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Bottom Line Aphoristically Ballistic Solutions; the kind which will (dis)solve all uncivilly polarizing (c)lumpy niches and nesses by pushing the logistic limits inventively.
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Welcome to a site stuffed with Bottom
line aphoristically ballistic solutions (which afford and) arouse beleaf
My kind of  BLABSolutions take aim to break centralizations up or open, wether they be institutionally animated ones or just simply inert, innocent and dormant yet heavy and what's decive: animatable given time and the right sense of purpose. Hell made homey and given breath to breath, room to roam.
Sad the dreamscape turned into a fence? Here's how to deal with that along with whatever else is too dense and tense.
tables of contents for the 9 files in poetpiet´s list post directory(links thereto at the end of each list exchange content listing, 4 about warriornet; 1 each about ecobalance and sovernet; 2 on james joyce and various earlier semi-posts (guest book entries, etc) in 2 more files) All these posts consist of correspondence with as well as reactions and announcements to fellow participant list members. They follow chronological order (roughly).
The only colour which is consistently the same  one per file applies to the headings, dates, subjects, adressee and senders when and if provided. It is usually white.  About the other colours in this file:They don't only change whenever a different citee/writer/speaker is next.The following 2 sets of remarks were valid when and while I had all my subscribed list selections criss-crossing in the same files but now that I seperated them, no one body carries one colour throughout a file consistently (and neither do I)  and so the following preminders no longer apply:throughout the first half of this file all my writs, responses and provocations are in this colour; in the second half they are in dark grey. my sparring partners are given others like so: firstCircle (chavEZ) Louis Proyect defends this colour here. Texts written by meself are white in the first quarter of this file. The second quarter shows them off in this colour. The third quarter has magenta following the winding ways of my key board compositions (unlike the paper initiated ones in the first half of my page). The final quarter colour for my keystrokes is this one.
Warriornet list sparrings part 1 (84K) (discussions of indiginous problems, bugs and features). Items stem from januari 26 to the twelfth of februari 99.
table of contents: letter to the gov of montana about keeping buffalo healthy (allowing and helping them to keep themselves healthy rather) x x x on genetics and intelligence (the twentysixth of januari) x x x martha vs tully: white vs red prejudice x x x  on mascots (thirtyfirst of januari) x x x DTo Dear(born) Ish, I don´t remember what prompted this thing but it is a recommedation of David Yarrow the dowser´s work x x x to mark in taiwan on capitalism (second of februari) x x x to ish on David Yarrow x x x a long drawn out (it takes up two thirds of this file) discussion of the term "savage" (as used by the "Friends of Peoples close to nature", Helmut Heller). by James Craven, professional offense taker, Proyect, his crony and a lot more folks at warriornet who got sucked into the fray of agrguing racism, white privilege; imperialism; jewish history, habits and plans of reservation/ mutation x x x on respect for childhood x x x on the mascotte issue x x x letter to the bureau of prison director (tenth) x x x some of Amsterdam's nutty interknotty terminal situations x x x star´s hurt again x x x on Beckerath and gold (the ninth of februari)  x x x on delete piet x x x on jefferson´s slave "boffing" x x x on the Dutch (a- and) organizing section of the (planned for june 99) intercontinental caravan x x x to the pen-l listmom on the 26th of januari x x x to (fellow removee from the pen-l list) gerry levy and to Tom Walker (still there) on Proyect´s demagoguery (feb eleventh) x x x umpteenth draft on jews and jesuses(unfinished) go to part 2 directly

part 2 (68K)

warriornet list participation part 2 results for 14_25 februari    tables of contents: A rant inspired by Jewish history and a book by JR Talmon called: "the unique and the universal", a typically dualistic book on jews; devilish and saintly both. x x x Some thoughts about how to move the About the indiginous rep-rap presence and investment with authority forward x x x factors, friction and fun (Talmon, Jewish history/fabulation and "white privilege" discussion continued) x x x -I wrote this to an oxford academic bisexual polyfidelitous candidate communard planning to colonize america all over again x x x A heartstart (on feelings hurtful and heady) x x x  A whole lot about helmet law hideology x x x on selfsufficiency x x x eZ bout 'em complictions (like this land was our land; that land is your land)
part 3 (70K)  of four files with warriornet list sparrings(covers the 14 of februari till the first of march) tables of contents here:  too deep but to tully but too deep x x x on gender, power and politics  x x x  on dangerous and missionaries and dangerous missionarees (bemissionarized). x x x eZ tackles white privilege with an AIM officia x x x I spliced a 5th of januari 98 post by Proyect (quoting Mark Jones and James Heartfield)from the progressive economist list in here cause it shows the indiginalisms, imperialisms and the ecologisms all heading to the same intersection x x x Black Hawk and me on kosovo, UN, Navo and the humanitarian lobby(most of this exchange has moved to the Balkan crisis file: next nato flyer text proposal.htm) including: on bully serbs and: big brother tools for little sister x x x some invective back and forth. I am advised to "let them fight it out" x x x comment on:...... lumping people into faceless categories  x x x comments on: VI   Single-issue activism can be problematic. x x x Jew vs nazi terminology yet again x x x on hurt feelings x x x first circle takes leave of me x x x  to ozi about misreading me which is easy enough though I don´t mean to help anybody do so; subjects: poetry and antisemitism x x x to tully some more x x x a booklist about mistreated and disrespected ethnic minorities (focusing on America and Australia)

final part (64K) of

POET**PIET´s warriornet list sparrings (from the first to the 17th of march)      content listing:  Star light still hurting after all those 506 years or: understandable yet mistaken accusations of agression x x x on somewhat inconsistent NA sympathy for jewsvredskins brandishing heavy metaphor generating machinery to manufacture hate letters x x x blurb on karl weule and word meaning reversals/inversion x x x Black radical congress on politics (boring as fuck) x x x Comments on the above in the shape of a report on Politics at Rainbow  gatherings; reflects the big picture perfectly, iow: mirrors the same in the real world (and then some). x x x Black radical congress on loss of privacy forwarded by eZ and sent to me earlier by Dan) becommented also x x x to ozi explaining my sentiment split when it comes to Jewish records x x x eZ vs Matt (doctor with the Akha in Taiwan) x x x on the U´wa tribe of Colombia under siege from all sidesx x x louis proyect reopens the attack x x x POP (progressive organizing program) x x x white privilege x x x to CERJ on modern media activism tactics  x x x   *************
My (50K) ecobalance list encounters   table of content:  ecobalance x x x countering technocratic winged wolf woman (www) x x x legal resource list for setting up communities x x x www again x x x to murray on simply act vs figuring the high arrear key x x x regarding Native american written community guidelines x x x ww once more x x x This is my answer to this  oxford academic/bisexual and x x x polyfidelitous candidate communard x x x 1300 miles an acre x x x Subject: bub goes the popple (to www) x x x peace links x x x apple orchard x x x protest letter about some NYC gardens up for auction x x x to Tully on landtrusts (with poem) and links to pi sites x x x on hard wood use x x x untolerated and therefore final ((f)lame) (f)act (by and to ....yes you guessed it: weirdly wounded woman) at ecobalance....here she is x x x  x x x 
My (70K)  Sovernet; Souvereignty list exchanges and  contributions     This list is named: recoznet (http://reconnet.listbot.com the recoznet archives) and attempts to promote the recognition of aboriginal sovereignty and native title. These postings consist of keyboard composed, off the cuff correspondence with fellow list members mostly.   content tables: (from the 14 of march onward): report and comment on the purifying fires of the aboriginal tentembassy x x x on fire use in principle, abo-use and/or abuse of biologically amassed massive fires x x x declaration for peace and comment x x x Tent embassy protesters spear flag x x x on watertightly formulated constitutions (see dark bleu below also) x x x a rant on secrecy x x x about relevant books x x x reflections on the present state of helplessness due to schizo rift between the Nato and UN bodies x x x Constitution collector and reproducer Zube as cited by metacrawler (14 sites, of which mine is the fattest one in English) x x x dime a dozen idealist site example: United Peoples Federation x x x tino - ranga tiratanga (New Zealand/maori list) post
go (60K)  List this cussing joyce´s woike    j-joyce and Fwake list exchanges     Forethoughts: Slice and splice 2 different slots and shifts of time frames for the exact same location, angle, distance, magnitude and shutter speed together if you want to get some startlingly beautiful  pictures.     Long live Slowliness!! grow grow go Death to heroic loneliness!! Fight battle and bother best by ignoring those banking on 'm Everybody is a collective achievement. 

j-joyce exchanges: on butchers x x x to pompous and puffed but disjointed MAHAN (Jack Kolb) x x x on general use of particular people x x x about the middle ages between me and tim x x x Ruth Baerle on musical keys x x x to elaine about one liners x x x on confusion between plura- and dualism x x x 

finnegans wake exchanges:    a piece called: "factors, friction and fun, tack on"  x x x   for the full version of this poundish epistle treating of human history with the emergence and dominance of desertborn (and -bearing) peoples (jews highlighted) go to the warriornet list sparrings  tim and carl their comments x x x a short shamus aphorism and a defense for him x x x on encryption, criticizing it and joyce's use of it (I should really add something about the druids perhaps to make the jews look a little better) x x x a mention of and pointer to William Irwin Thompson to a Yeats quoter x x x regarding arbuties (strawberry trees)/our beauties/arguties (puns and witticisms in French) x x x shamus (James Collins) divulges the loaded worldpay. That´s the spirit! Drop manuels not bombs! x x x To James Collins, my favorite FWAKE list compantrion x x xOn Keyserling to the Q word quoter x x x to tom collins some more x x xone line of comment tacked onto a rant about ball and bullet x x xSubject: oilofbeat, ballot and orbit  x x x on books and the late Amsterdam van Gennep bookstore x x x james's snot bit and my addition about the infamous Dutchman piet snot, brother of jan lul. x x x praise for Will Miller's Wake thesis x x xa story prompted by what has occured just like the doctor ordured a silly, green, shiny, slimey and in a plastic garbage bag for plastic garbage deposited turd 

List this cussing joyce´s woike part 2
table of content: praise for Will Miller's Wake thesis x x x a whole bunch of good stuff about things playing (up?) at the time like: Keyserling x x x the UCK x x x Pythagoras; x x x turds and homosexuality x x x kabbalist hyrarchies x x x hi pur of ends is hyper offense? x x x battle fatigues, etc x x x Highly spice with autobiographical mud- and pearly white snow pies.  go to this (61K) file

Shamus special (87K) and I mean real special!

Shamus special (87K)  Bits and pieces by Shamus my favorite finnegan´s wake reading list podner and some of the latest wake list posts I did, liked and responded to. Plus: additional posts plucked from the archive one year later
more  (98) postings   Contents here: warriornet (the william Irwin Thompson post continued  x x x  x x x  cerj.org (campaign for equity restorative justice) on millenium jubilee proposals x x x  pen-l (progressive economists at communications for a sustainable future (csf) x x x  adressees: Louis Proyect (who runs a marxist list, see the file called progressive_economusts.htm) x x x  william lear x x x rob schaap  x x x tom walker  x x x doug henwood  x x x valis x x x  "po barteroe" x x x  to cerj on the death penalty x x x  more to pen-l (the last cause the list owner kicked me of after 2 days) x x x  warriornet (on the mascot issue mostly)
recent postings:tables of contents: progress.org x x x transaction.net x x x vwbev's guestbook (there's a whole file full of her, me and others around here somewhere) x x x ishgooda (warriornet colleague) on beware the violence initiative project x x x idealist.org x x x nonviolence.org x x x warriornet posting sample  (earlier ones concerning me personally  and with my input are at: still_more_recent_correspondence.htm) x x x Kevin Daniel Annett presents Part 2 of the "Church-State-Corporate Triangle" series; a very ugly story from (formerly?) beautiful BC x x x As already noted, a William Irwin Thompson book excerpt is continued in: more recent ings

last major corrections to this file: 1997; last additions and minor corrections: june 2001
aim responses at: pensievepiet@netscape.net

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BLABS=Bottom Line Aphoristically Ballistic Solutions
meaning: Solutions which break uncivilly polarizing centralizations up or open, wether institutionally animated or simply, inertly dormant (yet animatable) by pushing the logistic limits inventively, notably those (rocks) constraining vertical metabolisms (of trees).
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