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Here you go, my take from and on 2000+ (latest first):
aarrhrh, gcharumphmm,
To view this file (leading to 18 others) you must visit a tripod daughter in Holland (which means loading the pop up once more with stuff in a weird language; they recently revamped there  . . and dropped the name tripod) bycause this one cut its allotment in half (not to mention me bumping up against free traffic ceiling for a while now):
(here's the next logbatch xxx predecessors called miscellanies are found at /correspondence_file_contents.htm<<all links in this here file are red by the way (as if you hadn't noticed),  but a different one in each other one (as are background and various shades for 'texture'>>).  xxx  About a year's worth of book-back-blurb length and more belabored musements known as loggage is 'briefed' here, that is to say, some merely vague indications for contents of 18 regular such files (and 4 handfuls of special interest issues; averaging 80-111K worth of text with occasional illustrations, appearing from spring 2000 onward for the rest of that year by means of single words or names as pretty poor indications thereof) are listed with links per file.
Best links (46K)   gathered and stumbled across during the year 2000;  5-10% duplicates from allinone linklist (128K)  (updated feb '01) 20 categories, and fractured fifteen ways thusly:  xxx  xxx Local finance xxx loglocalbal finance xxx global protest xxx web  xxx human beings xxx A day at the all mixed up races xxx disentanglementation xxx growsome green bits xxx trees, trees, trees, try trees (in a) thrice xxx Audio  xxx heady stuff xxx Omnivorous type commentary, logs, e-texts, etc xxx artistic n weird sprinkled w wondrous rigour here n there  xxx my fabulativ'aves xxx Rainbow related xxx 
  x x x   x x x
So, what's 'is 103K file supposed to show you???      20 categories worth of personal interests cumulatively piled into a hopscotch-loglike set of colourful files weighing in at around 88-110K when finished. These sorts of files (120, half of which are piccies) have appeared more or less continuously since 98 (link to earlier ones above and at the bottom); by Piet Bouter
Come to grip(.)com and e-scape hedonist hippydom
 Help grippyness shape up til Kindom come!!
Main topics: indiginous finery, foibles and frays.  Alternative economicslike micro-credit, free-banking and community currency;  understanding and applying rock dust the ultimate(mo)st possible bottom up measure.   All the following liddul biddy multicoloured but unhypered (only all filenames are linked <in red>) single word and phrase characterizations and line-snatches constituting the tables of contents are separated by comment 'connectors'  (one x x x after the next x x x  (usually in white, A'dam the con actor's bundles for treenursing, guardianing and -guidance?????) and end up above the piece in question
You can tell a special issue (devoted to a single topic, person or group of several) by this:   x x x colourwavebar .

I have made print-resource-friendly-reads.htm (last day of august 2001):

An overview of all specials (colourful ones also).  Decently (densely formated with dark n small size 'texture') printable versions for already cited and presented work, I did so with Beckerath's, the insurance mathematician's peacemaking and Hamaker's, the engineer's observations on climate docs living in my /guest_appearances/ subdirectory. 
 lbo-talk (Left Business Observer list archive; 108K) 
second green log (84K, loads a links,  lodda pics) 
"Musicphantoms" by Laurence Rickels (81K)
 On Finnegan's Wake by Will Miller (78K)

/EcoAcresUSA.htm  46K   x x x    a green (in between) issue including items picked out of recent miscellany issues: a voice for eco-agriculture; (the monthly newspaper that gave my life a serious twist)   (may 2000):
in between ? ? . .  . black and white of course (obvious for those who know my site) more than between the miscellany series (made it up to fourteen of them counting their predecessors the correspondence files) and these lagloggers (since it is quite to the contrary in both).  The file's actual content is not well illustrated by the piccie (functioning as entrance for a pagan site) since it is all about the tough, maligned and harassed realm known as farming.


you are welcome to fill 'm up n out, ... just don't write anything I would not approve of)

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