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On Sun, 14 Feb 1999 23:50:41   Celine - CSIA/LPSG-France wrote:  eZ:  the internet is very real in terms of its use as a political tool. it can be used to harm or help.        eZ, would it be too much demanding from a pale-faced person already overwhelmed with privileges if you could post messages that help???         hi celine, if I conclude from chaveZ's (if not my own) writs about personal and universal ways 'out' that they maybe ways 'in'  and through also when in balance and/or cancelled 'out' then it would not be amiss to remind you of the following bits and bites for you to off and chew on  guest_appearances/intro_to_currency_issues.htm I am hoping you may feel it helpful to find out what sort of status (if any at all) the editor mentioned therein (Edgar Milhaud) has in the French speaking world today or in the past? >Let me know        celine wrote: Piet, I don't mean to hurt you but honestly, I don't understand what you're trying to say right above, and I will add that I don't understand most of your other nebulous messages.           eZ wrote: it gets iresome to hear integrationists *atomize* resistance to racism/white supremacy by reducing it to some kind of exercise in one person's bias. .....don't you mean exorcise (as well)?      I take the following for a sure sign of syncs and/or secretly serving secretions: Last thursday I borrowed a book called: "the unique and the universal" by J L Talmon from the library. It is a reference from the book: "the imagination of an insurrection, dublin 1916" (the last few pages can be seen in my 'recent postings' file). Interlude: Last night while reading the first pages it dawned upon me that such extremes (as the terms of this title and the concepts tossed around lately) are often examples of an unreal and absurdly abstract, divisive, dull yet dangerous sort of linearity (see the file dualities_and_genders.htm). And yet, their instability, potential, tensility and polarity must and luckily can be played off against each other in no finally neutralizing but vitally fecundamental solu- and salutive sort of way spinning off multiplicitous myriads of too big a bang avoiding diversification and complexity of choice for all stages of life, starting from the most simple most profitably, compounding the biggest factor.     Piet the pariah- parvenu is dead, long live piet to the Nth pow(d)ered 'n split splashed particulate splatter, distant relative of piet the pipe dreamer.       The highly private comfort zones of rock rubbed in and through the universal ice and snow (stand ins for frozen feelings irrespective of skin color) will get the science of agression off of the schizo see saw which is now unhinging the world and onto the greening race tracks in one fell swoopily smooth sweep. Jesus wept; yes you swept. More about that book mentioned above: It sweeps through European history with very broad strokes never asking about (admittedly very elusive) 'hard' numbers and why exactly the absurdly subtle nuances between peoples ideologies, rhetoric, arms, dialects and circumstance enumerated should suffice to send 'm clashing, crashing, thrashing and smashing into each other. (I wish simple and plain ashing would be next). The revolutionary and warring antagonists do differ in grammar and emphasis as to how, where, what sort of and with who to strike the balance in nationalism vs solidarity, autonomy and socialism, but the whys of for example the French revolution are not deemed worthy of much mention and/or judged decisive for only a minute faction amongst contenders for prime public opinion pandering prizes. (I would advize going to see the end of part 5 of "compensation money and public insurance" in my guest appearance directory https://members.tripod.com/~poetpiet/guest_appearances/ for a digest of the little known but decisive role money played in it).        I'm only on page 50 and Jews will be subject matter quite a lot later on. I can't wait to read on. I'll keep you posted.s just bound to be a few hints of that precursor for the raging present day popularity of alien hypes due to secretive arms developments, still so much in tune with the concommitant secrecy of that hijacked freedom ammo known as money. Egon Friedel mentions it in his massive cultural history volumes: the rumour spreading through Europe in the early middle ages when money had started class society, throttled spontaneous wellbeing, etc: the jews had poisoned the wells.        As I see it and as Karin Zimmerman recently hinted at the hypocrisy of it, violence was banned from a society which as a reward for building better arms received, besides other more obviously social benefits, also the peculiar one to not suffer their presence and employment too much; this squeezed profits to a trickle but spun off a way to delegate putting up with the adventurous, ballsy, militant warriorclassed, aged and/or 'willings' and all the dirty fighting europe had suffered and gotten sick and tired of, to more lucrative shores.
Some thoughts about how to move the About the indiginous rep-rap presence and investment with authority forward: Public records shall be kept. public records shall be kept publically. public records shall be kept, made and keep on being made public. Authority over the pentagonal assets shall be transferred to a counsel of elders; one each from each tribe or federation of 'm if they manage to agree on one for all and all for one. they will be given and taught how to use the highest tec stuff, so they don't have to go and be cooped up in stuffy, too tiny rooms just cause some irate and selfish brothers are occupying the very place they hope to get a say and seat in, but can stay home instead. All their deliberations can be followed live at all times of convening.      The world divided into old prenational tribal grids communicating globally. Virtual commands by collections of elders evenly spread out over the globe and connected with top speed cables (fuck rocketry an satelite-loadlads.  They will be our collective downfall with their monstrous demands and 'investments').     Hearing someone defend the bible code made me aware of how crooked our use of such an apparantly honest science as statistics really is.    Brainstorming for a remedy: Monitors can be cast by lot perhaps, lists of volunteers kept handy. Free lance turfer/ tabulator/ predictors after plugging away for a while can gain standing when their publicized records are verified; thus their turfing is rewarded and/or subsidized according to retrospective accuracy by the general public rather than allowing them to one way or another influence the future and cash in big once they manage to 'bug' it succesfully.      Date:Sat, 20 Feb 1999 11:48:46 -0000 Subject: factors, friction and fun: The stockmarket is inadvertently and perversely led to parody and suffer what it has marginalized and left its hosting bands and tribes (some hostile (keeping each other on their coupy-toes) some federated) to and with: vulgar, dehumanizing, reckless and high stakes gambles. I understand gambling was a morphological short term memory game once but now all stakes, chips and fruitbaskets are standardized in favor of being lost in lottery, a massively monstrous, remote game one must resign oneself to. And as in the beginning of the astronomical flights of calculation power and star travel; huge sacrifices were required to prove the symbol shuffler weal over substance, it's border budging friction affliction and subjecting power.       Date:Sat, 20 Feb 1999 12:02:50 -000       Subject:factors, friction and fun part 2:  The universally accepted and more and more craved for means of payment harnessed and perverted it's logical courterpart: universal values, truths, rights, duties, pleasures, laws, etc cause it was tainted with transgressively trespassing tribal arrogance which ballooned into a kind of imperial patriotism, all the while pulling the wool over the substrates state, station and stettles eyes. First of all by the unassuming modesty of ghetto's. Or maybe I should say by the determination to harden and shape up on a very long term basis. If administration and disownment mechanism were learned and exercised in the Nile Delta (with ramifications to Timbuktu etc), to the point of a mighty civilization's collapse, necesitating a stop to sedentary life and a change of adress, the next step was weeding and pruning out the old and weak so that a fighting machine good enough to simply occupy places they were promised (anybody know what that means or am I being too obscure again?) to complete!  and/or start the ripening of tribal arrogance into the kind of imperial patriotism that has backfired so badly.             That said it is questionable wether Jews themselves found this backfire a confirmation of their progress, took it as a matter of course, proof of the fact those lucky few from amongst them, those fervently hoped for, banked on, etc, had ensured the securing dynasty ammo ........       Now all these monies are used once again to notch up the magnitude of morphological lies and manipulation. The preferably traditional, but now coerced and involuntarized (There are those who argue less and less peoples are coerced and involuntarized, bycause choice and education are on the rise). though still (by genetic right of momentum or maybe I better say: by right of genetic momentum <however much we try to feverishly prove tis but an arbitrary thing and sure enough it causes untold and arbitrary harm already>) undoubtedly pervasive, tonesetting, influential and enabling, in other words founding yet subjected peoples, originally monkeys, fruitarians and hunter/gatherers; all still notoriously modest when it comes to number of offspring and if not, at least selective, their chance and danger of dying, of being weeded out falls in their early and extremely young days, mercifully enough, rather than on a battlefield.     draft 2 of the earlier fff part 2.  ( Most of my work goest through about 15 drafts before I am satisfied with it and even one step along the way shows the following wildly unpredictable changes of course on this racy rat(wheel within wheel)filled race track negotiated by yours truely still struggling.)  So why do I confront you with it in immature increments?Specially since I realize the block sender function may not work well when trying to block a list member (now, that would be a formidable job for the CIA:  play central list mom and keep tempers from picking up steam in any other than the 'right' way (friction fraction factor I shall for once not elaborate on here)).    It's the spectacular and playful rider who catches the eye before the cautious perfectionist.    All right, onward with the further and amended (second draft) reflections inspired by the head-spinning swirl of contradictions and paradox containing book: "The unique and the universal".  Long before white western supremacist history started running its course a more and more universally accepted and craved for means of payment (gold) distracted from and perverted the logical and happy mediation between symbol/substance: the rate and diversity of (mineral metabolization/ fresh air 'mining' (sculpt/smoothing a few jags in the mountains should do the trick), in other words:) photosynthesis. The malleable precious metal became displaced in turn by "flags that don't cover their cargos" as the Dutch so aptly say. This counterpart media of the diffuse concentrated  and circulating and facilitating the circulation of vast amounts of everything past potlatch splurges, Surplus shifting, usurpy lustages, and you name it? The incorruptable, durable and blessing sun not to mention effect thereof. (in dutch the word effect is used for share as in stockmarket share). 'Universal' values, truths, rights, duties, pleasures, laws, etc, were originally all based on some local, vortextual fulcrum focus, a kind of universal yet immediate and definitely not distant or wide lensed intimacy which caused no end of fascination to Herder who, along with Nietsche, claimed to see viability proven if it (a culture) was in an expansive mode (not through booklearning but by way of celebrating and upping metabolic circulation (a weird blend of red and black, guts, glory plus plodding scribbles); neither are known as antisemites yet tragiromically both got employed (or hijacked rather) by people of such (non?)sensibilities who claimed jews more than others were tainted with transgressively trespassing 'tribal arrogance' which ballooned into a kind of 'imperial patriotism' (terms used by Talmon), but these accusers tried to catch up with them and/or exorcise them in the same breath, anyway, no use, the damage was done.          I love examples of how all the while revisionist Jewry pulls the wool over the substrates state, station and stettles eyes, though not more than they, including me, delude themselves I might add, even if  only to defuse accusations of anti-semitism. My favorite one, about Noah representing the woodchoppers causing erosion and floods is the prototype for lucky luke who shoots faster than his shadow draws; Noah sailed before the deforestation caught up with them. I don't believe they are any more so than others but may have been at it longer and/or luckier.          At some stage this happened by the deceptively unassuming modesty of ghetto's for instance. At an earlier one the determination to harden and shape up on a very long term basis (40 years; killing off all old and weak specimens while steeling the survivors was more along the lines of what Nazi's had in mind and Zionists have been about repeating).          Just before that long walk sedentary skills of administration and disownment mechanism were learned (witness Gesell's sharp insights concerning the famous stockpiling and then selling back at disowning prices of grain by Joseph). All the while Egyptians were sent into stargazing crazes so as to lose the living rug from under them. Then the succesful parasite changes host, habit, etc as described above. The harder the pyramid grew, the higher and more far seeing the jewish eye spied,  the dryer the desert died.              So the exercises in the Nile Delta (with ramifications to Timbuktu etc), to the point of go no more, a mighty civilization's collapse, necesitated a stop to sedentary life and a change of adress.
And yes, their fighting machine grew good enough to simply occupy places they were 'promised' (anybody know what that means or am I being too obscure again?) and to complete and/or restart the ripening of tribal arrogance into the kind of imperial patriotism that has backfired so badly.           fff (factors, friction and fun) tack on: From the wasted waves of sperms fired and shot rise but few who's lot include a decent plot worship that one and only in a million and use the rest for one thas been said that women's highly private mores  wouldn't be up to any cross the board humanitarian chores but I wonder who's setting her limits.        Starlings beautiful, arrogant and noisy; they astound locals as confident though newly arrived, admirably industrious citizens ( have I seen that in Australia,  Amsterdam, NY...I wonder who, if it wasn't a jew set the tone there and why that and personal freedom are the things I like about 'm). Yet, I wonder even more if they are worth the sacrifices and serfdom for the sunless at the bottom of this hyrarchy, stripped of heritage, turf and dignity, the squeezes in place and the setter-upper-setter-jetters gone to conquer new colonies to be turned into 'hinterlands even faster this time if possible. The mythical and choice (not mine though) few from amongst the chosen ones think it good sport praps; J L Talmon calls it the neurosis of choice. David Gates is a jewish joke(r).  Whether messianically philanthropic or monopolistically marxist, the absolute, general, extreme attitude and infection rates are ineradicably high and hard to pin down it seems. Tis easy to condemn facts and turn around to direct the stare into egoswelling freedom.            Violence is not a good trendbender mender but it has the intensity of the cutting edge between life and death and that is attractive, so there is money in it. Instilling capitalist schizophrenia is an even better bet. Egyptians, marxists, technocrats, one and all were human till a touch of jewish text and tutorship, with or without live rendition, or even lively renderer sent 'm into crazes one and all, a star gazing and coveting one for the EyeQuiptians (Bauval) for instance losing the cornucopious rug from under them all the while. (as I said before, very instructive in this respect is Silvio Gesell's views on Moses and Joseph and prime conjurer and landlording/hoarding disowner (you think an embeddedly selfsufficient peasant would give up his greenery to go heave rocks on top of each other voluntarily?)). Sorry for repeating myself but I am reading a book called: Ezra Pound and Italian Fascism now; he was a Gesell reader for a while also. I was led to become one by R A Wilson 15 years ago.         fff tinkered with once again: That said it is questionable wether Jews themselves found this backfire a confirmation of their progress, took it as a matter of course, proof of the fact those lucky few from amongst them, those fervently hoped for, banked on and written about, etc. One thing is certain,  both now and then they ensure the dynasty ammo is flowing and secured.        They have the realistic and down to earth attitude that comes with an early understanding of the energy checks and balances involved in sex, the incarnations of generations. And god, can you blame them for wanting to  father herds and bite 'm while they're fresh, get it over with and get down to career needs and deeds.      Herding and Slaving changed all that (if cannibalism hasn't started it).        I have the progressive economists to thank for an impetus to start reading Eric Wolf and by lucky inference (bibliographic sampling of a bibliographic sampling, to be exact)(you sure love books and travelling, any affinity with money? You must be jewish....Oh maybe one/138th): "'l amplesso sessuale e la festa del povero" by Jane Schneider.     Marry young, take pride in breeding like rabbits and provide for the succesion by hook or by crook (typically patriarchic tricks the jews are very good at). By dint of the most viciously paradoxical logic they worship an only son. One and only one in million millionairs. The epitome of the slowliness of lonelyness.

about helmet laws: security as purely feeling and senses derived embedding vs 'reason'    Inspired by the hopi red helmeted white brother tale, my own webpage, showing me with one (sort of, by happenchance) and a discussion at csf about helmetlaws.   dear bill and phil,  (pen-l'ers; phillp2@Ms.UManitoba.CA, rael@zopyra.com)   I am a helmetless rider by preference.   Allow me to make some defence.       Yall wrote:   We have banned helmetless riders because of the selfish cost they impose upon others. Cyclists without helmets cause an enourmous extra cost to the insurance system that is passed on to other sensible drivers/riders.      me: Seems like a sensible statement at first site but under slightly intensified  magnification one sees the absurdities spinning out of control (hopefully); take the case of feeling secure bycause one drives a tank for starters.....  One must give  people around one a chance to flex their ire upon one and prepare to profit from it whenever possible.            It is the equivalent of arguing for the elimination of laws against drunk driving because the cost such idiots cause end up being passed on to others and, in our case, to the health system which must be paid by everyone. I am all in favour of individual freedom -- up to the point that it begins to destroy other, innocent people's freedom. Helmet and seatbelt laws are the beginning of freedom for others on the road.      me: One cannot rig the demand for respect, only give it and helmet or no helmet is not the issue there, is it? God's  and the Great spirit's divine justice tools buried in genetics? Ha, we'll crack that code with one hand behind our back (meanwhile employed in the encryption monopoly business. Playing God has always beat playing doctor since people can't seem to invest their children with themselves fully enough anymore.          In so far as daredevilry and defiance comes into it; yes, this excalates damages but again relatively independent of implements, only inert till it comes to implementation which gives us excalation squared and powered up out of sight to the point of pulverization if you like. Witness again, security derived from a highly destructive 'protector': the atom bomb.        In my case, the umpteenth tickets I collected for the said offense were idiotic.       1) I peddle away under the blazing Auzzie sun and a helmet makes your head boil and blurs the sharpness of your senses.       2) I do not put a helmet on and depend on it in the sense of affordable laxness cause you are more 'liable' to do than to suffer damage.  I concentrate on my surroundings in a hyper defensive mode and in thicker traffic will swerve like wildwater flowcourse, ready to hit the ditch any minute and using the narrowest gaps. Out of sight before you know it. My 1/64th drop of jewish wonderlust? That is not to say I trusted all truckers coming up behind me Stateside (where I peddled crosscontinent on an abandoned bicycle using dumpstered spare parts using freeways a lot) to toe the line as well I did myself and they could see me hog the white line from miles away, so they stayed in their lanes confidently which gave me a hell of a boost from slipstream currents. I was weighted down enough to not swerve at all from that.       3. I do not buy the parallel with forcing people to eat broccoli etc or banning liquor or tobacco consumption as some have suggested to me off-list. First of all, we do try to compensate, in part, for the costs of tobacco and liquor in our health costs by "sin taxes" which are paid *only by those that indulge*. And indeed, in the case of tobacco, restrictions on its use are becoming more and more common -- e.g. at the University of Manitoba, smoking is banned in most if not all the buildings. This is true also of all government buildings and in all stores. In some Canadian cities, smoking is also banned in restaurants. Nor is this just in Canada.               The alternative to helmet laws would be to charge an insurance surcharge to bikers who refuse to wear helmets but the cost of enforcement might be prohibitive, or the cost of the insurance might then be prohibitive. That still would not compensate the 'innocent victim' in 2 above.       me: The sin to be paid by gullibles? Can a river protest to dumpings. The sin is making a lot of money from all sorts of nonessential dependencies.      Further, driving/riding is not a necessity or a basic human right -- it is subject to certain rules -- that you have a valid drivers licence; that if you eyesight is impaired, that you wear corrective lenses; that your vehicle meets certain safety standards; that your vehicle is equipt with certain safety and environmental protection devices, etc. Helmets can be seen as just one of those safety protection devices.          Oh yeah? Standardization one size fits all  monopolies commonly sensual diversity gone haywire and widthbandied about ...is that so great? Mass society likes a snug fit and intensification, how else could you concentrate enough to have an orgasm instead of just howls of laughter in its own good time cause we just saw a pricelessly cute mad max vehicle go by? Speaking of which, you know the 17th century type sailing ship model. Now imagine one just the size of a seat with an enormous pole curling semi straight forward instead of a mast but 28 times as thick, near the front of which sprocket and peddles help propel the whole thing forward. Made of ashwood. Suspended low rider bicycle, the first one I'm utterly charmed with and I see many since I went to my dentist who is a fanatic, to remove all my amalgam fillings. There is a funny bike on my homepage by the way.           Yall: it is not as important an issue as poverty and starvation, but it is easier and relatively costless to solve.          me: None of the lawchanges made independent of each other will do. Anyhow, this is the last I will post on this issue. me: Wish I could say the same. some more helmet law ideology: Wed, 24 Feb 1999 11:27:04 -0000 subject: born to set the helmet on the run: this morning I walked to the corner of my relatively, to the real busy street (((behind which lies the park, so I swerve with, were it not for my routine and virtuoso expertise, daredevilish narrow margins ((by the way, there are none such in places like berlin, America, australia....once the traffic roars off between full stops (none of which I need do in A'dam neither) one just has to stand there and let the waves of poisons flood one's senses))) for once, since I lost the key to me bike lock, and near that corner there is a fighting gear shop, you know the amateur sportsy spectacle type. Well in the window was a very dark purple, undoubtedly nice and light modern boxing helmet with lines, curves, even airholes, and get this, it said it all (a confirmation of last night's efforts at least), the brandname was: macho warrior.        Now for the record I better confess I once flew off a 50 cc souped up "crosser", my nickname "piet sputter" at the time, and woke up hours later with a scraped back but without a personality (or with a clean slate one); it decided to come or was sent back (after postponement of some final either/or knot netting praps...) some hours later leaving my folks in all states at my bedside in the mean time. Concussion. I was wearing a helmet at the time of these training laps on my privileged and very expensive 10 hp. screamer. My folks stopped funding my racing efforts after that.         I had not lost consciousness, only memory and my mates got suspicious after I sorta kept asking what time it was in the pitstop. Well to conclude this dirt on meself as a potstip story: Fuck the linear opposition jojo joust and high speed risky running arms race born from the same seesaw sentiment helmet laws are based on. I'm working on a massive post concerning this so brace your wellmet selves.            Of course, were I to become a fire fighter, I'd use the latest too.        letter to the cornell fellow:--already have a grip, can offer you some scope though. I'll give you a hint: The more armor a man uses the more reckless he behaves.            That's not to put down padded confrontations but confusion abounds. I am reminded of that genius neologism: confliction!!! What bounty we wurriors dredge up from the pools of our brains; some weird continuation and echo of cannibalism I'm sure. You would have to lock a monkey up before he gets interested in a computer.

On Tue, 23 Feb 1999 12:43:55   Tully wrote:  Why shouldn't you have to wear a helmet to prevent higher insurance rates?  Why should society bear the costs of your reckless behavior?  This isn't the 19th century and, frankly, these kinds of libertarian ideas are just passe.

risky, extreme, high potential and charge armor vs amicable insurance, protection and security self vs collective: tully no likes driving so other people pay less either. Her interpretation mixes metaphors but not inextricably or unredeemably as I hope to prove: It would be true if "other people" are the ones driving bigger tanks and coercing the tankless taskforce to give up life and limb to merge with cueing, cancercausing, cantankerous tank hankerers. Owhey, lets count our clashings, who loves Danny Kay?         Truth is we, in the latter category including helmetless riders and native cultures (I maintain and aim to proclaim their problems are the same) pay more (and more) to secure a  'sense' of safety for them bullies (ah how disgustingly macho and muscular those gorrillas are no? They don't amongst themselves so much but actually cause other kinds of monkeys to fight each other fairly bloodily. See "Demonic males"), you know the ones who think it can be found if not projected in- and onto a less deterrent than dangerous arms and space race.  More on that under fire, heart and such.      bottom line: everybody up and down the line pays more, gets in debt to an immobilizing and unredeemable degree cause some want tanks and others are suckers for these fierce forces (jewish finance for instance; they often had no choice but to let the ruler milk and bleed them. The vica versa version such as the "Jew sweet" novel by Feuchtwanger (biased according to S Gilman but I find it appropriately wideranging and contrastatious; reminiscent of the Dutchman Samuel Goudsmit who must have known his pappenheimers, hemoglobalur hi maters).             Dreamer vs schemer:The calm collected poised pose vs I can be reckless cause you're not using your head covering your hide and defending your turf with might right (success at which is our (headstart) prerogative so you are over-ruled and illegal either way).          Who wants extatic esthetics when functional superiority is on sale? Nothing like a good (self)education to make a sense of loss cut both ways.......

A heartstart (on feelings hurtful and heady): but first: A shorted out one o longer welcomes, harbours, absorbs parts of and/or plays along with the chaosmos flooding in from all depths of space; this inner stricture is reflected in the 'need' and greed for outer ones and a metabolism which upsets spinrates instead of setting 'm up (the latter expression is as fraught with dual and dichotomous meanings as any of the ones neighbouring but unneigbourly border embittered peoples (not even hunter gatherer and monkeys exempt. In fact, light itself had a weightproblem when precipitating into matter until it gets amused and distracted by learning to count beyond the jew's monopoly: number 2) have wrangled over and approached with opposing, wether in- or obverse, intent ut those who understand my work well enough should and could sense the thrillionth hint from a mile away :)             Let's see if I remember some driving lessons from Vienna (courtesy Arnold Keyserling): earth = sensing; food       water = security; social and outward diversifyer.      air = selfpreservation; inward diversifyer.      fire = agression; preservation of the species.         The amount of usable (usefully fused) fire determines status in the future if we get over the task of containing pesky testes.     History is at the mutable stage now: abuse of fire is the rage (one could object and say: all fires are contained and intended; nothing wild left; most fire  is purposeful nowadays; it propels and heats or something; we may grow a lot less but also replace wild surface fires with well dosed, gaged and tuned forms pumped up from below; Star (or was it Ish) wouldn't have received such an enormously precious impression of off her trip contrasting with yet made possible by that fast conveyance. Don't get me wrong. I will have little of such cynical stuff myself and am trying hard here to find fault effectively).       The cardinal (previous) stage vegetated away in and as preuse of fire. Hard to say what climates and lifeforms passed the review and muster up during them aeons but I bet it was a lot more psychedelic than silly dinosaurs make one extrapolatively extract and suspect.       We must now try for an economic, efficient, ingenuous time; usably fused fire forsterment waging age.          Partly inspired by a book called the language crystal by a NYC rawfooder who's apartment gets no sun. He would join a sensible community too.      Proximity comes in 2 flavors: one repels, the other attracts.  Hurt feelings result from unheeded hints about imposition and crowding on the one hand and unanswered invitations on the other. A tip of an iceberg bobbing in a swell of souped up chemistry full of loops feedback, clutter, distractions, assaults, insurrection, invasions, static and quiet extasy.   Hurt feelings can be evoked by unexpressed insensitivity and incapacity, allowing expectations of toned training and well attuned exercise of discretion stroking with one's own set of values even and especially when instrumentarium, gauging standard, sense development and a host of other culturally embedded routines obviously just don't mesh. Every mystery blooms on a pile of old shit. But the biggest amount of civilization fostering soil isn't so (self)refreshing anymore. Aversion to its abuse set me off travelling but I'm back trailing the worst of the US behind me it seems and that's embarrasing. A bad easy ample aghen.   Dad warned me not to marry out of blood, league, class or even county but my eclectic gregariousness shaped by 60s and 70s Dutch television flavors made me a social and/or asocial freak, an infertile hybrid (got 2 kids; one in the US, never get to see 'm though, that's how bad it got to be with me though I can't believe it's that bad to be with me), unique. An eye in the universal normstorm; a cliff in the sea of sentiments; good placement offor windmilling opportearnity.    Taking people on dizzying rides when tackle-clamped (onto <squared>) the wrong way.

Re: Broken Chains and air and terra roar On Tue, 23 Feb 1999 12:16:34   Rabid Wolf wrote: And that is why we wish to return to a traditional life.... No cars, electricity, phones, not even kerosene. I have lived that way once, but family responsibilities brought me back to "civilization".... I have never forgiven myself for returning. I was raised knowing how to live off the land. Drop me nearly anywhere on Turtle Island with little more than a blanket, in all probability, I will survive. Many think they know what this kind of living is like, they do not. There are hardships they cannot imagine, within days, most would yearn for the city....but even then, they would never be the same... I am now reaching the point where my contempt for the city increases daily.
>I hold the entirety of it all in disdain. That I have a wife (who would >NEVER live traditionally -- she is a Scotch-Irish, Roman Catholic city girl) >and a child, are the only things that hold me here. Soon, even that may not >be enough.       Rabid               --Select a nice bouquet of people knitnetknotting a social safety net and pooling money together and off you go. I'm game for buying, protecting and inhabiting a whole watershed preferably including some old growth myself. Have been for a while but my netpage is not netting much similarly immature fry yet, perhaps I should set the mesh a little finer and up the friggin friction factor of pressure a bit ....

On Wed, 24 Feb 1999 09:13:55   reabel wrote:.............????? ....another load of sensible stuff, I'm sure but never a mention of what role mineral powders have to play when sustainability and stability in the sense of eco-Keynesian cycle surmounting in discussed. Seems it is the crowning glory on your heavy load of work which I will read soon so if If I 'm speaking out of turn forgive me.

eZ on cat and mouse: jinksie would grip their tails tightly and the mice would keep on runnin.  and their tails would stretch and stretch and stretch. the two mice would look at each other with gleeful smiles thinking they were getting somewhere and that they had left jinksie in the "dust". next thing they knew  DOING! they were being snapped backward across the living room straight into jinksie's gullet. a perfect metaphor for folks who believe they can simply transcend white culture by making a *lifestyle choice*.
>******* Damn; I mean snap!........that's a rousing cry to the frontline if ever I heard one; nevertheless; a base from which to operate other than big squats in town or something would be really nice right now. Perhaps fake tail tips might help too....... You don't mind if I stick this on my webpage do you? I am not in the habit of asking and since it is nothing more than a dubious honour to most people, let me just thank you for making my page a better place to read.              More Helmet hideologoy: The more armor a man uses the more reckless he behaves. tully rejoindered: " Without a helmet or in a convertible with the top down, you are THERE, right there in the moment and part of everything around you. " *********** eZ: maybe this should read: without a helmet or in a convertible with the top down, you are THERE, right there *in a convertible with the top down*, right there on a motorcycle, part of one's *idea* of everything around you. Before anybody, or rather, after everybody has scuffed, let me add: Of course, if you ask Schwartzkopf, he will tell you that he gets the instruments of  to indulge haywire ire with due to restraint. I'm getting sick of all these dualisms. Can we move on and start accounting all the other numbers again.  bout 'em complictions (like this land was our land; that land is your land) 1) almost every people are highly assimilative and welcoming; suckers for the outlandishly entertaining but the small letters don't show. That's why the internet compacted information and fresh clean dust are the best and most functional forms  multicultures can take; no risk of infection (with proper virus detection and quarantine, etc). Travelling will dwindle to the sporadic quester at questing rather than nesting time. Harmless entertainment of the virile and beautiful only most likely. But when the population pressures are up and on we see this friendliness toned down a tad in gradations such as something the aboriginals did (sorry, no ref so call it a rumor for now): killing male 'mongrel' offspring but leaving mixed blood/bastard girls to live/love and/or leave as they pleased.
              compliction: don't worry my home page is almost full and I will be travelling to find a countryside location so these rambles will stop soon. Store in a safe place 28 feet deep and leave to ripen for some time.       A blank cheque to define borders is only believable when it comes from a safe and godly distance. Hang loose, it's the realm of fancy values filled impartial remoteness. The goodless good in dreamtime jargon. All that including fending and blocking succesfully is OK. But complications arise when the one feeling hurt, and therefore blocked cause appealed to in a register not available for some reason or other, wishes to return the unwanted. The hurt arose from the ungraspable, unimaginable aspects of the offense and so returning can be a problem. Most people settle for the following compromise as the next best thing: they look for the weak, blind spots of their opponents or a place where there defences are down. In a material society possibilities to stratify sentiments are astronomical. Well it is a perverse sort of impact equivalent.
pirudox: Psychic assault sidekicks and tricks us all subductlily Christianity teaches crestiagonization, meaning crystal inanity. Rancor dictates and justice denies the right to reciprocate; allows one person's bitten or smitten ear to come back and retaliate with a kick in the head; apoplectic propporturn-t-earn isms frof-or-manticay retteketetteketet boom blast bloop. Betah better Betah Beeeeee tssszzin............. Theta.  Who can abate, nay who ate the shearing hiatus between the simplicity of sharable basics and the science of basic shares? 88 cheers for him and his whimkin said the injun with the raucous laugh.  eZ: like squat on somebody else's land....legally of course. great example of white supremacist  alues....everybody sing it now:  "this land is your land, this land is my land...." ++++++++  envirolink.org/orgs/tlio/index (the land is ours; includes documents on how to legally win time enough to ingratiate yourself with locals living near a piece of derelict land you set mind, heart and hand to fixin' up) ********** Mother Earth News from the mid 1970s.....big movement back then.....became a cottage industry and spawned the white dominant green economics crowd.....ripped off native culture big time..
++++++++ I see what you are saying. Wendel Berry the mother earth mascot has dirtied preciously few words to indiginous issues. Too little to suit my taste anyway. ------------------  Perhaps some of the injustice you talk about could be fought by giving people an opportunity to escape from it and start a new life with us. *********** eZ:  key clauses here:  "escape from *it*" and "new life with *us*".......there's a hole in this dinghy before it even gets set in the water.  entiendes? ++++++ si, you imply that not unlike the chosen vs common people, poor whities are now forever in the hole whatever they are willing to sacrifice, no matter how much they generously and/or naively allow to slip from their grasp; you will wearily point *it* out to *us* at most, then wash your hands of *it* since you haven't the resources in the first place.........but will graciously append a caveat. We may be a drop in the bucket but till more hefty heapers come forward it will be quite effective for those looking. I have personally decided along the lines of repatriation stimuli and that should please you enough to refrain from the sort of shit we 've been hearing from Jews a lot longer than from you lot. here 's another resource (sorry if this is a repeat): lta.org (land trusts, a semi offshoot from the once (20ties) considerably popular tax and property laws reformer Henry George) http://www.landtrust.org (look for a paper by Mary Lehmann too)  http://www.ummfa.org/summary_of_the_land_trust_title.htm  (wording of the act)
On Thu, 25 Feb 1999 10:05:47   firstCircle wrote: >gente! >i mistated a fact. concerning the number of americans scheduling >alternative treatment appointments with practitioners. 450 million is the approximate number of appointments scheduled, not the number of americans....we'll have to wait another 2 weeks for the population to reach that number, ha! >have a ducky day      chaveZ                I will be going for my first check in decades with the royal raymond rife method; guy invented electron microscopy using crystals fiddles with dials registers frequences and resonances of virus and 'cancels' them; they burst; sorta like an internal tesla trick I guess. ran something in Paris latest I heard and didn't know; I thought he had not left the USA documentary exists. Websites too. Machines available now. He died disillusioned and poor; dinted his head against the pharmaffia which got started the way described earlier in this fil:.  Moses and Aaron made the people do "burnt offerings" and got into pyrotechnichemistry with the ashes......     Silvio Gesell

On Tue, 16 Mar 1999 15:23:15   Marco-Aurelio.Borque wrote: >( Sorry but I cannot consider hunting-gathering seriously for 6 Billion >people) .                      hunting- thinning/ grafting/ planting/ pruning/ pleaching- gathering mayhaps you
can yes?
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