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second priority file: My recent thoughts in english (for my Dutch ones on the subject go to: (includes an explanation of yet another term I've seen fit to coin: Vofelitas voluntarily federated liberation taskforces) on the
Balkan crisis plus Site and List Links; content of this file: Gorbatchov, chechenia x x x list adresses x x x sites x x x my recent thoughts; comments and recommendations x x x next nato flyer text proposals x x x debating ´bully serbs´with a warriornet list member x x x My kind of vision for macro solutions (harmonizing if not fusing Nato with VN and various humanitarian causes) called:big brother tools for little sister x x x serbs have nazi´s beat on the inflation score x x x relevant bits from my earlier priority issues.htm relocated x x x How can proper use of arms outlaw the 'wrong' use of them? x x x bombs in play, babes away x x x snippet from a mail mentioning milosevic x x x  Striking Airstricturesx x x  Handguns versus tanks; majorities vs minorities


Gorbatchov is in the NRC on friday the 8th and doesn´t even mention Russia's war on Chechenia when defending Primakov!!! Have we no sensible leaders with some perspective left???
Proyect at pen-l amongst many many others (wellknown to pietpiets linklist lovers) has posted a Chossudovsky piece (others coming up below) for all "knacktits" to see about the Gulf-war sicknesses already Entering ex-Yugoslavia..... (, it´s the latest in a long line of troll shockers who I´m sure would rather have rockily rolling clockers).

Balkan lists: (well over a thousand subscribers) zamir chat is really great; it beats even pen-l by miles since it lists post sizes and has a brief subject table. (awkward URL though) (this site has multiple laguages including dutch: )

the following 4 adresses are people concerned with and discussing the crisis on nettime (pretty big linklist with anarchist and budding artist inclinations)  From: "a.s.ambulanzen" *victory to the klf! fuck the millenium!* <> (pretty productive and humorous believer in sober form with funny functionality; a surface maximizer and smart too).
"We no longer have roots, we have aerials." McKenzie Wark (Dr. Richard Barbrook, Hypermedia Research Centre, School of Communications, Design & Media; University of Westminster, Watford Road, Northwick Park, HARROW HA1 3TP, +44 (0)171-911-5000 x 4590) (NYC site loaded with artists) (a bulletin board about wars at this site)

Balkan sites (5 at top are new): women human rights group; Budi aktivna, budi emancipirana (B.a.B.e.); bilingual, I was number 6692; one of the twenty links there: (electronic witches) (independent and small media in ex-Yugo) by Peter Makara, a Louis Proyect comrade (see the progressive economist list pannel posters at Communications for a sustainable future where a couple of handfuls of pertinent subjects are bandied about and neatly archived too) finding the same old as ever dirty deals running NATO. Sounding much like the Chinese, Serbs and extremist Muslims (such as some of the ones in London if not those in Kossovo)  (mostly mainstream) (pretty good, in fact massive linklists in Germanbut leading to sites with English and/or Englished texts mostly) (various anti-war efforts)
in konkret heft 99/5; "Logical, radical, criminal"  by Klaus Theweleit (in German)
Der Krieg als letztes Mittel, erwachsen zu werden, oder: Warum die Alt-68er in der neuen Regierung ohne Zögern bereit waren, Völkerrecht und Grundgesetz zu brechen. (news on kossovo)  (Press Now has supported independent media in Albania, Bosnia-Hercegovina (FBiH and RS), Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia
                 (FYROM), Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia (incl. Kosovo and Vojvodina) and Slovenia since 1993.)

http:/// (a great  veteran activist with a great big fat and fantastic page)   (pretty good categorization: chronolog- and geografical) (a stop nato webring with about 100 members) (see also some recent pen-l posts on the IMF) (peace movement aotearo) to the "green light" section for some possibly very realistic yet harsh criticism of the us; I can think of some of my own, like: why does the US defend muslims all of a sudden? Cause Russia attacked Chechenia? Do Middle east oil interest interfere with equal treatment of Turkey with regards to their "provinces"? (large and pretty) (good intro but I never found the cafe)   An extensive slab of text by SS Juka at has a soberly longish view of the wrangles, tangles, folds and jostles in those once green green mountains. (there are lots of peace (in general 'promoting' (all too often empty propaganda, alass) sites listed in my other link files.   a pretty fancy one, with line by line translations (consecutive and continuous with colour differentiation): it also allows you to link to mostly pro-Serbian and anti-Nato flavored sites from around the world with video and audio services here and there.

A hot tip: Recent articles by Chossudovsky
an excellent analyst but not as outspoken on solutions as I
I sent him the following recently: You are cordially invited to a site quite complementary to your expertise: concise, clear and thorough analysis.               Like most people with such skill and an overly heavyhanded emphasis on reality, you but all too rarely escape its taints for a stay with some saints....well I got some waitin for ya at: /intro_to_currency_issues.htm
his documents on Yugoslavia: (KLA financed by Organised Crime)         Mark Jones´s comments and criticisms of THE GLOBAL FINANCIAL CRISIS by Chossudovsky; his site hosts the Leninist international refoundation which evinces a familiar paucity of alternatives to endless criticism).

Here is a criticism of his (Chossudovsky's) sources and lack of workable proposals:

My recent thoughts on matters of coercion and (ab)uses of force:
* for my Dutch thoughts (an explanation of yet another term I've seen fit to coin:
Vofelitas = voluntarily federated liberation taskforces
 go to:
Milosevic is the perfect scapegoat for neo-colonial and imperialist powers that be in the west of which he is the vanguard going it one better and head hotter. The west can conveniently distract attention to and off of its similar but worldwide practices by pointing fingers and guns to this "person who has to be stopped", while gaining evidence for the legitimacy and decisiveness of leadership as a further wool over eye puller bonus benefit.

Hermaphroditically wet dream:   Here are some hints to my type of emergency solutions for this late stage in the game (see my /guest_appearances/ subdirectory for the kind that may prevent these sorts of acute phases): If a quarter of the money spent so far would have been the price put on Milosevic head and maybe another quarter on something more substantial than aireally dropped flyers
(anybody know the text of it by the way? See draft for a new one below) like a powerful radiostation (surrounded by tanks if need be) we would have been closer to doing the type of damage which really needs be done badly (albeit not savagely): c(or)racktion of market share and ´privblic´ rating of the armament industry!!!!!!              Instead the nascent musical rock grinding/wetting/spread-spraying industries can and for the sake of the good aspects of civilization as we now know and as far as we've managed to salvage it, take up that "growth" rate slack a bit (....a whole lot even!!!)  easier than that the damage done now can be reversed.          See the bottom of this file for some more of my reflections on this war.

Can't no goddam price be put on those heads responsible for hyperinflation so some commando arrest those greaseballs and fer crystal sake can´t nobody sponsor all these website making and other media guerilla people?              At pen-l suggestions are made recently that Nato and NGO´s including Amnesty and human rights organizations are co-opting each other. (By the way, pen-l is becoming a more and more exclusive ol boys club and I wonder how much  longer they will tolerate irreverends like Tom Walker. The archive index is completely fucked up when it comes to following threads and such (perhaps due to recent remodelling) and it looks like they have left out the by author choice entirely. Also, still no indication of amount of lines in a post).
Tone setters are now raging reflecting male dominance there as much as at Nato; people like Rob Schaap must be effeminate woozies who overcompensate by combobulating stresses and hottings up around the globe without ever letting on he knows anything about maintenance.
Soros tried to provide the KLA with resources (according to pen-l member) and maybe some of the links above their makers with money to burn, fuel to spend and protection to operate but Nato bombs beliggerently rather than paying the best of them any heed. Milosevic wanted zero victims in Kosovo but his aping great power rhetorics is costing him a few karmatic brownie points right now.
This next post relates to these issues:    ,
>>From: Dave Bleakney <DBLEAKNEY@CUPW-STTP.ORG>    Dear friends, An excellent response so far! Please check for errors and let me know if there are any problems. Otherwise, please continue to circulate and publicise. There have been two slight grammatical changes (one in the title, one in the sentence about TRIPs) which do not change the substance. There will be no further changes under any circumstances.            Please note, that in order to keep this process relatively simple, we have also confined sign-ons to organisations only. There is an excellent geographical spread amongst the organisations signed up and it is important that this is immediately apparent to anyone reading the list. In addition, I personally don't have the time to deal with this
>>additional task. Please can you note this when talking to others.             Thanks.             Also, please remember we can only send updates out if we have e-mail contact addresses. Finally, I have been sent a Spanish and a French translation. I will send these separately for your use. However, I cannot guarantee the  accuracy of the translations. Nevertherless, many thanks to the people who sent them!  The best of luck with your campaigning Ronnie Hall Friends of the Earth.             STATEMENT FROM MEMBERS OF INTERNATIONAL CIVIL SOCIETY OPPOSING A MILLENNIUM ROUND OR A NEW ROUND OF COMPREHENSIVE TRADE NEGOTIATIONS         In November 1999, the governments of the world will meet in Seattle for the World Trade Organization's Third Ministerial Conference. We, the undersigned members of international civil society, oppose any effort to expand the powers of the World Trade Organization (WTO) through a new comprehensive round of trade liberalisation. far so good but here would be the place to start explicating your flavor of empowering trade liber eye other words straight and public bookkeeping..  ..  ..  thanks so much for that impressive and daunting list of co-signing opposers and moratorioters (must have been nearly a hundred) trying to fight big bad bullies. This 'fight' comes down to a shadow one since all the greed mongering parasitically global 'traidtors' have to do is threaten something or other and yall flock to the gropevain to do your valiant do....meanwhile, at grass root level, your hinterland, where the only real differences can be but aren't made since yall aren't ready to outgrow and too busy to overthrow the very effective dis- and extracters we are left with plenti- and very distasteful info about, in the most boring legalese to top it off. What happened to non-violent infectious, creative, sustainable, full time direct action? Show'm how it's done not how and/or why it's better not!!! Secede, emancipate, clean up that much maligned and abused term autonomy. Don't stick your self in stuffy court, assembly and other glamorously suffocating spaces.
"not bad for a dabbler" undo encryption, share knowhow  tame agression spread floured rock for growth dismantle arms, construct grinders

Next NATO flyer text prelimberings: It is said Serbs fought fascism (as always inflation induced) bravely but now they prove to have taken on adversarial traits as winners will.          Challenging and or resisting centers of power, the creepyest of criminal inflators is brave, true, but they can outdo and overcome you as and while you become them well enough. In fact we all exist by the grace of their per coveted aeon and firmament timed clout ((I) see the Bible as an index of such human, all too human and understandable frailty).                     Self preservation is the rooted leg of a cross which doesn´t easily turn into the spoke of a wheel. Hence mayhem, thence havoc (no matter the latter term once meant pretty nice women and trees). All suffer and fall in/down when inflators father fascisms progenitating military rule more likely than not in turn.         Serbs are at the gate and front line of propagation freudig Islam and we should be grateful for that since it obviously takes more than goodwill urging themselves to contain themselves. No matter how much we owe Arab culture, we can´t exclude nor close our eyes to "desertification of the patrist heartland" (forthcoming booktitle by Demeo). A proposal with proportionate resettlements (equal amounts or relocating serbs and their surrounding new neighbours) might be best though it will take endless amounts of estimation, evaluation and haggling.              At the same time Serbs seem to fancy themselves an obvious challenge to the just as chronically (worse only in the sense of more pervasive but certainly not more intensely) ailing allied forces to whose seductive dares they have fallen victim (in as far as IMF practise are responsible for their inflation).           It is not the first time decisions are made by armament consortiums to entice a region to militarism and so close to Europe will promise better fireworks than the boring video arcade on the sleazily feudal side of the rich/poor gulf/divide.              Serbism is an incontrovertibly excellent example for the unforgivable threat: acceleration, rationalizing and accellerating nazism (in fact they have ´m beat already as far as the far from indecisive factor of inflation is concerned). This is exhilarating only to the war industry ("war machine" as Robert Anton Wilson in adaptation from Pierre Clastres calls it in "escaping the 19th Century" a recent and less wildly fantastic than usual book of his (pretty good none the less, I would even say, on the contrary, all the more).       It is mildly put, rationing to their future subjects though which we all were and some still are. We wouldn´t need to bother with calls to mass production of the choiceless imperative kind. All right, so one cross can become say 5 spokes.....let´s see if we may fit a rim on that*
Next NATO flyer text proposal:   Dear Serbs, your dubious doubtful and damaging leader(s) holds and heads the world´s worst inflation records as should be well known by now. May (t)he(y) keep it for ever but let us think about what´s wrong and right it no sooner than when the (p)reflections have ripened.    I have been downplaying the importance and significance of individual and heroic and or devilish action for a good while already. Being a father who´s kids get run away with before they are good and well out of the oven has dented my selfconfidence maybe and the disguised king is always a fav with me.           Rare is the male who rules over his mate even a season especially when averaging all species.     Serbia has long been ruled by a man appointed for life so let´s explore the modern battlefields where the present day digital money caliburs are ammunition  but otherwise all are recognizable as savvy saviour and sooty satan depending on which side of the fence you see them.
Inflation starts hollowing  and emptying out everything of value of itself: value, even before spending it on arms and arms production. A matter of dosage. It is like the difference between a shower and a flood. A lush up and a flush out.  Police forces rescue units, safety nets, securit councils and cities of peace and international justice where just as if not much more international armament expo are held (like in the Hague uncomfortably recent)(could we have had Milosevic on trial there instead?) (that would have taken a VN resolution incriminating inflation which  would be powerless without the support of global  players in banking business).
All get paid by us rich enough to afford a well oiled taxing system meant to buy some protection if not expansion. The IMF, World Bank and Fed Res. have fed this more or less voluntarily coughed up (.....mmmm, less I guess) social money, even if practically extorted, in principle back into national economies, ostensibly anyway but in reality a bunch of black hole riddled private persons sluice it to offshore or inmountain saving, earning, hide-, loan- and layaway accesible with loopy treasure map, card catalog shuffle and telephony trick.            Allow me to illustrate the volatility of challenging collective harms with personal sleighs of hand with some of my own nethistory. You read me now  rather than that grip of spade, axe and saw feel mine bycause I was seduced into feeling I made a difference. The shell poem I gave to an early (96) art site was in fact one molecule in a tradition of exposure the bad old multinational by that name ´suffered´. Even if I fancy to have packed it chockablock with over- and undertones to paradise or rather vica versa, I started from rumination about peter peter poems and pi ratio´s in nature. The ultimate protections to imunize against falling into all multi-, mono- and/or "cultinationalism" faults.            In short: Shell challenges nature, I pick up the gauntlet,  get to choose weapons and let ´m rip! Shell feels tickled and flattered (not at all challenged luckily) by my free PR and the reverse osmotics of occupation, possesion and oppression leave me be the vanquishing souffleur of Shell´s next stage in face saving car(d)go cover flag tricks.              Now here is another bunch of charlatans championing a chimera (merelveld myth) and challenging sound money offers and creation (sorry about the delegation, I should have gone further than just Slovenia, ironically I doused myself in the sweltering summer heat with water scarce right then, from the well of village abandoned since the Nazi genocide). So scope gate me! I confess! Dash me to pieces on the bulwarks and battlements of the IMF, please, I´m done holding up a front and want to stop tie and face straightening do good willies and other do goody gentleman´s agreements, generosities and or deathlike pox of all impotent and dead poopycock-locking stubbornness.           Such perpetraitors know well enough that at the tragic scales we presently pile up, pilfer and or pale under the loftily ideal global moneying which can´t be rushed nor forced, much less do without the scaffolding of broad base peripherally petering, individual, regional, watershedual, racial and all other stages in between. See my guest appearance intro if you would be pleased and or willing to try understand. It already exists  as it always has anyway; I mean, above all, observe and respect natural recipees of fertility and growth. I have come to see manmade monies as merely delegative and surrogatory for the mimick and modelling (dare I say masterminding?) of muddy minerals: go ahead, mull a mugfull.             The social can´t get through the eye of most exceptional individuals let alone the average one even if and/or exactly bycause, at any rate no matter how democratically or even unanymously and consensually we/they are chosen.           Large units and conglomorative body resolutions should include emphasis on giving instructions instead of trying to extract promisis as prolegomena to deeper ones from and within more incisive stuff than that which gets you a paper cut; that´s not to say loans shouldn´t be conditional and revocable.        PS: Telepath provision can be (p)revolutionized with nonobtrusive inservings. Load some cams and go to info war! Can´t we airdrop a bunch??

a post at the  bulletin board called: cease fire to commence ashing including a letter to wamkat and nettime called: fighters this way, peaceniks that           Yes this is not an airy fairy hippy shit post but about the balkan gulf war syndrome repeats  (b)looming (see the post by OBRL on the Balkan's rapidly rising toxicity at
Nevertheless I like to strengthen your vision and resistance first with some grippy fit:
Clean and clearly clever solutions for all too solids so that they tie all to mightily flighty engage agression to size reduce rock and lend roots right of way wherever thus disciplined ballsy braves go (the girls and musicians follow). is the latest file I am tinkering with in my function as cleaner at Punchline pioneering where they call me pale pal piet:

Forwarded Message DATE: Tue, 13 Apr 1999 10:00:19  To: subject: reacquaintance via nettime and an invite: I wish we could chase all inclined to fight into the fray and entice 'm with a load of their favorite hardware (other than the just too toxically hazardous kinds). I wish we could sluice refugees to all parts of the world (preferably islamic regions for the mostly islamic displaced). I wish we could thus end up with a pile of corpses  soon ploughed under to fertilize the fields and a heap of scrap metal to start making rock grinders.    In the most recent Groene Amsterdammer I read that instead of protecting minorities and allowing them to carry on their own (in surrounding majority eyes offensive) ways most conflict resolvers benefit  more from the fit in or get out and no guarantees tactics. A reversal of sorts. Just as the Nato announces no goals but all methods clearly. Perhaps it is a manifestation of the still all too dearly wanting psychological insights concerning the "step at a time" approach. And indeed, on nettime which I took a good look at for the first time today, the suspicion crept up on me that a lot of impartial/amateur and other flavors of do gooder commentator/instigator/referee types sling concepts which grow a corresponding amount of guilt/fingerpointing more sweeping (and broodingly, suffocatingly, oppressively, constrictingly conspirational and feverish) the less these people work within their means and tackle the nearest fucking rubble heap in their own neighbourhoods.             Not that I do not like to look at the matter in a broader and century spanning perspective. Bottom line is: the west shows that the leadership status is untouchably taboo. They'd rather attack supporters from the lowest rung on up, the order following soldiers, than offer them better and fairer terms after the manner indicated in my   guest_appearances/Beckerath_on_peacemaking.htm
And just to show that this by hook or crook sacred cow can demand, justify and direct the sacrifice, mobilization, form, function and whatever other way our silly 'follow the leader' herd mentality support allows it to mutate and muster us into monstrous masses, we (the west) allows, nay, needs, nay, verily creates the big bad booger man with clout enough to give cause for a grand hype arms bazaar.             The bully boys throughout islamic and white western realms are hereby cordially invited to travel to the front and do each other in till there are none left, if they run out of arms before we reach that clean slate state (after which attention must be payed bully babies are not left to flex their by nature pervy will on inferiors such as women or contemporaries; they must receive the best education and be shown how indispensible their inspirations can be for the ankurbelung, aanzwengeling and whatever that translates to in english, of the chain of beings in the simplest shapes of specky tickle <see elsewhere on my site>) they will be supplied with handily sized rocks to heave after and into each other's skulls to finish the job.      PS. I enjoyed talking to you at the Polish Ecotopia. I had that painted sheet up in the tree remember? come see my site       PS 2: you may forward this to nettime if you like. I don't know how to post there unless this does the tricks.           ps3 what do you think of Michel Chossudovsky?

This next exchange lived in the third file recording my encounters at the warriornet as a listmember there for a brief spell  (mostly due to Proyect although he calls my writs and wits abominable being a good enough reason) but I thinks it best be holding up here.

On Thu, 18 Feb 1999 18:53:15   Black Hawk wrote:   Today, the United States, Canada, and Great Britain have allied forces setting their sights on Kosovo.                --here we go again, some fulmination from somebody who sounds like he doesn't have  much better to do beyond echoing sensationalized disgust. Here is a tip for you. See if you can give a more level headed and local perspective next time. There will be a mixed navo force aiming at targets in Serbia which I prefer over making the poor of Kossovo suffer even more (PS (april 99) Not only at the hands of Milosevic and co but  by bombing it!! Talk of which was abounding at the time). Anyway, here is a whole heap of eyewitness stuff with plenty of fingerpointing to imperialism to boot. You will like it.; I was visitor 222762 to this 400+ pages with a taste of war. I wouldn't be suprised if none of 'm offered, demonstrated or even cited attempts at any sort of solution (let alone blabsolution :)
Subject: bully-serbs          Date: Sat, 20 Feb 1999 10:59:43 -0000; On Fri, 19 Feb 1999 10:33:43   Black Hawk wrote:Piet.....Who are you or anyone else including the U.S., Canada and Great Britain to dictate your beliefs and standards upon anyone else? The war in Kosovo is THEIR war, let them fight it ! The United Staes supplies both sides with weapons to create instability and chaos, and then tries to impose their will upon these people. Their problems have nothing to do with he US, Great Britain, or Canada, and these "bullies" should keep their noses out of other countrie's business.              If biggest players (commanding better resources) are by definition bullies all is indeed lost. But I like to think and aim intent otherwise. I prefer to focus on that most profitable set of rules that will prevent bullies becoming big bullies (In nature an alpha dominant focuses a lot of attention upon itself and has a lot to answer for; it flexes its muscles either way, for good or bad, by hook or by crook); education is the key.           Nonimposing subtle guidance is best since culture worsens or softens the raw motives. A kid with "impactpulse" (good term ain't it; wonder if that will go into history as a poetpietism) will love crunching rock when it wakes well rested and full of beans; if it is pointed out the effects in the chain of events and on the chain of beings it will get firmly embedded in exertions for all life of the common good.                 Unfortunately this stage is now long past for those Teutonics in uniform whipping and breaking the hides of a bunch of Slaves, an old story indeed. The book I was on about in recent posts called "the unique and the universal" has a chapter about Herder who sang the praises of folklore and collected it. He had no qualms about tribal arrogance and would call it pride instead but he never focussed on expansive ones so much either (not in the first half of his life anyway; perhaps he had to legitimate his wanderlust but I don't know enough yet to gel that statement). Slaves are just not imperialistically inclined (not by comparison anyway).             A bully can only be stopped by somebody skillfully handling bullymethods even though their heart is not in it so to speak. Taking away their self-determination can cause rage and resistence only if it is not done swift and decisive enough though. Of course it should never be done without offering an alternative; that's why I admire Bth's elisions, temptations and lures for soldiers to desert in favor of a more productive life so much.              Bullies are notoriously good at the I hate myself but won't admit it 'game'. They proyect (oops, hem;) what they refuse to file in with stuff they can 'in all decency' own up to only to 'invest' others with it and then sanctimoniously fighting it there. Only good for big, somewhat chaosmic, multiply partitioned and highly compartmentalized minds with some nastily elusive bottlenecks in it here or there, you know, the ones 'till death us part' applies to (if (the gods, goddesses and mixtures thereof forbid)the genetic engineer's army of mad professionals don't get there first). All indoor activity is stale.               Break the bullies mirror over the bullies head and he might end up seeing what he selfpreoccupationally blocked out. He will find out that what he thought was shining at him was what backed him up and that what he thought put him in the shade was he shielding himself from reception..... well praps more later......8888***88888888 Date: Sat, 20 Feb 1999 11:21:37 -0000; Subject: Re: Gloomily Black Hawk: This "new world order" agenda is perpetrated by those who wish to deprive others of ALL their personal and human rights to advaance their own class of people.             I have treated the border ordering for new earth rock grinding/polishing and dust wetting/spread/spraying within my files exhaustively. Borders need fattening up again so you don't cross 'm with all the dangers thereof but get lost to wonder and amazement in 'm!!!!!!!             Get a little more experience, see war first hand, and stop looking through those rose colored glasses, or pretty soon, YOUR freedom will be gone, and you'll have no one to blame but yourself.                Black Hawk           I 've had noone to blame but myself for a long time all ready and the shit only gets deeper as only lonely trees grow taller    after this the language gets insulting a bit but go see fer yerself        (especially if you think I deserve it)

big brother tools for little sister      permanent forum suggestions about precision in parity and proportionality Similar thoughts worked out in Dutch: /recente_gedachtengangen.htm
Some thoughts about how to move the indiginous rep-rap presence and investment with authority forward: Public records shall be kept. Public records shall be kept publically. Public records shall be kept, made and keep on being made public.       Authority over and responsibility for the pentagonal assets shall be transferred to a counsel of elders; one each from each tribe or federation of 'm if they manage to agree on one for all and all for one.           They will all be given and taught how to use the highest tec stuff, (so they don't have to go and be cooped up in stuffy, too tiny rooms just cause and/or especially when some irate brothers in selfabsorbing, alloverriding crisis  are occupying the very place they hope to get a say and seat in), so they can stay home amongst those they represent (and their watchful eye I might add) instead of in some sad metropolis with  weird vibes. All their deliberations can be followed live at all times of  livecam-convening. Their village, tribe and/or regional faction members are all allowed to contribute and must receive due credit when they do.           Results aimed, hoped, worked and if need be fought for:  The world divided into old prenational tribal grids communicating globally in an unencrypted (language barriers are hard and tempting enough obstacle/ quarantine/ fracture and cleavage line to respect and play with), nonbiassed, impartial way.               Hearing someone defend the bible code made me aware of how crooked our use of such an apparantly honest science as statistics really is.
>Brainstorming for a remedy: Monitors can be cast by lot perhaps, lists of volunteers kept handy. Free lance turfer/tabulator/predictors after plugging away for a while can gain standing when their publicized records are verified; thus their turfing is rewarded and/or subsidized according to retrospective accuracy by the general public rather than allowing them to one way or another influence the future and cash in big once they manage to 'bug' it succesfully.

These next sections have moved here from the earlier (winter 98) priority file: (the first 2 are copies, the rest cuts).   The crux of paradoxes during the cold war:  Generally aiming to hint at ways which will help autonomize min(- and at the same time (as well as maj)orities; given that most recent army moves are 'provoked' by small modestly armed minorities (who show signs of fending for themselves and having 'grown (back) up'), rather than greed and unreasonably ruthless cruelty, and that the complementary rather than competitive tides between (mental) conglomerations and (physical) break ups can turn (their attenuating attention) to easing of flow rather than to freezing, a  braid into coherent focus for all concerned is immanent, simpler than (and yet when) one thinks, transcendent, sublime, uncanny, coming up......
topics featured:  How can proper use of arms outlaw the 'wrong' use of them? In other words: How can one learn to act on the crux of paradoxes, tide turning versions from per- into everything but.
Paradoxes abound in life; they 've got stuck together into mandala art for a while already. In real life and time all and every labyrinthine, peripheral initiative can be complemented by an undistorting, merely inventorizing turf tab station of central arborescent registry and categorical collation. Establish and maintain a balance of power so nothing happens except an arms race with all of its secrecy, submission/distinction and consumptively imbalanced ghostliness. Or maybe you better read gravity's rainbow by Pynchon (took me four times twentyfour hours only); it is a different approach to Caputi's work on the psychology of rocketry. A postmodern (possesed 'modderen' (means mudding)) version: Snitch on, pirate and/or share advances and resources to ega-, equa- and neutralize.
The steady as she goes traditional way: leave plenty of free for all not any one man's but belonging all beings land to allow overlap and tolerance.
bombs in play, babes away:  Why bomb Kosovo; is it not suffering enough yet?
http://csf.Colorado.EDU/lists/pen-l/oct98/0184.html  Bomb a worthyer target (All it will take is a convincing threat to execute, liquidate or call to justice): the human personification and chosen leader (impersonator of perverted principle) of hordes harbouring intolerances and grudges. Set an example, aim a bomb at Milosevic's personal, representational and theatrical self and after he resigns (nobody is going to stick his own neck out if punishment is factually imminent) at the next in command and if necessary, the next and following ones after that....all this if threatening to doesn't solve the problem right there. All too often a mere change of face and promising personality change instead of sets of principles ti(d)es over (yet perpetuates) an impasse and status quo. So to forstall such a chain of resignations and changes of minds, hearts and hands (due and duely credited to sudden awakenings of consciences of course) unaided and not stimulated by no goddam golden hand shakes either.       "In the climate of despotism some solitary virtues may spring up. But, in the midst of plots and conspiracies, there is neither truth, nor confidence, nor love, nor humanity". Godwin, 'political Justice'           Surveillance is fed by heavily protected pretentions; eye candy derives flavor from respect and trust.
about milosevic:  Not abducting/arresting Milosevic is full proof to me that heads of state (with or without impenetrable intelligence) mutually con- and affirm each others negotiation, authority and not in the last place pawn positions to which sacrifices are inherent. Proud parades of the clever chasing the simple and earthy (who cling to life in that for power mongers, with their egos in diamondlike toughness and strapping stages, incomprehensible way) over the clingcliff en masse anonymous- and enmitously.              Atavistically appealing to an heroic era with echos of 'm and some overtones to biological law thrown in pulls the wool over all eyes on the incredibly invisible hand sweeping every sign of independence before it to get at what lurks beneath; slabs and serves are as expendable as outdated if not written off hardware.           Manuel Frank wrote "Das kalte Herz" about the mining mentality to help understand interests in the search for incorruptible target training but did he realize that?
Striking Airstrictures:  Air has struck the ancients as symbolic for mental processes and principles   Desirable Rules to follow when attempting to prevent events from turning to air strike necessities      1:Recommend and if necessary impose the training and keeping of public eyes on armies and their movements, aiming to eventually deliver all of them to well mediated scrutiny. Lenses that multiply your presence and actions should be big enough reward and wages for the influential, powerful and public/media leadership callings. No lack of eyeballs and unpolished opinions insufficiently fed so far. What would you rather watch: Clinton on (consciously not even circumscribing, relativating (common 'verbalization in Dutch) nor touching yet scruplelessly evading) his clutter of clits or Milosevic and Holbrook (I for one would like to know if he is the last straw 'holy break' or just another 'hollow brook')
The days of suprise army moves are over, at least for armies in Nato format and their use of violence is only acceptable after ample warning upon repeated provocation. Timelimits and frames should and can not be set at quite a tight tolerance though; from first warning to first strike need not lapse more of it than a couple of weeks. Actions other than constructive ones are then, as always, evidence of communication skill hiatuses and breakdowns.
Handguns versus tanks; majorities vs minorities
Kossovo, Tyrant Milosovic has pro ethnic cleansers who call themselves (oh anti-epiphany of epitomous perverts): volunteers! They involuntarize and are not forces that free. Is he trying to please Nato or are both parties nudged (by powers that be plenty (lavish) and do nothing (lavishing)) and/or ordered to force the invisible hand of creative destruction a little in order to prime the (p)(re)start(up) (albeit jumpily) of a new round for that devil's game: innovative turnover.              I can think of an airstrike I like: illegal broadcasts a la 'Atlas shrugged'; mainstream media are too busy getting their heads around the thrillingly offending bits of Joyce's working, waking and warking scenarios to tackle anything quite as old hat as bloody war.   We superior US citizens stoop no more. We award ourselves Isolationism of family affairs no matter how fractured cause the failure to evoke global gratitude is even more painfully backfiery. Check the hard hitting and working, large site, linked to below, the particular file includes parts of a  UN Commission on Human Rights Thematic Reports: - Use of Mercenaries - Special Rapporteur's Report, E/CN.4/1995/29, 21 December 1994. This site is interestingly anti USA(very I might add)

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