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tables of contents:j-joyce exchanges:  pork vs piggybank x x x autobiographically about  butchers x x x to pompous and puffed but disjointed MAHAN (Jack Kolb) x x x on general use of particular people x x x about the middle ages between me and tim x x x Ruth Baerle on musical keys x x x to elaine about one liners x x x on confusion between plura- and dualism x x x
f-wake exchanges  tables of contents:  a piece called: "factors, friction and fun, tack on",for the full version of this poundish epistle treating of human history with the emergence and dominance of desertborn (and -bearing) peoples (jews highlighted) go to the warriornet list posts and sparrings x x x tim and carl their comments x x x a short shamus aphorism and a defense for him (more on him soon) x x x  on encryption, criticizing it and joyce's use of it (I should really add something about the druids perhaps to make the jews look a little better)x x x a mention of and pointer to William Irwin Thompson to a Yeats quoter x x x regarding arbuties (strawberry trees)/our beauties/arguties (puns and witticisms in French)x x x shamus (James Collins) divulges the loaded worldpay. That´s the spirit! Drop manuels not bombs! x x x One more to this, my favorite, FWAKE list compantrion follow the next link to some of his posts, freshly picked from the archive ( and signed by his very own and trusty alias: shamus.htm x x x On Keyserling to the Q word quoter x x x to tom collins some more x x x one line of comment tacked onto a rant about ball and bullet x x x Subject: oilofbeat, ballot and orbit x x x on books and the late Amsterdam van Gennep bookstorex x x james's snot bit and my addition about the infamous Dutchman piet snot, brother of jan lul. x x x praise for Will Miller's Wake thesis x x x a story prompted by what has occured just like the doctor ordured a silly, green, shiny, slimey and in a plastic garbage bag for plastic garbage deposited turd
 part two:  table of content: praise for Will Miller's Wake thesis    x x x a whole bunch of good stuff about things playing (up?) at the time like: Keyserling,    x x x   the UCK,   x x x    Pythagoras;   x x x    turds and homosexuality; x x x kabbalist hyrarchies;  x x x   hi pur of ends is hyper offense?;   x x x     battle fatigues, etc.  x x x  Highly spice with autobiographical mud- and pearly white snow pies.

subject: jewel of a jewish dualism: piggybanks vs pork; I here present the backflap of a richly illustrated book called: "museum of money" (1978, in german): from the offering ritual to trading society from labyrinth to stockmarket from altar to bankteller from kaurishell to credti card from chambered tombs to vaulted safes from slaughterfeast to piggy bank from the big mother to the emancipation of the female from the cave to the museum from the fetish to the work of art         To help understanding this paradox I would like to know if figures exist to illustrate Jewish involvement with pigs some way or another.  jewelish dew follow up:Hope this doesn't transgress the thematics too much. I know precious little about my butcher background other than that my gramps, dad, 2 oncles and most of their sons (many) became one, I started and broke off the only Dutch National daily Butcher School(ing) in the second (apprentice year) during which I went to the uncle of the girl I had a true and very long, from a distance crush on (I did ask her to the movies once but she laughed her bewitching laugh instead); he lived on the dike from where, looking one way, one saw the famous 19 or so windmills scattered between the 'boesems' literally bossoms but meaning good size waterways, reedswamps and shallow reservoirs, great for skating and when the ice was clear one could wake frogs jumping on it; looking the other way was the big canal crossing the delta with the heavy duty shipswarfs where all folks smoked heavy tobacco and the kids of my generation got into heavier drugs than good for them. Anyway, this butchermaster with butcher sons of his own taught me how to slaughter some piggies, much much earlier I had cleaned stables on saturday mornings for some that had a good wallow territory in summer. I got stung by a wasp once and carried him outside. From that moment on my master resignedly despaired about making me a good butcher; I went on into and through a protesting vegetarian period, even into a spate of veganistic raw food faddening but came back down to having some piggy meat every now and then. My parents don't eat the stuff. But we customers of the weekly A'dam organic produce market had, until very recently, pigmeat on offer from videostarred piglets. They were shown roaming a vast territory, semi wildlife right on the market stand; of course they were featured in a transformed state of being as well, hanging from a wooden multilimbed, peeled, scoured, sockeled varnished and polished tree. Food from trees is the best.Always wondered if my last name could have been derived from the french Boucher. Can yall E-quip about abit to offset this boring faux pas?

 to MAHAN the pompous joyce list honcho: SPAM! oh oh another person caught in a house of semi permeable mirrors. Don't you attach a trailer or whatyamacolumn to your posts which appears not to change? at least not since I been here. I just thought the joke was a lot funnier than your posts for instance. I dare you to make me laugh with your next one but I won't hold my breath. .. .promise...

Subject: Re: Rally round the flag On Mon, 8 Feb 1999 12:06:46    Tim Szeliga wrote: Just in the name of accuracy, remember Joyce the rebel did not always approve of dissenting opinions  that deviated from his own particular views.        He was not Ezra Pound, offering free advice and excellent editorial help to all Futurists and Modernists. This was Joyce, head of the Sullivan Claque at the opera, with his worshipful circle of admirers and assistants, which seemed to narrow over the years.  Drinkin' buddies from the Ulysses days weren't always welcome in the FW days.  He was a lot like Martin Luther in that respect, more like Captain Beefheart than Frank Zappa.       I'm working my way thru "Inventing the Middle Ages", a historigraphy of  the historians who pretty much built up everything we assume we know today about "The Dark Ages", much the same way that 'Dinosaurs' are essentially a Victorian invention (before then, I supposed they called them 'dragons' when they dug up the bones; remember, we call man's earliest times "The Iron Age" and "The Bronze Age".   Mining is also one of the oldest professions.)          ItMA is a fascinating and often caustic look at the intellectual changes and how some academics played the system to their own ends.  What prompts this impromptu book review is that while I haven't actually been looking, and I'm only half done, I've seen very little mention of Giambattista Vico.              fraid can't hep you thar either.  I just finished a history of absentee ownership in Herman by a guy who started a few communities in the spirit of Robert Owen and Theodor Hertzka; much of his work will not be translated (yet?) he emphatically denies a heroic interpretation of history, struggles with the concept catalyst a lot instead, perhaps cause he does pride himself on being the first to see such and such in a clear light. Good old jew again by the way, name: Franz Oppenheimer.        regards

>On Mon, 15 Feb 1999 11:39:10   Ruth Bauerle wrote: When Stephen discusses the Fundamental and the Dominant in the "Circe" episode, he's using musical terms and making a quite accurate analysis of several keys he's playing in.  The technical musical explanation of the relationship of the two kinds of chords is in a long footnote in the article on Otto Luening recalling his friend Joyce, published in the Journal of Modern Literature about 1990.  Co-authors Tim Martin and Ruth Bauerle. The explanation was given me by a colleague at Ohio Wesleyan, a marvelous pianist; but 9 years later, I can't for the life of me make the explanation myself.  If you're really interested  I could look it up at home and copy it onto the net.  But the original article has an illustration, w/ piano keyboard, of the interrelationships of the chords.         Ruth Bauerle               Wake me when you spill the beanze on the connections of musical aspects to ashtrollogical cords will you? Keyserling does just that in his books (in German) check out the wheel I was on about before but delivered an incorrect URL to, the right one is:

On Wed, 24 Mar 1999 13:38:42   Bob & Judy Williams wrote: >Elaine, 'was'nt' was on page 380, line 17 (380.17). There was a 'did'nt' also mentioned but I neglected to note the location. You could find it in the archive, a web site well worth fastening to. Best   Bob     -yes elaine, by all means dig into that archive, niftily searchable and potent enough to swamp and smother if not answer most queries, not in the last place cause it would save us a lot of unnecessary oneliners. I get the feeling they (including the mud rage, a sad perversion of more intimate mudslinging, merely useful as fingerpractise and conference training) from affection deprived hungerers who will and can never not use technology as a prosthetic (bad enough as that is already) but abuse it as a surrogate (if there are gradations of irretrievability worth speaking of at all between these degrades; a point I would be hard put upon when called to argue it)

On Wed, 03 Mar 1999 13:07:15   Richard Stack wrote: My position is a kind of pluralism , I would maintain, but without the wishy-washy, evasive, have-it-both-ways problems  that so often vitiate such a position.  The Joycean text is rock-solid in its composition, and frequently its composition is concerned with ambiguity or enigma.  But one cannot talk effectively about such enigmas and ambiguities unless one can nail down the rest of it.  I would rather call it pluralism. ++++ +++++  This is plain dumb confusion of dualism with pluralism; and vs all, etc.

to someone (elaine) who wants to print all the joyce list bullshit "to refer to later":   --I'm not sure Santa Fe has enough trees to keep their let alone whirlweed joycities in print. Has ainobeady a line and stats (and/or pointers thereto) of the resources involved when reading of screen vs print?

FWAKE list stuff eclected Commentary on ´finnegans wake´ spliced with confessions from the lives of their readers
This is the conclusion to a longish rant originally written and sent to the warriornet list. This intro is tailormade for and tacked on to the fwake list:  seems like this theme doesn't want to (knock itself out on) rockbottom out. Here is something to see if I can get that Pound renderer to come up with a different ascspression to impress me with:  factors, friction and fun when ovoid orifices are scratching headlines bald and bolder fff (factors, friction and fun) tack on (a lot more of this thread is to be found in one of the 4 warriornet list post files) From the wasted waves of sperms fired and shot rise but few who's lot include a decent plot worship that one and only in a million and use the rest for one thas been said that women's highly private mores  wouldn't be up to any cross the board humanitarian chores but I wonder who's setting her limits.                A cross post from the warriornet: Starlings are beautiful, arrogant and noisy; they astound locals as confident though newly arrived, admirably industrious citizens (I seen that in Australia, Amsterdam, NY...I wonder who, if it wasn't a jew set the tone there and why that and personal freedom are the things I like about 'm).     Yet, I wonder even more if they are worth the sacrifices and serfdom for the sunless at the bottom of this hyrarchy, stripped of heritage, turf and dignity, the squeezes in place and the setter - upper - setter - jetters gone to conquer new colonies to be turned into 'hinterlands even faster this time if possible. The mythical and choice (not mine though) few from amongst the chosen ones think it good sport praps; J L Talmon calls it the neurosis of choice. David Gates is a jewish joke(r). Whether messianically philanthropic or monopolistically marxist, the  infective/popularity rates are ineradicably high and hard to pin down it seems. Tis easy to condemn facts and turn around to direct the stare into egoswelling freedom.               Violence is the best trendbend/bent mender cause it has the intensity of the cutting edge between life and death and that is attractive, so there is money in it either way one dresses the thing up and out; bloodshed and exploitation or purity, fresh innocence and provision. Instilling capitalist flavors of schizophrenia is the ongoing bet it seems. I recently came across another to me unknown hyposthesis about what may have happened for the quiptians and dews to fall out and apart so lastingly. This Jones (writing in "Ethics")said that sacrifice was always concerned with dispatching the culturally inadequate, worn out and past sell/show by date (he claims it could have got started as hunters ganging up on veggies). Egyptians, marxists, technocrats, one and all seem very human till you trace the touch of jewish text and tutorship, with or without live rendition, or even lively renderer sent 'm into a star gazing craze (Bauval) while losing the cornucopious rug from under them. As I said before, very instructive in this respect also is Silvio Gesell's opinion of Moses (playing conjuror/chemist/magician with the ashes of the sacrifices) and Joseph (disowning landlord/hoarder).  You think an embeddedly selfsufficient peasant would give up his greenery to go heave rocks on top of each other voluntarily?). Sorry for repeating myself but I am reading a book called: Ezra Pound and Italian Fascism now; he was a Gesell reader for a while also. I was led to become one by R A Wilson 15 years ago.

>On Wed, 3 Feb 1999, piet bouter wrote: >(SNIP SNIP) >> the latter sad lot and invent some way or thing which only further or more widely disrupts the chain of beings as if to prove the (christian) burden of history. Since jews have (out of and with mixed, not necessarily "stroking" feelings, like desperation, appeasing pressures of public opinion; need of a decoy, stubbornness, spring  (SNIP SNIP)         At 07:06 AM 2/3/99 -0600, Tim Szeliga   NOHRSC wrote: >Looks like somebody got the Ouija RS-232 attachment and started channeling Ezra Pound!  Leave that poor man alone...    (%^{    (%^{  "...and everybiddy lived alove with everybilly else..." - Finnegans Wake        Date: Wed, 3 Feb 1999 09:32:40 -0500     From:Karl Reisman <Bryllars@CONCENTRIC.NET  Subject: inthrow Yes - he's crazy  but he hurts. This is not harmless unlike a lot of other jazz.  Bryllars   Date: Fri, 5 Feb 1999 21:19:33 -0500        From: James Collins <> Subject: Murder Inc. Crime creates consciousness The letter fixes it for good    Shamus      On Sun, 7 Feb 1999 11:54:28    Bob & Judy Williams wrote: Shamus's reply to Ross's earlier post makes me thoughtful. I've seen this attitude of Shamus's expressed and acted upon elsewhere with some frequency. In no example that I have been able to observe has rudeness been of any use to anyone or of any interest. Bob                   What's usevalue got to do with appreciating style and unquantafiably queasy quip quota's; keep your pathetically personal feelings within party political bounds and breach 'm with less board crisscrossing crazy particulars please....

to ( Date: Fri, 08 Jan 1999 10:59:43 -0000: hi, I dreamt about visiting you and being shown a large archive 'on hold' about my pet theme: use (metabolization) of rockdust. Culprit Stan Tenen to whom I had tried to send what you see below had a courtcase the outcome of which you were going to wait for. There is a nicely (i think) colourful way to see it at: almost a month later: hi, this maybe the first time I manage to get mail to you though I tried since at least a year ago. Haven't had failure notices but probably used old adress before. So, I once again hopefully submit a link to my site:   to you. My affinities with you are growing nicely; I have you to thank for starting me on Thomas Pynchon's books and found you through following Joyce links about whom I write regularly since going to Auzzie land in 96-7 and tackling him in Brisbane. More than that even did I like your rainbow reports last summer. Hope to make the Penn one meself.   Last but not least: my site is worth your while since you are a colour freak though you erased your samples before I ever got to see them apparantly. Send some over if you like. Well, see you    piet      PS: why have you no link at They have my first reciprocal in the Rainbow Folk section

on encryption: And it was written: Just to say what a wonderful example this is of some of the myriad ways Joyce plays with letters, writing, and sounds.        Well, let's all make believe he wasn't into a deadly game of encryption, obscurity and legitimation of the import given to symbols which is the gateway to gambling and usury. Not to mention the angels and devils invokabbal when combining and divining the frequency signature of a given moment from ingredients of which this post has the following examples: semi-voiceless and sometimes bilabial instead of labiodental, and perhaps closer to the palatalized sound for English (or at least my dialiect of American) speakers than a real  _v_ (voiced and labio-dental) would be.  . . . and so to an unspelled but lurking reading of  'sweet'    'Sweet, O slave'    a repeated theme.   So that the reading of Svyatoslav is in fact a beautiful sound game or music that Joyce has created.   Hosannah in the highest. Well, Keyserling had this game going where he systematized all the soundsources, assigning them a resonance with one of the Jungian 7 ingredients which make up his wheel each. Then he invites you to formulate/compose and then pronounce/sing your  medicine wheel.   A pretty pic of it somewhere in there.  If that URL doesn't work try this one: Keyserling   Encryption is the alienating manifestion of these times. We had plain old distance and language barriers to do the job earlier on. Now digital and pompously pedantic impressiveness does us the glamorous honour of carrying on with the new and improved episode.              A lot of Joyce is just not funny nor deadly serious in a difference making way, no matter how well you understand the associative safety net.                He had a prescription fobia; busy keeping up appearances. He must have believed and approved of slave society, going to a restaurant as often as possible. Take a look at New York and how many slave labour subjects keep the wealthy few improvements since the pyramids. Conditions worsened; wisdom aged.

 Re: Yeats quote: "The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity." I aint scared enough not to post a ref to widen your interests to those around Yeats and understand some of what made the english depict the Celts as monkeys even though not much reference to that or to overseas colonies further than the irish one is made in the book: "The imagination of an insurrection, Dublin, easter 1916" by William Irwin Thompson, cultural historian. I was inspired to read it after a few confrontations with Louis Proyect, who is engaged in throwing lights on indiginous plights from a Marxist perspective.    That good man managed to instigate having me throw off the warriornet list,his own and the progressive economist list. some of these altercations plus the last 7 pages of the book mentioned can be found at my site starting in: recent_postings

regarding arbuties/our beauties/arguties (puns and witticisms in French): --storal of the mory: when you clink the case is thosed, the cest is yet to bome. Ps: are there any tomes treating of our eminent (at times major league Joycean) storyteller/puppeteer: Jean Dulieu? He makes Gregorius, one of his characters, a ? (das in dutch) say stuff that double you up in no time. Too bad most of his books are still out of print/outrageously expensive.

Date:Tue, 9 Feb 1999 16:11:07 -0500        From: James Collins <>
     Subject:Message to limbo (Ross)  Dearest Ross,  Just curious if anyone was home. During vacation breaks when all the students have left town, I sometimes moved to go bowling on Main Street. Similarly, when this micophone goes dead I occasionally feel the urge to sing into it and listen for echos. Now to you questions,  You wrote:Now Shamus, what does this mean?  << potential rushtie leakages>>  S: I recently pulled the radiator from the '50 Chevy pickup truck that I am playing at restoring. The truck and I were both on the assembly line at the same time and I am quickly discovering it to be my doppleganger. So rust is on my mind. Rust made me think of blood as they both contain irony. Blood led to thoughts of sacrifice as a premiere method for  establishing and maintaining order and of how tolerance for the excluded weakens the moral fibre that keeps the community united and is, therefore, a potential danger. As Plato pointed out there is no place for poets at the sacrifice, the songs they sing might leak ambiguous emotions into the sacrificial scene that could cause sympathy for the scapegoat or worse yet, make things appear humorous. And that got me thinking about Salmon, the fish, Rushdie who became a scapegoat for what I think were similar reasons and that caused me to imagine the unseen faces of some self appointed list police as ayatollah-like phantoms and that tickled me to write that line.
<<What are you, an English teacher!>> S. I couldn't think of anything more horrify at the time as a substitute for one of those "----" off type words.  S. Too bad about your daughter. Any chance with the blank check? Some girls just want to have fun,               Shamus

To James Collins, my favorite FWAKE list compantrion Date:Wed, 10 Feb 1999 10:05:40 -0000; Subject: yours with raving enthusiasm. To:  I´m sorry the original post, the one that prompted this response is not available. -hi, bro, you remind me of....Nick Land maybe, Pynchon at his pest? Nah knowbody comes closets! A envyt ya ta ma paage (not a word of french there is there non, pas du tout cas). I Piet Bouter, hereby extend a passe part ou? to mon friar colline, valid at all times bar none.  ps: where's psu? Answer via list if you like. Wouldna wanna keep any of your stuff to myself but I do want it all; follow me and let it all bang about.

Date: Thu, 11 Feb 1999 09:13:31 -0000 Subject: Re: 126.6 Quisquiquock To:; On Wed, 10 Feb 1999 08:25:44   Bob & Judy Williams wrote: I forget that the reply function does not work on fwread so this repeats an earlier message. (Apologies if this is a repetition.) I have a high school Latin book that gives fuller information than McHugh. Quis (qui), quae, quid (quod) interrog. pron. and adj. who? which? what?        this all reminds me too much of quaint gurdjeff's paris years attending, german teaching (in India), twelve tone studying, astrologing, i chinging, etc Arnold Keyserling not to acquaint you with some of that pleasurably playful user and designer of diagrams. One of his more remarkable feats must be to relate the enneagram with grammatical categories in such a way that singular and plural such as a noun is capable of gets assigned number two etc through all nine of them. The three Q words belong in with another 5 of them to do the circumstance category; 'acht' honour, mind, 'op je tellen passen' = careful of your count, are some of the associations possible, let alone the Count Hermann Keyserling and Steinerian morphological p and q brew......     ps: Keyserling is hard to find even in german print but a pretty little rainbow will perhaps be on display at the site a link to which is only about 4 page up keypunches away.         The presentation of variants brings Joyce's word nearer to this  source although the connection between his quock and my Latin  book's quid(quod) remains a bit of a stretch.  Classroom Latin is/was largely a matter of group recitation and I can recall the many happy hours in which I, along with a score of other bored students, recited not only qui, quae, quod but also hic, haec,hoc. Apparently pedagogy was the same in Joyce's day since their are echoes of these sets throughout FW. Bob       'Trolls feed on replies.' Adage for the electronic age

to tom collins the wake list star at psu:  --yes indeed pent up particulate powder never yields without impact...pity nobody wants a gentle generator..

Date:  Tue, 09 Mar 1999 09:32:16 -0000 Subject: Re: Maxwell & Co To:; On Mon, 8 Mar 1999 14:22:21    Bob & Judy Williams wrote: Robbert-Jan mentions the level of intelligibility/ unintelligibility in the Wake and specifically asks what James Clark Maxwell and Ball Bulletist are doing in the text.          Clark Maxwell was a physicist from Scotland. I don't think ball bulletist is a person although there are prominent Irish with a last name of Ball: John Ball (1818-89) alpinist, born in D and 1st president of the Alpine club, author of books on Alpine climbing and botany(Morocco & South America)  Sir Robert Stawell Ball (1840-1913) astronomer, born in D and studied at Trinity. He contributed to the theory of screws and published much on astronomy and mechanics. An astromomer and a physicist seem a natural pair but my reaction to this suggests that the meaning which is uppermost is more about artillery than astronomy. Bulletist contains the word bullet and ball is appropriate to the earlier period of ballistics. As to the more interesting question of what constitutes an acceptable level of meaning, this goes off into a bewildering number of directions, ballistic as it were.          J aspired to write the universal book with something for everybody. His book, however, contains such an abundance of somethings and they are all there in such a splendid tangle that the Wake tends to be a book for very few. For those very few the book is richly varied and some of us will care very little for any meaning although we will never turn away from it. The business of meaning, however, is a secondary affair to reveling in the book's magical qualities. All readers should for a time take off their de-coder rings and read the book simply for the joy of it. Best Bob +++++++++ --decoy darings? Don't you dare go use the word ballistic in vain lest you may nev earno what the first a coills for  /Blabsabs_Index.htm

Date: Thu, 11 Mar 1999 09:16:12 -0000 Subject: oilofbeat, ballot and orbit To:, 2 earlier fragments and a comment: >Two different versions at least, that is Joyce's normal way; and the uncanny sense of reality that grows in readers of  Ullysses  page and page is fostered by the neatness with which versions of the same event, versions different in wording and often in constituent facts - separated, moreover,  by tens or hundreds of pages - reliably render one another substantial."            Many of us reading FW have had the same experience of conviction of the attention the author has paid to details hundreds of pages apart, and as well this passage is so clear on one of the bases of the multiplicity of all. Now how is all this clock science and opticks related to Maxwell's science?       ++++++ ++++++ ++++ Hope this next comment is not taken as too tangentially off the trajectory: EILS = equal interval letter skip; partly developed by a man claiming all letters are but shadows of one shape held up to the light in all twisty turns possible yet  quite regularly. since this strip/ peel/chopped lemniscate/flame/ hand/ wave guide, scraping tool and least symmetrical form is encased in the most of those type shapes: tetrahedron. The flame in the meeting tent.           The linearity of text was once both literally so and yet the multiplicities and periodicities were produced by winding 'm around different thicknesses in complex sequences. The loopy lenghts form patterns by way of this orbitting and the symmetries and regularities were ways for crosscheckable corrections.         The above is a digest of the crisscross-tangled, -pollinated and -fertilized runaway trains of thoughts by former collaborators: Dan Winter and Stan Tenen. Shame and Sham.            The absurd lengths these delvings can be taken to is demonstrated by the 'Bible code'.

On Sat, 20 Mar 1999 12:26:58   Susan Klee wrote: ><<In a message dated 03/20/99 3:05:34 AM, you wrote:  . . . has been closed to the shopping public and all I ever took from there over the years were Richard Powers, "the eternal geomater" and "Children's lore in FW".   hey! maybe it was *because* you only bought two books that it closed??   :-)       dear susan thanks again for the good advice but I got 80 boxes worth without a place to shelve them, let alone display and open them to the public though I came close to being sorely tempted by an offer of space in a large squat; now filled with hippy/ravers. Pot smokers and pill poppers do not care for most of the kind of books I gathered. I hope I will find a nice rural intentional community this year to donate them to. Another author van Gennep carried overstocks of is Guy Gavriel Kay; finding him there a few times made me many a day.     He writes fantasy; middle age sceneries with a magic flavor. His latest had the most historic strands of all his books to date. It deals with the clashes and mingles of Teuton/Frank, Celt, Arab and Jew in Spain. All his earlier ones are as unplacable as Tolkien whose  posthumously published works he helped collate.

Date: Mon, 22 Mar 1999 08:51:31 -0000k Subject: Re: Buy Books!  ah sorry I forgot to mention that the quoted books were all I remembered at that moment (my memory gets more non(con)testy with distance) but in their final sale days I got a hold of a book I'd already seen many years ago at the publisher's in Vienna: "Monte verita", a book about the first hippy commune in Europe's twenties (Northern Italy), complete with vegans, people who love living and posing all barefoot and naked; artsy anarchists of some fame and repute, etc. It is richly endowed with pics, large format; went for only 5 guilders; come to think of it, I should have bought the lot but I added a Robert Graves novel to it instead, most of whose work I already know (he disliked Joyce by the way).

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