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(my real appendix was forcibly removed at the age of twelve by the way)
about controversies, inversions, reversals and other preflexions sparked off by a classic courtcase: Stan Tenen vs Dan Winter
 libel, plagiarism and all kinds of -ortions:
big on slight and slander, short and slender on neat and tender
a recent foulmouth attack over the placement of 7 and 12 letters plus two periods constituting two adresses among the 280  in my link list, by the owner of one of them, ordering me to choose between him and his archrival, ...arch....haha!!! I will continue to ironize him by opting for these adresses to remain neighbours, at least till he apologizes, then maybe I'll concede to place them at either end of the category.
Titled fragments:
Reply to a slanderous Email from S Tenen:
neighbourliness of shopshipshape(w)righters and wreckers
His prompt response with a few (bold) edits added.
Reproduction of some sanctimonious and smart posts
by him at Jewish list groups
War, Hollywood, Tenen, Gold, Photosynthesis.
A digest of Conspiracy literature or Jesus for central banker
The second world war. An extremist swingthing swayed between the vaccin virtuosity and epidemic magnitudes of critical dillutionary HomoinHollywooded war path, where the middle of the road is a bad place to be. I mail Bob Dratch the technocetacean wayward wizard. My comments on Dan's posted mail discussion about wether love can pro- and evoke anger. more of the same shame sham shadow dnacign. 6/12 E- mail to Dan. third week of june addition:
comment on EILS: equal interval letterskip (Tenen's hobbyhorse and bottled genistroke).
Stan Tenen studied the Hebrew alphabet and maintains that the flame in the tent metaphor is one for the least and most symmetrical shapes combined, the spiral and tetrahedron.
Each letter of the Hebrew alphabet for instance is the 2D shadow of a single geometrically spun spiral, cut like a fruitpeel or from a torus donut or symme-tree (spherical, oval or egglike), when taken through the motions woven by the hands of space and time, so that tilt tells you about certain moments and sequences, centers of gravity and dynamic shifts of emphases,see ch. 9L and Dan Winter's golden mean twist to Stan Tenen's Meru foundation tale, the tail end of which involves silly lawsuits. I guess letters may actually have originated as pieces of art- and meaningfully arranged fruitpeels so as to enable ripe fruit foraging and freighting parties to follow each other. The dear mister Tenen went through considerable time and effort to win me over to his point of view, sending me all kinds of safely downloadable stuff and urged me to preferably distance myself from Dan and his work or at least remove the seven digits needed to indicate the meru site right next to dnawintoher, com.
I replied as follows in an email to Stan and Dan both with the title:
neighbourliness of shopshipshape(w)righters and wreckers
I guide some branch fusing growth for a living cause biotexture must be lively.  voila my latest and far from reactionary donít you think? Unlike you kids. Thanks for the effort but no thanks, have you nothing better to write me? What a waste of a stock in trade. Bad choice for an obsession.
I liked your work as soon as I saw it. Glad you followed Danís lead going public. Thank him for it! Sad you disfigure the very top of your site with irrelevant and demeaning dribble!  Donít tell me or anyone Jews donít remain fucked up about ownership (heritage, succesion, etc). Of such an ancient body of thought too for crystalís sake. Mind you, I appreciate you and Dan both for different reasons but now I see I shall have to depreciate you both for wasting precious time on fabulations and personal phobiaís. In any narrow and lets admit it, irremunerative field all interest should be welcome. Do you think Dan is making money that rightfully should be debited to you? Come on! No doubt some people will try to cynically and/or creatively distort, co-opt and commercio-capitalistically destroy and otherwise misprise or run away with my work (no less universal and lots less symbolic than that of you guys) as well as anybody's which is directed toward understanding and emancipating upscalement. A pretty instance of that is the landrover ad in Dutch newspapers; the vehicle is absolutely covered  and half submerged in mud like a nilehorse and the text reads modders finest. Can I sue them for sacrilege or anything? Why don't you in my name? Landrover is richer than Dan. Not subject(ed) to such illusions as the whole citation, plagiarism, paternity, priority and castration complexes imply, at least not in the airy mental fields (it is hard enough to get the prior appropriation issues straight on borderissues concerning shifting territories on sliding and continents subducting seafloors) I am not tempted to fight losing and draining battles like you do. You are an inconsiderate pundit to treat poor Daniel this way. I choose to devote my time with a dedicated few (I don't even have that many) to the purposes amply stated, to perceive, penetrate, punctuate or puncture any or all of which your bias and questionable accomplishments seem to unable you. I will not change my link listing for no better reason than keeping people in the saddle of their highly apocalyptic hobby horses. Come of it pal, remember Antaeos? Touch ground, it Ďll do you good, have you a garden? Go there! No hairsplitting childish requests please thanks.
I wonít let either of you down or out, Iím not aware of Danís Nazistic tendencies except for his hatred of priestly pranks (Jewish ones were allowed to marry and that made a world of difference eventually) but you are not doing a whole hell of a good n godly lot towards improving Jewish stereotyping this way. But bless your heart, I love your (like any) rainbow work, it just doesnít lend impunity though. Fruit is more important to people (like the meantime anemic Japs) than they realize and so more power to you! Forget Dan or bless his heart and think you canít win Ďm all and none completely anyway. (still in your garden?) When point comes to period and pushes to shove, you tiff reduces nothing to well wrought compost and so cannot help fruit to a good way out of the endangered zone. You both impy chimpy pimps of the portion, poiresonalizing perfidy while fruit suffers enough institutional ones already. Shame on you! God knows there is too little finest fruit to go around but why fight over whatís left, so abstractly at that, rather than fight for what may leave out unfoldingly. If I could convey the variety that helped me kick the supposed need for tropical ones, a real heirloom from hereabouts easily, I would, I have some of such last seasonís beauts left, called sterappel. I shall fight to make Ďm a birthright, duty and pleasure, pleached and perfected. The most Iím willing to concede to you would be placing your site adresses at opposite ends of my sac geo links category, letís say as a reward for linking to my site or a mere apology to Dan? I Ďll give and concede this much to you though, I had hoped my collab with Dan to be more fruitful than it turned out to be; instead of helping me design a rock grinder, he spent a lot of time placing his little glib alphabet globes in the corners of his bookpages to simulate the early moviemoves (though I take a tiny little bit of credit for that beaut of a twelve trumpet flower, his CD even mentions a Peteís wormhole, I think he thought of me). He came home one day to have a fullbloewn paranoia attack about govts and aliens (it related to the recent death of a reporter who investigated some CIA mischief and the fact that he had emailed Bill Cooper's work to his congressman which couldn't have been such a risk cause it was in many bookstores not long after and maybe even before that, I care not wether due to this his 'daring', it is a waste of misguided time either way if you ask me) and perhaps to the fact that I had by then rambled through the whole house straightening piles of indiscriminately strewn flyers, junkmail and books (waste of time rather than money though he invited me to sink mine into his farm).  So we do share certain kinds of feelings in regard to brother Dan (and perhaps one we evoked, more megalomatedly and protractedly projected in my case perhaps though we really are but cogs in series I guess) but one must as always in the end blame oneself if one is to claim, take and implement the chances at, for and of changes which by the way set the Jew on the road (to self employ- and -power(not -powder-)ment however puny that sense of self sometimes becomes). Golemix are deplorable personifications and good for nothings besides hopes, so close an yet shortfalls (false?).
A bit of wakey wacky ReJoycing to close with, then go within peace brother..........
 Cruel accrual despises dew for a jewel,
how can we choose chjoyce if we do all 'n everything dual; can we all multopply use yarr ears please or do all jews judge jubilees injurious?
His prompt response with a few (of my emboldened interjectional, replicatory and intrapolationary) edits added:
Since the syntax shows he wrote this in post haste during anxiety attack and in a state of consternation I will add some if not redeeming at least contrasting material, you may read the rest of my work as a sort of foundation to fill up the schizorift-gap gaping between these extremes....that is, at least I hope the edges meet way deep down there somewhere.
piet bouter, I noticed that you are in the Netherlands.  I wonder if you're a Dutch person, and if you're aware of what the Nazis did to your country. As I hope you can tell from reading through the material we sent you, Mr. Winter fantasizes he is a nazi.  I guess you hate your own country even more than you hate the Jews. If you don't remove your link to us, we will be forced to take appropriate action.  Don't worry, I'm not threatening to hurt you in any particular way, but we will have to notify our audiences and the proper authorities of your linking our Judaeo-Christian-Islamic work to Mr. Winter's nazism. I don't know the laws in the Netherlands, but I expect that once our copyrights have been upheld in the US Courts, the  International Copyright Convention will also protect our rights in the Netherlands.  Our attorneys
intend to pursue those who have knowingly aided and abetted Mr. Winter's thefts and bastardizations of our work, and they will surely seek
substantial monetary compensation from persons who have done so.  I don't suppose you're wealthy, so I don't think that this is any particular bother to you either, but the time and trouble it takes to deal with a lawsuit is more than enough reward for any misbehavior.
I suppose you refer to a punishment I deserve in your eyes. Or is there more the matter here? You are hoping for a rewarding prosecution. Your reward for my misbehaviour?;...I deduce: the more 'Nazi's' misbehave the greater your reward? You like punishing people? OK People will punish you, sorry I disclaim and correct the mistaken assumption that I am implicated beyond what I will willingly concede to. Not to be dick tutored to. I could write on and on about the confluences in this 'sentence' but these four lines will do for now. Courting courts, how Jewelish jewishwashwhite of you (Hey, what a coincidence, I'm into breaking walls and building laws too!) I wouldn't wish it even on persons I don't like. So do yourself a favor, and de-link us from your site.
Am I hitched to it? Riding in your slipstream, causing drag, slowing you down? We don't want to appear to be linked to you, whether or not you are linked to Mr. Winter.  I don't like what you have to say, and I don't like the way you say it. Morally and ethically, only a parasite or leech continues to suck from those who have asked it to go away.  Same to you pal. No matter how much people mangle tangle up (in) your your work, you 'll have no less of it on offer  for it. Can visitors to your site do damage there or pass on the sue sewage virus? Dan made and still makes fair scholarly use adding references to sources (which is more than we can say for your despotic pilferings Mr Urheber) no matter how much he morphs the material. Wouldn't you fancy forcing me to look the other way and seal yourself, like the Pentagon can? I don't suppose you consider yourself to be immoral or unethical, so I ask you to do the decent thing, and given your obvious hatred of Jews and Judaism, is this a challenging invitation to enter the realm of deadlocking legislature on slander, grappling and groping over all that abstract stuff like a Fooey Jew who got so fond of it, with only his books to be faithful to over the aeons ( I am Jew enough to understand it so well, that sentiment), who's the spooky one here? to please disconnect from our site
You imply to be a trailblazer and see me as an eroder of the path but I invite you to stop and reflect that your path may overgrow and be forgotten again unless you take all the help and semi-help offered now for the in my eyes not so fair (in your case even hypocritical attempt to turn a perspective clearing path into a protollkill road; if my driveway allows people to come and pick their own, will I specify a little percentage allocation on their bill to the maintenance on it, making up for their 'parasitic' impact? and go away. I'll be pleased to not hear from you again, I'll please myself thanks and same to you nonetheless yet again and I certainly hope nothing further will be necessary. Tengo cuidado de no romper nada! More polishing brush than cunt cracking crush to you too buddy Tenen
Here are some of Tenen's netposts I searched out and chose to balance representation here, mind the (contrast) gap though.
(It is obviously not copyrighted since I took it right off the net) Stan's mindboggling prose work; I don't know much about Torah, but have come across people pointing at some very ugly and shady sides of that work, not so suprising if one remembers that the Bible is such a literally bloody book. Then again if you look at Joyce and the Jews and such...it must harbour more merit than I hitherto realized
I am not a geneticist, but, then, it is likely that a geneticist's knowledge is not what is called for here.  The question comes about because of a misapplication of the Pshat meaning of Torah.  The midrash about Adam and Eve being created back-to-back alludes to a specific kabbalistic image of creation and has nothing whatsoever to do with human anatomy. Likewise, to ask if HaShem cloned Eve is also to misuse the Pshat. I hope someone with a strong Talmudic background will post some of the reasons why it is so dangerous to a proper appreciation of Torah to ascribe the wrong level of meaning to the Pshat. As a person who studies the letter level of Torah, my ability to make credible statements about my findings is greatly reduced when kabbalistic teachings are haphazardly mixed with our Pshat level
understanding of Torah.  True kabbalistic insights can be lost in the blaze of "God and the Big-Bang" or finding DNA patterns or "laser" technology in the Torah.  This is silliness. The science in Torah is NOT a science of things.  Things are idolatrous. To the extent that there is science in Torah, Torah uses the one "science" that cannot be idolatrous because it deals only with invariant relationships.  Fundamental topological relationships (like inside vs. outside) are universal throughout all processes at every level of creation.  Pshat gives us examples of the lives of our ancestors and how we are to keep HaShem's commandments in our lives.  Sod expresses universal relationships that are eternal and all inclusive.  This is part of what the kabbalists try to explain. The "siamese twins" are the two halves of the model of continuous creation understood at the Adam Kadmon level.  Adam Kadmon, kabbalistically, includes both Adam and Eve.  Their back-to-back form can be seen in meditation or by the window of mathematics.        Stan
And now for something more down to earht but really sanctimonious:
I hereby advance a publically apology for calling one or any of us a hypocrite preventing and keeping butter off of lawyer's bread, Buick benzine bills from being paid, etc. (...you from being able to focus on sharing (another concept Daniel stole from you right?)
Learning by copying vs. learning by reading The recent discussions about how Jewish learning has changed from "apprenticeship" learning to "text" learning is of extraordinary importance because of its effects and implications. These are two very different modes of learning with very different strengths and weaknesses. Text based learning is essential because, given the vast accumulation of Torah learning over time, not even a Moshe, if he lived today, could remember it all. Textual knowledge is the only form of knowledge that is fully storable. But, it has its limitations. Apprenticeship learning is "hands on" learning. We see and we try and eventually we master the tasks that our elders have mastered. The faculties we use for "hands on" learning are different from those we use for textual learning. Anyone of any age and experience can read a text. But, they will be able to understand the text only to the extent that they are already familiar with the subject or with the elements of the subject. A person who has never seen a monkey wrench would be hard put to understand its proper usage no matter how detailed the verbal description. Holding and using a monkey wrench is necessary for properly understanding what is written about a monkey wrench. The medium of learning has a great effect on those who use it and on what personality types are inclined to use it. The availability of computer graphics has radically changed some branches of mathematics because hands on visual manipulation and exploration of mathematical abstractions teaches different subjects differently and attracts visually curious persons who might otherwise not be interested in mathematics. We are taught that we should not earn a living from Torah. Rabbis are encouraged to work for a living. But the meaning of "work" has changed. Until recent times, work mostly meant labor, a trade or a craft. Laborers, tradespersons and craftspersons work with their hands (and bodies). Their knowledge is apprenticeship based and experiential. They know how things feel and work and wear. In today's world many persons do not earn a living by working with real materials in real environments. Their work is real, but it is abstract. We work on paper with words and numbers. We sell real estate, design computers, draw up legal documents, design advertising, etc. We work with our heads based on what we have read (or been read to about.) The more educated we are, the more Torah learning we have, the more economically independent we are, the more we are likely to learn and work in the abstract. Our executives, managers, designers, and bureaucrats do not work with their hands. Our garage mechanics and TV repairmen and assembly line
workers work with their hands - and they are rarely Torah scholars. What difference does this make? It makes an enormous difference when we try to learn from our texts. Our texts were written by working rabbis who had hands on knowledge of a real physical trade or craft. When they wrote, they wrote using metaphors that would be understood by other persons who had a hands on relationship with their work. For us to understand their written words requires us to have similar hands on knowledge of the real world. Torah is written in the language of (hu)man, and the primary language of humans is work and is based on work. Symbolic work only carries meaning when the symbols relate back to real experience. I believe that Torah learning based entirely on texts interpreted by persons who have not worked with their hands in the real physical world is necessarily limited and, in some instances, unavoidably distorted. Mysteries of Torah, Talmud, and Kabbalah would not be mysteries if we had the same hands on experiences as our sages. If we are to regain command of Kabbalah, for example, we must learn from doing things in the world. For example, although it is far from obvious to the persons studying the "Equal letter interval codes in Torah", any person who has hands on experience with knitting or weaving or braiding can immediately see that the letter skip patterns are weaving patterns. There is no need for modern analysis, no need for rocket science. Weaving, a craft traditionally understood and appreciated throughout the ancient world, is a natural hands on means of encoding information. Any craftsperson can tell that. But a person who has never knitted, or braided or woven anything cannot recognize the simple solution to what current academic and talmudic scholars find so puzzling or miraculous. In order to understand the words of our sages we need to put ourselves in their day-to-day shoes. Advanced degrees and hard work in jurisprudence or business administration do not fulfill the requirement that our rabbis and teachers work for a living. They do not provide the apprenticeship in real materials and real situations that our mind's require in order to properly and fully interpret what our sages have written (or what was written by HaShem in the language of (hu)mans as we were until this era.) If we are to recover the science of consciousness in Kabbalah, if we are to be able to learn from the "codes in Torah", if we are to be able to reconcile halacha with modern life (without dilution or compromise), we must regain hands on apprenticeship learning as a prerequisite to Torah learning. We must teach children to sew and braid challah and weave cloth and build tents, while we are introducing them to text based learning. If we must work as administrators in order to feed our families, then we must also have a hands on hobby so we can also learn the real world skills our sages learned and drew their lessons from. Text based knowledge without apprenticeship is like Din without Chesed. Apprenticeship without text knowledge (including Torah!!!) is Chesed without Din. Neither can be fulfilled alone. Stan Tenen
Some time after this I wrote Dan Winter the following:
Sneek a well worthwile snoop, com pound -fences down with me. Money tied up weighs in heavy on news worth eyeness.
Well, if it isn't golden mean getting stuck right in between. Toes dotage (Dutch for tenen) versus top votage and choice voice.
 Rock to ashes with musical bashes vs jewels and gemstones. Feet of freshly clayed crystal in motion not worth serving eh?
Well, jewels never did fall out of the sky thick enough to make a difference so letís get busy with basics shell we, yes, we shale.
Tippy tappie justly so holds for your toe, by to go the radiant line rises straight up from hidey ho gunky moho why do da fingerflux flakes foster new hollanditis diseaziezoo qwaches? Sorry, don't remember what this refers to exactly.  the nat indian crypt won a world war, or was it both, anyway a vocal virus is what did be word of Thunder underworld God eh?
War, Hollywood, Tenen, Gold, Photosynthesis.
Bits and pieces proffering an in my estimation slightly more realistic perspective on gold and idolatry than Dan's (he has an alchemist angle on the whole thing, arguing that gold powder ingestion immortalizes though it erodes the 'soul')
A digest of Conspiracy literature, or Jesus for central banker
Let's suppose the German gold slowly and slily wandered into banker's pockets
Native American gold seems to have done so a bit more forcefully and precipitously.
The immaculate, unchanging, constant yet migrant, singular and severe sunlight worshipping (hard and dry making power, as per Winter) desert patriarch progeny plies its trade....; midas like monetairy appreciation by juggling subsumptive symbols, sign if i can't signatures (which according to a late postcrises lecture by Aby Warburg, himself a son from a banking dynasty), erodes succulent diversity and sumptuous culture with its very willful in- and assertions of slave labour/army innovation/finance/refugee/migrant/infiltrant/ghetto complicated circus, which the fuller of  highly inflammatory and bold bickering with sparrowlike brutality  amongst themselves it gets, will not fail to impress and stop their enemies short, who can just stand by with dropped jaws, staring in amazement.
A desert tribe's identification with the purity and homogeneity of the sun wheeling through such predictably configured spaces, stars and sky, inclines them to hinging all their doings on a singular rationale and referent
boosting their confidence in reaching out for a reign as extensive as their God succesfully; paving the way like a long term clockwork project, revolve the world, direct the rain, cling to the old testostament, go for gold, stick together, mind your sponsor, cover for that shylock.
The second world war.
American Jewish credit sent to stabilize the aforementioned gold which was under
threat of a militaristic movement gaining power may have been the sort of all or nothing gamble
financiers had been familiar with since equiping ships in the Middle ages.
Instead of the desired appeasement effect the Germans wanted to use the bait to catch up to and get even with the baiter and retrieve what was already lost. Jews scattered like leaves to the wind, a fine selection criteria, they know by experience. Things always look up for the race if not consistently for some of its constituents; but hell oh well you won't get to be the elect without a bit of self seek lect select; it's the thought that counts, so don't be a prune and do your worst to our culls, their testimony of prosecution has an immense smokescreen value for keeping the family secret. They are good for nothing but bait when we fish for allibyez.
1=selfmutilate, 2= migrate, 3=mutate, 4='mitigate' gentile's fate.
this recipe was partially imposed on, but soon after carried out by the victims;
jew understood early enough that those who conquer the pyramid need but briefly perpetrate the distasteful introduction of slavelabour, it soon thereafter is a spreading wave with more and more idolatrous, religious and other distracting elements.
An extremist swingthing swayed by the vaccin virtuosity and epidemic magnitudes of critical dillutionary HomoinHollywooded war path.
I am keeping the Tenen bits (above) in a while longer..
at least...till an apology is forthcoming....though youíll agree it is abominable writing. He says he means the opposite of the Golden Mean, (he must wonder too if God is utterly alien) and so decides to be contrary out of some mistaken sense of consistency maybe. Where did he steal his knowledge, one could counter if one felt inclined to stoop that low, but Iím already clinching and clampering a squease into a bigger league; same problem, just more substantial, heavier and lighter both, to match the inescapable jewallish dualisms I guess.
I mean my gold bug symbolism and code coracktidín proposals aiming to admit photosynthesis as regional standard of value, soil building as store of it. Now, that is something I honestly havenít read but wrote about and no big deal but the hype about jewish gold will distract from that in- and foresight, a veritable concept breakthrough probe; is synchronicity invertible? (I much prefer Dan Winterís alchemical fire side fabulations, at least they include an attempt at motivating to make a pass at passing the green test).
The issue merits as much (of my) attention as Tenenís untenable schizoduanalism (does not) since it too can distract from, cut, cave and carve fruitpeels up into yea and/or nay symmbiolatry without a word about razing and/or raising real treescapes (the shame on Shama taboo must not be breached too tjewzee bleueyedly). Humilityís pluck vs imposing possesion. Jews have had to psych Ďmselves up to maintain some stay in the fray, even if the goald never justified the means of war financing and such. Poor jews, some of them just canít face shylock as such (instead of as the thrifty businessman judaica publishers of guess who (Tenen) maintain) no matter if no lesser body than shake spear does Ďm the picture perfect penprod pointylessness hype type service.
Well, a young Asian shoe repair man in Jewish Bondi Beach told me that they get whatís coming to Ďm for staging Ďmselves as the chosen ones, ainít it asking for trouble? Should I have told him they are just tsjewzy and help us others all to have more choice too?
Granted, itís the biggest game in town and all races have bribable specimen coming forward to do their stint at in(ef?)fecting service. Sacrifices to the neighbours are more profitable than those to the sun unless tables turn and the appeased volunteer.
One need not be photogenetic enough to call the shots and lead the way without performing all paraphernalia of pleasurable rabble rumble and shakings a la Freudian warfare, their memories are still stacked with paramagnetic impressions really ready to rile and rattle your covetous glance chance at legalistrickery clicks. Divide and rule. A cut above (morality), mindfuck media manipulation, mass culture moving, surfís up symbold shufflers, bredge bearner. Well, would you really deny Germany industrialized fastest and latest?
Rid olf railroad!! Wrothchildish run
Hard to believe mine is one manís work, a mere one man's tastes, that it took only one such jerk.
Profile people apparantly find something offensive and/or incomprehensible enough each to grant and greet it with deadly silence or worse. Sorry, but I wonít reciprocate and play dead. It will be a tough chew for a century or so and I will come around to make myself at home with it anywhere people allow me to. Hint, hint, Iím not awfully busy at the moment, so dear linklist nomineeds and -nateds, listen up and share a life; better yet letís all join forces and start some brandnew broom brush business traditions.
Take it from the top again.
all the following took place since late spring 98
Here is a letter from Dan Winter to me after one in which he said: "you are on it"
I was volunteered by a judge who "suggested a compromise" today, to agree to stop distributing my NEW cd for 3 months till final resolution of conflict with Stan Tenen in july...  a favor? If you know of any email or web writing which defamed or libeled me or friends caused by stan tenen, meru foundation could you forward a copy to me? Turns out there are attorneys who look for internet libel and slander cases.. take on spec..  some states specify triple damages if it is in the area of your profession..
>thanks dan winter; www.danwinter.com
Here are some replies to that:
Hi Dan, I am reading another appr. one: Citation and modernity by Claudette Sartiliot about 3 of the most crazy public (there is worse) type of Jews this Century: Joyce, Derrida and Bertol Brecht. This lastmentioned chappy said: obviously the basis of just about every great age in literature is the force and innocence of its plagiarism. Quoted in a chapter called eclipse of quotation. Let's call Tenen's attitude to him and you broken brook.
Communications have whapped and whip up turbulent surfaces that can and I think should be focussed on micro politics, organics and their mutual abrasians 'referishment shuffles'.
Derrida the great derivator and derider says: a Jew axhibits his castration as if it were an erection; that defies the other; he calls citation a type of sucktion....Don't ask me to explain all that to you, Derrida does have a good nose for pregnant words but tears 'm to shreds, pounces on till all turns to powder and pulp, then spits, huffs and leaves you hanging. I do feel you are promoted to worthy spectre status: a nazi to jump on the popular issues train with, keeping his own twisted trinkets at the ready. They are admittedly ingenious though; first thing they reminded me of was ironically enough a pighair scraper except that those are full rather than partial cones with a hook, after it is dead one pours boiling water over the bacon and removes its hair therewith; it also looks like a great digging  tool; fighting methods of early Jews must have been good and with their predilection to tie things around their arms (ticker tape torah and such), it may have also been a version of 'boksbeugel' punching metal.
By the way, citeflight in matters of mercuriosity is vol in French (theft also) but if jews as leaders in trade and liberty paid their way so honestly, why is speculation, choosing the best from among different evils and indiginous displacement from territory so rampant? Don't they know their job? Jew's do it on purpose and pretend not to I suspect. Moses went to fetch some rock of the mountain and smashed it but nobody followed his example cause he was a fur inner praps.
Freud is said to have a knack for appropriating other people's work without crediting them when it suited him, profusely praising elsewhere to cover for him; has Tenen credited anybody at all yet? No? Well, he is one who should be sued for all he is worth then, not me.
Tenen accuses you of turning his squigle into its opposite, on its head and inside out and of plagiarism at the same time right? Can't he make up his mind? Shouldn't he be disallowed to (b)eat his bagel and (bear a) shit it out again too? rue rue raraha risible. Sure enough no bagel bead shape fruit grows anywhere I know and that includes Auzzie land.
I look at it this way: in principle have you each called the other to their adduction and rescue. Fair and square. Stop bothering the judge so he can go for that Morgan lady with her 90 miljon smackers from Abo prostitution or something, read my priority issues file on that if you like.  To Quote is not to quarry, to quarry is not to multiply, to multiply is not to organize, dust speaks not for itself in or out of ticker tape bondage.    I love you Dan, bye
PS LW Lyons reminded me of what I once fancied: him me you and friends living somewheres. Have you any contact with him?
A day or so later:
I found another few beauts:
Marcel Jousse: 'L'Antrhropologie du Geste' (he originally got published in the mid twenties and hs been republished regularly (Paris, Gallimard, 74 for example) up till now but was not translated into Dutch or German asfar as I can tell, curiously enough; it is on memory and chapter 4 is called: 'spontaneous revival of past gestures',  .I Quote the Quoter:....'it made me understand the mimodramatic language of the prophets and of the peoples who had remained spontaneous. Such is the great research scheme I am aiming at' (1922)
If Tenen refers not to this man we can accuse him of stealing Jousse's work?
Also: Laurent Milesi: 'Vico...Jousse.Joyce..Langue' in 'Scribble 1: Genese des textes', ed. Claude Jacquet(Paris, Minard, 88)
hourspringlike his joussture, immitiate my chry! As urs now, so yous then (Ten?) (535.2-4 FW)
How many CD's did you produce?
There was a serious(ly mediahyped)case here about a female journalist who published 'inside' info on scientology church habits and got sued for it. She won.
Jews are in a different league though, they can finance Hitler in order to double or differ and get away with it.
As far as your request for a little (koekjes van eigen deeg) eye for an eye, serves you right, etc. I think it advisable to remember and remind your adversary of the ancient chivalry codes; you are challenged but and so I may choose the weapons, which means not needing to adjust your frequencies to resonate with his since that don't dissolve 'm but strenghtens their blocking and deadlocking character.
Sympathy=multiplication and resonance; empathy=erasure, annulment, completion, complementation and cancels out or neutralizes.
O Daniel, if only you had caught the axeed (axled?), bearinged, double pyramid bug from me instead of playing with flimsy meeting tent fire the flamboyant and recklessly jewish way. Give me quiptians any time. As long as it don't come down to slavery both sides of the fence. We could a been cranking and tsj earnin..
Luc Sala still sports and supports a Tenen bit on the net in Dutch. I went to plug your stuff unsuccesfully in his store over the years as you know perhaps, remembering comments during his furtive appearance at your red light district extasy lecture. Perhaps he can recall what role Tenen had in his attitude.
I view this as everything against the light of growing season and ripening rates (ratioz?) Easy in this case since the tree alphabet is so close and to me much more important, though even less exploitable, for lack of education ( should make a strong defence point for you although I see no advantage in your read out machinery over Tenen's squigles that he tries so pathetically to dissociate from yours and for doggone goddesses sakes why can't you both see that it matters not how you cut or peel your fruit as long as it gets and is cheaply shopshape, that is: ripe, spoken and paid token for!!!!!!!
Permapleach or other wise bend and bow out of this gracefully, come gents please bee hive yourselves and owarwork not.
I study some Joyce-eana like: joyce race and empire (by a globally raised chinaman). Found a reference that may help you, it is about our shared (symbolsharing) world of writs and wraughts, by Douglas Hewitt, found it in a book by Smith on eckphrastic contests, haven't checked it out myself yet though.
 I am here in Leiden (leading) for the purpose, close to the Hague, where Dutch are a minority in many sections, a Spinoza statue stands next to the red light district, and the place mushrooms like NY at citizen affairs questions are raised about my Dutchness...tiptopplered world in many ways eh? Leiden can boast about most Joyce lit in the country (that's county to you (if ever you run into Thomas Lawless from Cherokee or his daughter Heather tell 'm to drop me a line.
I'm not having much luck showing what my parents consider gratitude for 'mondjesmaat' money when I am still waiting for recognition, acknowledgement, understanding, respect, etc,  I probably should give up hoping, craving and waiting for any. Give my love to Cornelia should you speak to her, I haven't even thanked her for her last letter yet. Pass this one on if you can. I am homeless. Holland must be the worst country to be that although
it is a growing industry.
mail from me to Bob Dratch,
besides a cetaceanic he is the trade marker of a GodBox, some sort of compromise between hi-tech, magic, radionics and talismania
I was going to forward this to Drunvalo as well but forgot to take down his full adress (humming sum thing or other)
I first of all invite you to my pages. I suspect there is some truth to what you say, as far as a quick perusal justifies a response I will continue to wonder why when a fertile concept such as photosynthesisrates taken, measured and given for regional value standard hits the potentially much glight linking lobal medium, all the old ones get up in arms about Jews gold stashed in Switchland (gold being rep for sunshine is in my eyes a much more scale waeiygh downing interp than all the Winter/Sitchin and whoever else is on that bandwagon by now fabulous fables. Knowing how idiotic this world is why hope for top spin against all odds stacked, packed and racked to deliver tailspin?
The following refers to a simplistic drawing on Bob's homepage: //members.aol.com/BDelphin.
Da little girl will whipcurl-rip da door from its hinges or jump rope, or maybe coil curl yon da front and then daback hairyzone to up her slacklack whipperwwhapper (not likely though), just as a sizable bit of gravel thrown at a boulder will break or jump back at you (bounce if 'tknot not break)(punctured a coat lying near me in Aspen Co that way once) (or maybe orbit the atmospheric edge collecting dust, not likely though) Ever seen bankvaults? No match for flour patch-wark why mords, lead my rips.
Comments on Dan's posted mail discussion about wether love can pro- and evoke anger
hi Dan, here is my two cents worth for you, Bob and 'Dru'
and maybe some more such similar idiolots too.
The essence of my solutions site:
try to 'bendsend' (=wendable slightly bent simple dead end dust on its windy wormhole way (literally folks, for chrustal sake, literally on that one) from the initial state of paramagnetic flufxed fresh clay to help impload lots a soongine, to sense a bit of pfllrrsssungine zone. No bogdox or any qiixfuckses needed when pro-predox does the redux.
So allow gravity to s(p)end (helped along with wind and water for fancy variety and speed up (see my 4th chapter)) to do the imploding and if ye want gentler the pumpullupulpampering to receive the gentlest (light) and jump on its back at the same time for the morphun multipluxious pleasuresfffffpppppresh he he
regarding your net charge dan: more dust ready to than already does reduce! and David (Yarrow?) is light an unblocker? May be but it sure needs help, the grateful kind so we can have that larger size trees we are font of.
PS I am scolding myself much for having touched so little rock rigid with riches, Gramma forgives..........Check out da chris king site in nz folks, its decent.
By dint of the fact that the core Hermetic trope posits, poses and pones an above and below parity, (whereas a complementary relation (if more yin then less yang; does it break down into yin and yang or yins and yangs; how hard would you like me to hit that rock?) would seem equally justifiable to me (just if I Able misham to cointerm a cannycoin; if when splitit lovels oft loftily, why not then symmasunder) I dare attack, correct and comment upon a fraction of what I mostly continue to dismiss as a misleading and mark( missing )it arbb(it)eration, (fabulous and fairy tale like fireside fun it be though) armed with the following equipment: all I do is to verify those tiny bits which resonate with my understandings and intuitions; those are rest asured never lofty, most definitely restricted, almost purposefully, to the 'below' part of the above mentioned par formula. So I read them uncomprehending, marveling, like at a well illustrated math treatise, waiting for the time they may come back for a nostalgic or lifesaving taste of atmosphere from their far off dive in conjectural spaces and pretense at 'yes we're fine and dandy out here, don't regret it a minute, yes, we (our pride) keep(s us) well' (keep oneself well is the literal translation of an expression denoting the sheer act of wilfully carrying on in the role play of one's choice; a bit like me hoping for a pleaching team before my shame over unaccomplishment has me back pulling every last little weed from my parents garden in an act of repentance over stubborn pride).
Sorry about the signal drift, back to my reading. All I do is wait for a familiar paragon parabling or paralleling statement therein. I will try to serve and wield Hermes's veil of obscurity lifting standard, (why keep armies standing in the way of freedom instead of marching on the way to it? Why crowd trees into a phallic caricature of proper standing. Why call a time of record arm deals a golden age?) Dastardly stanly lashesus to the masturfoolaw, clapclipperclobbering us pissed siren killcall.
Beware when pundititis provokes prosecution and paracitation mania.
Here goes with some simple samples:
Otto mentions the cracking up of signal compression as bad thing (for coherence of focus)
These sort of airy fairy and goody too shoe formulas distract and divert (must I repeat this as often as you do your repertoir?) from the fact that cracking up (rock) allows (sun)signal compression!
A penetrant, cumulative and spearpoint focus like none other can unpack powder with impact power.
We all warp each other's messages, projecting the need for others to (help) implement them exactly inversely proportionate (perversely exportionate) to the degree we dissociate from and/or absolutize the life tasks "written on our own bodies"= cut out for ourselves.
Reactionary rattles and reiterations bouncing around the circle has exhausted many a "speechwaterfall". The lady who conflated coherence and recursion into cohersion has indeed a right intuition about the rigid regimentation, the however richly varied, still jargonesque terminology (let's not forget cohesion was ever a more decisive force in plain stupid blunt but material endeavours than where applied to subtler substance and semi-such.  I don't suppose I need to point out the "attachment to personality ideas around Christ and God fall like mud from the mould" passage as one I am charmed by and feel called upon to improve, to all who know me. "..mud used as mold..." would be more accurate. Yet I say: Flail fresh mud from not merely symbolic models.
Another one I have remarked upon earlier taking a lead from MT then is the derogation of the term gray, making it stand for personified foetuslike frogfaces in space (in this case expressed with extremely poetic excellence) "comfortable with and at an ash and trash level".
Totematic riding from stainstow, mainflow, banelobland
by the one man musically mud ministering memeteam.
 Back to Tenen for a bit
At the time of writing this (6/12) Dan has publically apoligized for all the nasty things he has done to poor Mr Tenen who can now devote his attention to spending money on the nonprofitable exploitation...eh sorry...dissemination of his patently protected copyright instead of lawyers. Bravo.
As a token of pure appreciation I will inflate his sense of selfesteem by valueing another tidbit I found recently:
From: Stan Tenen <meru1@well.com>
Subject: Apple
        I have hesitated to contribute to the discussion about the origins of the apple in Eden story, mostly because I had a sense the request was for accepted references and not for speculation.  However, after reading some of the postings, I was surprised not to see what I believe are the primary kabbalistic references even alluded to. 
     Apple, Tapuach in Hebrew, refers not to an apple, per se, but to any form that "Puffs through itself", that is, its represents a generic, torus-shaped fruit, of which an apple is an excellent example, that fits
the description in Genesis I.11: "... fruit tree yielding fruit whose seed is in itself"  This is an _operational_ description of the process of a fruit-seed-tree-fruit-cum-new seed system.  It is not the description of any particular fruit.  This system outlines one generation of a life-cycle and this is why it has been recommended as _the_ fruit of Eden.  (This is also why, to a mathematician, this process is identified with a torus, the first form that "puffs through itself" like a smoke ring.) 
      The Tipuach appears rather mysteriously in Jewish tradition as the form of the ashes on the alter in the Temple. But that is too much to discuss here.   The fruit in Eden is also described as a pomegranate - because a pomegranate is full of seeds packed closely together.  This is a natural model of an abstract discussion in the introduction to the Sefer Zohar, a major kabbalistic work.  Here it states that there is a "...rose with thirteen petals surrounding it on all sides....with 42-kinds of second- matter..." 
      To a person familiar with the marketplace, where pomegranates, oranges, apples and other round fruit is stacked - or to a person familiar with solid geometry 101, or the work of the late Buckminster Fuller - this is a unique description of what we call cube- octahedral sphere packing. Spheres pack most closely (in space) when there is one sphere on the inside of an outer sphere consisting of 12- spheres.  The outer 12-spheres are then surrounded with another sphere consisting of 42-spheres, and so on. (Fuller gives a simple formula for the number of spheres in each sphere of spheres.) The process of expanding from a single central sphere to a sphere of 12 spheres to a sphere of 42 spheres is unique.  It closely models how a seed sits within a real fruit, within a fruit, within a fruit, within a fruit.... ad infinitum, as a chain-of-being - or as a Tree of Life.  This is why the pomegranate is mentioned.
   Also mentioned is wheat.  An examination of wheat shows layers of branched sections that look somewhat like a small pine tree or like a miniature spinal column.  This also expresses the chain-of-being and Tree of Life model. 
      The fig is mentioned because it is an alternate, inside out, model to the apple geometrically.  The fig's flower is inside.  It represents self-reference, as its Hebrew name discloses.  Fig = T'en-ah (Tov-Alef- Nun-Heh); the root is Alef-Nun, related to Alef-Nun-Yod, Ani, "I" preceded by Tov, an indication of self-reference.  Thus the fig is the fruit of the tree of self-reference.  Self-reference is represented personally by self-awareness, what Adam and Eve gain by eating the fruit in Eden.
        Thus, the fruit of the tree in Eden includes certain aspects that are represented by all fruit and certain aspects that are represented by several different fruit, including apples, pomegranates, wheat, and figs.
        There is considerable discussion of this in the kabbalistic literature, but most of the references are so obscure that they are no longer unambiguously understood. 
      There is also Robert Graves' understanding of Apollo as referring to an apple.  Apollo, like the God of Abraham, was considered to be Unitary and Whole.  This is not the place to elaborate further, but there was a likely a geometric, if not a theological, relationship between the Abrahamic and the Greek views of the sacred geometry of creation and consciousness.  Thus, Apollo as an archetypal or idealized apple, not as a pagan God, is not out of place in an Abrahamic context.         Stan Tenen (The geezer can't be all bad if he manages to make mention of and a ref to Robert Graves eh?)
All very neat, fine and dandily groovy, no?
Well, I suggest that if Mr Tenen is unable to arrest the momentum of his own routinely rolling and scrolling through court scrambling(s) over casket and basket cases he could start tackling one of his his own testifiers next (Cohen), who was inspired to adapt some of the terminology to game frames of reverencing, in which he surely allows to shimmer through the much maligned and cooked Maerth ideas on cannibalism (fruit of knowledge) or does that carry endorsapprovil of the master and ministers.
My latest Email to Dan:
hi Dan and dearly condoled forthwith, feelin witya. If you need to cheer up if not clear up some of the latest heart apartrending rompslomp (genuine Dutch word meaning red tape) I recommend (once again) to probe the Joyce scholar constituency in Buffalo (though I gather yaint dare no more) and a real gem of them resides in Kingston Ontaria at Queens U; his name is Jed Rasula, (article in the latest James joyce Quarterly)(don't his name sound much like the mysterious Rysavy (or something) Tenen keeps mentioning?). I have to look into this Marcel Jousse thing (anthropology du geste) yet; ain't easy, he ain't been translated from French since 1925 in either German or Dutch yet but republished in French often. (months later I got the only direct response to one of my countless mails aimed at him to this one; it said he had been in Kingston while finally reading this by then months old mail)
Final comment on EILS: equal interval letterskip
High horse shit shite distinctions of logic borderdefine, establish, build and block. ...the brain as fruit....smells like arch bureacracy; jews pulled up their noses about bone- and backyards
unlucky simile that uses fire without a provisionary clause joining the hoards of burnt out hippies? trees were sacred, now their mere (meru) symbols are? OK, OK, displacements and pattern language is at the cradle of math but I stick with Warburg who felt very clearly that the ticker tape was strangling what breaths rather than squeezing breath into what can, could and would but for the fact that it has been helped to yet.