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On Mon, 01 Mar 1999 21:30:54   Star Light wrote: Are you attacking again tully? If you are Indigenous everything is >personal; we are still fighting and surviving 506 1/2 years of colonization. Delete you? Hmmmmmm It was a thought, but then that would be like running away........I have to keep abreast of how people like you think. Though I would rather spend my energies elsewhere. Especially considering this is an Indigenous list serve......not a self help group.   TTFN      Star             Tully, listen again........you are running away with yourself......imposing your values.......defending yourself......isn't this how everything ran wild on warriornet in the first place? Do you enjoy leading everything astray here? Do you enjoy lots of energy spent on educating you? LISTEN! THINK! REFLECT!        Tully: I am not required to agree with you and you are not required to agree with me.  I'd like to think we could debate issues on this list without taking  things to a personal level which all your posts seem to do.  If what I say is so objectionable to you, why not just delete my messages or filter them off?  You are not required to read them.     tully

Date:Tue, 02 Mar 1999 12:29:15 -0000  re: unbroken chains: I'm beginning to understand the Native American's admiration for a certain side of Jewish coin but wether they ever see that the obverse of it slipstreamed and helped 'give' 'm the widening and more threatening pallette of encroaching neighbours? Yall are behaving like the war damaged children Freud's daughter wrote so shockingly about; perhaps it is better we whities leave warrior net alone; too noble a word for us to be sure. maybe we can start netwarriorlist?           Help the indiginous in such a way they don't know what hit 'm or rejoin under a different name and pretend you're purple skinned or member of an undiscovered tribe.         tsk tsk, touchy touchy;

concerning the metaphor machine: After the redskins wrote some mechanically generated  hate letters I went: listen you naughty schoolkids; back off of those controls for a while if you 're going automatic on us using mechanogenerators to bust up the serious soulsearch hereabouts is below the belt.        Ish wrote: SEE: http://www-csag.cs.uiuc.edu/individual/pakin/complaint to create a complaint of your own..:)          --ish you are a true sport this time for showing the source of your marvellously heartless yet heartstring tuning ammo          Date: Tue, 02 Mar 1999 20:45:09 -0000  From: "Crazy Wolf"  crazywolf@thedoghousemail.com> Subject: Repiet&repiet: Who's on first?: Spoken drain (boxcard fully?): Gee,Piedie are you feeling like we're trample/leaning on your ChosenTurf?           Well, it's just a case of poetic justice at work! Deaf,dumb & BLIND, too. CW           -This is the best bit writing I see since being here (5 weeks). By Golly, worth a quiz: Who was the German 19th century philologist writing about the opposite meanings of single words on either side of mere dialect and accent barriers with examples from all over the world, especially the Middle East? Karl Weule?             On Tue, 2 Mar 1999 16:12:13    Eberhard Wenzel wrote: >On 2 Mar 99, at 5:47, Crazy Wolf wrote:  If there is one thing I have learned, it is this: tully wants to rob, steal, cheat, and murder, even though, for most people, this desire is neither necessary nor instinctive. This is disgusting. Sorry folks, but that's enough ! Gotta leave this list.          >Eberhard Wenzel MA PhD  School of Public Health   Logan Campus, Griffith University   Meadowbrook, Qld. 4131  Australia  Tel.: +61-7-3382 1026   Fax: +61-7-3382 1034   e-mail: .wenzel@mailbox.gu.edu.au >WWW Virtual Library: Public Health    http://www.ldb.org/vl/index.htm > >Here the melting pot stands open - >if you're willing to get bleached first. Buffy Sainte-Marie          --wenzel, wenzel!!!!wait, you don't get it, it's a joke, don't you see; they found toy that spits out bits and bites but has no teeth, heart mind or anything except what you put in and who has ever succeeded to endow a mechanocontraption with heart or head????? Come back we need you!!!!             they'd really laugh if they beat us with our own tools and they're doubled over already.

>>ECOTERRA - Survival of People and Nature     FIRST PEOPLES & NATURE FIRST!firstCircle schrieb:   fyi            Forwarded message - Date: Sun, 28 Feb 1999 21:31:03 -0800 (PST)  From: Erosion Of Sanity <erosionofsanity@hotmail.com>   Reply-To: crust@rocketmail.com  To: brc-news@igc.org:  [Moderator: This was originally posted on the Leftist_Radio list This public (dis)service announcement is brought to you by EROSION OF SANITY, check out our homepage at: http://eatshit.cjb.net Face it, your politics are boring as fuck.
On Mon, 1 Mar 1999 17:47:11    Rabid Wolf wrote: >wouln't touch 'em with a ten foot pole....    While otherwise we should think about the core issue, to us fucking is definitely no so boring as politics - actually one of the only exciting things one can do with politicians today.                  Politics at Rainbow gatherings mirrors the same in the real world (and then some) I went looking for the little description of rainbow gathering politics I was sure to be found on my page but I couldn't and so I have firstCircle to thank yet again for pointing at an hiatus of mine (albeit tangentially).            Anyway, it would have said something like this: At gatherings there are certain people who feel attracted to the talking, counsel, heart song and other sharing circles at gatherings. Main circle, quite unlike the ones at the, much smaller in case, european gatherings, attracts 'politicians' from morn to night; while others busy themselves with chopping wood and hauling water, these do gooders are discussing rules for which they elaborate on reasons and mean to inspire live-up-to-ers, enforcers and praps clone proselytizers, crescendoing up to dinner time during which the more audience friendly, basic and entertaining acts find their prime time slot such as the lady with the 7 colour apron which shows you the seven categories of recyclable material one must sort and seperate.                 Anyway, the pro-politicians are impolite enough to saddle up/bless others with their preferred chore/talent and will not worry about any other but mental infrastructure thus contracting bad circulation etc.         --Imposing or exposing, life is bleak at either side of governmental mono(polist)culture coins, uniformly drilled, lousy lawenforcing harmies and other etiquetted bottleneck scarcifying, adding up to ice age triggering chess- and horseplay, let's work for the colourful appearance of organically grown skins capturing live water only for but a season in mutual volition and arranged convenience.        Onwards to tiny tolerance squeezer vessels, soft and smooth, away from sharp, flying and fast, give us those word and frequency thereof tabulation programming politicians, Amen.

Date: Mon, 01 Mar 1999 06:18:10 -0800  >From: Tom Myles <flatpanl@ix.netcom.com>
>To: afroam-l <afroam-l@columbia.edu> >Subject: [BRC-ALL] The Fascist Face: Connected Dots:  And now this...   "WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno has asked a federal commission to study the legality of taking DNA samples from everyone arrested instead of just sex offenders and violent felons, Monday's USA Today reported."    TRANSLATION:    >Let's send up a trial baloon to see who's paying attention.  If there's lots of screaming and hollering and pressure from Congress, we'll say that we were just studying whether it was legal. "The newspaper said such widespread testing would essentially place the genetic fingerprints of millions of Americans into state crime databases, even if they were never convicted of a crime." Dots of fascism.  Do you know of others?
++++++++++++++++ It is only fascistic if it is a one way system; under reciprocity, a kind of selfscrutiny by others everybody benefits; it's the poor that have nothing to hide nor lose. That's the game the high and mighty are gonna learn fast, you watch.         >1. Repeated attempts to get manufacturers to include in all computers a data encryption chip (Clipper Chip) that "Law Enforcement" could decode after obtaining a court order.  Industry and the public has strenuously objected. ++++++++++++++++++ If "industry and public" can't make a fist other than one that runs away with them they only have themselves to blame.           >2. A several year effort to suppress the widespread public and commercial use of really secure (128 bit)data encryption. The excuse is that terrorist might be able to keep secrets
 The real reason is that ordinary citizens will be able to keep facists security geeks out of their business. +++++++++++++++ now, there you said it yourself                Commerce Dept. has classified such software as "Armaments" and made it illegal to send it out of the country by any method.               >3. Attempts by FBI and other agencies to get telephone equipment manufacturers to modify their equipment so that digital evedropping would be easier.              >4. Recently the Secret Service in collusion with a couple of Congressmen has been caught fronting for a private company that wants to buy up the photo drivers licenses from several states and create an ID database.                 >5. A "Know Your Customer" proposal by banking regulators that would require banks to track the normal account activity of a customer and report any abnormal deviation. Require banks to report deposits or withdrawals over $5,000 (not sure about the amount).  Require banks to obtain positive picture ID and social security number before opening an account. +++++++++++++++++ We can agree to that after legislation is passed that make all political (and that includes private investment) deals available live, at least to those affected.             >6. Picture IDs are now required to book and board a flight. ++++++++++++++++ oh well, no more cheap tickets off of college ride boards I guess.                   >7. The gutting of the Maranda Rule that required that arrested people be read their right to remain silent and avoid self encrimination.             >8. A new expanded list of Federalized Crimes.             >9. Electronic ankle bracelets to track criminals under house arrest.               >10. A satellite can now pinpoint your location within 3 yards by a chip imbedded under your skin or otherwise attached to you.             >11. Police are increasingly posting video surveillance cameras at intersections, shopping areas, parks, and any public area that they want to monitor from their desk.                >12. Driver liscenses now have a magnetic strip so that a cop can go to his car and have a readout on whether there are any outstanding warrants on you, and do this within minutes.                   >13. Buy a car for cash and the cops will know about it before you get home --probably before you take delivery.                  >14. By now everybody knows that "Law Enforcement" can reconstruct your life by accessing your phone records, your credit card purchases.                 >15. Cash money can be confiscated from you under the pretext that it is suspected drug money and you will have a helluva time getting it back, even after establishing that the money has no connection to drug transactions.            >You may know of other dots that when connected will show the face of fascism that is quickly emerging in the United States of America. +++++++++  So what, most of those socalled new rules are refinements of what has been around since jumpin' jack flash and james bond.            >What are you going to tell your kid when s/he asks what you were doing and where were you when all this was coming down?  +++++++++I'll tell 'm to go to the library/ postoffice/ city-hall/ worldgovbranch/ police and train station rolled into one parklike landscape with many a pleasant bower and punch some keys
>========================== >Live like an adjective, but act like a verb. >Run fast, stay low, be wild, unpredictable >and strategic. >=========================
>Tom Myles     International Discussion/Debate   >Black Radical Congress WWW Site:  http://www.blackradicalcongress.com/    >Want To Start Your Own List? Go To:  http://www.igc.org/igc/services/

poetpiet: --I received quite a shock to see (on CNN which I never watch, nor any other TV very much anymore) youngsters bopping at a massive amplified glitter, smile, sing and jiggle y'r joints party in Serbia which was a benefit for the army!!!!!!!!!! No idea nationalist sentiments and fevers in the service of coveting and aping all the west's fool's gold ran so high and how starkly CNN made it contrast with the horse and wagon country bumpkin albanians.         Of course we won't catch 'm filming middle ground any time soon but maybe these people will:
http://www.witness.org/home.htm(online video about human rights)
Date:Tue, 02 Mar 1999 12:29:15 -0000;  re: unbroken chains: --I'm beginning to understand the Native American's admiration for a certain side of Jewish coin but wether they ever see that the obverse of it slipstreamed and helped 'give' 'm the widening and more threatening pallette of encroaching neighbours? Yall are behaving like the war damaged children Freud's daughter wrote so shockingly about; perhaps it is better we whities leave warrior net alone; too noble a word for us to be sure. maybe we can start netwarriorlist?          Help the indiginous in such a way they don't know what hit 'm or rejoin under a different name and pretend you're purple skinned or member of an undiscovered tribe.

 kristin wrote: I feel both a responsiblity and uncomfortable responding to your posts, because I feel like we are having a conversation here that should be happening somewhere else. We are taking time and energy away from a precious resouce - a space for indeginous people to communicate with each other.          me: so why don't you write straight to tully instead of feeling hypocritically ikky about it???  It is important to have the discussions you are talking about, but it would be better for you to find white, anti-racist groups to do this in, rather than take the resources of this group.      white anti-racist?? Is that an oxymoron or merely a contradiction or an encouragement to repatriate?? I would like at this point to present a quote: (brace yourselves) ............"They understand the disadvantages that can exist in being solidary  with people who themselves repel that solidarity."     3 guesses who it applies to, where it came from and as to why this is even (and one can make a case for especially) true among blood relatives.         It comes from "Job's dungheap a little book introduced by Hannah Arendt about one of the big iconoclastic and independently operating Dreyfus bias exposers: Bernard Lazare, a myopic Jew who took childish delight in subways but then again he had no bead on his own health, was totally out of touch with most of that of the world around him but managed to make the above quote apply to the rift between rich and poor jews nevertheless.           >>tully: >> I am not required to agree with you and you are not required to agree with me.  I'd like to think we could debate issues on this list without taking  things......(personally?)

On Wed, 03 Mar 1999 07:29:27   ozi wrote: >Piet, I constantly see you referring to Jews in your posts and I would like just one thing clarified for me, if you would:  do you have a problem with the semitic race, or am I just misunderstanding what you are writing?         Loraine               to: ozi@ozramp.net.au -I am not suprised I am confusing (at least one specimen of a) people.   I struggle with, flip and toss the issue a lot but can't seem to make the multiple facets gel and focus. That is logical enough with such a fertile quarry to delve from. Here are some aspects:  I was force-fed on the bible; my mother and her mostly simply farming family look like they could be 1/8th at least of some assimilationist blood but taboos reign supreme since the holocaust, among the deniers of which I like to emphasize, I do not belong.       Yet, have the Germans done anything else in effect than what Jews did by other means? A lot of my favorite writing concerns jews.  If you look at my site you will find many a file concerning jews; I'm just fascinated. You may go to the table of contents and do a find in page search. I'm reading Bernard Lazare now, introduced by Hannah Arendt.

>> Hola Gente! my name is anthony chaveZ. matthew set up this list after being roundly thrashed on warriornet on matters arising from ways in which his white privilege was playing out on that listserv. although many of us understood what his concerns were about needing to dialogue and share strategies with other service workers in what he calls "third world", matthew chose to react to our critical commentary about his behavior on the list by stomping out to set up a listserv of his own. i am in agreement that he has the right to set up his own listserv. i am not in agreement that one can separate out the plight of the Akha from the plight of indigenous people *anywhere*. matthew's "peace corps" mentality promotes a different politic.     .........the petty tie rant continues:   i and others challenged matthew re his white privilege applying indigenist and anti-racist perspectives and principles. posts from that exchange which i wrote are available to anybody from this forum who wants to read them. please email me privately.                >> matthew, if you are reading, could you let me know when i might expect the videotape you need digitized for your website. >> sin fronteras, anthony j. chaveZ  burlington, vermont            On Thu, 04 Mar 1999 12:36:46   Matthew McDaniel wrote:  Why would I bother?              --come on mat, have a little faith, eZ will deliver, I'll owe you three tons of rockdust and a megaphone sabotage action thrown in for free if he doesn't.                I will pass your recent posts on to the Dutch evangelische omroep (broadcast organization), my nephew works there; he wanted to go to the middle east in search of Eden so maybe this will fire him up into a less warstricken and strictured area.
They have this cute logo showing the e and o as a transparant bubble around which a cross is bent calling up the association with swords beat to plowshares etc.
see the logo at: http://www.omroep.nl/eo/foreign/welcome.html
the place is crawling with conscience less milky mouths following bible script; best and sharpest jewish shrapnel ever.                  Matt: Well, EZ, I reserve the right to change my mind, and I owe you nothing for that. I find your energy very negative, you nor anyone else need agree with me, but that is what makes it my opinion.

Start of the comments on the uwa tribe in colombia; they got me chucked of the warriornet courtesy Mr demagogue Louis Proyect (considering the awful lot of sentiments I do share with him, I shall take this as a cautioning for myself): Why do all the bad things seem to be favored with exclusive rights to people's attention? The latest attesting evidence is this barrage of bloody news from Colombia.                As far as I ingest stuff from thereabouts I can with pride announce that these yellow bent fruitbodies are ligitimate, organically grown bananas from right around there and receive one of the prettyest stickers in the business: a multicoloured parrot surrounded with the words: colombian biobanana or some such (arc)line.            My new doctor has the same approach as I do with the rockdust application: a bottom on up one. Don't try to figure and diagnose deficiencies and then try a measly one or 2 elements in specially expensive lab prepared cocktails; instead, dwell on what is still (halfway) good and stimulate the unstuck pluck-fuck into it!!!!!!!!!!!1             In the case of applying rockdust this need not cost much more than 20 dollars per ton if you don't have to haul it a long way and/or are willing to sweat for it.              In the case of bioresonance the harmony presented the cells by way of riffs, ladders, scales and symphonies of frequency cascades running through all reachable octaves gets your resistence up and fighting to win in no time.               It makes me sad to have to suspect a lot of people are secretly addicted to adrenalin stirring bad news cause it justifies and perpetuates their angry disposition.             --hiiii he hollered across the room and sent off some keyhits and strokes by way of crescended carressage     (to dkriesel@hotmail.com american tourist in A´dam)  Anyway this next piece is by the people who, it is rumored repeatedly, threaten to commit collective suicide if their traditional territories are violated, infringed and disrespected much more by either oil companies and pawn governments or revolutionary rebels. There are 5000 and/or 8000 of these "Uwa", I saw these 2 figures so far If you like I can send more.....and more....and different too....if you like....me....to....o
this first bit was near the end but I find it striking: From 1940 to 1970, the Colombian governnment took away more than 85% of U'wa traditional territory. Since 1940, contact diseases, violence, and loss of land have killed more than 18,000 U'wa. Two U'wa clans were completely exterminated. The current territory of the U'wa is barely 386 square miles, far too small to produce enough food to sustain the tribe.            In 1992, Los Angeles-based Occidental Petroleum was granted exploration rights to much of the traditional U'wa territory in a combined venture with Shell Oil and the Colombian government.          U'wa tradition recounts that a portion of the U'wa tribe committed suicide 400 years ago rather than surrender to the Spanish Conquistadores. The U'wa have compared current developments on their land to that time in their history, and have not ruled out another mass suicide.
http://uwa.moles.org/uwa/index1.html (extensive coverage) http://www.msnbc.com/news/247210.asp (mainstream; includes pics of victims)
 http://www.futurenet.org/2Money/Yes2TOC.html (Yes, a magazine about a positive future; this issue is about local currencies)(Yes! PO Box 10878, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110 (206/842-0216)

Statement By The Indigenous Women's Network (Charon Asetoyer at (605)487-7072 or Priscilla Settee at (306)653-4101): We attribute this assertion to the fact that exactly during the negotiations for the release of the three humanitarian workers, the US State Department released approximately $230 million in military support for the  allegedly Anti- Drug War in Colombia. The Colombian government then  attacked and killed over 70 members of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia or FARC in an orchestrated attack. We believe that these two overt acts may have destabilized any hopes for the release of our sisters and brother.
subject: Re: Piet a Question: -hellow welcome to round 4 or 5 of this sad fight between one mongrel jew and another. Have some fortifying fruit and enjoy or skip; just don't complain, whine or otherwise waste your time.
>At 09:18 AM 3/9/99 -1000: Hello Piet.  I'm Kekula and have been away from the list, but am now returned.  I need to ask you, what has this and other thoughts you post to do with our list, to do with our list and work?  Do others here have an comments on this?  I apologize to all in the struggle.
>On Tue, 09 Mar 1999 14:39:37   Louis Proyect wrote:  I have a comment. Piet Bouter writes the same crap whatever list he is on. He showed up on a list for progressive economists called PEN-L, devoted to discussions of unemployment, racism, etc. and wrote the same exact navel-gazing nonsense that he writes here. +++++++++++++++ Now I wonder what pointing to a pamphlet, beginning posted below, (see the entire roughly 150 K text at:  guest_appearances/kicking_IMF_addictions.htm ; can be viewed in colours there or after a simple select all in your own 2 favs) has to do with unemplyment, if not everything ...it would take to get back to pleasurable communication rather than continue stuck in poisonous secrecy?                  This is a sample of what got him >thrown off PEN-L. "Dear robbery, if you need a repriev from deprivatorily peeved sheepishness due to lack of sleep and vica versa I would advise following up on the post called "po barteroe" appearing in mail missive a target near you soon enough. Gotta read all of my first PEN-L installment first." ++++++++++++++ How deviously out of context.....I adressed and responded to Rob schaap (dutch name meaning sheep) on the subject of sleep, lack of which he had been complaining about (robbed of sleep; get it bonehead??) "po barteroe" is a verbatim quote from an article on barter in the very heart of communist country (see http://www.barter.com/irta for more)                 >>People complained to me all the time about getting rid of him, but I told them that I only had power to handle technical problems with people not being able to sub and unsub, especially the latter.
++++++++++++Gerry Levy told me privately that indeed you managed to throw him off and I have read posts from the pasts at pen all, implying that you suck up to the mailboob at pen-l mighty close........
I said that Kekula was the list owner and that any complaints should be directed to her. Unfortunately, quite a few people signed off because of the distractions Bouter was creating. +++++++++++++ Show me proof of that and some indication of the perceived worth of them from the archive and I shall personally apologize and try to make 'm come back on the promise that I shall be quiet. A promise I don't see you match at Pen-L cause you can't stop running your mouth.           >Now that you are back, Kekula, I would strongly recommend that you drop him. He really has no interests in indigenous struggles. The only thing he seems interested in is himself. One of the things I learned about moderating Internet mailing lists is that when a subscriber generates discussions about themselves rather than the focus of the list, they should be dropped.                       Louis Proyect          ++++++++++Personal response en plein public: Poor pry act, you cannot see that I use self designations like "poetpiet the punchline pioneer" as an indication of the principles I stand for, if I inso- and isolate myself somewhat through twisted and neological phrasage, thus painting myself into a corner....so be it....perhaps it is only cause I don't wanna be famous while I live, become famous too soon; scared of it....feeling like I've been there, done that....I'm spinning the whole world on my index finger well enough without whole forests serving to praise, prose and/or revile rival it. Don't revive me; previvitate rock! And while I'm on the subject, I'll dare you to commit to go stand by the Uva with me/ I'll pay for the communication equipment if you manage to get permission from your goddam Marxist friends; they are bound to respect the hell out a you, no doubt........ you have the clout. You champion a man called Lenin; featured on your front page proclaiming overthrow; well that's what Farc is doing for the Uwa's own good in their eyes isn't it.
I'm suprised you still left and leave him saying "overgrowing..of the bourgeois democratic revolution into the socialist one........," though and especially since you changed the background from bloody red to (in my scheme) greenhugging grey; watsamatta witsja? Who inspired you to do that? Let me go thank him/her/them. >for an earlier comment I made upon noting this quaint feature see: progressive_ecoknowmusts.htm If you go there, you won't have to read through the annoying  sentence breaks there since they will be sensibly centered but these are the revelant lines anyway:                  a dare declared

The gist of a post too long for most: Proyect may go get permission to enter Farc/Uwa contested territory with me as live webcam assistent.           If he succeeds I will ask the Uwa permission to perform some Uwa rock perforatio/polish/pulverizations with handtools in the background while Prey oct will keep the farc at bay and instruct them as to proper proletarian projection (in other words how to throw rocks at me but no faster than I can bat 'm around and back to where they came from with the timelapse instruction to fall apart in due course).       Should I die, Don't try revive me; previvitate rock and honour my mistrise/mother

Date: Sat, 06 Mar 1999 09:18:48 -0000       SubjectRe: [BRC-NEWS] Progressive Organizing Jobs          To: "Adam Glickman" <aglickman@igc.org>   On Thu, 4 Mar 1999 23:59:20    Adam Glickman wrote:   >[Moderator: from the SEAC-ANNOUNCE list]  >Job Announcement: Progressive Organizing Program=20    >Training for Careers in Social Justice  >Working for Social and Economic Justice: >Inequality in America continues to grow. Tens of thousands of children grow up in desperate poverty every year, without access to health care, decent schools, and a safe and healthy environment. And while CEO salaries, the stock market, and corporate profits skyrocket, the wages of working people continue to decline.
>To make matters worse, our political leaders do little or nothing to solve these problems. Influenced by political contributions from corporations and wealthy interests, our politicians continue to neglect the needs of ordinary Americans.          We know there is a better way. Corporations could be held accountable to public standards. They could be required to pay a living wage, protect the environment, and provide health care. Our governments can provide the resources necessary to provide true equal opportunity to all children. And we can have a real democracy - in which ordinary people have as strong a voice as the wealthy and the powerful. <snip>==++++++++++++++ There continues to be a great confusion when it comes to democracy. My favorite Dutch columnist, son of a preacherman who had and still has a roaring career in the theatre is on record recently saying that intellectuals who scorn to go voting have too haughty concept of their deserts. Intellectual penetration nor wealth or power entitles one to more than one vote. The rosy view of democracy. A dream come true: Defending the voiceless meaning all organisms from single celled on up who, each and every one, indeed deserve a vote each and at all times will keep on heavily outnumbering the complex ones. As above so below though.     We see the rich unheeding and ruthless to the poor; and in fact in most cases they are chicken and egg continuae anyway.

>The only way that will happen is if we organize - if we build a movement for economic and social justice in communities around the country. It won't happen on its own. We need dedicated, creative, and hard-working people to help build grassroots political power for low-income, working-class, and minority communities.             >The Progressive Organizing Program (POP) is a project of the New Majority Education Fund, a non-profit organization which provides training and support to progressive grassroots organizations and coalitions working for social change in their communities.          >Skills they learn include:   >=B7 Recruitment and mobilization of members    >=B7 Grassroots leadership development     >=B7 Coalition building     >=B7 Political and issue research      >=B7 Campaign planning
>=B7 Direct actions                 >After graduating from the Progressive Organizing Program, trainees have:            1    Helped build a labor- and community-based coalition in Chicago to fight for living wage jobs, a progressive city budget, and greater police accountability.              2   Worked on a statewide campaign in Arkansas that won a radical campaign finance law to limit the influence of corporations and wealthy individuals in politics.             3   Built sustainable community organizations that have empowered low-income and minority residents and won progressive social change in New York, Boston, St. Louis, Denver, and other cities.>+++++++++++++ >=That's wonderful but I sense a lack of personifying and personalizing the low and broad end (in the sense I outlined above) of the pyramid we all live in. Private Persons employ a principle which when succesful long enough becomes an instituted policy. Most commercial tricks keep victims and those who buy in sedate. Dead end singleminded bait lays and lies with death in wait. We'll have to really watch out now cause corporations harvest their constituency faster since they upped the reproduction rate.

Date: Thu, 11 Mar 1999 09:38:42 -0000 Subject: Fwd: Re: [recoz et2] White people need to acknowledge benefits of unearned privilege To: tully@interpath.com: --if you shcwould ever come to peel grapples with curstworkle again shoot this ammo at him and he will feel rubbed the right and pleasantly suprising way.

DATE: Fri, 12 Mar 1999 18:22:51 From: Sam <s350952@student.uq.edu.au> To: recoznet2@green.net.au   At 04:45 PM 3/11/99 PST, you wrote: Karyn, I totally agree with you...it's a great book. Jenny Tannoch-Bland actually rehashed her own version from the work of American academic, Peggy McIntyre, "White Privilege and Male Privilege: A Personal Account of Coming to See Correspondences Through Work in Women's Studies", reprinted in Race, Class and Gender: An Anthology, eds Margaret L. Anderson and Patricia Hill Collins, Wordsworth Publishing, Ca, 1992             >Paul, i am pretty sure i posted this at some time, but here it is again  :)  Identifying White Race Privilege         >1. I can, without material loss, choose to be surrounded by people of my race most of the time.           >2. I can avoid spending time with people who oppress me on the basis of my race.          >3. I can be reasonably confident that most work places my race will be in the majority, and in any case that I will not feel as isolated as the only, often token, member of my race.        >4. I can rent or purchase housing in any area that I can afford.           >5. I expect neighbours will be neutral or friendly to me.
>6. If my white neighbours disturb the peace (statistically most          >neighbours in Australia are white) I can act confidently requesting them to desist without fear of being responded to on the basis of race.           >8. When I watch TV and read the papers I see people of my race widely and positively represented.            >9. When I am told about Australian history or about 'civilisation' I am shown that people of my colour have made it what it is.         >10. I can rest assured that my children are given curriculum materials that testify to the existence and importance of their race.        >11. I could as an unmarried mother in the 70's admit myself to any Queensland hospital to have a baby, confident that the child would not be taken from me because of my race.         >12. I can send my children to school in unironed uniforms without it reflecting on my race.       >13. I can let my children travel to and from school by bus confident they will not be harassed because of the colour of their skin.      >14. I do not travel in taxis to avoid racial harassment on public transport.     >15 as a woman I can venture into public spaces alone fairly confident that I will not be harassed.        >16. I do not have to fear that the male members of my family could be put in a cell instead of an emergency ward.      >18. I can be casual about whether or not to listen to the voices of indigenous people.         >23. I can find the writings of my race well represented in any bookshop; and make-up suiting my skin colour in any chemist.        >24. I can get 'flesh' colour bandages which match the colour of my skin.          >25. I know that my skin colour will not work against me or my children in court.        27. My children don't come home from school filled with the pain of experiencing white race privilege everyday.        29. I can talk with my mouth full, swear, wear body piercings, shop at Lifeline, or not answer letters, without these actions being seen as a reflection on the bad manners, bad morals, poverty, illiteracy or laziness of my race.        30. I can dress down or get drunk in public without reinforcing negative stereotypes about my race.         31. When I speak in public my race is not on trial         32. Through my achievements I am not called a credit to my race         >33. Nobody asks me to speak for all the people in my racial group.        >38. I can worry about racism without being seen as self interested or angry.        >40. My size, posture and body odour are not seen as a reflection on my race.        >41. When I win a job or a scholarship, I am not suspected of doing so because of my race rather than my merit. p. 34-36 Bringing Australia Together,  Jenny Tannoch-Bland            this is just a part of an essay that Jenny wrote addressing this issue. The book itself I highly recomend too.

Date: Sun, 04 Apr 1999 17:58:14 -0800 Subject: white man at his worst  To:   ino-rangatiratanga@egroups.com -On Mon, 5 Apr 1999 09:51:50    Tom Collins wrote:
>If Easter means anything to modern man it means that eternal truth is eternal. You may nail it to the tree, wrap it up in grave clothes, and seal it in a tomb; but "truth crushed to earth, shall rise again." Truth does not perish; it cannot be destroyed. It may be distorted; it has been silenced temporarily; it has been compelled to carry its cross to Calvary's brow or to drink the cup of poisoned hemlock in a Grecian jail, but with an inevitable certainty after every Black Friday dawns truth's Easter Morn                  -dsjeesies, do all tom collinses wax lyrical every now and then; if so, I'm gonna call a few from the phone book.             Another list I subscribe to, called FWread (about finnegan's wake, that weird book by that weird man) sports one too. He posts things like: subject: murder, inc crime creates consciousness, the letter fixes it for good. me: what do you thinks? would america have sided with the serbs if chechnia had gained it's independence during an earlier episode of spasmopeerdiotical armament bazar blow out ?

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