gender and dualities
 titled aphorisms and fragments contained herein: his nor her story x x Genesis revisited x x yore cult's ambiguity and their con sequences x x wishful (l)inking x x divide and concur with encompassed dualities x x a bit binary x x inform and unfold meets like refold and preform
 The major sources of inspiration for this chapter on gender and media:  (7) Robert Graves+--- (3) George Gilder ---- (2) Klaus Theweleit --- (1) Otto Weininger --- Nike Wagner --- Laura Riding --- James deMeo--- Camille Paglia --- Luce Irigaray --- Lisa Caputi: ("Gossips, Gorgons and Crones") --- Douglas Rushkoff: Media virus --- Mark Dery
Welcome to over 88 files (averaging over 88 colourful Kz) worth of BLABS= Bottom Line Aphoristically Ballistic Solutionsmeaning: Solutions which break uncivilly polarizing centralizations up or open, wether institutionally animated or simply, inertly dormant yet animatable, by pushing the logistic limits (to light) inventively, notably those (rocks) constraining vertical metabolisms (of trees).
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Excerpts from "The rules are no game, the strategy of communication"with: "women in production: the chorus line"; and introduced by "the naming of parts and the 20th century war", written by Anthony Wilden, 1987, Routledge and Kegan; This is an odd book to say the least; it starts with an indepth, hardhitting account and enumeration of all casualties, dirty and stupid tricks in the latest wars (65 pages worth of it). The extreme male side of the game. Then follows the main work from towards the end of which the simple diagrammatic excerpts  below are taken (the substance is extremely complex and at times a touch too abstract to my taste; at other times illuminating; as when he speaks of the contrast between village/band/semi-'matrick' societies their reciprocity and the exaction practices of expansive ones for example); and finally the book offers the chapter concerning exploitation of women. Whereas funnily and oddly enough he never  mentions that all the intervening work about brain-hemisphere function could be characterized as illustrations of the physi- and psychologically gendered divisions in existence (which Hensel  even manages to find all the way down into the elements of the periodic table; his numerological speculations upon how hard one must hit hydrogen to form heavier elements was an as far as I know but suspect unacknowledged eyeopener for less blessed cosmologists of his days (late turn of the last century); it is an account of the showing of a video made up of cuts from movies containing the masses of females configurating in all sorts of regimented and cutely geometric flower patterns alternatively. He comments that up until the time of writing (87) he had had no 'neutral response' (p 298) to its contiuous showing (since 81) yet. Well, my site is one big such response when it claims (as it does) that rocks, oxides and mineral formation which are (compared to more lively lifeforms) besides being quite symmetrical one the one hand, also epitomously feminine in their conservative and restraining (no less than reservative and constraining) ways. It is no wonder the chorus lines call and conjure forth strong feelings one way or another. As a last preambling aside/comment I'd like to point to his top down/bottom up distinction. I think it neglects to qualify the circumstances under and realms in which this formula might hold true. The bottom up approach in search of and searching for universal building blocks in chemistry and physics is indeed a typical left brain bias but when we look at the social sides of interactions I prefer to rank the bottom up line with the holistic/superstitious side of the fence.

page 278, The strategy of communication
Table 8.1: Some distinctions between the functions of the cerebral hemispheres
left-hemisphere specialization/\/\/\/\right-hemisphere specialization
analytic, deductive/\/\/\/\dialectic, synthetic
exclusive (either/or)/\/\/\/\inclusive (both-and)
order from order/\/\/\/\order fromdisorder
identity, familiarity,symmetry/\/\/\/\novelty, change,asymmetry
system,tex/\/\/\/\environment, context
verbal, propositional/\/\/\/\non-verbal, imaginative
words, numbers, letters/\/\/\/\ models,plens, pictures
digital end iconic/\/\/\/\iconic and analog
rational, intellectual, lineal/\/\/\/\poetic, humorous, intuitive
solipsistic/\/\/\/\ interpersonal
bottom up/\/\/\/\top down

Table 7.1 reproduces a classification of the functions of the two hemispheres drawn up in 1971 by the psychologist Paul Bakan, who described the left brain as predominantly digital and the right brain as predominantly analogic.
Table 7.1: Functions of the cerebral hemispheres (Bakan, 1971).
Left-brain functions     Right-brain functions

verb pre-verbal
analytic synthetic
rational emotional
spatial temporal
analogic digital
objective subjective
active passive
tense relaxed
personally, I would choose to turn the last terms around even or better yet,
change this in my eyes unfortunate (since rocks are so eminently tight)  example into:
artificial/sterile/i(n)solate, egoic (in)organic/flowgo/embedded/harmonic
euphoric depressed
syrnpathetic parasympathetic
propositional appositional

Chapter 7: On telling left from right, page 237
Table 7.3: Joseph Bogen's psychological distinctions (1977) between leftbrain and right-brain modes of knowing (and therefore modes of communication), as quoted by Campbell (1982, pp. 241-2). coloured by me and take note: inverted from most of my usual choices)
left brainmagheteen pietsjesmeerpoetszijn?right brain
lineal [straight-line]/\/\/\/\nonlineal
historical [diachronic]/\/\/\/\timeless [synchronic]

Table P.1: Context theory: Lexicon page 315
A The old view (excludesB) B The new view: (includes A)
matter-energy (conserved)   information (created and destroyed)
real  symbolic, imaginary, and real
the physical level of complexity the biological, social, and cultural levers of complexity
closed systems (not dependent on theirenvironments)  opensystems (dependent on their environments),'dissipative structures' (Ilya Prigogine)
solar system, clockwork, heat engine, forcefield      organism in milieu, system in environment, ecosystem, population, community, socialsystem, information network
mass, inertia, force, momentum. charge, etc. codes, messages,information, noise, redundancy
motion evolution,development, history
mechanism process
action and reaction  report, command,question, response (message)
organization of matter-energy by matter-energy relations (in principle reversible)
organization ofmatter-energy end information by information(irreversible)
atomistic holistic
entities, objects relationships
relations between entities relations between relations
patterns patterns of patterns
few or no levels    manylevers of organization, communication, and reality
relative simplicity    great complexity
system outside observer    observer in system
synchronie (not dependent on time)   diachronic (dependent on time)
classical machines    cybernetic machines, robots, computers
isolate variables     recognize codes
'bottom up' analysis (simpleto complex)   'top down' analysis (from complexity tothe structures of complexity)
apparently single-level logic    explicitly hierarchical logic

digital yes/no, either/or logic (TypeA)
an either/or one-dimensional spectrum (black-grey-white) between 'true' and 'false' (Type B)
a logic of binary opposition (ff nota, then b) (Type C) many-valued and many-leveled logic,

either either/or or both-and (both-and is subordinate to either/or)
both both-and end either/or (both-and is dominant over either/or)

analytic (taking apart) dialectic (putting together)
force, (Newtonian) causality goalseeking, constraint
determinism, probability    instructions forproduction end re pro ductio n
closed to novelty open to novelty
order from order      order fromdisorder

outside the context of ordinary space end time
development, evolution, endhistory, within specific contexts inspace end time

linear (proportional) end lineal; (straight-line) causality   goalseeking withinhierarchies of constraints, positiveend negative feedback (mutualcausal processes),selfdifferentiation,selfreproduction

equilibrium, non-equilibrium, orrandom states internal to system  self-regulation in relationto environment(s), order through oscillation energy source in environment

energy source in system present effects are the result of past causes   present effects are the result of the interrelation ofprogrammed instructions, futuregoals, end environmentalconstraints, including naturel endsocial selection, end socialization

no memory  dependent on memory (genetic, neurological, social, individual, preconscious, unconscious, etc.)

the system is (a) the sum of its parts (Newtonian mechanics);
(b) more than the sum of its  parts (theology, early general systems theory)
 the system is other than its parts (not a sum of anything)  (Gestart psychology)

entropy increases in system entropy increases in environment
physics, chemistry, biology, and biology, ecology, cybernencs,
context-free (actually or potentially)   context-constrained, context  sensitive
'langs of nature', 'natural law'    codes of messages, rules of behavior

closed systems tending towards increasing disorder (positive entropy)   open systems maintaining or increasing order (neutral or negative entropy)

ultimately classical information theory (Shannon end Weaver) systems theory, communication theory (semiotics), the human end social sciences

physical and chemical change natural evolution, production and social development, human
history, and social, political revolution

3 Some axioms of communication page 318 Postscript Context theory
Here I have jotted down, in no particular order, as many of the axioms of communication in context theory that presently come to mind:
_ All behavior is communication (Bateson). (Whatever else it also is, all behavior is communication.)
_ Society is impossible without history; communication is impossible without memory.
_ Every act communicates messages at many levers, conscious and unconscious.
_ In living and social systems, silence is communication.
_ In living systems, the organism cannot not communicate.
_ In social systems, the person cannot not communicate.
_ In a communications system, nothing never happens (Ray Birdwhistell).
_ Every message, organic or social, is both a report end a command (Warren McCulloch), as well as a question (Bateson). (Whatever its source or context, a message is a report about some situation or other, a command to respond in some way, and a question about the appropriate response.)
_ Communication signifies the processing of information.
_ Communication is not the same as understanding.
_ Understanding takes place at a level distinct from that of the communication of information which makes understanding possible. A so-called 'failure to communicate' is in fact a failure to understand, which may bespeak relations of pathologicalcommunication.
_ Communication is a function of organized complexity (constrained diversity)
_ Communication is an attribute of open systems.
_ Systems involving or simulating life or mind are open systems,dependent on their environment.
_ The environment of an open system is of a higher logical type than the systems it sustains.
_ An open system may be organic, ecological, social, economic, and/or abstract (i.e. epistemological, ideological).
_ Intention may be conscious or non-conscious, but outside of legal concerns, what ultimately counts are effects.
_ No communication can be adequately understood or analyzed solely at the level at which it occurs.
_ Communication always involves levers of communication (levers of reality, levers of logical typing).
_ Every message involves at least four levers of organization: perspective (which constrains) orientation (which constrains) framing (which constrains) punctuation.
_ The more complex and diverse a system is, the more complex and diverse its modes and levers of communication will be.
_ Information may be analog (continuously variable), or digital (discretely coded), or both at once, in which case the informationis iconic.
_ Information communicates both content end relationship.
_ Inorganic nature is the ecological basis of organic nature.
_ Inorganic end organic nature are the ecological basis of society.
_ Society is part of nature, end nature is part of society, but they are not the same parts.
_ The production and reproduction of whatever is known as the 'means of subsistence' is the ecological and economie basis of all other social relations.
_ Social relations, including production, exchange, and reproduction, are dependent both on matter-energy and on information.
_ The medium is not the message, it is the means of communication.
_ Information is distinct from the matter-energy medium that carriesit.
_ Mind is an attribute of social relations, individual and collective, conscious, preconscious, and unconscious.
_ Brain, nervous system, hormone system, gene system, end so on are the organic or biological basis of the social end individualcategory of mina.
_ There are as many kinds of intelligence as there are modes of communication.
- Information may be symbolic, imaginary or real. Real information stands for real relations end events.
- Imaginary information appears to be independent of its context. In the positive sense, the imaginary is essential to invention, intuition, imagination, and vision. In the negative sense, the imaginary is essential to perversion and pathology, especially in colonization, where real hierarchies of power are first decontextualized and second symmetrized or inverted.
_ Symbolic information is information standing for otherinformation, which may itself be symbolic, imaginary, or real.
_ Memory in communication may be genetic, neurological,immunological, unconscious, non-conscious, personal, and/or social.
_ Communication is impossible without coding. A code is not of the same level of communication, reality, or logical type as the messages it makes possible for goal seekers toconstruct, send, or receive.
_ A code is a set of constraints, a code of rules, that permits goalseekers (i.e. communicants) mediated by the code to construct mutually understandable messages.
_ A code always includes a syntactic or ordering function (similar to the role of logistics in strategy).
_ A code may be primarily semantic, having to do with the organization of sensing, meaning, and/or signification.
_ A code may be primarily pragmatic, having to do with the organization of various kinds of value, notably use value, exchange value, and survival value':
_ Semiotic freedom is the relative freedom to produce, reproduce, and communicate within the constraints of a code or codes.
_ Information is the ground or basis of sensing; sensing is the ground of meaning; and meaning is the ground of signification.
_ Sensing is coded information; meaning is coded sensing; signification is coded meaning.
_ Survival value is the basis of both (digital) exchange value and (iconic) use value. Both kinds of value are created in production and expressed in exchange.
_ The simplest kind of information is coded variety (W. RossAshby), a signal.
_ Two or more kinds of variety constitute at least one kind of diversity.
_ Relations of communication and organization may take the form of difference, distinction, opposition, contradiction, and paradox.
_ Difference, the ground of distinction, is defined as analog (continuously coded).
Distinction, the ground of opposition,contradiction, and paradox, is digital (discontinuously coded).
_ Language is a communication system found only in human societies. No naturally evolved animal communication, including dolphins, insects, and apes, has been shown to possess all the characteristics of language. (I would add: Nor do all human languages 'occupy' all grammar niches for instance; each emphsizes and/or leaves out other parts, each center of gravity is a variant of neighbour near and far. Piet)
_ Language is distinguished from other modes of communicationmainly by (a) our use of abstractions, syntactic negation, endtense, end (b) our use of language to talk about its owncharacteristics.
_ Teaching language to apes is no exception to the distinction between language and other modes of communication. Apart from unconscious cuing by the investigators, the domesticated dependance on humane it requires is a social intervention into nature. It is a product of the social order of reality (history), not of the naturel order (evolution).
_ Objectivity in communication is imaginary.
_ Subjectivity is both unique end real, teut also collective.
_ Metacommunication (communication about communication) signifies:
(a) communication about communication in general (e.g. this sentence);
(b) communication about a particular communication (e.g. 'This message is in English');
(c) communication in one mode of communication about the communication of another mode (e.g. a threat accompanied by a wink, or a wink accompanied by a threat).

Metacommunication of type (a) is restricted to human society. Metacommunications of types (b) end (c) are found throughout the human end animal worlds, notably in play. To distinguish 'play' from'fight', end 'co-operative competition' from 'competitive competition', a metamessage is required, the equivalent of 'this is play' (Bateson).
Mutual agreements about meta-messages are agreements to change or 'reframe' one or more of the dominant codes of restraints (the rules of the context) shared by the communicants.

Aftter these fabulously accurate quotes it is yours truly, piet the poet: Hitec armers and farmers vs nomadicly foraging and afforesting families    Colourseparated and page filling aphorisms:  Make ends meet: generation and radiation, night and day, male and female magnetism and electricity, implosion and explosion.    Our crush-rush course turns dickface fuckers into plump and fair fruit pluckers.    Read your leader aright or follow the dealing cheaters direction to fight.     The black south of innocence mingles mellowly with the melting white north of wiley braves on middle golden mean ground.     Take flight without fright, be fair without fail, emit time to fully pass grate, enliven evil to redeem worthily.     Rock is saved, future tense, canned, con- and preserved or enveloped time, fresh and moistened dust starts to develop and organize rythms of metabolisms. Meetmating rock and ice comes of age when they are wraught to grow together so generation and radiation find a dynamic balance.    Patriarchal nomads are grim reapers desertifying their territory, thus devolving to arm drilling scum chased into uniform by scarcity. Matriarchal armies will be harmless rockmilling botanists,
once the underdog finds discipline and union, checking the much to encourage the little.     Man gathers mute momentae: petrified, fluid and fiery to tune and tone body with discerning lust, choozy soul and questing spirit. Which is to say real men deal in futures, mixing and lining them up, string-wringing them out to come them wel alive.  Woman bleeds and falls apart blindly, especially when not given a choice.    Pub(l)isizing gossips, ads, shows, poly-tickles, proposals must become free for all, but the enactment of judgments, approvals, allowances, authorizations and attractions are to be womens domain. Men may choose which colour, music or climate to join and defend.     If matriarchy was characterized by virgin sacrifice, and patriarchy by war with soldiers, then what will toddlerarchy or childarchy be like? Mudpie musicals with mystical fruitfactory's and treehouses? The trouble is, nobody since jesus, himself only a poor reflection of Cernunnos and Mercury, seems to attain and maintain such wide scope awareness with enough focus, puff and charisma left over from involuntarily cashed in hard knocks to start growth fostering and transparant institutions with.     Hell, the future is right where you are standing on it, it is only the past you are foolfilling when you rythm 'n rulehelp it to leaf out on a par with taking core age courage.     Personify naked and seasonal solar fire and hailed as and mimicked by a king played an annually recurring role in matriarchal magics of sympathy (not once and for all as far and wide as possible like in fire power possesed patriarchal societies).     Diamonds for the lonely queen, tailings for her subjects.      Let greedy grasp become fast and loosely squeezish clasp.    Clock around a rock as follows for the first and second halves of an interglacial: preglacial biomass a waning = history, jagged and ragged bottlenecks; postglacial biomass a waxing= herstory, groves and droves in paradise.     Physically neglect the splitting to open and suffer the mental abuse of dividing to rule.    A queen without a lover is like a rock without sexcalibur.     Let's go, nice and slow easy does it, feed the flow, rip, rap, pump pre-airing mineral oxides, biosphere's bare bottom rung tooth, claw, horn, nail, beak and bone,
and then let growing time cover them with alive skin for all, are we weighing down the light again, if we do not let it leave, we will not stay well enough in tune so atone, soak some floury, flex, flux, flocculantly flow of softened stone..
His nor herstory: No spirals, no cycles, just a line that ends in an eternity after judgment, yet started in and with the moment of mercy characterizes the ambitious projects of Taoism, monotheism and macho fanaticism, groping and hoping for, griping and hyping about a lasting erection, a tree of life, a tower of Babel, a new earth, Walhalla, Elysiae, happy hunting ground or a Messiah. This cannot be now, wasn't before and will not be anything but a shame to the humility of well com- and disposed compost as long as dominant dogma's discount body and its wisdom to wield some awkward doctrines intending to save them from humbling temporality.
The following pieces are a bit crude and I am ashamed to admit to their authorship but here goes, waste not want not.   Swap the crime revealing histories for the swiped benefit announcing herstories.     I would guess the best remedy, re- and defusal of bullying behaviour is nipping it in the bud, childsplay really just notch up the surveillance stagger from bigger bullies buggering and belittling littler ones to better bulliebusting to bring 'm to heel.     Man is pointed and aimed at the past and next nights delights. their challenge is to focus on preprovision fervently for Her favors to win. Woman aims at and hopes for schemes and dreams about daytime delights catching social waves they may rule, solidarity past their skin and anchors for the presently recurring echos.      Papa the past and represent it; do the laundry,  mama the present and scent it: please eve, weed and weave  kid the future and prepresent it. grind them clocks ya little mockers.     Don't let him run (her) past, out of and/or  on and/or away with and/or from her.     "But there 'll be so much too many people", what she meant was patriarchy en masse, she could handle one man while boisterously barking up life 's ingredients into trees, working the worship, raising freshly minted currency, away from pompously lording hoards.     Executive judgement demand scapegoat sacrifice but exacting justice will come up and through with a toylike tool.     During these as in most other days all bad guys need good guys, all fathers need sons and rulers need subjects, all handy crafts become manifesterations.   I am king scarcity, pompous, pretentious, self flattering and broodscattering, I hog the dames. My fool holds counsel at the internal flame fanning fun fair.    There once was a man who set himself up as god cause he thought he knew every thing there was to know. A cocksure-fire-enslaving jealous son of a witch, scaring and demanding the fruit out of his fellowmans hand to mouth, (b)eating potential rivals and turning the world upside down. Not him, no he was not evil but his subjects and in the rage of impotence the promising story of the redeemer was born, a lusty looker begotten to find what the loser lost and fetch it back to end the freak occurence of his story for ever and everlasting life before repetition, identity, stockpiling and mutual annihilation.     Our good for greatest numbers of goal getters get suckered into auditioning for this task with righteous abandon to this very day till they find a sense of direction and set up shop to magnetize static, swelldigging their very own fountain of youth, the only one that she can make matter when she callibrates her clutcher around it. This was a very riddly way of showing the horseplay from seasonable horniness diverted to untimely abstraction and converting back again.    The worst is over really, believe me I think so and I should know though strange enough I cannot for the life of me throw out one of my poems by heart..mmmm isn't that strange.
.Genesis revisited:  According to Oskar Kiss Maerth the alpha male Adam, who disapprobativable attained and proved to have maintained status by means of cannibalism mainlined for many a millenium, as commemorated in the religious imagery of Tibet who's inhabitants did not supress this memory of our diet directed leave from apedom, was described as tempted to eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge (malebrain) which gave him the troopstud(might)rights to more of his victim fellow'man' 's tempting females perhaps. The parable dressed in an orchard metaphor must be a typically Jewish, satirical way to joke, a melancholic sense of (and or banned by) humour which (nevertheless) shines through in their frequent commemoration of greenery and seediness while roaming the deserts.
The story of Cain is evidence of success for the related territorial instincts, the domains that were large and exploited smartly enough to develop a semblance of inner security and means to expand, boot out all misfits and losers who congregated in the cities which were for the most part repositories of slaves and their labour (see ch 7 and the inthrow for my take on Noahs takings; condemnation of leaves 'n twigs 'n branch 'n trunktaking.    Abraham started buying and selling of land but supposedly substituted animal for human (pr)offering, a 'progression' pioneered by Jews, for which they earned praise from Graves, who may or may not have known that those to start first are soonest satest?   Had these 3 names really stood for only 3 people, the damages and improvements would not have been so extensive nor would they have been so famous cause they as certainly as regrettably didn't remain unique and ignored as rolemodels and trailblazers not to say desertifyers; rolling stones becoming badly bleached bones. One of the arguments touted by white supremacist religious freaks and righteous scolders of mass society to impress me most went as follows: Jewish genes are dominant and can afford high dilution mongrelifying. If that is true though the holocaustic containment came about a multimillion years to late, give or take a few ice ages. I love 'm though, such lively ones sometimes, and how they pester each other pathetically, worse than the Japs I bet, maybe I'll have to go see how well ra is down there.    Some men will celebrate, no matter how little he has or how much his scope, hide, hair, tip and toe are tested and tried in the attempt to keep heaven and hell apart.     Picking off stragglers is like pruning for plumper peaches..oops bad example, you prune peach nor plum trees, you cull and thin the young fruitset.   If sex was the last ditch and line of selfdefence, value and proof of recklessly hedonistic archaism, then repressive hoarding, herding and settling itself is up for the revenge of free will and natural selection, the only thing guaranteeing vitality.    Labouring to divide and depend may be the road to socialism and capitalism but it sprung its variety in- and ensuring bounds no matter how and/or cause deeply desired by workers and/or planners respectively, the latter had to take a few steps back from personable intimacy on equal terms each time they came up with something bigger, better and faster to raise the rape stake, just to get a little perspective, but only God doesn't abuse that kind of distance, making sure he hides in everything at the same time. Be like Dan Winter and my mother for that matter, make the weather your living, main topic in life and reason to live.    Repression pits dependence and division against fruitharvesting nomads, sowing farmers and crushing miners; most dirtphobic administrators become traitors, roadblocks tollgates and rationers all too soon and none too reasonable, I fear they dare to hold their own breath along with every body elses. Clutching at the symbol for frantic identity: repetition and escalation, perverting organic growth, they resist dispersion fiercely with their contageously cramped consciousness.     Yore cult's ambiguities (their) con sequences:   I function well as a concept engineer and word mechanic, in effect an enthusiasm inoculator advocate for genuine patriarchy which came to balance matriarchy, not the overhype only apparently shiny, clean formula 1 ball and brash nose offender, uninformative and coercively commercial suc(k)tion tender vendor version, but a brotherly spirit bond that applies its inherent force to open the layaway border bound abutments and helps 'm meet the till then strayed, waylayed light of logo-law for freedom to grow to and fro gravity which witches and weaves the wood up and down with these thus repentable prevents pursuing for trade traffic on the vertical route that has us hit the road a different way, namely to crunch and crumble christenable crystals. Would you like a comfy hitec armor to hit your road with too, jesus? Hints of such potency were at my ear all through childhood when I heard my fathers presence flow away through the phonewire to far off parts of the world, I learned to think big that way.    Harsh, uncooperative and rigid, scheming to tame, subvert, -ject and -due are the male monomaladies of false fatherhood; first animals were allotted pictographic delegates to rehearse capture and taming, then specialization introduced culture and division of labour which scarred and scarcified beauty so ensuing socialization and monopoly could march hand in hand amidst powerplay and rottenness. Armies were formed as a first vicious circle to aid targetting, but got out of control due to overwhelming success which sustained exclusion and shortage, sons were yoked and harnessed to servitude, the invincible, unapproachable and unrepresentable father myth began spilling over into economics and unleashed dominance wars over mental ideologies as well as physical currencies which institutionalized secrecy and lies besides monetizing resource rape.         The constitutionalization of respect for life springs eternal locally, but so far it soon yields to much less sustainable yet massive onslaught of unneighbourly encroachment forces, just because they are more aggresively disciplined, less endowed and ambitious mentally, nor are they so much upwardly mobilizing as laterally subversifying. In a just society the people unable to follow an argument without feeling they are losing it, instead of it them, who try to bend it to their will by breaking its back with intimidation, force and guilt trips will not be allowed to carry on as if they owned their sphere of influence, not even and better yet: especially not their own children who may be at some disadvantage with a lack of animate objects for affection around. Once restrained and monitored they will be allowed to vent their violence on rocks or if they insist on animate outlets: at most on themselves and maybe similarly disposed consenting adults.       Penetration potent enough to pack the punch that parts  the veils of inertia cluttering her space will get us back in the ter-ra-ce.        Collective responsability and herdlike identity must be measured mostly by the degree enforced laws embody them, not by the virulence of its sentiment and popularity among peoples and individuals. Proper lawmaking and voluntary freedom forces are needed.        Does anybody have the life story of Walter Zander? He worked alongside Beckerath but became engrossed in Zionism where his former focus found no welcome as far as we can tell from here, for now. I ran into a book arguing for making Jerusalem an ecumenical elbowrubbing location. Seemed a bit unrealistic to me. Life's leafy lairs lay and leave the laws lying down behind the dusty dotted dead letter lines.        Only cowards are honest, let women rule politics.         Wizfully (l)inking:  I sink into a sea of ink to precord what she may think about my shrewd love story of clunky clink softening incling that can truely link. Once more I wish I knew a wife and her men so I need not tell you a here nor there, a his nor her but a truely dary story about how one fine day they made a clean dry dusty pile of money, it was coin of the realm itself. Here is how they would grow it tout  after working water in to get it perked straight up right back out of their home somewhere in the yards and megamiles of eco-guerrilla woeman's landfolds.      They reasoned or rather preseasoned as follows: H2O is the first foremost marriage made ever (Hensel), two parts male to one part female. Oxygen exists freestyle and tethered, the former serves internal oxidation and seems to favor animate mobility; and the latter sports volcanism: exothermal reactions flashing only briefly with lots of down time in between which results in substance akin to more stolid forms on longer cycles, catching the very big waves only.     They decide to reverse the preponderance of the last mentioned fireform and therewith the directions biomass book balances take and so try to move mobility upscale a bit. They started to pounce on the punchable and polishable wealth of rock under the soles of their feet, hopping some through a gratefilled tool they toted, a toy they ployed, an instrument they played and a cross they bore all at the same time. They just loved the versatile choker poking with zinging spring and twanging spoke of the crackpottily musical rockdrum steelgrinder. Their wistful exercutions soon yield some fluffy and until subjected to their close relative, frightfully flighty natural currency, since they work this devilishly airtight gravel in a matching same yet besting and bettering way, so their vertical border broaching accomplished with strategic hardware the design of which proves mentally to be as watertightly continent as the rocks are physically until subjected to this object with its objective of desirabilitation which works at peace for once.        Now they have a soil bankable and tree barkable mineral money to show for their churn and give to their honey who shows it in her turn all the ways of organiclimate zone accountability by floccumating it with the clear and phlegmaticly flowing oxides, which suspends this flour on its way up to cloudfill the sky, it is indispensable for a good mudbath and compost while showing up shiney marbles in a solar polish and chime dish made of glass.         So the whirly girlish rock is opened to be filled with water and warmth empathetically, thus suspended it will in time provide framework and woven skin for all from fast to loosely fitting kin, now that she is not from any longer lacking means longingly dumb but got laid in the sun so her shades of gray start organizing their way back to colour in the light of time. Thus they fund and mate, found and date the shine and rain to marry sun and moon. All fuels, solid, soft and intangible, yes, even thus far elusive fresh air appears, reduced from basic bulk and trace element exposure to just newly arriving beams from the very old selfsame sun grow and show up, thus greening the trailblazed way with quintessentialization of the four elements evoked from the top end of the food chain ladder.        Wetted dust grows up over the crust in the shapessuch shade, shelter, food and fun livelyhood provisions will shed, a demand and monstration which meets the sun's supply and stands us in good stead with and within our-sex is-tense citations if anybody cares for proper book keeping.           William Irwin Thompson in: The american replacement of nature:  Two profoundly true but opposed males: one is immanental, and sees divinity within the pattern of connectiveness of Earth, animals and women. The other is transcendental and sees earth, animals and women as an imprisonment of spirit and cosmic mind. One wants in, the other wants out. One is a wave, which bycause of its own infolded order, feels itself to be in resonance with everything. The other is a particle, which bycause of its limited selfdefinition feels alienated and alone and wishes to have power over the others that impinge on its self inflicted boundaries. For the sake of a working distinction, let's call these two types of human males the poet and the engineer. The poet loves ambiguity, complexity and the lingual, erotic play with words: the engineer loves logic, manual system of control and computational machine codes of one meaning only. Small wonder that the kind of smart scientific adolescent, the kind that rarely gets the girl but often does get beaten up in school for his good grades, has turned his intelligence in the direction of getting rid of the embarrasment of sex and the insult of death. From the Greek Oristaea, modeled after the Babylonian Enuma Elish to Moby Dick, women's wet biology doesn't often carry the day against warrior's steel, but in Gilgamesh the poetic revenge is outstanding.
Divide and concur with encompassed dualities Doknow met willbe to have a passionately fruitful and hypertranspirational wallow.      Harlekinetic gender bender picks up space and span for time and life.       Friction of Provision:  Violent or integrating waterways; glaciers and torrential floods or growth giving dew and rain. Which would you want to claim responsability for? Fire has a similar duality to show; ashes the flagrant way or the hard rock wrench way  of internal fire, muscle and music meets most common and dense tense.        Crude question, rude answer:  Do opposites attract each other as versus versions or is like seeks like the stronger motor and are they the same both sides of in- and animate, dry and wet. Let's see: dry dynamics can mean melting pressures or infrequent friction, from giant and rough tensility through coarse and gritty to tiny, fine and glibly airborn weather create  skin, membranes to moderate flow and finally magically ephemeral frequencies top the bill  of hide and seek liking life cyclic vs structural or continuous vs. discrete, etc.     --sow a prayer, harvest a prophecy;  sow a curse, harvest bad news--         A bit beyond binary:  Digital score is info fire, free as sunlight a fresh outsider coming in to trade lovely photons the way Jesus would shower his bride. Insider trading perverts and postpones this blessing in the sense of what the word radical has come to signify, namely a complete cut, unfortunately not only a lateral bias results and they fancy their calls justify a formal division between the haves and have nots their toll for miming the of a closeknit yet every individual for himself sort of trading room floors crowded like undifferentiated cellsoup, as if to emphasize that they are all in it together and cacophony prevents exposure of the push for the next degree of shamelessness, not registering without amplifying the orchestration of sentiment , etc; see Max Nordau.        Dig it all ore; dig a tall score:  Dig it to the core, digest me some more ore. Formerly hard ashes are substances thus readied to take the waters of life to heart and set its content aflow and agrow.      Crystal preprocreators are information fluid-crystalizers rights, duties and pleasure unwrappers; bones of memory content and index flexers.      Inform and unfold meets like (p)refold and reform Is info free, is sunshine? How much to plug in and minimize supply of excess?      The micro world informs in bits and the macro whirled formz in grits. Loosen up the bonds down below that bind, noose down the lights from above that blind.
Crystalize info-flow; free and trans fo-stow. meetmate 'm into green growth between these fibre and metal media, speed them both through their respective web-net screens to learn counting with, from and on life beyond dualities.    "We are and become what we beat" says a rocksplitter as he plies his trade luring rain and shine to come help complete the organic expression of formation without which complementary but doubly (merely symbolic and inorganic) derived compression of information (computerscience) is a faul surrogate and a leaching lurch towards catastrophic times.          Do the media reflect man's inner life?(Rickels).

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