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  a note on future illustrations x x x dedications x x x preamble on vertical viability versus speed and space x x x technical peculiarities and implications x x x sources x x x prospects and predilections with plain, esoteric and psychoanalytic twists x x x ball bearing good tidings x x x a few more reasonable ways, whys and just how this book might matter most to people struggling to formulate and disseminate a similar  sense of decency x x x printing worries

A note on illustrations: I have collected a whole gallery full of paper fruitbags, appealing pictures from calenders, magazines, etc, but most of them (58 pages worth) are diagrams by the various cosmologists just mentioned and reflect the content of the book rather poorly but I find attempts to correlate tone, colour, scale, frequency and flow phenomena into sequences of sorts by means of such and models irresistable, however irreconciliably idiosyncratic they are, this field is indeed as multifacetted as that of rare and common crystals. To me the mental giants are the least boring people in the world and the inconsistencies between them will prove to be the enigma's of the 21 century's teens and twenties, may they all shine and be revered and represented in the range of didactic tactics (other major influences will be found in the bibliography). Post script (june 99): meanwhile I managed to scan and display some pics; accesible via the index)
the lord up above and the lady down below:  the lord of light levers and leaves the lady around he loves to use a hand to shine some light into her body so tightly earthbound for such blessings it lays in waiting down below patient yet ready and eager to grow. Proportionate share and surge for mind and muscle stimulates autonomy, selfsufficiency, voluntarity, attraction, vitality and choice.
Dedicated in general to: souldiers, misunderstood jews, jokers, outcasts, refugees, proud presidents, poets and prisoners, the homeless, humble and meek, streetmusicians, dancers, draftees and all ballsy and brave besides intelligent youths with an urge to become creatures of sustainable hobby-habits, especially to:  the wellmeaning but misled as well as the willfully irresponsible people in "power",   specifically to:  the memory of John D Hamaker (died in '94), who authored "Survival of civilization", he gave me a worldwide focus for natural mimicry,    by extension to: Julius Hensel (died almost a century earlier) whose legacy and inspirations I searched for in what was then East Berlin and Leipzig,    lovingly to:  most people mentioned in my bibliography,     fond(ling)ly to:  lock and key Mad Onna who's ass I 'll kiss and anal shit I can take if she sings the best of these words.... (if she only knew what wood I do, to make her, make her love me)....,    but above all to: my father, mother and the soil organisms that got me this far besides everybody else who turned out to be someone to help me crisscross the States and Europe several times peddl-, thumb- and biking, this is a poor attempt, but the best way I know how to repay your kindnesses with some of my own.
A wondrous work of wasteless words which propagates melioration of priceless preciousness.          All the prose of every lesson formulates lack and reaches for what is missing, a truly merry song merely accompanies uninhibited twine up and sexhibitionistic mi- and macrocosmic mimic that mixes forces from below and above, within and without, scaled up and down to where we take considerable influence on provision of and for its reju-venerable requirements: musical rockcrushing.          "A book must be an axe for the frozen sea within us" (Kafka).          Nothing is impossible for those who don't have to do it themselves (Weiler).   'we owe gravity coherent emotion', (Gurdjeff).          "The coming era can only be wholistic if we integrate the mineral stage of existence" (translated from "something in nothing" by Arnold Keyserling).         "The assembly and particular mix of minerals is like a cookie cutter code key that guides what develops from rock", (Dan Winter).          Young at heart ones loves to blow mud bubbles minds altered by an intentional peek at scores and spans of aeons can palpably perceive and see why: namely that there aint no conviction quite like a headstrong and stubborn one. (poetpiet).          Setting rock to flow and grow 'presievibly' helps receive radiation 'hospitiatably' whereever they set up a prefractory jubilation station.         Preamble on vertical viability versus speed and space:  Everybody invariably talks of what they are and have inoculated themselves with or gravitated towards; the degree of projection, transference and alienation differs greatly though.          Once the main aim becomes bridging distance to digest space, our cycling assumes a restlessly linear pace, so those of birth, death and fertility suffer;  sights set on heading through time lose credibility till their tangible titbit terminals are recognized and remembered to restore balance now and then when space is given into such frozen timespans so they can take place.         I got a stone to grow and feed to the crops I raise they 'll be so tasty, my friends will shower me with praise, rock is a more peaceful project when sent through time  than a perfect projectile to hurl through or guard some space,  it thus doesn't bring down any preys nor threatens this, that or the other race. I first flex some well when to dust I grind  and wet that unlocked lifeclocking rock  to feed the forerunners up of all that which feeds my fully lust and lovefilled mind.         If your idea of a race is to cleave space in yet against time at the highest possible pace, it removes and remotes you from life; an arms race even kills it outright unless it leads to collective meteor monitoring. A rocky time spacing race isn't really hip till it gets a grip on intimacy.        dustfree society:  Freeing dust from rock helps ground cover incorporate it.            I ain't a one trick pony and don't do'm equally well but let you be the judge about which one is or what ones are right on the money and worth the effort if any, many startred out as spifffily spluttered commendably harmonic audibles and so a younger audience will most likely lend an ear happily (verrukt).            Born in a not quite sunken, but subsiding, subtitled and subsidized land  I wasn't long kept out of touch yet longer than I wanted, with written brainfood other than in that which foreigners call Dutch,  I was raised and subsisted on it 18 years straight but wrote only two thirds as much this work in it ( the same subjects, (due to extensive travelling)  with even more poetic liberties taken, neologisms coined, wordwelds and longer winded phraseologies than here half the time (not to make up for smallish vocabulary or discourage plagiarism and so be unmistakably (in)comprehensible, but to escape censure, reveal secrets, and dig for the connections that got shredded and dumped on, all reflections on the difficulties of differentiation and crushing rock to make it come alive). English has been a second language most of the time since the late seventies, (my late teens), the third being German, in which I wrote nearly nothing but read some of the best (yet little known) works on religion and culture (Keyserling and Lessing), economics (Beckerath, Rittershausen) cosmology and agriculture (Hensel); it is obvious to me that these 'disciplines' as well as law and technology are ever such relatively relaying, parallel, perpendicular, short, multipolar partners, take for instance the analogous bloatings from monetary inflation and artificial fertilizers, life's  pollution (modern and perverted sense, see Ernest Young) desecrated mental and physical current respectively (dealt with extensively in chapter 2: (p)restoring animation to momentum), not to mention endless evidence that man bites off more than he can chew or if he juicelessly chews on anyway, certainly cannot digest.
Technical peculiarities and implications:   Text-segment are always indicated with a Capital letter at the start of a line, usually a different fontsize also and reflect grammatical complexity with macrocosmic maturity, which is sensitivity to celestial subtlety and timeliness according to Arnold Keyserling who even manages to correlate the periodic system with our planets, but it doesn't jive with the attempts by Walter Russel very well (concentric versus coil model and suspiciously 2 dimensional, Keyserling predictably correlates elemet valende groups with planets. Winter comes up with a platonic geometry link a la Secret Doctrine). Luckily (or unluckily, see the Auzzie journey digest) her(m)etics never have floated a collective boat very well.      The shorter pieces are relatively straight "up and down", they are much like slogans or aphorisms, eminently quotable in any company attending the deed I pine to start an army (which follows the armed tyrant disarming forces) for and sing those hymns of praise which rhythm and rhyme best. They take turns with the longer alineas  which branch, twist, curve, slide and interlock to make for deeply revealing significance rather haphazardly. So the aphorism sizes also indicate complexity and/or continuous spurts of insight, the ingredients of which may have received due puzzling and patterning process, they suffered additions, roundouts, reshuffles and intrusions over as much as 10 years afterwards and the finished 'bites' are roughly rearranged by side swiping theme and derivative around the main issue, I try to make the most of paper, I use waste when I can, to me the amount of bites I can fit on a bit of biomass has the connotation of mineral content in produce, which is a major determinant for nutritive value and structural integrity and not purely a question of taste anymore but measurable with a little handheld 'brix' reader (see Acres, Philip Callahan recently started selling a more sophisticated (and 3 times as expensive) spectrometer).        I am a great fan and firm believer in the virtues of reread-worthyness thanks to dense and complex composition that challenges mental penetration, they are like the hard ones among woods grown in deep dark sheltering shades, yet try to differentiate as precisely as hard rock can be made to feel fine and feed multifarious fare fairly.       Take a deep breath again, another 11 line sentence coming up: I often compound several emphases and meanings through strategic use of comma's and parentheses for instance, resulting in long lines, so that depending on where in your succesive (and I hope eventually successfull) attempts to read me you get flung from my roller-coaster-thought-trains and drilled out of these worm squirm holes of high speed timeterrain gaining thought, failing to lean into their turns when your in(clin)tonation veers away from the next segment or conclusion (my multi-million micromiles worth of (dirt)biking speak here) you must retrace, -read and -phrase to achieve the full flavor of closely correlated following; not an uncommon phenomenon when acquainting oneself with an unfamiliar and potent author's words  thanks to the mental time border crossing exchange rates of phrasecoining which gradually substituted for sword crossing encounters over already animate and at certain times especially inviting, open(ed) physical space, those were in their turn the still earlier forms of conflict since they arose during the mating season (and lasted no longer initially).  Meantime most disputes are banned to arbitrary breaches broachable by a cunning which compulsorily collects violence autonomy contributions besides other coinage rights and calls itself culture, wether this is driven by the same powers that make a school of fish swivel and turn, a flock of birds fly hither and thither or a massive desire to dominate with its center of gravity in arms industry come about, I don't know, but even I myself often feel to have sometimes triggered or been able to point to other people who have certain crowd directive qualities. So, since there is no helping it, find your alpha, fall in love, join or start a sect, state or commune and prove not all charismatic leaders are secretive and become massmurderers or write a book in defense of dust as the ink for livelyer writs (see mother's milk in gaialogistics) to take the charge of being a significant other that follows like a shadow.       I hope this gives you, my dear reader, a sense of what it may mean to delegate and dispense autonomy which gives credit, namely: to muster help for quenching the most burning questions, like: how to trace and tend to our rarest blo(ss)oms as well as finding ways to juggle the dynamics between rewarding the most massive patience and punishing the most vast and momentous hoards.          Enjoyment of this book will thus take a radical love of ling(u)ae: from pictography, poetry, etymology and dislexia all the way (back) to the origins of alphabets and treecalenders.        Unfortunately these and other matters of utmost con- and sequence, perspective and proportion devolved into more and more abstraction, some of which I still puzzle over myself (rhyming my favorite cosmologists, for instance, as alluded to earlier). The subtle shift of letters and meaning within words, which change (over) time, can be used as fit fun and joke cracking occasions to help (r)evolve language into vision.        In short: my multiple close call and correlate clarifications enhance flavors of contrast and show as much of the crosswordpuzzling wrangle and tangle as blamewordblock to famewordfun  of dust to lust nameword sunlight must allow radically.        So this book contains a range of most simple and short to such extremely longwinded and convoluted (but not contradictory except when speaking about Jesus or other institutionalized personalities) formulations about laws of nature and culture, that I have trouble following my own associations sometimes, I corrected this book through at least 18 times, if you come across inaccesible formulations, just think of 'm as hard rocks thirsting for life and worth the effort of penetrant lag ald lead staggering rereads.        Some of these here my children are wrought well enough, others less luckily and in need of more attention and orientation, metaphor, emphasis, etc.        Could I get some feedback from people on what you thought the best and suggest how to improve the nearest misses? This would help me make the final and streamlined selection for a better lasting of this ode to our rocks of all ages. I'd like to offer a real audio version cause I find young people quick to convert as soon as they may pay attention to the sonic resonance of an otherwise apparently less obviously spellbinding piece.
prospects and predilections:  Some of this here may be a bit much too concentrated for most people's mental stomach and I did not staffle my bits from easy to hard (toying with that idea, though), but I dare you to mix and stir it into a more conventional medium with the familiar blood, gore, flames and explosions all you want, the apparent dilution will yet escape its reactionary taint to enhance contrast and complete the human spectrum for once. I hope this is not my last claim to fame, but only a tease and taste, my role in a big epic script, which I part with freely (considering Internet dump to attract a publisher and make all souldiers look for a chance to desert and sign up with me, of course revocably..........well that's what your looking at ......still working on it.....) cause I can for the life of me never lose it, though it takes a 1000 years to roll in real time, (Zappa's babysnake style animators welcome), and its obscurity if not obscureness will last my lifetime I 'm afraid, though I hope to get quite old and pow(d)erful. I hope too, that my next work will be less finicki, more off the cuff and reely real or altogether unnecessary.  My graphics, diagrams, cartoons, models and music making audience is welcome to help me flesh out these next needed (sorry, addicted to the childlike, I guess) dimensions before I muddle down that new to me road (by) myself, I am as stuck with my theme as with my birthday like so many of my rolemodels: M Toonder, a Dutch fairytale like comic artist (words written underneath miniature paintings, not in balloons), I dedicated my simultaneously appearing (quite untranslatable as explained above) Dutch book to him; B Fuller with reservations along the lines of Wendel Berry's (with whom I have (indian) reservations in turn (see Space Colonies)) and a good few others who never tire of bouncing their old selves off of yet another face of the earths current lives which can get back in some sort of better touch through them. I trust you will see and agree it suits not just me, which is all the reason it takes to perform the soon to be common human intellect rite with it or any such pointers: round the world at beck and call in no time flat for singularity support, entirely voluntary and cheap too. But not everyone wants to glimpse and glean the few most likeminded compatriots whom one can get close and even gravitate to physically, that is: with whom one may relocate, start, have and be a band of and with soil besides mere spirit, nor needs to when what they share is the autonomating talent for vertical traffic control, the only direction that counts beyond and between life or death itself (life's deadly and death's lively borders).
Esoteric twist:  You are advised to read the remarks on Skeptical Enquirer's baby/bathwater confusion in the Gaean cosmology section of the bibiliography before proceeding. The playingcard deck which can spread over the year somewhat unevenly to allot everybody an impersonal birthcard shows my life's assignment, groundswell and theme this time around to be harmonious change through labour on the mineral stage (second spade, the earthy suit), I am skeptical enough to consider myself lucky I found this out long after I fell in love with most common and fresh dust. Its natural, cyclically segregated history, production, properties and early signs of a previabilitation revival, rivalling, redeeming thus possibly preventing or fending off an ice age (not just in, with and at the price of a diamondfuel forestalling, fossil fired fever as we do now) are my main themes, early intimations of this war obviating future music are extracted from, and after modification reapplied (see p 62 of "prophets without honour", where it is said of Freud (along who's introvert lines I look the other way in a sense) that he gave only too familiar formulas and concepts a slight twist so as to gain a brighter focus and better resolution on and for them, I know many people are struggling with and through similar phases in turn) to most classic categories and disciplines in both their secular and academic versions: philosophy, religion, psychosocial science, economics, music and physics, in short, both humanities and exact sciences which show the reach and range for simple directing of the min(e)d in the sense I came to understand it, refer, date up and reconvert to it.        Earth's water and dry oxide interweaving flux correlates closely with its precession wobble width when it comes to aging ill or well according to cosmic clock conceptualizer Walter Russell.        Taurus-Scorpio is one of the often depicted axis on the wheels Ezekiel saw way up in the milky middle of the sky pie, but if we leave the presently ending (in crisis) yet in hand and working order era of destruction without integration, along the axis Pisces-Virgo we would forgo a chance to shift this psychomechanical gearnotch consciously instead of burdening our already bulging unconscious even more; this is to say that if we forget to flex rocks as swell as reason, tension builds and tolerance goes.        History is resonant reminescence, not that which is finished, over and done with but that which has to be repeated cause and when it wasn't learned from nor digested without residue.
Main theme:  The academic work done in the past on stone flour application and mineral (pre)cycling stimulation and mimicry has mostly been tainted with prejudice, imprecision and inaccuracy, some of it is reproduced by Remineralize the Earth, a global network and update forum of hobbygardeners (and ecovolunteers like me for whom nature lays down the law). Philip Callahan is the most promising and inspired scientist among these who is qualified and I expect him to come up with the next batch of secrets wrested and teased from nature's wonderful wristflicktricks and multiply mud, skin, bark and hide hidden suprises of gentlest power and pulse too, his work is available from Acres USA, see bibliography under Gaean cosmology. A questionaire (see flunked flyer, chapter 5) which I sent around to farmers and quarries elicited no direct response but 7 years later a USDA conference was held in Beltsville (videao's available from Dan Winter and the commendablinklist.htmhas some relevant sites) about the logistics and lore surrounding production, deployment and properties of fresh rock particles and dust. I have held on to a dream of travelling with a rockunravelling instrument for about twice as long now, perhaps I get to lead a battalion of them some day.        My main derivations get elaborately and somewhat systematically rephrased, -cast and -molded to show the ramifications of my strategy for many walks of life and stains of thought with great care taken to vary the versions within my none too rigid- nor rigorously technical vocabulary. Though I can't pretend I profess a simple style for formulation, I dare say I succeeded more accesibly at that than B Fuller (triangulation, tensilities, inventive inventory taking) and more colourfully than W Russel (animate as well as inert gender polarities, divinity, space and spin) cause I am far less a left brainlobe cosmologist but what I call chaotically comprehensive, others will surely judge as distractive hairsplit-wit.
psycho(self)analysis: Knowledge being judged unfit for the faithful I was discouraged from acquiring it  early on and goaded, lured, baited or pushed instead to play dynasty with papa while I in my turn thought to call his global erosion, overgrazing and meantime hormone craze causing meat industry to a much needed and timely halt. Cooperation the harder but more viable way was easy enough I thought, like any son of a success does, occasionally even still when finally realizing radical ones paradoxically but almost invariably get crucified. Beating my pride in an unfortunately physical rather than psychically (or was it physical also cause psychically incomplete and undone?) dissociative way was easier than me dads mental one, (in a simultaneously worked on Dutch manuscript I am up to 11 pages on him, barely 2 here). Yet, being somewhat waversome of character I expended a lot of energy resisting, fighting and figuring (ab)out these, what I came to feel were well intended but erring macho manipulations.       I am reminded of a Tarot card I pulled which showed a shepherd at an open gate, animals inside, bu who is to say he was not an animal liberation frontline fighter in disguise for whom blood ties are never enough?       The small s self serving man of action corrupts, cuts off and spills water,  treesap and blood until he learns to respect the man of thought who traced his roots to humility and invests long term in seemingly worthless and rigid but nurturing death, not with passive sympathy only to recoil and retreat in a cynic's shell, but with passionate empathy which treats life well.        My mother taught me the only way she knew how to survive these: suffer in silence, skulk in a shell, perhaps hence my sym- and eventual empathy for almost equally mute and mystified (rather than mistified, unfortunately) rocks who carry our day yet.  Despite or thanks to all this, my present life's talents, resources, goals and aims have been finding the pioneers of justice, cleanliness and inspiration, dead or alive, with a preference for the former at first, and all thanks to the faith of my parents in me.        A few more reasonable ways, whys and just how this book might matter most to people struggling to formulate and disseminate a similar sense of decency It should turn the tide and lead us back to laying up store in live leaves, shades and houses more than this dead, yet, thanks to organic inks on hempfibre, at least not clearcut derived printing paper, fully compostable and then rephotosynthetisizable ones.       Printing worries: I 'm a little worried about the printing consequences of an Internet appetizer posting, I fear they would mostly be single sided, so I beg, implore, beseech and otherwise urge, nay command you to run 20 copies double sided if you do download, or if that is impossible, wait till I, or help me find a publisher. Isn't that the least I am entitled to demand?       If this book is to be made from woodpulp, the trees must be horse drawn from and grown in a manually cared for mixed forest or a similarly maintained small scale hemp for fibre plantation, the employees own the permaculture embedded company-acommodation-orchard complex outright. Nice pipe dream eh?        This book is a bout about love as the golden mean measure, more universal and stable that the standards of lenght and weight along which I have tried to realign some of the most ancient, sacred yet simple, basic yet abused and persistently perverted perspectives, concepts and meanings about, for, in and of life.        I feel here is something for everyone, especially young, smart yet ballsy braves who wanna help feminine charm to run rampant, so wild and free that it turns entire war and time zone's into the voluntary fun variety of parties, give it a quick thumb and see for yourself, then let me know.
counter(ring) culture coming soon
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