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Prefacelike portal for a sizable slab of text by:
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This file offers (besides link to loads of his Dutch (native tongue) texts and) 4 different attempts at welcoming visitors (would be de- and extractors no less than genuine benefactors. I just can't tell which is which but you know what? Let's be undecided, . . undivided....Don't that remind yall . ."... tataa taata, tadaratataa taata yyyeeaaaahhhh.." ..from:"How to take the lead and swing it"; my favorite hit from the nineties folks. Close runner up would be some Varttina songs and none could touch a double album called: "you are what you wizz", my (early eighties)  all time high  (I probably listened to Mozart's Requiem in the Aspen public library as many times somewhere half way through them though). OK, enough chitchat, let's get serious here (and help some rock grow up all the sooner ... elaborate explanations will be given).
This file aims to start you off and prime you on with brief samples and basic orientations to prevent people missing paths, trampling stuff,etc; i.o.w: getting lost here in this by now (even if only sizewise) upon first (site)sight bewildering roamstage.
This site aims to provide some slow, sure and steady approaches to wearing ubiquitous obstacles (like all too rocky parts of earth's surfaces (due to human exploits disproportionately already and still more and more so) into substances of a softer and can't help but become nurture prone nature (with a hitherto little known strain of radically comprehensive clout).
Dutch disease (one of many worldfamous ones): To make a long story short: good place for beginners to get an idea about why this nobody's 7 Megs of text are everybody's daily topics.
This is the smallest file here (In this file all linktexts are black by the way ((but not all black texts links))); I hear my self say: "and yet, probably too much for most to handle anyway".

Don't care for the colour(-collisillusion)s here?
See the note concerning coloursat the bottom
(reminder of your Ctrl A (highlight colouring) capabilities basically).
This site is definitely in the category of the world's most this, that and the other few more things you will remember as soon as your brain can stop spinning.It contains about a couple of hundred K's colourfil(l)ed texts each on the following subjects(I have colourcoded after the Arnold Keyserling scheme; his wheel is on view in my samples file; see below. For best result in- or decrease fonts to fill a screen with spectrum):

xxxxxxxxx   law, justice and legitimacy   xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx   eco- .. matter of fact: multiple c words: co-ops for instance and economy - logy of  com- and immunity ..  communication, close collaboration and index vouching: Makuta!     playful pedagogy and education; guidance by  non - enforced examples of decidedly cutting edge (well educated cause fast learning) elite/charismatic minorities (after Robert Graves's magician - plotter - recorder in "See the north wind rise")     xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx     clouds: (counter)part(ner)s for  rockdusts     xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx heartstart art is/as harmonatural mimicry xxxxxxxxxx      rockdusts are great lovers of and suckers for clouds      xxxxxxxxxxxx voluntarizing politics  of consent spreads content  bring superstitions to heel and truely heal, whole and hail xxxxx   inventive yet imitative technology   xxxxx    matters of state and autonomobile precurvezjan  xxxxxxxxx ecology and (para)magnetism; fertility and fun   xxxxxxx     Beholden to bio-bin-bulbillious-bible-o-graphikills.

Most of my own 11 colourcode enhanced  files (6 in total) are more like this one for instance:
The colourful rainbow file,
the full colour file of rainbows,
  the rainbow colour foolish file,
 strain the colourfilled full below to bloom and blow
 drain the colourfail bile flow,
the coloured painflow ful filled,
 fall colours reign the bow file,
feel the cooler's falling  bane grow
throughout the random, yet reach, range, and scale embedded,  sound, spectrum, yell and slogan samples file for instance. Let me present a single but amply accurate sample from this file so full of them;   tree is but a rock's relative which sets fluids in potion motion. Slaughter is sub-per-verted laughter thrown for a loop (L W Lyons).   Don't widen but deepen your territory if you need one at all, worry its bottom border into retreat.   Parents are karma's henchpersons and sexy-cutes-yawners.   Gender clouds traffic and vica versa.   Where is my ultimate g(u)ardeningtool - instrewment, the heavenly door knock appliance? On the drawing boards, in the modeling  room, in the news, at my fingertips, in my hand, in ours?   I click along natural cleav(e st)ages.   A rock will sooner aspire to loose its gravity than a conspirational clicktock clock its chronic depravity.   If a role model is long dead or merely imaginary, you 'll have only your own conception of it to live up to.   We don't give the lie to compost pie, the marketplace of gentle oxide reduction. I will show you sources and succesions you haven't  dreamed of ever seeing to be related and connecting before.
The names for my (heavily reworked over and over) earliest most convoluted yet structured files made into another simplest of samplers: table_of_contents.htm                  inthrow_and_acknowledgements.htm  priority_issues.htm           random_yet_spectral_samples.htm
(meaning: rainbow fab bull, fun and fascination)
more recent files:  commendablinks.htm
(280 sites list, I will help'm make a fist);
new_links.htm;  heavy_heaves_for_Madonna_and_other_personalia.htm; recent_erratic_precyclicx.htm; recent_correspondence.htm; recent_thoughts.htm; etc.
Sad the dreamscape turned into a fence?  Here's how to deal with that along with whatever else is too dense and tense.
4 more colourcoded documents: almost all linkfiles They (except the Balkan one) are only partly hypered (precisely due to my selfimposed scetnapering composure restrictions and colourcode addictions) and bear the following names: commendablinklist.htm and new_links and recent_links.htm  and fifth_linklist.htm.
Another couple of POET*PIEToid colourcoded beauts are: ....well, besides  this one of course, the: Bibliography and index thereof;  and a file with keywords (metatags), abstracts and brief descripts
See the index  for file size info to tailor your bites to my bit gradient (We wouldn't want overcapacity would we? Crashing to dead lock rather than the herein aimed for crushing of 'dead' (not) rock. We wouldn't dare count on being allowed to keep this up and growing to pay off debts would we? We couldn't care less about weather and value standard stability can we? We'll just bomb you into dependence and that'll teach you)
  Right back with more after the second flavor of attempted Welcome to the future flour(y) pow(d)er fostering, potentially fastest and already (for sure) the most solid(ly formatted) prose-poetry on earth; (about 7 Megs spread out across over 88 files ((averaging over 88 K'z colourful concept- harmonized and hyrarchical wordsequences, including 4 megs worth of images, even)) worth of contextual):  BLABS= Bottom Line Aphoristically Ballistic Solutions meaning: Solutions which break uncivilly polarizing centralizations up or open, wether institutionally animated or simply, inertly dormant (yet animatable) by pushing the logistic limits inventively, notably those (rocks) constraining vertical metabolisms (of trees).       Switch to soundbite sampled files of the most important recent as well as all earlier work at this site from Blabsabs_IndexB.htm    It is the closest I come to offering a site component chronology.   Another gateway from which to reach my older work (via appetizing one or two line characterizing 'entitlements' of the aphorisms, essays and segments (which vary in size from a few lines to a page or two) is table_of_contents.htm)        A final angle of approach is offerd with brief descriptions and collected keywords in the abstracts file.         One may (I hope) care to see the  POET*PIEToid scans and prettifications of some other people's work (about 4 Megs worth of text) I admire and exhibit:  /guest_appearances/intro_to_currency_issues.htm.           Several (11 files) list posts and interactions are accesible via: table of contents for all list post files.          And finally, come this way if and when you get curiious about my (11 file) correspondence collection.
Half of this site was created/gestating during the 80tiesand the rest since then (latest files at tops of all content files).    This file was created during the last days of july 99
Here is another (very early eighties) lyrical derivation of those same (old by now yet?) multiply mixed and often enough manglingly, poorly and mangily aphoricized categories (most of these are the titles topping files):TREE GROVE WOR(M )KIN-SHIP (colour here should be clear)
Trice welcome: Prepare for the humblest, most equitably fundamental yet equally undogmatic and unselfishly long term,  back to basest of basic base line (uncomp)acts imaginable, i.o.w: a how to concerning (discernment of. .((the Dutch word onderscheid is instructive since it undermines all politically plural and lateral colouring into the extremes of up and down instead; differentiating solid and intangible..but let's not get into the differences between spaces and the changes of timings cause even such nifty naturals as Andy Goldsworthy for instance seem to think there are no rocks in Holland. Do only the sharp kind count for him all of a sudden I wonder or did the "vruchtbare aarde" journalist commit a blooper?))) the most pleasantly rocky of shocks .... the appurtenant shake, shock, tumble - chime - polish and 'crackture' of rock! Boring you say? au contraire mes soeur et frere, you just don't comprehend yet how to do it with flair!

Let me ensign you how to dare make people stop and stare, wonder over and ask for a go at what they will know need not remain bare. Yea,  verily, I am compelled to prophesy, even front line fighters will be won over at lightning speeds and start striking the next nearest by cramp below or aside with thunderstroke force and more if more they can muster.     The ramifications to economics, eth(n)ics and various other presently intolerable antics will be clear to you long before you have gotten even close to halfway through the 7 Megs of text here, being the most extreme of 'reductorist' lines right from the start and straight from the heart of a truely human mongrel (of uncertain pedigree but an all the more penetrating understanding for all that). Condencentration of sunlight is my game; metabolizing minerals. Removing barriers thereto and -of that is. Prepare if you dare for what is probably the world's fastest, 'emptyleast', most pigmented and polished prose - poetry by yours truely: poetpiet. There is a chaos of obvious, brief and easy stuff stirred into some denser and tougher consistencies and lengths arranged roughly in themes go(ing) by predominance in the case of mixtures thereof... Imagine a field with wild herbs and animals but no machines and above all: no locks...cause to reveal what's hidden is norm, foolproof and profruitful(able).                Open this one if you dare. .next>>>>>>>>>>

Lemme start over her just one more time:

A final and special Welcome (for those completely out of hand when it comes to being skilled in self-knowledge and -criticism) to a savage idiot savant soliloquizt-sage .. I mean . .  -page where you may witness the snetcapering magemaster doing full on all out battle to outwit and run out of himself. Doesn't that scare, fool and bother you enough to click away? Still reading? OK brace yourself: My wrain is like a magic broomb swhieepping all who play for privilege (and who the jew doesn't) along to sure death; only a lucky few get to stand, stay and renew (only the need to prey on more shares of the same old aim: blame), the rest is fertilizer, nobody wasted, all rifraphrazed and accunted for. Reap as you sue or ripen what you throw. Jews will have us choose but I haven't got a 'hofschofterige' jew's clue and courtly crime in view; I just know what's the sunshine's duew when it hallows me plain enough; look away and you will see applies. Still, not all of our dew is due them (who? DISCONSOLATE DESERTIFYERS BOTH IN- AND ADVERTENT) to dispose of yet,  nor to dissalute us with. The inventors of dissociation and stunted ghetto grotesquerie (their idea of stratification) foreshadowing computers with their figuring aberailities and astronomical of course long dead and done damage..... I will leave it to Dan Winter to fabulate further in that direction. I wanna stay closer to home and merely mention that whatever we dissociate ourselves from and with can (and usually does,hardly suprising) start dissociating from us to set us back in turn. Vengeance is passed on momentum; those portions about which nothing cyclical has yet been discovered, let alone disclosed, feel like some especially. Reconstitution is impossible for (institutional) body's beyond a certain size so keep on beginning and let life do the rest.          In most earlier efforts to fullfill the gruelling task of (be)titling my page I have used the word solution but seeing this site is still the most desolatorily dry in terms of traffics, hits and runs you may rest assured I am all wrong. Maybe Soros (sores in dutch means ailment and is a semitism; something a semi-semite like me is bound to chuckle over) will support me one day cause making winners is even  more selfcongratulatory than betting on merely possible ones. For more of this sort of nonsense explanations see the 'lingo' file(s); some warriornet and dis cussing joyce's woike list post ones.

A souped up anarchist website counter comment:   Is  inter-hit, -knit, -dot and -knot net Traffic guaging  the only disfunctional counter(ring) culture left?     Should you care to install one I hope it will take you less time to get it to work for you (I thought I was pretty smart and even prone to 'catch fire' at all these for half a year I schizoically made fun of the counters (see the foreword or inthrow...there's a copy in the third  miscellany  along with more gropes);  then I realized I should stand by my own intentions a little more consistently(kin seek windily; a joycification of the word the Dutch use here: consequent which by the way doesn't fit the same grammatical category in our sensibility either, one can not hang -ly on it although we use(-lijk) a form of that suffix (if that's what it is) plenty often, like the -lich in German) and come up with ways to encourage and help such developments further along.   Ideally and what's more, in our time realizably so, the merging, fusing and friendly harmonizing, or if you want to put it that way: the take over, swallow up or ....   why not call it that long expected revolution and/or the complementation, proportionalization and compatibilization of politics, population and money (let me add fertilizer since I am going along at a good clip in this here umpteenth and multimanyeth attempt to be windingly windingly comprehensive).
Glossalore for some of the hyphened word(coining)s:
'crackture'  = correction - cracking krek is dutch for sure, exactly.. . -dure = duration, charging, spanning, budgeting 'reductorist' = as opposed to oxidist 'emptyleast'  = most densely formated; margin to margin brim and as chockablockas rock
Oh by the way: almost forgot, lemme aks you:
How much of tha tDUTCH are are you able to clutch?
For those capable of reading dis retching right there is half an Mb  of text on more or less the same subjectmatter available at: (click here)
nee dus niet meneer poeptiet die hoort hier wel maar hij woont hier niet
Een halve Megabijtje puur Hollandse tekst door poetpiet
... hoezee en lang leve alle moerstalen en dood aan stalen moeren...
document-titels aldaar beginnen uiteraard met: en dan:
zwaartepuntige voorbeschouwing.htm    x x x     vruchtbaarheid en vrede.htm    x x x     (dankzij versmeerderde groeizame tijdsgewrichten)    x x x     bab(b)lbecijfering.htm    x x x     (leiderschap, politiek en schaal optimalizatie)    x x x     Beckerath (Bth) over moeizame mensenplichten.htm    x x x     (over de co-operatieve wortels van capitalisme)    x x x     bevrijdende markt van photosynthese.htm    x x x     bekend en is.htm    x x x   boomdroom onder stoom tot einder.htm    x x x     tinkeltokkel valt het klein verdichtsel door de zeef.htm    x x x     vroeg of laat vervoegbaar.htm    x x x er zijn ook hier (bij tripod een filetje of vier-vijf in't hollands
rots    Trots   X   stofT      stof
Very PRCRussian associated and sounding Dutch word meaning
 rockdust rockdust rockdust rockdust rockdust rockdust rockdust
Work* Existing minimally derivative variations of the word work, like wrok, wrik and wrak (meaning grudge, pry and wreck respectively) are already indicative of the directions I have taken it to mean.
Wie  ertegen kan zich  in tot nog toe (en vooral op het eerste gezicht)  onmogelijke ge(d)achte  woorden(combinaties) te verslikken nodig ik uit:
Should you encounter colours you can neither eyeball nor stomach here, don't get upset nor tell me my page is inaccesible, just scroll your mouse across offending and eyesore segments or get rid of 'm at a double, simultaneous, two part stroke: CPress Ctrl + a together (Ctrl a fraction of a second earlier); and voila, your favorite highlight colours! (if you have bothered to spec your prefs on the hopefully public machines you use. Please help if not end private property of communication and other flowing or infrastructably conveyables, at least unblock access to nonmolestering worthies). 1982, Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition (SVTC) has worked to document and expose the hazards of the high-tech industry and to promote environmental and economic sustainability and accountability in the electronics industry, the fastest growing manufacturing sector in the world. Well that's what they say about themselves but if the WIRED rag article about recycling (and the juttersdok - grof vuil relation and turnover in Amsterdam, surely comparable to all those Cities whereto big(breasted and balled)shots flock to see how fast they can (over)draw and inspire the confidence one is that one in a billion all right) cpaints an accurate and realistic picture of all the goings on in the 'new' economy we're not exactly replacing monitor screens with windscreens, just adding 'm as the next gear.

aim responses at:
last mnor changes in june 2001
 wish you all the best