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(1) Bottom line aphoristically ballistic solutions (afford and) arouse beleaf Systemics
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Keywords, prominent names of people who made them live for me and brief descriptions for the main files wherein I deal with em in turn and various mixtures for this multiplicitously lush site named: 
BottomLine A B Solution
..          This tag file randomly lists a number of terms floating about and cropping up in the different sections of both 'left' and 'right'.   Though none of them are defined in these files, they are grazed and alluded to, above all, I attempted to place'm in timely and spatial perspective; my categories bleed into the one scaled, staggered and rounded out whole made up of the by themselves too partial, com- and departmentalized parts. None of the descriptions in this file will have as much validity by themselves as they can when entrained with the rest.
But first, a prepiet:  the scale hopping and popping presumptuously providential proportion picker.
project or predicamentalize
pinch 'n please or poison
proceed and propel or imprison and expel
***********parley or pounce************
proscribe palliatives or perplex peevishly
personalize or pontificate
******powder or pile up******
*******pass on or posses***********
******ponder and peruse or pervert******
******precipitate or pump******
****pattern or pilfer*****
****play or pomp****
propagate or privatize
participate or prosecute
by Poetpiet
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Here is an attempt to capture my whole site in one alinea.
It appears in the file called BLABSABS = Bottom Line Aphoristically Ballistic Solutions Arouse Beleaf Systemics  also (clickable below).   If democracy wants to protect minorities rather (if you arrived here via search engine, their listing me up to this 23rd word must have been incentive enough) than impose majority rule, it had better take note of these ancestors and keep 'm happy, personification of such hap- and helpless critters would be keynote of any and all new and improved religion, humble and benevolent.
We are o so good at buggering biomass aloft.    Oh humble Microbe soft, where do you want to grow to stay and wend your way aloft?    (see bottom of doc). The economy ultimately runs on metabolization of sunshine,
the rate of which is a prime candidate for a truely honest standard of value, suitably stimulated with the crop sweetening charge with which any paramagnetic rock(dust) can endow it.            All greenery results from (gets woven by) the interaction of dust (bashed unstashed ashes), water time and sun (heavenly fire)?.              The full spectrum trace minerals present in lava's, basalts, and glacial gravels act as catalysts in the process of growing disease resistant, nutritious and tasty foods, so let baptism of such stuff as can soak up, then re and prestructure all the good and simple things in life expand the reach, range and after effects of sonic resonances of group endeavours in religion for instance (bu it can be seen to suit every discipline all the more perfect if it tends to 'ultra long runnable pragmatism'), ; so far but poorly employed in sermons, concerts, speeches and presentations; go listen to a rock grinder and imagine what  this glacier and volcano frict fract action mimicking size reduction could do for ecology, (humility, humus and putting an end to scarcity, phallic fallacies, life atrophying technology addictions and protheses production not to mention extasy) when instruments become pageant pilgrim taskforce, truely moving instrewments. I regard a basic and common kind of (p)recursion as the most provisionary recursivity, in the same sense, innovative (pre)venting understood as (p)reduction, enabling metabolization of minerals, oxide reduction, reversed fireworks, ashes the hard way; it is more manly to throw water into rock than vice versa.
If matter is but light with a talent for accretion and intense densifying, putting on weight and it into the scale, with life un- and enfolding between these extremes it follows that such refreshment where and when growing conditions are favorable is a good idea.      Render back to regal lender his legal tender; the rate of photosynthesis could serve as an accurate and regional value standard as was noted earlier;all this would contrast perfectly with the exclusive, top down and speculative emission foundations playing havoc with the cooperative roots of capitalism; agression expressed constructively makes the provisionary difference between provision of abundance versus reactionary fighting over scarce goods.        Mobilizing for terrific vertical traffic:   Ideally ballsy braves can deliver proof of their prowess and excercize their muscle in solid ball games resulting in polished and powdered rock in emulation of the once statuary (but since crumbling) achetype and role model Cernunnos who let his wealth run away onto and into the ground for which all creation loved him. Historians may scoff at this romantic 'potion notion' taken from a myth they interpret bluntly as just another deified hunting hero but if we are ever to use our mettle and metal peacefully         (Cernunnos' torqued ramheaded snake leads me to suspect he minted 'coin of the realm', a thus, wether or not modulated and fancified model is a good start).          Combining voluntary multiculturalisms and racisms with decentralized and relatively private particulars vs nonencrypted but multiply translated and transparantly, impersonal yet 'special' generalities, averages, laws and statistics follows the golden rule of  complementarity like ebb and flow, more centralization must logically entail more openness and nondistortion. I hope to entice you all to take note of some obcure work, such as the founding of open cooperatives advocated in the 30ties by Ulrich von Beckerath or Edgar Milhaud, the biotectural pleaching any long term lifetime spanning planning can incorporate and execute besides lots more, have fun.
inthrow and
a few bits of autobiographical peculiarities and namedropping credits to show what made me tick 'n tap this site together       8888
priority issues:   native title, terra nullius, aboriginal life, slavery, genocide, mating grounds, nomadics, subsistence, burial grounds, prior appropriation, human rights, autonomy,ethnology, anthropology, subsistence, sustainability, selfsufficiency, Robert Wrangham, Alphonso Lingis, Indiginous issues, Oscar Kiss Maerth, Robert Lawlor, Pierre Clastres, Gilles Deleuze, Felix Guattari, Morgan, Lewis Hyde, Marcel Mauss, Aby Warburg, Franz Oppenheimer, Lawrence Blair, Duerkheim, George Bataille, Jack Weatherford, vine Deloria, Jim Craven, Louis Proyect, Eric Wolf, Jane Schneider,             currency unification, strategies for currency unification,         Roland Vaubel, Heinrich Rittershausen, Ulich von Beckerath,    spectrum exploring, spectrum exploiting     George Gilder, Cato Institute, Wired Magazine, Philip Callahan          description:    How to arrive at the minority honouring, enhancing and protecting sort of majority rule, the so far more often than not tainted promise of democracy, equal yet plural and including all so far vote- and voiceless beings by and with definition.        How to constitute the emission of money in an honest competition leading to fair unification and cleaned up  co-operative capitalism?           How to stand up for, behind and under old growth, feel for their stature and benefit from their suspension inviting infrastructure. How to abandon exothermal reactions in favored of more nourishing and slightly less perishable flame and fire forms such as fruit, abundant amounts to be declared a soon to be forthwith enforced human right.          How determine wether the information industries are merely surfing the spectrum or if they  burden, distort, drain, trash and harness, iow civilize it; I argue to explore and stimulate rather than tame and/or colonize it             88888*******8888888*******8888
trees as indispensably Antaeuslike antennae/valves
 fruit, fending for fruit, fruit finders, fruit furtherers, NAFEX, North American Fruit Explorers, Pomona, de Kiem, permaculture, pleaching, tree pleaching, biotecture, treehousing, long term provision, family trees, groves, fruitgrowing, Lawrence William Lyons, The language crystal, from Grammar Publishing, Gabriel Cousens, Kundalini awakening, Daniel Reid, raw food, Natural Hygene, Hygenic community network news, Helen Jean Story, Arnold Ehret, Fresh Network, instinctology, Guy Claude Burger, old growth protection, planning for old growth, nutritional value, vitality             description:  Pointers to inspire long term planning and provision; achieving optimized nutrition, housing and solar energy reception by varying plant, other being, specie and/or race ages stages and densities.             How to stand up for, behind and under old growth, feel for their stature and benefit from their suspension inviting infrastructure.              Pleaching and all visionary work around it such as designing, planting, thinning, etc, means to stimulate and guide branchfused framings and figurations in such a way that the term biotecture springs to mind and life.       888*********888888
language and other sonorous sounds of harmony and desire:   origin of letters, letter origins, symbolization, language, linguistics, neologisms, metering, measuring, secrecy, White Goddess, tree-alphabet, tree-calender, Lawrence William Lyons, John Philip Cohane, Jean Joseph Goux, John Michell, Robert Graves, Arnold Keyserling, Dan Winter,  Lewis Thomas, Robert M Hoffstein,  Donald Mccloskey, Deirdre Mccloskey, Willem Hietbrink, John Michell,  Robert Jungk, James Joyce, Aby Warburg, Bibliothek fuer Zukunftsfragen, Mystical key to the English language, Pleroma, Angel Innovations, logos, law, visualization tools, golden mean, tree of knowledge, origins of the alphabet, alphabet models
description:  Reaching and ranging from the temporality of substance to the agelessness of symbol can be helpful: witness the stability of gold as a backdrop standard measure to help different monies relate (the subject of the values standard file) or considered more closely one can say: symbols aren't hi and holy, incorruptibly timeless objectivity is subject to and more often than not even causes: corruption, slavery, etc. The attrition, evolution, erosion, wear, tear, use and choice of languages and individual(?) words change as do meanings, only seemingly attached to them; onesty about hyrarchy of meanings is the issue I attempt to adress, showing how mutations and metabolizations of abstract symbols always have and mimic  perfect models in ancient processes: cycling substances form edible past compost to fresher more assimilable versions, the very stuff that functions as the throat grease which starts the whole cycle over again.  88888*******88888
A spin off thereof (the above):  Jed Rasula,  sibling strife and polarity, plagiarism, alphabet origin, Stan Tenen, Meru Foundation, Dan Winter       description:   Plagiarism courtcase peripherals, a truly Shem and Shaun like performance, this one about the rotation of letters to derive others as already described in the 17th century by Johannes Petrus Ericus by the way, other principles and precursors  touched upon as well, all with reference to this sort of eternally  accursed opposition between fireside fabulation and calaim stakers    88888*******8888
libidoz, charismaz, magnetismz and primitivismz
libido, magnetism, charm, charisma, kundalini, biophysics, kundalini experiences, Sexual Suicide, polyfidelity, Daniel Reid, George Gilder,  J D Unwin, Jean Francois Lyotard, Libidinal Economy, Pacific wall, J H Noyes, Peter Duisberg, Oscar Kiss Maerth,  Robert Wrangham, Camille Paglia, Alphonso Lingis, James Demeo, Alphonso Lingis, Robert Lawlor, Dan Winter, Gabriel Cousens, Muktananda, Jane Schneider; Oneida community, Demonic males, The beginning was the end,  cannibalism,
description:   We as a smart species went from fear of fire to fuel use and waste, to fuel consumption, metering and fine tuning, all the while building for and brooding on the bigger bang, now we may do well to learn (about) fuel making before creative destruction of 'innovation driven and rewarding capitalism runs out of easy and relatively innocuous raw material. Prime candidate will be oxide reduction; arguably the most powerful process ever, but it has endless gear shifts to go when starting from scratch, I find and feel it the best and most powderful factor fostering  and sustainable chain reaction leading to tranquility instead of present tendencies indicating mutation to insular or worse, deadlocked shreds. Fiery fun is an all time mating ground favorite from cameleon to white house pyrotechnic potency; procreation and provision are nowhere near harmonizing, mass societies tend to be vain, proud, arrogant and inventive, oblivious to fellow creatures adn eventually leave deserts in their wake.                Just ask Billy boy:   he'll tell you tis a heavy burden to have the American public put and then picket pubic rockets in the people's presidential pockets.  8*88*88*888*****
how to deal with egomaniacs and their testosterone driven agression:  secretive centralization, IMF, world bank, CIA, FBI, secrecy, encryption, monopolies, vested interests, life after television, George Gilder, Pierre Clastres, Bucky Fuller, Ulrich von Beckerath, Jean Joseph Goux, J D Unwin, Theodor Lessing, de- and constructive agression, insurance mathematics, taskforces, liberation armies, tyrranicide, encryption, symbology, secession, freedom fighters, humand rights, human duties, mercenaries, militia, privatized securities, United Nation taskforces, freedomfighters, eco-guerillas.            description:  Reactionary agression and the vicious circle of scarcity enhancing fights caused by regressive power struggles, the explosive testosterone concentrations well fed brutality of clumps, gangs, huddles, bands, battalions and divisions of all too similar opponents, each side of which delegates some and specializes in other functions to start the whole chain of lobsided polarization and division ruling in the first place can easily be outgrown by provisionary measures, dressed up sportily to boot and destined to outgrow present arms races faster than Bill Gates could overgrow the legendary JP Morgan.           In the spirit of Pierre Clastres and Ulrich von Beckerath I propose to devote half the army's expenses, paraphernalia and personell and/or time to peace making, (re)construction, conversion and conflict resolution.         8888***88888
strategies for postrivalry; sur- and revival through, at most adorned, naked pow(d)er(ing rituals)
Whole Earth Review, Whole earth Catalog, Co-evolution Quarterly, Fuller Institute, Centre for Alternative Technology, voluntary association, prosthetic aspects of technology, prosthetics, new sports, green politics, biomass accumulation, biomass amassment, metanoia, pronoia, religion, Peace movements, green Parties, Bioregionalism, Ecology movement,  Annals of earth, Ocean Arks Institute,    Jose Arguelles, Lawrence Blair, Michael S Schneider, Jonathan Tennenbaum, Buckminster Fuller, Arnold Keyserling, Ernest Young, Lawrence Rickels, William I Thompson, micro-organism population explosion, pollution         description:   smallest common denominator, largest common divider: a callibratable imitation volcano, a boobball tower,Taking the compostheap as a model for lively yet humble identity construction.    ***88**888888******888888**88**
value standard variety and stability
alternative economics, open society, centralization, noncommercial publicity, subsistence nonsecrecy, systemic referencing, transparancy, affairs of state, personability, wealth, photosynthesis rating, green politics, biomass accumulation, biomass amassment, regional value standards, soilbanking as value storage, store of value, autonomy, selfsufficiency, mutualism, co-operation, nonreactionary anarchy, constructive anarchy, statutory law, human rights, human duties, human pleasures, body, soul and spirit, voluntary association, indexation, categorization, automation, businesscards, ID, voluntary association, voluntarism, free association, open associations, federation, public, autonomy, economic ethics, crossreferencing, accountability, public access, opening principles, strategies for currency unification, currency competition, monopolistic distortions, legal tenders, non coercion, LETS, seedsavers, local exchange and trading systems, clearing houses, automated record keeping, private money, private payment systems, token emission and redemption, clearing, tax foundation, secession, private money tokens, unemployment, self employment, harmless competition, differentiation, open centralisation, encryption, accountability, proportional representation, currency competition, money redemption, lifespan of currencies, emission rights, legitimization, money emission, emission privileges, money emission and redemption, Mammon and the black Goddess, monetary freedom, anarchism, anarchy, social reform, Land Trusts,  Schumpeter, Hayek, J D Unwin, Robert Graves, George Gilder, Bucky Fuller, Jean Joseph Goux, Jean Francois Lyotard, Cato Institute, Cato Journal, libertarianism, freebanking, Durrell Foundation, preventing inflation, fighting inflation, American Institute of economic Research, The currency famine of 1893", Sound currency, Mutual Banking, Libertarian Microfiche Publishing, John Zube, Ulrich von Beckerath, Heinrich Rittershausen, Walter Zander, Lysander Spooner, William Butler Greene, Benjamin Tucker, Liberty, John Dewitt Warner, Thomas Paine, Proudhon, Leopold Kohr, Judy Shelton, Roland Vaubel, Lewis Hyde, Donald Mccloskey, Philip Mirowski, Michael Lewis, Tom Greco, E Riegel, Hannah Arendt, Mary Lehmann, Paul Glover, Robert Swann, Conrad Hopman, Richard Kay, mercantilism, imperialism,  Positive Alternatives, Center for Economic (defense) Conversion, local value standards, regional value standards, rates of photosynthesis as value standards, value standard stability, value standard improvement             description:   Emission rights entail redemption duties as key principle in decentralized money emission to relieve crisis, federation during spurts of growth and constant public access to the specific, dated currencies can get us out of present hell holes and conflagrations of greed stampedes.              The tides to and fro between personal, local and decentralized spec generation on the one hand, converging into more and more general, open, accesible, logistechnically enabled centers, thoroughfares and hubs where nondistortionate mechanisms turf and tabulate to form prices which  instantly ripple back to local planning levels can only become, be and remain ethical if hub employees find their work a privilege enough to share their info the instant it arrives: present, implicate, pursue, filter, sift, sieve and abrade locally, symbolize, sluice through, accelerate and disperse centrally.            Publicity as payment to and subsistence as claim on the community.            Integrity of body, soul and spirit needs the equally inseperable freedoms to trade, migrate and emit; the unity of logos, ethos and pathos, the interaction of light and dark resulting in abundance shedding and sheltering shade. We have a long way to go from Christianity to raising regional photosynthesis rates to the status of value standards            *88****8888****88*
feeling fronts:    sociablility, sharability, community, community founding,  intentional communities, Center for communal studies, Community magazine, Diggers and Dreamers, Eurotopia, John Ray, London Institute for Social Inventions.                 Cultural analysis, fonction fabulatrice, fables, fiction, Hannah Arendt, John Ray, Robert Graves, W H Hudson, Maarten Toonder, James Stephens, J R Tolkien. Guy Gavriel Kay, Aphra Behn, Richard Powers, Tom Robbins, Henry, Bulwer H Lytton, Lawrence William Lyons, Jean Joseph Goux, Arnold Keyserling, Theodor Lessing, Lawrence Rickels, Herbert Poetzl, Klaus Theweleit, Max Weber, Leopold Kohr, Egon Friedell, Emile Cioran, Peter Sloterdijk, Lou Salome, Manuel Frank, Raoul Vaneigem, Julian Pefanis, Jean Francois Lyotard, Jean Baudrillard, Douglas Kellner, Geert Hofstede,        Indiginous issues, Native title, first nations, native culture, non-migrant nomadism, Oscar Kiss Maerth, Robert Lawlor, Pierre Clastres, Gilles Deleuze, Felix Guattari, Robert Wrangham, Alphonso Lingis, Morgan, Lewis Hyde, Marcel Mauss, Aby Warburg, Franz Oppenheimer, Lawrence Blair, Duerkheim, George Bataille, Kath Walker,  ethnology, anthropology, subsistence, sustainability                description:   Protecting indiginous cultures, socalled first nations or aboriginals, can only succeed if (the wrong kinds of) border crossing mechanisms (air pollution, imperialism, etc) are identified, quantified and outlawed. Forceful monetization must be outlawed. Prior appropriation must be established and restored. In the light of the fact that migrations (particularly permanent ones) were hardly ever first choices it shouldn't be too difficult to reverse a lot of damage soon: voluntary repatriation will go smooth enough since deep down in the genes (indigene) our memories lurk and beckon for and as hard dying old habits, and if preps are made, invitations extended, a few healthy new (or old) habits underway, we will see plenty of remigration. The requirements specified under the orange section (above) are therefore in most urgently need of understanding and implementation in the Middle East for instance. It's not like Jews lack intelligence or clout, so how about a bit of good will eh? Presto please! All refugees should be given a chance to enroll in  taskforces, taking care to constitute them from evenly mixed background, aiming to stop the very reason they can and must find recruits easily these days.               Envisionment and setting up of experimental utopias with up and coming means to improve accountability, opening of affairs and ligitimization of secession, (re)autonomization and other moves conducive to selfsufficing can constitute the revival of ethical codes of conduct, correcting our slide into fetishizing prime male mova- and mobility as recklessly as many but violent native peoples did till a balance of power held 'm in mutual check. More authority must accrue to the 'incarnationing' gender, their birth control methods have pre-empted bloodshed in many ways now difficult to retrieve.           8888888************8888888
dualities, binarisms, dichotomies,  polarities and gender issues:   Robert Graves, George Gilder, Klaus Theweleit, Otto Weininger, Nike Wagner, Laura Riding, James DeMeo, Camille Paglia, Luce Irigaray, Lisa Caputi, Douglas Rushkoff, Mark Dery, Gossips, Gorgons and Crones, Media virus,                 Most of the world's problems can be reduced to dirty fighting, which feeds on feeling equal, up to and on each other....yet so different....: We bump against the gender fender. My male questions are: can we mend her, wither do we send and wend her, can we lend a hand and fend for her, the weak gender with core age, dumb but ravenous beaty.     88888888*************88888888
Time to tie music, magnetism and resonance,
to fertility, vitality and recursion.
sonic resonance, war, rock quarry, drumcircles, the rainbow family, rainbow prophecies, Noise, a political economy of music, crushed stone, stone flour, flowerpower, flourpower, flour powder, mineral powders, musical rock pulverizing, musical innovation, rock grinders, size reduction, surface area and depth increase, bully control, new sports, ecological music, John Hamaker, David Yarrow, Joanne Campe, Donald Weaver, Mark Williams, Jacques Attali,       description:   Renewal of religious rites is a sorely needed method and means to establish and maintain social (and why not interspecial?) cohesion. (Greasing the 'sticking points' (knelpunten in Dutch) between 'm) Applying the largest common denominator (the opposite of a smallest multiple Divider right?) as described elsewhere while having an awesome time could provide same for all levels of natural hyrarchy which is a one way system mostly except for us exceptionally humble humans, right? Turning peacedrum circles, which often (d)evolve to exciting competition accompaniment: mating ground music, into a high tech version which enhances and aims at those bottom rung slimey functions present and future, fueling mastery of which can help the participants catch the eye of the ever finite amount of potential mates. The long term effects of such engaged rather than idling music making will stretch beyond immediate sonic resonance into an easily decades long echo, easy to see.             888888

The following subjects and descriptions are diffused throughout as an emphasized groundswell: green politics      inclusive assesment, noncommercial stores of value, status of value, certification, brand diversity, brand federation, directories, catalogs, Whole Earth Catalog, Seeds of change, Kenny Ausubel, Peace seeds, Alan Kapuler, Healthy Harvest, Co-op America, Mappa della Italia Naturale, Guide de la vente directe, Nature et Progres, Soil Association, sustenance, vitality, green politics, provision              description:  The source of wealth as understood by native peoples was substance rather than symbol, the latter subordinated to the former at least. Value adding innovations have all too often skewered and polarized, not to mention poisoned and polluted. The people with some feel for and memory of natural rhytms have been ignored since monetizing and metabolizing was a one way system with wealth and waste not represented by a tandem team and compementarity of vitality and compost heap but by a much more polarizing (and pole icing) delegation due to privilege, bribery and irrelevating debris.
Most basic and bottom line best common sense
Bioland, Bio-organisch,  Acres USA, a voice for eco agriculture, Rado rock, low frequency magnetism measuring, paramagnetism stimulation, understanding magnetism, diamagnetism, Remineralize the earth, Soil remineralization, Joanne Campe, John D Hamaker, Donald Weaver, Mark Williams, Gernot Graefe, Maria Felsenreich, David Miller, David Yarrow, Dorothea Berthold, Chris Bird, Philip Callahan,Julius Hensel, John D Hamaker, Albert Carter Savage, Morgan Sampson, Zimmerli, Hauri, Lava Union, Cyclone Crusher, Survival of civilization, moriyahs home page, Secrets of the Soil, mineral powders, fertility enhancement, most innocuous fertilizer, most productive fertilizer, mimic of natural fertilization processes
description:  The subtleties of high performance organic and symbiotic forms of life and lively interaction are displaced by the high tides of mass cultures, however brief they be and may last till severely pruned by their own desertification effects. A wholly other way of raising dust ties into the first mentioned cycles and will support many more lifeforms besides a higher figures for population density hereto imagined and thought possible but in a much more evenly dispersed manner            8888888
multiplicities:     <META NAME="keywords" CONTENT="manifoldedness of meaning, rhythms, periodicities, pluralities, Jose Arguelles, Arnold Keyserling, Dan Winter, Lawrence Blair, Michael Schneider, William Irwin Thompson, Walter Russell, Jonathan Tennenbaum, astrology, I Ching, criteria of revelation, school of wisdom,            description:  Learning to live with multiple, conflicting impulses, urges and aspects of ones community, personality and environment are all matters of how to compose, co-ordinate, collaborate and all other co words combined.      88*****888******8888888*****888******88
Gaean cosmology:  Dan Winter, W H Hudson, Theodor Lessing, John Michell, sustainable nomadism, sacred geometry, Tom Pawlicki, Luther Burbank, Victor Schauberger, John Hamaker, Julius Hensel, Causes, Walter Russell, University of science and philosophy, Energy Unlimited, Borderland Sciences Research, muse mirror, ratbag, antiphysics rag, International Tesla Society, Tesla Book Co, Skeptical enquirer, James DeMeo, Orgone and Biophysics Lab, Seattle Institute for Life sciences, Dwight Bulkley, Cesare Marchetti, technocracy, IIASA, International Institute for Applied System Analysis, Millenium Twain, hyrarchies in nature, scale shifts in nature, golden mean, divine proportion, mineral metabolization, mineral cycles, quarternary geology                 description:  Rejuvenation, the cycling of vitality, how laws of mobility intertwine with the apparent patience of aggregated and inert particulate matter are processes which a child can understand if an adult can extend his own narcissistic impulses to (become sensitive to those of) other beings and after this show of sympathy which can bestow a grasp of shift shaping step back into a mere humane self with it where it will motivate intentions resulting in acts of pure empathy and polymorphous mimicry.   ***8888****88888****
succesions of beings:  Robert Graves, Lawrence William Lyons. Dan Winter, Arnold Keyserling, Randall and Campbell, Sacred symbols of the ancients, Mcgregor, Noble savage in the new world garden, street theatre, carma, charm, charisma, charismatic leaders, Fools, Clowns, Jokers, Messiahs, Gods, rolemodels, charisma, charismatic leaders, heroism, archetypes, genetic memory, angels, guardian angels, Michael Topper, New Thunderbird Chronicle, the mother book, Tom Pawlicki, incarnations, birthrights, London psychogeographical Association,
chewsy shoes on Jews:   Jews, Jesus, Robert Graves, Raphael Patai, Lawrence William Lyons, Lawrence Rickels, Theodor Lessing, Herbert Poetzl, Ludwig Klages, Alfred Schuler, Werner Sombart, Hans Rudolf Bartsch, Frederic Grunfeld (Prophets without honour), George Steiner, homelands, migration, mutation, mutilation, circumcision, mercantilism, Sander Gilman, Otto Weininger, Stan Tenen, antisemitism,John Philip Cohane, protocols of Zion, Umberto Eco, Harold Cosand, White supremacy, Chris King, Hannah Arendt, James Joyce, Ira Nadel                   description:   A critical look at Jewish history reveals a wide range of accomplishments, from shameful and shitty to exalted and special;      1) scrupleless  and infectious migration 'freudigkeit',     2) frequent bottoming out as far as pushing tolerance toward themselves very near its various limits from virtuosity of symbol shuffling evoking resentment, envy and dissent.       3)a sad, selfconscious sorrow and remorse over loss of greenery and the concomittant juicy days of devilish polytheism,     4) an intellectual finesse for a) the art of interpreting feelings,     b) same in the art of re- and overwrite, dominating the way they once were dominated  by the most accomplished of all slave driving cultures leaving vast deserts in their wake.   88***88***88***88
Rainbow family:   Rainbow family, welcome home org, Mike Niman, US Rainbow Guide, Michael John, Marcus Endicott, Free, Monte Venero, Bey, Peter Lamborn Wilson, Simon Fairlie TAZ, temporary autonomy zone      description:   The rainbow network has proven to be suprisingly resilient despite all the opposition and still contains most of its viable seeds and rhizomatic profligacy for many of the concepts expounded at this site, but it seems to break off, start over and over again and again. It is my hope that this site will prove as catalytic for this curious movement, probably sooner than for any others anyway, I fear, which has been bleeding into mainstream society, as well as appearing in force for quarter century, the first crucial into the new aeon of acquarius.              I leave you with a thought about the armed concrete breaking power of roothair, that pretty amazing stuff which takes its clue from brawn and brash bioregional machismo sometimes.    But how much have we without a bit of deep discipline?    8888****8888888****8888.

Rainbow stories:    Light is a funny way to be, it calls for clarity, transparancy, 'hoge ogen' (literally: high eyes referring to the dots on a dice and so connoting: high stakes).     I can only appeal to your eyes with this offer though I wish I had cared for and perfectly ripened fruit to give every one of you instead.       If one takes a brick to bash a star and fracture figure of cupshaped faultlines into brickthick ice, the rainbows don't last very long, at least not in Holland where it may not be cold enough to preserve them.         Crystal of course retains theirs even in heat I believe, as long as they don't really melt.        Funny enough a fossil fuel spill makes the characteristic shimmers reminiscent of rainbow ones.        The rainbow movement as described in an 96 oct Rolling stone article is of course heavily dependent on such fuels, though one cannot travel as cheaply, cozily and crowdedly as in/on/with a rainbow folks caravan.
That's all folks,     bye for now       and use your big bad browser's back button      some time in the future to remember where you been.       Forward to the table of contents        88888****88888888888****88888

Check the bibliography file for adresses to help you find some of my best but nonmainstream if not obscure sources.  Electronic and paper ones do not overlap yet, especially in the case of my inspirations. 

 Let's say I stole this from Arnold Keyserling and mut(il)ated it:
(he hasn't shown me many signs of gratitude for promoting him anyway)
feeling body =scorpio    = muscles= fresh, raw life or stale, deadly warfare,
will + spirit    = sagitarius  =liver=   religion or blasphemy and disprespect,
sensing + soul =capricorn    =joints=     vocation, state or uncritical protest ,
thought and body  =acquarius  =skeleton= work and technology or isolation,
feeling and spirit   =pisces  =pancreas=    healing and fullfillment or disease,
will and soul   = aries    =brain=    personability and politics or coercion,
***********************dust ******clouds*************************
sense and body   = taurus =skin=  chores, art and riches or hidden hoards,
thought and spirit       = gemini   = lungs=   informative science or secrecy,
feeling and soul  =cancer   =stomach=     home and family or hearthlessness,
will and body   =leo =heart = mastery or stumble, bumble, bully and bruise,
sensing and spirit      =virgo     =intestines=       economy and labour or sloth,
thinking and soul   = libra  =kidneys= community and law or reactionary anarchy,
Ps: the  ******  stand for undiscovered constellations.