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Welcome to the future flour(y) pow(d)er fostering, potentially fastest and already (for sure) the most solid(ly formatted) prose-poetry on earth(about 7 Megs spread out across over 88 files ((averaging over 88 K'z colourful concept- harmonized and hyrarchical wordsequences, including 4 megs worth of images, even)) worth of contextual): BLABS=Bottom Line Aphoristically Ballistic Solutions which can, want to and will (dis)solve all uncivilly polarizing centralizations (break up and open (c)lumpy niches and lumpynesses, wether they be institutionally animated or simply, inertly dormant(yet animatable), by pushing the logistic limits (to light) inventively, notably those (rocks) constraining vertical metabolisms (of trees).
Should you encounter colours you can neither eyeball nor stomach here, don't get upset nor tell me my page is inaccesible, just scroll your mouse across offending and eyesore segments or get rid of 'm at a double stroke: Ctrl + a; voila, your favorite highlight colours!(if you have bothered to spec your prefs on the hopefully public machines you use. Please help if not end private property of communication and other flowing or infrastructably conveyables, at least unblock access to nonmolestering worthies).
About twentyseven of the following world wide 'weightily recursed light' adresses are found by Jorn Barger and listed at his:;    he derived 'm from half a yearís worth of Weblogging (he calls his page Robot Wisdom); me and him share a number of interests: Joyce, Rainbow and plenty more but he is too busy too acknowledge my efforts it seems. So even here I doubt the interaction will be as reciprocal as desirable depthwise.
 I spliced in some homemade additons here and there: november 98: my first scan, correct, prettify and upload effort: A fifties Ulrich von Beckerath ramble translated by his then young apprentice and later (unfortunately and unwillingly) sole publisher: John Zube, on the latter's fav subject: militias, revolution, disarmament, etc. /guest_appearances/Beckerath_on_peace_making.htm
search engines: // (ranks linkages)  x x x (neat collection)
Lemme plagiaraise a searching let me cite it (from Jorn Barger at:  Also:  The best way I know to compare search-engine performance is with and I was surprised to find, in testing it on my authors' names over the last few days, that the winner by a mile was: which only has one-quarter as many pages and rarely scores well in the ratings!??
Why don't I show you another example, of the same nature and from the same source by coincidence, since jorn is quite gregarious but then again, (besides csf) his is the only (net) 'news' service I peek at regularly. After a couple of weeks' trial, I give thumbs-up to the free TracerLock service, that emails you whenever AltaVista discovers a new page with your specified search-pattern:   (I suspect as I figure out what works best, I'll end up maxing out my free account. I'm growing disillusioned with My Excite NewsTracker's awkward interface-- I'd rather get email notification, for zillions of possible obscure patterns.)  another coincidence of the purest and kind: a Joyce item next:  Joyce link including 4 pieces by Donald Theall (bit of a (I think more) boring fellow P word preference man):
trees  and tree related:  do a search for julia butterfly and don't give up till you find her high up that tree with the incredible vista (when helicopters don't ruin it, that is)
Two pleasingly pleaching sites in German (book available)  1and 2
digital book archive (the largest free one I believe)  (biggest digital book archive in the world I believe)
This paticular one is an obscure (1920) book [60k] of Graves's childrens (?) poetry containing:    Henry, Henry, why do you love me?             Mary, dear, have pity!      I swear, of all the girls there are               Both near and far,      In country or in city,                  There's none like you,
So kind, so true,                 So wise, so brave, so pretty.
Some semi dry stuff about the role of poetry, reminiscent of  and who knows, perhaps inspired by Graves's impressive arguments:
//  x x x (a poetry page)
tripod has a poetry pod publishing pod, message board, etc as well.
world goverment?  it seems to be coming so here is a collection of preminders ranging from surveillance and manipulation fears to hopes for nonsecret openness and transparancy; let's not give it any power other than and/or much beyond that which gives us powder...BLABSABSALUTELEE; corruption is as eradicable as any contagion!!  x x x
sacred geometry and synergetics:
conspiracy classics:  x x x  Perilous times is:  x x x (military criticized)  x x x by the R Powers I admire)
power mongers:  x x x  x x x  x x x (very large (anti US) site with extensive if not exhaustive reporting on, about and around the Balkanically fucking stuck up whites and off colour whites (by a white man)(xuse my language but I am reading my first Vine Deloria book at the moment)
economics: Gesell was a man who's inspirees kept me rivetted ( least now and then) for a year or two afore I (chanced upon some criticism I still stand by) managed to realize that before getting there (open centralization) and to get there we'll have to prove it's principles all along the way starting where that is easy, from scratch, the bottom, and grow go go on up from there cause top down measures are never ever and by definition not ever going to benefit the base and bare side of life) (General agreement on a new economy; very good but not often updated yet unfortunately)
RTK.NET:80/preamble/no_imf.html  x x x (stone society; sounds all right)  x x x of a hot one soon I predict in case the Millenial biblers and buggers donít have heartchanges soon; not to worry though, the computing powers that be can keep track of much larger digit debt accruel you'll see)  x x x  // (the alternative economic summit)  x x x  // (whoís counting project)  x x x  //  x x x  // for a sustainable future'; very nice lists one can shuffle by thread, subject date and author)  x x x (land trusts, a semi offshoot from the once (20ties) considerably popular tax and property laws reformer Henry George) (look for a paper by Mary Lehmann too)  x x x  (wording of the act)
Reports on digital policies and other news services: and (these jocular idiots can't stick with their own guns most of the time and change their whole make up from one hurried improv to the next it seems and the following links didn't last as long as the content they cover)  x x x  x x x  x x x (decent)  x x x (accuracy in reporting, only fair (to middling))  x x x (promising perhaps)  x x x  x x x  x x x   //  x x x (telepolis, bi-lingual, E + G)  x x x (links)
Allow me to present a type of marxist leaning I can stomach well enough, although the irate intolerance it evinced lately is bringing it all too close to home for comfort, especially since this interpreter (Louis Proyect) says the most sensible things about people from Jews to indigenes I have heard in a long time (right up there with Ferrero's observation that the former have a Messiah complex: acting like rather than waiting for one), this man masterplanned the MML, marxist mailing list, but the caption under Lenin's mug must be a blooper when it says: overgrown, since he is proving far too fanatic (and unresponsive) to mean it, but him and his gang at csf (see economics) are responsible for turning me onto Vine Deloria and Jack Weatherford, so I 'll even forgive him his (literally, meaning personally here oddly enough) Marxist ticks or his rants at someone who is at least occasionally clever (and who ever is more often than that pry tool?)  x x x  x x x (the personal writs of LP, well worth it)  x x x (Marxist Mailing List, plenty of links)  x x x
very learned bits: (erasmus)  x x x (William Warburton)  x x x  x x x (Lawrence Rickels)  x x x  x x x (power of words is the subject but the object seems to be the dry dead and dusty inflation thereof; see the head and tailless snippets of poems page for instance: /markings.htm; perhaps this is a good site to practice scan- and speedreading on?)
Native sites:  x x x  x x x  x x x   //  x x x (trilingual)  x x x    x x x  a few of Jim Craven's refs: http://csf.colorado.EDU/pen-l/0537.htm  x x x
http://csf.colorado.EDU/pen-l/0435.htm  x x x    x x x  going native sites: (Low Impact Development Planning and people in a sustainable countryside' author simon Fairlie's abode; a bubbling bender behovelment called: Tinker's blobble). fresh jump strap start pull together (utopia; lamely abstract men's work mostly I bet) (Chris King-like delvings into the gender bend-bind-blend-blind-blunder in both large(ly) academic and soap-opera versions)
(ethnobotany) 4 links from:  //  x x x  x x x //  x x x  x x x //  x x x  x x x (plants for a future)  x x x
Some badly needed support: some fellow's fendings for my favorite front: (this one looks out for himself too, it is a commercial site for the real thing besides offering an overview of bibliographical material with extracts)
Film, audio and video:  Image sites for the faster (yet unfortunately almost never the more conscientiously used) machines; funny how the students privileged with the equivalent of a torquey sportscar have a work load and burden which dictates their time at the keyboarded up screen will  change sign by sign, line after line, sighing at a time when we donít push hotrods manually anymore......... (fine arts by guess who)  x x x  x x x  x x x //  x x x  x x x    x x x
artsy nudity and nogotsjensations:  x x x  x x x  x x x
more scientifically flavored graphics: (pretty microscoopixs)  x x x  csc.fu:80/lul/chem/graphics  x x x  x x x (a very playful site listing micronations, pompously protesting attempts at enlistment from merely imagined ones, especially if they are younger than one year old)  x x x all about shamanism and patriarchy  x x x ezekiel saw what way up in the middle of the sky? Well...something like this perhaps? Arnold Keyserling's reason for being paid by the Art academy in Vienna.(....well, in my opinion anyway; the link into the wheel is out of order (early dec) but well worth trying again; a very defendable and redeeming rainbow inspiration  x x x
How's this for a little contrast on the above; I don't guess anybody will ask me which one appeals to me most colourwise?

Hypered Bookmarks by poetpiet; this part of the file came about by accident when I managed to turn the bookmarks on the terminal I was using into an automatically hypered file. Most of the sites overlap some of the ones above and those in commendablinklist.htm don't ask me which ones for now.

search tools    MetaCrawler    the searcher of searchers I use most of the time           AltaVista: Main Page

Files at poetpiet's pages (Dutch and English):     solutions which break uncivilly polarizing centralizations up or open, wether institutionally animated or inertly animatable.    Index of /~poetpiet     priority issues     new links        commendablinklist   random_samples              first part of public insurance and compensation money              (e)co-operatief capitalisme;   Hollandse pagina (Dutch language)              inhoudsopgave met verwijzingschakelklikjes

rainbow related ones:            Rainbow Family Unofficial          A ride share page              A ride share page   (conference facilities)          VWBev one of my correspondents in 98

econolitics    All that bad news nobody much seems able to face; a local search for mary lehmann gets you to her talk at the int. conf in A'dam on basic income.              Progressive Economists Network     part of a huge and good site(PEN-L)     this is their email adress: Archived @ CSF          Home Page (Louis Proyect's Marxism page)              EconoLink Best Economics Links and Reviews              Dead Economists Society (libertarian orientation)              International Journal of Community Currency Research   Pretty good (young) journal with editors like Guy Dauncey who wrote "after the crash" which is the only sensible book on currencies in the now (hopefully not defunct along with the rest of the) eco faculty at the Dutch Ag U; 19 dec 98 the papers in Holland had a report on some academic work claiming Lets causes a centralization of wealth no less than 'real' world systems. Well well....; hoarding as usual and differentiation unsuccesful? Can't believe that quite. But we 'll see.              Local and Interest-Free Currencies, Social Credit and Informal Credit Systems (Roy Davies' site, one of my two reciprocals) Come back soon  This is the place he displays me: current controversies)              Gilder       the memory whole, a libertarian site

sacred geometry        A bit flat but in a few dimensions of his own: Arnold Keyserling: School of Wisdom: Understanding Wisdom and the Wheel         a  couple of Dan Winter related links:  New Idea(l)s and Old Wisdoms Otto Casanova, a new science doctor              Pi The Movie: Enter              and a few Dan Winter pages: Scale Invariant = Perfect Embedding = Gravity = Self Aware              Heart of The Sun: Perfecting Your Auric Hygene         Some less loaded and better laud- and loadable concepts:  a dutchman, well, he is in holland at any rate; hope to meet him soon.              Laurens Lapre's Webpages   Another man who lives and works in Holland and who´s life is an open book (many links too)              George W. Hart --- Index     a long list of, as far as I can judge, non dynamic model builders; here are a few examples:            600-cell cross-section sequence              Henry Chasey's Polyhedra Model Collection        Kenneth Snelson Gallery (6)        Fr. Magnus Wenninger OSB's Website   (thumbnail gallery)      Geometric Sculpture       The Geometry Dividend              Welcome to the Meru Foundation this man wants to stay in a class of his own and credit nobody but dead and unnamed jews it seems...

communimistic-tecnation       Today on HotWired!   Wired Digital: HotWired - Threads      Suck              HotWired Threads: HotWired 4.0 -- Topics                REWIRED              The Robot Wisdom pages Jorn Barger megavoracious Web log)     issues.literateJoyce on the Web: An Index of Resources        Hypermedia Joyce Studies              SocioSite: ACTIVISM - COLLECTIVE ACTION - SOCIAL MOVEMEMENTS - UTOPIANISM A UVA site, the maker of which I haven't met yet              Book of Visions         encyclopedia of social inventions people   This place is turning in to a veritable gem; no longer is the focus and  bulk GB-centric; it's all out gridgumption there!!! Categories there:  Guide - Examples of Links Message Board Alternative Technology | Books | Communities | Culture and Thought | Developing Countries | Directories | Ecological Agriculture | Ecology | Education | Human Rights | Internet | Music | Natural Health | Peace | Progressive Networks | Publications | Search for Information | Solidarity | Spirituality | Various Subjects Personas en Acción: Comunidades Navarra: Comunidades         Working Papers In Communication Technology and Culture -- Index              Interactive Storytelling Tools for Writers              Perforations (Rickels and other heavyweight quoting, Georgian philosophers going crazy on web experiments; their retoric is the perfect mirror inversion of the sort of action that would make a difference; cute as a sort of molecular microcosmogony) Theory Links   Untitled (same as above)              sebold/kristeva  French lady philosopher and a new book of hers: New Maladies of the Soul

first nations              the US Village of First Nations - Main Directory         Four Worlds           Institute for Human and Community Development              First Nations Site Index...      Russell Means...       Holding The Wizard accountable...       SUPPORT INDIGENOUS SOVEREIGNTY!        First Nations Site Index...       Vine Deloria, Jr.,       NativeNet: NATIVE-L subject indices              Europe Mario's Cyberspace Station: Decision Makers' Green Light   Serbia   doCip - Homepage   GLOBAL IVORY TOWER, ICONOCLAST, Y2K              beyond  FACTSHEET ON THE OGONI STRUGGLE              infoe e.V. - Links: Indigene Völker weltweit

start afresh small scale              Tinker's Bubble sustainable village project. Low impact land development              Come back soon (the land is ours; a squat and beautify against all odds movement)              GAVIOTAS : A Village to Reinvent the World              UfaFabrik Berlin - Willkommen !  A German, large urban community              Homelands (some dallying with the concept secession)               Political Justice Book 4, Chapter 4

ecology        Pretty big site. All that bad news nobody much seems able to face; a local search for mary lehmann gets you to her talk at the int. conf in A'dam on basic income.              Index of /~king/Preprints  (collaborative megatext effort  What's Growing On (Seeds of change, New Mexico)              LifeWeb: The Writings of Elisabet Sahtouris  (Megatext site)              Emergency on (Adam Trombley's thing)              trees              Treerelated (symbolically)              David Fideler's Museum and Library              The Robert Graves Society Information Centre            I suppose it is a bit deceptive to place this one in the tree category but somebody is bound say fascinating things about tree-alphabets pretty soon; for other known sites see the commendablinklist under 'treestryease'              Treerelated (practically)              New Forests Project         Sycamore Tower         Auerworldpalast      Arborsmith Studios              Konstantin Kirsch; Was wäre, wenn ... ?; Naturbauten, Gesunder Reichtum, Sauberes und vitalisiertes Wasser, Sanacell Klamath Algen, Rainbow, Orgodynamik und Tantra, Baumwerke, Permakultur.              Corbin's new homepage w/the treehouse and stuff like that!              World Treehouse Association              Forest Voice - July 1994     Forest Voice - Winter 1996              Book of Visions
sight and sound     - Listening Lounge - KCRW       RealPlayer Home Page       Stained Glass and Beveled Glass Gallery      Dennis Kunkel's Microscopy
miscellaneous     in the wilderness (trying to help Iraq) (peacenet, econet, labornet, womensnet, conflictnet)      List of USENET FAQs       Finding Newsgroups and Mailing Lists       Publicly Accessible Mailing Lists -- Index by Subject      rife1.asc      Shockwave      GEOSPHERE IMAGERY       John Templeton Foundation       META: Science and Religion Listserv        International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD; One site out of 90 on the sustainability web ring as per july 99)   resource renewal institute; it has a cute logo showing balls of wools from which a landscape is woven and at the four corners of which a different colour strand leads through and as the balls to the words: nonprofit, business, government and community; they have an, I think, all too great respect for Netherland and New Zealand policy concerning eco-legislation and such. Based in SF, Ca          one good link found at the next site       large text site defending designer drugs and other technocrazy surrogates in the name of, and/or backboned up by voluntarist principles....tragic; a link from the equally strange, maker of which rates this one high; a typically lost angel abuse of accuity and ground loosing loftiness  spouting awry and profaning more decent truths like...sorry found an even better one to illustrate the top class schizoism than the stuff I saw earlier (something about spasms of or on the 'periphery' whatever the fuck it may mean in his terms; perhaps I'll find out after christmas break): "When heaven has been biologically implemented, then the very notion of tampering with our new-won "natural" condition and feeling "drugged" will come to seem perversely immoral. For who would want to contaminate the purity of their ecstatic biological soul-stuff with alien chemical pollutants? Until that era arrives, however, we still need chemical mood-enrichers".....A bit sad no? Ah, it gets even worse (note the abused P's): "...a lot of people will have internalised too many of the life-impoverishing hang-ups of humanity's biological past to contemplate playing a pioneering role and participating in the era ahead - just as misplaced prudery prevents many people from enjoying sex. Yet life, one may think, should climax in an orgasmic celebration of being, not a fatalistic world-weary fade-out...." Tsjees, seems I found a regular follow upper on my poor mysteriously disappeared michael tip Topper. A basket case drug fiend for sure. He thinks one would want to overdose on cocaine, heroin and alcohol cocktails as a pleasurable enough counterpart to one's conception. Stark raving madmanic luciferic smartalecisms!!!
I found one redeeming quality after looking at this site for the better part of an hour: "All men dream: but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dream with open eyes to make it possible."  T. E. Lawrence
It would be well if the idiot took his own quote to heart. To equate any meat consumption with murder and heavy drug use with futuristic daring is beyond poor me the butcher son. But Lawrence of Arabia rules!!!
 I sent him the following mail: I can't believe you haven't included the natty link in your list since you are in Brighton too. I went to their gathering last summer. Leaving aside the positive aspects it was nothing but same old usual hedonist shit heaps stinkin to high heaven with everybody sleeping a hole into the, thereafter too hot to work, day; just like I am used to at the rainbow gathering. If  I should find out you haven't I will become even more ex seethingly mad cause I am  a (murderous?) butcher's son who knows where you're coming from (been all the  way up to fruitarian for a while but retraced my steps somewhat. And cause I call "vergoeilijking', 'verharmlosung' and such tacitly uncritical approval of hard drugs, even if or when and actually, especially when saved for the last moment in life, and suggesting it is similar to sex (on drugs implied?), quite unpalatable and proof of another rave culture victim; a gem of a mind worped by boring bottom base lines, it's a miracle you have such a love for nature left. I mean, how the cluck do you harmonize your infatuation with chemistry which is so far from that of a certain somebody, lurking in my files, by the name of Julius Hensel who certainly shares your interests nominally but manages to not go into and on the artificial, manipulatory cheating stage with it, unlike Dupont I would say..

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