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I am particularly proud to present some guest_appearances/intro_to_currency_issues.htm
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table of content: ecobalance x x x countering technocratic winged wolf woman (www) x x x legal resource list for setting up communities x x x www again x x x to murray on simply act vs figuring the high arrear key x x x regarding Native american written community guidelines x x x ww once more x x x This is my answer to this  oxford academic/bisexual and x x x polyfidelitous candidate communard x x x 1300 miles an acre x x x Subject: bub goes the popple (to www) x x x peace links x x x apple orchard x x x protest letter about some NYC gardens up for auction x x x to Tully on landtrusts (with poem) and links to pi sites x x x on hard wood use x x x untolerated and therefore final ((f)lame) (f)act (by and to ....yes you guessed it: weirdly wounded woman) at she is:

subject: reaching for stars or sustainability; to winged wolf: never seen no winged wolves, you must have inherited the delusional fancies of your namegivers. Look at Walter Russells theories (mars was where earth is now and venus will be like a slowly unravelling clock; in that respect the reverse of what you say is more plausible, life was on mars and jumped ship when earth hit the lime light.      >To anyone who feels there is no value in space exploration I can only say: fine, so don't go explore it...but don't get in the way of the rest of us.                --Winged Wolf       You are even more delusional than I thought, some one ought to disown you from such a nice name and rebaptise you 'reckless spaceracer' or something. Space explorers are selffullfilling and cheating prophits, they make things so bad back here that we have no choice but to abandon stuff we love along with those who betray it. And it is not my childhood phobia about climbing a metal rocket frame as a sign i was on the way to manhood speaking here either; I am now a great tree climber!!!! How about your self?

 A while ago someone posted about the (herb catalog) saying it prices there indicated what was hot and not. Funny thing one could philosophize about a lot On the crossing between possibility, reality, actuality and potentiality one finds a price but does it reflect the rarity of the item or the desire and/or fashionability and what's the difference?
The mark it market traces the precious farfetchedly famousized few, so every body helps think how to replicate, reproduce,  propagate and breed 'm into common currency range, away from extinction danger toward optimal diversity.  True trademanship is taking from the heart of superfluidity  to bring to the edge of scarcity like Robin Hood did. This text is to be found in:

 About legal and ideational resources for setting up a community: On Tue, 2 Feb 1999 09:08:32    Walter Epp wrote:looking for information on how to form a land trust  Forest <> wrote: Here are some resources I sent someone in 1994 who wanted to start a landtrust. Let me know if any of the contact info is outdated.          >The major national (U.S.) land trust organizations are: Land Trust Alliance, 1319 F Street NW, suite 501, Washington DC 20004, 202-638-4725. Starting a Land Trust, from the Land Trust Alliance, is an absolute must-get book and a real bargain. It covers all aspects, including board of directors, financial management, public relations, sample articles of incorporation & bylaws, sample public relations, extensive resource list, etc etc etc. They also have a quarterly magazine & other publications, also conferences.           Institute for Community Economics, 57 School St, Springfield MA 01105, 413-746-8660. The Institute for Community Economics is oriented more toward urban areas and Community Land Trusts, by which they mean land trusts that have the wider public involved in running it, not just the people living on the land. There is a lot of merit to this idea, the rationale being that everything is related and the health of one piece of land ultimately affects the health of other places and other people, and that the land will still be there after the current residents are gone, and having wider involvement prevents long-term damage to the land from the residents' judgement being tainted by their own self-interest. It's also good for getting tax-deductible status. But on the other hand, I am bothered with the idea of completely open membership, which allows a large wealthy corporation to sign up all its employees and/or buy people off and take the whole thing over, or allows a bunch of "wise-use" types to have undue influence or to cripple everything by turning every group activity into a messy shouting match. A lot of these kinds of things take careful thought to think through, and I would very much like to hear what ideas you come up with. ICE's Community Land Trust Handbook covers a lot of areas and has some case histories including a couple agricultural trusts, but is a bit more general, without cookbook-level detail. They also have a legal manual which has the nitty gritty detail, and a magazine you can subscribe to.         The Communities Systems and Structures Catalog, $1 from Community Bookshelf, East Wind Community, Tecumseh, MO 65760, lists a bunch of sample bylaws etc that you can purchase for very reasonable prices.        The Compendium of Land Trust Documents ($3) is 37 pages of nothing but sample legal texts.  Community Inc - Legal Incorporation for Intentional Community by Allen Butcher ($2), gives half a page to a page introduction to each of a dozen legal options. Add $3 shipping and order from Community Service, PO Box 243, Yellow Springs, OH 45387. >Legal Options for Intentional Communities, from Growing Community Newsletter, 1118 Round Butte Dr, Ft. Collins, CO 80524; 303-490-1550. It is based on a series of articles in the newsletter which give a very good brief overview of lots of possible legal structures specifically from the point of view of >intentional community - more than I knew existed. I think it's an updated version of Allen Butcher's Community Inc.        I'm told that Eco-Villages and Sustainable Communities, $17 from Context Institute, PO Box 11470, Bainbridge Island WA 98110, has a sample land trust lease among other things but I haven't seen it yet. Be sure you seriously consider what could be the easiest and quickest way of all: don't form a new organization, but do your thing as a project of an existing land trust or other nonprofit.       If you're in California, contact the Northern California Land Trust, 3120 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley CA 94705, 510-548-7878, though keep in mind they have meager resources and the office is only open part time.      The School of Living Land Trust, Route 1 Box 185a, Cochranville PA 19330, 215-593-2346, provides land trust services. The Trust for Public Land "conserves land for people, working nationwide to protect open space as parks, gardens, recreation areas, and wilderness". While as their name suggests they are geared more to putting land into the public domain, they are major players in the land convervation and land trust world, with annual revenues in the neighborhood of $20 million and a cumulative total of over $600 million worth of land transacted. They provide assistance in starting land trusts, and have a National Land Counselor Program for land trusts, involving a week-long workshop followed by a year-long consulting relationship. The Trust for Public Land, 116 New Montgomery St, 3rd floor, San Francisco, CA 94105, 415-495-5660.         Nolo Press, 950 Parker, Berkeley, 510-549-1976 publishes the California Nonprofit Corporation Handbook by Anthony Mancuso, which is a cookbook for starting a nonprofit, including getting tax-exemption. It is available with all the sample legal language on a computer disk so you only need to make the  changes to fit your needs and print it out. There's nothing specific to land trusts, but if you you're in California and you want your land trust to have official nonprofit tax-deductible status, this is definitely a  must-get book. They may have books for other states too.  Don't use a copy from a library or from a friend unless you are certain it is the current edition, since the rules can change. As some have painfully learned, making a mistake that gets you in trouble with the IRS can not only make a nightmare for the people but can also  result in destruction of the land.  Tax-deductible status is important if land is to be donated, because of the tax angles for the donor, ditto if there may be significant cash contributions for operating expenses especially if from wealthier people. If you get into a situation where you need to do a transaction before having nonprofit status, there is a way around it by hiring an existing nonprofit to be a "fiscal agent". If you can't find a nonprofit willing to be a fiscal agent locally or through land trust organizations, contact the Trust for Public Land or the Support Center (below). Nolo also has a book store open to the public that has all their books plus a bunch of other publisher's books on legal stuff, small business, real estate, etc. The Support Center for Nonprofit Management, 70 Tenth St, suite 201, SF 94103, 415-552-7584 puts on workshops, does consulting, referral, etc related to nonprofit stuff in general, including starting a nonprofit. The Nonprofit Legal Services Network, 5031 Diamond Heights BL, San Francisco CA 94131, 415-648-4440 offers legal services about nonprofit law through a plan where you sign up and can get telephone consultation for $50/hr. The senior attorney gave a workshop on starting a nonprofit, but I don't know whether the plan covers that or whether it's only for organizations that are already nonprofit.                   I added my 2 cents worth: (land trusts, a semi offshoot from the once (20ties) considerably popular tax and property laws reformer Henry George)      (wording of the act) also: look for a paper by Mary Lehmann; last time I tried  her paper, read at a conference about basic income, here in A'dam last year was to be found through/at: rather pessimistic and depressingly malthusian, very big site) PS I am reading a much more upbeat downright antimalthusian socialiberal right now: Franz Oppenheimer; a 1908 book about the history of absentee ownership. Go to the following file to get more specifics (in the yellow "communard" section recent_links.htm

from at earth Re-leaf: piet bouter, hey thanks for the info. on land trusts, let me know how i can return the favor.....yours truly .....forest from hawaii......stop by for some fruit if yer in the neighborhood.from one content dispenser to an absolutely handpicked other: my page has changed drastically. 100 colourful textfiles (2 in German, 3 in Dutch, 4 including some gifs) the bulk of a guest appearance folder contains pamphlets and excerpts about currency issues (from monopolistic to community kinds and vice versa)

On Thu, 11 Feb 1999 17:08:32   WingdWolf2 wrote: >In a message dated 2/10/99 3:29:07 PM Mountain Standard Time, > writes: So we have a choice of what to do with our finite resources.   We could attempt a quixotic effort to introduce life into the deadest possible places that never had it without knowing whether it's possible much less practical, or we could restore life and health to the parts of the Earth that are being deadened but which have a proven track record of  begin capable of sustaining life for millions of years. Which is more sensible, and which has the greater prospect of success? You seem to think that there are finite resources involved're thinking in planetary terms, I'm thinking in universal ones.  When it comes to space exploration, the resources will eventually come from off-planet, if we can set up the infrastructure.  And using off-planet resources from dead worlds and asteroids harms no one and nothing. And nothing in that will interefere with learning to live sustainably here! That's the entire point.  There are billions of humans on this planet.  If only a fraction of them were to work on solving the problems here, there would still be plenty of brainpower and work leftover for those who want to turn their sights outward. Learning to live sustainably is not a neverending uphill battle that can never be won.  We will win that battle, and then what will we do?  Just sit tight and stagnate? I'm saying that what we learn from space exploration CAN help us, here, on this planet.  Learning what was out there has helped us realize that our planet is the only planet in this solar system that can sustain our kind of life.  It's helped us learn to see how small this planet is.        Working in the restricted environment of space has helped us to learn how to recycle, how to live efficiently.  Some of the technologies developed by the space program have been tremendously beneficial to environmental concerns.             We have solar-powered satellites up there, right now.  And that is part of what will help people understand that solar power is not just a passing fancy, it really does have practical uses that can affect their life. To DENY these impacts does the space program (which receives a paltry amount of money from the government) a great disservice.  If you want to complain about misspent funds, I suggest you find out how much ONE Tomahawk missile costs.  Then compare that to the sum given to the space program.           There is a reason that some ecologically sound technology is referred to as "space age technology".   The benefits we have received from the simple ability to launch working satellites--for communications, for weather monitoring...are not something we can or should be willing to give up.          Technology is not an evil demon trying to destroy the world.  Technology may very well be what allows us to save ourselves and heal this planet.  Our ancestors could never had done that, with the population we have now.  We can. That's what this list is all about, isn't it?  Learning how to live sustainably.  That means ALL of us, not some future-proposed reduced population.           --Winged Wolf

Date: Fri, 12 Feb 1999 08:59:32 -0000;     Re: star-stare or su(b)st-sist; To:"Ecobalance list" <>: anybody in danger of being poisoned by the following mutant body of thought (apparantly potent enough to put wings on a wolf) is advised to kindly equip themselves with the following real charm and antidote:
some hints: putting space where none exists yet only and all tim-, chim-, and rhyming stuck on eternity's senseless gaze putting space and making room in rock for sunswelled water and life conceived immaculately did I muck you lately, Need any tools sharpened, here's the grind minder again.       That was just off the cuff; i believe me inthrow has some bits on space and time in similar tenor.         Personally I prefer to study peace in order to understand war and not the other way around no matter how eloquent and technocraccurate ne atrophies and grows out of simply relating to weather emotionally.         Ever read the bible?... full of nostalgia for greenery lost in the process of similar 'succeses'......

Murray (ecobalancer) wrote: ><snip> (sorry, I think it all bears repeating but the listmom has been on my case trying to make me a model participant I guess)....... .......The ripples of your energy will affect the world, it *will* be different. You may not *save* the world but you will make a difference especially if you are motivated by love, not fear.        Simply act.      >Murray. I agree with the above (and the rest of the post) in principle. It is a noble and motivating attitude. Don't look back and you won't be disappointed is the 'recklessly responsible if not saintly way.          Yet...I just read that gangster methods are busied and have been since 96 by claude perry, andre hardy and even santer seems to be involved. Who are they? Well, the latter name came up in the news lately in connection to corrupt practices of the European Commision.         Source: Eurodusnie (a definite no to euro); an activist group that refused to shelter me, leaving me homeless in Leiden for 3 weeks, I wouldn't trust their work for much, just as I don't hold great stock in the paranoid ASEED and EYFA chapters here in A'dam where I am the hermit  of the abandoned bicycle shed. In this much abused land I have a tough time establishing social contacts. What else is new? Hope my community exploration trip this year will change all that.           and another site has some very harsh things to say about those at the controls in the corridors of power; those plumbing to take, make and break the pressures at inevitable bottlenecks  and installing the not in any positive sense diverting flows.           OK, some are championing the provision of slot time at public terminals to internet for a fair and truely bottom up turf/tabulation, a sense of coherence and nonsecrecy.           Cleaning the rubble out of the shed I adopted next to the park where I may do some rock grinding performances to get my own off to become a blessing the small scale/honest sweat kind of way, I spoke to a pre-teen about "goed voorbeeld doet goed volgen", a good example invites imitation, a saying no less shaky and/or solid than "wie goed doet, goed ontmoet", do the right thing and you'll be well met; "wie het goed doet" would have meant doing well....oh the subtleties of confusion....).           Perhaps what I learned about infection vs affection; accretion vs penetration has a place in this set in reflections but I'm getting too hungry so I'll let it go for a next time .         Ok, Ok, taxes pay for facilities some use and others don't. Massive population pressures evokes the one size fits all effect however unrealistic.         My favorite dutch entertainer, Freek de Jonge, son of a preacherman, has a daily column and he commented upon the atrociously low turnout casting provincial votes with a defense of democracy. He criticized heavy weight intellectuals about preferring to wield weighty concept over being humble enough to make the little that really counts count: the right to register to vote.             I having recently thrown a folded paper airplane with my internet adress on his stage during a show of his, at a moment he was cracking a joke about the el al plane that landed amongst the tallest flats filled with allochtonous citizens (and many an illegal) felt personally attacked and this is my defense.        Human beings need and so must fend for the reproductive success of a number of vote(- and the smaller they are even voice)less organisms to sustain them.             Sorry, if the following construction has a Fuller flavor to it.            Thus all along the food chain powerful individuals (constituted by conglomorates of highly diversified organisms demanding respect if not progeny) have a hold  over their subjects in a much more direct way than the other way around. From small to large requires more lag time since unassisted resistence such as along the first stages of oxide reduction occur at speeds that if not imperceptible seem slow torture rather than tantalizingly slow to more mobilized descendants reaching that deep a state of reflexion. But for now I was merely speaking of unintentional, unpremeditated, simple and biological reality. The cycling happens in loops from collosal to close and mostly closed and conservative loops. They lay away stuff perhaps.       The femininely speaking appropriate sentiment: 'all or nothing'  fallen into male scale hands and gone haywire into reckless gambles there conjures the following: Selfdefeat in the long term and meanwhile shortlived, shortsighted, nonsystemic, one way, extortionate strangleholds.       So you fuck pointers to implementing modesty when you know they will never be up for graduation (at least in your lifetime) but be plundered instead by lying commerce enslaved to short term wedge hedge and flash deals for a long while yet.      The great hunter/lord of animals paradox hasn't been lived down yet.      Anybody making it this far down the post will be happy to continue here:  wrote: For those looking for $ ideas for their ecovillages, please note the relatively recent growth in sales/price-point of many herbals. We all know of ginseng and echinacia, but there are many others that are worth investigating. Richters Herb Catalogue <> or, in Ontario Canada, is a wonderful resource. The plants are listed alphabetically with pertinent use & cultivation tips. By looking at prices, one can get an idea of what is "hot".

DATE: Tue, 23 Feb 1999 20:16:23; From:; To: "Ecobalance list" <>; regarding community guidelines: Medicine Story, [A Wampanoag Elder] had a set of these; 173 Merriam Hill Rd, Greenville, NH 03048.   They were based on long term experience, and native american ideas of what keeps an IC going. Tel: (603) 878-3201]. I saw a draft, anyway.

> writes:  Just had a major setback. Somebody hacked into my Onelist account, deleted  every list that I own (including the town planning list), and sent a spoof  e-mail to a personals list telling everyone that I want to f*** their  brains out and would they please sent me naughty messages. (and somehow  made it look like the message came from my account - hopefully that doesn't   mean that he hacked into my student e-mail account, too) I'm having a CFS flareup, on top of it all. This couldn't have come at a worse time.      Waaaah.  Sarah L.M. Dorrance.     This is my answer to this  oxford academic/bisexual and polyfidelitous candidate communard: getting married 8th of januari in 2000 (all details on the net). She proposes a brandnew community in the northwestern US somewhere (she has had an answer meanwhile which shocked me. Apparantly 'real estate' prices in the States are becoming even more unreal than they already always were to start with (I know, say no more to you folks):  I love america much muyself but must caution you. any place white people are not indiginous they hardly ever manage and/or allow the place to remain hatefree.     If ever you do decide to go for it in the US I would strongly advise you to approach the native tribes and treat them right for a change; they've been treaty'ed wrong a lot.       I would prefer the start of a biotectural (pleached) permaculture wave to sweep excess cars and asphalt before them making the place as fairy tale like as say....the oregon harvest fair and the like.     wish you well.      PS. What did you publish? Any online?

How mad is max, how wide this desert?: brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr  wooop!!! Well we are abodacious and expediendite our grain of saind whirliness; let's add a new foundation to the pyramid; give the orders to pump up the vile fume!  we will not even have any use for: // (1300 miles an acre)  (4 methane digesting links)  chuck all chuck all; cut the funding on ballistics. don't cut your balls off man; it's ok to drain'm real good if you can't handle the pressure but if you wanna emphathise with some chock as a rock oil reservoir on its way down the pressure hyrarchy of diamonds in the making; well then just kill all weird and unindiginous white males showing up in bunches bigger than ten unless they have their women with 'm.

Date: Sat, 13 Mar 1999 10:54:25 -0000; Subject: bub goes the popple: WW: Nor would they allow someone to take them away from their children. +++++++++++++ No they would not but someone does. Are you white as well as dumb by any chance?:) Since you'll never fix the former, please try do something about the latter. WW: .....population isn't getting any smaller. No but thanks to all the shit you believe in, aid and abet along with a dominant minority with you we aren't getting any prettier except in a foolish fassade sort of way; of course young is often cute but when inflation is the condoner and 'remedy' for compound interest more and more of everything serves to feed monsters.    Go read something on Luther Burbank and you might kick the high precision tool, high wear, high cost highly vicious cirle you are driving yourself (and me) crazy in.
Date: Wed, 17 Mar 1999 10:35:45 -0000; Subject: trees:  Valentine: let me tell you, trees have given me the best advice I've ever received! John: "selective sustainable forestry"
1100 peace links at: http://www.dfg-vk/de/english/bookmark.htm includes 25 or so exemplary persons; one of them, represented by a couple handful of links is Julia Butterfly, a lady living high up in the canopy.

Date:  Tue, 18 May 1999 00:49:48 -0700  Subject: Re: Repairing Earths Biospheric Cooling Machine       To: "Ecobalance list" <>  On Mon, 17 May 1999 09:20:05   Leonard Kater wrote: Does anybody know reliable sources of data on carbon storage on the web in existing biomes or landscapes? And how about the cooling power of landscapes? Couldn't it be a nice project for Ecobalance to gather these data and present them to relevant NGO's and Global Agencies? Leonard Kater     do a search for cesare marchetti; I did and posted some links earlier but can't find the posts in my files anymore. Can someone dig it up and/or do a new search. His somewhat technocratic attitude makes fun of ecologist and economist alike. He seems to have a knack for the long term curves and sticks his data into some rigorous equations. Besides that his prose is exquisite.    .....wonder what happened to that post. Did I dream it up?

Date:  Thu, 08 Apr 1999 01:13:14 -0800  Subject: I follow up the land trust issue freely To:  hi tulls, ya workhorse old are you exactly. I am a dog. love is blind and I wannew see so send me yar mogshut I verily plea I have seegland and sodland some more but no matter how many I seek, the thougwed gland don't let me be it (c)rushes me cold conducts me cross icey lands till I no longer sink i seek land I sin I see For an intro to wordsaldoxology see Will Miller's Wake thesis (links in recent_links.htm) For some nitty gritty on antidotes to greed and absentee ownership see:Opposing Globalization Could Justify Resource-Based Basic Income, by Mary Lehmann       PS. if your kid is a math wiz send him to: (many pi links and (santa cruz based also) gets you to I ching pages and such. Finest of bodies are platonic solids. Fairest dice you will find anywhere in paradise How to gear an engine you want to reciprocate and have bearing on those (take it from the top again) dice link: >regarding and --Hi, thanks for this message Amanaka'a and same to Julio for the pretty page. I am Dutch and not suprised about the particulars concerning Holland. As I was returning from Australia nearly 2 years ago I met a delegation of furniture makers on their way to make a deal about Tai rainforest wood. After having shown some of the literature I had handy (good wood guide and such see assorted links at each of my three linklists) they cynically replied that if they didn't take the wood the fires would.    Another instance of 'reasoning' making for high tropical wood demand in Holland is the  following: Barely a year old window frames made with hard wood was chucked into a dumpster to make room for the presently in vogue aluminium ones. They were of course perfectly usable and I presently live under them, having been made into a lean to on a bicycle shed.

Date: Sat, 15 May 1999 01:23:10 -070  Subject:   Re: Apple Orchard Eco-Village; To "Ecobalance list"> On Wed, 12 May 1999 22:33:55   Kirk Mona wrote: Hello everyone, I'm just beginning to look into the feasibility of centering an Eco-Village around an organic apple orchard.  If anyone has any information about people currently exploring or utilizing this concept I would love to hear from you. Also, if you have any information about general operating costs of apple orchards (or know where I could locate such information) please let me know. And, yes, I already thought about calling local orchards, I just want to cover all my bases. :)    Kirk Mona   --   --              count me in; I'd like to specialize in starapples (as they are called here in Holland) a heirloom race; but all 600 varieties as found in the english ....(don't have name handy) will be welcome. I have some capital set aside for the purchase of land but have not decided on a location yet.
**NY CITY GARDENS UP FOR AUCTION** [Cut from] To the Email Army
3/31/99 It's official.  The auction catalog is out: New York City plans to sell 114 community gardens to real-estate speculators at a two-day auction May 13-14.  Over the last 4 months there has been enormous public outcry against this senseless and mean-spirited sale -- but the administration of Rudy Giuliani wouldn't listen. We are now asking every supporter of community gardens to MAKE A PROTEST CALL to Deputy Mayor Joseph Lhota at 212-788-3137.
Leave a message expressing your shock and outrage -- demand that EVERY GARDEN BE REMOVED FROM THE AUCTION.  Be polite but firm (and help us send flowers to the sure-to-be-harried receptionists by emailing your pledge to         The Mighty Email Army is a Direct Action-Oriented List in Defense Of Community Gardens And Other Public Spaces, Sponsored By The Lower East Side Collective (212-774-4192; ++++++ +++++++ ++++++ ++++ ---hey, that's pretty funny; I get an ecobalance list member contributions about vertical gardening (bagelhole I believe, and now I hear you are selling off the incredibly few garden plots in NYC! I can't even remember coming across any though I crisscrossed it on my bike a good few times.
        Anyway, to satisfy protesters you may pledge to sponsor  twice the amount of vertical gardening to make up the plots you will 'develop', that seems only and even so fair it should go without saying. NYC is enough of a hell hole as it is without losing garden plots.

To:  "Ecobalance list" <>   ........"There are millions of hectares of desert land that humans have created and are still creating.">On Sat, 15 May 1999 19:20:49   WingdWolf2 wrote: But don't destroy thousand year old ecosystems just>because they were created by humans.Date: Mon, 17 May 1999 01:16:40 -0700 Subject:  Re: Food for All and Global Cooling You *&^%$#@ I am getting a rage at you again if you don't mind!!!!!!! We should not repair our faults and redress thousands of years overdue injuries to processes which properly perspeceived (yes perspeceived; it's a multifacetiism) took a couple of zillions to work up to itself. I understand that WW2 feels unable to let the idea  that wrongs older than a couple of hundred years should too be righted gain her favor; it would make miss to startravel aspiring wingnut mighty uncomfortable wouldn't it; it would mean an all out effort to cede lands and liberties to natives and no goddam scifi postmodern divide and rule specialisms to ride the crest of for the clever would it? Specieisms are all in it together but you technocrats are still seeking that escape velocity (what do you think of the mark dery book by that title wingo?) that would let you come out ahead even at the cost and price of peril to the bridges you plan to burn.         It's time for you to psychonfessface yourself and remember how your misguided peers have disallowed you to play anteaos splitting you in to one of them "krachteloze grootsprakers" (powerless boasters) that I seem to spot from across the planet if need be.               Date: Tue, 18 May 1999 00:54:23 -0700 Subject:  Re: Food for All and Global Cooling; you total screw up!!!!!!!     you either post my posts or take me off the list. I have had enough of your sending me my posts back cause I quote a few lines while you allow others to qoute the multiple of what I ever tried to.             prefacing the above sent to ww2: this won't reach you via the list i'm afraid so I'll give it to you straight and as a parting shot (you might be happy to know; which i do not begrudge you but in your case I would worry insteadof wing it :)               This little missive must have been inspired by the foregoing unfortunate exchange: ---Date: Tue, 18 May 1999 03:03:13 -0700;  Subject: still stellatin; To: (the only man at pen-l I still send a little something occasionally):  hi tom, I tought I'd shear the laytest widya: rough language (@#$%&*; for which I am now unsubbed by ecobalance listmom probably) is like me banging rocks to give the drummers some competition and finding some way to make 'm hear what I do without the jagged edges and splinters splitting their or my own eyeballs. well tought out, over and through form u lay shone is by the same token and style comparison likable to fine, soft and gentle dust

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