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 a little on words and language
some clap symbollocks on symbiosis
Contents: Fantastic forces for biomass vs frictitious fiction for bullets x x Working hell up and out overhead x x Matter and magic to mind and math (Warburg, Aby) x x Bits and pieces about Joyce x x (see the INDRA bit in priority issues for some more) x x Symbolic attrition cut down to size reduction; x x joyce’s charm and danger, occult dirision x x Dead end Joyce or dead and joyous x x multiply mutilating acculturation plexstrained. x x Also added onto this are some disparate reflections about Jewish (whatever a jew is (an indis(tin)guis(h)ably and/or undeterminably hybrid mutt in the decisive cases (give or take a few exceptions like JPMorgan with his conspicuously monstrous bulb of a diseased nose; no wonder such people go for the behind the screens action) I'm sure), but I mean any people who helped or were forced to help make deserts and go on doing so even while and when trying to escape them (or not... like aboriginals (if but not only they did the former and seem disinclined to do the latter))..look at me!!!!) good and bad points. They are called: Gods, engravers and gravity; assimilable currencies and commands:  x x a jewish inversion series x x I try my hand at writing like Joyce x x troupe x x (rainbowgrowers come to fight for and right our plight) x x
For access to the following followupping writs click here:  Appendix about controversies, inversions, reversals
and other preflexions sparked off by the plagiarism courtcase: Stan Tenen vs Dan Winter sort of an appendix about libel, plagiarism and all kinds of -ortions: (my real appendix was forcibly removed at the age of twelve by the way) big on slight and slander, short and slender on neat and tender a recent foulmouth attack over the supposedly outraging neighbourly placement of two site adresses among the 280  in my link list, by the owner of one of them, ordering me to choose between him and his archrival, ...arch....haha!!! I will continue to ironize him by opting for these adresses to remain neighbours, at least till he apologizes for dishonorable scolds, then maybe I'll concede to place them at either end of the category (at most). War, Hollywood, Tenen, Gold, Photosynthesis. An extremist swingthing swayed between the vaccin virtuosity and epidemic magnitudes of critical dillutionary HomoinHollywooded war path, where the middle of the road is a bad place to be.  x x I mail Bob Dratch the technocetacean wayward wizard x x Dan's posted mail discussion about wether love can pro- and evoke anger x x Back to Tenen for a bit more of the same shame sham shadow 'dnacign' x x 6/12 E- mail to Dan x x  3rd week of june additions
The sources for this chapter: 10  letters, language, music, resonance, timing, etc. (2) Robert Graves+'s "White Goddess- --(2) Lyons; -- -(1) Jean Joseph Goux; a french philosopher writing about phallus as logos as law as language. (1) John Michell, a wellknown sacred geometrist, wrote a similar book;(1) James Joyce, Finnegan's wake with its many leads, entrances and points of departure which bring high holiness down to its exposed counterpart and companion without however showing how these extremes can be prevented. (1) Arnold Keyserling, one of his course locations: Pleroma, Hohlweggasse 37 1030 Vienna, Austria),  Sun Angel Innovations, 9123 e Missisippi Av, Suite 2104, Denver Co 80231 translated some of his work and stuck it on Internet, a revival of his father's school of wisdom: http://ddi.digital.net/~wisdom/school/wheel.html.            (1) Dan Winter, 9411 Sandrock rd, Eden NY 14057, USA, he sells videos, visualization tools and a CDI about and the golden mean mysteries of love, time, and origins of the alphabet, in the latter respect he received a strong impulse from Stan Tenen, PO 1738 San Anselmo, Ca 94 979, Ca and his Meru Foundation's work on the letterlike shadows of a single spiral, Tenen has not taken kindly to the what he calls plagiarizing mutation of his work and has been seeking 'justice' (spent money on lawyers) his sculpture is a veritable beauty and he went on to associate their letter forming perspectives with a posture dependent handposition language. for a file full about all these matters see: plagaearazer plotting pilferhernherz.htm Dan's style is very versatile, somewhat inaccesible from a curious mixture of technical and poetic rigours, worth the stimulating efforts, many groovy pieces on almost all of my "touchy" subjects, except economics (he substitutes with aliens and so I must warn you to beware of the paranoid streaks in his extremely overreaching if not overbearing filling in of the 'fonction fabulatrice') .            Lewis Thomas's "et cetera, et cetera", etymology oriented .            Robert M Hoffstein's: "Mystical key to the English language";.             Donald Mccloskey-- -Willem Hietbrink (Dutch)- --Jed Rasula- -Marcel Jousse-- -Carl Abel-- -Karl Weule- -James Joyce Quarterly             Public alternative libraries are very rare, I only found 3: at Cornell U, Ithaca NY , started by the remorseful parents of a suicide..              in Salzburg  Austria: Bibliothek fuer zukunftsfragen,  started by Robert Jungk+; .            and in Amsterdam, a collection of mostly ancient with some modern hermetic philosophy (ritmanlibrary.nl). I intend to put mine on the map too, 25 fritboxes full and a microfiche reader so far. I myself have 70 fruitboxes full of books I would love to display in suitably surroundings allowing access and reference.......let me know please........ **********Metatags to this 2 part file: symbolicism, meaning, symbiosis, gestures, alphabet origins, tree-alphabets, tree-calenders, engraving, gravity, growth, understanding, ecology, rockwriting, old testament, cetacean mindset, Dan Winter, Stan Tenen, James Joyce, encryption, secrecy, abrasion, adduction, citation, fiction, friction, libel, plagiarism, copyright, compost.
********* The discovery of Pluto, LSD, and nuclear power are said to have occured around the same time. .            Muscle, word and ordinary crystal mechanic on duty. .            I speak up for the palates and mute tongues of all organized, animated, mobile, sentient, indubitably and undeniably alive beings, their lost birthrights and their presently aborting hair roots that wood filter the sun into many multistoried shades of deep skin, trading beams for fresh gases. .            Belaboured munch-crunch-n-punch lines tally tightly with venus and mercury in taurus. .            Those of you who don't have venus opposite neptune like me(and Robert Graves, my first and still very favorite author, has too), are probably in for a tough time hanging on to my intro promo bonus prophetics, but by all decent standards these are just a starvlings handout rather than a pushers bait, like unto present day rates of and ratings for biomass accumulation; mere piddlings compared to maxactive multi-story-chlorophyl vibrancy momentarily hampered by rampant poisoning. It's only a justly discovered stone stow away, so, yes, good will yet come of our capacity to think things through our maze a ways. .            The scale skip-, hop-, jump-, and shifting golden mean ratio stratifies and extends the reach and range of your vocal cordiality's ringing web and flow guiding what can ripen and grow. .            On a good day I can put about 98 syllables in one deep breath, is that articulate enough? .            Fantastic forces for biomass replace frictitious fiction for bullets: See 'The language crystal' by Lawrence William Lyons for more of the following, little obvious and much hidden significance: 'G-ra-dualist; g is gravity, ra is light in egyptian and evil in Hebrew.  Pivotal words: part=trap, love=evol(ve), DNA=ANDrogynous,  emit=time, fall=laugh, and now for some quotes: Consumer society fears meditation for an empty mind has the ability to weigh all new modes of thought that enter. .            Spirit understanding complements bio substance and depends on live, not evil food. .            He goes on to explain the birth of the unconscious as concommitant to, and an overcoming containment of the fear for fire. .....uniquely human use of fire is known as technology.... From our first use for fire to the start of the New Millenium we had a singular direction. Our goal was to find a way to leave the Earth before its eventual death. So during Phase two, our mind-set was suited to the development of technology, but not beneficial to biology. When primates first intuited that the earth was going to die, we could not be mentally free until we had proven that space travel was possible. Now we know that we can save the human race. But the techno spin-off along the way has left us with some nasty habits that are now ruining our health and the environment. Our cosmic knowledge rests in every cell of every organism. Yet, the dividing line in terms of language is where our preconscious answers are reflected in archetypical stories. Our early dreams of flying were aimed at space. And we experimented on ourselves. We burned our witches in one era and radiated our patients in the next to test the limits of human flesh, to prepare for space travel. We confused the bio and techno realms and we did not know that we were being ruled by our own fear of fire.".              Working hell up and out overhead: We are soil organisms and float on a giant safetynet bubble that runs on photosynthesis, tell this truth to a famously prolific and subversively promiscuous yet visionary philosopher like Lyotard and the man will defend using it all (up if necessary) in order to emancipate ourselves and escape before this precious process ceases to function as all natural resource mechanisms seem to, some time or other, but this doctrine is conducive to neglecting the same dangerous difference between sawing the limb we sit on and waiting till it is so old we drop off with it. Optimize, set aside and safeguard a supply and reserve that will tie us over our orphandom, which, by the way is far enough off to not worry about it so hard (see 'Genisis continuous' by /~hardy from NZ).            Matter and magic to mind and match (Warburg, Aby) Ever since vocalizing mimicry and animation came about, the subject object division of playing favorites got started as emotional bonding  or  early warning systems like alarm sounding  soon to allow food find scans, coordinated escape, attack and making a stand, not necessarily in that order. We got around to abstract, symbolize, freeze, reserve, suppress and proliferate some of all that to allow for discipline and subsequent invasive migration that overran everything as severely as or worse than an ice age does. .            According to Keyserling the grammatical categories, each having as many manifestations as the number they are asisgned (at least in German as a most fully filled out and in lingo); thus correct, complete and timely sentences present the relevant combinations. His rules even apply to the astro-aspects and time qualities of hairsplittingly precise interacting karmascopes of casual conversants..              The symmetree word began the yet unfinished move from paradisial primal screams, hums and grunts to multiob- and -subjectivities past each stage scaling of the unspeakably singular pivot as action pack lack remedy (or remedy pack for action lack), actively attracting emotion lotion destined to solve the incoherently knotted physical as well as mental riddles, that is to say: lessen static chaos to crystalize and cohere languages with and of meaning (to match, (p)reflect and (p)replace that of minerals) with dislexicly dynamic feint and poetic penetration..         Some few resonance and wordmechanics (Joyce, Lyons and me) have dog gone done begun  to be on duty with spare time to do prepare and set to run, they designed a hybrid between a fire engine,  sprinkler, pen and gun to put a spell on matter, make time fly, show its tensile strenght and stun. .            What is the use of recording our sins on paper and woodpulped-print-push them around, does that ground them very radically, take 'm back to the source, redeem them? Jesus said to return the Emperor's vouchsaving tokens and see what they stand for, bankfailures became as common as the maligning sacrifice and succesion of any and every oversized figurehead, succumbing to the temptation of massive convenience, comparable to good concept and metaphor hollow and wear out. We need tribal authority, redemptive  jubilees and local voluntarism, read on.  I am writing this to deflect and redirect energy from war no less than useless reads and writs but you must have guessed that by now..            One must not be offended if the best, most obvious ideas don't take at a gentle hint, a hazy allusion, a foggy nudge or a polite suggestion, it must also match gravity and outdo inertia, which takes no less than enthused infectious (s)example. The good and right theme is always worth rephrasement during monstration to meet the moment; prepeatment and proiteration must always prove the liveliness of it. .            The warring factions of undifferentiated, jadedly defacated memory triggered by resonating constellations that rewheel how we prevolve and (e)vent clamor for new (w)ages. Watch out, flying phrases with stitches loose, whoa, big one coming on to be re-, de-, e-, and post valved. Is discerning speech the cutting edge or healing mediator between fragrance and stench, enthusiasm and the fall or will an internet dump do to effect the affect inflection in fact?.             Donald Mccloskey: A co-co(on)sequent metaphor caters to the other 3 main pillars of rhetoric; narrative, logic and fact.
About Joyce: Wordsurfaces wear and tear being much like mental roads and byways. A word is a sound scape, a shape one fishes out of a full spectrum soup, a mental moraine which people like Joyce manage to stir, refresh, abrade, remagnetize and compostpound to new fertility, the various fequencies for dust, slime, grit, debris and decay turning up the humble but densely populated crumble a new crop of shades and hues of every colour, a proleafic meaning deliverance, a stratified, graduated and staged sumphony of words as rocks, as dusts, as muds, floodprecipitants, as composts and as reproductively mutating entities, combining near and far, ancient and promising, the bird business of storm whipped wheeling and quip slipping quills..              PS. Why don't Joyce commentators mention the most obvious inspiration for wordplay: his father's drunken slurring? Are they too polite? Or is naming the maso-homo spiting spirit of biowarfare malady for and then of natives in  the oldest truely multicultural society in Europe, the same as has run a lot of indiginous cultures aground, a faux pas, a taboo, an unmentionable, a trigger for too much selfconsciousness and unmournatornable guiltquilt cakecrust crookruntiness?.            To proffer confessions of good faith it must ripen into conferrance of profussions for faith manifesting as choice voice over noice; vivification over vilifaction, vivacious variety over vile and vulgar vice..            Joyce reveals and exposes one kind of encryption using another: phase angle and trains of thought track switch flips, tumble twists, unravelling and refolding, tearing and reknotknitting (phase lock) stitches. In a way it all stretches time and spins planets into some arbitrary (since they wouldn't last long enough to revolvable evolve to the position given through the co-ordinatating assembly and line up of the expresser, composer, becoming as efficient as a faulty web spun by a spider on drugs..            Symbolic attrition cut down to size reduction;.            joyce’s charm and danger, occult dirision.            multiply mutilating acculturation plexstrained..            Overextended, selfinflating deviousness.            turned into sieviourness (sieve in your niche)..            Advertizing is cynical, taboobreaking, evocative, banking on and building peoples will, desire and eagerness to invest in a chain of elusive surrogates. The ad world succeeds in doing this cause the conflation of a generally just, upbeat and so popular, accertainably profitable and certainly attainable since way a while already well established kind of direction tangle and wrangle comes to be represented by halting, faltering partial and misleading stages and their suppositionally preliminary products ('needed' for being) on the way there. We rupture life rather than death (how many times do I mention this altogether?).
This age old quandary of the idiotically nonsymbiotic symbolizations that intend to indicate and reach emancipation from (which as a rule turns out to be a Midas type isolation once there), remind of but destroy desire for not in- but merely adduced unfolded fullfillability of and for understandings, -writings and -pinnings. This tendency was made all the easier cause more traditional timeframes were mixed, rearranged, stretched, bent, morphed, randomized and taken more lightly thanks to a range of influences, from shamanistic through innovative, linguistic through mechanical. These my forerunning taboo breakers and potentool makers I hereby heartily thank and severely try correct..            Joyce as most obsessed specialist in matters of linguistic multiculturalism (the reward or punishment for which is the erosion of languages worldwide from his uppering the prestige of Angleash), in the sense of specialized ultimate encrypter, embalmer, perverter and succesful punner blazed a trail for the overhaul and abrogation of slowly accumulated banks and barriers, sentient or no, which raged like a wildfire since his days and life’s end, looking like an all out demolition, wether or not schumpeterian and scienfictough..            Joyce was captured by and never escaped, even unleashed, condoned and legitimated ultimate encryptian, disembodiment, multiculturalism, rootlessness and confusion (especially after he died); an  idiocy based on the proliferating exploration and bataillesk excesses priviligingly permitted to as much as mercilessly imposed upon all intoxicating charm and magnetism, certainly not yet emancipating in any sustainable way, the simpletonic backthrow and 'hark to an earlier, more innocent and insecure, relative infertility of hybrids is the exploitative aim of workforce rulers one and all. And all industry leading up- and into the elaboranth of cloying cloisterment where one gets caught in coils of red tape and bleach, blanch blendbland symbolshuffling land. .            I, other than Joyce, depict convolutions of white and black as not so chaotic as all that, nor their interaction as so uncontrollable; I hope to show 'm ineluctably random too, yet recursively personalizable. Did he cut down walls or riddle ‘m with peepholes to reveal underlying and relatively longerlasting laws? He burrowed into  and undermined mountains, I 'merely' roller coastabilize 'm..            There is a war on trees world gone haywire and awheez we croak for lack of taking a humbling and yet fullfire fillable crack at rock while ‘fake it’ finances finnagle and finish the last stands and stances of old growth under the aeon old adage: no lord, no logo, no law without a gun, 'at's what we want instead of all this foliage, foreskin and fun  NFIANEABFM: no fruit in and not even a backyard for me; enclose, curtail and cut, keep the world shut and manupilate the mut.
Bottom Line Aphoristically Ballistic So(u)l(tra(i)n-s-tit)utions Affording Beleaf Systemics (BLABSABS). < Xcuse brazenly po(go)lemic (b)racketeerings, > a poor tall muddy man's snap (snoop) snip snipe for hyper(tly) incremental wedging to try spring pry a spiral out of a circle.               Dead end Joyce or dead and joyous: In the book: Joyce and the Jews, its author Ira Nadel repeatedly sums up a number of 'prejudices' against and stereotypes of Jews; she herself comes to the conclusion that the accusations of contempt fostering exclusivity, expropriation, displacement, usurpation, annexation, co-opting and subverting of rite, rote and territory are applicable to what Joyce does with the languages he (as likely as not) immolates. .            Against this trope speaks the fact that his efforts are a kind of self effacing, poly-perverse, pluramorphous egostumble and humbling crumbling, which is why he was considered as obscene as children are naturally. He wanted and often managed to prove that unbroken, nonbreaking continuity along realistic, lawful and linguistic lines of succesion need not depend on rigidity and singling out the dominant bulk or spinrates of (solar) consistency but can be construed, understood and handled as quite fluid. .            Bland repetitions in literature are like exxageration, hollowing wear and inflation (M Osteen). Joyce avoids this with outrageous and painstaking compunction, what with all of his constitutional secrecy, he does not concentrate on creating (an in my sense of the word) pertinent surplus value exclusively (if at all (what has academia ever done to stop and reverse desertification)), adding grace notes and graduations, stepping stones and jumpoff points, vistas and swinging ropes, nets, weaves, etc, without introducing and intruding upon and  the tips or mere frays and frills of strands of veils which lift, crumble, expode on occasion and unravel in the course of rollcalling a wild array of associations only some of which have a personal, emotivated, closetskeleton, grudge and insult sort of origin. .            He tied the two extremes of language, being by definition a communicative, sharable, hence social phenomenon on the one hand to the imposing attritions and repressions that concepts are subjected to within as well as upon persons spanning generations and territories. I would go as far as to say: no antisemite understands what he is trying to be on about and suffers from until he has read some late Joyce (and lots of Graves).
These tribes lived in a maelstrom of emotions going public, media gaining and lending power; the pull/push of herd/hoard dualism causing the Jew to feel like a fish in water, the troubledness of it was as ugly as obvious; fishes have never been caught.... to feel.... very much...nor well lately .....anymore..            The root hair of Acquarius is dawning with a legacy of communication skills which need to find a way back to vitality instead of just being and/or albeit spectacularly perpetrating yet remaining nothing but Bataillan excess. It requires a swimming against the stream, sentientizing fluids, following you dream.....
A jewish inversion series:  Was Adam tempted and enticed? No he depended on Eve’s truck with the tree of life. He was tempted to seperate her from it though, wielding his penis like an arm, a harmcharm, a talking bauble-club, a sneeky snake. Pay her back her whiles lasting the Eve of his era..             Was babylon to set the super phallus ababbling? No the previous diversity constituted a single harmony of bottom line diversity with many a brook abubble. Is the grand unifying babylon abandoned? No, mega efforts to merge and fuse come to a (nuclear!) head more and more regularly. .            Did these same Bible compilers think ants and termites wise? Yes. Were they really? No! Just mirroring  and precursoring our folly. Ants enjoy freeways, just go see an irrigation pipe going upstream next to it layed over big bolders, off the ground allmost all the time, and see the ants patrol and parade. Da jewish railroad; run to rot rudolph! .            At it hourly, a tit tournament, tometoting attire treat, trickle the tumescient sentience to teath. Tell all others to come along into hell as they goes wihout saying similar ways, save surerur..             Where they penned up in ghetto's for easy targetting or had they gone to the ants and figured they were cool, had all more solitary animals beat, took down forests in no time flat, with nothing but raising a babylonian highrise to show for it..            Gods, engravers and gravity; assimilable currencies and commands:  engraving dashed to particulayer  peaces before it was well and good off the mountain by the Taurean green wealth layer upper and awayzing zunzhine zymbolized by gold is one of the very most skewered tales twisted to suit short term, run and hide crisis provokement. see my mother's milk poem (in chapter green or bleu I believe for a possible meaning of the thing)..             I did Noah’s story elsewhere already (see the tree chapter) Noah's boast was costly, his coast got him lost you see His boat hid lots of booty, his risk was being judged too looty his boat was very costly, quite cramped and not very cozy..             Bountainmoundbound and beholden to the unbroken but bustable, blushily blasting beauty of a Babylonian thinker thanker hanker bank travailling under great pressure treasure. Clotknot dabraid, bail the chipscaling mites of musty crust measurelessly mine ussing; suppulleyes lay the leaves low and shupsipply plied lie fliNNN ever, a demean premeumanderdom of faze value. .            Marblous Piet takes and taken to highest and radiant online gloss can be coming soon and seen coming. Unreal! Goojoo the joygoy is to have and to be seen in the act of tickletackle purple too. A mongrel new jew rais a limb. Mirarivers to skidaddle a play on; fish feed! woosh....sssSssSsss. Will you sell tickets to or  wack-kits at the wake and slake? .            Where were you when I did you know who the very who which lost his dresscode books all too often, spun out his way wellflung fillamentaillateaze thread too far to bear. Out. .            It is fabled that the last bits  of Far Eastern bomblasts blew the addicted angelparade sky hi there under the himalaya's, maybe ope a promising mine, uncover a vein or two in the old undying process of changing faces more frequently than rules. Gold dustbugs buck the old lust it is fabulated. Well kill all alchemists, keelhaul severalimps and commune an old much maligned way thereafter evermore. And by it pass the fruit please, back and forth, up and down, coming at ya, ha ha you're seedy. -aruntyall-?times 4 to the winds..            White beefalo bull or cow? Crazy times 0.68 can't go wrong in siderious vitro. Vitacain? Coming! Wearainty been yet? Improve the final chord, room in a first crack, primal dimple on faces in nature, smack, smirk, smack, smush, smack!! Hackhew chew till agleam and sparkle. I'll rail till righted your rote; rest ashearingly ushered air shared frequent see fun; mark my words before you spark my teeth..            Zionism has changed Jewry's utopic tendencies of differentiating out as they were doing (debatably here, questionably there, but nicely overall). So many incompatible orientations forced to fit a mold will mutilate the gentle in favor of the agressive components which are after supremacy in the first place, they shape a manglefold instead of being subjected to an untangle mold, Thus the in itself viable mechanism: migration loses its discriminating, refining, progressive, honing and fine tuning promise when decoupled from its form, frequency and function evoked gravitation toward likeminded and resonanting wayfarers; to not be forcible bundled but to bundle forces must be the aim when desired result is a closable and coherent front, an at least internally emancipating and harmonically diversifying hi tech middle ages restagement..            Whojew the blowjoe reached towards the hardest, holiest and heaviest blessings first, almost the right stuff but alas a merely unsustainable quick fix: ashes the fiery 'burnt offerings' way; no feathers, paper lanterns and icy brilliance holy enough to prevent suffering an enrollment in a ball and chain effective frantic antic drain straining jewels out of and as soon as done discarded as (k)not a( )gain rock. Setting serfs to mine for them. Many of us, from Abo’s past Semites to pale faces have abused this quick fiks inflammantric defoliantic (un)leaving hard core desert tribes; adjacent to their territories, the it enlarging and others marginalizing peripherals whittle the wetter wildernesses away at the cost and expense of those averse to mass politics. Lion’s share, the sun is 98% of our solar system’s substance, purr key factor is a perky purr keeper. .                 Like Joyce: Basque Bosque; (for more Joyce like penpush- and proddings see the recent, erratic and perhaps unripe file <<which has been renamed as: recent thoughts.htm )Have you a tome of tyms at home, atomic etyms, teams ot times or tome toting tallyho's? How split you airoots or branches, upside or crosswise? Can you tacky take betoken what rock needs be left unbroken nor unspoken for?  Joyce-test jargone per propellish paragon  gone missing with primadime churn an' all. Ps: read Joyce's politics by Manganiello if you won't beleave me bellisimic ally.             Just prior to my Netscape Composer efforts Oh by the way: help! Appel a peal to jonge jonengs named Joiny Never to spit out and spot splat on so as to speak up. I'm about to; in the name of fine gown gossamer and frill key cuntest able. Who feels like setting this heinvent your sum itum in prod stead steetuition: timely HTML to prepry a puss picturiskrascally  push powderful prams past to help make last all parkscapes possible and proudly too wimme? 2 months to get the appropriate links, pics, diagrams and sound sights together could make you a sweet thousand beguiling Ggilders. Chuckle cluckle, get the geggs gout gof giz gasket gleaze. Tok to me 6120119 Poetpiet                The Basq Eye rish 'n Chi a passers all suffer the baneful  brotherhood banter buck shownuff prototypical disfunk shins of multiculti amiss and adieu in, for europa's adewin, jew wary hope wins while jewrope to in jurice, a cause de fause monnayeurs rearing their manipulated emissions care oven to keep raisin their hands reaching in to the murky mercmarket invisibly fast and finnaglish. Ever I body play catacts zee zun of Good all too gatherishly now..            Tissyou up da post most continental terreuropodes pacing terra porters shamushanty downsup shipper stance, but veris ta terristowry tov tose comma tose transtestoracontagionists, hymn sellsalvers rotarat holtoldamato acomminsatori heed a hooded beholden. Youwhole, heir obver beef ail fodder. Aboindiasialpha bet(a)ide, abo aborning to a resonant morning, not aborting to a dissonant mourning; work some dust into the soil, don't work it up to spell turmoil. Germy native worm churn aturns recondite terms to ftighten coily tournament starms, Austrian nomens Seemountender, simplosive sand see seeding..              Full of the emptie slike, rescued A 4, dear sun, rock sack stoked omto plough 'm omum, one sidedly abused  leaving half of their recorsciousness to smut, glut, veinrain and rivened rain, morainilly tearsome clammy clod clout ice gage and rainy drone a draino drenched  and hidebide bid well off haunchaflaunted flappy flips with more raine after much and mudcht strain by the macho brine brow brain bowerizey ray soaking and shunting the risen king tempease to us nice freezing into the friggin autopilot butchershop with the clocks on strike, within risivatory range like. Reginalda slushgrunt meanwhile revolving big deals over few words and basic principles, unilly silly, willy? See you nearsightedly say you knit knot uniteasywise? 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Troupe: The virile agility of harlequin makes his day into for(e)play time, it's just his way to pray.
The quakery of the doctor will take provision time to pay. Colombine's beauty shows up best in the moons brightest ray, right on time for a lavish lay. Pantaloon's hoarding neglects to inspire the clay. Pierrot's ideal wants a balance to stay. I say that after slaying prey and arraying pay
we may pray to stay and lay the ray or a way of life fantastic through rockrattling sacralization,
do some heavy breathing, and get fresh dust to give a way. .            I puzzle people due to my wordcore conquering and penetrating perspicacity.  Take for instance the words money and many, what is the essential relation, much money or many monies? (see ch 2). .            I aim to dissolve all inertial crosscurrent clash and blockage to leave a clean strum and strew vortextureality in its wake at the other end of the throughput piping hot drainbow sewaging machine..             I riddle rock and puzzle punctuation, I dig real meaning full well from deep down yet tangibly close enough and pounce on it,  which then springs to back up to life and forthwith lets us bounce on it..             I forge my way to cristalclear stardom with the muted music of precious penmanship, with the bubbles of babylon that perk in the bowels of a babbler to solve the riddle of scrambled scribble. .            I shall not assasinate character, call names, generalize, proof insufficiently, nor maintain unspecified standards, I shall not censor, repress, bedevil, intimidate, buzzword, morally superiorize, doomthink, do bad for good cause, be intolerant, ambiguous, hypersensitive, vigilantly suspicious, or personalize ideational difference nor be hostile Laird wilcox, editorial research service, po 2047, Olathe, Kansas 66061 (a minor lead amongst the many I took from ACRES)....            I am an interlexic translingual, but like Julius Hensel aim to become as good a rock- as a wordriddler compared to a merely human (rather than mud as life's) bloodlineage unraveller like Robert Graves for instance.
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