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You are always ****welcome**** (round the clock)   to pet-al(l) pull my bytes, even take 'm away, they don't bite back since I was born in a well trained dogyear.
cosmologic and -lyrigraphics are loosallignedly lined (up) to be put on it, ....done!....and to be found via the Index or go straigth to the wheels within wheels after wheels around wheels file for the depictions of some of the elsewhere described Fullerite dynamics aspects (double and multipolarized pyramids; octahedra) and I also have a possibly rare collection of brown paper fruit bags from around Europe, one of them has been added to a copy of the fruit chapter (see the index).  The rest of this file contains abstracts of themes elaborated upon in others, links thereto are found at the top.
It continues to be pleasure to present this here to you, it being:  z): wishlist and task prioritization,   a): my resume and contact ad, consisting of creeds (many, crescendoing folds, creasing untold) in lieu of credentials (few tangible ones, none I wanna boast about), sensibly attestable after a growing season's length (at the latest) of putting ‘m to the test; b): a businesscard type treasure map,  c): a prototobleupreprint (oops, didn't I say that already),   d): a voucher to collect support and reinforcement with.   I will go anywhere to do any- and everything along the following lines of: 1): tradition and personability harmonizing,               2)laws of life way making and walls of death down breaking    3)potent (toy)tool design, building and use, etc.  all netknotted into one   ***************
 Welcome to the fastest yet most solid(ly formatted) poetry on earth:  about 7 Megs spread out across over 88 files (averaging over 88 K'z colourful concept- harmmonized and hyrarchical wordsequences, including 4 megs worth of images, even) worth of contextualBLABS = Bottom Line Aphoristically Ballistic Solutions  meaning: Solutions which break uncivilly polarizing centralizations up or open, wether institutionally animatedor simply, inertly dormant yet animatable.
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Last changes made in june 2001
My use of rainbow associations presents a cross from all cultures past  and possibly from a good few from the future too......   My work leans heavily on some aspects of the Hopi prohecies concerning a rainbow tribe and family, consisting of all races and ages, agreeing on some basic ethics like remunerating the cleansing of water and air, permaplant and pleachings besides freeing oppressed populaces from tyranny.       Far beyond and well before legitimating  and justifying free migration for any other reasons than these steppingstony stages it is imperative that we protect indiginous autonomy through combining the former's voluntary multiculturalisms and interracisms with respect for the latters decentralized and relatively private and local particulars. These extremes can meet to measure up and annotate each others regional oxygen balances for instance through multilingual, nonencrypted but multiply translated and transparant mechanisms, tabulating and turfing impersonal yet 'special' generalities, averages, laws and statistics which will succeed all the more, the better they follow the golden rule of combining and implementing dualities like ebb and flow, more mixing must logically entail more openness and transparancy on the one hand yet more distinctive and characteristic contributaries on the other, a bit like the mountainmother rock which eventually finds neighbouring particles representing those journeyed from all other parts of the watershed. Fire and air mix must faster of course, but even such identity and indemnity shape sift- and shiftings are not intractable.     Nobody but the blindly blunted have anything less eyeball precious to lose than a window to a whole and happy world.         I better differentiate myself and help you distinguish mine from the use of rainbow colours by the gay crowd right from the start lest my use of rainbow colours leads yall to miscontrue rather than come 'to a true strew' with and through me; 'Homoerotuckalls' don't get much closer to realizing any of the aims herein expounded than other gender senders, blenders, enders and offending benders; their militarist-imperial origins are a latent threat though their gleeful jumpstarting till the batteries are dead is a good defuser and pre-empter of macho violence spreading beyond consenting adults.
Another few distinction I need to make concern my (albeit complementary) differences from and with Greenpeaces
(I believe it evolvaluted already, do you see that?) though the gulf is much less wide between them and myself than it is in the above mentioned case; matter of fact, this here body of knowledge is just the other side of their coin, the hidden underbelly,  the neglected complement, the secret ingedient and missing link for their heroic quest to end war, destruction and insipid agression. My greatest tiff with them concerns and is best illustrated by pointing to my understanding of the deeper and less obvious meaning of one of their most used quotes, the one about the inedibility of money, purportedly from a native american, but wampun is at least literally just as unpalatable. Many of the hundreds of pages at this site intend to show that a type of money which is closer to the generic promise of prestige, freedom, liberation and celebration has always existed in earthlike conditions, it is the simple stuff now abused and prostituted, even literally, as a cover up for epitomistically polarized products like Range rovers, completely coated in mud and captioned with: mother's finest.....We need some new laws against such blatant lies and throw in an outlawing of single persons in cars for good measure while  we're at it.............. I just found another candidate for prosecution: pinnacle systems dares picture a girl kissing frogs with a caption which reads: edit out the frogs, keep the prince. Is the unreality of it legitimating the cynical take on the plight of frogs which has yet to approve from laws requiring 100 percent recycling? For more comment on ilk of this kind, like paintcompanies, offering toxic products all too often go here: ******888  my sample file  888******

I was hugely inspired by the following writers:
Robert Graves (R G),  Lawrence William Lyons, Tolkien, Sahlins, fruit growers and grafters, permapleachers and socalled death its birthright forefighters R G, Daniel Winter (D W), Arnold Keyserling (A K), James Joyce, Robert Hoffstein, John Michell R G, O K Maerth (OKM) Robert Lawlor (R L), Taoists like Reid, Francois Lyotard, John Hamaker *(J H), Arnold Keyserlng, Fuller, Tom Pawlicki (T P), Dan Winter,Ulrich von Beckerath, Silvio Gesell, George Gilder, R G, R L, Lawrence Rickels, O K M, John Ray, Charles Fourier  R G, James Demeo, O K Maerth J H, Philip Callahan (P H), Peter Lamborn Wilson, Poetpiet,  Christopher Bird A K, T P, Michael Schneider, Lawrence Blair (L B), J H, P H, Walter Russell, Julius Hensel, L B, T P, R G, A K, Lawrence Rickels, Theodor Lessing, Hakim Bey, R G, Tom Robbins,
= Bottom Line Aphoristically Ballistic Solutions Arouse Beleaf Systemics
check halfway down this file for more reflections and refractions concerning my take on rainbow
Bottom Line Opening Works ( BLOW)
Dedicated to harmonizing economy and ecology, soul and body (M+F).
This is a flag/ poster/ visiting card/ treasure map/ personalized currency/invitation/ benefactivist/ prototobleupreprint/ cosmology collection and advance credit voucher besides a digest of 40 years worth of life's lessons, all rolled into one.
(see inthrow for printing tips and conditions)
I (may) have some old style crutchety Dutch startup capital to pool for a tribal attempt at permapleachingly 'currenticing' biotecture; preferably with mixedly aged, specied and spaced, in short: old growth in the backyard past the toolshed and workshop. (see for a similar pipe dream).          Let's aim for a modest but whole watershed and send our leaders to the summits for a fostering dust to mud fluffing feast.          My 70 boxes of books are looking for a quiet, grateful home as well, they need one even more than I maybe, ....having been shut away in boxes for decades now; a spot by a garden at the edge of a forest, traffic out of earshot, etc... I'd pay to see that am planning a tour of intentional and happenstance communities  picked from a guide called Eurotopia.
Ever wondered how you can manage to metabolize inertia (physical + mental) for steady accrual? How to show your teeth so they will (pre)digest death itself? I much I didn't even find the time to brush mine but if anybody is getting a grip (begetting grippies) and begins to understand opposable fingers and Hegelian tools it just might be me.
Head, Heart + Hand(tool) space is Z playz, integer, whole yet multiply fractionated and principled without mass productions, defense and other forms of unsportsy slavery. Bit of an ugly job to do before getting us back to the pipe dreamtime again. Beat the bullies where it hurts their pocketbooks or something.
Fresh dust is the cozy and cageyness bridging, main theme here, welcome to the exciting world of mineral circulation. The will to (mechanically make and spray, blow or dab) fresh powder about can become an extension of organically and unconsciously mobilized will. In other words: the will to meta-mobilize fresh powder cannot be exerted.... proceeds not quite the same way in which will mobilizing fresh powder did of old, does, and will again under similar circumstances; not to mention speed and magnitude rate differences, but they can both organize (enhance, evoke and 'inform') each other. give or take a few hundreds of billions of lightyears, sunbeams or whatever. The will to powder may follow the powder that 'willed'; there is more use, simplicity, fun, etc in mimicry of than in arguing about accidental or designed origins of such phenomena as life.
Therefore fast forward to ***mimecha-neth-ically*** mobilized powder and keep it growing organically.
The texts here aim for duo- or comprogenderer patriotism, a kind of perpendicularizing dissemination: to dig, slice, dice and dish up the vitals of rock.
Green Con-N-on-Drumming and firing away on the road from part, past full to future time autonomy, independence, harmony, attractiveness and so on.  Nonreactionary, thus not fascism provoking activism revolving around (humility of) the most ancient and natural re- and conceptacle, blessed frictafructo-fertilizer: mineral milk!, be(s)motheringly making of which mimmicks, yet not without a fittingly ballsy gimmick prevents periodically imposed, by providing an agreeable kind of humility here considered choice enough to give voice.         Make a fist to match and tame, keep a breast of the ballsy, single out the bullies early enough to take and keep them easy, so they don't single themselves out making all others queasy, harness and engage all braves ready to bust too much tension toward pro-reductively feeding their family tree and set it off at declension. Gimme half of the defense budgets please.         ..
I would settle for a blue eyed bastardjew movie directorship(shapetreaty tree treat) to show GI JoeBlow the way to gogogrow on fun and valour; multidimensionally embedded and multigearedly racy, let me (live on the net) lead a few to herds of inflammation suitably armed to douse with dust and dispense with seeds (not to mention defuse da militant's paranoia). I try punch keys mostly to help allow them follow the armybranch orders they (and I) like best (I argue it needs equally strong legs to stand upon, one for enforcible ultimatums directed at tyrants, one for repair from the bottom on up) in order to free all kinds of complexity degrees sporting populaces up and down the food chain;  free the top of it from one secretive and nontransparantly centralized tyranny after another no less than the bottom end of it from one polish- and/or bustable boulderocking growth block before the next strata of 'throughrootability'  (literal translation from D+G) (oh sorry, no not Deleuze and Guattari, Dutch and German) is up.                 With a little luck they will turn their campaign trails into a path blazed for children’s fruit picking pageants within a mere few generations, the ballsy ones among them can do without bloodshed altogether and spil powder as much as they like going to feed oceanlife with it.
Prosem:  Lower the tolerance thresholds of and to (bio)freedoms, boost and burgeon the latter with the will to powder and flex the former cause light lives in and levers life from space,
it can paint the skies red sometimes and often looms big and orange too at horizone hours,  it showers us with golden yellow goodness of beaming mercy. Greyclad clouds wander along in and bycause of it. Will they find perfectly snug fits around and in green stuff, helped to enter it from below as just dust(sated waters) rewarding the mercurially wishy washy water bearers who care about the state of nature that tickle token tad on which rests the history of inspiration for the way of rights
 while dark dies and lies dead below it drifting on a sea of darkling fire.

the october 2000 remake of Prosem:
 Lower the tolerance thresholds of and to (bio)freedoms, boost and burgeon the latter with the will to powder and flex the former cause light lives in and levers our leafy life from way up in space,

painting our skies all reddish hues sometimes and often looming big and orangish  too at horizone hours,  it showers us with golden  yellow goodness of beaming mercy.  . Greyclad clouds wander along in and bycause of it.   Will any greenery find perfectly snug fits within this and the next nether global grrayinbow  zone?    Which we will help enter green mean from below as just dust(sated waters) rewarding the mercurially  wishy washy water bearers who care about the state and standing of nature with that particularly preticklish token tad, that dab, subtle but decisive on which rests the history of inspiration for the way of rights
while dark dies and lies dead below it drifting on a sea of darkling fire.

Countin on ya The following has been on my site a year or so but after my net presence totals about 2 of them I think the time is ripe to see if it is all worthwile (yet). A  brainflexing beancounter spoof to start you off: counter courtesy conveyance:
Chances are you are a great deal nimbler than, I mean, aren't you unlikely to be number than, and become even more numerous yet, than, I mean go to pieces more numberlessly than the number you are is  100 000001 11011 0111 0 000 00011 ?   and that means you may well be one of the most singular amongst and amidst the innumerably untold numbers to not (n)ever visit this site. Please state turf(t)abu(l)ably publishable preferences and strenghtening cone action we aves you accomplished in some or all of the following categories so far, perhaps do it again after this material has influenced (y)our actions so we can start a credential Union to rival the UN which has been fucked over by the US far too long already. I am not a hero with numbers, this is as far as I dare go without knowing you a little better: 0time 1solar and tecto-fire; 2ashes; 3rock; 4mud; 5plant; 6animal; 7human;  =7+3.0=2+0=4+5+6+7.0=0         You are more and more Welcome the further along you get into my 1 Meg of text only, sound but so far silent bites roughly ranging from 1(my rare mini essays) to 18 aphorisms per page in 22 files.         This Megabyte of text is a type of fake flour patch for you,   chockablock with tight turn rigor displaying prosepoetry         Up next: a rainbow signifying the subjects at this site, it can(not yet, for reasons mentioned earlier) make you stink steeper in- and onto the 22 files at zis incling click linkmage stage page; but even though from here you cannot yet take your click-pick to unfold these following subjects  you can click here and read through some slightly less poetic sample summaries of 6 or 7 lines each above the following sort of symbolset (coloured in your link colour prefs if you have used your override function): 888******8888*****88* which click you into a follow up on what you just read to see if, what and which of the shady sides for shy Hades you fancy.
Subject matter of factish overview: 0= trees lovingly encompass light and darkness; =0  10=from hip and flowery power to grippy grey powdery flour hidden in and tickled from the knots and moments that trigger time like spinning geometries of the life between leaf and letter that spell out laws of nature's language=10

1=the magnetism and libido connections,  thorough- or wayfaring trees or erections=1 2=eclection, tolerance and solidarity, solar, mineral and other economies, agression, technology, strategy and norm=2 3=the traffic between hard and frozen to fine feelings fronts=3 9=gender muddle and other dualities like cloud and dust cycles=9 4=quite modest yet equally memorable music on the road from arms to musical g(u)ardening tools=4 9=more natural multiplicity justifies mercy; fresh mud accounting=95=gaialogical personifications, principles and values to take personally=5 6=life between ancestors and posterity, rooting route routine regiment=6 7=future of victorious vitality, a way of life=7 
8=bibliography and index=8 The indexed bibliography listing the least known of my favorite resources and references to seeds, (hand)tools, directories, magazines, guides, catalogs, methods and other aspects most completely.
Motto: Mute and voteless participants in the food chain of beings may be small but outnumberingly numerous and if democracy wants to protect minorities rather than impose majority rule, it had better take note of these ancestors and keep 'm happy, personification of such hap- and helpless critters would be keynote of any and all new and improved religion, humble and benevolent.         Ask any from amongst Myriads of rocksoftening miniscules and they 'll confirm that humans (he and hy both but differently) are soft on helping biomamass and aloft, good at buggering and burning it, bad at earning it.....         Microbe soft, where do you want to grow to stay and wend your way aloft? (see linguae chapter for some Joycean microbesoftened mine era all). The economy ultimately runs on metabolization of sunshine, the rate of which is a prime candidate for a truely honest standard of value, this process can be most suitably stimulated with such crop sweetening charges as any paramagnetic rock(dust) can provide.         The full spectrum trace minerals present in lava's, basalts, and glacial gravels act as catalysts in the process of growing disease resistant, nutritious and tasty foods, so lets expand the reach, range and after effects of sonic resonances so far but poorly employed in sermons, concerts, speeches and presentations; go listen to a rock grinder and imagine what this ice age mimicking size reduction could do for ecology, (provide humility, humus, extasy, put an end to scarcity, phallic fallacies, life atrophying technology addictions and protheses production) when instruments become pageant pilgrim taskforce, truely moving instrewments.
I regard a basic and common kind of (p)recursion as most provisionar(il)y innovative '(pre)venting', understood as '(p)reduction', that is to say: the kind which enables, stimulates, catalyzes, etc, the
metabolization of minerals:
oxide reduction
reversed fireworks, ashes the hard way; it is more manly to throw water into rock than vice versa. If matter is but light with a talent for accretion and intense densifying, putting on weight and it into the scale, with life un- and enfolding between these extremes it follows that refreshing where and when growing conditions are favorable is a good idea.         Render back to rega-l-and hand lender his legal tender; the rate of photosynthesis stimulated, salvaged, served and savoured as an accurate and regional value standard.          Would it not contrast perfectly with the exclusive, top down and speculative credit emission founding fables (except mine of course) playing havoc with the cooperative roots of capitalism?          Agression expressed constructively (get the bullykids to toast their testing on size reduction musiclamour) makes the difference between provision of abundance versus fighting over scarce goods. Mobilizing for terraficully vertical traffic. Ideally ballsy braves can deliver proof of their prowess and excercize their muscle in solid ball games resulting in polished and powdered rock in emulation of the once statuary (but since crumbling) achetype and role model Cernunnos who let his wealth run away onto and into the ground for which all creation loved him. Historians may scoff at this romantic 'potion notion' taken from a myth they interpret bluntly as just another deified hunting hero but if we are ever to use our mettle and metal peacefully (Cernunnos' torqued ramheaded snake leads me to suspect he minted 'coin of the realm', this thus, wether or not modulated and fancified model is a good start.         (BLFS) Thus begins an ancient tree alphabet-calender, a letter per moon, but now we live in the age of raging and rapid firing. (Bo(u)lder Language For Security).         The harder money becomes, the more optimistic market ratings get. It often gets softened by bloating infloaters to pack and ship receivers off by consensus if not clout, tis the nothing new order of the era; it's time to sprout the kernel of truthfrom this crude and rude bolster best broken in just time, namely that such rhetoric may be taken to mean the following at a more quintessential, primary, fundamental, deep, substantial and basic level: more realistic market ratings thanks to a hard sort of current carrier softened: paramagnetic rockdust catalizes accumulation of quality photosynthesized biomass; more, more and never enough with succesrates as local, regional and perhaps one day global standards of value.         Food, fibre and soilbanking through roots' right of way. At the humble side of life, small change is never too dearly dour, so plow her in, that fluxily fix for fun and freedom: long live reducible karmadeductable flowerable flours that lead us to and through the mystery of many monies' worthwile truthful hours.         On the long raid ridden road back to a true gift economy the ideal inflation free, symbolic yet significant and systematic monies must be: sensitive: dated and timed (in/out); informative: provided with specs about, emission conditions, circumstances, location and intent, such as par participants, etc; and:steadily stabilizing: accurate trade statistics and reports  must be up to date and updated frequently.         In short: definite, descriptive properties need be listed. Libertarians are in love with cryptography, they figure it is a crowbar to pry into and break or circumvent big bad government, as the case may require. I love playful cryptism like James Joyce's but not the manipulative kind which may indeed be used against bothersome bodies but as easily by them. I stand for decryptive pro (p)revisionism and reprovisualizing.

If you haven't come by way of the main switching yard you may not have seen this yet, the latest hybrid poem:
I did a version of the author list (above) in such a hued table in: ../bibliography_and_index.htmJ R Tolkien, Maarten Toonder, Ulrich von Beckerath Hitec bibliographies (Bibles for short) and chosen few snobbishness left behind for permapleached forests as future reference **********************************
 I remain col(loidally)d cool conductive swhivft deliverer; scrotum and nipple tighteningly no less than rockpolish- and looseningly yours:  lemme know either way: