bottomline gaialogical principles and values; grand gaia cycles, find'm good enough to help her grind 'm
Gaean cosmology
My theme in gaian contextural poetickles, my oldest writs, mostly much less regrettable and more forgivable cases of personification than some long since institutionalized ones like that of the sun, this one is about the other end of the density, visibility and some other spectra.God (doesn't) forbid a following to devour, encrypt and abuse something like this, already mere symbol and word without deed for now.

The fragment titles as far as they have any:  sources for this chapter x x x must mix much fire and ice to feel real fine and nice x x x this is your glacier speaking through clenched teeth x x x hatch a glacial egg, x x x a much less regrettable and unforgivable personification x x x form an e norm x x x flunky flyer yet forerunner of a fulfillment of sorts x x x in defense of ecolonomics x x x mobilize babies (rocks) and baby immobility (rocks) x x x ancestral rock rocks the clock a round ancestralistically x x x can gaia come and go between guns and gonads x x x it is a pleasure to pry and perk some pent up powder x x x vert ego of single celler sexiness x x x pretty powerful personification potential x x x careful now x x x woundz and boundz or beauty bound and wound,bent on unbinding the bended winds of mind x x x gra-vital--- x x x mothers milk
Sources for Gaean cosmology:
(3) Dan Winter; ---(2) W H Hudson+, naturalist; (2) Lessing; (2) John Michell, sustainable nomadism and sacred geometry in the landscape-    (1) Tom Pawlicki, Box 38007, 794 Fort st, Victoria BC, V8W 1HO, Canada, Published by Prentice Hall (see appendix for his physics of miracles);     Luther Burbank+, The legendary plantbreeder     Victor Schauberger +, a vortex and implosion expert and inventer    Callum Coats wrote a book about him and his work; Causes from NM keeps some of his idea's turning over too.    Walter Russell+, a cosmologist who's University of science and philosophy is still sending home study courses and who's former residence is now a museum in Swannanoa, Va, Box 520, Waynesboro, 22980  USA    Energy Unlimited PO 3310, Laredo Tx 78044, USA workshop for inventions with V S and W R as mastermind modelers      Borderland Sciences Research PO 429 Garber ville, Ca 95440, USA;     Int Tesla Soc , 350-A West Uintah, Suite #115, Colorado Springs; Co 80905, Tesla Book Co, POB 121873, Chula Vista, Ca 91912,  USA and the Psychotronic Ass.  ?  keep the legend of still classified  Tesla+ material alive. See the summer 94 issue of Skeptical enquirer to learn how to throw out the baby with the bath water, regarding this, astrology and much more.    James DeMeo (Orgone and Biophysics Lab, Box 13 95, El Cerrito, Ca 94530 Co-op America, 2100 M stNW#403, DC 20063,  USA      Seattle Institute for Life sciences, 6519 40th NE, Seattle WA 98115, USA, this is run by Dwight Bulkley     Cesare Marchetti, a technocratic genius at IIASA, International Institute for Applied  System Analysis, in 2361 Laxemburg, Austria.     Green Peace and Parties, Bioregional and Ecology movements    William I Thompson: books and 'Annals of earth' periodical from Ocean Arks Institute, 10 Shanks Pond Rd, Falmouth Ma 02540     Jose Arguelles--- --Lawrence Blair-- -Michael S Schneider-- -Jonathan Tennenbaum- --Coxeter
Welcome to the fastest yet most solid(ly formatted) poetry on earth:  about 7 Megs spread out across over 88 files (averaging over 88 K'z colourful text and 4 megs worth of images) worth of contextual BLABS = BottomLine Aphoristically Ballistic Solutions meaning: Solutions which break uncivilly polarizing centralizations up or open, wether institutionally animatedor simply, inertly dormant yet animatable, by pushing the logistic limits inventively, notably those (rocks) constraining vertical metabolisms (of trees).
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  Must mix much fire and ice to feel real fine and nice:  Glands learn how to digest emotion (Winter).     Weight and impact times karma and feelings make weather and justice with purity its fruit and sanctity its wages.     Must I give the earth my just lust for dust yet?     According to Gurdjeff, topnotch and coherent emotion is a debt we owe all inertia (which by definition couldn't care less about agonizing for organization which only adds arms to an already unstable and big enough clock besides more mouths to feed).       Mama's lustily magic carpet crust lives off of many tiny dabs of dust, so churn it up and turn it out before back into it we must.    Emotional coherence in tune with deep sleep will realize its debt to and depth through body as it awakes to the stable churn of the planet, its watery souls, its spirit and spunk.    Beating frozen feeling is a glacial impact sport, a preliminary to, yet concomittant with dissolving permanently parched and dreadfully dead rock    .Let's bring some weighty matters up to bear life on, let's decide to carry emotional weight, let's be newradic nomadic, it's the only way to have some wellfed and happy to be back on track sprouts who snappily upgradate stone as they tote and tool around some newfangled votecasters with stout clout.    Match mercy's momentum, justify it with splitsecond to none thrust worthyness.      My first somewhat smooth big mama poem:  To give stone hard rock a blush and growth,  just roll it through a mill,  it makes time humane an' 'live,  to give some crunchy rock a thrill. Mammy's brandnew do we 'll found,  heal her wounds with finest ground, so soon her juicy flirtile resplungent mirrorhall, can bear us up, stay one and fill other kinda fall.        Her colours and scents, her sights and sounds move us true and pure, she stretches forth some kind limbkin to all her brood who break or make love, she yields or wields as ever she did, let us mind her simple love for variety with devotion.  Bycause before and after all she is home to die, live, feed and breed in, on and for a while to all she squeezes from her manifold enchanting lips.        Before the cold hits home to force us in the knees when wrenchlinkskins can't weave nor tie knots to and fro between micronitgrit and macro sparkly twinkles, better apply cerebral strategies to reuse, -duce and -currentize the jubilateous holiday celebration ingredient and subject this seemingly seamless tangle of subdued innards (rock is an egg and so is the sun, ahot glowing one, according to Hensel; in Dutch the phonetic relation is obvious: kei is een ei, which I dent + defy as the source of life's far too long withheld deep breath) to a squeezmishy mashy objectification, so it comes to buoy and tensilize the tight spaceless vacuum between one lost in the massive mass momentum sucked up tight and dry against the next nearest speck of downtrodden and imperviously aloof subversive inertia.         I sing the praise of most potent nuptials, I catalize capital rock's rigidity riddlement to facilitate wet mate meeting swells, I receptable, welcome and substantiate the sun's ephemeral, subtly beaming impulses from above; thus micromobility matches the macrokind.        I walk a musical beat that allows differentiation and restoration of the biosphere. Airtightly locked purse, crammed chockful with cramped unbusted gaiarealm currency, when may we breathe and flood life back into you and our deserts, what enticing tool will kiss you awake, superfluidizing ice age long time and no gain, frozen feeling and incarnation cues that boom and bust like bombs and babylon, breaking vessels to be and vessels we presently see in such innately, undiscerning wayz?      Quirky quarrying provides groovy groves, those choosy chores will revive poetic lores and mores to improve sentientization of the periodic tabloid.     Enter faery fairly fearlessly, so the day may come, when we are found to do away with this and make a way for that (tease for taunt and tit for tat). We lay the day we have, to hold, and never let it bounce back into space so cold, where tales about how we don't know when we got it good could be told.      For gaia an interglacial is like a fever says Lovelock.        What better telltale betokening harbinger of enc- and approaching ice ages than printing and copying paperd pulp left at least half white. This comes as no suprise; no reasonable growing season left, after, if and when humans have been of seasonable reason bereft.  Reduce size of potentially fertile substance, don't sterily symbolicize it. If you read me right, you 'll write me such a grateful receipt, fresh dust, my favorite message delivered, leave it anywhere you want leaves, engrave legible and lastingly before heading to your own interment (ter aarde bestelling = burial). If cycling is not an illusion, recycling need not be one either, pollution is a measure of inefficiency which in turn tells you you are losing money in the long.      This is your glacier speaking through clenched teeth Ground and freshly ground(ed) rocks, lose the strained inertia of all too well wound clocks, it sets live cogs arun without glacially tout white out havocy clogs, right and ready to charge life for, with and where what all is due.     Study the possible ice age trigger upstart, callibrator and overshooter (witness our present fever): the good growth ingredients called carbon compounds.    All sentientizing happens most intensely at the edge of inertia which would otherwise remain comparatively steady as she goes elsewhere, even when you extend your timehorizon to include ice ages stripping to and growing from bare bone stone, this ebb and flow from outposts of Gaea's tectonic dragons is solid enough at heart and her sleepily still will is consistently patient enough even though it may be incredibly hot deep down inside, to await the milling thrill of goose bumpy caresses from her merrily wheeling way with chinese box sprung jacks of all living trades, she will lead her ghosts, aliens, refugees, outlaws, rejects, convicts, runaways, jailbirds, bums and alco-hobos to square accounts with differently deprived bet fellows at the other side of the respectability fence, ya hear? They may well all together get ready and be taken on to wage peace.    A thirsty dragon will spend a little fire any less than that would provoke his ire and such belittlement could cost us dire, so pray, pry, wrestle and wrench with healing hands,  on prosthetically kneeding knees, to boost your mettle and put steel to good treefeeding use.    Hatch a glacial egg: A godforsaken doggone glacial egg can only mutely beg for the breath of birth with undying patience, our consumed perspective generously penetrating beyond appearances allows her to trade enticements of raw material for biomass deployment; we wet and further our visionary appetite at the same time we match and break her passive resistance actively, when the specious specks are met wet, given a reducting soak and shine, proficiat exultantus.    She got tumbled down slow and crunchily by the wise white wizard weather wheelers and outlived the chinese box layerpeel that stripped her brothers and sisters, shedding layer after layer of the skinniest thin skin flakes in various forms with a large thirst to slake and become slippery lifespan vivifyers.    8000 years of roots came and went, changing the balance drastically and the ensuing calm seemed almost as intense as her inner life, if she could breathe she would sigh now and wonder if she will ever hatch a batch to match the past tide with fresh life stirrups. Some havoc wreaking creatures who commanded a force faintly reminiscent of the one which moved her here, were capable of splendid polish but a complementary sense of humus that can begin to win fresh kin seemed lacking, at least to be much less in evidence. They are too much like us at heart she would think (if she could) to leave us so dry. Just as well maybe, the air and water they could feed me are hard to stomach, better to let them and their pests pass away first.    As it happens she is yet to be broke and given a soak, but not left lying undiscerned, father timelessly true saw that his "paquatsjies" (rockspirits, trolls) were blue  and wept wistfully at the edge of dying back biomass magic.               To pre-vent all that can be, there is a sure fire way you  see:  "listen up rock, do you hear?, if you can't, don't worry, have no fear, we'll lend you an ear" we'll hug, squeeze and smack you hard enough to evoke a crack to help things along, singing: "breathe deep, wake from your sleep" whackitywack; we then muck the mockalive thoroughly to stop flying in the face of the fact that you 're leaving again to help out other stick in the mud lumpyness and leave it too,  in the way of growth for the first bubbly sighnz of life                 I kneel to feed that kneedeep creed with healing credit which needful deed has a ways to go for the beleaf of our language crystalz to succeed. A watercraving crystal in heat, I mean real hard up for a knead is the call you simply must heed, cause nothing get's as violently thirsty for drastic plastic as a rock in heat.            Some people just pass the time without touching much of it, sortalike the indoor type, apathetic, indifferent, resistant and inert like the rocky structures they hide and seek shelter in. But massaged bony memory of mama's multimagnetic membranes literally bubble up from the baitin waitin mode when her paramagnetized rocks get well affrictionated, watered, warmed, etc for bioamassment.                     Next 3 bits were written at Springhill Farm, Aylesbury near Oxford, then rewritten in the USA and adjusted some more in Europe. peoplekind's between terrestrial and astronomical spincycle ratioz.       Tectonic fuel is an exhaustble resource whether we went from ape to man or came from now lifeless Mars; we 've been through a bunch of scarcity ice ages already and might have to again bycause of messing with stronger stimulants which denude and emaciate the royal crust of real sustenance for our gut. The angry dry droughts and drenches of flash fire and flood become enthused stride and strut once we cease toting and treating life like just a slut. Can we heed its needs before we lose all to finally get together in a rut?              Form an e norm:  Dig that girlishly shy rock at your feet and service, most concentrated prop-pronent of the feminine principle, lift her from her damned but pure yet rigidly (cess)pooled mater-realm, squeeze her so tight that she gives all of herself to tidal waves of orgasminiczations, all the way down on in to her microcosmicly elemental bits, only then can she start to feel loved to the core and more so when that first and foremostly sacred coupling of two parts males and one female (H2O) is welcomed to complete the associability of wet and dry oxides reducing together in the sun reception serving the lavish appearance of multifarious offspring (see Hensel and Graves).              Pebbles, fieldstones, glacial gravel deposits and exposed bedrock are thus faithfully bound into the noblest lineage so their precious wetting presents make a tie out of the initial tease squeeze to keep them from being blown away, obscuring vision and arresting respiration. Organize rockdusts, stoneflours, gravelpowders, breakslibs and floats with rain and shine into a stable non in- or deflationary bank branching worldwide for every organism's trustworthy credit.      Help unmuddled marble to the living gloss and high polish which fresh mudfed leaves afford from microlife bite size dust swept under our ailing carpet to furnish fun for fingers and feasts for the eyes.       Come see through a truely radical green and lyricist dare  a lit up nitgrit to feed our philosophically rooted hair.     Break the dry dead skins underfoot with thoughtfully strategized tools to pump the (brix readings registering on a 75 dollar, handheld spectrometer which measures ripe- and nutritiousness, very dependent on a full trace mineral spectrum, with a drop of plantjuice) skinclad orbs overhead up tout with the unsullied sensibility of an enlightened fool.       Save your seed to steel your fuse, then mint and spread the coin of the realm, save the day, you can, you may wave and root your hair with your freshly tapped and soon scented fragrant air.                          Flunked flyer, yet forerunner of a fullfillment of sorts:  dear management and/or womanagement, this questionaire concerns the fertilizing properties of the byproduct from asphalt and other stone crushing plants called 'minus 200' or 'filler dust' for farm, garden and wilderness alike.                Since life came to earth, we humans seem to have become very unlike yet still dependent on subsumed sumptiousness of micro organics. Quarrymen may have noticed how quick a filmy layer of green slime forms on fresh dust in warm puddles besides air bubbles from freshly reduced and hydrocarbonated oxides, becoming a curly crust when dried out. We are less like than dependent on such single celled organisms from the  opposite side of the food chain, and they thrive on the intimate proximity of full spectrum minerals, water and light resulting in reduction of the wet and dry oxide mixture which is synonymous to photosynthesis.      Unfortunately the laws of greed dictate pitching fine ancestral versus financial support  instead of modeling the latter on the former.    There are other in- and perverse analogies also: usurped and monopolised money emission rights result in gigantic debts which the already disowned people have to service and not only in third world sucker countries, compare this to basic bottom on up, climate engine driven size selection which makes for soil&savings, another confusing one is the battle termed 'conventional' (chemical) versus 'organic' kinda like democracy vs minorities (which was conventional up until a hundred years ago) agriculture.    Organic farmers in the vicinity of usually dumped fresh rock powders can come get it free or cheap to 'organize' and sweeten a crop with it, the demand for stone flour is proportionate to the awareness of a nutrition and fertility problem (which gets ignored in the spirit of the day hoping to outdo and become better than nature, meanwhile deficiencies of some sort or another are a good bet for short term, more meterable and reactionary profits of power; dependency driven accumulation). Minds with a more discerning bend can intuit or dowse the eminently basic fertilizing properties before tasting them, but when the harvest ripens it is nice to know that it was not just a superstition and this is within reach now that the Brix meter spectrometer and Callahans instruments are on the market (see Acres USA).                 The soilamendment minerals commercially available at present are usually basalts, granites, lavas and ancient seafloors. Mixed rockdust such as found in glacial deposits are not among them except for Rado Rock from Mt, but may eventually do as well as the best soils where they are found did in their prime. I for one make my stand in favor of circulating these fresh wet glacial or dry volcanic currents minted as most ancient and true coin of not just our realm.              I decline to sum up the derogatory denigrators directed at this fractally singular subject, suffice it to say they are as numerous as the money inflators who keep up, fall in step and run in sync with chemical agriculturalists, not to mention the colluding medicine, fuel, power and legalist lobbies when it comes to washing out and burning up oldfashioned and ancient decency values.      fellow follow up on ground breaking efforts left fallow for a little lag of time.  6 years later a two day USDA conference (recorded by and available from Dan Winter on video and the texts are on  the USDA netpages) was held with the Stone Ass, Quarry Companies, and at least one NOFA member besides plot-testers and the illustrous Colonel Taylor etc in attendance but I was studying something else and lack of communication caused by shipburning behind to have clean slate in front of me I was unaware of this till after the fact but it is nice to see that other people pick up the threads as a few more of those longing to belong to long wave story weavers too.           In defense of ecolonomics:  The slow grind of crustal tectonics and ice ages is in the process of being augmented by a faster faction of phenomenal forces, their yet tiny thrust of strategic technique is applied in equally vertical, up roariously righteous, charismatically in- yet interdependent fashion, looking live and fusable with the new as well as the best of the old economic order, its formerly fucked up selection process: centralism, likewise finds complementation through diversified variety of veracity so evolution does too by such development.          Big ice ages and large centralized, more mental mints are similarly diehard far and few between, both birds of an inflationary feather after a fashion.          Tecto-climatically driven volcanoes and/or natural current's raw material crushing cunning can callibrate the friction factor regarding mineral hoards and wealth; they squeeze and increase pressure or let and ease it up for a more 'tolerant' and idling mode; this process of pulverization allows rock to take up and fill in space and water for life.      Graveldust as produced by ice ages have life supporting qualities that are imperfectly mimicked, aped and, yes, you guessed it, abstractly anthropomorh-, steril-, devital- and centralized as or by money and tender tendering tendencies which are not very naturally analogous to the ones a decently decentralized money emission mint might afford us anymore since the ages when mature trees and gods like Cernunnos had standing. Why would one glacier demand, dominate and derive prvileges through emissionrights monopolization causing all rocks and their dusts to be carried to and fro this wise-ass alpha-lead swinging figurehead from as far away as its sucker-subjecting, supposed singularity (read: forcefully conscripted army) reaches. Monetary circulation catalyzing central banks use interest rates as a feasibilty and performance threshold determining wether or not planning and\or emperor dressing pretenses take place and revisably versa vicy. Central bankers and speculators are like Tom and Jerry: fake enscenations (see Michael Lewis). Similarly the focus on local rather than collectively averaged rates of optimal photosynthesis as inter esse (between extreme beings: dark and light) which determines the activity and absorption capacity of precipitation and compost with plenty reducible oxides is the future music of an economy come and gone, full circle, back to beginnings and principles (the most intriguing text in the whole Bible is the very first one) to perfect synchronic mimicry, allowing human kinds to earn their keep and extend their welcome.            Everyone's lubricity starts at the densemost borders of spiritual matters according to Piet ex- and pounder of NIMBLY: Nuttrees In My Boundlessly Lush Yard.            If you can spare a thought, apply it to the merits and credits from big time convincing of the to no time convicted, all time hoarding rock.                Today's pipedreams are tomorrows routines, when you try to tackletackle the tallest task to taste and as Herculean as possible succesfully, I will find you tickling the oxygen out of uptight contracts and give new meaning to expansionist culture.     Blow upon and into the heavy- and hardhearted rocxides so that they can ride on, in and with the earthbelting, icemelting photonconveyance in the company of their noble, wet, simple and fleet of foot sibling: water, set time free to tick and kick the way it will, edge breathing space into the cracks and between the specks of unlockleased rock or leave the job for glaciers to do at a later date. The big question is are they substituting for us or can we take over their chore, drop for drop, pinch for pinch.                     Hope my minerals as money mentality may mobilize babies and baby immobility into body and mind wedlocks. A matter of paying tension to trees with a singular sense of purpose; the potentialized presence of size reduced, unpacked and -folded trace elements as found though yet bound in tectochemical and geophysically, in short gaialogically mixed minerals and gravels, will when unravelled aid diversification as much as any similar beneficial and local news, needs and vacancies re- and/or accounting community efforts set up to inventorize tools, resources and skills, to advertize, propose and/or pay paraphernalia which can get a social move on back there. The pounds of pressure we need to do the former can be taken from and replacing the pinball-billiard bowling bullet and bomb belligerence; nuclear energy needs to stay where it is most at home of course: inside mama's most personally deep down low selfsome being. Those who would travel on and off the ground but out of touch rather than through trees must learn to like dust and partake of schemes to upscale the inanimate or part company with the strings of their life supporting things.              Ancestral rock: Ancestralistically rocking the clock a round; Rocks are our ancestors, better get down on, through to 'm and them through you. Pray for strenght to wrest their blessings with their conservation matching clasp and set them going, that is, coming your way; if we don't, something less animate like glaciers might do it for us but first we will fall prey to what large quantities of them as come on duty during ice ages may represent and embody: our negligence, before their inclemency grates on people as much as those glaciations are hard on rocks. We could own up to a debt or be their delegates? At what costs do armies mobilize? The bigger ones even manage to in the name of peace, but imagine managing peace with parched lip servicing pragmatricks such as I poetically stipulate. Hamaker thought the marines would have to convert very fast to forestall the next installment of natural punishment but he was at the very least right about the amounts of energy costs if not about the exact time schedule. So come on, let's get down and dance to the rhythms of cold hard dark compactness unfolding to meet light 's increase and life's vigorous promotion. Pick and crush rocks up to rain and shine down on hellraised life from immobile yet momentous time's storeroom. Does rock want to come alive as much as we want to stay it,....make it,.....lifelong ...lasting.... lovableness?       Let us be soulmediating traffickers between micro and macro lingo of periodic table and heavenly bodies to feel brandnew when we get through, back to dust we must, forward with dust we may, take time to heart and make it come alive, instead of killing it, instead of leaving rock for dead, leaf it for life, squeeze rock a little every day to have a well considered time and know how flexible and abundant it is. We are in and of time already but can be for it to make it ours and have a good few in one go...    Respect mother nature's lavish and wasteful fondness of recycling. Her tides are larger than life and so can we be too, if I may hazard a guess we rush to get in line for renavel- and cording  to feed from the biolifespanners when our number comes up again.       Behold this bitter irony, our soilbank of fertility  we rob with a(s)sumptuously extortionist chemistry and choke it under pompous technicalities and conveniences, calling it names like crummy dirt.      Honour small beginnings to offset flights of fancy. Call a spade a spade, especially in a spacy age. Spacing rock is size reduction to animate rocks in space.         Are we lashing out and clashing with our dying fright or crashing and splashing for our living delight?     Defuse and diffuse rigid rock from snap, crack, gurgle and roar, to sing, yell, warble and more.     Pertinent Pete impersonates and interprets grandmama's giddy goo: "Hey now...can you follow me somehow, don't you see me break some locks to restrain, knit and presustain you, jump on my bones, have a jump on me and keep it too".      Rocks are to machines what will is to thought in the grave corridors of biospherection. Will we see our mechanic genius relieve ice ages from their long arduous and chastising work? It would take note of all the nuttily vital, tough and dry molecular skin, the interlocking tangle of specs and flakeframes worth a salty prevention-mention, that is the ones impervious to their wet kin.       Will constructive strategy comes to break the tension so lavish, photongenital and reductionic refueling from and for bottoms on up sentience can take place?      A rockdissipator is a prephotosynthesizer with better aim than rude crude blunderbully glaciers; pragmatically and so nonmusically speaking, they do much the same thing: destroy the rigid structure of very inflexibly local, too tight touch, the epitomy of inbreeding, enter water as growth carriage percolating pinball-bubbles down to swell and evaporate up through growth constituted of thus crumbled matrices with their thousands of element-combo-cule figuratioz climbing along while on the rising part of the circuitous cloud to fruit to ocean routes and tides.            Remineralizing ice ages lay down and dish out the foundation and credit for climax climates with their slow but sure supplying of powdered minerals. If we warm enough to speeding up our honourable graduation rollcall chances. Get busy tickling some potential currency with a rhythmical rumble and churn to do the eggily rigid lumps and bumps a good tensility turn,  they will start trade and traffic with the wet oxide which can give 'm a ride up and out into the biosphere, the only honest kind of money left at and often leaved by our ubiquitous bank laughing all the way, that is, giving a cheer to all the wayside lovers  and participants helping coin fresh clay, begin the serious game that can play to stay.             Can Gaia come and (get to) go between guns and gonads: Don't fuel strategy with the cold gales of motives from the make believe, oneway side of life and death sequences but with the ones bubbling up from the heartfelt willwell anchored in the stars, draw them down through warm waves of intimacy and simple pleasures (home orchard), meeting their match on the surface of the fiercest furnaces for gravity's most dangerously pervasive attraction, so her reactors quit acting up for life. Fucking with them proves a damn sight more lastingly hazardous than our equally cheeky rummaging around in wombs with academically sterilized scalpels, especially in the case of animals and dictatorially disecting dignity divesters, hoping for perversible power all the blinded way. We need to help her make a nice moist breathing blanket which gently undulates from 80 feet above to 8 feet into the soil so she dont come to beg, lie, nag, steal or borrow, she likes peoples heads full of insights, not parasites, their gonads swell and tout when flooded, soft and loose while ebbed in flexible rhythms, filled and well provided for, inside and out.      Oxide reduction:  I will simply sidestep a curse, even if it sounds like the worst. I just keep deepening the dip in the fragrance purse of my forgiving nomansland universe, where there is plenty enough stone flour to sentientize and soak up each cloud burst that rolls on in after and cause I wake rock's lively thirst, I go on rummaging in the utterly shaded side  of the fit feed for sunsent fuel, acting as lure and hankerment anchor after all, nothing beats first things first and that is to trade permanent darkness for daily colours cause good shape and happy identity wanna be preimbursed.    Majestic magaia, otherwise known as magnificent mayaga takes us the extra special magic mystery miracle mile if we wish on our best stars. Nothing has more yielding and wielding yet intimately modest power for that, but still we make her parch, bald, rage, pant, waste and rant by cutting the limbs we sit on, losing her confident coo coax callibration, her subtly promissory and challenging omens which whisper of suprise and advantage, until we harness our sterile type logic some way.                     Crustalustalustre dusts muster fresh vitality on the make for freeflow justice to take hold on it; mud and marble, diamonds and dust,  a lick-floop-flick-slap-flop trickle milkthick stoney water marries the moist and clear type oxides  under a blessing sun.    P: It is a pleasure to pry and perk some pent up powder.  Put some rigor through stone, pull some vigor from bone (mishearing: pour some sugar on me) Yes dead locked Gaia bone, it can fund and fetch back all persons pulled from their potty too soon. So sonny, go to, set 'm back up for redemptive unpenting with your rock and rock it crutcher, the microclimate pocket lushers, used by all kings of a queendom as her microlife blushers, upping mediation speeds for all shape, size and form  of colourful senses to reduce real touch divorcing distances and decimate those rough rock road blocks which can down beams safely.      The clear and closely related oxides of hydrogen and silica are both able to freeze or flow, water pulls the rest of their reducable kin up from the crust a ways tensile and tout, helping 'm grow.     Fluid quarts is gunky love and shifty as rainbow gathering itineraries,  volcanic activity and the weather are too.     We need gaian neocomix from divercity economix.     The deeper the neglect to root in reality, the more ephemeral the vision.       Let's do nothing right, don't just pass it up and by but do it justice in passing. An honest coward's heaven is a bully's hell.      Cleave, sieve, swivel and sway, then wet and weave to leave your clay with strands of light met with the righteous might into treefed glands for the flight of spirit and many a happy day.     The gaian garden guerillas are comradical nomadz who check the much and encourage the little with bash per ounce and ash per bounce, they blaze trail as much as they cover track.     Vert-e-go of single celled sexiness:  Extend gaia her lower dense and tense borders for that buoyant springlike resilience that shows how she feeds the tiniest mouths; give her room to start breath at the bottom and she will give you womb to breed at the top, a fair deal and case of complemented vulvavalving pussypower exchange. We owe her such coherent sentiments of develop-mental evolution and physical re-evolution.     Rea(scensi)on: The cold light of reason is slowly coming back to its senses, an all inclusive one of proportion, where it can derive pleasure from helping the biosphere's bottomrungs help us so everyone and -thing together does what it does best.     Mellow weather, heal scarcity, melt glaciers and find-fund-fount your homey grail, don't go be yonder the pail,  just break rock gently down life's stream to rev her reverently and turn her on, for this to learn we came to toy and tool around with instrewmentality which may sanctify our sexistence and all increment.     The hesitant proclivity of tightly formated of subjectivity to let out their secrets and be touched off to enter the streams of life suffers polite circumvention, neglect and abuse, but will most truely serve when a more thorough squeeze brings some of that old news back to date true upward mobility.    Gaia thinks no tanks but would thank deep thought, and so would her woods.     Old habits and rocks change only under great pressure.    P: Pretty powerful personification potential Mass hysterics mime proximate molecules in crowded rock and microlife in search of spontaneous co(r)responsability.    The heavy metal frict fract factions bang heads as if they mime size reduction machines.     Anonymous massive momentum is nature's recipe,  these crude early stage moves of evolution's amoeba soup are mimicked by the shoulder rubbing intimacy of stadium and dance floor.     Crowdz act out single cell wigglers with a safety in numbers vibe, all one but not alone, they all smell good enough to get close and mingle match right up to snuff, mish mash and frolic with their stuff.     Tilting at Gaia, praise be; woundz and boundz or beauty bound and wound, hellbent on unblinding the blended winds of minds A disempowdered refugee, considered unrecyclable, let alone pre- or permacyclical.     When the rocks show through magaya's skin ripped off and gone, when curves and cleavage are left craving diversified fun, flaunted with abandon and/or cunning, fishing for a ride on provisionary temperation or even on ruthlessly calculated and/or reckless urgency, tis but the relatively same rough or ready reactionary momentum showing up in physical sun- and psychic spotlight, repetitively challenging multiplicative pulverization and in the case of the sentient version inviting the split personalization conception process.     Man can hamper all flightiness, pamper all inertia, to come through rocks for womankind and treekin.     The age of consciously floured power gives every body a chance to mint his dowery powder, not just listening to the mute feminine attractions of rock but rub and rumble such blocked abutments together enough to see to and through their darkness which makes truely universal change from state of the arts rock bottom on up and is an easy bribe or ransom to gain access to the more animate,yet in some respects no less stubbornly willful and inertly reactionary versions of it. Does your love penetrate the ground its object walks upon?    Do right by sweet nothing gravity, make inroads on de(e)p-ravity.     The foul pain inflicted by off kilter truth gives a dizzying wobble to the fountain of youth.    Pretty temple, lovely shrine, I wormship the ground you alight upon, I am yours so you are fine or are you yours cause I do mine? I open all your doors to help you soak up the finest shine, polished marble, painted splendour, no one can afford to hoard your precious presence.     Rub her the right way and she will show the pigment of her dreams, defy her own heavyhanded and grave gravity, accept propulsing motion, throw up heaven's battlements of which happy go lucky only skirts the edge.     Curvacious and complex particle tides have their green between gravity and radiance and eat some too.     A gardener guards and appreciates homegrown ripenings in timely and seasonable fashion.     Find the golden mean, do be interdeferrent to nurturance and dissolve dreadly dry dignitaries.    The question is: does the tooth of time want to be engulfed by refreshing floods of floccu- and succulentiae?   This instead of gnashing and grinding on each other cause we lost our feel for them a great many number of ice ages ago,  or are we yet to find it, a tough twine to twist, eh?     The crust is a flux, a flow that congealed some time ago, help it hatch out the foment of moment, teach a kid how to plunge water into rock.     Raise issues of contention, breaching stones to reach some feed for fonder memories to the bones. G-ra-vital The foolproof way to help reduce monotomentous inertia is to blaze right through it.     Do not let aggravation gravitate you,  just make photosynthesis levitate your freshly coined goo.     To crank up biomasses and breathing gasses, as a way to pay your grand kids fees, grow 'm some homes, that is the ones made in, not of trees.     Uprighteousness:  Focus on height and depth border extension for the flimsy film of nearly threadbare biosphere, it is wearing thin too fast for comfort, wage peace to push them borders back, bycause where they meet, life is gone. As long as the earth's land surfaces are suffering drought, left with the bones showing through her cumbersomely cracked skin and violently controlled, stories about the goodieshiding in,yet gotten from the hold will scarce get a chance to be told except maybe projected into golden days gone by and old.  and merriment must wait to unfold.     Multicell organisms like us are farms and farmer at once; giving larger organisms a run around has been our mixed blessing, can we own up to our projection, assume our birthright heritage, settle an aeon old bill, justify our sexistence, conger life from dust, frisk nature back up to par, help those with the least conscious choice though they did somehow choose to become us, we who have the most?     Rock and water, time and light should not be so distant and statically relative.     Be  smart, barbaric with an s and m artfulness from the heartfelt touch; find the pain and strain, let or make it rain on freshly sown and unlocked rock. Clinton's hopes for seasons of service may yet turn into heaps of service for the right reasons, but I can't wait on him.    Locked in most any ounce of rock live the 'preancient' ones, the solar future fire and water welcoming burnt witches, princesses made of ash, homonculi and Deucalion's descendants made of rock and clay.      Manage to demystify multimytho magic aspects of material existence and energetic family treez.      Wind up the mind to unbind it from toxic tie-ins and unclean trouble.     Process photons and digits with ever greater coherence and efficiency.     The physics of religion is the poetry of nature and connects males, metals and noble gases with gravity, biomass and other fertile female economies of emotion.   The will contains a seed from which thought may sprout and fashion fruit.       Art and science would be as good and well as friendship and love, if based on mimicry too, everything worthwile is, was and will ever be based on such a creed.      If statistics were well integrated, considered all lifespancycling, be balanced and all round objective, included modest as well as global extension, they would prove to be in favour of all is one Gaian policy. The neglect of her prerogatives usurps and sterilizes with abstract symbolicizing.    Mother's milk:  I packed some ripe and raw fruit to get me high and down again. Once and while I was up there I felt inspired, like some sort of Mozes, up the umpteenth sacred mountain.     Plenty of rocks found in those places, plenty a law relentlessly laid and washed down from thereabouts by the fracture, grind, polish and clench which those millenarian milkteeth of nature inflict upon themselves cause of and thanks to her, (clumsily coveted yet covered up) copying under cosily crunching conditions that last all of an ice age sometimes; she's got a precovery adddiction one might say, or a friction affliction perhaps; yet, shows a most effectively spun off affection with this mint, succulent and fresh dust, perhaps little still but well enough known by now (from her tides between lush, liquid and solidly crystaline, icey stages, involving floods and volcanism), to expect, (soon maybe, yes as soon as belief comes of age and down to earth), succesful delegation to (and be shown in much evident vogue by) bipeds, her at first not very promising, even downright dangerous looking broodbranchmembers calling themselves, humankind; repenting from evil ways to start that pro-reductive rock preventing product, the prime photosynthesis reducible substance and stimulant: fresh dust.     I managed to piece this story together bycause while up there, I heard a drumroll, a thunder or rockrumble from which a voice rang out as clear as the light from the sun and it said: "Let the dust become the ink of a misty must, the grooved and polished rock be thy penance and lust, let fresh dust be a link, let your kind be the clean dust -constituted creatures  to become aware of their mother crust..... start conscious emission of, as admission to, life for the common current effluent: redeemable dust and let any efforts at writing nature, my bride and pride, off with arms and explosives, powertools and pollution or on paper with pens and screens with keyboards henceforth be banished unless in service of paradise, serving glow, serving ice, calling and holding down rain, seducing the reducing shine to help humblest growth and greenery along.     Let dust be, set it free, deliver it from mother rock, it is not just her ink, but the body-spirit link, not the merest symbol but the fairest substance, true value for all that lives besides, before and after, under and over you. So have a rock and turn it's tightly bound time into sweetest and sweatable fruits, the most basic and immediately satisfying human rights, duties, and pleasures products ever and worth a fight for fairer futures.     Paramagnetic minerals will drink and fuel up when you pounce on 'm a bit with a sound bash, next you may sprinkle and spray everywhich way to see to 'm grow more animation and bounce in a flash.
cr-,  h-,  b-, and rumble vs st-, m-, and grumble... you can make the rest of this one up can't you? it is inspired on an anti rockefeller comic put out in the seventies by a Melbourne (smelly burns) radical crew. it showed the popular pyramid  of power, etc.
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