how to engage agression constructively; between offence and defence
Welcome to the future flour(y) pow(d)er fostering; potentially fastest and already (for sure) the most solid(ly formatted) prose-poetry on earth:   about 7 Megs spread out across over 88 files (averaging over 88 K'z colourful concept- harmmonized and hyrarchical wordsequences, including 4 megs worth of images, even) worth of contextual BLABS =Bottom Line Aphoristically Ballistic Solutions  which will (dis)solve all uncivilly polarizing centralizations, break up and open (c)lumpy niches and lumpynesses, wether they be institutionally animated or simply, inertly dormant(yet animatable),by pushing the logistic limits (to light) inventively, notably those (rocks) constraining vertical metabolisms (of trees).
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titled fragments:  do humans have free will or must they cultivate it? x x x pent agony x x x will arms industry feel forlorn, when they are forced to help treelimbs be in dust (p)reborn? x x x smoke and bullets or  dust and fruit, a- or progression x x x new avenues for defense conversion revenue x x x from missile to music industry x x x in si(gh)d(e) ou(b)t aggression traffix vert tickly x x x punishment or pollution (see p 1) from the purity of patience x x x Interlude: from unkind cannibalistic, via capitalistic coercion to fair fights of and for co-operatively corporate ecology x x x from rain to blood and all points in between both ways x x x dabblers in cute powder crack the encumberments of all classes and categories to open perspectives for all cases closed to sunny news and public scrutiny x x x real devils advocate description of a symbolic one x x x old as gold's popularity, blond as a barbarians bond x x x white pow(d)er suspends us x x x voluntary autonomy prevents extremes of despotic authority and lawless anarchy x x x some insipid ire upon reading Larouche
the sources which inspired this segment about how to conduct and guide agression so it helps putting death to life instead of vice versa (taking life from death constructively, nonreactionarily and providingly): "Positive Alternatives" is a magazine from the Center for Economic (defense) Conversion, 222 Vieuw st, Mountain Vieuw, Ca 94041-1344; Several authors, the most important ones are: Wrangham, Richard, (Demonic Males) x x x Pierre Clastres, x x x O K Maerth, x x x Robert Graves. x x x Gilles Deleuze x x x Peter Kropotkin
Do humans have free will or must they cultivate it?:  Greenpeace and other semi sub- or countercultural denominations slowly form voluntary armies and the following is my feeling about their best claim to fame for future references. We don't send fewer freedomfighting bullets than the requisite seed and fresh dustmakers to soak up blood and send survivors on their way help fresh start up vitality (re)gain ground, autonomy and magnetism. Aim the force of muscles and machines to mince and mind minerals, no need for mere verbal lipservice any longer. Whereas we must offer and leave the mental kind choices, we may  force physically frozen and inert forms of energy not yet endowed with free will although  most obstinate and cramped, they both are indispensable for inform-mental influence on willpow(d)er and sharing capacity.
The ethical questions for those who (already) have free will: how, where, when, etc. can one free (more) will.   Do humans have free will already or must they attain it, merely learn to use it or even mobilize and free it from a form and state of being where it is held back, in check and reserve? The latter paradoxically turns out to be the case of and in the very substance one would least suspect in an age of flashy mobility, this raw material in the waiting mode which harbours and holds out a promise to will freely one day and we are needed for the transvelopment and implementation of such ethics.    The temptation to generate, form or deploy armies could mimic nature's critical concentration build ups a bit better cause unlike these, ours frequently cut the naturally dispersive and growth attracting ELF's circuit out and/or short. Take for instance the telltale often in conjunction with ice ages occurances and outbreaks of equally fertile volcanism fueling pressures attained to trigger natural nuclear power and compare its results with those of army activity..needless to resemblance. So I hesitate to describe what may not turn out as the unmixed blessing it seems bound to become in my surely biased eyes, although I myself barely practice this what I have perhaps all too rigidly set my hopes on: to see grow into common sense routine. I'll soon get sick of my unhappy megalomaniac outlook on life. All but the hands on and off kinds of knowledge are a curse it seems. At least the principle is valid, its execution ongoing, as undying as the earth itself and I daresay on all similar and/or possible planets, it will outlive all ignorant jibes and maligning vibes that the unmixed grabby claws with which exclessively male clamorers put their bid up against life's grain.    Getting hardware to serve the greening quest is for the most part like doing a complete cornerturn which seems necessary in the after all primary mental reaches of existence first: focus on physical friction for mental calm and don't let a warmongering unkind of taxman catch you in his conveniently reactionary blame-game conveyance while you are at it. S-M-Arthumans take up, break out and untie minerals from their dark recess to receive and structure water which ties the bright light down. Most alive dead center pointedly upended axes bridge the gap between rich and poor.
Pent agony
the inseperability parable partitioned
trade--------------body-----------------------marble, metal, seed and fruit
emit-----------------soul--------------preciously priceless and specific info
migrate--------------spirit--------------------woman and man, bird and thought
The precycle pro's elect powder delights which is not the same as deleting the power Elite.                Aim true as you cleave the styx in two just pay the Pentagon its due the way you would expect a guardian angel to do, it sits at a projection privileged spot for geopsychic amplification, and hoards it without being able to use what only responds to protective yet open de- and employment.    If we all became aware of the fact that love is infinitely sharable (Winter) the pentagon and all other businesses should practise such open house to give and keep score of happynings; twinkling eyes to lead all senses through the heart and to the head before we start handling anything, let alone battle over or about something.    For the next section to make sense one must be a fault with formulations of ones past selves finder, a projection, exile, isolation and abstraction tracker with some degree of succes and resulting enlargement of identity so that gravity and growth personally concern you more than speed and profit, so they find their bearings on, in and through you without which fun is fiction but with it the full force of a connected will, phantasy, motive and intention can unleash.    Despite the present potential promise of all swells and subsides in changing circumstances and influences recorded on the thus truely current and vouchsaving ID; this kind of poli-testicklish visiting card can specify individual choices of rights, duties, and pleasures but has been felt as an invasion of privacy even though most of us poor slaves have practically nothing to hide compared to the true culprits of our mutually insu- and isolating suspicion and secrecy. Lovelorn clerks lurking in and holding office to refine bottlenecking encryption powered disownment with their irksome vice of vulgarly perverted astronologo numberjugglings which hog and clog the children, recruit, blind, blend and sacrifice 'm.    Cruel nondenominational and inflammatory compulsory tender compounding bleeds, blends, saps, and sucks.    Bordering order or ordering border?: Ideal horizontal plane borders must become voluntary ones, they will bring in orders when they are exactingly spaced and specifi-quanti-finely timed business, pleasure, visiting and creditcardlike chipper tenders flowing hither and thither.    The involuntarily rockbottom vertical and primary plantlife borders will become the preferred front once we are well into the age of acquarius (air squares up with water, earth and fire, easily the most common artistic frame of the west), ending scarcity of basics driven wars altogether.    Will the arms industry feel forlorn when forced to leave treelimbs be, in dust reborn? Fearfed defense industry fosters global war(m)shipping hardware production; it is high time (hoog tijd=Dutch) to get it turned into a wor(m)shipping kind, so hard rock is softened and grown out toutly tensile.Bullets or fruit, a- or progression: The arms industry is here to stay and keep on trying to serve and protect, let's help 'm out a little; the collective armies aim to stop and/or prevent fights, right? When these are over a tangible scarcity rather than some supposedly  singular principle we can use the following fore- and insight: all hands on the table to deck it good, the most sustainable food grows on trees and they grow in deep dirt, so we need a rockcrushing cross between a vacuum cleaner, a veggie steamer, a drill, a mortar pestle and maybe a guitar thrown in for fun and good measure. Such a drastically mastic robusticator cannot fail to come up with rockwrenched tokens of wealth and health, but so far, our ballistic experts can't seem to catch what they themselves throw up. So, does the name of the game stay the same: bigotry cops rather than fresher riper and more varied tree crops?   Reactionary violence strikes out to put life to death, constructive force brings death to life and makes it bear on vitality.   New avenues for defense spending and conversion.    My scholarshipping leads me to true beleaf with par-positioned rapturous promises of hollow peace drums and equally off the mark, all too rigid punc- and rupturing "defense" masquerades.   I hope heavy industry finally finds my kind of innovatively flirtable fertility fostering fledgling version robust enough to boost investment in a true to life ice flow, rock flex, mudfling and sundressing businesslike show  with all out, none barred empathy for soil organisms,  our most numerous consumers and hansomely returning lending customers.    Intention: to familiarize and benefit all taxpayers with the conscious application of God's own fertilizer: freshly ground glacial gravel; exposure of which to our blessings from above turns its rigid inertness to a softened sensitizing joy for the swirlds of new growth sprouting from riddled rock and unravelled gravel.    Our motivation is to rid the world of polluting, unnatural monopolies that foster skewed dependencies, drudgery and illth to supplant them with abundance by means of the simple and at the same time profound practise of milling paramagnetic rock and feeding this thus decentralized capital in to time's circulating tides, sustained and vitalized by such a full natural spectrum possesing palette of trace elements, iow know and set aflow those limiting factors that literally weigh in heavyest for even the tiniest lives and counts equally much for all other sentient forms of being.    Mobile units will be employed to fill local orders on the spot providing suitable sources are present. This rock search shatter scatter and sow show hits the road only when dust shipping costs exceed the costs of operation.    From missile to music industry:  We would love to tailor keyboards to our single drone units,
so no hard fund driving church organist can match the organizing aftereffects of our music nor remain truer to the injunction that built the bride of Christ but left her a lurchchurch in the first place.  Actually, Jesus tried to tickle Peter out of his stubbornly mundane and blusteringly inflammatory stance by linchpinning deconsistentatively funny metaphors on him about an oddly novel sacrament, a (right) rite site or (right) site rite called a church (on rock), much like this name (Peter) was his invention. A walled in, empty space is built on solid rock, yes, but nature is built on, through and with,  mellowly mingling and dilute consistencies of it (see ch 6 and app 2). P.S.  We cater to radiant exponents of progressive communities.    Heart current deficits leave and deposit residues that fuel, foster and fan the fires of fear, grief, pain, etc. into energy spent on superficiality, shallow appearance, restrictive objectivity, deceptive surfaces, metaphysical ballistics and breathtaking distractions like a defense industry which certainly doesn't dust the tree.    No to permanent secrecy and supremacy of matter, yes to privacy, individuaton, property (proper trees) and voluntary disclosure. In si(gh)d(e )ou(b)t agression traffix vertically.    Living form giving to inert stumble block but (recom)bustably unstabilized rock is the in-, and con-, not destructively expressed aggression that builds our biosphere from the bottom up. rox and agresssion To find 'm and bind 'm you must mind to grind with 'm, which unwinds 'm safely and savorly not to say saviourly. Justify mercy, reach into your pursy to tickle all life a round when the truth of your paingain will out at a tailored and formated (to suit the audience just right), perforationing smartistic pformance act which will recruit you.
Isn't it the same anti-abortion fascists who subscribe to the draft coldbloodedly, to up the turnover cycles of male dominated femininity, the more lively kind than they deserve to lay their hands on and who present tokentrappings like a smoothly writing sandoz pen giving the lie to truth with money spent on subversive ads which appeal to all but our thinking function, faculty and appetite aiming for coherence?    I pay a debt, settle a score, start an account, with what I can conceive, build and mount, the wholly selfcontained jetstreamguider which vents airtight spaces (no nitrogen, yet all oxides), to release life leasing traces.    When arms come to socalled rid us from strife more often than not all they do is harm precious life but arms used to riddle rock furthers sentience, as when tumbling crustal chunk chimers
tumble some through egglike but monstrously masterful hitec, mobile steeldrum-crumming glacier mimers
(see ch 4) and the biosphere revolves a round to digest the resulting "poussierre ou poudre des pierres",
iow rockdust to reduce and release its tightly packaged brandnew air, building stringy and trunky strains of sun solidifying expansiveness.    Springloaded diamond studded shoes for leapy looks which whirl quite round enough to be unswayably steadfast (hold foot by piece, as a Dutch saying has it); this is the purpose to which our smart war head master of the defense dept. schooling commision will apply his budget, he said that a diamondstudded marble dust broadcaster and polisher as a high visibility campaigning implement would do nicely to keep the peace at home and thus bring it elsewhere as easily.
Treesap and rain flow predominantly one way each, up and down, treesap sops up the down pour teaseraps are just as bisexual as they can be expected to be funny,  so let's look straight, this is the day to do away your fright let's look like we are ready to squeeze the frigid tight from inner-tie-ya to featherlight flight with all our co(-i)n-spiring might.    We can measure up to any off kilter, putrid aggression, we can set it straight, sink it in deep steeping thought and wiggle it about with time ticktinkling clout so it raises life lively and tout. Schwartzkopf is black tecno man who looks like a sausage and whose organic upward mobility charisma was sorely lacking; when will generals fame be measured by the degree they manage to regreen the deserts?    Rubble rabble turned soul diers learn to love firearms, loving arms prefer blubber rubbers.    Farmers favor amorous armor far more fervently than soul diers.   Sportsy cavortsy: Less narcissistic, rivalrous, symbolic and juvenile, more completely sublimated sports, fused with less scarcity and fear thereof ruled defense efforts would shift focus from feint to thoroughness, from chronotime to lifespans and -cycles divided into biomass lushing leagues. Sports are worthy precursors of fairest game rules; constitutions with criteria that organize and liberate, stratified all the way to the highest tec categories for the top divisions of what can be called competition only to the extent copycat efforts are involved.    The following 3 pages (6 columns) are especially for the heavy duty philosophers amongst you my dear readership and probably not very appetizing for any other kinds   Punishment or 'pollution' (see p. 4) from the consistent purity of patience:  If there is a legitimate quest for purity with an equally justified and even justifying field of force, as viability of ferociousness from sporting fun to inspirers of fanatic fashism seems to suggest, then simply miming ice ages may be the perfectly grounding orientation adjustment to global values it lacks.   By the same token the aeons old complex of religious mystification which motivates mimicry of shamanistic magic of all placebo and prosthetic stripe and type, can come to the same conclusion; this kind of (in Theodor Lessing's terms) wellhead signifies to sail under the same flag, use the same gage of scale, or blow up in the same eruption or drain the same inflamed sore as willful way to fit the conscious focus valve in its proper place after all errant blustering, iow, welcome it home, which would lay worries to rest; Klages, a one time close friend of his claims these concepts were stolen from him but I wouldn't be suprised if it was the other way around, between them they came very close to formulating what I am about to explain (again) but they merely got so terrifically flustered over it in a schizoid fashion. 'White' western, monotheistic religion of dominantly darwinistic democracy and fashism were and will stay close, both made the mistake of massification, overshooting personable levels to attain and gain economies of overwrought scale, personifying forces of light and dark, losing the faith in people's capacity to, of and for change and making a life or death difference which needs only be one of consistency; happy mineralmine-grind-minding, ending detention of inanimate mass to metabolize it.    Did you know testily triggered teeth of time: many a rock's dusts may neutralize poisoned and polluted soils, even overcome contamination from fall out and radiation? Get the nitty gritty from Abermann, salesman at Sanvita of this: Biolit, product of the biggest quarrie in Austra's speedwise no less legendary Kitzbuehel.     Interlude: From unkind cannibalistic via capitalistic coercion to a fairer fight for and from co-operatively corporate ecology: Please evolve the bulk of high finance, elitist, racism, fashism and war amalgamation with the hermeticism, secrecy, aristocracy, royalty, esoterics and late arrival or latest revival and rival: ecology, all of which seems to have been strung and hung together, an inextricable and gradually incremental progressions of causes which attempt to cast controlling, coercive and circumscripting nets and filters around the balancebooks accounting for inter- and exchange between the not, the very and less obviously orders of globally applying and appealing borders: the lateral and vertical ones, which results in  a blockage of dance abounding and abundance that we humans have begun to be aware of and at the same time influence, though agriculture barely scratches the surface (bare) compared to what we punchliners propose, but I can narrow down the scope without distorting the perspective when showing similar extremes to have existed side by side like day and night or pa and ma ever since the world began; hounding (un)settlements and/or scar-city building, even way back when man hunted for instance, he, like most predators, had to make do with sickly and/or weaker specimen though he craved to overcome (thereby perhaps causally e- and provoking his own hardship and high stakes match) the strongest while woman gathered the most vital, young, juicy, tender and ripe by choice all along to begin with. So the far off dream of purity and choosing only the and from among the best of the best which in turn are from the best ad infinitum has its ineradicable basis in feminine feeding methods and so may become sustainable when helped to their feet.    Ecology is the latest and therefore choicest of attempts at justified and justifiably imperial forms of forceful yet fascism obsolescing voluntaryhood for stimulation of the biggest most common, easiest to agree to denominators, since photosynthesis maximization merits to be prepared for, deliberated on and made to happen, in other words enforced, globally, not to balance, but bulge and beleavably blow and grow the budgets up with loot from across the righteously budged border, help it raise itself into live whistlers and orbs on the branch. Harness levity and therewith (app)raise gravity, all this in a primarily vertical, that is radial manner (pleasingly pleached treedirection) of course.    Call it nonsecretive, voluntary and anal (figuravely, though the sphincter tickle is topdog's damn good digestion dance and dignity) choice endowment if you like. I believe things like stopping dust from entering lungs large and small both is a way past humanitarian type task every person who has evolved beyond selfserving religion, however slightly, could, would and should agree with universally.    Lately I have read a lot of Theodor Lessing, he was caught in the whirlwinds of antisemitism and demanded open centralization as a cure and a halt to war besides protection for nature, each of which was probably a capital offence by itself, not just ahead of its, but even our time as well, unfortunately, Nazis killed him in 1933 as one of the first major, militaristic mob sentiment manifestations and barely budding but blatantly brutal atrocities committed against celebrity peacemakers.    Fashism is a form of impatience (inability to deal with patience) and misplaced, unfreeing coercion which nevertheless reserves impunity for itself. Funny enough, in 1917, the book 'Das deutsche volk in schwerer zeit' (Bartsch) shows Excalibur on its cover sitting in the sun and in a rock, a plant has grown from where this most famous sword disappears into (and/or emerges from) the glowing spot on top of it. The whole faintly reminiscent of cross on Gogoltha pictures; it is the gem of symbolism since it shows a cycle of life that is a whole lot less cryptic than the Yin-Yang sign. Could some art student retrieve the artist and study him and his juncture in time at least a little further please?    This image not only tells the story of what it takes to get metal out of rock, but also what this metal can do to justify its existence, namely balance the accounts and help plantgrowth, cause rock may not only contain forgable melted metal ore which once extracted and concentrated can turn around and make more such rock 'bleed' but at the same time his 'Nachschub', an inorganic line of descent is secured, use the 'offal' to feed life, by piercing and crumbling it; a crusher/spreader is a /broomstick/caduceus/torqued coil/strainer, a kind of femininely modified sword just like a football is a benign cross between fruit and cannonball.    On the picture in question the sword evidently sat in the movingly stirred, freed and loosened loot material, like a lover reluctant to withdraw, long enough for a vine, growing from the redhot (signifying metal's origin more than result of its use) spot where the sword emerged from the rock, to have meantime gratefully absorbed sustenance (thanks to the such enabling grate-mate metal movements of and as rock's own concentrated force, come as focussed son to free and predeem his widely dispersed organic ancestry and inorganic progeny at once).   Plant and sword entwine, for the vine has climbed the sword like a child around its father's now resting leg. So the slightly sequence garbled and conflated message of the book's cover seems to be: rigid and strong yet dynamic sword (the one Jesus hoped for and was merely symbolized by the cross) crossbred, insexually fucking with slightly less rigid and  immobile death (in the guise of rock) equals life.    The paradox of the flag which doesn't cover (except physically) what the cargo constitutes is a particularly blunt and blatant one cause over against, or rather, contained under the confusing and already contradictious and miragelike depiction of a plant growing from fresh, red hot (reminds me of Hensel's  theory that the sun is a ball of glowing..) ashes we find an eyewitness report of forced labour in prisoner of war camps complete with philosophy of making life richer, cleaner, happier and more productive, in short, livelyer at the writers (a visiting officer from Austria who wrote a novel describing the Jews their undying ambition as well) 'good' side of the front, almost the very absolute opposite, dualistic deamon and mirror image of what concentration camps are famous for, almost, cause not exactly voluntary either, (though sounding like it for and from the captured yet converted nationals, amongst whom the English were the most incorrigible and ungrateful of course).    So although the (to me mesmerizing) cover doesn't incorporate or embody the obvious, simple and symbolic essences which Arthurian romance with all its connotations of the King and the land being one (Hermann Keyserling used to say that the entire west attempts to conquer inertia; lawfully flawless logos trying to pre- and represent subjects cap- and objectivatingly), subscribe to, it nevertheless displays them conspicuously on the surface, rather than spun and strung out in and from its substance.    We 've had fights about metal more than anything, fights with metal seem on their way out, and fights about water probably are an all time favorite to come if social inertia decides: steady as we go. The book mentions well kept and nutritious gardens, good wages are a theme as well but the connections and true causes of lethal friction, the perverted and symbolicized currencies for instance, are passed over in silence.     A  few funny and tragic things happened last summer which give me evidence of (and hope for the worthwileness of a struggle with), my influence on the desired direction; more superficial and shallow penetration here (rub rocks for fresh faces), profounder absorption there (chew vitalized and -ing fruit).  I used to sing upon entering the park, happy to see green rather than a computer screen, and when I saw the tramp who stuck it out under a so often graffitied and lit up overpass that it must be the most totally toxified spot in the park, all through 2 winters now, it went something like this at the top of my voice (to take advantage of the bridge acoustics): a satire song I sing, it's about the undercover king, he's going for the steadyest thing, one with the land is the king.    Later that summer I found that the rumour had been misinterpreted and spread, making it all the way into the paper The Vondel monument proves propitious for publicity cause in '97 a Herald Tribune journalist caught me throwing an empty clean labelless coke bottle high and straight up into the air before screaming while catching it again and letting it down to the ground: " What's coming down to us here?      Ha, that's not a coke bottle, it's a beam of light, an emissary of redeeming mercy, come to fondle, fetch and frame some specks of dust a little closer to homey heaven (not in so many words though). He wrote a blurb for their weekly supplement called the Netherlander where he made me out to be an American exorcising the evil spirits from the coke bottle.    The other evidence was my first Net published poem (on page two) ending on tell, well, spell, hell, shell, etc. The trouble Shell oil got into that fall was something I flattered myself with by claiming at least catalytic synchronicity presence, wavecrest and whipcrack credit for it. It motivated me to go ahead and dump all of my work on the net, it took me at least a year to get to a point where the text looked reasonably coherent but it always does that for a little while at least (and most) after a bout of painstaking correction marathons.    Finally opportunity knocked in the shape of my second apple freaky acquaintance, he worked at the drugspeace house, a dreadful place with Eagle Bill overdosing everyone with a hairdryer pushing the THC out without burning the stuff, it smelled awful and the mood was an opium den one, which I know only from photographs though.    I learned the HTML tricks and in fear of famosity I decided I would go and see if Joern Zube couldn't be helped to get famous instead, it would not bother him as much anymore as it might me and he deserves it. You may read about that formerly called New Holland and the great South land encounter in the fourth appendix.   The book 'Taming the great south land' got me very depressed for a while but at least it made me realize that the burnings as cultivation by the Aboriginals did a lot of ecological damage and pushed back the rainforest awfully but of course not as bad as we whites did. Just to round out the page saga or bring you up to date anyway: something went wrong with the indexation of search engines, it took months instead of the at that time regular 6 weeks and then they did only the first page, not the actual index although my mentor insisted the first page be called that. Anyway, it flopped; I'd love to do an audio version next for people to play different music to or mix with battlefront, whorehouse or rockquarry sound recordings (see the sections on John Ray and Harold Cosand, they inspired this piece).    From rain to blood and all points in between both ways: Is it a sin to cloud our blue sky eyes a greyish hue and so show tissue deposited protein overdoses or a blessing when you can trade pigment for shade? Is it cause we forgot to take the tooth fairy's truth berries to the bone troll's lie briary? Is deep blue, lively and clean unfashionable for rivers, lakes, eyes and skies alike? Immune  system showdowns tear and wear us up and down.    Cleanse the windows  of souls, the irises with the lushly flushed fruit that can flush us, growing on 'm living filters, recruit some bottom rung, boney, and parched lone stone, help we at her weather of bleary vision to become what we with her might look like, as well and better than hell would when left inanimated, I bet.    Dabblers in cute powder crack the encumberments of all not yet animate classes and categories to open perspectives for such cases yet closed to sunny news and public scrutiny. Marionet politicians lipserve people but actually cover for and distract from conservative agenda's with pumped and trumped up stakes and stages with, of and for formulations of army enforced law which profit the pretentious pontifactotum plotters of crippling power on all essential scores, worst of which is the way money and therefore ligitimacy is emitted and allocated.    They should allow their thus challenged subjects the same weapons of secessionist encryption or even coercion if they were up for proportionality and interested in fair fighting for the monopoly extension of uniformly regimented collective violence and complementary rivalry banned beyond their borders while having voluntarism, unfortunately merely lipserviced as healthy competition (and they don't understand that to mean diversification either) on a thus far from free market, within them, give or take an exception or two in cases of civil disobedience and 'posse comitatis', another term for local autonomy.    Talk about exceptions let me phrase that over again: .... fair fight among many monopolies can only raise the price of a place in the sun when fought with pluriformally individual, regimented or instituted forms of violence and concommittant rivalry when given a fruitful field of exercise and priority which is sunk in sink, banned to the bottom line in a real, not a sacriligiously subverted sense, beyond and below any inhabited borders and to recruit the beginnings of mobility and voluntarism there,....... people involved would avoids use as colonizationfuel or population for prisons as the two extremes of expulsion prone marginalization.    But in a top down struggle for territorial autonomy the underdog merely manages to blow off steam spasmodically, much like the tectonic and more or less animated semi-consciously informed bulk of fractionated factions afflicted with that finest of addictions: the friction of affection every now and then. If on the other hand we would see fit to try live up to a doctrine of 'disclosure' which demands equally voluntary participation from all willing to enlist time, effort and resources for such a cause, at their own expense of couse, the world would whirl better yet and still. This evolutionary attempt to somehow harness expansionary tendencies of disciplined males as the earthly personification of pressurized space (blaze trail through, and this way quite to the contrary of insensitivity to them case closures I 've hinted at in the title), so it becomes of service to the natural progression from relatively involuntary and lifeless phenomena toward more sensitivity, diversity and choice by means of creative emulation. Should our feel for provisioning in this sense lack (and it does apart from some kind of homeopathic presence: most enlightened hedonistic elites versus a bulky survival of the fittest for drudgery; capitalist versus proletarian; this contrast is somewhat reconciled in Gilder's views on wealth and entrepreneurship but we may as easily and along the line of my thinking about truthfulness content of concepts equate the former formulas with the lucky few stinking rich versus institutionally, that is slavedriver driven masses)  for a goodly stretch of evolutionary time, we will surely go the way of insects, (not even the useful pollination and recycling business prevented this for them), and become more and more rigid and rationing with the ultimate cause of our peculiar ways when overrunning precious resouces, namely female charm and intelligence.   The frightful progress speed of feminine charm harming can be illustrated by the different ways public women of the middle ages and now are worshipped; defending a castle princess her free will with chivalrous combat versus elevating her to the lonely sterile heights of riches condemned to live out the common sentiments of struggle she as it turns out, preliminarily lent her artistic talent for stage interpretation and charm to (Madonna). Similarly, survival of the fittest to ration and meter her, turns into the homogenizing, equalizing instinct of living within your specialized means, no matter how aloof and eltist the short term status of power play perpetrators; if nothing else, inbreeding has seen to that.   No set of rules so far formulated to aim at a clean break with cycle stopping suppression of the less dominant partakers of life has  had any better degree of success than a homeopathic one can be granted, a poor man's small comfort, lucky the mechanism is as potent as it is. Long live the ineradicable though merely homeopathic survival of purse suasionists convictions, from the common sense of the dispossesed to the bravery of our future frigid fright brightening inertia fighters at the sentience liberation front!   I am not really familiar with traditional native ways, in that sense my journeys to almost a hundred nationstates, maybe thousand counties, provinces and surely thousands of formerly tribal territories on 4 different continents were a failure but the rainbowfamily(more than 10 big gatherings), the organic ag (followed closely for 10 years) and German hippy movement from the turn of the century should account for something.      The reason rationing, resources overrunning, giver of life sorry let me start over. So the reason for rationing, the resources overrunning cause and biological enabler of massive patrist 'success' called femininity come to (c)harm  (witness a foreshadowing of this formal form of feminine charm in chivalrous society or look at present popstarstatus) was not survival of the fittest but its flipside: cycle stopping supression of the less dominant partakers of life.   So far, so good but we are quite unlike other animals and like to dispense with and dispose of things we figure unnecessary, in other words, we not only use things till so severely pruned that it in turn checks us, but even pride ourselves on our ability to use things up, jump the sinking ships and burning bridges to other territories and/or resources, though never quite complete, smooth and diversified enough to shake the drags, prevent fads and stampedes or raging war over ever again diminishing spoils which in their kind and nature are not only changed more thoroughly and permanently but have to be abandoned cause exhausted (good to the last drop), for other innocent target substance to undergo the same process. To this extent and in this respect dominant humans are very much unlike (and -able?) alpha-animals.   I for one was more perturbed by the spectre of space filling with floating debris, (which I still consider a valid, thought- and insightful outlook on human 'development', so confident a popular postmodernism postulated and ' in perdicamental science affliction) than by garbage in my neighbourhood (after all, that can be empoweringly sweated which is more rewarding than conveting control overnaughty fellow humans). Even an avid 'earth as is' lover like myself can imagine a sun or even comet shielding garbage dump while maggoty mutants feed on tectonic fire in our ever, of course as much down- (falling) as upward spiraling magnet magnificence, in the blink of an eye, and this is the main reason I hesitate to publish a book that may tie humankind over hard times comfortably enough to pick up the cheek and go ahead fullfilling these my worst dreads as well as and even after realizing my best dreams; but here they come in that sequence.   My guesstimate of the likelyhood we will collectively put all nuclear weapons to miraculously good use by blasting a collision course oncoming comet out of our way is a lay one but I think it unlikely.   So far the occluding occurrence would sooner be dead certain to end fearful and expectant preparation till the next way and goal/chicken and egg/noah and flood/lowly muddwellers and fruit cleavers manage to confuse their compatriots with excusations of oncoming hardships.   Pulverized rock populating is a way of pushing back secrecy and borders, honouring the greatest grandparents to make us feel needed, useful, present, incarnate and on call. The justifying effect of great solid uniformity relaxing forces will come when some beings as far further ahead from us as we are from rocks take pity on us and themselves at the same time.... golly..... I just stumbled on a reason for the alien hype, didn't I? But so far they probably won't consider us worthwile yet either. I really think it is the other way around though; when we help rocks, they in turn help plants inform all burgeoning buxom buoyancy between them and that includes us.  Flush ill with what what becomes well, lest a lack of touch, contact and exchange becomes the petulant postulation that pets, pays and bets on a pest prone projectile to end perp as we know it.   Real devil's advocate description of a symbolic one:  One swims, one squeezes, grovels, gravels, travels, digs, shoots, flies and floats till the lights fade cause mutant messengers administered mercurial madness. "Hey its quicker to the golden shine, gang membership betokening status chains, babes and fillings that way", cried the would be slivvery sliding wonders whirled wide growshow usurping clownclone and dug his centrifugal heels in till all of earth was clean gone, every last speck shot into an alluring and beckoning space, levity reigns, the queen flies out, she is not alone but the only one of her sex and homestead(y)ing privacy or romance a faded memory.   While hitchhiking I once met a man named Harold Cosand, who claims he actually was Elijah, he challenged wellknown politicians of the Arab and American world to acknowledge this, being willing to prove it in court with a call for fire from heaven to consume the imposters as prophecied, he told me his exwifes took his legendary wealth in mining shares twice over. His letterhead proclaims his Phd in mason-jew-cabalist  cloak 'n robe of darkness discloser and unmantler, in other words expert relevant revealer of some sort. I forget the other vituperatives he chose for power, poison and unfair fight brokers. He sure had a house full of the first extremist and militant conspiracy convert literature I ever saw, the whole mindboggling range at that, covered in greasy pipetobaccco, it blew my mind, those things hadn't come to my attention in Holland while I grew up, (see Jesus, Jewish Jesus and Jews in ch. 6 and bibliography).   Accusing new age of fascism (as is the reactionary fashion in the German speaking world of the early nineties), cause a former version of the latter lipserviced rather than grew from (but sorely perverted) a similar back to nature sentiment which has its biggest need meeting political clout market ratings thereabouts rising again. Some call the Greenpeace campaigns no less deceitful opinion manipulation than the fascist kinds, but what comes first, physical or mental poisons, which kind deserves priority, are they even seperable?        White pow(d)er suspends us:  The relation between snow, sugar, pills, the white west coming abreast and frozen feelings has yet to be academi-sized up for shapely measure. A power trip has such unhandy grip and pains give it the slip for later, many are overdue, plenty of warning lights ablink, it mocks mama's gutmost work with what is foremost at hand under- and afoot to provide overhead of tree and fruit for woman and child from marble and mud. The diagnose of an illness called supremely white imperium and ice age fueled eugenics calls for a radicallly ripened lubricant to fill the gaping schizorift between biospherically friendly home bowning rites and hostile warfare rates. The despair of noble north-earners, bravers or thence bled and/or banished must be repaired to win the periodically worsening war on cold permafrost. Heart and head must meet in the handy land of wheeling skies once their strategic talents are invested with loud and clear enough dignity to dissolve the white frozen watery kin barrier, the white tout water frozen skin.          I intend to one day write or dictate a fleshed out version of the Sitchin/Maerth idea complex wherein a black brother chases his comparatively cowering one out of the tropic cradle (or maybe the more venturesome one leaves it voluntarily) into the invention mothering frigid cold of bare necessity but their karma ricochets once they meet again, both hardship hardened, though differently; one has lost his tan, the other his greenery to gain one, they found some smarts, culture comforts and ways with fire carved out of primal woods, thereby complicating their consciousness and obscuring a formerly noble savage bestiality. Two waves meet, crossfertilize and bear Europe.    Ape turns blond, nomad turns trader, now what will happen next.....fashist capitalism turns a voluntarizing trick and goes green? We, that is monopolistic Eurasians especially suffer from the mercenary and passive violence of less than fully feeling based on alpha rules and restrictions concerning loving touch and intimacy which laid waste the cradle of high density culture in the middle east, (see ch 6, James Demeo's forthcoming 'Desertification of the patrist heartland' and Philip Callahan on likely causes for and effects of deserts) starting with the very food we eat and animals we keep to exploit. Who wants to wait for the next wave of selfinflicted thin and spread out necessity victims that neglect to actively take rock untens- and postdensifying into their thus fruitful own hands and so suffer the consequences of such neglect?    Steadily compounding acceleration of inflation, hunger, thirst, erosion, besides poison, war implement production and other scarcity symptoms are admittedly manmade and seem to fall in step and shift gears in harmony with worsening weather, appearing (un)natural to the extent it becomes (im)perceptible like a true addiction, I am equating white powers and powders, isolation, supremacy sentiment with other preconditions of rock soup ice ages; imperial mechanisms with the US (as champ stockpiler of arms besides dumb and docile enough soulkillers) in the lead at the moment seems to work with and for the white (t)out side that always threatens to gain and attain normality status, even sober biologists say so besides the many fairy tales that dish this story up (G G Kay, Tolkien), massive combustion seems to provoke the refreshing mineral grind or hold it at feverish bay at best, but for how long?    For a true technocrat the inclement weather is only another opportunity to show off the prowess that is described in: "The American replacements of nature' by William Irwin Thompson,  a bitter satire and horribly realistic projection of how capitalism will swallow ecology whole; he goes on about Disney a lot, as does Lawrence Rickels, the world's cleverest and most promising mundane psychologist revealing Walt's highranking skeleton-closet and reading between the psychoanalytic lines to illustrate the traumatic inspirations of media technologies, which proves once again that that there is such a thing as fear of reduction-seduction if I may modify at times masterful Baudrillard somewhat (who's bubble is burst brilliantly by Douglas Kellner, he unmasks and debunks this distracting version of bloatment which won't float any kind of life boat).    Gardening has been going extinct(ive) since paradise with negligible atavistic efforts excepted; magnetic places make you feel very good and the memory of them even more desperately at a loss for a fair fight with matching media fire power that reduces from, not to ashes. Callahan correlates high fertility and biomass rates with measurably more peaceful dispositions of the population.    Time to tune in, gear up and turn on full blown constructive "agression", no longer competing for scarceness but providing abundance, not putting life to death but bringing death (rock) up to life's defence,  impact on compact death takes vehement co-i-m-plo-propul-sion to (p)release potential baby body's inner fire locked in rockrigid hell.    Mass murder and civil war implements are invented, produced, paraded and pawned off to let some gullible runner up do their worst with it while the faster masterminds move on to the next generation of death dealing stuff, at the same time conveniently discussing and outlawing them in the name of peace, taking or creating the slightest rumours of smuggle in nuclear bombs to drown out the horrid sound of equally real but very simple suffering.    A vertically magnetic civil service teaching a touch that tries to prime (and) time tradition shows the way to notice the plethora of poor people's charms  like the shape of the wind, the sound of the cloud and the aura of the homeland trees harbouring in heads that take heart.    Star globe, city lights, fibre switches, web a way, frontline circus.    Time has come for flex and volition to sweep through fibres, war zones, mineral molecules, prisons and erosion, poverty or hunger stricken areas by acknowledging the sun's central mercy bestowing (b)anchor in center stage position.    Voluntary autonomy outlives and prevents extremes of despotic authority and lawless anarchy.    The sperm spew, bullet blast and fossil fuel firing smog acts were smuggled and jerked thru various types of "congress" rather more grue- than growsomely, cause selfpossesed professors of proliferating of encryption, lockgrid, traumatized experience, inaccesible memory and untapped credit willed it so.            The media nowadays attempt to close the leaks in coverage of public life personalities, digging for the dirt hidden in 'm to defuse their overblown magnitude, experience topple-pride and ensure turnover, which is good, the taxes ticket offices too are gonna have to give good theatrocratic acount of their coin's worth till everything to the last soldier is privatized in the sense of voluntarized, that is when you may choose and indulge your idiosyncrasies and fullfill the free will of god mimickingly (not mockingly) at the same time, so that will be when all is well with the cloister pearled.    A bravo for the UN, they rushed in like true fools, mostly without weapons that is and therefore didn't escalate the war, neither did they end it though. To do that so thoroughly it winds up making the weapon industry look foolish (stand revealed, exposed and rid of delusionary secrets), we have to first terminate tyranny by treading a path to its stockpiling mechanisms (see Beckerath for a surefire strategy).    How would you like to neutralize the poison you picked, and become upper echelons of eco-gaia's hotshot forces for fertile future?      Take for instance W I Thompson worst case yet realistic scenario and trade it for the seemingly more fairly airy Tom Pawlicki and Dan Winter coherence material or Joern Zube's steady gentleness in writing which fleshed out the hotheadedly eager and early selfdefense militia ideas that catapulted him halfway around the world  from the reaction when they appeared in a '45 newspaper. Even Australia wasn't safe for communists-cautiousness after the second worldwar. Everybody knows nowadays the KGB is rechristened as Maffia.      Comes a time it is dangerous to speak of and/or face men yet alive and/or mechanisms they set in motion, but wait you bloody assholes, I have this pill of a pile of partly billious bill of (p)light-righting writs to settle everything with everybody, and if you dare me, I'll materialize an instant and simple example of liberated subjects from right under your very own feet to sink you in think sink, reciprocate coming over you, but nicer: water, bestow and grow you.      Imagine a better world, take a walk with me through history, cross index and categorize starting with things that appeal to thee, take your images from nature, steer clear of sterile logic, techno- and bureaucracy, reenact life's most ancient beginnings from soil organisms on up to us, harness agression to turn death to a life of tolerances and differentiation for sus through an open version of central intelligence.      Inert resistances, be they rock or ill will of a scarcity mindset can be reorganized toward abundance.        Will the world's biggest and most universal standard of value ever exceed the reputation of gold, so conveniently associatable with the golden mean and sunshine? Will the smallest most humble living substance; COMPOST ever become the largest totem.        Arms that harm will be outdated by arms that hug, toys will be tools, voices musical and life extaticly easy g(r)owing.      (more insipid ire) upon reading La Rouche: Are we here to "convert heathenish devils"? If rocks are what you mean my friend  "the rough, wraf,  roche,  rock" then I can agree to help. Your ire stems from ignorance  concerning homebrewed humility of the truthful church on the rock foundation you claim to stand on, in and for. So my lovely liebriary clench trencher, better start turning your passably topleague powerhungry meticulpa-ferocity around and try bring death to life, put a d in pow er, it might be too big a concept but meditate on rootfood, you have some (confinement)time don't you?

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