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hi tully thanks, you are a sound, kind and kindred spirit,  I noticed people are thinking in my direction and straining the grey whirly folds to get heads around a watertight bleu print like organic  money emissions from the bottom up, etc. (tully and respondees notably). Broad base orientations are well, good and needed to try combat specialistic divide and rule trends but as we who try get more and more numerous, resource bundling, credit and opportunity base systemicizing lags while we overlap more and more, insulatedly rather than the aimed for cumulatively. Prestige may, I think correctly be interpreted as acknowledgement in return for the stimulation of metabolism.  There seems to be confusion and shortsightedness about life spans;  understandably so since making ends meet is harder when these are shorter; try finding fire wood in the desert or pump oil without an army to back you up and leave you with a vanishing fraction of it......

 Subject: Re: Evolution of a Wrathful God; On Thu, 14 Jan 1999 00:03:08   tully wrote: >I found this explanation very interesting.. From "Conversations with God," Book 3, by Neale Donald Walsch, pages 40-48  (not complete, snipped for brevity)                 >In an earlier part of your history, you lived on this planet in a matriarchal society. Then there was a shift, and the patriarchy emerged. When you made that shift, you moved away from expressing your emotions. You labeled it "weak" to do so. It was during this period that males also invented the devil, and the masculine God.      Satan was essentially a male invention. Ultimately, all of society went along with it, but the turning away from emotions, and the invention of an "Evil One," was all part of a male rebellion against the matriarchy, a period during which women ruled over everything from their emotions. They held all governmental posts, all religious positions of power, all places of influence in commerce, science, academia, healing.          Men had to justify their existence, for they had very little importance beyond their ability to fertilize female eggs and move heavy objects.  They were very much like worker ants and bees.  They did the heavy physica.......snip........... the source of all fear. The smile of the amused Goddess, experiencing limitless love and gently submitting to the laws of nature, was replaced by the stern countenance of the not-so-amused God, proclaiming power over the laws of nature, and forevermore limiting love. This is the God you worship today, and that's how you got where you are now.                  I can't do much with this dry, abstract text, though I understand and appreciate the need/drive/motivation to write it. I much prefer Wrangham's "Demonic males" when it comes to showing shifts in power; one of the points made in the last mentioned book is that the feeding grounds of the Bonobo aren't grazed by Gorilla's leaving them enough succulent herbs to obviate the need for roaming (and) larger territories which puts fit males at an advantage over females 'burdened' with offspring. The perpetual gender mix is conducive to love rather than war.                  A largely abstract take on the problem comes from a book I read recently. Allow me to cite, comment and add some excerpts but first I would like to dedicate this to all westerners who feel it their duty/task/browny point opportunity/mission to go and 'bless' natives with 'superior' whitey science and substance.             Excerpts from "The rules are no game, the strategy of communication" with: "women in production: the chorus line"; and introduced by "the naming of parts and the 20th century war", written, written by Anthony Wilden, 1987, Routledge and Kegan; I posted it in my file: /dualities_and_gender.htm

This must have been a Matt post I am working intensely in a region being over run by American Evangelical dominated missionaries. The missionaries come in all kinds. Some simply need a good swift kick up side the head to get their ears to work. But others come who simply have no idea as to the effect of what they are doing. They can sit there and teach all the children that their culture is bad, their parents as well basically, and to get rid of it all and help them sort of buy the village and build a big church for Jesus while half the people are starving.  But when you ask them if they understand what they are doing they don't have a clue. Some of it comes with Mission School indoctrination.  Some of it is extreme naivity.  But when you ask yourself "what am I going to do with this problem, how am I going to constructively approach this person" one has to realize that in many cases they just don't know.  No one has ever presented to them anything other than the theories they got raised with.           I saw a national geographic program about a native South american tribe that killed all missionaries even they had the blockheaded audacity to try again.            An australian with an all inclusive, cosmic, I would go so far as to say 'rainbow' perspective was left in peace there and allowed to stand and live with them. Very moving program, don't know the name (one of the geezers wrote back he thought I must have been watching fantasy Island).

Date: Sun, 14 Feb 1999 11:26:39 -0500 (EST) From:;  Subject: Re: on grace and white privelege as interpreted by anthony  chaveZ; hola!  perhaps those among us who want to figure out the mystery behind the rulemaker's power will find this valuable.   chaveZ          Date: Sun, 14 Feb 1999 05:49:29 -0500; From: David Bowden <; Subject: same as above:           ***********The classification of individuals into races is a eurocentric construct.                ********* eZ: engaging in a critique of the fruit of european cultural thought and behavior from an indigenist perspective isn't though. dave needs to be able to distinguish between the words "culture" and "race". in what i have presented there isn't one single reference to "races".  bowden's statement is an airball. no bash, just fact.        ******** It is racist and divisional, class based in intent. ******** eZ:  white law is all about intent and very little to do with impact.  the best of intentions might be on dave's mind here (for it is rationally based, so let's not bandy about what is and what is not in "our hearts") but he has done precious little thinking about the impact of what *his belief* is on our political empowerment and cultural integrity. turning Master's construct *on Master himself* is a liberatory act.       ********* Individuals that place all North American "white" people into the classification of 'european' are projecting ignorance of historical patterns of migration and cultural interfaces in the Americas, and are ignorant of the genetic makeup and history of Europe.      ********* eZ: dave chooses to exploit the classic anthropological "back door" argument here. in addition, he seems to be unwilling to deal with a set of historical facts that render his argument irrelevant.  suggested investigation of these facts would begin with Bacon's Rebellion in 17th century Virginia, the codification of "white" into US law within the first decade following the "revolution" against Britain, and the history of the labor movement in the US.  check it out. ********* To state that there is a race of white people is a ignorant statement. ********** eZ: dave has plenty of the text that i have put out here on this list to find something to back up his  implying statement.  why has he not done so? it would have saved him some keystrokes in making that statement in the first place. *********** To state that there is a "race" of anything is an ignorant statement. ********* eZ: why is this a necessary statement to make? ********** One out of three "white" people in the Southern United States are of tri"racial" genetics. *********** eZ:  ....but it is okay for dave to back up his argument with racist scientific "proof" that white supremacy doesn't really exist. ************ There is no such thing as a "white" person. ************ eZ: ....but there *is* a political construct established, maintained, expanded, and refined by europeans and their descendants which is used, covertly or overtly, in the USA to set standards of human worth in order to maintain relative access to wealth, privilege and power using "white" as the model for all of humanity.  what does dave think COINTELPRO was *for*? what purpose did it serve in the larger scheme of world power relationships between white nations and the majority peoples of this planet? dave can't just click the ruby slippers saying "there is no such thing as....." ************ There is no such thing as a "white" european. There are mindsets and economic systems of genocide. ************ eZ: the first statement has been addressed as to its irrelevance to the discusssion.  the latter, well, it's meaningless to strip "mindsets" and "economic systems of genocide" from the context of white supremacy and european/amerikkkan imperialist expansion.  mindsets and economic systems in and of themselves are not credible explanations of the carnage. dave needs to set his plow a little deeper here and examine how the various components/aspects of european derivative cultures have worked together to sustain a globally dominant cultural imperialism that is unrivaled in human history. ************** Personally IMO this projection of a racist eurocentric construct is amazing in a forum such as this, especially in people that should be better educated as to historical COINTELPRO divisional tactics. DBowden        AIM Supporter *************** eZ: it is amazing that dave confuses the government's blood quantum shenanigans with an intentionally political analysis of european derived cultural thought and behavior. it is dave's "choice" to remain underinformed. whether he agrees with the analysis presented or not, he, like me, is obligated to at least comprehend the analyses that run counter to his own.  what good is it to call oneself an "AIM supporter" (which AIM?) if one has not taken the time to learn about an emerging way of thinking and organizing that is about ending the acification of our people by white folks who are unwilling to go further than their activist credentials, and their vestedness in  those credentials, will allow them to go. ************** Any human being that lives in a place that calls for them to defend their rational for being is wasting their time being there. ************** eZ: the burden here is on dave to prove that anyone here has suggested or said directly that white folks have no right to *be*. it was Mattie McDaniel who was "feeling" that way about what he was being challenged was the Ture who asked if poor Mattie was supposed to kill himself?  those are facts. *************** The internet is an illusionary place full of faceless individuals.         DBowden, AIM Supporter *************** eZ:  the internet is very real in terms of its use as a political tool. it can be used to harm or help. it is an excellent tool for challenging white privilege and for finding ways for it to expose itself, as more than a few folks have done on this list. dave should make no mistake that the damage Microsoft has done with its Encarta, internet based representation of Afrikan history is very real.  And, if they haven't done it yet to native people, they will.  the internet is very real.   a few weeks ago the League of Indigenous Sovereign Nations used the Internet to provide timely input into UN deliberations in a matter of seconds.  the action alerts that are put out via this listserv and many others have increased the resistance to government sanctioned corporate abuse of native people.               Recently, an online workshop focused on challenging white supremacy involving activists from all parts of the world concluded after 1 year of intensive discussion of the central question: "what does it mean to be white?"  now people are meeting face to face, empowered by the *discipline* this medium required of its participants.               White folks in the workshop came around, by and large, to the realization of the many number of ways they were trying "to help" from a very, very low state of denial about the impact their whiteness was having on *antiracist organizing*.               They were held accountable for the entire year, not being allowed to *backslide* with their usual "yeah, but..." commentary (because behind every "but" you know their is ca-ca!) , or their pacifying rhetorical ethics of  misappropriating great truths (that we are all one) to suit their own ends of not having to *question themselves* and be accountable are how they are benefitting from their race privilege.  some  wanted to do what Martha Ture did, (remember, shout "go die" and pout),  but they couldn't because they had made a committment to listen, learn, and find ways to have relationships with people of color that did not colonize us.               Ish and few others have been putting messages out about how everyone has the right to "be themselves".  yes. that is true.  no one is arguing against that.  but how can the lot of us make the claim that we *are* being ourselves if we have left the impacts of white supremacy on our humanity unexamined?  how can an Indian person or any person of color honestly say that if their white friends, lovers, and offspring have not taken the time to examine how white supremacy informs every aspect of people behavior in the US (where i live), how can they claim they are being themselves? and if we choose to say "it doesn't exist"  how do they know for sure?  how can a white man or white woman, who is seventeen to 20 generations removed from any indigenous heritage and has been immersed in white euroamerikkkan culture all of their life, make the claim that they are being  themselves. banging a drum or wearing hair in dreadlocks or supporting "AIM" doesn't make it so. Ish:  on two continents..both have had ancestors hazed like buffalo from their homelands, forced to endure the degradation of objectification, interred by the conquerors and exterminated at the whim of the invaders....Get it? **************** eZ:  with one key difference.....can one example be named where indian people migrated to another continent and participated in the carnage (homesteading, mining, slavery, slave "trading", the southern states' Confederacy, etc....) against an oppressed people, and then strived for positions of power and privilege, based on the redistribution of lands and natural resources of those same people, while a national policy of extermination was carried out?   Perhaps we could ask some palestinian folks the same question.

Heartfield's Myths ((source:   Messages sorted by: [ date ][ thread ][ subject ][ author ] Mon, 05 Jan 1998 09:35:10 -0500      Louis Proyect ( James wrote:  The first was wholly reactionary: the plantation system, which as Marx explains in 'The American Civil War', was driven to expand extensively  because, depending on slave labour, it was incapable of intensive  devlopment. Yields could only be increased by taking more land under cultivation. This led to further expansion and a political debate over the legal status of slavery in the new territories.       This is the first pseudo-fact in the whole rant, and it is completely wrong. The slave-plantation system was not only integrated into the world circuits of proto-capitalism and then early industrial capitalism, it was at the heart of so-called 'primitive accumulation'. There is a wealth of research by now which shows that slavery was not some subordinate mode of production but was often the best-organised most highly-capitalised branch of capitalism. From the 17th ce the New World was increasingly at the heart, not just of European capitalism, but of the world system as a whole; a mechanism, primarily thru silver exports, of incorporating Asia into the nascent world capitalist system. Heartfield might care to read Robin Blackburn's latest tome on the subject, but in any case I am sure that Jim Blaut will provide the necessary correctives to Heartfield's misinformed views.      Heartfield:   But the second dynamic West, principally in the North West, was far from being reactionary or indeed capitalistically inspired. Indeed the settlers in the North West who were driving the frontier on, were immigrants from Europe who were fleeing reaction in Europe, as well as the power of the capitalist class on the Eastern seaboard. This is just as silly. Where on earth did these immigrants come from? From what were they fleeing? At this time, before 1850, they were primarily English, Scottish or north European, and the Irish were beginning to arrive. Why? Ever hear of the Enclosure Movement, the Highland Clearances, the potato Famine, James? Do you suspect these events were in some way connected to the rise of industrial capitalism? Even before that, emigration from Europe was driven by the market forces of proto-capitalism and the growth of the reserve army of labour.  These settlers were independent farmers who had gone West to avoid the monopoly power of the Eastern elite. Read: they were driven west thru a porous frontier to avoid being proletarianised. This is progressive in the same way that everything in capitalism is progressive according to Heartfield: the truth is that large numbers of people were being hounded from one end of the world to the other, and forced to commit atrocities against each other, in the service of and at the mercy of gigantic unfolding forces of world capitalism. There is something Orwellian about Heartfield's inversions. > When the US  government ceded territories to Indian tribes in the many broken treaties, it was not a sop to those native Americans, it was a deliberate attempt to frustrate the Eastward expansion and its populist influence on US politics.> Yes, the Eastern patricians wanted to depress the value of labour-power and had 2 ways to do it: close the frontier in the east or close the frontier in the west, which is what they did in the end. Ground up in the class struggle between proletarians and capitalists in the East, the Indian Nations were faced with one future only: annihilation, either by new incomers AGAINST their easternm masters, or by incomers AT THE BEHEST of eastern capital once it became clear that there were more profits possible from opening the forntier than closing it.                 It is a pity that Louis Godena gives aid and comfort to this kind of miserable posturing. What Heartfield wants to say but is still afraid to openly pronounce, is that winning the West was a good thing and so was the way it was won.               In fact, the emptying of the America of their original inhabitants and the crazed and homicidal way this was consummated, a terrifying orgy of rapine and murder which Hollywood celebrates and so does Heartfield, are historical crimes big enough by thermselves to redress the scales of judgment, if there are those who still think that capitalism is 'on balance', 'on the whole' a progressive episode in human history.

On Thu, 18 Feb 1999 18:53:15   Black Hawk wrote: >  February  18, 99   Today, the United States, Canada, and Great Britain have allied forces setting their sights on Kosovo. My response to this has moved here: next nato flyer text proposal.htm)      bunch of scolding back and forth ensues:             ......Well, at first, I thought you were describing yourself, but I soon realized hat you had actually turned away from your self agrandizement long enough to notice someone else. Ha Ha fooled you twice!! I ain't aloof though I hope? >>Seems BlackHawk posted once, while you bore us to tears with renditions of your imagined intellectual prowess.   Please, give us a break. No your give me break! Use your block sender button or something and don't speak for everyone unless you really do. I don't see no us, don't know no us, ain't member of hardly any clubs, keep losing my passport, ain't written up in city hall for the latter half of my life now and find no people that will adopt or join me much either! If there were only 2 out of 20 people who read my posts here I would still stay. It is obvious that you still struggle with the onset of puberty and the inrush of hormones has evidently caused a physical juxatpostion of certain physical atributes. Are you kidding; thought I told you all I was 40; ah no that was to my agemate here privately I remember.   I lost sight of my prettily coloured horoscope at the time I had the opportunity to put pictures on my site or you would have had my whole life story at a glance. >>88888888*********8*888888 >>Your diatribe belies the shallowness of your spirit...But indeed you serve a purpose, child, you give us an excellent example of euro-centrism at its worst. I am humbled in my gratitude to you.....I shudder in your shadow,        Ozimandius......       Rabid Wolf my pleasure, s+hallow-allow piet's polish indeed.

comment on:...... lumping people into faceless categories:  we forget that we are dealing with people who have reasons for believing the things they do, whether it is family upbringing, the influence of religion or state propaganda, or just growing up in this damn culture. So? Shows we know where they belong which is respect right? Racism and for that matter stratification into classes is fine...the spice of life; it's just the coercion and secrecy it has gotten equated with that does the damage. Nobody likes everybody. Nobody is without preference for either treetop or earthshelters. Nobody is perfect. Wavey Gravy for president..........   ........ VI   Single-issue activism can be problematic. I agree with that but so does the multiple approach.       The diffusion and spreading of risk, the indexing of preferables, who is really caring these days of extremisms  When one tries to approach cutting edge Marxists about index baskets which once standardized and stabilized the unit of account amongst (prebiblical(?) black noggers, one is ostracized with a single key stroke. Ah wait, got it, I'll write that a note now.........

Thu, 25 Feb 1999 22:14:16 -0000; From:"Crazy Wolf" <> Add
Subject: Re: variouspjewtle: (this is a reaction on a solo thread I started on the 20th of februari called factors, friction and fun"; it is to be found in part the second)  piet wrote: ". Egyptians, marxists, technocrats, one and all were human till a touch of jewish text and tutorship, with or without live rendition, " You ARE a little Nazi, aren't you? Or wannabe. Happy-ass computerist, yes, very wordly, but you're no poet,Piety. this is written by someone on a roll at the time but since he sent privately I won't tell thereby turning the tide which should get me a whole new set of friends and enemies I figure. per someone's confusion's clearing request I inserted the following: at 's right,  most of the time I am not; less and less anyway; never much to begin with. I get my inspirations in open places, at Rainbowgatherings especially, running wild, in the countryside; or at least doing laps in the Vondel park; my trips to the country have become fewer and farther between. I am certainly not indifferent to Jews but have so far managed to avoid visiting israel (cause ra is not very well) Kibbutzes got milked; money siphoned off, etc. The above quote is antidoted by remembering that Saint Simon was a big inspiration for jews (don't know if he was one or at least 1/128th of one; a little goes a long way....) and I will concede that the majority make the right choices, more than your average people do, but the worst have a similarly disproportionate and all the more unjustifiable clout. They take the low road lower and the high road higher but their own way does involve everybody else which is a mixed blessing to put it mildly. Better ask what I am not, save you some work, time, toil, foil and trouble. By the way I get the subject finally; I'm a little sluwslow for a joe jew  

on hurt feelings: Proximity comes in 2 flavors: one repels, the other attracts. Hurt feelings result from unheeded hints about imposition and crowding on the one hand and unanswered invitations on the other. A tip of an iceberg bobbing in a swell of souped up chemistry full of loops feedback, clutter, distractions, assaults, insurrection, invasions, static and quiet extasy. Hurt feelings can be evoked by unexpressed insensitivity and incapacity, allowing expectations of toned training and well attuned exercise of discretion stroking with one's own set of values even and especially when instrumentarium, gauging standard, sense development and a host of other culturally embedded routines obviously just don't mesh. Every mystery blooms on a pile of old shit. But the biggest amount of civilization fostering soil isn't so (self)refreshing anymore. Aversion to its abuse set me off travelling but I'm back trailing the worst of the US behind me it seems and that's embarrasing. A bad easy ample aghen. Dad warned me not to marry out of blood, league, class or even county but my eclectic gregariousness shaped by 60s and 70s Dutch television flavors made me a social and/or asocial freak, an infertile hybrid (got 2 kids one in the US, never get to see 'm though, that's how bad it got to be with me though I can't believe it's that bad to be with me), unique. An eye in the universal normstorm; a cliff in the sea of sentiments; good placement offor windmilling opportearnity. Taking people on dizzying rides when tackle-clamped (onto <squared>) the wrong way.

>At 10:31 AM 2/26/99 -0000, you (piet, me) wrote: >>would someone wake me from my ignorance? What does LOL stand for? On Fri, 26 Feb 1999 21:58:07   ozi wrote: >Laughing Out Loud.   Loraine            Well, that's another bit of proof that I'm caught in and haunted by or expert at sniffing out do all isms. Having associated LoL with lUl is like saying white is black; day is night (true depending on the amount of viewpoints one juggles). Guess how many....right again: 2. perfect opposition and complementation such as never found in real life. I mean who can come and be LOL at the same time, right? I'm getting better at the latter and older too.

On Fri, 26 Feb 1999 07:58:13   firstCircle wrote: piet,you have left me without any other choice but to set my email for auto-delete to process your mail whenever it comes this way. i feel sobecause you are wasting peoples' time by "trivializing the momentous and complicating the obvious.>vaya con dios, hermano.              chaveZ -           -I shall be allowed to squeeze in a parting shot, no? trivialize the momentous...let me ponder....wittle down the impervious, size reduce the obstructing...yes I do that; complicate the obvious...weave and multiplexply the simple fierce, fanatic single minded and brute transparancy of the sun........yes you are right...I do a problem with that? I am sad....was very stimulated by your with the goddess........  ;)

to ozi about misreading me which is easy enough though I don´t mean to help anybody do so On Sat, 27 Feb 1999 06:51:21   ozi wrote: >Well thanks for that, but now I am asking if you would please explain what it is you mean ... are you saying that you are not exactly enamored by Jews?  >Cheers!         Loraine     -dear ozi, especially in the case of contexts, assuming you can concede and presuppose there is one (as when you visit a fascinating stranger and he allows you to survey his apparant, yet on close inspection merely apparant chaos) it is important not to disturb sequences to much, even more especially in a public forum where things get shuffled around by different people. This is ultimately the meaning and wisdom of babylon, bioregion and dialect formation: avoid static and distortion by an observance of proper scale; of course megalomarxists and all permutations thereof think they have the glitches taken out of those objections to global harmonization but who wants to sit in front of loudspeaker to attend a jamsession with participants from all satellite and/or cable-enchaintrained corners of the globe, no matter how well delaycorrected it will never beat the real thing while doing the right thing and that's paying attention to the little things: puttering around one's (b)eat.       What I meant to say is that in the quote constellation you construed and collated the deceptively projected prejudice that I probably don't like Jews is trying to justify and assert itself as a foregone conclusion.           The similarly adament and assertive judgement actually preceding my "at's right...." response (see next alinea) was: "you are no poet, piety"                 at 's right,  most of the time I am not; less and less anyway; never much to begin with. I get my inspirations in open places, at Rainbowgatherings especially, running wild, in the countryside; or at least doing laps in the Vondel park; my trips to the country have become fewer and farther between. I am certainly not indifferent to Jews but have so far managed to avoid visiting israel (cause ra is not very well though good enough to throw a spell) Kibbutzes got milked; money siphoned off, etc.              The above quote is antidoted by remembering that Saint Simon was a big inspiration for jews (don't know if he was one or at least 1/128th of one; a little goes a long way....) and I will concede that the majority make the right choices, more than your average people do, but the worst have a similarly disproportionate and all the more unjustifiable clout. They take the low road lower and the high road higher but their own way does involve everybody else which is a mixed blessing to put it mildly.

On Sat, 27 Feb 1999 00:21:59   Crazy Wolf wrote: >--------- Forwarded Message --------- >From:         To: ......the prize winning author forgot to put a culprit or two in the following world sweeping picture of victimization except for mentioning 'science' in the line before the hereafter quoted one, but by inference; the source of this quoter quotated quotation seems to imply they claim doe as a figurehead.........  >"Common to these lands is a (doe?....and/or add culprits to taste; when at a loss and/or if nothing better to do, consult conspiracy literature) consensus of their worthlessness and the assumption that local populations were invisible, expendable, or relocatable. Paramount objectives throughout the era were weapons production and the utmost secrecy. A land dominated by silence and sky, dust and time, held those secrets well".

to tully: Wow, I love you Tully, may our affinities never cease nor stop to astonish and multiply; I certainly think all of the following bears repeating: problem with the city (well, second to its ugliness and blight) is the total dependence on the Corporations that is required if you live there. Yes, you can grow tomatoes in pots on the apartment roof, but you simply cannot provide for the majority of your needs yourself there unless you beg or rummage the dumpsters.  That is not a way I would care to live.    me: I would say there is a task as well as an opportunity there; the metropoli are so disgustingly wasteful, yet all refugees have a preference for them. In Holland asylum seeking is discouraged by compounding the poor souls for such lenghts of time that they will send enough distress back home to stem the flow; recycling could be their window of opportunity. I just recently found 1 year old hard wood windows, huge ones, in a dumpster, never buy clothes here; perfectly usable ones on the street every week, etc.     As an activist, it seems that one can be spread too thin and must do some sort of specialization if you are to focus.  You can see it everywhere on the web.  I went looking for some sort of "catch all" type activism group and was quite surprised when I found none.  Each has its focus, that perhaps by necessity is a limited piece of the "problem pie."   To limit activism to protest is too shallow an approach and may even be counterproductive, especially when guilt is assigned as it invariably is when specific outrages are dealt with.

on pollution On Mon, 01 Mar 1999 04:00:47   Crazy Wolf wrote: >Environmental Health          This Stinks!  >Manure is inundating the U.S., according to the U.S. Senate. >That's animal manure -- the real thing -- not the kind that is said to swirl in political circles. --you know the program 'cheers' don't you? it shows a lot of folks in a bar and curiously none of them seem to ever appear civilized......anyway, there's this dude who plays the ultimate shortsighted and average funchaser.        Guess what I saw him do last night? He was on national geographic showing us the shit along the entire east coast......... .......I'm afraid nobody will believe me this time either; I saw nobody post the name of the program about the missionary killing forest dweller/defender tribe. PS: the white river in National geographic printing territory of NH was a disaster area a decade ago.....seen it with me own eyes.

African american vs white    Leonard Peltier search tips:        on aboriginals
African american vs white I haven´t read any of these books meself and wouldn´t know if they are any good or not really.        The Alliance of African/African American Peacemakers AAAP             Reginald Horsman, Race and Manifest Destiny: The Origins of    American Racial Anglo-Saxonism       Richard Dyer, "White," Screen 29.1 (Winter 1988)      Alexander Saxton, The Rise and Fall of the White Republic        David Roediger, The Wages of Whiteness; Towards the Abolition of Whiteness     Cheryl Harris, "Whiteness as Property," in Critical Race Theory,
ed. Kimberle Crenshaw, et al.      Mab Segrest, Memoir of a Race Traitor         Vron Ware, Beyond the Pale     Ruth Frankenberg, White Women, Race Matters    Eric Lott, Love and Theft      Karen Sacks, "How Did Jews Become White Folks?" in Race, eds.      Steven Gregory and Roger Sanjek     Theodore Allen, The Invention of the White Race      Noel Ignatiev,        How the Irish Became White; ed., Race Traitor     Paul Kivel,        Uprooting Racism       Ian Haney Lopez,      White by Law Leonard Peltier´s search tips: Yes, the voices of Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse, of Buddy Lamont and Frank Clearwater, of Joe Stuntz and Dallas Thundershield, of Wesley Bad Heart Bull and Raymond Yellow Thunder, of Bobby Garcia and Anna Mae Aquash...those and so, so many others. Their stilled voices cry out at us and demand to be heard.            Don Trent Jacobs: "Primal awareness" Progressive economist bibliography offered during januari 98 on their Communications for a Sustainable Future list (CSF): Ronald Wright, Alvin Josephy, Andre Gunnar Frank, Francis Jennings, Richard Drinnon, David Stannard, Tzvetan Todorov, Russell Thornton, Rigubertu Menchu, on aboriginals     aunt ruby langford        Strehloh:"Songs of central Australia", a book Bruce Chatwin, author of "Songlines" loved.      Eric Wilmott: "Pemulway, the rainbow warrior".       John Pilger: "Secret country"     Video's on aboriginals: Who killed Malcolm Smith?        Lousy little sixpence, Woman of the sun       Henry Reynolds various books      Heather Goodall's "Invasion to Embassy"       Deb Bird Rose's  "Nourishing Terrains"      Di Bell's "Ngarrindjeri Wurruwarrin"
non commercial break: On Fri, 16 Apr 1999 09:57:20 (Robert) Bruce Reyburn wrote: (extract from a larger work in progress) CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED. Copyright B. Reyburn 1999 --I really love this piece; look forward to the rest. Somewhat similar tend the thoughts of an in some circles famous writer these days: Robert Anton Wilson. A recent book called: "Escaping the 19th century" carries essays about relations between Fourier, Marx, Nietsche and Proudhon besides many unknown facts from history topped of with ethnographic speculation... about the mount builder cultures in what is now known as Wisconsin, roughly for instance. Throughout he wields a concept called the war machine, adapted from Pierre Clastres' work (which I had the pleasure to read while in Australia a few years back).  Underlying it all is a stark, bleak and binary opposition between the social and capitalism; sharing and fighting woven together by the spirit of shamanic freedom taking Taussig the anthropologist as lead and inspiration.
 Once again, kudoos for tackling the prior appropriation  imperative which is no less than an issues of loyalty not to royalty but humblest yet most awesome beginnings. Peggy Napaljarri & Lee Cataldi's "Warlpiri Dreamings and Histories" x x x Fred Myers 'Pintubi Country , Pintubi Self" x x x Craig McGregor's "Imagined Destinies"  x x x W.E.H Stanner's "White Man Got no Dreaming" x x x  Kevin Gilbert's 'Because a White Man'l never do it."  x x x The Stolen Generation, Ed. Carmel Bird. x x x
Contested Ground, Ed A. McGrath. x x x Mum Shirl (with Bobbi Sykes) x x x Our Original Aggression, Noel Butlin.  x x x Black Diamonds, C and P Tatz. x x x Living Black, Kevin Gilbert. x x x Telling it Like it is, Penny Taylor. x x x Terrible Hard Biscuits, Ed. Valerie Chapmam and Peter Read.  x x x The Lost Children, Coral Edwards and Peter Read.  x x x The Calling of the Spirits, Eileen Morgan. (see my first priority issues file for comments on this thumb sucker; a regular Karl May)  x x x power of the muldarbi the road to its demise, 'native title rights and colonisation' law and humanities supplements to property law in australia, ed judith grbich, 1998 september vol 11 australian feminist law journal, x x x  "naked peoples rules and regulations, 'in the wake of terra nullius' in 'law, text and culture', autumn 1998 volume four number one, colin perrin special editor. x x x  1997    Indigenous Peoples' Law ways: survival against the colonial state, in The Australian Feminist Law Journal, No 8 March, p39. x x x  1997    Reconciliation, in Indigenous Australians and the Law, by Hinton, Rigney  and Johnston (eds) Cavendish Press, Sydney. x x x 1996    Nungas in the Nineties, in Majah Indigenous Peoples and the Law, by Greta Bird, Gary Martin, Jennifer Nielsen, (eds), Federation Press, Sydney. x x x 1996    The Impact of Colonialism on Indigenous Culture and Law in Law in Context, Vol 14, No 1,107. x x x 1993    How far is there to travel in achieving indigenous rights?, in Law Society Journal of NSW, Vol. 3 No. 5, 30. x x x 1993    Has Mabo Turned the Tide for Justice?, in Social Alternatives, Vol 12, No 1, 1. miscellaneous (p)reminders: Carolyn Nuttall: "A Food Forest for Children". x x x  "J J, the squidman". x x x  Margaret Soloman: "Sexual universe in Finnegan's Wake". x x x seamus Deane x x x  jasmuheen is a breatharian australian lady who inspired helene wasser, een groningse totality therapist (write up in the Parool, beginning of feb. x x x  Johan Riemens, leider van de Spinoza Academie voor vreedzame wereldpolitiek op de kattenburg.
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