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Welcome to over 88 files (averaging over 88 colourful Kz) worth of BLABS = Bottom Line Aphoristically Ballistic Solutions   meaning: Solutions which break uncivilly polarizing centralizations up or open, wether institutionally animated or simply, inertly dormant yet animatable.
friendlyest musical inventions
  Visualizations of worked on towards out musical percrushion instrewments, i o w: peace drum with arm hybrids. Designs and daydreams for a potent tool which opens and accepts the dark and deeply feminine sub(si)stance filled crusts to contain and catch the light that lusts after love in the freshly made and wetted dusts awaiting such blessing from above
titled fragment content (as far has they have any):
SET---(P)redefining the 'rafiness' of direct action x x x aries and libra---taurus and scorpio---cancer and capricorn leo and acquarius---virgo and pisces x x x rite of way x x x riddledy rock x x x discernment concerning concerts x x x precycling mutant mingle mixture mangles the inanimate x x x rockbottom tool and toy around x x x vision provision x x x guitar and gaian shovel, symbolz and substance x x x SET again x x x nomads and glaciers x x x genially greening machine gene, a con-on-drum x x x spin that grinder x x x very important words end on -ust---verbo-city
Sources for chapter 4   about musical innovation and fertility
many a war, rock quarry, child, sparrow, church organ and drumcircle inspired me to learn how they all connect like Kevlar and optic fibre for roots and rigour Jacques Attali's "Noise, a political economy of music"
Supplier directories for info, seeds , tools  and  foods
(2) Whole Earth Catalog, x x x Seeds of change, 1364 Rufina Circle #5, Santa Fe NM  87501 USA(see the book by Kenny Ausubel), affiliated with:Peace seeds, the company run by Alan Kapuler in Oregon, POB 190, Gila NM 88038 x x x Healthy Harvest, Potomac Valley Press, 1424 16th st NW, DC 20036 x x x Mappa della Italia Naturale from Terra Nuova, Scarperia, Fi, Italy x x x Guide de la vente directe, Nature et Progres, Paris, France x x x Soil Association, 86 Colston st Bristol BS15BB, UK x x x Bioland in Germany, Bio-organisch in Austria, etc,
quite modest but equally memorable music on the road from arms to handtools for g(u)ardening
mud, music and ministry meldomedia
designs on, daydreams of and visualizations for worked on towards out percrushioning instrew-mentalities
SET as seen through the eyes of Punchline Pioneer Piet the Prose Poet,  PP the PP for short, the world's first grippy.
Mazdan prayers attempt to maximize the number of syllables squeezed into one breath. A star doesn't shine unless there is a sun of a bitchin butcher around, throwing light on, not to say into many a subject which, once smote and shattered, matters much to roads of life growing  ways.
8th and final crack traction corrected draft of a piece started the 30th/11/95 in Etzenbach near Freiburg in the country of my favorite monetary germinations: Germany
Dedicated to the 8th birthday issue of Z Magazine which pulled me through yet another confrontation with the deeply sociable eco-know-no-stow-below left's lyric activist front and their driving me to desparation due to deficient intellectual prowess (not to mention my absconded rainbow display which proved hard to replace, I didn't realize I had only one copy and/or rather too much faith in the ability to learn from someone older and wiser; all young uns wanna enjoy the pleasure of commiting mistakes themselves), without losing faith completely. Or should I say it distracted me from my own lack of social skills to come across with mine own star studded astuteness? Whichever, here is my (pro)vision of: The purpose and message of SET (Sustainable Europe Tour) prelimberaries. Are profusions of questions evidence of shaky dependencies, insecurities, lack of vision and experience or anal regimentation maybe? Cortexflexer, grim grey mass (pre)limberer: Does nuclear power trigger comet trajectory changes  into (headon)coming attractions?
There is nothing like a thorough survey to help define your constituency and boost confidence, so here goes after a Fun key Motto which might SET you right on day and night differing: "God gave man a brain and a penis, but only enough blood to run one at a time" Robin Williams at Jack Leno's recently
Prelude about submeditational wrappings, a poetically puzzling and TTTRRRIIIPPPLLLEEE perspicuity on the esoteric vibration of the acronym SET: Spin and twist according to the Spiralling vortextural golden rule which wins you your welcome at the nonsexist Seams of coherence once EnErgEtically delving into, parTaking of and from The liquid crysTaline crossroads all life hails from. Can't join SET if you play hard to get. The following allowances were stipulated to apply to (unexpected but hereby solicited) submissions by the Pentagon to be processed with all possible speed immediately upon properly public and respectful hands and knees type supplicative compliance profilation by way of pledge and promise to participate with true improvement and with simplification serving perforatemance specified shortly.
(P)redefining the 'rafinesse' of direct action
Reactionary and apathetic fingerpointing may fill a needy niche in the disempowerment due to delegation pro(?)testing campaigns where emotions flair up free rein, yet rarely a start is made to disengage, turn ourselves and our world away and around, though the festival/pageant spirit often prevails and spins good as well as perpetually polarizing confrontational kinds off, but activists are a minority cause most of us are too busy making ends meet, patching and plastering in small change and that is fine bycause nobody ever bothered much about the day after a succesful revolution anyway (except J Zube).
We need long term visions that show radical difference and offer alternatives even if they seem far off pipedreams like 1321 year old trees in a world wide backyard or '58 BuckyBalls floating off into the sunSET just above the clouds
and other far and widely implementable ecotopo-logical policies too
(mobile musical rockgrinders and libraries have been die-hard dreams of mine).
At the instants we glimpse honour and catch those dreams, they impell and endow us with willingness and ability to take the next tiny steps in the right direction. Dreamgenerated images make you feel like ignoring or appreciating them, they are 'all roundings' helping not to delegate, but carry out and embody your rules, orders, directives, suggestions and intuitions yourself, they don't come to you for no reason, luckily we're still much more than a workstation. I myself am trying to take this to heart, lest I spend my life in the foolfilled realm of those Potent Peter Pan Possibilities.  But I hope you too may cherish cosmology, yet humour the metanoid guru's and help outdate, avoid and outgrow the world's most dangerous safety in number sects: nation states alltogether lest we go the divide and rule way of ants even more and mostly suffer instead of harness miniaturizing mechanisms and the likes which characterize uniform(ed) societies.
Faith in visions stems from understanding of principle, but that takes more leisurely as well as systemic thinking in between fighting against various currents, spells and inundations, iow it requires a no less vigorous than rigorous swimming instinct against increasingly torrential floods of disinformation.
My perception of SET's use is learning to scout and pioneer formation of voluntarily disciplined `wassailor' bands which start to mime and master the humble yet musical crush on and of rocks to fend for and feed humus which in turn feeds trees, providing food, fibre fuel and shelter, while aspiring to eventually even crush all mentally imposed inertia and secretively poisonous tyranny by means of more modest mental currencies also (see J Zube's excellent LMP; Libertarian Microfiche Publishing, 7 Oxley st, NSW 2577, Berrima, Australia, featuring rare yet cheap freedom literature, half a million mostly out of print but nevertheless very and if you ask me, some of the most worthwile pages on human rights, constructive anarchism and economic freedom), all of which is a wide open field of opportunity for tight and hi-tec thinking about local, mental and social currencies right alongside the physical ones.
SET's impact or any other similarly well intended one for that matter is, as far as I can tell, most effectively attracting the radiance of magnetic spin when primarily vertical, reaching in before reaching up, around, out and about, lest we'll be reduced to mere symbolic acts and rather than aid oxide reduction, or otherwise injustifyably join the ratrace of cheap steady as she goes, not really boatrocking, habitual roadmusic street-tripping entertainment, costing the earth a burden of taken away breath through fossil fueled inflammatory acts of impatience perpetrations  which I define as bad lateral road travelling without dab vert-tickle d(r)ead rock unravelling.
Now, let me, again cryptically as is ever my wont, explain the mental constituent of this intergenerational and -specie act, bycause by the same token LETS or other 'schemes' will not fulfill their earth's vitality reawakening potential of open non-secret society stimulation if the specs aren't up to snuff enough to show how good drives out bad under so far only lipserviced conditions, that is to say: those under and with which we make ourselves known and accountable through moneylike businesscard bait which serves as a means of payment when quantities, and duration of validity are specified, then pay supplyers with and /or  wait for such eminently ascertainable commitment-emission welcoming and appreciating takers and/or receivers who in their turn ensure a timely 'cash out'  (redeeming return) for intake of goods and/or services (when turning this money as specific goods receipts back in while valid, no telling where it's been but it is damn clear where and till when it delivers its nominal (under flexible market prices though) money's worth) which gives us a chance to come through on and with very personal and/or collective responsability challenging and endowing, promissory notes!
Do you start to see how inflation is society's lifeblood sucking result of abusive centralized sneekonomics? Instead of literally making the money, we are expected to put value behind lipserviced good intentions of powerful and therefore corrupt, supposedly faith inspiring figureheads who are often long since dead and in who's name the issuers count on you (more successfully than they let you count on them) through taxes, to run the unfun global amok gun pragma-trickery.
To sum up: use a combination of multi- and even sub-, that is trans-sensory props and paraphernalia, diagrams, documentation, drama, music and mime to help lastingly impress and entice the audience to participate , so they can not only depict, then put in perspective and eventually distinguish between, but at the same time also encompass and harmonize the various complementary, multiple polarities, such as we and they will ever find within and around us and them more or less as follows:
SET according to a (g)astrological strategy orientation; that is one which helps vent rock's pretrospectively not perceived as opressed border closure but prudent provision valving flour-powder fulfilledness with certain flow-better-go-getterships that SET sail direction organic momentum so it turns and churns out into tum-yummy fruitfilled curriculae of sorts.
(I added this to the bottom of the indexpage as you may know)
aries and libra Ram home perfect impact pointedly for prepersonable mixed rockpowders dabb(l)ing as a protective positive pressure and friction derived effusion to foster biospherico-lawful, therefore diverse and personable clock-powerbabbling community (priorily if not primarily cast your dote-vote perpendicularly instead of the perverse perpetuation of perfidy that coercive politics will ever present) in order to physically preventilate (rock) and mentally forestall periodic and spasmodic repetition of protest, loss, absence and ignorance of it, mostly due to one way hirarchical delegation. (People with a jump on us not only have their own feet off the ground but keep ours dangling also). taurus and scorpio Riches or hoards, wealth or war, fertility or scorporate interest; photosynthetic fullfilment of floury (you guessed it:) rock and animate mass movement conditioning which lead to and ensure happening of and upon ripe, fresh and raw pow(d)erful food versus the ones that lead to secrecy, stalemate, scarcity and war. gemini and sagittarius proliferation of unethically analytical rationality held in check by the boldest dreams and aims of transpersonably humblest religiosity rules like the golden one, and this is no more an anthropomorphization than the referred to masses of soil inhabiting descendants and such life sustainably calibrating rocksubstance should need before being democratically respected. cancer and capricorn Harmony between home, heart and open, exterritorial states of art from the heart and  with voluntary compliance as the hurdly threshold which will undoubtedly become obvious, common sense only to sink back into subconsciousness once again to get ready for a new round of struggle. No fun? Ah, but continental  and tectonic heaters aren't burnt out yet, not by a long shot anyway, neither is the sun. leo and acquarius Sportive and supportive mastery of body weather through their mediator and their radicalized extension: technology sunk in sync to show and grow what we stand for and with to do.
virgo and pisces Hospitable economics as elucidated above ensures healing of scarcity, easy coasting of diversity.
A little concrete goes a long way for fluffyer stuff.
tree=time released seed+rock+water+sun
I have had money and idea's for roadshows ever since I wanted to pull the STOPs (Secession Tasks (and teaches) Overt Principulations) myself from merely personal hedonism and expand into evulvalutionary, least effort, greatest assortment mode with well designed vertical trickle traffic tickling arsenal and after much thought I will aim for organizing direct clean up action as fund- and fundriving concerts held at ailing or upstart communities (directories like Diggers and Dreamers; Eurotopia and some Rainbow projectlists (still hunting myself) are useful to start with). But I may be in Australia for a year to help J Zube. I was. Who is next? See the Gossip Appendix.
One piece of practical advice to leave you with: I (suggest we) would invite all (at least partly) independent performers with live in vehicles to join and help make the very beautiful logo come true; bottom line: best wishes of brainglow for strain below and thus true rainbow blessings. See p 75 for more.
Riddledy rock  This was written in december of 95 As my first published poem I had my picture on the cover of some sort of Rolling Stone (Soil Remineralization, a purely pragmatic Hedonism advocating type newsletter, see the bibliography) and this poem inside:
The fresh mud fling and flying dust sprinkle, spray and anchoring man picks up the reverbrating part of the rock search, shatter, scatter, sow and grow show, where the mobilizing percrushionist, the abominable deglaciator, the dark 'n dense tickle trickler: Bam Bam, pitched a potent pile of tensile torque sprung such songseed from playing his windchime steeldrummilling thing which turned hard rock into dust and inverted aggressively idling guitars into friendly shovels, eminently suited to the practise of heavily meddlesome metal manipulating some dense present tense.
 We can do worse than give some music back to nature, broadcasting the foundations of sustainable orgasniczations -neath lovely rainbows.
So any which when gentle fireworking walksways toward sound and sensible transportability of water for the breath of life from and into inertia, softened fluffily to dashes of ashes with rough, hardy bashes and smashes
at the relay tingle-tactic-tockle station which stays and keeps on steadily destinging deaths bluster lurking in omenlike declima-x-tizations will do.
The global freeze and flair show  of the seasons rhythmic rain and shine sow is just itching for that godgiven tensile presence at our mindsearched, heartfelt fingertips which undoes complacency and swaps our outermost reactionary infectiousness for innermost discerning choice. Mythic, religious, military and shamanic, evolutionary, commercial and ideal traffic with death can be harmonized to stand the testing tooth of time; mount bearings and all other moving parts necessary to harmonize, fuse and flex the muscle of assorted ancient and mystic symbols like crosses, enneagrams, cornucopias, caduceuses and even swastikas, load and set 'm plumb on course, then rock and spin the mineral milling arms. Discernment concerning concerts:  Most of todays morose or merely musical bottom- and basslines are bullets and other poisonoise spewing or hollow blastsounds made by and with at worst torturing and killing or at most momentarily marvelous yet by and with non renewable and few renovating means and effects.
When will rock concert goers become full time professionals to unfirl their true colours and leave groves in their concerted freeing effort wake rather than leaving this at a glimpse of revolutions that last little longer than a good orgiastic fuck and costs more juice and fuel than they provide. I don't know, but to me it seems to be a matter of turning pacifist hippy fire fibbers into militant grippy fibre slibbers, the latter's rockslicing and dicing subversatilizer budges the balance a bit better.
Bring up the stumble-blocked bluster-store and locked lack-lustre stow
not yet optimally supporting us just below our feet, pass it to next and nearest moving percrushionist
 who gets on with the show,
have this your carried weight played upon
 into currentability nice and slow,
to become depositable at the bank of life, solvent and set to grow
 like a light loving liquid crystal, which when taken home again to feed
the in their turn informing and unfolding seed
of a more concentratedly differentiated complex kind, rises all together on cloudforming flow riding up on wet rays a ways, steadily accrueing the revenue from the solv-salv-slivvering salvos into a servable and reservable saldo of sound, sight, scent, tactility and taste (see also Piet Bouter route).
Apropo rock's finest ground;
it greens up your growth astoundingly sound,
you 'll hear it when your music truly touches ground
Can you hear that future music sound,
hailing from high or shallow parts of our grand round,
will you remember your descendants  coming around?
to ease their deepest and profound
Can you feel that subaudible sound,
to ease their coming from way deep down in the ground,
destined to never quit bouncing around,
as long as pure desire recalls it,
 so dormant memory can arrive and rebound,
 to come back alive for the world to astound.
Push back the obstacles to worm wealth.
Supplant static narcissist quick fix vitality celebrating and yet abusing adolescentimental Rock concerts with supplemental yet heavily heaving duty primed audience participation pageants.
If we really pull our weight to face present and fertile future music
by passing the firm and fine
back and forth up and down the line
of compatibly abled kin and associates we will soon be ready for the next generation of fuel: newfangled compostition, the mentalmost musical touchdown of the centuries.
My favorite footprint font is President,
but the fuel, impact and energy of choice to make my mark(et marked ballpark)
are rocks, they pop up 'like zits, which when finding themselves
within the reach of my (G)rooming tool,
with its pleasingly gaged clout
is capable of routing rock's all too stout doubt,
and sending 'm to grow right up, fast and out,
through rend(er)ing these dry, hard, rockbottom, fundamental, secretive and stout
a( )part, for a more true conquest than those of (but good penance or preparation for) ever so many a wombing fool.
Strenght to match and muster more help to get pent up hell swell is well spent.
 Yea, I subject my subjects to a rent
which renders them breathing room for fair inflation
 and quenches their thirst, turning rock to instant wormfood,
 help me give my bigger self air
 and fragrantly nutritious organic flair
to set our values and precording straight.
A freeing fringe knows freedom by any other game is only a bait
and  lets essentials undone  and  living leaves in a bone lonely wait.
Rockbottom tool- and toying around
 enables a diversely formated proportionate lifespanner olympics to bio amass wealth which comes and goes around from rockbottom on up, so build some multirimmed orbs laced with stretch cords and tapered hollow springs. I am using mortar and pestle type hardware much like an inverted churchbell and knobbed rod for the moment, spinning the plans to span many more miraculously simple, af-, ef,- and infective ways.
I cradle and stretch the crackable crocky cramp vamps
 to take and give personally,  miss universalize and size select
for an amply ubiquitous eclect.
Unstrap tensest tensility slighter, preflex it in a crystalmighty tool with rubberized valves, this recording implement is all but a shambling. It breaks the chained formation open for infoflow entry and all the world to see and vice versa. I gather rocks to jig n juggle 'm into the hopper. Soon after I have punched the keys to stretch the strings and work the ropes like a spiderman to get the sails rigged right for catching the winds which power the rock disarming beat the dust gets washed down with rain and grown up in shine; breaking and entering as an inviolate life saver. Be a bit batty, be a giddy kid, play this benevolent deploy toy, it lifts, hops, pushes and rolls, squeezes and rubs, hones and scrapes, swings, shoots and polishes some multicoloured marble down its clean clear pregreen channels. Grok and hack this demonocultivatable rock with water splicer which mints and dices, springs and de-ices, sings and slices, wrings and slivers to start a slither and growth.  Crushing rock as a key concept for biomass-age and betterment wholes our earth in a pinch at each turn of a timely curn trick by a shrewd screw coming soon to the aid of a rock near you.
I imagine spiralwisely spun which is to say: vortexturalized marblous mud made in egglike or pearshaped woven or braided cablenets which twist, squeez and churn like whirlywise cornucopias from wire wraught to destrict with stringent strenuous stridency. Or I imagine an on wicked platonic shape modeled, mobile, metal, steeldrumlike, shake, rattle and roll ballmill-buster that would reciprocate locking around rocks through rot- and flexegrity hinged strainers which squeeze and crunch, then reverse direction. It should have rock and water inlets and primal cell soup outputs and could have a twin but superlight version raised on an axlemast to function as a windmill/solar panel power source.
  Help light and water flow into starkest dark
 to grow spongy and up to become fruitful shade of a park;
dig, drill, carve, scrape, curve and polish rock,
soak, spray and pitch its dust with rhythmelodiously tactful tensegritty mills for tactile technology tactics of big and small moves by emotivated grown and little children, these lovely new tooltoys geometrize and tumbletime your scope to touch on monies dirty yet clean with the sun's local current as standard of value, the ephemeral golden meanwise spiralling light, of which so much goes to waste, so much sent, so little well received (many are called, but few listen),
so please adapt and fit your crunching crush to meet its bite, unbridle a scoop of stone to elicit its full arc flavor of finest organismic biospherical potential.
I need a 9 foot diameter transparant bubble with a lense bulls-eyeing  sun into a mudbath and another one to put all different size and spiralling trigger cone-keys throughout it, some connected with netted straps (according with Keyserling's aspect and music correlation perhaps), a third one to plant a mini orchard in and the main, mean, heavy yet intensely kind one to go along with
the remote control kickpot: the steeldrum/rockgrinder
for the deep, angly tangly molecular "tissue" work/play integritty
 and the afore lyrisized fresh drafts of oxygen drawing, given reductive bio time.
Rock rubbings and polish triggered from the spherical cockpit remotely controlling the grindminding minter, which does its clean and sound bashes on rock's timestore stashes, just join this clockknocking to have some promethean fussy sissy fun.
I quarry and query some all too exposed yet impervious to rain and shine hoardy-hardy squarish rock, my friends come round to see and carry the promise of flirtility a way with it and new found glee.
Sloterdijk: come in to the world, find your tongue, mount the stage.
I sport most(ly) western approaches to the universal wheel of poetic yet systemic philosophy.
Present purses and bulging budgets dispense curses with a fat chance to escape being cashed in or pursuing reimbursement; my curing current dispersion fresh from the mint on the other hand affords the sure fire proof way for wormship from feet on up and footsole on down as a full reach around which will thoroughly thrill sentience.
Shock a rock right soft enough and slake its dusty thirst,
 then leave it quenched and cozily basking in the sun at first.
Between dust to dust lust comes to pay prespect to the crust,
when such rockraising is understood as organic principle and a must.
 Let us help out with the plumbing between heaven and earth,
that vertical traffic which lets the biosphere give birth.
Mudbubble blowing at the hospitably radiation receiving jubilation
prefractory (preferable act factoring) station,
 to set ready rock aflow-go-growing.
Inmost and outmost fire may meet at intro-pre- and reduction of simultaneously no longer locked up and magically movable mineral molecules (a tree is fluid rock and solid air in motion) to the consciouly conceived protoplasmic e-vent.
Visionary provision pro
My mind 's eye has seen many a warrior for the sake of peacekeeping enter on a puncturing course, yet womanage to place rapture before rupture, cracking the dryest and hardest nuts with snouty clout, wetting to help frame up thus fresh squeezed dust to become havens, holds, beacons and barks for scents to flow on through, with rain and shine thrown in to boot, not to mention the fluent fluxage of the tattootabboo.
Treeleaf set atremble, birds to singing, worms a wiggle,
 greenhouse afloat perhaps even sporting solar wings
once we get all eight well sprung and solar hedronical barrels on a breathgiving rock chew, chug, soak and sprout sort of guardening tool in place say I the programming grammarian.
My nonprofit trademark logo: an encased davidstar which when pictured in 3 dimensions becomes an octahedron and when in 4 you can start it on a digesting spin and bring relief to all that breathes.
One only need love ties, springs and flexy strings,
to learn understand all kinds of hairy things.
Precycling mutant mingle mixer mangles the inamimate disentanglingly.
My touch, brush, pull, slap and  kickpot  key panneled cockpit and spheres full of wheeling gears are a learned, earned, yearned for prototype punch to the hunch fleshed out symbolism strategic hardware, a veritably archetypical valuerighter that works it all out into many from one and helps grow them tiny bits together, tout in the sun
as a remedy for many ills and redeemer of any evils,
 it gets right through to the heart of darkness
and shows even the heaviest yet fluffable shades a brighter side,
it gives and gets a perspectacular foresight
that takes after genuinely imaginative flight,
it pours some water into seemingly sewed up rock,
 invests some empathy in its stolid hardyhood.
Please help build some such memberained bubble through which you can see to the feed for the roots of your terrestrial family tree,
so you won't lack relatives and a proper place in nature's hierarchy.
There is a karmic need to forge a metallic membrained figurehead with sound mettle and incling for (that takes note of and gives credit to all life with unjarring jingle, untangling tingle and twinkling sprinkle) air, water and rock mixing spread, spray, sow, flow and grow; a heartfelt hand- ( to most but mute mouths) picked tooltoy and sound equipment operated by dust, seed, water and lust savers with teasy attitudes to bootstrap murkily mercurious cordiality.
We (including the wee we's) need a paper, clothing, tent, stage, mill, mast and kite suspended sail, besides a wing-and banner purposes serving hempcloth industry so crunch the punchline comes around attracted to release coiled kinds of things which mindwind up as a string of springs.
My way forward library means to melt frozen hearts, meet new constellations and stick fresh fickle pickles in such a mud modulator.
Nailed to his treehouse we found this Danny Kaye text: homegrown with the aid of a rubbubble strategy anchorment which crushed, crumbled, polished and washed nourishment up and down the road from mud, to leaf, fruit and marble with the ultimate grounding reasonability.
 No scapegoatlike or prostrate type skinbreaking simulation necessary.
Tis a pleasure to be and a sure plea to see
(to) the point of growing (out) many a hairroot's tip,
this is the cause of, reason why and purpose when
I think to throw a tongue's savvy slip
as the only, just and honest way to have enough life in your grip.
Guitarz and gaia, symbolz and substance
A guitar can be understood and provisionarily seen as an arche-prototype of a more and most thoroughly touching rock wrench-tumble-wring-flex, quench geo matrix-trick-triggering, bearing-spun, valve-pressured, wind, water, sun and muscle driven box body with (and why not more) a taper-torsion-spin-twist-axle-necks, in other words a music founding hi-horse power mental strew-minting strum-drum.
A conventional guitar only symbolizes, mimes and mimicks true ministry, the  breach of and breaks beyond merely personal body consciousness and charisma; true execution of such wind-waving rockmills with stainless steel, tapered from light and tight to hollow and heavy webbing, wound vortexically around the tensile spin sporting and rotegritously reciprocating wring neck, the torquey trunk of the metal treelike whirligig. Once it grows out of that and up it will be a birthright suction device that changes conventional rockmusic and the mute substance that goes by that name loosely into foodfinds for sizewise minority species but the our (un)kind far outnumbering and -weighing majorities up and down the spiralling foodchain hierarchy.
Roaming with these humble growth's locked building block  crumbling biomass betricklers (literal translation for the Dutch word: bedruipen meaning faring well, caring for) is to start trouble with a clean green finish  cause this boombox content welcomes our beamball's challenges right quick.
The millwilling march of militant guitars on the move
going twang, clang, squeeze and crunch,
 makes it easy to sculpt, mine gravity ore with high polish groove
leaving leaf likings for life livers to munch,
it helps grow some up right
off the ground floor store with a punch,
 cause it soaks this fresh flour down
and the sun raises the troubled muddle resulting up
 through representatives from the population of every particular evolutionary stage up and down its timescale.
So this flex-twist-tensilarating-squeeze and pump-kin kind of thing lends sighnz of life's cycling and breath wrested from death's cling as minute traces to thus mobilized marble's smile cracking and mud washed off its shine tracking faces, it grits, frits and spins life from rocks, wittingly recycling and breaking up the relatively collective same  into the more individual and minute momentae of a multigeared game which speeds naked inertia's pent up clocks on a return to spirited nonracist, asexist and intimate contact without shame.
 Patients and sports, partyers and prisoners take their ire
to and fro the beginnings of a fruitfully rootwelcoming trouble-mire
where grand glow meets and takes to its deep stow
through photosynthesis furthering lively flexing flow.
Mill the wind, catch water within a rock:
and mint body straight off the block.
meanwhile musicize the mind right round the clock
Strapspan your flagbanners down tight,
so you can flex on all ways where the wind may blow with all its might.
Exterritorialhood preempts the fight.
All good prayers have highest and lowest notes
which remain resonant for very long after the basic, simple sounds went their way.
A minute missive from the towncryerlike rocky mist ministering messenger about the concluding preparatory plenary of the Sustainable Europe Tour: SET
The grand debate featured a unanimous consensus right at the start, which in itself is inside out and rare enough, but it was even on 'nonremembrance'. With this cleaned slate cleared out of the way we proceeded to define  the targetgroups worthy of support on the proposed tour such as the local environmental organizations although earlier in the seminar there was much talk of expecting help from and depending on them rather than offering it, secondary ones are children and general public.
The list of willing speakers on what was to prove a hot and lengthy issue started of with a triangular show of hands in our circle, me included, but wasn't adhered to as rigorously as later on. The subject was: who picks people, one of the quick responders was joking earlier about picking on people to give this bottle neck a twist. Here I will insert my passed up turn to spew a view of the formal selection structure which was promised by the third early pontifactress but turned into a simple postponement of the issue till the next seminar which is good enough I guess cause the problem  probably dissipates by then, but if not, here is the most democratic matching process:
mutual selection success ranking achieved through tallied, turfed and averaged lists of favorites; kinda works the same way as the only value standardization with a potential for globally equitable currencies, not to mention information and music flow of rock flowering; iow kinda like mechanical size selection: rock and shake to help commensurate, compatible vitality and affinity eclection fall into place.
The next bottle neck type question
was the threat to be tough on the Freiburger candidates
(Freiburg, the eco-capital of Germany had had a tough time that week already: police protected workers stripped and ripped down, scrapped and pitched a childrens farm in front of a squat complex nursery in a cotainer to cart it off; I yelled at the top of my lungs: "Heroin dealers  pop up even faster than you can find them if you waste your time to ruin a child's selfempowering pride and joy"; 2 days later 2 young women were shot, one dead, when coming out of the showcase eco house in a park surrounded by student development, a week later there was a poster in all trams with a copy of the anonymous note found, saying: "revenge to the aids infected dealers of the eco-home", requesting tips adding to this, their only lead).
Sabotage happens in the best circles (witness my exhibits that went missing there) cause never consciously questioned accurately enough and this warning/threat was just an attempt to protect established privileges of alcohol loving paperwork peers.
The final surge of urge to drive out the irreversible, decisive, irrevocable and mystifactual deadlock enacted by people reluctant to relinquish the reins of censorship susceptible authority once and for all may be countered as follows: repent, invent rock, not the drainbow. It reminded me of the ASEED policy not to let me add to their Email ammunition, afraid to be washed up and out from feedbackwash I quess. A last advice to heed: nobody is afraid of anybody more than they are of projected vices, iow themselves writ small.
Two more of my passed up speaking turns
(in order to work out this more lastingly articulate precise) made good next.
A succesful quest for consciousness inevitably ends up stirring Excalibur like the heart of my little show tries to crossrefer you to (a picture of excalibur resting in the stone (the king and the land are one)  but after churning out enough waterwelcoming tolerance in its rock now allows a vinerank to grow around it from the flour fitted for life, see page 47).
Rock shaviours need the minimally mobile mentality and skill to form flexible partnerships amongst participants to avoid charge leaking emotional friction and be able to go after and for the physical kinds avidly.
Sounding sound to go around
Young people from single family communities especially seek out sonic resonance as a way to help take the hurdle of their own skin when going after expansion and elud(ec)ibles for their sense of identity, but that also means playing (or being played by) verbal chess with logics which can be lifelike as well as unfriendly to it. Most songs are love songs at best which state an intent or situation to reflect this stage; cramming cosmology and strategy into them while showing simple beginnings of life, is indeed my sense of future music (Nazi propaganda pageants were so winning bycause participants (executers to be) were armed with giant flags only). The effects of a customary quick fix version of sonic tonic will never last as long as the ones from rockmusic which imitates real rock's mineral hoard crunch and crush into the type of biocredit like ice ages afford us, do. Anybody out there wanna compete with weathermaking which doles out just desserts one way or another? We human and other beings can do each others bidding like drops of rain for specks of dust and schools of fish for fish of schools. The next big issue was the need for diversity; (editorial aside: I believe international legitimacy starts at resolutions endorsed by participants from at least 21 countries, not that these laws are ever implemented, imagine the UN coming to the rescue of the Rashneesj community in Oregon)
 Nomads and glaciers
Roaming with room in rock rammin nomadomes give 'm their first drink in a long time and help them tuck in some fresh sunshine
and to see what all this fluffing out of some no longer so-lidded ashes does,
 may just allow the world turn lush
create a justification criteria for the girlish  blush,
so boys, be bashful with a fury for fuse tempering gradual interface, as steady as a glacierlike, (p)reorganic clima(r)ctic-climbable-(nonaxed)-climax-forest-founding and its foreplay fondle speed deems right.
Green machine gene, a con-on-drum
A drum that sounds like peace from miles away,
it primes and sounds vitality's flow and a hi hi di hoo
with who, where, what with, why and how so
when and what we make our next break through rock for breath with.
 So make a way and save the day
to steady and love the more thoroughly fair play
with this thoroughfare tool based on natural law herself
and its (p)recyclable goodies off the shelf.
Hey people let's build a drum so mighty and strong
that it matches the impact of nukes, you know we can't go wrong
this stuff belongs way deep down under inside the earth
and LSD, of the same age, take note, belongs up in and throughout all the spirit heavens, meanwhile mama gaia's thin and thinning film of life coverage has much to teach and reach us so we learn and earn, rear and hear, lead and read, beat and eat our spin off springlike sprite.
This imperturbably reciprocating gadget goes down with a venue vengance, a vent dance, a rent prance and rift stance; the ridge gapping issue hop and wet border brim lancer brings up shading leaves for the sun to feed, dark for light to meet and dry with wet to feel, a wishy wash sheenery that slices ices and invests our titbit credit clout most profitably.
We squeeze the angles till they curve,
crush the tangles and moisten 'm till they swell all swirly and swerve
 to catch and harness the bouncy cool speeding light they unfirl and trade in elusive tangibility for illustrious animation. The ingredients needed: skates, bikes, kites, chimes, mills, spheres, vortex and spiral seashell shaped pipe frames of both light and giant steeldrumlike, strong, stainless steel basins, whirling springs, rubber flexplasts and superlight white water tight material, all this for a groovy rhythm from thoroughly thrilling percrushion perfor-at-mance through to the core of ancestral rock's  very own magic music itself.
Spin that grinder
The musical grinder will have scoop shoots and moisture misting jets to beat down the dust from size and hardness selected, justly busted up gravel, shot from a range of hydraulic, load sensoring, keyboard triggered, air, water or piston propelled barrels that look like an all sizes and very dynamically puff- and pumpable seashell collective. Voila, a matria-panarchic eutopical paradise tool. What will all ballistic genius have to go through, not to mention gear and make up for before a fountainlike vertical coin of the realm as full credit for youth emitter spews nonsymbolic nor simulated  currency
for a modest but real change of sublimely fresh slime, clean trouble as a fresh change for the foodchain babies, foodchainwise speaking? (that is, wisely and 'democrazily Dutch', a country where they pride themselves on defending minority rights and the ones of the weak; true proportionality  through organism specie votes by weight if not even number irrelevant of size or strength, the weight of worms per square yard once was and should soon be again enormous )
Has that ponderously entrusted lady of the lake not surfaced,
hasn't she stuck her charge back out yet?
It will soon be time for mineral mindedness; to emerge from subconsciousness becoming aware of its physically (p)reflecting (pre)cursor-concommitant: rock-pre- and reserved liquid crystal fuel such as  commonly constitutes life. What a splendid paradox: the weakest link in the chain is at once the most strenghening an' -able, rendering snowball effective returns and most capably cumulative.
A dust-dow n dousing formation row n rouser is designed to derive our humblest yet highest good: healthy humus from commonest and therefore priceless rock, so order your borderbudging embellishment ordering device now, the trickyer one amongst spinning tricks, such a grinder as a gravity peeling perculator helps perk you later and squeeks out existence matching critical mass-moleculebond, spinning around axes rather than racing around circuits.
One of my nick names was Piet Sputter (putten uit = drawing as from a well or fortune but not on paper; uitputten = exhausting but uitputting = exhaustion, exhaust = uitlaatgassen)
 Very important words end on -ust
Tie the light cones to the waterdrops and specks of dust
like our marvellous marbler will and must.
who leaves his musical business card trail, a pinch of dust.
Opinions can be juggled but faithful truth cannot be budged,
if our work reflect nature's volition freely
life leaves us more than a barren crust.
If we fail to walk this trail quite just,
 our monstrations fall below the wor(m)thyness of our crust,
who's lustre we may and might voluntarily muster, so we must
do it with a dab, a sprinkle, a blast or a spray of fresh dust.
The monstrator screwthreads for deep light penetration
with vertical decompactmentation,
and locked memory stirup
 for a relay dance of lustfully busted dust
made from utterly unclutteranced rock
 through equally organized water thrust,
this profusion of prefusals deliver true subsistance for the crust.
Some of its dignified residents dig their wormholes through this paradise
so others may swing and sway from the livewire rafters of it.
I hereby remake and pretool the ageold talisman-totempole-scepter-cross-sword-caduceus-cornucopia-wand-dildo-drum-pen and broomsticky complex into the perfectly non schizo unified field gadget for emotional coherence intent on purest action.
The trouble doer's magic (b)rainstick
is a travelling in-strew-min-t-strel's tool with a trick
 which wears his welcome in with a rock shatter sow,
splatter, flow and scatter grow show,
its bearinged, lensed, piped, valved and sprung sort of spunk
can help root, leaf branch and trunk.
Do our roots really mean to leave .....us ....be ....behind.....burrowing away...?
Innovative, comradic, nomadic and musical garden implements will meld, werge and fuse (tran)sports, bodybuilding and fitness equipments, tools, toys, arms and instrument functions together to gather up dead bits and leave 'm in the way of life.
Verbo city
Let's do the common crystal crumble smash,
to filter, sieve, grate, roster, screen and mash
 spread and refuelize thus freed fresh ash.
A drill purrs, a saw buzzes, a spindle whirls, a mill rumbles and a wheely-woosh-wring-strain-splash-slush pain relief flap-fly-wheel powers spring-spray-bounce-basins to dish-dash-launch photosynthesis.
---twirl twist strain string strangle wrangle tease squeeze please---.
Birds play wing-wind-strap-string-aircleave 'n ripple music.
Don't stop at the dark and dense till the bark can dance along.
And now (first few lines free after) Martin Carthy:
we are never too low to stoop and scoop so we can send the droop for a loop.
Low low we are so low on them, bow woe why are we so slow to bow to them, bend your back, mend your ways, fun your fears, grow, grow, why dont we flow with them, into our future generations.
We are not too low to delve the stow, nor to touch and uncoil the spoil,
but prostrate we fall in the rich man's hall or cringe low from our toil.
 We plow, we sow, we are so low that we delve in the dirty glade, we bless the plain for the fragrant grain, but our pain becomes our lord his gain. A place we know to make in the stow, so slow to give us way. We are not too low the bread to grow, too low the bread to eat. We are rabble we know, but we are not too low to build a wall, too low to tread the floor, yet from our fingers glide the silken flow, all for to fit round the limbs of the sons of pride, what we get is not what we give, but still we know our share.
We are not too low the cloth to weave, too low the cloth to wear.
An effective rock song routine would sing it (rock) to pieces for green practice rather than displaying the idling vanity from a sense of self that hasn't grown very far beyond the individual spouting leaky philosophical lipservice or pure egotism, but the faultier the formulas, the more frenzied vocal vibrancy is allowed to make up for it in a Devil may care for Darwin type of way.
I am indebted to my friend Manuel Franco, a brilliantly moving guitarist for giving me the book "Noise, a political economy of music " by Jacques  Attali, U of Mn press. (Yes the same guy that got his reputation dragged through the mud so bad it cost him his job at the East European Bank for Development, ironically, he had spent too much money on marble and jet fuel !) Here are some relevant highlights (with comments):
Music and intuition are battlefields of knowledge.
Poverty is subjugated by lent and transgressed by carnival (maybe to be transposed by rooted music). Music is only in the light, near a tabernacle, the masked simulacrum of the pagan altar. There, it abuts (perverted revelatory) dice, and playing cards: music is the fragile order of ritual and prayer, an unstable order on the  border of chance, harmony on the border of violence. Elsewhere silence,.... music fashions sound matter.... social meaning ....systems of power it serves....music is economic status.., ..pulverizer of the past... noise is a weapon and music an imitation ..a simile, substitute and transformer; weeping turned to healing, stone cold turned to life... sounds have no hyrarchy ......
Noise is a weapon, fire is a threat, music and love are sublimations, channelings of violence, they organize, affirm and take root as society and religion, replacing sacrifice with entrance fees, new inventions create money and open content, diffuse authority.....(unfinished, many more clues in it).
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