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This file is a continuation from the one called: Callahan and Hensel
Some sample pages from
Julius Hensel's book: Life,
its foundations and the means for its preservation.

A century old chemi-cosmographic work

for some more recent bits of cosmogonian law exploration see: wheels_within_wheels.htm

Taken from an edition translated and published by Charles Schindler  in 1976 from Hergiswil, Switserland. His son Zeno now holds copyrights. For further (and/or larger efforts you may try to contact him at Sonnhaldenstr ?, 6052 in the apparantly good old ancestral town already mentioned (not that I did).

contents for this excerpts file:
Bread from stones; our physical substance
Without the minerals of the primeval rocks no plant can grow
the wrong fertilizer theory
"THE SOUL"translated, condensed and turned into aphorisms by Yours Truly
From gases to solids
Oxygen is Created.
elements and forces
When Forces Reach Their Limit.
The Universe, a Well-Tuned Musical Instrument.
The Sexes, a Creative Masterwork
God's Creative Hand.
comment by yours truly

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Bread from Stones Our Physical Substance.
Scripture says that man is created from earth and must return to earth. But man consists of water and air as welf as earth. Physiology teaches us that the human body is made up of four elements: carbon C, oxygen O, hydrogen H and nitrogen N. In plain chemical language this means that our body consists of carbon dioxide COO and ammonia NHHH, in which at the same time the elements of water HHO and oil CHH are contained, all of which are capable of evaporation and combustion. Our brood protein also is composed of these four elements, out of which all our physical parts are formed, similar to the chicken being formed out of the hen's egg. Due to the protein-preserving power of the noncombustible earths, our body is glued together as firmly as if with cement. After cremation there remains from an adult body on the average not more than six pou~ds of ashes. All else is combustible substance which returns to the air ocean in the form of gases: carbon dioxide, water vapor .............

94 other words, in mineral deficiency we must recognize the cause of diseases. By an official compulsorv limitation of the use of nitrogen fertilizer for our fields, we not only can prevent considerable loss of money butt at the same time can bring about the regeneration of the human race. The more man disturbs the harmony of nature, the faster his degeneration.

Small hollows and splits in feldspar stone filled with rain water bring forth moss and lichen which need no roots. As soon as deeper cracks are found in the rocks where rain water is prevented rom being evaporated for a certain time and where deeper-rooted plants find the necessary hold to bring forth solid stalk, when we see how from the cliffs of naked porphyry and basalt rock grow digitalis herb, saxifrage, silver weed Potentilla), St. Joseph wort (Hypericum perforatum), Pearly Everlasting (Gnatphalium), etc. These were the first settlers on the rocks which the railroad engineers with their explosive powder opened up and exposed to the rain water and sunshine.
         In the beginning there is but a small selection of such herbs, which the feldspar brings forth in union with water and atmospheric carbon dioxide through the years, by continued attraction of atmospheric carbon dioxide, the porphyry and granite become weathered hereby their basic constituents form carbonates of potassium, calcium, soda and magnesia. Thus, the flora becomes ore varied and the plante show an abundance of sugar and oil.
          Java and Ceylon could not supply us with cinnamon or cardamon or coffee if it were not for their chalk mountains the mud of which is carried down by rain, maintaining the lowlands in never changing youthful productivity, teaching how rich and fertile soil can become when calcium carbonate with ground feldspar is used as fertilizer.
            Calcium carbonate is a genuine store use of sugar substance; the sugar in  turn supplies starch and oil and with ammonia protein substance, which are essential substances for good nutrition. Sugar is the link joining the mineral world with the plant and animal worlds so that the newborn sugar represents the very first product of the warm sunlight. Sugar with its carbon dioxide is fused together with the potassium or calcium or magnesia earth of the feldspar, which in turn are attached to silica. Sugar and stone form an inseparable unit.

Since agricultural schools teach the detrimental theory that nitrogen fertilizer with potassium phosphate suffices to create wholesome plants, at the same time systematically ignoring the only naturel fertilizer of ground rock, and si n c e this knowl e dge is of fund amen tal sigruficance for the health and general welfare of all peoples, I find it necessary to draw attention to a fact which can easily be observed by everybody.

 When anywhere along the road a young plant, for instance, Senecio vulgaris, is pulled out of the ground, one lifts along with the root fibers a considerable amount of earth and small stores. Of the latter some of them when shaken wiggle on the root fibers like fish on a hook without dropping off. If eventually we use our fingers to remove the little stones it shows that the forced separation has caused a disrupture of the root fibers, because under the magnifying glass one still can see fine little fibers hanging onto the little stones in intensive union. Here, there is no question of mechanica! a&esion. In reality, the stone and plant form a common being in the sense that the stone material is eaten up by the plant to form flesh and blood, being sucked up by the plant piece by piece of the potassium, calcium, magnesia, carbon dioxide and silica. Only clay is left over.

95To go straight to the point: The young plant sucking at the stone is in the same situation as the sucking young kangaroo. As the undeveloped baby kangaroo hangs at the breast of its mother for eight months as if both were one unit, so the suckling tree root, the grass root, the herb root, clings to the breast of Mother Earth. And where the tree and grass and herb stop, the kangaroo begins because it feeds from grass and herbs, from roots and tree barks.

 It is the glycolic acid COO CHH HHO existing in the sugar group which dissolves and eats up the stony material, in particular its bases. Under the electric sunlight the glycolic acid produces ammonia NHHH with the free air nitrogen N and separates water for ft, thus creating gelatine sugar or glycolprotein COO CHH NHHH. It is with the help of this ammonia that the mineral acids organically combine to build the innumerable varieties of plants.
      When plants are burned, i.e., when the glycolprotein is oxidized into carbon dioxide, water and nitrogen, ashes (minerale) are left over, which, although small in number and kind, create the myriad forms of plants by changing the proportions of the minerals which participate in the building of the plant.
          The vital power in gypsum crystal, oolite crystal, feldspar, sea salt, pyrite and calcium phosphate is only seemingly dead (as in sugar) and needs but to be awakened. With open eyes we must especially consider the calcium phosphate of our bones. According to the prophet Ezekiel (Ezekiel 37 :1-10), he brought bones to life and these, indeed supply the material with whose help soul and conscience make their appearance. Since such a capacity lies in phosphorite and apatite (calcium phosphate), we no longer can regard the stone world as deed. On the contrary, it is alive, the same as we are, since it is a part of ourselves.
             Thus our family tree leads back to the primeval stones about which Greek poetry taught in the form of the legend of Deucalion and Pyrrha. "The hearts of mortals are still hard and make known that once upon a time God's power created us from stony substance." (Ovid's The Metamorphoses, First Book.)

There is no cellulose without potash, soda, chalk, magnesia or silica. These minerale become organically alive through their union with cellulose which under the sunlight is produced from carbon dioxide and rain water, separating hydrogen peroxide. If these minerals were extracted from the cellulose of a tree by bolling with sulfuric acid, then instead of a tree trunk we would have "sirup."
     Animal and human bodies, too, need earths for their cohesion. This is the reason why plante cannot grow in the air, they must root in the earth. Now of what material is our earth made up? Earth is weathered primeval rock (gneiss. granite, porphyry) and all primeval rock contains. in various proportions, the minerals:
     Feldspar, i. e., potash, soda, calcium (chalk), magnesia, iron and clay (aluminum) united with fluorine and silicic acid. This material represents a glass flux mixture which exists in the core of the white-hot, fluid sun substance, of which a small fraction once was thrown into space and became our earth substance. With the gradual cooling-off of the glass flux a certain part of the silica crystalized in the form of quartz and a certain part of magnesium silicate together with a certain part of silica bases also found in the feldspar crystalized as mica that all three kinds of primeval rocks gneiss, granite and porphyry - consists of various amounts of feldspar, mica and quartz.

     The primeval rocks supply us with its most concentrated protoplasm when 96 united with water vapor, carbon dioxide and nitrogen from the air. And since the base elements of the primeval rocks to a certain degree can replace one another, it is useless to guarantee a certain content of potash, soda. etc. (transmutationist avant la lettre) It is enough when we know that the porphyry and granite rocks contain clay phosphate and potash silicate from which result clay silicate and potash phosphate. Proof is given by the abundant growth of herbs on rocky soil whose roots are rich in potassium phosphate such as the dandelion, whose roots after burning, leave an ash consisting of more than one-half potash phosphate. The same holds true for chicory, thistle yarrow, (Achillea millefolium), etc. When we scatter grain seed upon prepared ground rock, then fewer weeds grow, especially when calcium carbonate and gypsum are added which involve a different protoplasm. By the way, is not the plentiful production of Thomas phosphate from iron ore the best proof that phosphorus is found in abundance in the bowels of the earth and need not be supplied by artificial fertilizer? Why not draw from the original fountain which is free of charge?
        We need no artificial fertilizer as long as we spread each year virgin granite, gneiss or porphyry rock meal to furnish genuine strength, plus dung mixed with calcium and gypsum on our fields in order to replace the minerale that have been removed with each crop. The great social problem of the world, whereby the birth rate continues to outstrip the food supply, demands greater yield and richer yield per acre through minerals.Due to the use of nitrogen fertilizer our modern food is overloaded with protein and at the same time deficient in vital minerals. I wish to impress on the reader that for a rational nutrition all of our standard foodstuffs supply enough carbohydrates and carbon dioxide which united with the nitrogen in the air form the protein-holding glycocol. So even apparent scanty foods, e.g., potatoes and herring, are capable of producing new brood gelatine. Yet not every foodstuff contains at the same time the necessary cementing minerals in sufficient quantity and variety in order to maintain our body tissues in a healthy condition. (Hensel now launches into some of his medical variety; he wrote many books on the subjects of health and disease, such as: "Makrobiotik" I suspect Kushi and Steiner stole a lot from these works without acknowledging it; elegant simplicity such as Hensel is capable of makes a number of "people" envious I guess, the poor man was called up to account for himself and his growing popularity in front of judge faced by perjurious chemico-capitalist. I wonder if it was this that drove him all the way away into Norway. Can I ever say?) An illustration of this is: Diabetes, which is often caused by indulgence in alcoholic beverages and meat. Why? Meat is readily digested, and certain diabetica are genuine "meat devourers." Meat and always meat! The mesenteric arteries and veins are continuously overfilled with blood and, in accordance with this anatomic state, also the portal vein and the liver. What is the consequence? It follows that the branches of the portal vein wholly occupy the space in the liver, so that there is no space left for the oxygen-carrying liver artery, which would permit the functions of the liver nerves. The diminished oxygen brood of the liver artery is just sufficient to oxydize the gelatine sugar of the brood albumin into urea, whereas the blood sugar remains unoxidized. (Blood albumin consits of 18 parts blood sugar and 18 parts gelatine sugar.) Yet it is the oxidation of the blood sugar that causes the higher temperature which is peculiar to and necessary for the liver in order to separate the bile from the blood albumin in the liver cells. Since insufficient arterial brood causes defective bile secretion, so the assimilation of chyle from the food is limited accordingly. Meat, poor in minerals as it is, wanders mostly unused through the alimentary canal. Such diabetics are eternally hungry. Contrary to meat, potatoes contain all physiological minerale necessary for the formation of new blood. "That is what we need!" now say the intestines. "This we hold fast and use it up." Therefore potatoes satisfy, they pass through the alimentary canal more slowly than meat and therefore need considerably less arterial brood. Evidently, less venous brood now flows to the portal vein and molests the liver.
       While it is true that various factors can cause diabetes such as paralyses of the lung nerves, tobacco smoking, long exposure to cold air, or the restraint of flow of the liver blood by sedentary habits, yet it is a fact that the meat eaters and wine and beer drinkers supply the biggest quota of clients 97 appearing regularly at the famous Carlsbad mineral springs in Bohemia (now Czechoslovakia). This is because meat furnishes the organism principally with potassium phosphate, and wine and beer (which also contain mainly potassium phosphate) systematically wash the sulfur, calcium, iron, soda and silica components of blood out of the body with the excretion of urine. The Carlsbad mineral water and other mineral spas with their healing properties are an indisputable proof of the value of the vital salts an earths without which no whole red blood can be formed. And the most natural way to supply our organism with the necessary minerals is to select food from the vegetable kingdom rich in minerals: such as potatoes holding a store of earths, whole grain bread with the bran and germ, green leaves as salads, beans peas, nuts, poppy seed, milk, fruits, et
The most important fertilizer are water and carbon dioxide, because all plant growth aims to make these two combustion products burnable again. While people and animale periodically take such burnable material as nourishment they enable their lamp of life to continue to burn, because the animal process of life is in fact a continuous oxidation (in the chemical sense, burning) of the entire body into carbon dioxide COO, water HHO, nitrogen N, ash constituents and other combustion products. Carbon dioxide gas, nitrogen and water vapor pass through the lungs and the skin while the ash constituents mainly disappear with the urine discharge.
      While all the mineral substances which are essential to the sustenance of the human body, such as calcium, magnesia, sodium, iron, manganese, silica, phosphoric acid, sulfuric acid, fluorine and chlorine, are discharged along with the urine, there can be no doubt that these materials will have to be replaced again by nutriments. Otherwise, to give a few examples, with a shortage of sulfur no new gelatine substance can be formed to replace the burnt connective tissues and the blood gelatine, since all gelatine substances. Without exception, (bone gelatine, cartilage gelatine, sinew gelatine, brood gelatine) contain sulfur particles which are therefore of equal importance to the gelatine substance as to the protein in general.
      On the other hand, if there is a shortage of calcium in the nutriments no replacement can be made for the burnt bone substance because this is depandent on the consumption and renewal of substances. From this we can conclude that the arm of a 30-year-old person has not grown out of the arm of the 3-year-old child merely by just growing a little in length and width. The entire bone structure is consumed and reformed by breathing, through the arteries which run through the bones. So it is not unfounded when the statement is made that every seven years the entire organism consists of new material. These two examples serve no purpose. For the rest, it is self-evident that the entire organism is built out of blood because the child in the mother's womb is formed, with all limbs and organs solely out of the mother's blood and when later the mother's milk replaces the blood th' this is also transformed blood which can again re-transform into blood. Exactly the same applies to adults. Most people belieye they are nourished by meat, bread, beer, wine, vegetables, eggs, etc., but this is a mistake. We, feed only on milk, that is, such milk which is produced when the alkali bile with the pancreatic juice in the duodenum emulsifies the eaten fat substances into milk juice (chyle) and draws into this emulsion the products of the protein digestion of the stomach, the socalled peptones (leucine, tyrosine, asparagin, glutamine). The milk which is thus created, flows through the chyle and lymphatic vessels into the large breast milk tract (Ductus thoracicus) and dis...............

A bit of spontaneous generation theory and practice coming up;
Hensel's big hobby horse.

103...............plasm and should be officially prohibited. The same applies to the poisonous compounds of chlorated hydrocarbons, esters of phosphoric acid and hexachlorcyclohexan.
            Quit the excessive use of nitrogen fertilizer, then the insects and fungi will quit the plants.
  When through centuries of soil cultivation the earth is being depleted of its minerale. being carried away with each erop including, hay, straw, wood, etc. all of these minerals must be returned to the soil in the form of ground rock fertilizer, limestone, gypsum calcium carbonate, wood ashes, Glauber's salt.The denuded earth eventualy contains but loam (aluminum silicatephosphate). Due to the absence of calcium, magnesia, potash, soda and sulfur the ammonium phosphate of the root bark of the grape vine, in case of drought, transforms into the vine louse (Phylloxera); the phosphate-holding plant juice of potato leaves transforrns into the Colorado beetle; the substance of the sugar beet charges into worms; the fruit tree produces fruit maggots and whatever else the host of insects are called. The appearance of worms always goes parallel with the exhaustion of sugar in the fruits, because the earths form the indispensable carrier of the sugar substance which is produced by the carbonate of calcium or potash. All farmers should remember that if you want sweet fruit, spread limestone and ground rock on the soil. All else is taken care of by Nature.
      "Every drop removes permanently a certain part of the supply of the necessary plant food. In addition to nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and calcium it is absolutely necessary to keep up a sufficient supply of fresh organic material (humus) in the soil, or the use of fertilizers may result in more harm than benefit." (Smith's College Chemistry, 1935 edition.)  "Nature betrays no heart that has faith in her."

From The Last Chance, (France-Harrar 1950, Munich): "The teachers of agriculture and certain industrial interests set up the theory that for their growth, plants require minerals in water-soluble form in order to produce plentiful crops. Further, they claim persistently that it suffices to supply the soil with potash, phosphoric acid and nitrogen as a replacement for the minerals carried away with each crop, all other minerals being plentifully available in the soil, so they claim! This is a physiological impossibility because 'Nothing can come out of the sack except what has been put into it."
          'Complete fertilizer' has since been promoted, namely, that one tries to limit the soil acidity and silting by means of phosphoric acid, potassium and nitrogen (12, 7 and 12 percant), sometimes coupled with 15 percant of calcium. Yet we must insist that the proportion of the indispensable minerale be correctly determined according to the latest and revolutionary experiences and that this information be given to the farmers. If the veil is not fertilized properly with atl the needed minerale, the damage thus resulting is a damage affecting public health and eventually it also effects the fertilizer business as well as the nutrition, imports and currency of a country. The ripe, truly-fertile humus contains all these substances, not in maximum butt in minimum number. How else can you explain that first-class humus garden veil never contains more than 2 percent potash, on the average 1.5°/o phosphates, not more than 1 percant nitrogen, often 0.1-0.3 percent. Why it is claimed, nevertheless, that soil below 3 percent nitrogen content should be nitrogen-hungry can not be explained. The blue poisonous common monkshood (Aconitum napellus) grows around manure ditches and puddles and on all animal waste. If it is planted on leaf mold soil it develops 104 far less of its poisonous and highly effective alkaloid aconitin."
       The manufacturers of nitrogen fertilizer guarantee a certain content of soluble potassium and nitrogen and water-soluble potassium, yet they do not guarantee any fertility and this they cannot do because the water-soluble elements are dissolved by the rein water and run away from the plante. Neither can they guarantee wholesome . food plants for the reason I shall explain later. They claim "big crops" only.
       On the other hand, the fertilizer mixtures of ground rocks need no guarantee for a certain content of potassium and phosphoric acid, instead, they guarantee fertility, because the aluminum phosphate (clay) and the alkali silicates and earths of porphyry and granite do not run away in the rain water and are consumed only in the proportion that they are transformed into plant substance. Indeed' herein lies the secret of the use of silicic bases that they are not washed away by the atmospheric carbon dioxide of the rain water, on the contrary, now they reach full efficacy.
           Proof: Pure potassium carbonate dissolves and runs away in the morning dew when a pinch of it is placed on writing paper and leid overnight on a window sill. The next morning, even the same evening, the chemically-pure potassium carbonate is apparently dissolved into water. Again, the clean window panes of my pavillion after a 14-day rain became blind, because the soda and potash silicate of the outer glass layer became dissolved by the carbon dioxide of the rain water and in their place a thin coat of silicic acid was left refracting the sunlight into itsrainbow colors. For the same reason the cellar windows become blind by the moist cellar air.
      It is evident that if the window pane were finely powdered and exposed to the rain, the attack points of the water would be increased endlessly and thousandfold amounts of potash and soda could be dissolved in a short time. Such a glass mess is exactly the feldspar of the granite and therefore we can see on granite rocks after rain within a...................

THE SOUL (or the chem-mechanics of the brain) by Julius Hensel,
translated, condensed and turned into aphorisms by piet

To acknowledge the laws of life, to do justice to the common sense of man with a firm foothold on the equivalent forces of nature, harmony with which makes him independent of the machinated systems of modern societies, showing analytically and synthetically how all follow or flow from one source (to him it meant Hydrogen, the basic building block in his cosmogony). Satisfaction, comfort, health and wealth lie in adherence to the laws we will illustrate. It is our pleasure to equip growing generations with the material enabling them to make the most of what is good, like God we have to create, produce with our hands and minds for the wellbeing of all but without thought, respect and reflection, Olympicrest is disturbed by feverish vibrations of spiritual fabric surrounding inertia (without penetrating it Anteaus like).
Darwin's inconsiderate-fight-for-existence-status legitimizes climbing thiefs-ladders, exploiting trust and innocence, sowing pitfalls and riding a harvestwagon with curses through their neighbour's barndoor, losing balance all together.
No special praise goes to the one who's inherent disposition is toward goodness nor blaim to those equally inclined to selfishness as they both derive joy from their preoccupations. Each case is to be individually diagnosed in reference only to its own resources and condition.
Compensation is a rule of thumb: much physical strenght usually implies comparatively smaller spiritual talent.
Intense (concentrated) circulation in the lower body, sharp juices, insatiable appetite suspends discriminate taste (function of the brain). TOOL
Unchanging laws of physics and chemistry are pillars to rest any investigation on.
Apart from chronic cases the influencing of an irregular blood is easy enough.
Secision throws light on uneven growth from obsession, specialization, etc.(all thoughts referred to a fixed idea).
All sorts of set in its ways and routine thought paralyzes.
Infrastructuring a brain can be compared to treegrowth with or without a symmetrical unfolding; stalk, stem and trunk like or globed.
The brain feeds on the tension between trial and succes, constant awareness of the transitoriness of our existence protects us from the exhausting fight against inevitable and/or unexpected changes. Naturalness prevents selfaccusation in times of hard luck, hope not too much lest you have to carry them to the grave or mourn and melancholize over them.
If one beats fresh blood with a whisk, nice long, silklike threads hang or to it, the proteinlike substance oxidizes and clots to fibre like brain and nervesubstance also do, causing warmth and movement. Overheating causes clotting; no chick from the egg nor thought from the brain thus treated escapes with its life; burnt hot products removal is aided by gravity therefore more accumulation of C02 during sleep, slowing the oxydizing process, stopping thought or heating the brain to the point of starting fibreformation (dreams one carries into the day till powerful breathing expells them). The solidifying process forms the stringiness that is conserved as long as ironholding electrifying blood rushes by, if not, waterholding veins might dissolve 'm.
Avoid worrying in bed, after a good rest solutions will slip in between daily chore activities 'et voila' no more ghosts (title of a poetrybundle by R. Graves, professional ghostmaker)
Refreshing thoughtprocesses conserves;
forgetfullness has its place as well.
Try make a patient see the usefullness of distraction from the place of rigidity, turn to the healthy unformed parts and engage the blood there; a cool clear mind has a restful pulse and stands back from ranting and raving, feverish loss of self recognition, following heated phantastic dances of impure light. (Are you diggin it you ravin poll pippin' maniacs!!!) Natural unprejudiced outlook mirrors reality clearly and whole, wherein lies our immortality, justice, cheer and homour.
People lacking such takes you to the cross to break an almostly good soul.
Set goals within reach.
Washing with diluted alcohol and/or vinegar attracts blood passage and distracts it from overaccentuated areas.
Music and scents and old dutch style paintings are soothing.
Retch aids and bitters improve breathing and circulation. Chloralhydrate cools.
Diverse activity as in gymnastics, calling the blood to all parts of the body relieves from fixating, gardening under guidances insures satisfaction. Leave 'express' (few but large hangups, like...intercity and intergalactic, dig Danny bro?) dead fixed ideas untouched, a happy patient is no patient and has a right to protection and care. An average soul's fuel is sufficient for a given very restricted (see appendix) circle if not exposed to wasting passion, their blessings cannot reach beyond the sound of the voice, therefore it grows and unfolds harmonically in the peace of the household away from life a la mode, with wife and child, the choice of which made in clear daylight where the eye-star shows if truth and justice dwell there.

this seasonable, cause closed cycle cannot recycle eh..-produce  I mean, until fuel is again in good supply as in the days of prophets and magicians. with all the mechanical strenght we are capable of in 1984 (ah that must be when I first wrote this) we should be busy unlocking soulfood from rocks now trodden underfoot condemned to fixation in the raw, while upon and above  them mankind deems inertia good enough and worthy of supporting and surrounding him without (p)(re)turning to the provision of materials constituting all the wonders of creation.
There are no pests, only exhaustion and then different forms arise accordingly, God is not dead only exhausted and hungry but still within us and the powers of thought rest on simple virtues, the most basic of which is acknowledging the rock as the cornerstone and bottomline force. Let's meddle-muddle and trouble our production of foodstuff from there on up. Understanding and implementation of which constitutes growth and/or change toward maturity. Rock may not feel the rain and the the heat coming through and becoming thorough again but Rocks have their spirit somewhere, if only in the Great One.
To organizing inorganics;
an equal part mixture of fine rockdust consisting of: granite, porphyr, gneiss, basalt, dolomite and gypsum can be used in compost and for all growing purposes; a primer for individuality.
Gee, the following bit is like the comment I made recently on Hannah Arendt's work
The German word zerteilung can perhaps be decontructed, I would rather call it: dissembled or disassembled into zerr and teilung
implying considerable force necessary to come to the equitable distribution necessary. All violence excalation can be safely absorbed in such rewarding tasks. When oh when?????

258 By applying this knowledge of the origin and the relationship of the atomic weights of the chemical elements amongst themselves, as products of condensation with subsequent splitsing, it explains all processes of organic growth to be condensation and splitsing.
 In such a way the following condensation products arise from sugar: tannin, starch, dextrin gum, hepta-dilactid, glucoside, stearin fat, caproic acid, ethereal oils and a host of new substances, whose origin from sugar we cannot defect with our senses due to their modified physical and chemical propertjes, the same way that we fail to defect that gold and tin, mercury and iron are metals created by splitsing condensed hydrogen.

There are many proofs that solid substance can arise out of gaseous substance. For example, carbon dioxide and ammonium are gaseous at normal temperature, butt if they are excluded from air and are permitted to unite over mercury in equal parts, they will condense into a loose powder (ammonium carbonate). In the same way solid ammonium doride is formed by a direct combination of hydrochloric gas and ammonium gas.
    The beautifully crystallizing aniline red which is composed of hydrocarbon and nitrogen, confirms the fact that various types of gas become solid and obtain weight when they condense together. Why then cannot a single element, when it condenses by itself, become solid? It has to become solid when the force which presses on it is strong enough and when heat is continuously withdrawn from the space which contains the gas. This much is certain: Gas will heat in the same measure as we compress it. When, however, the produced heat is withdrawn steadily, the gas can be compressed more and more. In this manner oxygen as welf as hydrogen gas can be transformed into liquide and if our tools did not have certain imperfections and if we could continue to constantly press further and to withdraw the created heat, we would eventually obtain solid hydrogen gas.
   In many cases solidification of gaseous substance is not direct and immediate, butt only takes place after it has reached the liquid stage. For example, water vapor turns first to fluid water and then to ice.
  The condensation products of the universal ether experienced the same transition process. The resulting electropositive or metallic and electronegative or non-metallic elements fused by the penetrating enormous pressure partly into sulfur, phosphorus and fluorine metals; further, they fused partly into oxygen compounds of the metals which in union with the oxygen compounds of silica and boron form a material which we call molten glass and which we can copy. Another part of the condensation products remained gaseous in the created heat, particularly the compounds of iodine, bromine, chlorine and cyanogen with fluorine, sulfur and phosphorus.
     From the glass-forming liquid material resulted after cooling, these ores and rocks which after again partly separating by crystallization, then formed our earth crust.
      Now where did the pressure energy come from which pressed together the nearly weightless hydrogen ether into heavy substances and melted them together into a glowing fire of metal oxides?
     Let us consider the sound waves resulting from alternating condensation and dilution of the air in the sense of wave crest and wave trough being separated by rcsting points. In this way we can regard. the inborn elasticity or vibrating springy force of the ether which the chemists call hydrogen gas as sufficient moving cause. From then on, when this substance began to vibrate, non-vibrating passive cross points of thevibrating waves resulted. Since the ether substance monochord on which the vibrations took place did not suffer an interruption of its substance at the cross points, butt on the contrary suffered condensation, these condensed knotted points must have brought 259 about a modified form of substance. This non-vibrating substance formed the negative opposition to the positive vibrating ether mess.
Oxygen is Created.
Assuming that the thus created new substance was the electronegative oxygen which formed this opposition, so the basis was leid for a reciprocal effect between positive and negative material.
    This assumption that first oxygen was created is not fantastic, it is only the normal result of the proportion of the sound waves to one another, because the atomic weight of oxygen is 8 times as high as that of hydrogen and 8 weight parts oxygen unite with one weight part hydrogen to become water. Now the number 8 represents the octave of the keynote or tonic, that is, the figure 1.
        With the beginning of the vibration, namely, the creation of the vibrating ether, the opposing oxygen was created simultaneously, and now the thrusting weapons were available which, influencing one another, condensed reciprocally, because 1 weight hydrogen gas together with 8 weights oxygen gas produce oxyhydrogen gas. One kilogram of this gas (which is exactly the quantity which is required to create 1 liter water) at its chemical condensation creates a motion effect which at the first impulse of electric igmtion is equivalent to 23,381 physical power units (meter kilogram). From this we can judge what force of motion was effected when the first basic material of universal space exploded.
       Today we still change the explosive oxyhydrogen gas into water vapor by an electric spark. Three volumes oxyhydrogen gas then condense into 2 volumes hydrogen gas; consequently, there is no doubt that space destruction then occurs which is due to the oxygen. But the result of the final space destruction precedes a space increase which affects the environment by pressure. We can therefore not be surprised that the explosion which affected both basic materials in the space canter resulted in the creation of condensation and splitsing products of positive and negative material, so that sulfur (32) was produced out of the double condensed oxygen (16). But the double condensed sulfur (64) split into fluorine (38) and cyanogen (26), while the 16-fold condensed sulfur (512) could produce the split products iodine (254), bromine (160), chlorine (71), boron (11) and oxygen (16) so that the oxygen as first and last member closes the negative circle. How these electronegative split products required corresponding condensation products of the positive hydrogen as opposition and which in part attracted by them, I have already indicated on page 256 by the chemical compounds occuring in nature.
       The relationship of the octave between silicon (atomic weight 4 x 7 = 28) and iron (atomic weight 4 x 7 = 28) is repeated. The electronegative silicon is as close to the tonic (1) as the electropositive iron metal; butt silicon and iron oppose one another by their electric behavior. Therefore they are separated from one another by 8x7 units or tones. In a sense they form an octave of the octave which comprises 7 tones and when we accept oxygen as the first octave, then the oxygen compounds of silicon and iron formed the dominant tonic chord in the glowing heat. Indeed we can observe that iron silicate plays the major role in all basalt and lava masses and one-third of the entire earth's crust is estimated to consist of silicon dioxide SiO2. Silicon by its harmonious relàtionship with oxygen, being its octave, was able to harmonize and hola it in chemical condensation. In silica there are 28 weights of silicon united with twice 16, equaling 32 weights of oxygen. Another large part of oxygen is contained in clay (aluminium oxide), in calcium and magnesia, in potash and soda, which together with silica form our primevat rocks, porphyry, granite and gneiss.
        If we consider that 8/9 ths of the weight of ocean water consists of oxygen and only l/9th of hydrogen, this confirms the Supposition that the electronegative oxygen which` chemically condensed in the rocks and in the water is about equal in weight to the silicon in the metals of the condensed part of the space hydrogen. In the same way we can assume that the oxygen vibration knots can be considered as the first condensation product, proved by the existing quantities of chemically united oxygen.

According to physical fact, we may accept that all of the roughly 70 original chemical substances were produced from only two basic substances. (This book was written in 1890, so, of course with the subsequent discoveries the figure now stands at 102. ED.) We shall now wish to observe how these two basic materials were created by divine omnipotence out of naught. For this purpose these considerations will be of assistance:
   1) The union of hydrogen gas and oxygen gas into water indeed takes place by a fierce explosion, butt the separation of the two basic materials out of the water by electric current takes place very quietly without any violence.
      2) The electrolytic decomposition of water into oxygen and hydrogen corresponds to a regularty functioning power and the storage of an effective power which appears when motion results from the ignition of the produced oxyhydrogen gas. It is evident that the chemical separation of hydrogen atoms from oxygen atoms cannot take place without external influence or power expanditure.
     3) The mathematica! value of such a power sum remains the same whether two opposite electricities are liberated from each other or whether they are both liberated from rothing. From the above explanation it is clear that the self-vibrating, elastic space ether hydrogen by its electropositive nature became active simuttaneousty with its electronegative opposite. This proves that both can be considered as directly emanating from a primeval power. If it is true that first of all we only take the substance of the space ether into consideration, its presence in universal space also represents in any event a continuously-working motive power which appears as an element of expansion as the result of omnipresence in universal space. Considering such a substance with the property of omnipresence one would be inclined to identify it as the creative primeval power itself if we did not know that hydrogen gas is incapable of thinking. The creative power surely thinks just as we do, or is there anyone who doubts this? Should he not see, who created the eye? And should he not heer, who created the ear?
   Hydrogen gas is not capable of thinking; we can see this when we work with it. Therefore it did not invent itself, butt it is the emanation of a thought dominating it. Since it has not invented itself butt was invented, so it did not exist before it was invented and therefore it was created from naught together with its electronegative opposites, thanks to the joy of the primevat power to create, which we as creatures also inherited as a birthright.
    Furthermore, hydrogen gas right after its creation splits into infinitely fine atoms, which proves the infinite dividing ability of the electric current which created such substance. But the chemically working atoms of the hydrogen always appear associated in pairs; they work, so to say, "yoked together» and this again indicates that they are not here by selfcreation butt are dominated by the omipotence of the Architect of all things.
      4) Electric tension lasts only as long as the electric power lasts which creates the tension, e. g., the withdrawl of an electric body from the proximity of a non-electric body has the effect that the sum of the electropositive and electronegative electricity held apart in the latter again disappears or unites together into rothing. It follows that the power which created the chemical elements is omnipresent, otherwise positive and negative would again unite into rothing. The omnipresent primeval power everywhere accompanies what is has created.
         When the electropositive and electronegative condensation products of the space ether came into intimate contact through the explosive power, they united chemically and became glowing and shining. This still happens today, e. g., when tin foil is hung in sulfur vapor. Our thinking ability which is caused by the chemical union of phosphorus-holding nerve fat with oxygen, is combined with an inner self-illuminating process, a week reflex of the light source from which the universal building plan resulted. The Old Testament speaks the truth—it was God's light thought which created the universe:.....................261 (not scanned) ..............262 .............. small crystal flakes. If we now take the glass tube into our hands and shake the contents, the entire solution will immediately crystallize and the tube will become noticeably hot.
    In the same way, heat appeared in the universe after a partial condensation had taken placet But the part of the hydrogen which had remained gaseous was not susceptible to such heat since characteristically it has an almost vanishing heat capacity. Instead of being capable of absorbing heat it has the property of elasticity and due to such an elastic tension it not only transmitted all created heat to the new elements which resulted from condensation, but also rejected them.
    The magnitude of the motion with which these elements returned to the point of origin must have been so much more intense when the condensed basic substances increased in specific gravity, because the degree of movement is a product of mess and speed. As far as the speed is concerned, according to the law of oscillation, this had not diminished at au, but the substances had partly increased their weight disproportionately. Gold is about 19x850x16, approximately 250 000 times heavier than hydrogen gas. Under such conditions the clash of the electrically varying elements must have been so violent and their approach to one another so intense that, like the examples of the above-mentioned substances, phosphorus, sulfur and carbon, they performed broker's services to one another in order to enter into chemical union.
    The chemical condensation which took place therefore required an equivalent, which in this case followed in the form of heat. But it appears that all available or possible heat was insufficient to produce a corresponding equivalent of the amount of infinite force which was speet. This brings us to a new consequence of Mayer's Law which, as far as I know, has not been considered until now.
    Namely, every single partial force has only been given a certain measure. It could never happen that one of the partial forces, electricity, attraction, heat, chemism could explode time and space by excess and would assault the heavens in a gigantic mannen The dominadon over space and time belongs solely to light, this universal power. The partial forces, however, are restricted to precise limits and in a prudent manner it is taken care of in that a single force as soon as it reaches a certain point must split into new directions. Its force is now broken because its neighboring partial forces come into action as equivalents.

........264  the process and one was the result of the other. To summarize: The first vibration produced tension; the tension caused separation, and modified substances (oxygen) appeared. Then followed explosive sounds, originating from the created oxyhydrogen gas and simultaneously light was bom by filling the entire space with an exploding lightning flash by which the primeval gases were fused together into clusters of stars to which the light was transferred. From such an elementary lightning the remaining space ether gas was brought into motion by a shakin, thunderbolt with the lasting effect that all created fixed stars began to revolve, continued to revolve and have never ceased to revolve.
       Measure and Weight. "Pondere, mensura Deus omnia fecit" (God made everything acording to measure and weight) is the chemical saying. Once we have fixed our attention on the said proportions of figures between the atomic weights of the elements, then the unity of the forces in nature reveals itself in a new magical light.
        The distance between a certain tone at the seventh interval equals a double figure of vibration and produces its octave, which togetherwith the keynotegives the purest chord. In the same way the equivalent weight of hydrogen is 7 units lighter or more mobile, or more elastic than that of oxygen, which in proportion to hydrogen makes 1 + 7 = 8, because 8 weight parts oxygen unite with 1 weight part hydrogen to form 9 weight parts water. And the 9 decomposes into 3 x 3 so as not to forget the harmonious tritone.
           On the other hand, 1 weight part hydrogen compares to 8 weight parts oxygen, a remarkable proportion in that, due to its excessive tension, it occupies twice as much space as the 8 weight parts oxygen. This is because 1 volume oxygen with 2 volumes hydrogen gas c'ondenses into 2 volumes water gas by an electric spark that is: the volume of the negative oxygen is completely swallowed or disappears, a fact which for aU processes of life is of the highest importance.
       So we have to consider that 2 volumes hydrogen gas weigh 1, and 1 volume oxygen gas weighs 8, so that 1 volume hydrogen gas is 16 times as light or as elastic as 1 volume oxygen gas. Such a proportion of figures in relation to vibrations gives in this case the deepest sound if they occur in a space of time of one second less t/32 second.
  Sound, Welght, Space, Time. Every double number of vibrations gives twice as high a sound. Instead of the double number of vibrations, we now find that the hydrogen, in relation to the oxygen, has a double volume. Therefore, we must include sound, weight and space in the cycle of the equivalente of power—but also time.
   Time plays an important role in sounds, in contrast to noises. It suffices to point out that all sounds, high and low, have the same speed of transmission in the same length of time, for instance, in the air 340 meters per second.
    Sounds move in concantric spherical shells so that the way traveled by the sounds is equivalent to occupied space, or the space occupation of a sound is equivalent to its power. That means when a sound travels double space, it has double power.
      According to this explanation, hydrogen gas has double power in proportion to oxygen because upon the electrical decomposition of water the produced hydrogen gas fills double the amount of space as the oxygen gas produced at the same time. Therefore, it can fill or travel through a second space measure in which the counter sound cannot be heard. Whether I say hydrogen travels a second space, or that it travels a second measure of time, is fundamentally equivalent, because each sound requires time to travel.
    Thus we actually have to recognize sound, weight, space and time as equivalents of power, and also substance, because it is simply logical that if space' could disappear totally, substance would also disappear and vice versa.
     Time signifies the continuation or uninterrupted new effëct or repetition of power. It is assumed that all power effects calculated by us, is understood to be only the first and single impulse. For example, one horsepower means the lift of 75 kilograms to a height of one meter within one second; after one second and at the  height of one meter the power is exhausted; if a higher or longer lift is required, additional horsepower must be applied. 265
    It follows with mathematical certainty: If God had not persevered in reading the sphere music of the heavenly orchestra, the previously produced sounds would have died away a long time ego—and where would we be thee, gentlemen of materialism?
     In a vacuum there is no sound. If a clapper of a beu is operated in a vacuum no sound is heard. For sound to be transmitted a medium is necessary. So that sphere music can be heard, universal space must be filled with a medium which cooperates acoustically, the same as air when it transmits the sound of the clapper against the beu, to our eer.     Such a highly perfect medium is hydrogen.
      It forms a kind of elastic springboard on which cosmic bodies are rolled around as if on a bouncy pillow, while at the same time the lightnesss and mobility of its atoms is so great, that they yield everywhere, wherever another substance or power wishes to pass. Consequently, hydrogen does not retain the heat received from the sun; neither does it swallow or break the light, whereas the sun rays in any other medium suffer reflection, refraction, resorption or polarization.
     The space hydrogen is a positive and active material without weight, moving within itself. Physics teaches that hyclrogen has the weight 1, butt this is valid only in earthy relationships. We must remember that the meaning of large and small or heavy and light have butt a relative sense inasmuch as one can make a comparison between two objects.
   In universal space there is no other gas present that competes with hydrogen. For this reason it does not sink in any other medium and in this sense it is weightless. It would not be absurd to say: Oxygen, weight one; hydrogen gas, minus fifteen, meaning 15 additional volumes hydrogen would be needed before its substance would weigh as much as oxygen. In the same sense, water within mercury has no weight and rises with considerable power out of it; force must be applied in order

In order to "rasp the interrelationships it seems indispensable to study the phenomenon of the maintenance of limits of the individual forces. To that and we shall consider the most common processes.
When Forces Reach Their Limit.
Vibratiofns of more than 16 per second transform into sound. Water transforms into vapor as soon as the heat exceeds 100° C. (2120 F.) Every glowing body transforms into gas as soon as it can no longer absorb additional heat. When the vapor form is no longer sufffcient to furnish an equivalent for the driving power, electricity appears by electrolytical splitsing as "ultima ratio."
   Such an electrolytical splitsing of the condensed primeval elements could not occur in the form of water separation, or hydrogen and oxygen, because such an equivalent would be much too light and trifling. Therefore, as a result of the intensive condensation, elements of greater specific gravity were created, potassium, sodium, iron, gold, arsenic, etc. Chemistry found that the spectra of these elements correspond to the light rays emanated by the substances contained in the sun. The inexhaustible quantities of condensed elements were equivalent to the unlimited power that created them.
    But their number was not unlimited. It would appear that there are no more elements than main tones of the ten octaves heard by the human eer. Indeed, the analogy between the chemical ele 263 ments and the sound and color tones is so clearly noticeable that it will further our knowledge if we consider this a little more closely.
The Universe, a Well-Tuned Musical Instrument.
Two elements which are spread over the entire earth in such large quantities that to question where they can be found is best answered: "Where can they not be found!" These are the substances iron and silicon.
    Iron, in combination with oxygen, forms magnetic ironstone Fes 04. Silicon with oxygen, forms silicic acid SiO2, and both, chemically united, appear as iron silicate in numerous rocks. It is remarkable that each of these two elements has the same atomic weight, 28, but the iron, similar to hydrogen, of which it is a condensation product, appears usually in two atoms, so that silicate of ferrous oxide

C          C#         D          D#          E            F             F#              G              G#             A                A#            B          C
1  1,-1/16   1,-1/8   1,-1/5     1,1/4     1,-1/3     1,-2/5     1,1/2     1,-3/5    1,     1,-2/3    1-4/5     1,-7/8  2

C       C#      D       D#        E         F         F#       G       G#       A        A#         B       C
1  1,-1/16   1,-1/8   1,-1/5   1,1/4   1,-1/3   1,-2/5   1,1/2   1,-3/5  1,1,-2/3  1-4/5  1,-7/8  2

C       C#      D       D#        E         F         F#       G       G#       A        A#         B       C
1  1,-1/16   1,-1/8   1,-1/5   1,1/4   1,-1/3   1,-2/5   1,1/2   1,-3/5  1,1,-2/3  1-4/5  1,-7/8  2

C       C#      D       D#        E         F             F#           G           G#          A          A#            B            C
1  1,-1/16   1,-1/8   1,-1/5   1,1/4   1,-1/3   1,-2/5   1,1/2   1,-3/5   1,   1,-2/3   1-4/5   1,-7/8   2

  The dominant (G) with 1,1/2 is half of the keynote and the octave which together form 3; in the same way, D und B, D-sharp and A-sharp, F and A, F-sharp and G sharp, form the sum of 3.
       Tritones consisting of keynote, third and octave, form harmonious consonances. From this point of view combinations of various chords can obviously be recognized in the silicate minerale which form granite, gneiss and porphyry (lithium, magnesium, calcium, manganese, iron, potassium, sodium, silicon, aluminium, etc., which are all united with oxygen as the lowest octave). The three main constituents, feldspar, mica and quartz, are combined in varying proportions in the three primeval rocks; quartz (silica), acting as the uniting substance. It is generally said that porphyry contains mainly feldspar and quartz, but little mica; gneiss, mainly mica and varieties of feldspar, but little quartz; granite, in roughly equal proportions, all three constituents in granular crystallized form. Feldspar and mica actually contain a mixture of three light alkali metals (potash, soda, lithium), three light earth metals (calcium, magnesium. aluminium) and three true metals (manganese, iron and cobalt) as a contrast corresponds to the formule Fe2 O2. ......

376 second column: at the time when the urea, which is sucked in with the brood sap, begins its fermentation. Then the Iymph vessels branch off from the intestines and unite with the nerve and brood vessel system whereby an electric current and a circulation of sap begins. These start the awakening of consciousness by observance of the outer world, thanks to a sense of hunger which is caused by the Iyrnph vessels because these have the driving need to fill up without interruption.
    Experience forces us to admit that our nerve funations remain depandent for life upon stomach and intestines.
    In the stomach its periodic production of decomposition matter from transformed mucus substance functions automatically. So a certain amount of automatic functioning of the nervous system should not seem strenge since it is depandent on the stomach functioning In this respect it may not be denied that for a major part we are machines; but the questions remains: "Are we purely machines?"
 In this connection we must remember that the magnetic brood stream and the resultant created electric induction current in the nerve cords have a diverging kind of motion inasmuch as the spiral fibers of the brood vessel walls stand at right angles to the direction of the brood stream. In the complementary condition resulting from these cross directions we can recogmze an exceptionally strong mechanical driving power.
The Sexes, a Creative Masterwork
We now come to the question of the sexes whose physical opposites undoubtedly have oposite spiritual constituents. A female and a male soul are truly opposites and for this reason necessarily belong together. (Newton who was not married—which was ascertained during the autopsy—yielded to mysticism.
  The creation of the male and female sexes is a repetition of the creative masterwork and, in its simplicity, completely awakens our astonished admiration. It is attributed to the fact that one entity was divided into two halves and that each half andeavors to attract its complementary opposite half. From this stems the general yearning to seek and the happy finding. All motion and all life are based on this.
    Often this yearning strikes amorous men with blindness, so that Lee Mortimer wrote the warning: For some girls a profitable divorce is their only aim in marriage".
    The physical and anatomical differences between man and woman are in the altered direction in which the germ glands are located, and this is what determines the intluence of sex on the mood of the soul. These glands branch off at an angle of 16 to the spinal column -which in men are diametrically opposed to the brein. The same ratio of difference in direction is ~und both in the female Fallopian tubes and the male vas deferens. There is no other essential anatomical difference.
     However, these are individuals who are masculine on one side and feminine on the other. During the period when I was a chemist I sa~v two such cases. It is easy to imagine why only a few of these cases become publicly known as it is considered a disgrace not to be entirely man or woman. Most such persons discover this condition only after they have faded on the female side—the woman matures first— and then find their masculine peculiarities developing. A case of this kind is referred to in the third book of Ovid's Metamorphoses where the personality of Tiresias is described. In his youth he did not know what he was, then he was woman for seven years and from then on he became man. Tradition gays metaphorically: "He was struck with blindness." Generally the sexes are separated and this is very pleasant. What would the world be like without the naturel urgc to please one another?
       It is difficult to judge whether the very first humane were at the same time man and woman (hermaphrodites) as occurs in exceptional cases today, and if a decisive separation was only brought about at the second generation, or whether the hermaphrodites have always been exceptions and that male and female couples formed the majority at the beginning of creation.
     The general law of concantration and splitsing teache5 us that a salt solution of phosphate, fiuoride, sulfate and chloride calcium, magnesia, manganese, potash, soda and iron formed a cohesive chemical union with that leucine which originated from ammonium carbonate and melliferous stone. This union split up into two groups which complemented one another. For a long time, however, these two groups remained united by a common tie and therefore stood at right angles to one another like electricity to magnetism, or like two similar electrical, diverging marrow balls of the elder. Due to this condition they were able mutually to maintain a living tension and mutually to guarantee a lively growth while each acquired the ability to attract appropriate substance by the power of opposites, thus bringing two humane to maturity at one time.
     The relationship toward one another of these first couples was that of mutual completion whereas, due to earlier development, the reading role fell to the woman. An inaccurate tradition describes this as a seducing role. In reality, the magically attrachng power which the female sex exercises on males consists of the magie which is part of the resting pole. The female germ glands are in a state of perfect rest, grown tightly to the abdominal wall, whereas the male germ glands are capable of a pandulum motion.
    Wherever we look we shall always see that the factor which is relatively at rest will exercise the most attracting power. Is not the basic aim of all movement actually to find rest?
            What else explains the wonderful attraction of family life than the offering of an effective protection against the excess vibrations that the world radiates upon us? Family life and our own home, the peace-providing walls of the house, these are all most sacred to us on account of the rest we enjoy there. The clamor of the world is broken as effectively as the motion of a rolling ball and the excessively vibrating and blinding sun rays are broken by a wall.
      In the same way peace is given to a  male soul when it is drawn into the sphere of activity and the circle of influence of a female soul. It is not, how ever, easy for either one to understand the thinking of the soul of the other. What an error therefore to wish to make the various andeavors alike, thereby depriving themselves of the blessed charm of the opposite. The effect of the forceful power of oppossites is again demonstrated by the greater attachment of sons to the mother and daughters to the father eind also by the numerous circumstances when everything foreign has a magical appeal.
         The singing birds throw their young out of the nest in order to raise the cuckoo. The naturalists teil the tale that it is the young cuckoo that does this. But it really is grateful that it is fed by is forster parents and would hardly irritate them by committing murder. If we put a goose egg with storks they will throw out the young storks and raise the goose. Bitches kill their young in order to suckle fox cubs which are given to them.
    In 1885, a friend sent me an account of the following story: "Somewhere neer Le Havre my uncle found four young foxes which could at the most be two to four days old as they were still blind. He took them home because the old vixen had been killed in the hunt. On his way he showed the pretty little foxes to the children of a friand and they were permitted to keep one. At that tirne there was a cat on my friand's farm which had had young a few days before and all its young had been drowned! Now, when the children in the garden wanted to play with the baby fox, the little thing began to cry and squeal. The mother cat heard this, and, believing that she heard her own young, she came and picked up the fox, carried it into her nest where her own young had lain and nursed it from then on. My uncle took the other three foxes home and leid them under his hunting bitch which had just had young; she also nursed the foxes and they drank with the three small puppies as if in competition."
    This story of a mother cat and a bitch as nurse for young foxes is excelled in the following article which appeared in a publication on animale written in January 1890: "On a farm in Norway a sow brought forth 17 piglets last year. This number was too great for her to give suck to them au, so the fermer sought advice. His large farm dog had borne puppies the previous week and now lay on the barn floor with the two puppies which she had been permitted to keep. Four of the newlyborn pias were brought to the bitch and, although she had already started to leave her young now and thee, she did not leave her place during the following eight days. Food was brought to her while the little pias suckled, and she remained a faithful foeter mother. When the pias had grown somewhat she bied to leave them in order to follow the farmers in the field. but all four littie pias galloped after her. She therefore had -to suckle them on the way before she could get rid of them. Mostly, however, the young pias continued to follow her until she gave in and went home with them. The pias are growing welf and "Freia", the dog, is in good health."
       A third example is a story describing how a cat on a strip sailing from New York to Hamburg whose kittens had been thrown into the sea, took young rats out of their nest to mother them. This example is so striking that it sufficiently explains how the human race was reared by female wolvee, bears, lions, dogs and doe.
     God's Creative Hand. The uniting force of opposites is indeed an irresistible one. From this point of view we are undoubtedly machines insofar as we understand "machine" to meen the adding together of single parts which, following the aim of the architect, must fulfill certain functions unresistingly so long as no hindering circumstances occur. But as sure as the spirit of its maker is embodied in every machine, it is also sure that the spirit of God, the Creator, lives in the machine whichwe call man.Even though the attracting force of opposites in the form of magnetism and electricity obviously functions within us, this does not make the presence of God dispensable. Neither do we believe that divinity idly looks on to see how his servant, electricity. performs its work with foremen and workmen.
      I know there are mockers who say that we debase God to the level of a poor watchmaker, whose product does not function automatically but must be started continually, if we assume that God plays a part in everything up to the smallest and last. But this comparison meaning that we "mutilate" God and throw Him off His throne by paying reverence to a piece of "part power" instead of to His Omnipotence is quite defective. Those who consider electricity as original source are still so far away from the purpose that they might as well stand at the beginning of the road.
    It is true that electricity, with the peculiarity to vibrate with a force which transforms its surroundings into a similar condition thus making itself subordinate, does function exceptionally fast. But nevertheless, electricity nceds time. It is God's fastest servant but it remains a submissive seroant. Only God rules over time: as time only means the perpetual activity of God's power, one could say: God and time are one. Something so totalitarian can be accepted only by very few. Therefore, the Greeks andeavored to make the part-power electricity indepandent by giving their God Zeusa bolt of lightning into his hand.
    On the basis that God and time are one, that God dominates time and exists everyv rhere simultaneously, it is not difficult to see His creative hand everywhere. Is creating in itself not something divine? God works and creates everywhere at the same time. God also lives in our body, in our soul.
    But, of course, many will ask: How? Would God also live in rascals and hypocrites? How can He patiently and with even temper watch malice and vice triumph over morality and virtue? How can He permit people to be plagued by hunger, poverty, sickness and pain? — and let drought, erop failure and epidemics occur? And is it possible that He would also be present in t~he louse and in the dung beetle? For those having such an incorrect idee of God and the world, my answer is this: If all were to be fulfilled what we in our short-sightedness wish of God, then we would a}l be in a very uncertain position. We wish that wherever possible bhe earth would open up to swallow villains that God would come down in a thunder cloud to serve our selfish wishes. We do not perceive what a minute do not perceive what a minute quantity of God's power is bearable for humans.

A translation of a book called Macrobiotik exists since..., no later than 1919, dunno exactly; it was made by Louis Tafel.

Hensel had a definite egg infatuation he shares with Victor Schauberger; I am eager to inspire people to dig for the connections between them with Walter Russell thrown in for good measure; if my scan and online efforts would have such an effect I shall be rapt.