A how to count and keep; wether sheep, stars, fruits or time
 triplicities, quant quandaries, etc., Keyserling's forte, Walter Russell's, etc
fragment title content: global sweat is just as well met wet  x x x x two in one is three x x x x Coitis, Religere, Monetas x x x Quaint quadra---psycross x x x x ash troll logics x x x x rock unlocking clockwork x x x sacred circles x x x
The most important sources for this chapter are: Dan Winter, Arnold Keyserling, Theodor Lessing, Michael Schneider, Tom Pawlicki, Lawrence Blair and Walter Russell.
Welcome to the future flour(y) pow(d)er fostering; potentially fastest and already (for sure) the most solid(ly formatted) prose-poetry on earth: about 7 Megs spread out across over 88 files (averaging over 88 K'z colourful concept- harmmonized and hyrarchical wordsequences, including 4 megs worth of images, even) worth of contextual BLABS =Bottom Line Aphoristically Ballistic Solutions  which will (dis)solve all uncivilly polarizing centralizations, break up and open (c)lumpy niches and lumpynesses, wether they be institutionally animated or simply, inertly dormant(yet animatable),by pushing the logistic limits (to light) inventively, notably those (rocks) constraining vertical metabolisms (of trees).
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Global sweat is just as well met wet: The global money and water household should be reasonably on par and be very analogous: the chinese say that the clouds are the dead so they equate karmic and seasonal cyclicity.       Buechi said: Mountains of commodities are born on the rivers of money to the sea of consumption.       The similarities between watertranspirations, growth, floods, precipitation and freezes on or off of land when compared to symbolic token and real currency's hard, soft and imaginative states of aggregation find further likeness in the hermetic seal formed by body, soul and spirit; adding coordination, direction and sequence to fill the circulation gap between fruit and root or animate and inanimate life.
qual(+nt)ified capital........ready goods.............plans, proposals
the dead in a cue...........the living..........the prospectives
Two in one is three: Rock (father), sun (son) and water (the holy ghost)
 braid thick and thin to get her true to thoroughly alive.
Past, present and future can be seen as statistics, market readings and infobrowse of proppy-pose-alls which when aiming at formation fract and frict with focused  giggle- jive-jiggle- strive-squeeze clapperblam- spgglrffssslap to anchor macho bravado with a scrape-wash-rub and polish of mineral foods for precursoring organisms off of their rocky foundation, which closes the cycling circle to spin the spiral.
body                              soul                               spirit
rock-------------(womb- and)manning-----------------tree
cornucopia primer
pumpin' caduceus
this is a repeat: Closely packed rocks choke minerals
cities clot-cluster crowd people and trees compromise each others statue in the forest (especially when they suffer from the human scorch to homogenize in ageclasses) thinning anyone? Our expressiveness is hampered from this isolation, immobilly nilly choked and snuffed by fellowkindz.
May we space out, mingle and grow to maturity for and from change.
Allign, sleeve, pump and otherwise interactivate
    body,                        soul                            and spirit;
    bank,                         state                           and church;
 emission             (trans)migration                and trade;
 rockdust,                information                       and law;
     land,                       people                      and culture;
     sustenance,                infrastructure                   and institutions
lets do that over again; unfolded:
 /  emission,  \
 ////     sustenance,         \\\\

soul                   most multiply true tolerance         and spirit;
state                         acclaims a climatic climb             and church;
(trans)migration           for , of, by in and through                  and trade;
information                       mineral metabolism                         and law;
people                        ---------------------------------------                and culture;
infrastructure                ---------------------------------------              and institutions
Weave justice from the outside in, purify from the inside out,
how long may the sun beam all around without sanctifying it ?
A justificaterer is a wistfully thinking blow and drink deliverer, bottomline bodily feed provision is his pleasure. A purificaress is the intersoullife crease smoother
 and belly bulge birth right of wayer; A sanctifier has the spirit of trans lifetime youth and freshness in fruit- and dutyful seasoncycles.
body,            soul,            spirit;
raw,              fresh                ripe;
dust,                    digit,              delectable;
mineral,                 money (or honey),               mindmost;
 physical,                    social,                          mental;
grow,                        qualify,                           invent.
(Physical):  rock dusts are a disregarded variable determining tides of organic life (see Hensel).       (Mental):  money flows dictate to what degree the members of our species are sociable, my best leads here are Ulrich von Beckerath and associates like Heinrich Rittershausen.       (Spiritual):  nutrition completes the circuit according to how we use and feed our sensurround, daoists like Daniel Reed and the small faction of instinctologist and Natural Hygenists represent the orientations I prefer.        good, true and beautiful; solid, fluid and ethereal; formation, transformation and information; pragmatics, ethics and esthetics. an equally well established but different sequence: coitis, religere et monetas sex, drug and rock n roll sex as dildonomic and lubricious you-tensile organisizer, drug as inspiration furthering structured water as found in wellfed fruit, rolling rock as merrily musicated milling and spraying of dust, procreation is the crown on lots of work (sex), religion is a search for extasy (drugs)  money is provision (rock n roll).       Changing the sequence again: monogamy, monotheism, and monomoney, are as Lawrence William Lyons (NYC) observes, the three big monopolies and rightly so, as one may not detract from their simple realms, functions, issues and products without calling up and down wrath and rankle, they stand for soul, spirit and body respectively or mutual choice, photosynthesis and floured stone or seed.       Precome is love with a handle on the heart in matter, gene per sweat. Rock is prefuel and water prelube. Fruit rate per radiant, and water per family(tree)forest.       Monogamy is fuse fit heartfelt conduit syncro; slippery and moist when wet. Monotheism is photosynthesis; economic motor to ripen fruit. Monomoney is specific gravity tensility ratio; hard and dry like rocks and ice; they call for trust, lust, and thrust in all combo-sequences. ..       An older variable: Equality becomes a matter of aesthetic proportionality for the greatest number. Fraternity means accesible, orderly, free, reciprocal and fast information about, for and from all people at timeslotted terminals, continually updated specifics on where, how, when, who with and the other 4 saturnalian purse suasive party ingredients. Liberty is the state of inanimate substance with a place in the sun to grow livelyer
Not to be taken very serious as categorization cultivars
faith                     love                           hope
 physical                      mental                            spiritual
impact                       comfort                          vision
assumption                     knowledge                         evidence
thrust                           cuddle                                   feed
rub                                 lust                                        trust
   kick ass gumption                      slither                                    fly
     sharp                                 honest                                      ripe
expectancy                             respect                          perspective
under us                                around us                              over us
future                                 present                                   past
stretch                               supply                                 extend
Long after compile-posing the above I found it to be suprisingly similar to the following, something my veritable soulbrother Lessing did in the back of: "Filosofie als Tat" published at the turn of the century.
bios                                   eros                             logos
being                               awareness                        values
metaphysics                         awareness                            ideology
nature                          experience                           god
prenature                                nature                             naturing
life                                 history                        ideal
possible                                real                       necessary
timeless                              timely                      transtime
unconscious                                conscious                     superconscious
mother                                     sun                                   father
vitality                                 reality                                  truth
All things current hinge on triplicities and their hidden dimensions of tetrahedronoidal building blocks.
Quaint quadra
In the playing card deck
the suits represent time quartered, seasoned and and..
clubs stands for                              diamonds stand for
summer,air and truth,             autumn, fire and beauty,
hearts stand for                               spades stand for
spring, water and goodness,             winter, earth and justice.
I am especially interested in food assimilation (left hand, oral)
and soil or compost building (right hand, anal)
as the lateral and secondary stages in evolution,
the vertical and primary stages are rockcrushing ice ages (root, phallic), whileanimate watercirculations complete a cross (crown, genital).
 Clear or murky minded thought, cold or warm willed volition, soft or hard hearted feeling and clumsy or nimble handed perspicuity throws people back on their own development from all possible combos and degrees thereof.
The brine keeps the brain from a decline, the fire fuels moisture moves just fine, the air looks clear and smells quite fragrant, the structured waters do sound and ripen sweetly, bitters are lifted from and off all kinds of chests, they grow up together in refracto meterably mineralized shine and help form that quietly thrusting charge which primes the tides in my spine, it can keep all of us coming to complete the cycle and spin the spiralling family lines if I am handily heptical and squeeze the hardy precepticals.
Here is a diagram (comment follows) which I copied from: "at the edge of history" by William Irwin Thompson, Chapter four: values and conflict through history Phase III. from institution to corporate system (at the right frame/window width you should be able to make out quartered circles, each part of which sprouts another quartering circles twice over so far.)

scientific scholar  administrator                  political scientist   executive education                                         government
teachers        students          prop- and  newsmen    civil servants

theologians   bishops                          high priest    king
       religion                                                         state
mystic   scribe                          apologist    general

shaman  headmen
 clowns         hunters

celebrant     publicist           strategist       commander
art                                       military
satirist/critic         artisan                warrior        foot soldier

artists     executive                            inventors      executives
media                                                industry
entertainer    technicians                                      enterpreneurs    workers

This scheme, like many other work by WIT rings fairly true and classic to me but leaves out a lot of things easily incorporated here as well as having a deserved presence in the text. I refer to his observation that we use more and more of our later technologies to counter and fight the effects of earlier bright ideas for instance. Now in diagrams like this I would reserve most of the inner parts of these circles for women, children and assorted forms of biomass to keep such chains of beings sane enough to even keep linking in a happyning way. The
circle in the middle would show a wide green/grey between black and white bands to represent soil, its covers, contents and weathers. These bands dwindle drastically as we (one) go(es) further out and away. It's time to turn inwards, curl up and unfold like our what's left of it still faithful foliage.
Phase IIII, the scientific/planetary civilization (with the individual
as an institution) adds the following extensions:

theoriticians   coordinators                              scientists     managers
science                                                          managers
visionaries       technologists                          critic              technicians

in this location belongs
the above diagram
showing the preceding stages

academic/student   charismatic leader                     religion       adminstrators      critics                                                            technicians
        clowns      hero                                                    artist    disciple/athlete

At the edge of dark and light orange is the spark you strike from rocks at the edge of day and night
you find this colours paint the clocks 'at's when it aint hard to see a good way to be Rock you crumble to dust, water with lust and feed to the sun metabolized, absorbed a balance is struck
between extremes and leaves grow fruit full enough for you to pluck.
Participation; wave wind, grind rock, pour water, store fire crossroad quintessence organisizes 'm up together and gets to smell some lovely flowers.       Ash-troll-logic: Somewhat like surfing one need initiate participation under favorable constellations, beams and pulses.       The find and mind finest mine mystique of unique significance and potency at the sonic amplitude waits in the wings to make the complementation of pole star pivot revolved potency and pedigree possible.       Its the dull-gence in the linear (compound cumulative) too few dimensional variety of counting that gets us into a state of shipwrecked unruly bobbers. I learned as much from Hamaker and Keyserling, who nonetheless both denounce and demonstrate some biases (who doesn't though?), these two great visionary reasoners of our dying day are pioneering pointers to dangers for and needs of the realm where nature seems miraculous.  Inspiring reactionary dead weight to take part in and give way to probing micromobile organization is mirrored, sensitized and suaded by the tides of macrocosmically mobile rocking weights in space that wheel through the sky with apparent complacancy, mayby bycause the periodic tabloid configurants there ran out of fiss down inside, (we are smarter, we use it right on the surface where its effects are quite contrary to sensitized life, just like toxic grafitti-paint sprayed layer upon layer to prove you are on top is an adolescent symptom of cramped competition, trying to mate with a wall is a promising sin though) or maybe they never had any havocy emphasis shifters, anyway by the halt and startling looks of it the not always so dead weights gyrate right on schedule, see Walter Russell, the founder of the U for science and philosophy in Swannanoa, Va for elucidation, which just goes to show that however unique, subsuming or unifying a thing is, it can last a long time  and give ample opportunity to account for it religiously.       The bigger the rocks the better they function as drily ticking reliable clocks.       Clod hopping, time climbing, soulsearching, lore scoping and horo watching can all be done at once with a 12 handed systemic, solar, most firmly besides far and widely anchored, synced and personal time piece, aspect approach warnig light s up a little ahead of time.       Horoscopes and goldcoins were once hip and freely valued  but now derided and restrained.       Institutional lifecycles are an intergenerational, outer planet kind a thing, better be carefull about any of those ororarity aspects, they are closer than you think,...seem far away, but only relatively and still relating.       Ratio is the right amount of teeth on wheels to keep revolving time correctly; ororary clockwisdom, SMart from the heart, (Stimulating and Mysterious) with poetic justice rationally tracing and buffering borders; slipping wedges of neutrality nuance and graduation between extremes.      Arnold Keyserling, son of the man who was instrumental in finding Steiner a place for his intuitive agri-experiments which grew into a movement that is the main orientation for organic farming in Holland (but in the Germanspeaking countries themselves less exclusively so). Herman Keyserling was also famous as a philosopher in his own right working with Jung, Richard Wilhelm and Frobenius at a School of Wisdom, revived in Florida recently ('94), his son became a systemic philosopher, a Gurdjeff guest during the Paris period, a language teacher in India and now at 72 years old, he still teaches criteria of revelation in Vienna, integrating astrology, medicinewheel stationcelebration (he built one on a former garbage dump), with I Ching, Kabbalah, etc. for instance, using a fresh diagram at every lecture, he is veru playful with them, the planets get different numbers in each of them it seems, being orientations, fishing nets, leverage devices, perspectives, scales, reference frames and arrested momentae of chaos, time and space to help harness, ride, sift and select with nimbleness.       First I will present a few of Keyserling's more and then one of his less accesible definition tables below, the first one multiplies the three realms of body soul and spirit with the four functions of senses, volition, thought and feeling:      feeling body =scorpio    = muscles= fresh, raw life or stale, deadly warfare,       will + spirit    = sagitarius  =liver=   religion or blasphemy and disprespect,       sensing + soul =capricorn    =joints=     vocation, state or uncritical protest ,      thought and body  =acquarius  =skeleton= work and technology or isolation,       feeling and spirit   =pisces  =pancreas=    healing and fullfillment or disease,       will and soul   = aries    =brain=    personability and politics or coercion,       sense and body   = taurus =skin=  chores, art and riches or hidden hoards,       thought and spirit       = gemini   = lungs=   informative science or secrecy,       feeling and soul  =cancer   =stomach=   home and family or hearthlessness, will and body   =leo =heart = mastery or stumble, bumble, bully and bruise, sensing and spirit      =virgo     =intestines=       economy and labour or sloth,      thinking and soul   = libra  =kidneys= community and law or reactionary anarchy,
Here they are by themselves: the gestures correspond to sensing the narrative, logic, metaphor and fact mix of rhetorics correspond to thought the discernment between actual and causal, (fresh and dated?) to feelings existential problems to will organotropics to body recognition of ancestors to soul hyrarchalization of glandular symptoms and healing to spirit       Arnold Keyserling, the horofying programmar pulls light into the fold full time;
 to find, disclose, fill and keep it busily.       The aspects tangle 'cept when you gauge your solar systemicizing on the thrifty shift in tenses that answer to the callibration of your very own valve size and fit adjusted norms.       Bone and crystal bound time bounces around in etheric godlike space.      To my present state of understanding the enneagrammarstammerers (such as Keyserling, who identifies with Socrates and also adopts the Tibetan Kesar Ling as ancestral version of himself) that I admire so much are barking up the above ground voluntary part of the same tree.      Olympia of the greek Gods was but a listing of major astrocelestial aspects and how they worked out in social and physical circumstance; times to recur, concur and procure a currency to time, plan, expect and prepare for drama which whiles away the days, seasons, sunspots and generations, heros become gods become family idols become economic climates spelling democrazes. How did mine ever become a tabooed and waved orientation? Perhaps through the unfortunate, with falsity and fear fed and furthered fascination for forceful fractionation, which doesn't seem to get done physically and fundamentally enough to turn the wasting tide.
If you like this sort of thing I can offer you his wheel wheeled into my **sample file**
 or go to the: The offically approved Keyserlingsite
I modified this one somewhat to suit this book and its colourcode (I add my themes in brackets and made the vices a shade darker).      10 white (language) humankind...work...ascend....pluto irresponsibility inform.....inspire...fame...design      1 red (sex, libido, charisma, alpha-dominance, etc) fire.. ..east.. ...see. ....sense.... ...mercury minus venus unconscious.. ...greed judge.......utilize.......venture  2 orange (strategizing and clear no less than fair use of reason) mineral+earth+air... ....west... ....smell.. ..think......venus+mercury apathy... ..vanity creativity.... ...fruitfulness.... .....beauty     3 yellow (how about our social safety nets?) plantandwater... ....south... ...taste.. ...feel.. ..moon grief.... ....hoard care.. ...motivation... ..insight     9grey muses.... ......writs.. .....holyness... ..reduction... .....neptune    4 green (have we mud, music and ministry?) earth.. ..north...animal. ..hear...will... .strategies... ..mars fear valiance   9 grey (the symphony of  requencies)  transform.. .communion.. ..vows... .vowels....transpire.. ..neptune    5 blue (our influence on diversity and  metabolae)  man.. ..touching... .biosphere.. .body. ..decision....transpire...earth anger          6 purple (the ancestral heritage and routine 'bearnden')  ancestors. ..reading... ...soul... ...respire.. ..jupiter jealousy..... ....pain healing..................identity          7 violet (what will the future bring?)  elementals.. .speak.. .sing. ..baitedbreath. .resonance.. .expire.. .uranus abuse of  power duty. ..norm.. ...responsibility... .spirit..enthusiasm   8 black angels.. ....feeding.... ..wisdom... ..saturn form.. ....ambition... ..teaching
Back to Keyserling: He says there are ninefolds of vices versus virtues and suprinsingly the grammatical categories, each having as many manifestations as the number they are asisgned (at least in German as a most fully filled out and in lingo); thus correct, complete and timely sentences present the relevant combinations. His rules even apply to the astro-aspects and time qualities of hairsplittingly precise interacting karmascopesof casual conversants.       The enneagram by the way, has 3 triangles, two of w..hich aren't drawn completely, nor is the then obviously spinable golden mean spiral.       The apportioning programmar keeps charmaccounting  karmacounts and scores on ledgers that outlast even the best male automanic nothing new world orderers.        Rock unlocking clockwork takes a harmonic time stretching skills along with the necessary spin paraphernalia.  Be humble and merry, make a model mini solar system for playgroundclock and/or climbrack, start a new hitec dodging sport with it notched up to speeds for lots of space taking place in a little stretched time.       The timepieces discussed here differ much with a Swatch from that splitbrain country where neutrality and banksecrets live side by side and the red cross goes and mops up blood around the world full time bycause of it, the country of cool where small is beautiful yet and heroin adddicts overshoot their goal during their search for extatic process.       Dan Winter:  It seems like Dan Winter wants to internalize symbolically what I, unless my understanding and intuition are not subtle enough, wish to manifest matter of fact materially also in order to reach the same objective; I say: internalize macrocosmic glowspeckstars figuratively all you want, but don't forget to translate, -port, -mute and -form sucker-subjectivity underfoot into nourishing objects overhead literally. My orbitronlike, that holds you flexibly around the hips only, can be operated from it's remote control touch sensitized cockpit-bowl rum-tum-crumbler wrests organic vitality's raw material from rock and gives gravity the greening light to alight upon and enlighten with; it may provide physically what he claims takes him only an emoted with pure intent and mentally mimed gravity bubble, sorta like a 2 handed double vortex gesture by an experienced deadhead dancer, but it seems like a mental prep, prop and pep at most, a dry swim. But does such simulated order introduction suffice to make all water, rock and light braid in cascades along golden mean ratio spiral paths between micromutons and stars like clockwork? My guess is: no, but it is a start, vortex impersonation is the charismatic primer that is swell, hospitable, homey and presentable; there is no simpler way yet to start the gentle fight of caring for freshly airing what is held captive in rock, just don't imagine you've done enough and get stuck there. Oh, by the way, matters of the heart can not only easily do, but prefer to do without hitec gadgets, Dan.       some weird octave:   Y:  Earth, be my footfall steadying challenge, yet stay not my stuff-fluffing sleigh of hand to pay for my fleeting footprint's impression, have yourself a monument of growth reflecting my passage. U:  Mercury, spin, twist and squeeze some of your viscous virtue  into my vicefully icey dice. O:  Moon, your shade once dimmed my trampy tracks through Georgia. A:  Sun where is my impact most welcome. I: Mars, raise my hell into a fragrant sky. E: Venus, be not just one in many, but become many in one. Y:  Pluto, make me a way to be as far out as you, fair star, so all may know who's missing.        Relativity is differentiation.       "The seemingly emptyest, most mechanical and exterior things like movement and motion that were left to physicists and sports doctors without envy, now penetrate the humanities and prove suddenly to be the crucial category in the moral and social sphere". (Peter Sloterdijk)
       The London Review of Books left me with a bad taste in my mouth from the pederastic and drastic dirt on Leadbeater, making the recruiter of Krishnamurti out to be as incurable as infamous and quite believably so, yet, the cynicisms, scepticisms, derogatory and accusative tone was without redeeming complementation even when it branched off to involve, really only lump in, some other brands of the new age religions that theosophy supposedly sprouted and mothered: anthroposophy and the Gurdjeff schools. People like Keyserling  redeems the latter royally along with Jung another laughing stock of the superior and aloof LRoB who 'll never be caught stooping, yet are probably much more than most, unfragrantly anal themselves. Keyserling gets lumped in with Gesell and the new age back to nature lovers labeled as crypto-fascists, rather than as having been abused and at the very least misunderstood by them.searching out of which is quite the rage in fobic antifa circles of the leftist squareheads who resemble millenarians and Ufologists I am afraid.       Sacred orientation circle shelters:  Keep the mobile, treeshaped and functional integrity of merrily going round with a wind-, water-, solar- and muscle mill on a punch- and munchline, nomadic parade pilgrimage past one plump and ripe fruitorchard paradise after the other, see John Michell (or past a groovily groved zodiac on the landscape perhaps after the fashion of the orionically arrayed pyramids, see Bauval) in mind, where and when your myth is in the making, people your personal medicine wheel with (most conspicuous characteristic of) your acquaintances in their appropriately moment suit- and soothing stations, use dynamic overlap horoscopes, add paraphernalia typical for the seasons and personalities in question along the proper radial lines.       Clearcut Catholicism offers you a choice of icons, home orchard fruit, original Buckyballs and apple workstations to help fight banana republics, condoms and bodybags forced on us by corrupt authority......but reality doesn't show such a sharp contrast anywhere or -time, which is too bad. The big blur of death allows life as the exceptional selection only, what else have heros to bounce off of anyday?       Astro-, medicine-, archetype- and periodic table maps can be mounted, drawn and remembered in no time. I will make T-shirts with personal clusters  just to remind myself to get on with the ever central dusters.       As Holland has it: say it with flours.      I plan the most mercy welcoming, noncommercially infective stunt of the aeons: a fruittramp totes fourieristic paraphernalia to set up astromedic dance wheels, stake out a periodic tabloid and a nursing art-is-treez toolkit.      If we can believe metanoic, poetry and rigour mixing Jose Arguelles, the instigator of the Harmonic Convergence series since 87 and avid mayan calender explorer besides being a gifted writer and rainbow artist, the upshot of cornerturn, spinrate, bendround and phase angle rectifying coming up as we start going before the sunwind and photonbeltwise will only tolerate tolerance, so he tries to entice us to voluntarity and self sufficient benevolence, he even promotes a universal jubilee. One of his inspirations is V Validinski who says the total amount of biomass is invariable, that doesn't stroke with my leads like Hensel, etc.       Many people fear coming changes, but never more than they do themselves.       2222 (P)retrospect: Mighty bright good old golden, mineral and rain remembering sunshine for more life attracting greenery and heartfelt voluntaryism helped along a biggest possible self serving sufficiency kit which was designed to order a new bottom border broadened world.       I realize that big snowballing movements have ever such small beginnings, timing and snugness of fit for the energyfield of the moment, a mix of astrological and morphogenetic momentum which when read right provides the impetus for a fractal and geometric growth bound for succes precisely to the degree of its accuracy is of paramount splitsecond importance. Many fads, fashions, crazes, generational aspects and paradigm shifts are recurrent phenomena, lucky enough for periodicals but not at all for trees.      Having missed a wave one has to bide time till the next tide rises.       Wouldn't it be fun to say, to tell, to see, to sow and spell, your (world's) situation as a consequence of a slot you did not fill forthwith full well but with fearful folly, too much in love with being cute to be smart.       Caught and saved by a tooth on a cog of time's keepers, now it is Jesus the cloudrider and then it is Tarzan the treescaper, they were but potential covering shells of a nuty seed.       Here comes another one, the man with the strange vehicle, it has a telescoping backbone on a well suspended bubble wheel covered with layers of sail-wing-stage material showing him to stretch rock and fold sunshine.

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