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Sad the dreamscape turned into a fence?
Here's how to deal with that along with whatever else is too dense and tense.
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To the folks at Hi, glad I found yall, things are gradually filling in. The optimistic monetization of infoflow freedom may just be backed up, filled out and substantiated, but all in all it 'll be a close finish I feel.        Been busy correcting scans (20 files, half a meg of text) on just this very appropriately priming subject yall R on about: Emission rights, priviliges, duties and responsibilities. I am happy to offer a first: Beckerath, online in English.
He has premiered in German a while ago (died in the late 50s), but that doesn't seem to have made any waves ('de goeden niet te na gesproken' = no fault of good uns or: no derogations spoken).    I invite yall to:

To the folks at A huge and capacitous but so far not yet busy infrastructure for alternative currency systems. Hi I hope somebody worthwile takes notice of all this before responsibly used publishing liberties taken by pious poets meet with nothing but boiled frogs out there anymore.......
Anyway the following is fresh from the thirties ....seam anew  shewn to you who never knew how they did sew up the schizo wound. I am happy to present the first batch of translated Beckerath in digital form ever (as far as I know; he is and has been present in German at: though) and high time see if he proves more palatable this way than he has been (while being) offered on microfiche (see intro)
I don't need to tell you more do I?

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here is another one there:hi, I just spent a week correcting scan bloops on some thirties pamphlets, about half a meg of text altogether. They have been available in microfiche format for decades but no to the kind of avail which takes, breaks, slakes and remakes the vital difference alive or dead..yet.. .so... .I'm proud to take the blame for a first digitalization of them. The gate way is at:
intro_to_currency_issues.htm              PS: some work in their original German by the same geezers, whose bite will improve in this digital age is at: (fairly dormant site though)

You guys are so well meaning yet illiterate on the issue of monies that I despair. Where is that pertinax Beckerath was waxing gospelly about I wonder with him and despair. That last bit in full force if/when it should turn out after chrismas or so, that nobody seems to mind/have time for/not pull up their nose at my nondistortant rendering of one of WB Greene's biggest and most capable inspirees: Ulrich von Beckerath. Am I gonna be censored from this lumpy clot again for posting a huge resource? I'll damn well try and see: issues.htm  I especially appeal to the tlaloc man to come have a cup of coffee with me or something since I operate out of A'dam also. J P Heije straat 117.
I got this answer: Thank you for acknowledging that we are well meaning. And thank you for helping build the web's knowledge base. And sorry about your despair. Nonetheless, putting up pages that are essentially unreadable (at least to my eyes) due to the overly distracting layout and color scheme, and then attacking the people you'd like to have read them as being illiterate, is, shall we say, self defeating? and sent this: dear zisk, ha, I'll tell you what's not a whit less "delve sieve eating": and I'll do it black on blue as well as in any vastly lonesome format (like my own)!!. Mind the bit about freeways and flowers if you're wondering where the relevancy went. And oh by the way. If marxism isn't a too dirty,  total-eat-air-aeon word to yall ya might check out the posts of my correspondent here. He posts at progressive Economists, part of the heterodox economics at Communications for a future

This went into bev's guestbook: (see elsewhithere for more xchanges 'between us')
homepage title: solutions for everything I'dont have a problem with
 hi long time no sighning, seesawwing and soppy sexth messages  peatween our leggy leagues ddd debstance. The new VW is a peach but I fancy a sex cylander by Honda with only 2 wheels and no spares. Ha but I shall shakes your limbs, legs and all praps at the Penn gatherbrign no? not as too truely unruly as surely yours too. this one too: homepage title: sure silvation on the hardest probe lames  hi, so happy to be the first to wish you a cracklesnappy crystal  mush here and to need let but one turn pass between this and my last for which I owe you the fulllawing aksplyinnation: sexth refers to the sixth message (eight in Dutch and German has the same letter sequence as the singular forms of the verb meaning to honour and such so it is I do you now) sex see lander means sixcylinder, yes Honda made a sixplof (prfrfrfrfrfrf) bike for a while so did Benelli but they are really rare.
to ishgooda (fellow warriornet subscriber and page mechanic): hi, I (poetpiet, this machine and mailing adress belongs to an A dam friend, who, by the (second) way, is about to join the vision crowd coming to do a ritual here and a movie in california later, I don't know what to think of it and am not ready to perform the kind of public rock crushing I have psyched myself up to for the last many years) have just joined the warrior mailing list. Do you know how best (unobtrusively pertinent) to situate (adventise) my site?
check the file priority issues for some reflections on aboriginal issues for instance snappy crystal mush

Here is an excerpt of an article ISH posted and my reply: hey thanks for this article; it really proves what Peter Duesberg has been saying all along about AIDS.    African people who used to die of starvation and other imperially pawnman imposed ailments, truckroute diseases and/or any set of assorted deprivations have started to die from AIDS instead, a convenient conglomerate and subsumption of all these former causes which were less conveniently called "their own fault"

I saw myself on the; posted a long time ago in a hypercritical, not to say cynical mood; it is a site recommended by that Club of Rome type gloom and doomsayer Jay Hanson but the foreign section is very sparsely populated. One Dutchman (me), one Italian, etc.

This is another early one at agression succumbs
yet succeeds to process rock into fertile crumbs Since they still had the capitalized version of my index adress (BLABSABS_INDEX.HTM) I supplied them with a new title: free the will, educate the senses and force the too or intolerant.

Here is a warriornet post of a kind that needs and deserves attention from people (like my father) who still believe conversion missions are a good thing for the 'heathen',  as far as my site is a gesture toward that (however futile in cases like my own dad), voila: (an even shrewder reason for featuring it here is the hope that Nis'gah people will start carrying my files in return (particularly the ones that could be helpful for making their reautonomization and secession a resounding success) since the ricochet/mimic is boun(ce)d to go from deadly serious on reactionary depravity to mock/playful serenity....)
Date: Mon, 11 Jan 1999 12:46:12 -0800 (PST); From: Kevin Daniel Annett <>
To: Subject: Part 2 of the "Church-State-Corporate Triangle" series
 Drugs, Pedophilia and Murder: The Ongoing Connection Between Church and Aboriginal Elites in B.C.
by (Rev.) Kevin Annett: "The residential schools produced only two kinds of Indians: the slaves and the sell-outs. And the sell-outs are still the ones in charge."                   Harriett Nahanee, survivor of Alberni Residential School  Every Empire requires and creates its own system of collaboration with subjugated peoples. Europeans could not have conquered the New World without systematically incorporating an elite strata from indigenous nations into the colonial system, so as to turn native against native in mutual self destruction and thereby secure this continent's land and wealth.           Devoid of the British tendency to moralize imperial aims, the Nazis were very open and honest about the basic colonial strategy of using a small elite from their conquered people - in their case, the Jews - to exterminate the rest of the conquered. In 1941, Heinrich Himmler announced the creation of the Judenrat, an "official" Jewish elders' organization that would administer the ghettos and concentration camps and, eventually, the Holocaust itself.           Himmler stated,  "It is much more efficient to get the Jews to assign themselves numbers to the gas ovens than for us to have to do it for them."              The "assigning of numbers" to Canada's conquered native populace occurred under a fog of British "benevolent imperialism", and through a system of government-appointed band councils which are replicas of the Judenrat, and of Indian residential schools. By its designation of "status" and "non-status" natives, the Indian Act of 1874 created the basis for the two-tiered Indian society that continues today, and through which genocide has been accomplished legally and "respectfully" in Canada.            The Catholic, United and Anglican churches were the central actors in this legal genocide, especially on the west coast. They were given the main responsibility for destroying the remnants of natives who survived
the B.C. smallpox epidemics that spanned the period 1840 to 1880. The means for this eradication were the residential schools.             Letters between Indian Agents, Ottawa, and church officials around the turn of the century confirm that the aim of the residential schools was to kill off the majority of "unassimilable" Indians and "salvaging" a minority who could be trained as loyal agents of white society (or, as school survivors refer to them, as "the enforcers" for church and state).                "Few of them will survive anyway" wrote Indian Agent and former Anglican missionary Harry Guillod to the Department of Indian Affairs in 1903, referring to the Ahousaht people of western Vancouver Island. "They are an impediment to the securing of local land by our people. Simple humanity requires the removal of the Indians who remain into the residential schools so that the ones who can be civilized can be won away from the corrupting influences of their parents and elders. This will undoubtedly mean that many of the children will die from the conditions in the schools, particularly the appalling incidence of tuberculosis. But such is in keeping with the existing practices, and I see no disadvantage to this Department to continue in this vein." (RG 10 series, DIA micofilm, January 12, 1903, File 8703).                 It is therefore not accidental that 50,000 or more students died in these schools, for children were not only being killed by beatings, but were being deliberately housed in lethal conditions by church workers with the full knowledge of Indian Agents like Guillod.                   "It was a death sentence to be sent to a residential school" said Alberni survivor Willie Sport, 75, in 1998. "But what made it possible was the enforcers, the kids who beat us up and tattled on us to the Principal. They were rewarded with an education, the white man's education, while the rest of us were being killed off."              The gruesome details of this system have been known for many years, but, oddly, only surfaced during the first independent Tribunal into the residential schools, held under U.N. auspices in Vancouver in June, 1998. At this event, the "enforcers" were publicly named for the first time, and some of them were even present at the Tribunal, intimidating witnesses into silence and threatening others, as they did as children, on behalf of the United Church, which ran the Alberni school.          The "enforcers" actually surfaced just prior to the Tribunal, on March 31, 1998, at a public forum in Port Alberni. A former student at the Alberni residential school, Harry Wilson, was about to describe his discovery of a dead girl's body at the school one morning in 1967, when two members of the local Nuu-Chah-Nulth Tribal Council threatened to kill him if he spoke.          Ron Hamilton, who worked closely with the RCMP on their bogus"task force" into residential schools, and who was an Alberni school "enforcer" in the 1960's, said to Harry,  "If you say anything about that dead girl you're really going to regret it."           Another tribal council official and Alberni enforcer, Charlie Thompson, then said to Harry,  "You have half a brain, Harry, and no-one's going to miss you if you're found floating face down in the water. And there's lots of water around here."  Ron Hamilton, earlier that same day, had told a relative of his on the way into town "I'm off to Alberni to do a job for Ed John."            Ed John is one of the senior native politicians in B.C., head of the Treaty Commission and the Carrier-Sekani Tribal Council, and owner of his own logging company. He was named at the Tribunal as having instigated violence against tribal dissidents, using a private goon squad, on numerous occasions. He has close links with the United Church, as do two other "enforcers" who were present at the Tribunal, Ed Martin and Dean Wilson of Bella Bella, B.C.            Dean Wilson directly threatened two witnesses to murder at the Alberni school, and told me that I would be "very sorry" if I repeated the Port Alberni incident in which Hamilton and Thompson threatened to kill Harry Wilson. His adopted father, Ed Martin, told the tribunal Panel that the United Church had paid his air-fare to attend the event so that he would "paint the church in a positive light", which Martin tried to do. (The officials of the United Church, along with senior government leaders, had been subpoened to appear at the tribunal but had failed to show, sending their native "front-men" instead.)             The church-native elite link became even more obvious, and odious, as more eyewitnesses spoke at the Tribunal, mostly in secrecy to Panel judges and myself. According to members of Ed John's own tribal council, the top native politicians in B.C. are linked directly to the Asian drug trafficking trade by their use of coastal reserves to import narcotics.            According to "Fred", a Carrier-Sekani man,  "Ed John uses Department of Indian Affairs money to buy up crack and cocaine and traffick it on the northern reserves. All the local chiefs are in on it, either because they're addicts or they've been muscled by John's goon squad. The church and cops know all about this, and the RCMP look the other way when the drugs are brought in at Port Renfrew, Alberni and other spots."  The same source, and Harriett Nahanee, also stated that these native leaders operate a child sex ring out of Moricetown, B.C., from where ten girls and boys were brought in May and June, 1998, to the back door of the elite Vancouver Club. Similar "pimping" occurred from off the Squamish reserve in North Vancouver in July, 1998. In all cases, the children were brought by native men.             Soon after revealing this information, the male informant was arrested and kept in confinement for weeks, and Harriett Nahanee's house was broken into by members of the RCMP tactical squad. Death threats were also made against myself, my brake lines were cut, my apartment was ransacked and my lap-top computer was stolen. In addition, a smear campaign began against myself and anyone who was linked to uncovering the drug and pedophilia activities of the native "enforcers" and their friends in the United Church and government.           Like a jigsaw puzzle, the picture of colonialism's legacy in B.C. is just emerging. But its roots lie in the firm connection made at a young age between native collaborators and the churches that created them;
a tie that carries on to the present.      Next time: More evidence

Here is one of mine again: all thoughout reading this excerpt (last page of part 3 and  the conclusion) from "the imagination of an insurrection: Dublin, easter 1916" written by William Irwin Thompson in 1967, the best book I've read on revolution so far (which isn't saying much; not my field; I prefer the type of benefactoring guerilla blessle  (a muddy means of payment emission to serve the periphery; the constituent subjects of the subjected.)) I attempt to hint at here and there (try magic music for instance)), I thought about the man I had followed closely since last summer; that is to say: part of who's netpresence I had attended. I am speaking of Louis Proyect, well known to my faithful readers, and this is what I hope to post at the progressive economist crowd (tully helped me with the subscription specs).

page 224 (all page numbers are in white and the footnotes are incorporated between bracket in orange, bolds denote my emphasis) PART 3: THREE IMAGES OF THE EVENT  (parts 1 and 2 were called : the movement towards and the poets in the event)   .............she dies well, but so did the Christian martyrs, and so did the men of 1916, and O'Casey has, in the play, led us to believe that it is not enough to die well, that it is living which matters. No one is really left living at the end of the play. The English soldiers sing the war-song "Keep the home firesburning"; for a nostalgic Englishman it might bring tears, but for the Irish it is sung while their homes are burning. General Connolly accused the capitalists of using cheap myths to lead working men to death in the trenches of Flanders, but Connolly himself invokes the same deadly myth in calling Jack's end "a gleam of glory."       No one wins; the play ends in a vision of futility. Perhaps if O'Casey had been able to cut away the heavy abstractions of pity and sentimentality, as he cut away the cheap lies thatdeluded his characters, the play might have risen over its ashes into tragedy.                  Yeats claimed that pity was not a fit subject for art, (see Yeats's Introduction to his Oxford Book of Modern Verse (Oxford, 1936), p. xxxivf.) and it is preciselypity and sentimentality that clog up O'Casey's celebration of humanity. Perhaps tragedy is not a Marxist genre. Marxism has its anti-metaphysicalattitude built into its system; evil is no universal force, no work of devil, original sin, or id; it is a function of social structure. Denied the metaphysical, evil receives a local habitation and a name, not "chaos and old night," but the boss, not of the cosmos but of the sweatshop. Political conflict, seen by itself, is never as exciting as man's war against his divided self, his predicament, or his God, for these can generate the existential terror that is needed for tragedy. Political works of art, in their simplified psychology, fail to grasp complexity, and slip into the sentimentality of the working-class O'Casey or the clev'er topicality of the upper-class Auden of the 'thirties. Yeats quarreled with O'Casey's leveling philosophy, (For the dialogue of Yeats and o Casey, see Sean o Casey, Autobiographies, p 344) as he quarreled with the socially urgent verse of the 'thirties. But perhaps one cannot be an artist of words and an artist of the state. The true Marxist THE NATURALISTIC IMAGE: O Casey   225 artist is not a tragedian, but a builder of other wonders. As Trotsky said: "Tragedy based on detached personal passions is too flat for our days. Why? Because we live in a period of social passions. The tragedy of ourperiod lies in the conflict between the individual and the collectivity, or inthe conflict between two hostile collectivities in the same individual. Our age is an age of great aims. This is what stamps it. But the grandeur of these aims lies in man's effort to free himself from mystic and from every other intellectual vagueness and in his effort to reconstruct society and himself in accord with his own plan.... Through the machine, man in Socialist society will command nature in its entirety, with its grouse and its sturgeons. He will point out places for mountains and passes. He will change the course of the rivers, and he will lay down rules for the ocean".(12 Leon Trotsky, Literature and Revolution (Ann Arbor, 1960), pp. 243),          O'Casey's artistic success with The plough and the Stars comes at moments when he sees, beyond reform, into the comedy that underlies Marxist millenarian pretensions. In this comic view of human activity, communist O'Casey moves closer to so-called fascist Yeats. In choosing to make comedy out of his own political opinions by putting them into themouth of The Covey, O'Casey reveals the dispassionate, aesthetic intellect of the true artist. Unfortunately, this was a level of genius that hecould not sustain throughout his life. In the later plays dispassionate rag eat man's existence is exchanged for impassioned ranting at caricatured ideas and institutions. In his best plays O'Casey made his opinions into fuel for his art; in the others he made art into fuel for his opinions. It was this change that brought about the famous clash between Yeats and O'Casey over the Abbey's rejection of The Silver Tassie.           You are not interested in the Great War; you never stood on its battlefields, never walked its hospitals, and so write out of your opinions.You illustrate those opinions by a series of almost unrelated scenes, as you might in a leading article....           Dramatic action is a fire that must burn up everything but itself.... Among the things that dramatic action must burn up are the author's opinions. Do you suppose for one moment that Shakespeare educated 226 THREE IMAGES OF THE EVENT Hamlet and Lear by telling them what he thought and believed? As I see it,Hamlet and Lear educated Shakespeare, and I have no doubt that in the process of that education he found out that he was altogether a different man to what he thought himself, and had altogether different beliefs. (Letters of W. B. Yeats, ed. Allan Wade (London, 1954), p. 741          Yeats's criticism was brilliant (although his action in rejecting the play was not); unfortunately, O'Casey's reaction to Yeats's ideas only revealed the difference in intellect that separated the two men.          D'ye tell me that, now, Mr. Yeats? Well, I don't know; but one thing's certain, and that is if Shakespeare became a more educated man while writing Hamlet, then, it wasn't Hamlet who educated him, but Shakespeare who educated himself. But what proof_beyond an opinion_has Yeats that what he says was so? (Sean O Casey, Autobiographies, 11, p 275)         The conflict between O'Casey and Yeats was probably inevitable, for O'Casey had quarreled with everyone and everything all his life. It was inevitable that a sensitive, lower-class playwright would quarrel with the Establishment of Irish Art, for by 1928 SenatorYeats, like Plato before him, had become as much an institution as a man.               The real conflict between the two artists was the conflict between two wholly opposed world views. The opposition of the tragic poet and the comic playwright was neither simply aestheticnor simply political; it was the clash between the Platonist and the Marxist views of the nature of man, his society, and the universe.This clash was so pre-eminently the essential and irreconcilable conflict of human existence that neither Yeats nor O'Casey could fight it out without profound respect for the other side. Only the simple-minded partisans who push opinions in the street could claim that one view was wrong while the other was right. History is the place of encounter for these conflicting opposites; a mystic like A.E. moves beyond history to some divine event, but Yeats and O'Casey were men of civilization. The Marxist myth denies inherent superiority, whether intellectual or spiritual; the Platonic    THE NATURALISTIC IMAGE: O CASEY    227 myth claims that political power can be held under the aspect of eternity. The Church tried that experiment and failed, but thefailure made a difference, and the difference is history. Now the State will try to do what Christendom could not. No doubt it too will fail, and once again the failure will probably make a difference, but that is not yet history.              PAGE 231 CONCLUSION; IMAGINATION AND HISTORY       The first literary critic praised poetry above history because hethought poetry presented the universal truth of events and notmerely the particular correctness of facts. Historians since Aristotle's time have avenged themselves on poets, and in ourmodern disenchantment with the visions and mythologies that led millions to die on the sacrificial altar of historicism (Karl R. Popper, The Poverty of Historicism (London, 1961). The dedication reads:"In memory of the countless men and women of all creeds or nations or races whofell victims to the fascist and communist belief in Inexorable Laws of Historical Destiny.") few now would wish to exchange the discipline of historians for the divine madness of poets. And yet the Second World War which killedthose millions in a burst of the irrational has made all merely academic schemes of history seem inadequate. The irrational, likea beast, seems to pursue us as soon as we turn and run, and if there seems to be little hope in taming the beast, perhaps we can at least come to terms with it. Poets have had long experience in coming to terms with the irrational, so there seems to be little reason in separating 232 CONCLUSION them from the study of history. If we wish to awaken from what Joyce called the nightmare of history, we shall have to stand still long enough to admit into our consciousness what would otherwise plague us in our dreams. We shall have to listen to those solitary inhabitants of the dark who have the visions and write the poems, if only for the very practical reason given by the economist Keynes: "The political fanatic who is hearing voices in the air has distilled his frenzy from the work of someacademic scribbler of a few years back." (As quoted in J. R. Talmon, Messianism: Romantic Phase Phase York, 1960), p256). If we stand still long enoughperhaps we shall see that the irrational is not only a beast, and that other legendary figures inhabit the obscure depths of imagination where no sociology is likely to reach. The individual alone in his study, or even transported in his vision, is not out of history, for history is the imagery of his vision as language is the expression of his thought. Imagination and history are separate and opposed only in the simple sociology that regards facts and values, social structure and ideology, as repetitive examples of objective truth and subjective falsehood. All facts, even scientific propositions, are immersed in values, but unfortunately we do not generally notice this until the elevated fact is dripping with blood. For the most part we have attempted to solve the old opposition between poetry and history through an academic administration which removes the study of history from the humanities. By permitting a managerial class todecide upon the real structure of human knowledge, the intellectuals have made it even more difficult to perceive reality. Our studies are too often forced to reflect little more than the structure of human experience within the university. Unfortunately, this fragmentation of knowledge cannot be helped, for, this side of divine illumination, there is simply no way to study "the whole of things" without a careful analysis of some distinct pieces.We can only hope that imagination will connect the dots, and that we will be able to see the integrity of the curve without spending a lifetime inking in a thousand points. IMAGINATION AND HISTORY   233

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