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  78K  on Churchill's 'pathology of pacifism'
  70K Bob Black (70K)
  91K  Greenandblack (91)
  30K //miscs-n-logs/Theweleit.htm
  80K Rickels's "Musicphantoms"
123K /miscs-n-logs/pynchon.htm
  92K  Boyle.htm
  89K  Bataille.htm
  74K /2001/Hoxsey.htm
  82K Julius Hensel (cosmology)
  78K Hamaker on tectonics, dusts and climates (1985)
  45K  /yarrow_foodquality.htm
142K /miscs-n-logs/iroquois.htm
  79K /2001/hoganview.htm
  34K  /2001/splittingthesky.htm
  85K /miscs-n-logs/Knapp-print.htm
108K /miscs-n-logs/lbo-talk.htm
  56K Guest Beckerath on peace making
  71K /2001/CraigHubley2_prntvrsn.htm
  57K Craig Hubley greenethicist
  81K /2001/six-styles-of-capital.htm
  90K  P2Pnet <peer to peer> 
  48K micropayments 
  59K /2001/glolocalbal.htm
103K /2001/Roger_Friedland.htm
210K /2001/picletter2.htm
150K /2001/picnletter1.htm
157K /2001/picnletter3.htm

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left-list-items.htm  71K selections: Chuck Grimes weighs in with a 16K missive called The mythos of empire and terror From: Chuck Grimes   ---- Left-wing and Puerto Rican extremist groups. from the FBI website ----- Of Sin, the Left & Islamic m by Hitchens in the Nation (plus lbo comments)----- from rad-green:The Independent (London) September 23, 2001   How Can the US Bomb This Tragic People? by Robert Fisk  ---- UK official dubs Sharon 'cancer of Mideast' - Jerasulem Post 

Rickels-via-copernic.htm 22K

Selection of Copernic search results for Laurence Rickels, Ph.D.
    (Germanic, Slavic, and Semitic Studies),Technology and
           Melancholia, Group and Adolescent Psychology,
       Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy in the Third Reich, 
Genealogy of Media, Vampirism 

/miscs-n-logs/beeswax.htm 19K (waxweb; a feature movie about bees, weapons (bit of a blasphemy to associate target dancers with target destroyers if you ask me but I'm sure nobody will till it is too late for indignant inflections(???); -- - -  - - - - -  - -  - e-mounted phone near the Trinity Marker. However, the call doesn't go through, and the very act of touching the phone brings him back to  another, perhaps even more authentic version of himself. His eyes stare at pebbles in his hand, but not for long.     Someone is watching with him, through a pair of cross-time eyes that strangely resemble tho- --  - - - - - -  -  lindromic message the bees have already delivered to him in pieces. The message tells him that the Garden of Eden Cave  is synonymous with Vengeance for the Dead. Jacob does not bother to interpret this message, and  returns to his daytime walk in t- -- - - --  --- family and their new world a thousand years of peace... and so, at the end of all worlds, we see the beginning of a delicate darkness. From far away, in departure, we can s
/musicphantoms.htm  83K
"Musicphantoms 83Kxxx 's is POET*PIET's special on  Laurence Rickels (done last october but added some finishing touches to it including a printerfriendly version) This is a scan of a piece I have linked to october when I found it (can't discover the date of this or any of the ninety issues there), coming in 17th on a search list for Lawrence Rickels using the right spelling (and 49th when using 'lawrence').    This is the introductory text in that 12th from a series of (altogether 18)  logs issuedAn amazing feedfeat of unmistakably and riddlelike Rickelsian (the word onnavolgbaar comes to mind (see comments on incomparable below)  prose with lots of Benjamin, Adorno, and of course his guiding light Freud and his (if slightly dimmer but more abused) illustrator Disney. Here is a sample showing that he buys into the innoculation/ immunization theory, iow, exactly where he took a wrong turn and is now hopelessly caught up yet trying to discover sense in the subtly time testing nuances of mutineoteeny, wasting his meticulously accurate eye for slippage on this sloppy subject. YYYYYUUUKKKK  (why you c(o)unt!!!!!!!!Laurence Rickels is one of my favorite authors and a very meticulous one indeed (makes it ironic the scan is so sloppy but I haven't access to the source (beyond the URL:
Caillois-on-mimicry.htm 37K
Beyond doubt some of the above developments are far from offering any guarantee from the standpoint of certainty. It may even seem questionable to compare such diverse realities as homomorphy and the external morphology of certain insects, sympathetic magic and the concrete behavior of people of a certain type of civilization and perhaps a certain type of thought, and finally psychasthenia and the psychological postulations of people belonging, from these points of view, to opposite types. Such comparisons, however, seem to me not only legitimate (just as it is impossible to condemn comparative biology) but even indispensable as soon as we approach the obscure realm of unconscious determinations. Besides, the solution proposed contains nothing that should give rise to suspicions of dogmatism: it merely suggests that alongside the instinct of self-preservation, which in some way orients the creature toward life, there is generally speaking a sort of instinct of renunciation that orients it toward a mode of reduced existence, which in the end would no longer know either consciousness or feeling--the inertia of the élan vital, so to speak. It is on this level that it can be gratifying to give a common root to phenomena of mimicry both biological and magical and to psychasthenic experience, since the facts seem so well to impose one on them: this attraction by space, as elementary and mechanical as are tropisms, and by the effect of which life seems to lose ground, blurring in its retreat the frontier between the organism and the milieu and expanding to the same degree the limits within which, according to Pythagoras, we are allowed to know, as we should, that nature is everywhere the same. 
Caillois_citations.htm 58K

 9 sightings and citations ( theory; a lot deeper than just and economic varieties)
12 items:   Fierce Language; Masochism and Regicide, 16K    Anthropology death notices page   Mimesis and the Death of Difference  -
//  101K  A bit about the thirties with a relevant quote
 // /one_nut/naismith.html  37K marvels of the point spread (on US )  ---
-A piece by Brian Castro called 'disinheritance and autobiography
 3 more items added sept. 2001
Section of A bunch of artists
//steadr/anthropoetics/0401/collins_D.htm socio-psychological perspective on the french philosophers Haunted Worlds: Narrative, Ritual, and Carnival
                     in Gothic Role-Playing
Racing, Wrestling
Counting-out rhymes
Heads or tails, 
Immoderate laughter
Athletics, Boxing 
Solitaire,  Patience 
Mountain climbing, 
Crossword puzzles
Tightrope walking/
*Slightly adapted from Caillois (1961)


Note: the following has been abstracted from the Fifty Key Contemporary Thinkers by John Lechte, Routledge, 1994.
piet's note: the original lives here: Bataille.html  --  esult of syphilis. However, this was contested by his brother. Whatever the truth of the matter, Bataille claims to have retained from his childhood experience images of horror which he used in his fictional writing. In particular, there is the memory of the blank whites of the father’s eyes, open wide while he --- ppears to have been the view of André Breton in the Second Surrealist Manifesto when he referred to Bataille as a ‘case’. And it is true that during 1927, and --- directly into the sun, even though the sun is the source of illumination. Bataille’s approach to Hegel had no doubt been anticipated in his 1930s article on Picasso, ‘The rotten sun’, where the myth of Icarus (who fell to the earth after flying so high because th --   throws’. Chance then becomes the truth of life; it is equivalent to the disequilibrium brought to the vertical axis. More strongly, chance is explicitly linked to anguish. Anguish, like chance, is an impossible obscurity. ‘Anguish says: "impossible": the impossible remains at the mercy of chance.’ Furthermore:
secondgreenlog.htm  85K
A summation of what and which sites are to be found when in a monthly newspaper ( and surfing the way I do
second green log (84K + lodda pics)  xxx+ large photo of rainbow family devoted farm  in Switerland (be polite and brush up on German first:; may this place xxx in A'dam xxx rival its attraction soon. And a hippypiccie called 'earthbirth' (106K) Welcome to the second green log (jan 2001, 42K so far)  The first one was /EcoAcresUSA.htm (jan 200, 49K)   Other green files here are my first 13 of them for starters:
 This file started off in the jan 20001 /encore.htm concluding a bunch (18) of logs   Content:   A host of green items including Permaculture recoinoiterment (meant to launch me into the dirt) x x x (Dutch) Midas Dekkers and some more Callahan sitings x x x finally!!! Some substantial Charlie Walters articles hit the net x x x  Rainbow page items and posts at their very own Deja forum where I am 'doing my bit' lately (shortly before the takeover/save by Google). includes pic of Swiss Rb farm and hippyesque earthbirth

encore (99K plus 4 piccies  2 of 'm largish)(jan 2001) Content: Botho Strauss x x x this file sprouted a second green log + rainbow bits  x x x  social tec x x x  ref to Bernard Lietaer  x x x lbo talk (77K, no content table yet) x x x secession x x x  more Zube and indyitems x x x Indiginous items x x x poetry x x x James Joyce related symbol-n-symbiosis.htm includes the geometry/music/astrology section (colourful) which started of living here x x x Clay Shirky (the P2Pnet) and other neonettisms x x x erratic impact alrite x x x astrophysic x x x my server x x x philosophy x x x musicx x x Miscellaneous

special on  /JohnHamaker.htm  108K
 See /guest_appearnces for related work on climate divination  (not the alarmist and catastrophist kind it has ((understandably))become associated with ((JH wanted to scare some hiholies into right action))). 
 Another bit of a survey about what's (googlable <<10 gooooooooooglies  worth>>) out there concerning John Hamaker's and related work (like that by Philip Callahan on paramagnetism. 
I comeGooglin' in 71st on a search for mineral metabolism; 36th when checking for: 'metabolizing minerals'.
x x x

/EcoAcresUSA.htm  46K
Content here: some excerpts (both straight and amembellished)   x x x my favorite subject (initially culled from a stack of back issues during the early 80's): rockdust production and touseputtting.    x x x Advertizers in "ACRES USA, a voice for eco-agiculture" active in the by definition gentle but unceasing fight for purity
 /yarrow_foodquality.htm 45K
A google version of a file which used to live at the now defunct goldenmean specialist' site; it speaks of dollars and minerals; David Yarrow has a new site now; which is again very nice.  Also check the prfr file: 74K /2001/Hoxsey.htm

/miscs-n-logs/louise_erdrich.htm  89K

2 excerpts from (and 5 Items about) work by Louise Erdrich (part native american writer)  There is a little of a coyote in me,  ---  as orchard land. I sat down and continued to watch the sky as, out of nowhere, great solid-looking clouds built hot stacks and cotton cones. The trend was upward, upward, until you couldn't feel it anymore. I was sixteen years old.        I was looking down the hill, waiting for the rain to start, when his ----  s, and finally returns to the early 1980's. Erdrich's narrative technique ultimately accomplishes a holistic temporal view of the Anishinaabe culture in which present occurrences cannot be isolated from the past.  Interestingly, Erdrich's initial attempts to find a publisher for her first novel were unsuccessful until her husband, Michael Dorris, took it upon himself to promote the novel, sending requests for p  ---  tin announcing Gerry's January 5 plane crash is recorded in "Radio Bulletin" [11], and Lyman Lamartine gives Dot the news of Gerry's escape in the next chapter, "Satin Heart," at Jack's supposed funeral. In answer to Dot's question as to Gerry's whereabouts, Lyman writes "B & B."   Dot is at "Th    -------   rrealistic imagery and because of the intensity of the emotion, which strikes most of them as excessive. Students need to realize that religion, especially when it is the lens through which other issues are magnified, can become the focus of such intense feelings, and that when one's feelings are so intense, they frequently compel the creation of surrealistic imagery as the only means to adeq ------- nificant. Although the others &  are amused, they take care not to hurt his feelings.  One evening at the dance lodge, a visitor comes with his voyageur crew. He says little and &  appears ill. The scourge he brought is smallpox. One by one, everyone in the family becomes &  ill. Eventually Omakayas is th

/2001/hoganview.htm 79K

Hogan view; Bo peep reports on goings on with peabody coalmining company, the fed, the Hopi police the local Dineh and Navajo ---------   recounting of this year's Annual Rainbow Gathering  ---------   Gush shalom news from the Palestinian war front (the monied and powerful despise mere locals so much, they don't even ever call it a war)GUSH SHALOM - pob 3322, Tel-Aviv 61033 - the true face of the occupation in a nutshell  -------  More (green) grist magazine items Hogan view; Bo peep reports on goings on with peabody coalmining company, the fed, the Hopi police the local Dineh and Navajo ---------   An account of the rainbow gathering 2001  ---------   Gush shalom news from the Palestinian war front (the monied and powerful despise mere locals so much, they don't even ever call it a war)   ----- More Environmental news from GRIST MAGAZINE 

indigenous_caucus.htm   34K

The following is a message from my sponsors/wards and masters/victims.Sometimes those who seem in the lead turn out to be lagging behind many a lap in them damn (I mean our long longings filled start to fit a finish on) races.

Date:   Mon, 6 Dec 1999 13:01:41 -0500 (EST)  From:   "Amanaka'a Amazon Network"  via (genetic resources...) <>Subject:
Urgent request 
from Indigenous Peoples' Caucus in Seattle      To:      Reply To:     Begin Forwarded Message --------Date: Fri, 03 Dec 1999 16:36:03 +0800________________________________________________________
TITLE: Indigenous Peoples' Seattle Declaration
     AUTHOR: Indigenous Peoples' Caucus at the WTO Third MinisterialConference (Seattle, 30 December - 3 November 1999)   DATE: 1 December 1999          NOTE: If you support the proposals of the Indigenous Peoples' Caucus inSeattle, kindly email your name and address to as soon as possible.

Middle east.htm 62K
A look at the Middle_East (60K)    xxx     (through various spectacles): Jewish varieties of  mono-isms (including fundamental and absolutist) Content: Torah x x xLieberman lies? x x x Jorn Barger's 'provocations' leading to Ian Lustick (via Grossman)and another few returns to the equipshun connetctions x x x
deep_e_muckcrazy.htm 76K
 's is POET*PIET's special on
'digitabulation' (73K)

It's (DARNSlow!)  progress toward passive accuracy 
the logital n ligically ligit sorts of souls, urchins searching deep democracy dovailupments. 
Passive yet sharp e-gov 'n' e-money  all-low  common eminency once counter intelligence gets programmed politely 
content: Nettime thread: "The cancer of cellspace" x x x virtual communitylinks  x x x weirdass mag x x x THE CALIFORNIAN IDEOLOGY and some 'retortions'  x x x inventor of VR is repentant x x x cybernerditis; forbes editorial x x x nettime thread on wether bubble bursts mean collapsing corpclouts; it's called: "Enemies of the Future"  x x x gets good from here on down:>> some items via versatile, a nonprofit NYC globalizer x x x online journalism review x x x their interactive section x x x Guardian "click to vote" x x x x x x see also /indymedia.htm (2 links down; on anonymity, encryption, etc) x x x Jacob Weisberg x x x Kala Ladenheim x x x a grist item x x x 

A collection of quotes from the now retired site by green ethicist CH  --   .. . .. . al immature as it requires global assent and seems to proceed from unclear economic premises, and the LETS proposals weak due to lack of liquidity and failure of most such proposals to address core valuation issues. I think none of these proposals is pra . ..  . . ..  -----   .. .. . Gore Vidal's novel "Kalki" outlined some of this thinking in 1979. He was quite right, and entirely consistent with Hindu theology.  There are one billion people in India. More and more have access to the facilities required to create a universal virus at least for sterilizi . .. .  ..  . Also by Craig Hubley  /2001/CraigHubley_greenethic_prntvrsn.htm 57K   /2001/six-styles-of-capital.htm 81K (prntvrsn too)
    Doug Henwood runs Left Business Observer and it's active n open mailing list on the latest)
 lbo-talk (Left Business Observer list archive; 108K)a nice and busy list with left leaning economists and culture critics  (blurbs on the latest); here is a joke of his from the mail archive he maintains: "See my forthcoming " as a $3 Bill: Legal Tender, Authenticity, and Heteronormativity." And here is a selection or utterances by him and his sparring partners in digispeech (mostly about Weber, French fillupsofters, parasiticapitalism and anti-semitism).One colour for each speaker has been attempted; please report inconsistencies to the CIA forthwith.           This archive resembles and partly overlaps the newly improved Pen-l at csf colorado. <<I think they've got a few user friendlyerizing moves ahead of them yet, like: opening a complete thread in one file would be nice...>>

(GF)Knapp   xxx   A special (7 substantial items) on Georg Friedrich plus a pensievepiet treesparing printversion (85K)This special (7 substantial items) on Georg Friedrich Knapp
monumentally instrumental for the transition from gold to paper(the taxbased and -backed (common good oriented) as one form of the many monies necessary to make it a happy medium (of monetarist?) monitorizing!))
/willmillersletterwall.htm  78K
check these printspecials too: /2001/picletter2.htm DC 210K
/2001/picnletter1.htm DC 150K     /2001/picnletter3.htm DC 157K
 On Finnegan's Wake (78K)x x x  transposed from a 750K pdf file available at the author's site: started during the making of the 18th log but somehow never finished till now) Pirate of, as well as prettification attempt plus plug n cheer for Will Miller's thesis  (again); a pleasure to tweak such a virtuose quote seasoner(again); the man is a virtuose quote seasoner 
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Search Us, Says Google Can't find it on the Web?   to sift through a billion Web pages— The Google guys came up with a better way  a stack of documents 100 kilometers high —in less than a second. As a result,  they're the hottest search engine around.  My tweak of a tech article about my favorite search engine Original:;
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/symbol-n-symbiosis.htm  50K
 symbol-n-symbiosis.htm (48K + 5 piccies  including a truely heartistic 260K 'doohicky' by Dan)     xxx    Content: Joyceana xxx (sacred and timetelling) Geometreesaction: filled with vagueness such as Dan Winter's best but jerky dodeca- (s)trumpet  xxx an example of a lifelong rainbow gone millenarian hairsplit bonkers with large slipstream effect  xxx geodesia xxx tensegrity xxx aesthetics xxx music theory  xxx lifelikeness xxx natural association xxx gematria xxx astrology xxx even a twinge of conspiracy to boot -  - -  - -xxxx - -- - -   see also: /2001/danwintermasterlinks.htm  41K A collection of links about and concerning the 'golden mean' nicely graduated from child's play to fabulously unbelievable.
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Some clever (but reactionarily time wastin') material related to the indymedia specials (10 of 'm by august 2001)  whereof I made printerpretpiet version in order to read after pulpconscious fashion ( .  .and be disappointed by it, wherefore I am more than a few bits dubious about offering you a chance to follow me down this timeawastin and ultra-reactionary path).
miscs-n-logs/Vaneigem.htm 57K
2 Raoul Vaneigem  texts   1  Basic Banalities   Internationale situationniste #7 (April 1962)    translated by Ken Knabb; also at: situationist international online - 2Title:  Creativity, Spontaneity and Poetry.
These are black and on white versions
but belongs in this sloth slot at the bottom of the pile.
Bob Black (70K) on Ward Churchill by Bob Black)  x x x  on gift economies and x x x  californian ide- and demonology  ----- Extremely thourough examination of Ward Churchill (part 1)  by Bob Black who many may disagree with.    But he raises some interesting points            Up Sand Creek Without A Paddle  Bob Black   In Fantasies of the Master Race,a collection of essays and reviews, Professor Ward Churchill purports to discuss "Literature, Cinema and the Colonization of American Indians" – that being the book’s subtitle. -------------    via via google-------David Graeber on Marcel Mauss: Have you noticed how there aren't any new French intellectuals any more? There was a veritable flood in the late '70s and early '80s: Derrida, Foucault, Baudrillard, Kristeva, Lyotard, de Certeau ... but there has been almost no one since.
Greenandblack (91)   xxx   8 point font, 8 pages <euroA4>) collation and miniaturization of 3 essays by Zerzan, Black and Sahlins;    Content here all found at:  Rank-and-File Radicalism within the of the 1920s   By John Zerzan  x x x  Primitive Affluence  A Postscript to Sahlins  By Bob Black   x x x  Primitive Affluence   by Marshall Sahlins
Green Anarchist(83K)     xxx prInterpret-Piet version of this prejudiced violent, reactionary, useless and maddening bunch I have a weird weakness for although I hesitate offering you these disappointing pieces but since I printreadied it for private use I see no reason. . . .  content: A Primitivist Primer By John Moore; John Zerzan;  John Connor; about the 'black flag'; ANARCHIST INTEGRALISM, two pieces about the neoist alliance; VOTING ? WHAT'S THE POINT ? Nonviolent Action As "The Sword That Heals" hallenging Ward Churchill's "Pacifism As Pathology"By George Lakey, Director, Training for Change   E-MAIL THE AUTHOR  MARCH, 2001   Ward Churchill, "Pacifism as Pathology: Reflections on the Role of Armed Struggle in North America" (Winnipeg, Canada: Arbeiter Ring, 1998), 176 pp.    Ward Churchill's book "Pacifism as Pathology" has become an important reference point for many of the "new activists" who have made headlines in the "battle of Seattle," in Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Prague and other confrontations with economic and social injustice. Ward Churchill is an activist with the American Indian Movement and other groups, a prolific writer, and a professor of ethnic studies at the University of Colorado.
Albert Replies to  Critics of His  Anarchism Essay (267K)- I guess we now (by way of this file) get to find out why his that part of his comparison section between 'capitalist; and parity versions of politics and economics (PARECON seems to be the BIG alternative touted at zmag) is totally blank (!!!!!); too busy fending off technophobes to get down to the integration of economics ---- A large section in /2001/august.htm) is concerned with Albert's work too.