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Welcome to the future flour(y) pow(d)er fostering, potentially fastest and already (for sure) the most solid(ly formatted) prose-poetry on earth (about 7 Megs spread out across over 88 files ((averaging over 88 K'z colourful concept- harmonized and hyrarchical wordsequences, including 4 megs worth of images, even)) worth of contextual): BLABS =Bottom Line Aphoristically Ballistic Solutions which can, want to and will (dis)solve all uncivilly polarizing centralizations (break up and open (c)lumpy niches and lumpynesses, wether they be institutionally animated or simply, inertly dormant(yet animatable), by pushing the logistic limits (to light) inventively, notably those (rocks) constraining vertical metabolisms (of trees).
Should you encounter colours you can neither eyeball nor stomach here, don't get upset nor tell me my page is inaccesible, just scroll your mouse across offending and eyesore segments or get rid of 'm at a double stroke: Ctrl + a; voila, your favorite highlight colours!(if you have bothered to spec your prefs on the hopefully public machines you use. Please help if not end private property of communication and other flowing or infrastructably conveyables, at least unblock access to nonmolestering worthies).

Except for most underlined lines in grey I left all these adresses 'unhypered' for esthetic reasons; but for real lazy bones I tacked some clicklinks on to the "new links" file (same style as this one at first. I like a different colour per category, so you will have to add the 'prefix' (http://www in most cases) yourselves as follows for instance: leave it in the location bar and remove what was tagged on after it, now add the adress you fancy with a copy, paste, enter sequence.I appended some of the main sites in clickable format for the lazybone and budgetbound blinker in my new links file: logistic aids and search engines poetry and publishing world government, economics conspiracy classics, power mongers reports on digital policies and other news services, native sites join the race from and back home botany and 'border crossing' (smuggling dark n dense into light) video and film images plus sound sources artsy newdity and nogotsjensayshones some very learned and correspondingly dry bits
 x x x
I ranked the plus or minus 300 sites listed in this file here similarly (minimal descriptions added when the name isn't indicative enough or merely acronymonious) roughly into the following themes: logistic aids and search engines trees as calenders, alphabet models, infrastructure and sustenance mature tree magic; periodic pleaches and pleasures (..if all goes well our attention oughta all add up to stands of and standing for 'm not to mention respect for (their magnitude in) old age.) raw food; letter origins, symbolization polyfidelity and extended families  economics, politics and sacred geometry  taskforces, secrecy, inertia, and other momentae  indiginous, voluntary and 'rizing racisms, and/or fledgling ideologies takes on the dustily powerful fresh powder placement  greengoods (grinders, dusts, seeds, trees, fruit)   my kind of green pro(-)vision; (p)reduced uprizaroucellwall-wellwill   green militants, bickering about babylonian green unclean +-doing.  ice age cycle juggling, gaian cosmologists  immanentors and inventors of fabulously clean energy ancestors and progeny, all sorts of metamentors rainbow fame, fun, family, variety and fabulation
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External bookmarks and placemolders: Burning learning and earning issues by other sitemakers, a little short on scientific, long on intuition sort of eclectricks none of which (a handful excepted) reflect my intent explicitly. Though we all seem to live through the same real time, we come at very local forms of it from a myriad of angles, rates of vitality, stages of lifespans, etc, endless variance rules. My stint of blippaclip-chipper and dapperly tapping of keys has shown me the net grows in all directions and even though it is merely a promise (easily monetizable though), a skeletal key conveyance to and of idealism, much like permaculturists reasoning from a position when all incompatibilities and mistranslations are ironed out and abundance unfolded, few in either category get anywhere near close to the locks that really matter (yet) if you ask me; all bones no meat to reflect the all desert, no greenery of the (still!) ruling Babylonian paradigm. But.... everybody knows the net grows even if I had never entered Universities,  read any Gilder or Wired, both deeply split up from capitalist gadget love (unbelievably unleavable, tis lodged) (See Rickels, Deleuze, Demeo). May our receivership attain to, prime and partake of sustainably inborn narcissistic, primary metabolism: the radiation transforming process blooming, bearing and bursting into bird song. Following such purely personal values, certainly not welcome in mass society, among mores of city builders and slave drivers gets one closer to the relatively much longer lasting forces which make for legend, wether it leads, ails or gets lost. Anchor your heart.
*Looking up the adressee, some hints on getting there for those not very familiar with the interknot moves made here yet. If you should get some sort of a 'cannot find or contact the file at this server' type of message, it is reasonable to assume the error lies with you (us) and in the last part of the adress. Try lopping (backspacing) a bit of the end specs, up till the last slash; it is no use to do this with the term after the first slash cause that only gets you to the server, then again, as a last resort you could use such a term for a search there if they have such a function. For instance: http://csf.colorado.EDU/lists/pen-i (where the latter part should read: pen-l) lets you get close enough with: http://csf.colorado.EDU/lists/ to take it from there. Fiddle around with server names if it can't even find that (at different times before giving up cause it may be down temporarily). Sometimes it seems to help adding the l to .htm or even merely  a  / behind a domain name; when I do so in this file, it means that you won't get there without doing so.
logistic aids and perspectives: (communication technology and culture (lots of academic texts) Today on HotWired!        Wired Digital: HotWired - Threads       SuckREWIRED HotWired Threads: HotWired 4.0 -- Topics  (Need I introduce these occasionally brilliant netwits?) (For my so far futile *?) attempts to engage this man see: priority_issues.html (a fragment near the bottom called: mail missive for Cato thank tinkerers) containing some strong reservations and acknowledgments (also in 'dualities and gender') drawing attention to the following spectrum expert netscoreCallahanzilch, zip and zero; Gilder galore (OBRL  and ACRES (editor@acresusa) bookstores carry Callahan's work and meanwhile I have scanned and uploaded some of his precious work as an appeteazer myself).... shows you how the cards are stacked light and blightweight wise. (*?)= the word lifespan became conspicuously prominent in Gilder's vocabulary after I sent the comments in the link before last......; just one more of those suspicious enough little 'contacts'  x x x search engines: x x x x x x (a big collection of them) x x x I use Alta vista, Infoseek, webcrawler and (a 10 fer one) mostly. x x x
TREES TRYEASE TREES: The Robert Graves angle: calender and alphabet inspiring symbolic characteristics; // ('Hazelnut', a Gravesian periodical) x x x // (Graves society;  I was 21.184 when last there) x x x  (tree-calenders) x x x (celic tree lore) x x x (David Fideler's page; author of a book about Jesus as Sungod) 'permapleaching pragmatisms (permacultivatedly branchfusion): (pleaching) x x x (10 x art, 10 x horticultural and 10 x friendly (rainbowz) links x x x Defending, living in and standing for/under old growth: (a mainstream reafforestation effort, US nationwide and international: 4.400 communities and 120 countries) x x x (bilingual, Californian; 20.000 visitors in the past year) x x x (2 and a half million visitors so far) x x x yippee! pretty informative page about biotecture) x x x (hemp for pulp and other print links) x x x A lovely collection of stuff about trees) x x x (SF, CA institute with periodical, interns, etc.) x x x (forest action network from British Colombia)(are sattelite loaded images comparable to the use of a worse poison to stop an already very irritating one I wonder??) x x x (rainforest action network based in San Francisco) x x x
raw food: x x x (bikers; part of a biker net webring. 523 sites as of the twentysecond of july 99) x x x and (nowage bookstore and dale kirby on Joe Alexander's book; he is the gentlest of signpainters. A true cornucopian!) x x x (see livingnutrition/remineralize) x x x
worduse, -forging and (lots of wordplay links) x x x (Joycean site) x x x (the full text of the wake) x x x (a big site about Eco, Pynchon and Joyce) x x x (technical psycho-analysis) x x x (lots of fairy tale displacing space fabulation there, so beware but plenty valid new co nnections made despite great losses in translation; on the whole p'raps as costly and specious as other speculative space travels) x x x (see the bottom of the linguae chapter for some fresh evidence from the controversy between these 2 last mentioned 'chickens with egg in the face, shipshape wrighters and wreckers, shemmy dan and shauny stan', at least that is what I started calling them  since Tenen sent me irate missives; I do hate what he hates as mentioned above and will not stand for being associated to closely with outer space animators; I go for inner time on that one like Hensel did; describe Rocks as respectable ancestors; a veritably genealogical family tree!)
 Poly fidelity fuse priming, tantrics, frequency fostering sex, intergenitational contact, mass aging media;  the mess age from which there is no escape; dead or alive. For extended families see the yellow section about intentional community. I am not advocating a focus on genital sex, to cerebrate all of creation one must stay as horny and as ..go here to read on.  x x x (psychedelic orientation with sexual overtones)  x x x x x x
economy from the bottom up:  imperative principles (if not reading) to aid the incessantly fresh attempts to   liberate, seceed and emancipate from, start up, autonomize, in other words: make selfsufficient and independent numerous derelict lots, mininations, territories and (bio)regions like whole watersheds (preferably, since that would be able to pioneer, demonstrate and show an integral alternative way to hark back to constituencies both mute and very vocal): (the substance of this site is in German though not the links) (the best work there was written in the 30ties by Ulrich von Beckerath',  posted here along with some other classic social reformers from the monetarily savvy anarchist corner, in or translated into German; as I said elsewhere, he would make up for Hitler and all the other German speaking evil ones, past and future if only his ideas were given a go for a century or so.) Will somebody please post some in english?.....I did just that meanwhile myself: guest_appearances/intro_to_currency_issues.htm 20 (text)files (about 88K each); work by Beckerath, Zander, Rittershausen and Zube informing about the symbolic currencies with Hensel, Callahan and Hamaker thrown in for good measure; to present a little something on subtle and substantial ones as well. I went to Australia to accomplish this but ended up with a course correction toward indiginous issues on which I and the custodian of Beckerath's remaining work (thousands and thousands of repetitive yet beautiful letters (20 on a good day; an achievement idolized and emulated by John; most of them have micropublishing as main theme) available from him on microfiche) did not see eye to eye; for more backscratch turned bite see the appendices). x x x Another economist who deserves some focus now is Roland Vaubel (did him as well); he is one of the hundred something or so economics professors from Germany to speak out against a rush job for the EURO, arguing in favor of a  proof of balance delivering step by step sort of progression as best for most such cases in a big fat academic tome about currency competition and unification.   Two of the all too rare bits of info on John Zube's by now 1400 microfiche issues, see my appendices and value standard chapter. x x x x x x (it's been there a good long while) The later version of this adress, a huge site, has been renamed:; its the (London) people who put out the encyclopedia of social inventions
 x x x new additions: Progressive Economists Network (PEN-L) Archived @ CSF Communications for a Sustainable Future.  I go see their entries often since they attempt to strike a balance in, and make a stand for matters like nativity, ecology and.....their unfortunate and atrociously reactionary conceptions of economics! Home Page  (title) for a major (Marxist) contributor (thanks to scanning stuff) to the far and wide flung clique just caricaturized. For my attempts to challenge these geezers see: progressive_ecoknomusts.htm x x x (International journal for community currency research with message board) x x x (dead economists includes messages board) x x x (good little trilingual service from Australia) x x x (the green money online guide by the RCC group // x x x (Social, Ethical and Environmental Investing and Consuming & Corporate Accountability; frequent updates, sensible articles, NH based) x x x  MAILSERV@PIMACC.PIMA.EDU (subscribe currency) x x x (subscribe) x x x adressing the highbrows and bosses: (a libertarian thinktank) (see about their supposed recent slide and shift to the right) x x x (the libertarian party) x x x (libertarian network europe) x x x (Acres editor hobbyhorse: parity in monetization, maximum seven times that of raw material prices) x x x           adressing lowbrows and bases: (the basque co-operative; meager site so far) x x x (a SF outfit set up to grow go go with a capacitous infrastructure for conferencing, Bernard Lietaer posts some juicy stuff here and there are discussions about new schemes such as the stone society (died a quiet death again I believe); an autonomous and imaginative scheme; have yet to find out if it is hybrid or viable and principled) LETS links: x x x (Good stuff by Richard Kay) x x x x x x  subs to LETS list-servz: x x x x x x (author of: Money for new communities) x x x (homegrown money, a new book out now) x x x // + (small is beautiful fame) x x x (the ancient and all but forgotten meaning of the word refreshed; a positive twist to y2k's emblematic potential) x x x (very good, I am proud of this one as my first reciprocal linksite; controversies.html(this is where 'I' live and am prolonged and promoted to at this gent's site)       the female camp: transiting to: (the Dutch branch of (Ass of Progr Comm) helping out small female initiatives, 5 Dutch links listed, thereafter English ones) x x x  and (a 145 page book by Genevieve Vaughan to be found here; a feminist criticism of exchange) x x x (an extension of Susan Meeker Lowry's already respected publication).. (NORM stands for: national organization for raw materials; their rule is not to exceed the economy's monetization beyond 7 times what raw materials bring)
on peace, taskforces and violence monopolies: plus some related reporting (mostly reactionary) may all early and natural agression be directed at, employed for, succumb to and perish in the most temptingly staged attempt at processing rock into richly fertile crumb. (nice contrast with the one above) x x x x x x (about 60 of them....who? Well, those well intending hope for the bests of course)But unfortunately it will take handling a few tyrranies before we can curb, transform and abandon conventional weapons alltogether folks! go to poetpiet's priority file x x x x x x (campaign against arms trading) x x x (center for alternative technology (at friends of the earth)) x x x x x x x x x (last update: may 98) x x x (site maker(s?) on extended leave since early this year) x x x (I was (referred from previous adress) visitor 2216 at this Onalaska, Wa, I suspect one man (a president no less) operated site including links to stats! Last update in june 99 (no counter there anymore)) x x x (corporate calamity critics) x x x (antimilitarism, bilingual, German and English) x x x (covert action quarterly) x x x (secession) x x x (merely playful micro nationalism) x x x (= 'perilous times'; prime paranoia (every thing about surveillance types, techniques and taskforces) x x x
 big linkers to political issues: x x x x x x (200+ links to alternative press sites)(down and defunct the last two times I tried) x x x skalman/nu/seven (the whole spectrum, including places like where you find info on Posse Commitatis info, a sound idea but often tainted with very far out rightwing reactionary touches though. On separatism alone for instance he lists 200 sites)    3 Dutch sites:;(various causes, MamaCash, etc) (comes with babylon the big bad translator) x x x (geographically ordered European activists (500+ groups); anti-the usual this that and other but supporting migrants and refugees, maybe even their own support from rock bottom ground floour on up thoroughly enough some day)
social reformer and anarchist sites: x x x x x x x x x (the makers of Freeman mag, a veteran libertarian publication) x x x (chomsky) x x x // x x x (multinational monitor) x x x (z mag) x x x x x x (federation of Am Scientist fighting secrecy) x x x (secession) x x x (kids playing at sec) x x x (lots of academically hi and dri caliber hairsplitting) x x x
sacred geometry and synergetics: (is he the ultimate all's well that ends well, not bothering to do links much? Many contributers and credits though plus great graphics; don't forget a ten foot pole to push the paranoia out of the way) x x x (note he lists the Tenen site and not Winter's) x x x x x x; cute, striking "struck" java animations, very floopy for another Dutch site, but only in "it" as well: a more unceremonious and modestly Dutch version of the BBC x x x ("A Fuller explanation"; a dissertation)x x x x x x x x x x x x (check his huge and luxuriating but unpruned it seems, polyhedral art and sculpture linklist for some pretty pics) x x x x x x (rotegrity, the promise and products of telescopism) x x x (Stephen Hawkins' nifty page, lots of cool Quicktime moves) x x x (the official Buckminster Fuller site) x x x (a Dutchman linking to Lets in Wageningen!! How come I don't know this geezer yet? I used to go read "Acres,USA" there (I had to suggest they start carrying it myself first) but the ag U is fucked; sold it's soul to the devil) x x x // (seems a really fine site, indepth and far out; technical, few graphics) x x x (Synergetics text online entirely) x x x x x x (lambdoma research; neat graphics) x x x x x x   for a good one to lead into the next category see Anthony Judge's work: (Union of International Associates); besides being editor of an Encyclopedia of world problems he comes up with a valiantly comprehensive take on the I Ching (, a strong flavour of clerkyness amongst his references though, almost more like describing the problem area sign posters rather than people working on them militantly enough, meaning trying to stimuliberate and direct the top rather than the bottom of the foodchain; another such however well intended but merely academic, white collar conglomerate is the:
European Research Center Of Migration and Ethnic Relations:  operated by 30 staff members of the Social Science faculty, Utrecht University.
Intentional (and accidental) community: x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x (very large site, but mostly about ecology and social history, emphasizing gender polarities) x x x (earth village network; last update: '95) x x x x x x (all kinds, mostly England based, peopleinaction) x x x x x x  x x x x x x x x x x x x (very elegant, a full spectrum activist page) x x x (john ray's methods, see comments elsewhere) x x x x x x x x x (the society for utopian studies) x x x (the whole earth catalog and whole earth review (a quarterly) crowd) x x x (well known popular author, wrote parable of the tribes) x x x x x x (like so many world parliament schemes, merely skeletal and barely alive (yet? next linklist has a sizable category filled with this sort of site) x x x    marginally  intelligible about the barely marginal: anthropoetics='generative anthropology'; (loads of goofy psycho perspicacious text, bores me quickly though)    brilliantly about the brilliantly brainy:  x x x (William Irwin Thompson) x x x  and (some of the all too rare and few bits by the eminently subltle and cryptitious Lawrence Rickels) x x x (deleuze and guattari) x x x who)
 indiginous autonomy:  Native american oriented:  RobertWard/index.html pretty fat site textwise (an exception among native sites unfortunately. It has had over a million visitors since last november!!) x x x x x x // (BC based big site) x x x (142770 visitors since feb 96) x x x x x x x x x (a Ward Churchill book) x x x x x x // (listservs and links by Gary Trujillo; 20699 visitors since sept 19 97 as of sept 16 98) x x x Chiapas oriented sites: (one of the main chiapas sites) x x x x x x x x x (German) Global efforts for indiginous and non migrant peoples: (resources for native cultures around the world) x x x (fourth world documentation project) x x x (united nations, human rights) x x x (Indigenous Peoples' Center for Documentation, Research and Information) x x x x x x (Institut für Ökologie und Aktions-Ethnologie; bilingual, German and English) x x x (for tribal peoples) x x x (based in Geneva)
real big linkers: x x x // x x x x x x x x x x x x
indiginous environmental networks: (offers following links among others) x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
gender and climate issues:; the OBRL at Greensprings center in Ashland Oregon, the director: James Demeo should shortly coming up and out with: 'desertification of the patrist hearland'; one of the few places to carry books by Callahan, kudoz!!) x x x geocities,com/CapeCanaveral/5104/index x x x x x x // (German) x x x // (German)  x x x
personal and public green: (an absolutely model company, my favorite; 1000+ varieties in stock) x x x permaculture: x x x x x x very large site by an older hippy who identifies with Jesus) x x x (permaculture global assistence network; not substantially updated since 96 though) x x x (national (US) center for appropriate technology) x x x (Austrian: leben, art und vielfalt) x x x (center for alternative technology) x x x and (fledglings) x x x x x x (a very large site (huge) about everything to do with greenery and growing) x x x
my sense of serving deep green in order to help deprivatized estate real roxides (P)republisizenable fresh air to take the place of public destruction and private profits (to a degree of depth that makes a difference for and of change): with rockdustlust: (my adopted dad) x x x x x x (college professor) x x x x x (completely insane adress but indicative of the site extent; the place itself is a gem in its own right) x x x // (a neighbour of mine; commercial, with free bibliography and excerpts) x x x (Mackenzie stone flower from Eugene, Or) x x x (not crushed but brushed dust, weird commercial site by Robert Ghost Wolf; it has been retracted or something like put on hold for now it seems; I suspect he got to busy like brother Daniel coming up next) x x x x x x (David Yarrow is a dowser and very helpful promotor of rockdust use) x x x  x x x government involvements so far: x x x x x x x x x (an industrial size reduction site) x x x
green protest sites:  where they bicker about babylonian onslaughts which bugger green to become unclean and -done:;; (the land is ours; includes documents on how to legally win time enough to ingratiate yourself with locals living near a piece of derelict land you set mind, heart and hand to fixin' up)  x x x (prime earthfirst hotspot) x x x (big linker)  x x x // (Berkeley) x x x  x x x  x x x  x x x (australian weekly) x x x youth for(est) action; ecotopia organizers; see my green chapter for some personal altercations with them) x x x  x x x  x x x (down to earth)  x x x  x x x and;    nice place but let me add A note of caution about neoism, psychogeographic associates and Luther Blisset bludgers (=impersonating pseudonamers); they invade and infect formerly and otherwise nice sites like this one and though they got many a chuckle out of me I deplore those who consider seriousness a disease and try overcome it at all cost; this is just being pretentious about and proud of a ludicrazyness that is as dead beat and opportunistic as their (and therefore unfortunately our) big brother albeit less hardcore speculative and fabulous(ly rich), they seem to wanna hide and deride every sense of purpose. A classic case of Jewish motherlike them or us, what with their fascination for the type of subversion and co-optation they socalled rise above smirkuriously, wasting our and their own time with, I will admit, sometimes funny mockery. It is too close to sabotage and cowardice of the James Joyce variety.
gaia: (a full size book called earthdance by Sahtouris besides info about radiation, jazz, native americans....)  x x x gaian cosmologists and (clean?!?) inventors:   (often infected with paranoia and the conspiracy bug): (big on dolphins and cosmo-technology) x x x (earth grid, gravity anomalies, geometry, frequencies and magnetics) x x x // (author of a big new book on the maya) x x x not paranoid at all, but alas, a tad too religious for my taste: (from the Walter Russell museum (formerly his home) and homestudy courses launching School for science and philosophy; Russell was a versatile man indeed but laced his wording a little too liberally with that three letter one (God) if you ask me. He did succeed however in translating his awe in very elegant formula's) I have a painting of his on display and transcribed some poster captions, see: /immidged_files/wheels_within_wheels.htmx x x (go here to see a nifty animation, and some  of the black and white (but colour lines describing) posters. Russell thought alot about spectrography and -analysis and he is in the lead when it comes to sobering up rainbow impulses in a way. x x x  x x x (large linklisting) x x x (Walter Russell) x x x // (original and Russell like or unadmittedly Russell derivative) x x x (Flanagan stuff amongst others) x x x (magic, science and conspiracy) x x x (Schauberger) x x x conspiracy flavor from leading edge, a very large site notorious for it: x x x x x x (Adam Trombley's thing)    more mainstream organizations concerned with environmental protection at the high roller level: (a large international organization charging substantial fees to participate in great projects) x x x Trilingual EarthAction  is (in their own words) an ever-expanding global action network of over 1,500 organisations and community groups in more than 140 countries. x x x (Linkages is provided by the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD), publishers of the Earth Negotiations Bulletin. It is designed to be an electronic clearing-house for information on past and upcoming international meetings related to environment and development policy).(p)ancestors and progeny: (an American enthousiast who translated some A Keyserling works (check out ~wisdom/school/wheel for instance; I have also stuck it in my sample file) x x x x x x  New Idea(l)s and Old Wisdoms Otto Casanova, a new science doctor in A'dam x x x (3 Arguelles sites, a better painter than poet fabulator prhaps): x x x x x x x x x (rare titbit on O K Maerth)
violet rainbow sites: (wrote a book about its nomadic utopia) x x x (my second reciprocal link) x x x homepage.tinet.ei/~tribalroutes/tribe/index.htm x x x very long and chaotic linklist by a real hip nethead 60z expert and dylindulgent jew) x x x (this brother is tuned into secession and man to man honourable militatorial issues) x x x x x x x x x 4 links worth of Hakim Bey: (Peter Lamborn Wilson: sufi expert and rainbow philosopher and Gnosis contributor and subcultural upstart) x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x Another (in)famously indulgent rantoraver and unknown braver, speculator supreme: Robert Anton Wilson) x x x x x x (lots of psychedelicate links; people need to be educated about the difference between horse cure and staples at least; eventually I for one think they gotta go, be phased out along with all but the simplest of arms.....for that fabled world of choice) x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x // x x x x x x x x x // x x x (nicely interactive site)
So far I am listed at very few of all these sites;  that is not counting the ones at my own server. Here they are:, and at a joyce site
Welcome to the competition for:
Poetpiet's most comprehensive sites prize
More candidates needed. The winner will be announced the 9th of the 9th at 9.09(9999) of '99
and so it must be a queen in her own right. Should I die unexpectedly I hereby pledge. stipulate- and preliminarily specify that 9.99 percent of my assets will be fairly divided and smeared out amongst the sitemakers involved in this list. The rest goes to rock crush n cast broad attempts besides fruit variety propagating efforts, in other words: the inheritors and infectees of this site, and good riddance.

Now let me present the first few nominees and  candidates in random order:
Time for candidate number 1 who would be cozily at home in the category of major collaborative efforts with distinctively individual flavors if we would find enough of them to have to differentiate (which might take a few years): This old hippy and community member has been inspired by Graves almost as much as I am it seems. Is it any wonder I do and must nominate him? and bare but 2 of the 3 domain names this man has clamped a claim on: the new (c)agey yet very open <> in the city of fallen angels; he seems to be a well to do hobbyist in possesion of the type of gregariousness I find a few bites over the top; too many incompatibles; I hate to see links I like associated with space colonization and other alienating projects) or; its the (London) people who put out the encyclopedia of social inventions (a 145 page book by Genevieve Vaughan to be found here; a feminist criticism of exchange)
Union of International Associates; 18 permanent staff members; over 11.000 pages categorized and crosscategorized; Brussel based bilingual; Anthony Judge authored one over the top mega part of it; besides being editor of an Encyclopedia of world problems he comes up with a valiantly comprehensive take on the I Ching (, .....if he is typical of all he others I haven't had a closer look at yet......the lists abound in terms like international, trans, pan and world this that and everything else but they come up with local solutions at the end of the line too........see the bottom of the orange section for more......they link to over 5,252 INGOs & IGOs; Joyce would have loved this one:
Speaking of which, let me introduce the next candidate who is a major and need one say it: idiosyncratic contributor to Joyce in High purrs pace: Jorn Barger his robot wisdom page including a very prolix weblog for which he uses some nifty gadgets; it's quite a change from Gilder to Barger but one keeps up with net naver land either way and a lot more besides. (a very large site (huge) about everything to do with greenery and growing) (a full size book called earthdance by Sahtouris besides info about radiation, jazz, native americans...neat server too.):  This is one in close competition with the last one size wise but more anthropologically oriented: and

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Is this the only disfunctional counter(ring) culture left?
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An earlier site navigaid:   Welcome to 4 Mb pics; 7 Mb text (colourful throughout) Brief descriptions to the main features of this (Bottom line aphoristically ballistic solutions (afford and) arouse beleaf systemics by piet the punchline pioneer who shuns not hardest of tasks: (no, not leading a paper and print free life or a personally owned phone, computer and car free one too, that's easy; but) to pinch pith to most universally assimilable of powders cause "it ain't so bad to be a paracletic dabbler  with all these newspfangled plexciting and gruesomely growsomizing autonomobiles") site are at: (1) Blabsabs_Index.htmSwitch to any of all other files within it via  (2): /guest_appearances/intro_to_currency_issues.htm
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A still earlier site guide: colour and sonic tone synced in hancement  *T* rademurkt (deepending) applied sporadically
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guest appearances which happens to concern currency issues. symbolic. subtle and substantial