or and  a  representative crosssection of spectramatic prism tweaked filter, screen hoppered, roster struck and wringer squeezed bubbles, bits and weezes of, due to and through the cookie cutter code key symbols called letters pointing at the real thing; all the modern paradigms are heading where real rainbows already are; sometimes wordless, powerless and toothless but filled with humblest faith nevertheless, a true preserver of old values cause they know how it feels to have the rug pulled from under you, especially since there memory somehow taps the times when that rug could hide, feed and fibre the fire for them; now we send Java applets through fibre while the real Java burns another one of those famous rugs. In a sense all books mentioned in the other categories are rainbow required reading. US Rainbow Guide, adresses plus interests listing given out free every year with the contributions of the previous years gathering, c/o Michael John, POB 3213,  Madison Wi 53704, USA Marcus Endicott, (If you are up for travelling, check out his travel guides; this is his rainbowpage: green-travel.com/rainbow.htm) Always Free (annual newspaper) Rainbow Oaks, Rt 2 Box 84, Warrens, Wi 54666-9802 USA. There are some permanent rainbow type farms and forests some are just squatted, others owned, some have inhabitants with drug and alcohol habits, others don't; a nice one is Monte Venero, a legal village ruine with pyramids built from waste wood, near Bembibre in the Spanish province Leon. Hakim Bey ( is Peter Lamborn Wilson from Brooklyn; author of : TAZ, temporary autonomy zone, partier, pirate and (eco?)guerilla tactics.

 Bibl. Index featuring: Authors, Subjects keywords mythological names businesses, brands Institutions,  Publications****entries are seperated by *** x x x **or** x x x **pr** x x x  ***
Acres, USA  x x x AIER x x x arms trade  x x x arms industry Always Free  x x x Arendt, Hannah + x x x  Arguelles, Jose  x x x  Arthur's excalibur  x x x Attali, Jacques  x x x autonomy Bailey, Liberty Hyde + Bartsch, Hans Rudolf +  x x x   Beckerath, Ulrich von +  x x x  Behn, Aphra + x x x   Berthold, Dorotheax x x x  Bertholet+  x x x  Bey, Hakim x x x   Binion, Rudolph x x x  Bio-organisch  x x x Bioland x x x  Bioregionalism x x x  Bird, Christopher x x x Black Peter's club, x x x  Blair, Lawrence  x x x Body electronics  x x x  Borderland Sciences  x x x Burbank, Luther + x x x  caduceus between symbol and tool  x x x Callahan,  Philip x x x   Campe, Joanne x x x Cato Institute x x x Causes Newsletter x x x  C for communal studies x x x C for Economic Conversion x x x Centre for Alternative Technology x x x Cernunnos   x x x Cernunnos's torque-coil-spring-wringing ramheaded snake  x x x Chaplin's cane,  x x x    church organs x x x Cioran, Emile+ x x x  Clastres, Pierre + x x x Coats, Callum Co-op America x x x  Community magazine x x x  Community guide cornucopias x x x  Cousens, Gabriel   x x x crushed stone Cyclone Crusher Defense conversion  x x x Deleuze, Gilles+ x x x  Deloria, Vine Deucalion DeMeo, James x x x  Dewitt Warner, John +  x x x Diggers and Dreamers Duisberg, Peter Durrell Foundation x x x co(lo)normic ethics  x x x Ehret, Arnold + x x x  Erdreich, Louise Energy Unlimited x x x Frank, Manuel  x x x Fresh Network  x x x Friedell, Egon + x x x  fruit finders  x x x Fuller Institute  x x x Fuller, Bucky +  x x x Gaea  x x x gender, generation x x x Gilder, George x x x  Gilman, Sander x x x Goux, Jean Joseph x x x Graves, Robert + x x x Greco, Thomas x x x Greene, William Butler +Green Peace and Parties, Grunfeld, Frederic x x x Guattari, Felix x x x Hamaker, John + x x x  Harlequin's dildos and baubles  x x x Healthy Harvest  x x x healthy biomass  x x x  Hensel, Julius + x x x Henry, O + x x x Hertzka, Theodor + x x x  Hoffstein, Robert M x x x Hudson, W H + x x x Hyde, Lewis  x x x  indiginous issues x x x Irigaray, Luce 'instrewmentality' x x x   jesting joker's and clown's baubles Jungk, Robert x x x Joyce, James + x x x  Jews and Jesuses x x x Karma and charma x x x Kay, G G x x x Kellner, Douglas  x x x Kevlar and optic fibre x x x Keyserling, Arnold x x x Kiem, de; in Antwerp x x x Klages, Ludwig+ x x x Kohr, Leopold+ x x x language use, abuse and origin x x x Lawlor, Robert x x x Lessing, Theodor+ x x x Lewis, Michael x x x Libertarian Microfiche  Publishing x x x Lingis, Alphonso x x x Caputi, Lisa x x x Lehmann, Mary x x x Lyons, Lawrence William x x x Lyotard, Jean Francois + x x x Lytton, Edward Bulwer  H + x x x Maerth, Oscar Kiss + x x x Manganiello, David x x x Marchetti, Cesare x x x Mccloskey, Donald x x x Mcgregor, Gaile x x x  media and monopolies  x x x Meru Foundation x x x Michell, John x x x Mirowski, David? x x x musical innovation x x x NAFEX x x x Native Forest Council x x x Natural Hygene x x x Nature et Progres, Paris  x x x Noyes, J H + x x x Paglia, Camille x x x Paine, Thomas + x x x Patai, Raphael x x x Pawlicki, Tom x x x Pefanis, Julian  x x x Permaculture Int Journal  x x x Pleroma x x x  pleaching x x x Positive Alternatives  x x x potent tools x x x Poetzl, Herbert x x x Powers, Richard x x x Proudhon, Pierre + Psychogeographical Ass x x x Psychotronic Ass  x x x Pygmalion x x x Rado rock  x x x Rainbow family x x x Rainbow Guide x x x  Randall and Campbell x x x  Rasula, Jed x x x raw food  x x x Ray, John RE, Remineralize the earth  x x x Reid, Daniel x x x Rickels, Lawrence x x x Riding, Laura + x x x Riegel, E C + x x x Rittershausen, Heinrich + x x x Robbins, Tom x x x Rushkoff, Douglas x x x Russell, Walter + x x x Salome, Lou Andreas + x x x Sampson, Morgan + x x x Savage, Albert Carter + x x x Schauberger, Victor + x x x Schneider, Michael S x x x Schneider, Jane Schumacher Society x x x Seattle Institute  x x x secession x x x Seeds of change x x x Shelton, Judy x x x Sloterdijk, Peter x x x Smith, J Russel + x x x Snoek, Helmuth x x x  sociablility x x x Social Inventions x x x Soil Association x x x Sound Currency x x x Steiner, George x x x Stephens, James+ x x x Tenen, Stan x x x Tennenbaum, Jonathan  x x x Tesla Book Co, Tesla Soc x x x The Hygenic community network news x x x The New Thunderbird Chronicle x x x Theweleit, Klaus x x x  Thomas, Lewis x x x  Thompson, William Irwin x x x Tolkien, J R+ x x x  Toonder, Maarten x x x  Topper, Michael  x x x  totempoles x x x  tree work and lore x x x  Tucker, Benjamin+ x x x Unwin, J D+ x x x Vaneigem, Raoul x x x Vaubel, Roland x x x vital strategies x x x Vlieghere, Martin van de x x x Wagner, Nike x x x Warburg, Aby + x x x Weatherford, Jack x x x Weber, Max + x x x Weininger, Otto + x x x Whole Earth Catalog x x x Whole Earth Review x x x William Butler Greene + x x x  Winter, Dan x x x  witches brooms, x x x Wolf, Eric x x x Zander, Walter + x x x Zube, John
A score card for numbered names would show the following ranking:
Graves, Winter, Lyons, Lessing, Rickels and Pawlicki, Keyserling and Gilder;
but if commendability and urgency are criteria to measure my ranking,
the line-upwould show a different sequence (get 2 toonders on either end of the first line and a stairway/ zigzag/ spiral/ moire pattern is in the offing):

Maarten Toonder, James Joyce, Robert Lawlor, J F Lyotard, J D Unwin, Ulrich v Beckerath, G Gilder, Franz Oppenheimer, Roland Vaubel, Robert Graves, Arnold Keyserling, Lawrence Rickels, G Deleuze Julius Hensel, John D Hamaker, Poetpiet (myself)  Lawrence Blair, James Demeo,Walter Russell,Dan Winter, Robert Graves, Sander Gilman, Theodor Lessing, Tom Pawlicki, Hakim Bey, Tom Robbins, J R Tolkien,
Toonder, Lawlor, Beckerath, Graves, Hensel, Winter, Lessing, Pawlicki,  etc  Toonder, Lawlor, Beckerath, Graves, Hensel, Winter, Lessing, Pawlicki,  etc  Toonder, Lawlor, Beckerath, Graves, Hensel, Winter, Lessing, Pawlicki,  etc  Toonder, Lawlor, Beckerath, Graves, Hensel, Winter, Lessing, Pawlicki,  etc  Toonder, Lawlor, Beckerath, Graves, Hensel, Winter, Lessing, Pawlicki,  etc  Toonder, Lawlor, Beckerath, Graves, Hensel, Winter, Lessing, Pawlicki,  etc  Toonder, Lawlor, Beckerath, Graves, Hensel, Winter, Lessing, Pawlicki,  etc  Toonder, Lawlor, Beckerath, Graves, Hensel, Winter, Lessing, Pawlicki,  etc
Adjust the size of your window till you get a nice cascade
If this work attracts a publisher ( I am not about to start looking for one again) this would be a neat quote (from page 47, the purpe chapter) for the back of the book: (see the first half of this quote at the top of this file)......Arthur's excalibur, Peter's keys, the witches brooms, Black Peter's club, Harlequin's dildo, the jester's bauble, Chaplin's cane, the rockstar's guitars, cornucopias and various other symbols like Hopi Swastika's and totempoles into the updated version of potent tools, the wielding (up beat instead of beat up) which earns the right of way to bed and birth babes and studs is wanted, want- and waning.
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