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Welcome to the future flour(y) pow(d)er fostering, potentially fastest and already (surely) the most solid(ly formatted) prose-poetry on earth: about 7 Megs spread out across over 88 files (averaging over 88 K'z colourful concept- harmonized and hyrarchical wordsequences, including 4 megs worth of images, even) worth of contextual BLABS= Bottom Line Aphoristically Ballistic Solutions  meaning: Solutions which break uncivilly polarizing centralizations up or open, wether institutionally animated or simply, inertly dormant (yet animatable)by pushing the logistic limits (to light) inventively, notably those (rocks) constraining vertical metabolisms (of trees).
Half of this site was created/gestating during the 80ties (links thereto start at the last quarter of the index and the last half of the toc) and the rest since then (latest files at tops of all content files). Last corrections/updates and add ontos: july 99 Welcome (once again if you made it past the first hurdles) to: Bottom line aphoristically ballistic solutions(afford and) arouse beleaf systemics by piet the punchline pioneer who shuns not hardest of tasks:  (no, not leading a paper and print free life or a personally owned phone, computer and car free one too, that's easy; but) to pinch pith to most universally assimilable of powders cause "it ain't so bad to be a paracletic dabbler  with all these newspfangled plexciting and gruesomely growsomizing autonomobiles"
So far I sport the following categories in this file: trees      news-services:   weblogs   logistical aids:  Variously flavoured Activisms:     economics:     indigenes and community:      Alternative health:   progressive and garden green    progressive audio:    PROGRESSIVE FILMS       innovative technology:       intellectual and/or spiritu- and psychological orientations         miscellaneous:        German sites:

trees: www.lunatree.org (julia butterfly setting records up a tree)     upatree.net    ecoecho.org   efn.org  (earth first)
news-services: http://www.counterspin.com (a decent socialist news service; full of audio-stuff)             http://www.monitor.net/monitor/ (Sonoma based news-service; well elegant (Proyect would love this one since it is pro-environment, contra-corruption and pro-serb); see the best of past issues also: ../9907a/default.html)              http://come.to/luta (trilingual (spanish, portuguese and english) news-service)          indypress.org  and  altpress.org    (independent and alternative press respectively)
weblogs: Open directory project  I sent'm the following as a submission: title of site: solutions for uncivil centralizations; description: Ruminations, rants and high gloss, deep polish, plurally pigmented prose poetrees, propositions and expoundings of prime and indeed primal sources to dissolve various problem areas with. ....I don't think they started listing me after last time I tried; I'm probably too jew critical for people who offer reams of hype ...ar sorry facts of course about the stuff nazi's stole off of jews under the heading: economic warfare without a mention of how some jews got so immensely out of all proportion rich nor how they made their 'clientele' part with and/or cough up all that wealth, nor why, if all their doings have so many public uses and voluntarizing benefits following in the wake of their wheedling and doodling, those same people are not simply grateful instead of 'envious'. Are they in the world but not for the world still???? And if so why? You can breed almost anything out of dogs. What are they shooting for anyway????? This paricular entry is one of four in that category which in turn is a sub of the 260 or so about war. By way of comparison: socially responsible investing carries over 600 entries and tops the list; we should praps rename this category: extent of bad jewish consciences.....just kidding : )          deja.com/~weblogs (moved to ecommunities/weblogs) (a list (dis)cussing 'm; Barger's work <<as is: robotwisdom.com>>)        http://www.anythink.org/              http://www.camworld.com/ (includes an alphabetic list of them)          http://www.facto.org/home.asp = Factovision; stay away from this one; a yukkie space exploring (and doubtlessly an atrophied heartcarrying) tecnocrat          librarian.net (this one might be worth checking on now and then)       http://www.TV-99-AD.com/hans/bookmarks/   (this fella knows Dutch (also) and is big on music)                   http://www.gumbopages.com/looka/    (quite elegant anyway....maybe more on this later)             http://bitch.shutdown.com/index.html (finally....site made by a lassy and an overtly, admitted and drily enthusiastic misanthropette at that!!!)           http://www.ciw.net/index.html (Cultural intelligence works; a calmly ruminating art curator and Belgian in France where he can be seen enhancing ownership through gardening and meeting the void of some refreshing canal - lock, etc)
logistical aids and spurs:  Alltheweb.com (the fastest searchengine so far but curiously enough they don't list much Philip Callahan and none of my Beckerath pages neither)          http://home.earthlink.net/~amp74/index.html (a large collection of webpage counters (with a rating added) such as: webrightservices.com, freecount.com, pagecount.com, digits.com, icount.com)               indexoncensorship.org (this one should be made required reading including gruelling hours of quizzing per day forthe cantinemom of the dutch groene kantine by her employer)                http://www.t0.or.at/ (public netbase; a non-profit outfit to help the young play for real (not keeps)

Variously flavoured Activisms: http://www2.hu-berlin.de/~h0444wol/rolux/(a large selection of links to artsy and mostly euro type activisms)                      ocdoctor.com/jesse.htm (nigeria today; the world's largest concentration of blacks)        http://www.mongrel.org.uk/Natural/Links/index.html (an artsy perv site about racism by activist black eurooz )       cbuzz.co.uk/schNEWS               oneworld.org/cw (corporate watch UK version)        darkwing.uoregon.edu/~dreiling (an anarcho - marxist- zapatista sociology prof in Oregon)      csf.colorado.edu/wsystems/ (world systems)           alternatives.ca (a generic major policy pitcher)        sanet.com.br/~semterra (landless peasants in Brazil)       alternatives-action.org/fma (federation of marxist anarchists)            dsl.nl/eurodusnie (a reactionary but semi-OK crowd)        http://www.tao.ca/~ise/ (institute for social ecology)         http://www.tao.ca/~dennyhenke/ (a Memphis activist carrying that illustrious last name I know from a Northern stateside Acres, USA contributor; he also runs a self management ring with 34 takers so far)
(http://www.prwatch.org/prw_issues.html; Critics of the propaganda power sold to the highest bidder predicament)
probably reactionary eastern european sites: //an-press.da.ru (russian anarchist page in russian)         most.org.pl/ (a polish eco- oriented server; no english texts there yet)         cesta.cz/tandt_ggg.htm (A subversive thinktank;      cesta.cz/tandt4.htm: At Home' Abroad August 20 - August 24, 1999 An Arts Festival of Cross-national InterdisciplinaryCollaborations. Reflections on Adopted Cultures from Im/E/Migrants, Refugees,  Extra-legal and Resident Aliens, and Others making their Homes on Foreign Soil. Cultural Exchange Station in Tábor, Czech Republic  August 20 - 24, 1999)          http://www.savanne.ch/tusovka/ (a russian activist with a library!!!)

economics:  http://www.freespeech.org/darves/bert.html (a gobal modeler who links to the following pages:        1,http://www.abel.co.uk/~febl/tst/frame.htm>, by Dr Diarmid Weir,            2,http://www.kenraggio.com/>, by Ken Raggio                  3,http://www.stakes.fi/gaspp/>, by GASPP                 4,http://www.hri.org/docs/UDHR48.html>, 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights           5,http://sprott.physics.wisc.edu/pickover/home.htm>, by Cliff Pickover
 6,http://www.gaia.org/ic/market/money/>, by Thomas H. Greco Jr. (this one has long been known to me)      7,http://www.mind-trek.com/reports/tl10-2.htm>, by Frederick Mann              barataria.org (a very modest effort of the (Gesellian) strohalm crowd; here they quote Richard Douthwaite)           http://www.socsystem.org.uk(scottish organizational currency)              kanhetanders.nl (in Dutch; heel summiere reageer maar raak pagina)        http://www.mind-trek.com/treatise/ecr-pem/index.htm (The Surprise Weapon PRIVATE ENTERPRISE MONEY    A Non-Political Money System; EC Riegel's main work online)       http://www.fibonaccitrader.com (42527 Visitors Since November 25, 1997; They exploit a topic Dan Winter has been on to for years made it into Wired magazine)          http://www.ethicalinvestors.co.uk/ (another great green net addition; a barren, virginal and as yet uncorrupted windowdressing hopeful; no doubt naive enough not to matter nor be judged significant.)
http://www.opensecrets.org/home/index.asp  (money in politics data)
epinet.org  (economic policy institute pulse, polling and data foraging; nonprofit; staff of 35)
http://www.lights.com/epi/virlib/BriefingPapers/1992/effecto.PDF    (citing Roland Vaubel; in the following url James M Buchanan cites him in a Cato article on sovereignty and federalism: http://www.cato.org/pubs/journal/cj15n2-3-8.html (found with goto)              http://www.NETural.com/lip/articles/money.html (a community currency inspired article in an irreverent mag)                 snore.org/xminy (small scale grass roots philantropy)           rbjones.com/rbjpub/index.htm (the Social Technology site maker's fav; it's got a gif gallery and browser bar; neat stuff)

some mailing lists about community currencies: send: sub ijccr Piet Bouter to listserv@lugb.latrobe.edu.au; visit the site of this International Journal of Community Currency Research (with mirror site in England) at: http://bendigo.latrobe.edu.au/arts/ijccr/index.htm
Send to: Majordomo@wice.xs4all.nl the following message: subscribe money; this is a New Civilization network effort

indigenes and community:
http://members.aol.com/newsbynoah/page1.htm   (artbynoah@aol.com; based in Ohio)
http://members.aol.com/ANNAinc/The-Foundation.html  (The Assembly for Northern Native Americans; I was the 2071st visitor there; includes sound clips)               http://members.aol.com/noreroute/Highway_55_occupation.html (the battle for the 4 oaks)             http://www.walkingant.com/discus/board.html (shadow woman's tree view: a native forum at: I was viewer 3944; this site has a thrilling logo!!!)                    http://www.earthlink.net/blkfoot5   (Craven has a new site; not much there yet; just some solid links)               http://hometown.aol.com/dmkerr9/Mendota_Sacred_Sites.html (this site has a beechgrove background)             http://www.tribalink.org/tribalink/links.html (you guessed it: a linkspage and a pretty one too)    http://www.YvwiiUsdinvnohii.net/index.shtml (I stuck this into their guestbook: I got here thanks to Jim Craven, a pen-l poster (progressive economists at csf.colorado.edu); he is a mut like me only fatter :)  I hope you can will consult my page thoroughly. Any nations trying to regain self-suffiency and autonomy will (in matters of money and credit for starters) benefit from the serious type up to snuff sniff and puff it takes to climb and find the point of penetration whence a winding water course carries all monetizing back to a sound, fair and openly (conduc)tabled matter)          http://flag.blackened.net/revolt/revolt.html (Pierre J. Proudhon Memorial Computer; I've linked to these guys before but didn't realize they carried this name... .besides, I'm reading PP myself now, basically for the first time; this url carries the revolutionary law of the zapatista's; . . .why won't these guys listen to me???)                http://amanakaa.org/ ( Amanaka'a Amazon Network;    P.O. Box 509;     New York, NY 10276;  E-mail: amanakaa@amanakaa.org)  http://www.space.net.au/~ghannan/(an aboriginal with a hitec page; he's into games too)    http://proxy.arts.uci.edu/~nideffer/_SPEED_/1.2/ayers.html (an essay quoting Taussig who inspired Robert Anton Wilson´s latest book on Proudhon, Marx, Nietsche and Fourier among other stuff like scythian and Islamic history, moundbuilder ethnography and Pierre Clastres´s concepts).              http://www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/Congress/3519/ (Triplura Peoples' Democratic Front, an east indian indiginous organization)       aaf.gov.bc.ca/aaf/nations.htm             firstnations.org
http://www.lsu.edu/guests/poli/public_html/indians.html (James Bolner's American indan page)        selfgov.org (the nisgah efforts)            mindspring.com/mike.wicks (mike also maintains the aics (american indian ....  page)             serve.com/EduQuest/SouthernLatitudes/index.html (a community in Costa Rica)             bagelhole.hypermart.net/ (communitarian who calls for link cullers)          plenty.org (site of the Farm a very aid oriented and long standing community)            http://www.fortunecity.com/victorian/pinter/393/index.html (acqarian research is a grab-bag of lots of stuff: audio files of the 98 UN peace conference by indiginous elders; revolutionary energy sources; death-row activism; community; rainbow, etc. Well worth a bookmark it seems)       unhcr.com (united Nations high commision for refugees)

Alternative health:  oneness-inc.com/oneness/resonance.htm (a blurb on bio-resonance therapy; see recent_links.htm)

progressive and garden green:  does green guerilla gardens in NY have a website?
sol.co.uk/d/diffusion/cornerstone/crc/crc.htm (earth first type thingies; almost a thousand visitors in the past half a year according to TheCounter.com; good stuff there, about battery toxicity for instance)
http://www.sare.org/san/htdocs/hypermail/ (the sustainable agriculture discussion list with contributor B Rateaver as the only one I know as a savvy ACRES contributor)
wave-guide.org (one would expect Philip Callahan to show up here but there seems to be somebody with the same name looking at the less explained side of subtle energies; I couldn't discover 'my' PC there yet at any rate ((which is poor enough at the moment; see the 5th misc))); here though is a blurb related to his book about irish round towers and including an impressive pic: http://www.sacredsites.com/2nd56/190.html       n another PC site is one where he is associated with Flanagan the water wizard: silica-hydride.com/corner/corner6.html

progressive audio:  http://www.mudcat.org/folksearch.htm. (music)

PROGRESSIVE FILMS:  www.bullfrogfilms.com.          www.videoproject.org/ videoproject               http://www.videonetwork.org/vidmag.html           http://antenna.nl/~smallwor/undercurrents/index.html (home of undercurrents)

innovative technology:  zeropollution.com (by the presenters and producers (Formula 1 engineer with a conscience...oh what a miracle!!!) of the airpressure driven mobility for a zeropollution future; that would be halfway in the right direction folks!!!!!)

intellectual and/or spiritu- and psychological orientations:  http://www.nothingness.org/word/  (some leftist intelloos)                  http://www.uni-wuppertal.de/FB5-Hofaue/Brock/Schrifte/English/Packagin.html (Packaging is a 'means' to protect the desires from the epidemic of purity and identity)             http://www.serve.com/BAKE/ (a psycho-sexual biography; found while searching for Lawrence Rickels)             http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Delphi/2455/ (neutopia) (goddess, architecture and matriarchy stuff: spoofy here and there, but her dissertation is decent; pretty solid even. She is holing up at the Arcosanti Comm.)       angelfire.com/ca/blufalcon/ (a lot of wonderful (Dan and "dolphin man" related stuff plus links for those with kids who caught a serious case of the computing big)             http://www.salon1999.com/books/int/1998/07/cov_si_23inta.html and http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/style/books/reviews/gain.htm (2 reviews of powers's new book called gain about claim-culture and decrepitude)         http://jya.com/lilla-derrida.htm (sober look at that mad frenchman)                 //triquarterly.nwu.edu/archives/one/lfiedler.pdf(Leslie Fiedler wrote a book on Shakespeare which really flames in the last chapter as does similar subject matter in the book "The return of the vanished American", '69)           http://noel.pd.org/~xman/SPRAwL/SPRAwL/sprawlcontents.htm (hopelessly though brilliantly ungrounded (and -ing?) Robert Cheatham's latest project; he is a master at describing molecular politics but has no handle on it as to what man's place and meaning in it could be)           http://www.arts.ucsb.edu:80/~speed/(possibly a Rickels project; don't know yet....well, at least it's made at his (former?) university)          levity.com/alchemy (prolongation of this type of do good wanderdom talks its scwalks again!!)        ritmanlibrary.nl (the dutch hermetic branch of the Uni Library in A'dam)               Don't forget to search for Roger Caillois; a man who took Huizinga's theories a whole (and holistic) lot further; great on the regressive (my call) gambling instinct.                  I didn't know Cairn-Smith had a book out; he came out with an article echoing Hamaker/ Hensel a decade ago. Highly recommendable. And so is a book with great illustrations along this line called: Bryozoan evolution by F K McKinney and Jeremy BC Jackson.

miscellaneous:  http://www.msnbc.com/local/KMTR/63661.asp (Anarchists also focus on the positive", this article features a picture captioned: The Anarchists even have a library on their "community corner")
http://www.uhuh.com/reports/headsup/hu142.htm#YAHOO FREEZES OUT WEB PUBLISHERS
Free porn: So.Anyway.org; //smug.com; //kia.net/cohers; glassdog.com
http://www.gic.ch/git/Index.htm (bit of an oddball multilingual swiss based, bulging yet no-frill site about monotheism, investing in bad debts, oil, y2k, politics and much more)
antenna.nl/rampenplan/ocn ( a ragingly good and mobile cooking collective)

German sites:  poetpiet's neueste links auf deutsch:   taz.de (tages zeitung in berlin)
woz.ch (wochen zeitung in Zuerich)         raum-und-zeit.com (the magazine with off the wall, unorthodox cosmology applied to power source and medical inventions)        free-energy.de         pks.or.at (Pythagoras, Kepler, Schauberger schule in Oestereich)          http://www.thing.Desk.nl/ (tri-lingual)           http://www.redaex.de/home/else (else.hansen@gmx.net)                http://www.wahlforum.de/kontakt/index.html (a nit schlecht wa?)
http://www.erlassjahr2000.de               http://www.uni-marburg.de/suchen.html (Suchen auf Deutsch)
http://www.uni-wuppertal.de/FB5-Hofaue/Brock/Schrifte/AGEU/Hund.html(Der Kunsthund knurrt, Zyniker und Kyniker)
http://www2.hu-berlin.de/~h0444wol/rolux/ (linklist; about 40 links (out of hundreds) are based in germany and some in german)              http://www.nadir.org/nadir/ (667 links, die meisten zu Deutsche Seiten und auf Deutsch, aber hier  keine Verwiese nach Beckerath obwohl free.de wohl dabei ist ? ?                Subject: Ulrich von Beckerath; bester, und meist verkannter sozial reformer Deutschlands: Hallo Jungs, wie kann es bestehen das ihr richtung free.de verweist aber bei eine Suche nach Ulrich von Beckerath, der da (unter /geld/ glaub ich) zu finden ist, ihm ueberhaupt nicht auf- noch vorweisen tut????     Meine Seiten haben soviel ich weis die einzigen uebersetzten und digitalisierten Titel von Ihm verfuegbar; kommt doch mal und tu was an Ihre verweisungsluecke bitte!!!!

aim responses at: poetpiet@hotbot.com
Nedstat installed near the middle of july 99   poetpiet@hotbot.com
An anarchist website counter comment:
Is this the only disfunctional counter(ring) culture left?
Traffic guager and differentially recording Tripod tool Nedstat:Nedstat Counter(the 'stand alone' straight from the source sports a blue icon)  Should you care to install it I hope it will take you less time to get it to work for you (I thought I was pretty smart and even prone to 'catch fire' at all these inter-hits, -knits, -dots and -knots but if it takes me half a year to actually grasp the thing I must have been to busy with peripherals or something..); for half a year I schizoically made fun of the counters (see the foreword or inthrow...there's a copy in the third  miscellany (amongst others.. inthrow or foreword) along with more gropes);  then I realized I should stand by my own intentions a little more consistently (kin seek windily; a joycification of the word the Dutch use here: consequent which by the way doesn't fit the same grammatical category in our sensibility either, one can not hang -ly on it although we use(-lijk) a form of that suffix (if that's what it is) plenty often, like the -lich in German) and come up with ways to encourage and help suchdevelopments further along.
Ideally and what's more, in our time realizably so, the merging, fusing and friendly harmonizing, or if you want to put it that way: the take over, swallow up or ....   why not call it that long expected revolution and/or the complementation, proportionalization and compatibilization of politics, population and money (let me add fertilizer since I am going along at a good clip in this here umpteenth and multimanyeth attempt to be windingly windingly comprehensive).
Sad the dreamscape turned into a fence? Here's how to deal with that along with whatever else is too dense and tense.
A site navigaid:   Switch to soundbite sampled files of the most important recent as well as all earlier work at this site from Blabsabs_Index.htm     Another gateway from which to reach my older work (via appetizing one or two line characterizing 'entitlements' of the aphorisms, essays and segments (which vary in size from a few lines to a page or two) is table_of_contents.htm)        A final angle of approach is offerd with brief descriptions and collected keywords in the abstracts file.         One may (I hope) care to see the  POET*PIEToid scans and prettifications of some other people's work (about 4 Megs worth of text) I admire and exhibit:  /guest_appearances/intro_to_currency_issues.htm.          Several (11 files) list posts and interactions are accesible via: table of contents for all list post files.     And finally, come this way if and when you get curiious about my (11 file) correspondence collection.