meaning of and strategies for technology (tekno = engender)
About: Rationality, bottomline biospheradicalities,  the aims of my invention and innovation proposals,
philosophical thought with eutopian roots, radically thoughtful eutopics. Some fragment titles and titled segments:  Nailing the hailed splendour, long ailing decline and perhaps now failing patrist predicament pinpointingly. x x x  pound for ground tie us over the rounds x x x  quarternaceous cli mate minting tec knowow x x x  banking secrets, subsoil secretions and subconscious x x x  rock bottom begun flowerpower x x x  buoyant '58 kevlar/organooplast buckyball x x x  storm's edge riders sow dust to harvest sun on a swirl of cloud x x x  spiritlags from jetdrags have and give heart to holdfierce windburns and -bags x x x  do time, do it right x x x  indeepandthence x x x  don't touch the deeply deceptive Dutch decency front x x x  earthy orange and mercurial, i.o.w. Dutch at its very best x x x  Amsterdam acoustics x x x  reason-season x x x  a closeknit pack is tough to hack tecknow
Select sources for  THINK-THANKFULLY REPAIRED INSTINCT ANCHOR HANKER; vital strategies for conducting and engaging agression constructively:  (1) Whole Earth Review and  Catalog,  27 Gate 5 Rd, Sausalito, Ca 94965, (1) Buckminster Fuller, (Fuller Institute, 1743 S La Cienega Blvd, LA 90035, USA, intricacies of structure and energy balances, a cosmologist) Piet Bouter, Abbekesdoel 44, 2971VB Bleskensgraaf, Holland (that's me, lets see where how and when we overlap(top)); CAT, Centre for Alternative Technology, Machyntleth, Powys, SY20 9AZ, Wales, UK; a showcase of an exhibition, park and community combo
Welcome to the future flour(y) pow(d)er fostering; potentially fastest and already (for sure) the most solid(ly formatted) prose-poetry on earth: about 7 Megs spread out across over 88 files(averaging over 88 K'z colourful concept- harmmonized and hyrarchical wordsequences, including 4 megs worth of images, even) worth of contextual BLABS =Bottom Line Aphoristically Ballistic Solutions  which will (dis)solve all uncivilly polarizing centralizations,break up and open (c)lumpy niches and lumpynesses,wether they be institutionally animated or simply, inertly dormant(yet animatable),by pushing the logistic limits (to light) inventively, notably those (rocks) constraining vertical metabolisms (of trees).
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Nailing the hailed splendour, long ailing decline and perhaps now failing patrist predicament pinpointingly:  Most people's propensity to describe problems and paint dismal pictures of the mechanisms in question taken to extremes, i o w: to steady as she goes consequences, may not have the avowed Jewish mother-vaccination function of deterence and avoidance from defying and venting dredged up fear, instead this may feed and empower threats real or imaginary, which makes one gravitate to them. So perspicacity in a satyrical or cynically humourless way can formulate and point the finger to defeatist scenario's that helpless, hapless a- and sympathy soaks up all too willingly. Exposing subconscious content in such a way is very prevalent, nearly even ubiquitous in one way communication systems, tools of tyrants as Gilder so aptly phrases it in: life after television, a book about modern media, much in need of complementation, however good already. We must now add, intersperse and offer alternatives, counterpoints and reversal argumentations of promise, premonition and empathy filled provision if we are to entertain any hopes for betterment.       Logo-phallo-law must provide potent pestles  to turn rock into substrate for life's vessels.       Willfully wrenched wages were won with purely desired and/or co-in-spirationally perspired for, twisting ball and chain - clang - twang - bang - gang chores, wrested from inanimate core-stores for more choice and choosy mores of time's nicks, nacks, nooks, cracks and cranny niches, to pay tribute to thus limberly remembered forest floors.       Join the tensile prevolution and telepute the compre-henceforth no longer just empty promise of technology, the root thereof  is tikto, meaning engender, in other words construct sexy tools.       Pounds for grounds tie us over the rounds:  Adress to the precious ladies and gents of "the quarry",  at CAT (center for alternative technology) in Wales: Here are some of my kind of crisscross word puzzling equideliberations, hark now to these exults and rest as sured of at least some few minutes a b musement from my at worst bewilderingly outlandish, familiarizatious dead of night labor.       The seashore gravel I went to pick up has become lots more flowgrow fluent, a portion was pounded to dust and now stays suspended in water all night, ready to soak up sunshine. Tis good to break inertia and lousy habits, so they are ready to catch the fresh waves.       I am using an improvised mortar and pestle type hardware much like an inverted churchbell and knobbed rod for the moment, but hope to design more miraculous ways (chappie 4 line really).       Rock seems to me to be the crux of good and evil both, the climactic touchstone and stumblingblock; crush, spread and water it, expose this whole, complemented spectrum of ashlike oxides to the reducing action of light, so it becomes fuel presto plus pronto ! !!   !!!         Incandescent and other rad waves waft our way from all corners, nooks, crannies and black holes of the universe to help set some growth in motion, responding to which by means of matching biology's modest demand with reductable supply is the ennobling act and art of humble consciousness.       Quarternaceous climate minting tec know how (ch 6 blue preview):   Humanity's seemingly obsexcessively monopolizing and isolationist mechanisms are rather perfectly in step and tune with nature's, really; they participate as extension of or even alongside her equivalents: the wrench-kin-lingks of grand common d(en)omination better known as glaciers, and one of their center stage cues is the majestic lushness of climax foliage taking leave, its credit leached down to the bare boney rocky sea bottom line, it falters and finally becomes exhausted when the current of fresh, raw, dry materials coursing through living biomass at high (macro)tide have ebbed, shrunk and washed out for the most part, the wet counterpart oxides no longer find root- and foothold of receptive soakups yet come and travel in great throngs due to carbon escaped from its compounds and chasing the masses of clouds up and around  more violently. Weather gets driven by and to extremes (Schauberger thought our deva- and deforestating evidence of civilization actually makes us lose a lot of water out to space). Finally the oxide fronts are segregated, rigid and tensed up as the clear and murky siblings get ready to meet, clash, grind and crash, fract and gnash rough- and rowdily though exceedingly slow and long before all mingle mellowly again, coming back together in colours and scents thanks to this inherently freeing friction mechanism...      Banking secrets, subsoil secretions and subconscious (see 2L also):  Meanwhile our idea of credit creation is bleak poppycock, expedient greed, nothing but bloat, leach and hot air biomassively speaking, failing or at best falling far behind in the sustaining mimicry game  even while getting ahead with the debt dependence creed and blame,  it extorts and -horts fresh wage slaves to hustle bustle after a runaway (bio)time we owe to an often not even hypothetically abundant future. What diabolic synchronic display of reactionariness in fast and slow, animate and relatively lifeless, both stark contrast servicing status quos of mineral and mental inertia, speaking of which, lets go on excursion upriver a bit; well, we never were good anticipaters nor keepers of time in our stuck up western world, not even and actually if and when you, or I rather, think about it, especially not in Switserland, another western country of schizoid symbolism covering up and keeping secret illegal and speculation profits, which also produces more bio- and lifetime killing than such keeping devices, besides, even the mere production waste of these body and soul damaging substances keeps the grim reaper busy and Nether Lands washed up, out and in none too clean trouble, presumably to try contrast, flout and put to rout primordial.                     Secretive secretions like most life threatening chemicals for junkies and sprayplanes to load up on are in service and thrall to monopolies of all sorts except the kind that is costing the perpetraitors themselves only. This is an in- and externalized reflection and residue of the runaway senselessness and unassociability of a signifyer potency that surpasses its own and employer's good. Such is the status of hardly ever well enough considered and even less understood (except by Beckerath et al) monopoly money (Ask a Dutchman and he will answer: "isn't that the most popular game after ousting the one called: humans, do not aggravate thyself"?, a simple treadmillgame with 0 choices). All this accompanied, covered for and mirrored by a worldwide first aid organization that mops up ensueing bloodfloods, preferably caused by natural calamities like war.       All our abstract(ing) genius acts as lid and varnish pressurizing our tectonic subconscious into grotesque mani-festering; we have come up with an arsenal which is useless and far off the mark, beyond the pale, scale and scope needed to manipulate minerals in the very same old simple natural way they seem once again due to be, as one can gather from not entirely no non-(con)sensual and questionably quirky if not quaint quarternarian geologists.      Rockbottom tool and toy around:  There is no rush like a crush for shelterbelter homesteadying fun, not till then has it been good and well done begun. Time to forge the keys that clue into the crux of the matter, find all fallen angel fugitives that never gunrun themselves down, with the mercifull and justification searching light of the sun under who's rays every softened surfacial rock can become sentient instead of remaining rigidified dampers of tensile globulacrity, so do be rough enough and leave much space where there was none before your redeeming depenthousing heaves and cleaves.       We strain the never yet seen dust right quick and most just through ever finer and finally finest screen, in due rainbow time  't will turn to the fruitful flex from bubbly slime to carefully coat and cover the crust, paralelling reanimation of dried, brittle and frozen emotion when we find the pain and push ''n lose it along with frazzling from 'insults' and isolation from secrets for the bounce  lively fluster that are war-raw's, time-emit's and evil-live their reversalized regreening) wages wrenched from the depths of death's inner and outer bluster.       Buoyant '58 buckyball made with kevlar:  Command plus resolve minus means makes a cry for help. Spin and span, snap and strap to frame all flappin banners, waving firla twirl weavings and flopping pageant flags into peaceful gear.       I will build frisky disks and sailobiles to brave and bridge some more lumpyclump time to smooth the kinks and hook the links.       In my daydreams I ride the stormtides in a '58 Buckyball, the original airsuspended superbia, not the modern miniscule  mockery and ridiculing miniaturized diminishment.        Remember Hitler's unarmed peace propagating pageants; with those thousands of flags; had they been clear organoplast sheets zipperable and poles link-lockable  together, they would have come close to fleshing out the frame up of Fuller Buckle-Balls; in 1995 some artist covered the Reichstag in some sort of silvery fabric but I am afraid it won't get off the ground and fly very well yet either.        Launch pads to float bubbles; veritable spinning discs with museumlike miniature microclimes of choice to allow each of all worlds with wildly wide differences as big a reference as indexed diversification (=charisma) takes to end up in catalogs which offer aids to crush rock, organize gridlock as most thoroughfares at gapbridging remote control and tractabilitateous will.       Our love for rocks evolves from projectiles, tools, millstones, mortars and pestles, bricks, blocks and geomeritorious preciousness via rockets to 'weightless' buckyball greenhouses.       Stop judging, start justifying; stop condemning, start condoning; stop ignoring, start accounting. Unfreeze our dreams which are wound, bound and banned to the dark, spell and spin them into view so they feel moved by the breezy winds of the light changeful, lest y'all forfeit your chance to store a bunch of bundled sunshine beams in every floaticle by keeping its glare daring lense trained on it for some care sharing at a late date.       Work towards dayly (diamond)  jubilees of such lense capped bubblebowls receiving the sun to turn rock into root hairy terminals so the gently gene rated meet their damely radiants.       You may quench all kinds a thirsty rock  after you render it far less dense. Aim the bundled beams caught in a suntracking lense. at a dark and moist mudsoup suspense, if ever you need a heatstoring steam source in a solar balloon.       Most graciously spacious time:  Should we send rockets into space or spacelets into rocks, can we pour water into rocks to fuel their rigid clocks, can you feel and fend for food from proper trees?        The case for space put in its place; in the age that goes on stage to turn over many a darkened page  and  set a fresh chewzable metaphysics pace,  we will see it personate and personify and extravert the expressionless but most momentously ex- and impressionable inert, the source of presently dwindling, more and more dangerously uncommon, crummy and fertile dirt.       Marblous breathing space-ships ship space through marble merrily.       Make room where none was found before, allow space where life could use some more, have such thought for the morrow and follow-uppying generations, as may clue us into this now you see me, then you don't, spectacular carousal again.       Bucky balls are roaming domehomes.       Turn the cataclatastrophic corners to close the circles,  weave the high tensility metal spheres and spin the spirals.       Construct rotegrity spheres that shrink and swell with telescoping extremities to clamp onto treebranches or rocks so you can climb up onto and down from them while the BB bubble barely clears their crowns and hovers overhead.       Preview of chapter 4:  The simple octahedron can be (re)composed from a blend of eneagram, david star, swastika, cross and various other symbols.       Bucky's posthumously published book has some diagrams about what all you can do with an octahedron; make it breath!        Put bearings and slightly triangular wheels on 4 axes through the paired paralel faces, they will all turn in harmony, what wonderful mills we may make with that principle !       I want to build a Buckykite with a bite to take out what all too tight in the face of that caressing unpossesing blessing of heaven sent, earth bent and bound for us to catch it, sun.       Ply the explicit-izen trade of Jerusalem (possesion of inner peace to take wherever you go primarily) everywhere,live the story of peace meal millwilling moving a stout bout of fold out clout about in the key of dower powerful Peter  tensilated  banners and spin the squeeze  filterer with its multi hub axes.       Let us chug and churn a turn away from hard hearted defiance  and head for cuddly edification regarding strategic minerals; go from weaponries to livingries as Bucky phrased it, design musical percrussion ware which soaks, reduces, suspends, and dissolves the easily found mineral fund fare chockfull of essential traces that quint and keep  the lines of life's essentials up and cycling at funda- and elementally specie specific paces.       Where is the mobilizing blimploppy balloony rubball bubble? ? ?? In the land of my kind of depent-vent-ment solutions where creatures sustained by the animated rock we helped draw first breath exist; there where it is no wonder when we are given their last.       I wanted to ride my motorcicle but not be in a pickle so as I, whilst and while I spun a trail of exhaust, I dreamt up the following scenario: a wished, prayed and sweated for fragrance finding troll- and diamond fueling (fossil carbon friendly that is), imploder floaticle makes smoothly undulating tracks through rocks like a truly rocking roxide crutsjer, a shining life lubing slitheruzoo founding foragable forests in its high polish wake.       Trace, track, rate and quote the state of the arts scores on human plight, right, duty and pleasure affairs, for instance the deep ending, dispensing and full fil- a-mental root hair dary truths, their raw material uncloyment aid- and abetting toy-tool implementation, and the micro organism counts as a per person portion rate deep down under inside the mile wide Fullerite mobile floaticle dome communities. These future lifetime-weaving score and record updates from the perpetual olympics are hits to the solid historical body, subtle points lost on the present existentially volatile corposocio, and omens from the naturally weatherwise timishness. Beamball and boombox, work in and work out with vertexes tensiled tout, rooting and shooting the breezes through multi micro acclimaxteassized rock for fit feed fed and fostered in the fruitful floating greenhouse, live limbs stretching throughout.       The storm's edge rider called Jesus comes (with)(in) a Bucky ball.       The homey tricks of misty flicks will use the clouds of searching sorrow to wet what lurks in deadly drought below, but will perk us up tomorrow.       All rocks are born through space and some choosy few not just inertly.       Those of their descendants who know where they are coming from will reciprocate and bear space through rock (tame the spice).       I make my kind of room breezing gleefully right through the thick of death. Those who used to flock to the totempole, to free us from tasteless tattoos,  can now gather rocks around the potent tool to dissolve all their taboos.       Spiritlag and jetdrag have and give the heart to hold  some fierce windburns and -bags:  Innit a shame to use up more and more oxygen without the mine, crush, sprinkle and dab of some reducible but as yet rocked up oxides to replace it? Growth per sweat could allow us to eat their evolvals after rain and shine ripening time.       I chart, plot and plan a shine and polish show of slaking rock's thirst for fine finish and animation on the go.       This wholesome plantgrant, hail,deploy and wassailment move tedious time with a reverent rev- rouse rhythm and rhyme mining mime.       How long before a fold forks to fit many inside one brain and how much can you unpack and stretch a rock, how circumstantially complete can you bring to bear fast and loose pressure pointy rhythms with and for more substantiated and internally spring-tensilated nitrogen and its to zanily wired tendons tending, fluidly structured crystal?       Images of full engagement in freeing pent up inertia will be a hit but not for a while, so far it is make shift, beleave and do with slightly out of focus, symbolized or partial and mostly sub-, ob-, re- and perverted versions or hints of such a tactfully decompacting act.       Highest and deepest ambitions must get greatest funding some day, but ending scarcity is too far beyond imagining for most people much of the time.       Coax all stray restraints back to life from uselessly extreme, inert identification with the hard heart of matter's rocksolid bottomline fundamentalism.       Follow some fellow's exemplary focus,  someone who's money goes where mouths are and reversa vica.       P Stretch, squeeze and wet that skinless kin, filter that trans- and interspiradiation. Pass out pieces of personal post parchment from purses of peace underfoot.       Do time, do it right:  Life is not a question of what time will bring to bear on me, but one of what time I will bring to bear on life and bear life on. Will I bring time to bear on time on time, and what sort of time?       The assimilable thresholds of and for freedom: unstuck rock which with water makes for sumptious  muck  to wind up every living clock.       You too can really heal, deal and do time a good turn if you feel called upon to act and speak up on the following ground of lifecycle stimolution; stone flouring: cont-ent-erta-in-crement-able and tender pre-sen-tien-tation of tactable redoxductiles.       Fringe fraction and free up crew skirts life's bottomline edge, not too far out on a ledge nor cluelessly engrossed, they wield a stout wedge  into the crux of the matter with the aid of a borderopening sledge.       Time comes clearer as is gets dearer to the mint mold minder and nearer to his hint hold grinder which emits time's tints for a stint when told to grow kinder.       There is no speedy end to the gyrations that a set of cooled bearings made of ice would make, telescoping past into future and reversing other vice.       There is a right time and way you may be out there between sun and moon,  got to have some  filters ready to rootable rock and riddle it rootfriendly  as soon as one is not merely out there to have fun and be a loon.       Any time they try mess with your rhythm and prick you with a clock, just tackle tactics a little smarter, that is how you beat the flock,  you can never be too rough though, when it comes to previve time, rock is chockful of it enough to grow and make every form of life acclime, pick up some watertight photosynthesis blocking inertia, give it a pop, hear it crackle like breaking ice and glass, then water it, after the thorough punch and very soon some lowly queendom's subjects will come by to munch a lunch.       Serve no cause of reactionary struggle with animate power, but lovingly squeeze the inanimate kind to aid diversification.       Don't fight the power that knows to fights back, love the power that shows a slight lack, that might, did, will still and shall ever respond to presence of mind again.       Now that we see through rock real clean, a dash, a pinch, a puff, a cloud of shimmering sheen which brims with all sorts of fresh dust specks, ready to wash down with rain and get done up by shine real nice,  springs off in-time-mated to colourful sugar and spice,  refractometer- and measurable with a 75 dollars worth "brix" reading handtool from Acres USA, that's how we now come clean and green.       I guide some branch fusing growth for a living cause it's lovily lively as only biotexture can be.       Guide a growing tree so your whole family may start climbin' in sociable status too from and for 'praising even earlier ancestry, you 'll help it hear its birdies chimin', while you grub, dig and see to the freshness of rejuvenant nitgrit slimin' with your healing breathdealing hands laid on inanimates, those much belated, little predated, less dilated, ever unslated, least overrated bits of witsy-gritsy for reason and rhymin'.       Put your hose to a border budger, the full fledged g rating grindstone for some small yet significant change misting to help the sun suck some scents. Gravity update; be most gratefully rewarded for your efforts where there isn't any animate content at all just yet, receptackle and expose to put space in (can't take space out, there isn't any yet, remember?).       Indeepandthence:  We need to have re-pre-sent-i-mental values of edible pride, homegrown with hearty hardihood we owe and own the right to bring to bear living arms,  covered by a multiply cozecuddle snuggle skin that lets all it can handle and needs right on through or in, this is how we must begin  to stretch the ties that bind and loose the noose to touch and spread slightly hidden and potential wealth within our reach.       Rock can feed all it's cracked up for to heed every living need.            Air is crosscontinentally capacitous and subtly psychic, inter-regional and most local common carrier of fragrance and truth or stench and lies, this ever buoyant prime and tensile ingredient of life is meant to enter the windy ways of local wormholes, lungs and marble to give them life, limb and breath.             Lets help making all this work to improve globally fruitful weather. Screwing air right through earth's solid crust is traffic right side up.       Earthy, orange and mercurial, i o w: Dutch at its very best:  A certain custom of commercial and emotional traffic in danger of extinction can be measured by the degree of popularity the Dutch touch enjoys; "kijke, nie kope"(they look, but seldom buy) a characterization decided upon by the whole of the third world with eager hopes of sales and tips skimmed from the obvious affluence, where this perhaps merely Dutch, but there as well as otherwhere ailing ethic is yet observed and practised.       As far as tipping is concerned quite the opposite has its ritualized evaluation also: the generosity is frequently and fondly accompanied by the comment: "for the child stroller", if the sales or service person is responding with: "ah, now I can even order another one", the meaning can be stretched to one or the other end of the gratitude spectrum depending on the mocking or grateful feelings put out and registered or failing that, imagined.       The Dutch don't have the touching tact to conduct themselves reductable, even in the midst of plenty potentially jubilateous, well rounded nearly polished gravel; their wonderful watershed rock mothered virgin soils must have been some of the lushest known to their fore family, hence they carried a heritage of vitality the world over, not always with an attitude of civility but unconsciously one of significantly magnetic magnificence, perhaps we helped tempt the Germans to cross borders so boldly with our bad example in SA and Indonesia, etc.       Extreme relativism and commercial de(e)p-end( tend)ency of an average Dutchman dictates: Environmental problems, what are those and who says? Hell, I have molecular nor mammory memoryblock, I know the profit margins of all big corporations by heart and allow the best of them to make headway in my country.       Heavily traumatized Jews went to America, the worst ones are coming to Holland where worst means sausage.         I am one of Holland's citizens, a country born with the Virgo blessings of hospitality, fertility, industry, communication and tolerance, and will attempt to revive our stalled leadership in these virtues that have long since been disrupted by criminal excesses, tolerating the intolerant for instance (which is too general and ambiguous a statement to make before backing it upfront but I am sure everybody from Zjirinofski to the most peaceloving friend of nature will be able to illustrate this with examples of their own). mix and multiply time schedules, seasonability and cultures without fearful force which would fray and frazzle or even blend incompatibles, (of course everything else mingles nicely if an early enough start is made, that is the whole point of and in this book) with the help of voluntarization at all levels, especially since my dad gave me some government bonds of this cradled and babied citizen courting country in crazy times.       P Lovely Amsterdam acoustics:  All around and up against the Dam Palace, speckle coated sparrows parly, peck, whistle, pipe and peep like a modern Russians rather than an old fashioned Prussian proletarian parliament.       Reason Season:  Reason's radiance outlasts, outblasts, outflashes and -smashes earlier efforts, but upon maturation meets the emotional needs and metaphors of levity and gravity (in economics for example) head on to also outash even volcano's and glaciers easily and profitably, spending time to mend and bend some with a torrent to dewdrop type range. Stone does choke till it is broke, so use some clout till it puts out. Little freedom to grow, room to move to, place in the sun, this goes more or less as much for both men and minerals, besides wombs, wonders, and women, no less than for trees, cultures and omen.       Come punction come punity:  Rock, tree and man symbiosis requires perpetual and persistent propensity to penetrate to the uttermost secret of e-, re- and prevolviable geometry, a truely reciprocating project to preprisalize rapproachment of appreciopearance. (see the SET bits, ch 4).       Sacred geometry; earthly trials or root my tree?       Closely packed rocks choke minerals,  cities clotclutster people  and trees crowd forests. Anyone else have the urge to mingle?       Reason season just barely opened, sensible transsights concerning metaphors and minerals, spirit and generation from fusing the work of Robert Graves, Julius Hensel, Lawrence William Lyons and Arnold Keyserling for accountable identities after Ulrich von Beckerath and focus fulcrumb issues of frequencies handled by Philip Callahan, Walter Russel, Bucky Fuller, Dan Winter, Victor Schauberger and Tom Pawlicki are expected to take Wallstreet by suprise soon with its lifedealing rawLawstreet attractions which mix caduceus, broomstick, octahedron, swastika, lense, drill, instrument and arm to mime fertility spending vulcanoblast and deltaflood with water, sun wind and musclepowered artifact so they serve a fortune teaching and reaching merry go round, renewal agenda of mandala type treehouse grove settlements.        Ruminant man regurgitates thought.       Every good question contains its choice multiple answer. Time gets well spent making minerals shift size and shape to suit, support and help looser lots of the foodchain manners born, after which you must ask consent  for further fun.       Con a cristal into acting up alive with a tickling trick.       Gather enthusiasts to lust after fresh clean nutritious dust for a fresh green coat on the crust, cause a close knit pack is tough to hack.       Plants can really grow and blood may really flow when I come to know and follow up on what I owe. Give rock a fresh face to face the next phase in line
of turning mountains to ocean floors.        When rock is real tight it rejects wet rain and inviting light but when converted and unpent into less so, it screens and digests it right. making the future of fun look bright.       Regarding application of  liberating counterforce to free the myriads of heartsong melodies from as yet too tightly bound and wound biorhythm clocking rockminerals, technology overshoots and occults, blocks and perverts it when held in the wrong hands too tightly (matching what they should be up against somewhat); same sad affairs rule the organizing mark of personalizing potential logistics: emission of mental currency, perhaps bycause accosted and overruled by a power convening principle, the uniforming norms of centralization established through secretive division which keeps us and sunbeshone rocks in the dark; this is due to the destitution of taste ruled by a mental internalization of things dumb and numb other wise known as the logic of greedy ex- and abstraction.      George Soros pays lipservice to open community yet does not believe bureaucracy is eradicable, that is probably cause he can't get to photosynthesis as a standard of value from the Goldstandard which he mourns somewhat but will drop willingly when he gets an oil one in return, which is one step closer to biology but not close enough.        From ignorance about, to money for dust is a few giant steps on a long way already, the ones taken to consider and acknowledge money as dust is the farthestmost deeply reaching of strides since it funds new tree erections and solar projections, rockwetting injection, nonstop election, maybe even poetic interjections for eclectically inclined mindfill mineral millers, who jubilate with unaffected inflection again and again.      Fractionation facilitates exchanges and that goes for the rock under your feet as well as for the monies in your pockets and ideas in your head.
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