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Generally aiming to hint at ways which will help autonomize min(- and at the same time (as well as) maj)orities; (given that most recent army moves are 'provoked' by) small modestly armed minorities who show signs of fending for themselves and having 'grown ((back)) up' enough to quit backing off, rather than greed and unreasonably ruthless cruelty ruled megalomercenary machos. ,Also showing how the complementary rather than competitive tid(y)ings between (mental) conglomerations and (physical) break ups can turn (some attenuating rather than polal icing attention) to easing of flow rather than to freezing, a  braid into coherent focus for all concerned is immanent,. . .. simpler than (and yet when) one thinks,  more transcendent, .  . sublime,.  . uncanny,.. . . coming up......)
The 4 topics featured:
1 How can proper use of arms outlaw the 'wrong' use of them? How can we deal with 'm to stop the dealing of 'm????          In other words: How can one learn to act on the crux of paradoxes, tide turning versions from per- into everything but.  Paradoxes abound in life; they 've got stuck together into mandala art for a while already. In real life and time all and every labyrinthine, peripheral initiative can be complemented by an undistorting, merely inventorizing turf tab station of central arborescent registry and categorical collation.             2 Impartial yet expert thoughts on the euro (setting us up for an offendingly nonorganic change) and/or any other currency competition/unification (s)(w)allowing troubles. Including hints on how we currency issue delegaters/depriveds (dey got us by the deprivated parts podners!) can take our democratic differentiation and political potential empowerment back. Guiding light: Roland Vaubel and his 500 page academic work.           3 indiginous issues, including radically green provisionary politics                4 information  tec logistic(k)s and other subcultural marginalia (like my hobby horses) highlighted.
More specifically:
Is 'our' IMF a benign despot or a patient predator?       A Roland Vaubel inspired (and by me long awaited) piece on the top down push for the Euro called: the euro starts too early.         INDRA (A'dam) lecture cycle (late 97) comments by Piet          A propo Joyce (see loquacious....chapter for more)         Spare a thought about Indigenes Part of a digest about a sojourn in Gondwana land (oct 96-aug 97) also called New Holland for a spell before a but slightly different one was cast: the utterly dissociative term: Terra Nullius, nevertheless crown land, and yet  prime location to one can send incorrigbles down to, since it used to be so conveniently remote not realizing that conflagrations on one side can call forth precipitations on the other as 1998 seems to prove beyond a doubt but one must have an eye for the obvious; Hamaker's differential effect (colder here means warmer there budging the average very little) and this year particularly incriminating for Holland since Indonesians caught the neoliberal big fish swallow lil' ones bug from us good.   Now these parts are known as Ozzie land after the land of Oz which seemed comparably miraculous; perhaps not such a coincidence either and appropriately enough since, by the way,......: link<here>link 's some 'evidence' about Frank L Baum's supposedly genocidal agitation.              Dear NUS students for sustainability playing potential politician.  Pick up some Biblical bias and get lost in Babylonian babygland bibliograpy to betray and condemn true charm of babyland.  For more Ozzie (ad)ventures see tailend of chapter 7     (rainbowgatherings and such) and the fourth appendix (sojourn at J Zube's microfiche mastering minion).
Technology issues:  All, any and a medium is, gives and does the massage, maybe a bit like rock is, gives and does dust and/or goes to particulate pieces jagged, rough in part and/or superficially, to show off limelight polish.          Sequestered idols and sunny symbolism vs symbiotics is no longer here; I moved it to: the currency issues intro        aborted diamonds     Callahan's, Rickels's, mine and Gilder's views in a nutshell       vacant frequencies, photon finesse and finery         unstoppable waves, unbreakable limbs and now: vacant frequencies?           mail missive for Cato Institute on 'spectrannulius'      callibration of the masses         Shamanic panic and massive (bene) factoring        Jesus and Cernunnos
Is 'our' IMF a benign despot or a patient predator?
So.... the IMF has not suprisingly started to widen the schizo rift between its words and actions: One hand fills hoppers most likely to succeed making the trickle down dispensation start (with dazzling numbers trailing almost synonymous corruption and prestige into the well waxed and flattered top. Is it suprising these 'loans' never reach the needy low end vital base capable of fresh starts with immediate needs, skills, tools and substance. Such effect(ivenes)s would occur only when and if central bottlenecks don't divert and cut but much for our and any superior(s)'s supposed expertise at bloatlengthy and lasting scale size reducing dispersion) while the other hand waves a newly found (=felt necessary to co-opt) magic wand of ethic awakening. The donations, donors, debitors are all bottomless, in the sense of them impersonating rather than recruiting, representing and/or reaching hinterlands, constituencies, etc. It saddles incumbent generations up with a nice puzzle to say the least.
High finance houses of cards which the slightest draft topples with deafening roar (luchtaanvalligheden = airstrike/susceptibility to them). Martin Feldman has said: They should not undermine confidence by spouting (in my opinion schizoically expose themselves with) criticism of corrupt practices but simply demand collateral and/or shut up (to keep the lots for little if not something for nothing ball rolling I guess). They will promise to keep these treasures wrested from nationalistic or worse: local grasp safe and sound but waive their duty to even wile waving it as the so manyeth proof of proper(( )ty try and tree) transposed on paper in some poor and no longer blessed innocent's face in the near future to be sure.         If only IMFers could face admitting that they have given to maffiosi and gangsters rather than undermining not only their own but their cronies' credibility as well when accusing the receivership shaped beneficiaries of corruption.             Well such is the point made by many observers but none say we should send the hardwares and frameworks, iow the bare bones of infrastruct channels to move surplusses from base to base as long as centers cut instead of convey. A self help system worth its salt can only start from a solid base like any- and every other worthwile (organic) thing.      What is the 'ethocologic' of givers scolding receivers when both are all too loftily out of touch with constituencies. A case of pots blaming kettles.
If you liked this rant you may Click here or here to find a few more.   I've done some in Dutch as well in a file called babbelbecijferingen.          The money is inflating at global rates these days with the IMF pouring it in into bottomless funnels which pipe it in and sluice it all the way through to safe, unreachable ivory towers, epitomies of Christian capitalism.             Global players are cronies, casinogoers, coercers and clammily despicable capitalists who lost all decent senses of reciprocity. Let's not worship any longer at their ivory tower police protected passages (and make aways with ours excluding us). They are shaking our tests and getting away with our cool tool ammommammem'ry. Who is testing their tools? Who can refuse them? I envy the amount of weight their addiction to optic fibre put in the scale compared to mine (or his "internet stock phenomenon" about thought bugs and contagions)
A Roland Vaubel inspired newspaper ad from Germany (he shares authorship with 3 others)
(I wondered what he was up to in the quiet before that storm) on and against the top down push for the Euro found at: (doesn't seem to exist anymore) ~iiw/euro.htm#English Version
The Euro starts too early
 On the planned start of theEuropean Monetary Union Endorsed by 166 Professors of economics           1. There is no alternative to European integration. The single currency will be part of it - at least for the core of Europe. However, the Euro comes too early.          2. The consolidation of public budgets has made progress. Nevertheless, it has not advanced enough, especially in large countries such as Italy, France and Germany. The process of consolidation started too late and halfheartedly. In spite of an unusually low level of interest rates, hence reduced costs of debt service, and in spite of numerous examples of creative accounting, the core countries have not succeeded in reducing deficits markedly and sustainably below the 3 per cent reference value. Moreover, the average debt ratio of the member states has not come down since 1991 but has risen by 15 percentage points. As a result, it now exceeds the 60 per cent reference value of the Maastricht Treaty by a large margin. This is contrary to the spirit of the Treaty.          3. The Treaty rightly requires persistence of convergence. To ensure this the so-called "stability pact" has been invented. However, the pact cannot guarantee budgetary discipline. The threat of sanctions is credible, if at all, only if the deficit reference value is violated by one country or very few countries. Given that sanctions are not automatic, it is unlikely that a qualified majority will enforce the pact when a larger number of countries simultaneously violates the limit. The pact cannot ensure the stability of the Euro.           4. Since 1991 the structural problems of Europe have worsened. Unemployment has continued to rise. Notably Germany and France  - the driving forces of European integration - are not well prepared to cope with the more rapid structural change and the stiffer competition in a monetary union. The Euro does not solve the unemployment problem of Europe. Given that exchange rates are no longer available for adjustment, labour markets need to become much more flexible - in Germany as well as elsewhere. An unambiguous change of trend is missing in this respect. If such a trend change is not achieved before the start of monetary union, we will have to expect useless experiments of demand stimulation and above all political pressure on the European Central Bank.        5. The current state of economic affairs is most unsuitable for starting monetary union. An orderly postponement for a couple of years - supplemented by conditions on further progress with respect to budgetary consolidation - has to be seriously considered as a political option. Postponement must not be seen as a political catastrophy. No party can infer from it that the process of integration has come to an end. The persistent success of the Euro is more important than its starting date.        6. An orderly postponement would not be a reason for any country to reduce its efforts at consolidating public budgets. Reducing effort would be a signal that the country either does not make budgetary discipline an objective of its own or that it is unable to take the necessary action. It would be a fundamental error to start monetary union with such a country.         7. Should the attempt of reaching unanimous agreement on an orderly postponement fail, it will be of utmost importance to apply the convergence criteria without any indulgence. Then it must not be declared a taboo that the monetary union starts with a smaller group of countries. On the contrary, with regard to sustainability, the convergence criteria need to be applied as rigorously as possible - as strictly as the Treaty permits. Governments who do not take the examination of convergence seriously, undermine the confidence in the actual independence of the European Central Bank and in the stability of the Euro. The start of monetary union would suffer from a heavy burden if the Euro is expected to be weak - inside and outside the monetary union.         Anybody interested in hundreds of pages filled with academic arguments of the most lucidly technical kind in the field (so my intuition tells me, informed by the summary with which I made do), look his title: 'Currency Unification' up in your uni library and/or see the summary here
M for Motto
Why and some hints as to how the minorities which speak up for silent majorities might amalgamate, merge, mature and mysteriously multipolize mixed mineral media as most democratically ministerable money to impose manifold modesty on shame inviting, shade destroying majority manipulators. My emphasis on militant muneratio mustering from minerals, which may be inanimate but are most eminently mobilizable and might mean more to the unbroken blind eyes of darkness than meets yours without proper (p)reflection.
comments on some INDRA lectures in A'dam 97
One of these lectures had the christmas story telling tone of the kind I remember used by female sunday school teachers that were allowed to speak in church once a year. She spoke on literature and identity, focussing on a Black Canadian Poet named Philip.
A searched out and dished up naughtyness seems to be another bit of evidence that an often recurring and so widely assumed (especially by female lecturers, it seems to me) essential recipe ingredient, a prerequisite for spellbinding performance in Amsterdam is erotic language even though the featured poet morphs that word into anguish; her theme is to denounce the invasion of silence by the logical and lawful liability legislators who are interesting cause alienated, cool cause clever, symboljugglers, shallow, aloof, rich and streetsmart mongrels that linger and dwell, nay insists on 'binary dichotomy, dominance, intolerance and 'disallow paradox', I find the use of the word paradox a bit..well..paradoxical in this context cause the western discourse of democratic darwinism, underdogging, prosecuting and poisoning the (taken collectively, remember the cartoon of little fishes in formation to fake (out) a big fish?) vast majorities of all aspects of life from psychogeographically determined tribes to soil organisms, not only allows but produces the worst of them by 'virtue' of its massificatory personal and personably proper scales perverting hybridizations and exoduses condoning displacements. Now let me finish illustrating Philip's method, a fine paradox in itself since she uses the abuseful bully method that she polemicises against ((de)finality of linearly letterstrung words woven into stipulations for lingam licking subservience) herself albeit very observ- and militantly, I myself use computers to try shift the focus and consumptively absorbing energy directed thereat to more fertile fields of endeavor and communion, the long wave and loop type communication, not between specialized humans primarily but including all species in one's surroundings.               My most intense criticism of the terminology, but not the intent in the lecture, concerns the expressed desire to escape the black white and either or hardliners, and yet reach a neither and or both timeframed flux of plurality (by the way, saying that there is a right place and time does not include denying there are wrong ones I hope).        Rubbing dark and bright together as in minerals and light, lubricated by some watery weather, eh voila, sprouts life with the clout to pout and move about, life sprouts into pucker and picky plantlike organism again and again, a begin again with no fake about it (pun on the most
 ultraextremist punner).   Rockdust and clouds are conveniently grey to fit around green in the middle of a symbolic rainbow resulting from the interaction andmutual metabolism so well illustrated in the ancient yinyang icon.   Each partner has some of its counterpart exactly at a peculiarly pivotal spot for fulcrum leverage so that in dynamic spins one would see a lot of whirling grey as in volcanic eruptions and storm- or otherwise moistened, finetuned dosage of dustspreading machinery displays and manifestations for instance, utterly and completely essential and fundamental in my mind's eye, whent comes to encompassing dualities. So there is no turning one's back on them, the dichotomies and binary bits cause they are complementary, inextricable and mutually enhancing and impregnating rather than antagonistic, which latter state is the case only when they deny reality and try to pull away from each other, a futile, further polarizing and in respect to its opposite infertile attempt.            Apropo Joyce whose work and workings I finally took time to tackle abit  in Ozzie's Brisbane Uni, appropriately protected from the usually mad rush of Ozurban traffic by a river slung around it on 3 sides, starting with the most critical commentators, a man who saw what became of one of Europe's first multicultural societies: Ireland (went down thanks to fascist neighbours and alcohol) See chapter 10 (white) for more in honour of him (loquaciously perspicacious lingo) besides the next alinea.           Life is like a river, it precipitates from heaven, gathers force, strength, volume, content and concentration into a massively singular entity pushing things over, out of its way or ahead of itself, accumulating to the point where the trunklike stage is at an end and the divisive obstacles oblige it to divert and scatter to get around them only to calm down some more and drop residual se(nt or d)imental deposits that other forms of life profit from and run away with before it loses itself after such fruitful life altogether in the womb whence it arose and will rise again once sunny seeds tickle the starspangled surface it circulated to.
another UvA Indra lecture extract and comment with some book reviews added
 The most perfectly positive, pragmatic, programmatic and projective parts of the next 5 pages are boldly emboldened (sorry, lost them on the way from apple to Dell somehow for now)  for those who have little time to waste on descriptions of the status quo, however accurate, being haunted enough by and aware of it already,  for people who have lost the reactionary desire to read about its predictable exploits. Paraphrasing the first part of the "IN BETWEEN' lecture by Rob Horst: Peer pressure of protestant work ethic (lord/ slave cleavage among the lads) swayed popular opinion with massive mercenary, mercantile and finally media mendications resulting in voluminous but poor quality annual food biomass production at the expense of previously present, much nearer to perfectly diverse, selfconserving, yet unpoisoned and massive biomass. The second part concerned Chambers's book 'putting last first' which is a very enigmatic title for me; what lurks under the universal face value of such a phrase one may wonder at first sighting it.  The hermetic: as above, so below? The orouborousian, moebius magnetism mysteries? The Biblically last part of creation put on a pedestal? Closed circuits? The dragontail in mouth mythology? Before continuing in this colour.. Allow me to quickly sketch the content of 'Foreign bodies' here, by  Alphonso Lingis (hint, nudge, say no more) and throw in a little on 'Demonic males' by a couple of monkey watchers in a little while as well, they constitute my most recent reading to acquaint the ancestral and indigene. The New Guinean Sambia turn out to evince yet another sub- and perversion of that old riled and railed at, mudslapped and blood bespattered mother magic, seen and believed to give and take life or death during the early, superstitious fits and starts toward the tarmac tec and expert knowledge engendered by millions of years worth of scarcity fanned and fed force resulting in violence conflagrations galore, always typified by desert and desertifying patrist heartland tricks such as segregating ageclasses, varieties and genders. The Sambia now lock fathers and cousins into a ball and penis circuit onto the breast and nipple suckled cycle of white fluid metabolism to parody and periodically perversify that of the opposite gender continuity amongst mothers and daughters. And so wetnursing the prospective wife's little boy brothers thus  initiated to homo-, before graduating to hetero sexuality, when they become givers rather than receivers of sperm, leaves them living between wars weaving the libidinal economy without spilling a drop. This would be a good place to tell the story of the flues as they relate to stolen suckling foods but I am mixing topics enough as it is, so we will have to endure rude bacilla bombs away sneezes for a while yet. Some of the New Guinean tribes are much more militant and misogynist with frequent ritualized standoffs till an imbalance evokes bloodshed and rout just like among chimps who form gangs to raid and catch stray neighbours offguard while Bonobos can afford to stick together more, mix ages and genders constantly and live a sensual life in part bycause their costs of partysize are lower than their cousins theirs, who have to roam further afield and compete more since they don't supplement with herbs as much as their and our close relatives. This is due to the absence of herb devouring gorillas in the Bonobo enclave and neighbourhood.
Chalmers's book 'Putting last first' is about the green revolution which he criticizes but not deeply enough, making no mention of the progressively deteriorated nutritional values since the volume boost-bloat of chemical forcefeeding fucked up another gutlevel part of empow(d)erment and independence worsening to the point of crops thus promoted rotting before they ripen.
This helps us to guess a little closer to home. Pronouncing losers winners? Celebrating latecomers? Helping the needy underprivileged? It obviously still conjures conjecture and ambiguity. A better look reveals an attempt at arguing in favor of priority shifts away from macho machinations and he mentions a number of their biases like  sticking with tarmac and boisterous bullies.              I propose to keep, stenghten, amplify and discipline these foci against a backdrop of the following much less anthropocentric and more evolutionary interpretation of first and last causes, competitors or colleagues, so their, as nobody can deny considerable, influence can be put to best use. Minerals were here first, then came plants and animals before some prime perspective or partial ulterior motive could arise on the road of loops and spin offs.    Highest developed beings must feed the least far along ingredients into the metabolic chain  of eventual food and abundance where we ex apes sit atop this apex, having survived the ladder climb of plenty complex; in short: a rock having a drink of water for instance is the most 'beingitarian';  the least conspicuous, most common, humblest constituents of life being tracefilled fresh dust must receive priority over all other forms of interfering manipulation and will eventually be felt to deserve the most efficient, entertaining, musical, etc kinds thereof widely; now is the  time for token telltale tailingtrailing, as it can be had for free at most quarries, make a deal with the grinder
 operators, go and sweep it up weekly.               The most liberated, invention armed, freedom and choice enjoying elite must humbly search for the first indications of elevating existence.         What determines sweetness, nutritional quality and shelflife in fruits for second instance?          The full spectrum, natural spread of minerals and trace-elements as found in common, yet paramagnetic rock; oxygen is very, Ayers rock is very, round towers are, half of the rock in Japanese gardens are,   most lava's are and plenty of basalts are paramagnetic,  see P Callahan's books available from Acres USA, a voice for eco-agriculture, Kansas City, Missouri. The index thereof is available here: /guest_appearances/paramagnetism.htm
This is a digest of what I see (oct 96-aug 97) on the other side of the world
One afternoon in a deserted Woolongong, NSW Wilderness Society office.
Who remembers anymore, that history once was oral,
 who remembers times many a score,
when cutting live wood was immoral?
 who buys all sorts of more and more fancy print supplies
 to spread the modern lure and lore of lies
 that help commerce wither life til it dies?
 It's us, courtesy of our local mogul: Boral.
The Australian light is intense, the such harvesting absorption filters, the sun-suspended shade spenders are going and nearly gone, at least the multiply aged, plied, layered and lively havens known as old growth (about 2 % left versus 1% in the US). The indiginous mixes are manhandled and replaced by European imports as on the other continents white folks took a fancy to; the slush, pump and slap of Dutch land reclaiming grazer habits taken overseas for instance become saw, plow, sow, mow, harvest, herd and hammer which is hard work too, but before long, more often than not, nothing remains left to do but scrape, grind, poison and pipe stuff.          A poem about sharply defined borders or nomansland (not exclusively nor predominantly explored, conquered and exploited by man;  bufferzone (sufferbone)) in between written at the occasion of transcribing a report from the Aboriginal  Tent Embassy at the Commonwealth Embassy in Canberra.  It appeared in the numb bum's Nimbin News where I WWOOFed (Willing Workers On Organic Farms) for four days during which I was visited by the carpet snake, totem animal of native poet Oodgeroo (Kath Walker) and Gloria, the editor 14 years running, in residence.            Do some deserts make for their peoples darkness or vice versa?      Do some of them send out white complexioned serfs?
 How much darkness in heat, how much white left in the cold,  how much bleached, how many tanning?   Who leaves green in between?   White men don't change roles, are not open but rather 'elaborinthian'   they can't swap jobs, let alone mates, and the moon is no longer the light    that sends 'm among the branches and loving limbs     they can't kick the shoe and thorn habit nor be in other men's states.        They don't open any rock to unstick the stuck for properly visionary feeds,    can't give some pleasingly pleached limbs  living (c)rafter's credit    can't pass the muck or se other beings needs.       Shocking Afterthoughtful farther shakes:  Some men's darkness is the internalized and more weighty side of the stark contrast between dry glare and deep, dry dourness doffed with dust. Yes they jerk the rest of the world around in search of lost riches. Is darkness in heat? Yes a corefull of it aglow, but what part of the spectrum may secede for a scale spanning virtuosity of morphogenesis? Did tan get chased into the cold and bleach blanch away awhile or what, did their feelings chill, were they marginalized or venturesome?           Light lacks lustre and storage if it gets restricted access through too high a surface tension; hard and not wet enough rock refuses breach and invasion of privacy.           Australia kept me riveted on and astounded by the rapid fire of tellurevision, between the news items on essential and indispensable prostheses like cars and computers, moneyspinners like mining, beef breeding and such staples as science fiction they intermittently pretend to dredge up and redeem drowned skeletons of traumatic, holocaustic, supressed and censored memory regarding the massacres and stolen generations, practically without success but this circumscription of real issues with prejudices drags on endlessly and costily, keeping papercompanies and their dozing bullies happily tearing down the last remnant 3 % of tall, alive and tensile stellation with plenty to spare for shipping to Japan where it is put to serve  similarly useless purposes.            One could argue that this deadlock labyrinth is like having concrete poured into the chinks and channels to discourage purchase and leverage on the entrenchment of all the Native Title legislation which never concerns or even mentions any land more valuable than the merely marginal kind in the first place, which is no suprise, coming so short on the heels of an only just annulled Terra Nullius but  Eddy Mabo day, the second of june, happens to be my birthday and I am confident it shall spin the issue into a more  momentous orbit than it has already done  with the wasteful and shameful results I alluded to cryptically. The reaction from short term snap shot observance of the issues by some of those involved is: 'hey, the abo's are being favoured', this faction is being hypefed by the leftist reaction to it in turn, cause they cry: 'here is a new Hitler who used to fry fish'. All this is a bit like in Germany, where only the communists are lending weight to Nazism nowadays, by taking it really serious still.          Subjective, in your face sort of passion crimes are infinitely more popular than the creepy, remote, large scale, painstakingly and premeditatedly plotted ones.             Another paradox great enough to match the one just mentioned: protecting diversity and autonomy of, by and for all requires a disciplined volunteer and otherwise ideal as well, taskforce to prevent minorities from ganging up on each other coercively; in other words: voluntarily imposed and mostly merely potential coercion is needed to defuse the real and involuntarily suffered kind.         In my opinion seductive and enticing encouragement of repatriation is a service worthy of the highest priority for all disoriented descendants of emigrants who for the most part were forced into that role in the first place. Performance and preservation of self and sort with a bias for kin over kith are sanctioned leadership obsessions which make us highly selective and the shame of it is that the unchosen are marginalized, pushed out and sent packing in the game called: condemned little thief versus exalted big thief. The poor are kept alive and numerous for purposes of cheap laboursupplies and chased off thus market(un)wise more valuable yet in reality invalidated land since day one.          All competitive species and races in turn, but lately the white ones most prominently and predominantly, are in these senses culling for excellence, pickiest, most addicted, unnatural and cleaving the world into privilege and poverty, sublimity and slavery; they got furthest along in the often resisted, raid accumulated hoards of wealth stockpiling which stems from male bonding success, is opportunistic in principle and produces high levels of agitation, (see the recent book: 'Demonic males' for procursors to death defying heroism and its embellishing fabulism to gloss over suppressed truths, like the brutal remove from applying such tactics much closer to the compost heap, iow: on crops, not people! This book bodes well for an eventual acknowledgement that Genesis refers to cannibalism as shown by O K Maerth in the 60ties) power and permanent ownership, lordism and monopolies, pulling the rug from under gentler people, changing their mores into a harsher one of restriction, deprivation and oppression so as to build the puritan pressures needed for expansivist policies; exploration leading to exploitation and so on, see the work of Franz Oppenheimer for instance.        A new constitution complete with legislation and sundry viable blueprint parts should not be so hard to publish and seek subscribers for  although I know at least one comprehensive attempt which belies the latter half of this assertion. (as far as you may call a one man effort that, (Libertarian Microfiche Publishing, 7 Oxley st, Berrima 2577 NSW, the main reason I went to Oz, see the gossipy appendix). It seems hard to combine being a scholar and succesful social activist.          The better we womanage watertight formulation, meaning writing up universally valid, agreeable basic dreams and 'prealities' of such original, taditional or (re)autonomated regions and tribes with the desired degree of integrity, nurturance, harmony and in(ter)dependence,  placing heavy emphasis on prior appropriation ( a term some all too slight attention  is payed to by a liberarian philosopher called Robert Nozick for instance) and tradition where they have escaped coercive carnage so that privatization becomes perpetual trust for proportionate and indiginous preference, the sooner we may proclaim, purchase and then populate them for a charge up before it is back on the double, at good clip and pace to the border-flexing battle-frontline of some still threatened, under siege or subjected place in their defense and service to win variously flavoured favors and favored flavours.              Conversion to voluntary racism means pledging to protect and/or restore plus advocate ethical conduct: mutual noninterference and -infringement except the voluntary kinds of association and exchange.              Let's face it: the green, human right and other minority movements are just drops on a hot plate and in the bucket or bathtub.             I am not knocking homeopathy but the strongest remedies may be pathological and cataclysmic ones which speed up or ripen an already rotten process, I personally broke out in 3 extra craterlike spots oozing puss after an incautious overdose of pyrogenium taken to ripen a first carbuncle, it was made of rotting flesh as I learned much too late.               I propose to bundle forces, concentrate and potentiate 'm (always a good idea aiding systemic overview and only counterproductive and contraindicated as the medical jargonists have it, when the process homogenizes, neglecting differentiations and moving toward mutually competitive monopolizing extent), transform the crossfire of pamphlet and periodical and/or pamphlet publishing power into the simultaneous credit and commitment, receipts and recipes constituting accountability tokens and titbits or bytes, which at one time was the deserving part of paper money, the reason it could become such a prominent and inescapable turnstile, pump and prime perspective and empowerment promising payment at once.              This vision could give a much needed twist to the clog and glut fired at each others offices where they pile up, often remain unread and inaccesible to thepublic to shift, sag, keel and ultimately dust over til they get recycled if lucky, rent being too high for space filling files and archives.          Fight economic secrecy and political hypocrisy colluding against the people and other beings by politicizing money by and for many and abandoning remuneratively monetized politics by and for few.            Proclamations of alliance and solidarity, missives prodding to urgent action and other barrages of sentimental eco-gospel are all very well and justified but come to nought if their merely informing function with or without intent to rabblerouse, isn't  embodying at least one truly emancipated alternative, linkable to others cause fully equiped with the prerequisites: a home made, specific participant and validity duration stipulating currency to give and take in exchange and measure up as a means of payment and turnover; ways of reckoning by value standards with dependably converted and fractionated units (such as constitutable by rates of photosynthesis) to come to a new or renewed rather, understanding and definition of good value storage by buffering soilbank  biomass, able to mobilize nourishing credit according to creed, seed, war on waste and taste.             If the monetary reform with reverb on communication, media, advertizing and politics and small scale innovation I envision is as viable a principle as I feel it will be a practice, that whole chain of hype causing waste which costs entire forest should come to a much needed stop.               Such identity enhancing emission can be invitingly succesful and generous enough to absorb likewise disenchanted defectors and refugees from the relentlessly virulent deathdrive driven and possesed way things are and get imitated by the 90 % sheepishly gullible general public, probably the poor of whom Jesus is to have said they 'd always be with us.             Which popular leader has had a chance, desire and reason to say: 'I'm proud of y'all my people'?    Under any less than these conditions for freeing mental breathing to stimulate same for the physical varieties, the barbaric ballot boxes and biased balance books are and remain unbudgable obstacles as unviable as any holy taboo however undeservedly.  I therefore regret the fact that truly fresh cause really perishable, ethical, ideology legitimating money emission (let alone relocation in order to begin a community, resettling an abandoned village or start a new country, hey, listen up Soros) has become such an ignored, despised, practically outmoded and -dated chance for change, a nonitem which couldn't possible be started for any noble purpose anyway, as public opinion seems to unceasingly exemplify and hysterically reiterate. Automaton encased humans, (why did it highway) both with a mere token, slight, fake and faint flavor of individual variety left while leaving less in their wake on the way to evolutionary dead toxic ends, specialized to the very marrow if even any of that will escape delegation and consequent atrophy, remind me of the green ants I saw ambling along on the semi straight line of an irrigation pipe going upstream among big boulders and trees,  raised above ground over 96 % of the time I guesstimate, but it didn't seem to perturb them, they just must enjoy neatly spaced out linear trucking.           On the other hand what we do not but should delegate, for instance to us agonizing crowding (although people who know not what to do with room to move would rather pretend to suffer lopped limb and liveliness so they can conveniently and comfortably dive and delve into a crowd for a while to build and rev up the fantastic steam necessary to delude themselves into the far from fundamental and faked liberation (relief of 'small death' french after a fashion), the fuseblowing ego-fusion illusion of romantic love with all the above mentioned shortcuts in place and more to come.  Such insulary mimicry is not actual stimulation and miming primal cellsoup on topdollar dancefloors has had its drawbacks, it gets payed for by exposure to epidemic potential or at least a loss of stamina due to dumpy environs with bad ventilation which is a criminally far cry from my ventilating dabs if remaining undecided too long for one thing.
Dear NUS students for sustainability playing potential politician,
all those with public influence must be exposed to scrutiny by and intimacy with those affected.
 I resolutely absolve you from spelling out, let alone trying to implement nonpoetic unresolved
 and merely political pseudo solutions which fall short of cosmic coherence maintained by the very finest details.              Your conference wasn't the best place for a literature display, yall was lookin' for sonic resonance, sensurround charisma, initiative and libidolavishing leadership which is conveyed through face to face in and of the public, besides hands on contact with and example in the public eye, a scent sent up its nose. The 'stretch' of words as the Dutch call it, their reach and implications, should not overreach the sphere of the speaker's grounding and basic, not bossy, influence unless referring to coarse (pervasively coursing) generalities we all share (like weather) or techniques of tabulation, turning central bottlenecks of turfing into purely conveying informally informative thoroughfares (f)or  far off and away consequences of locally implemented strategy. Witness the natural formation of dialect; strictly speaking, not even the sun is globally effective more than half the time. Diana, Madonna, Alex the great, Jesus and Ghengis Khan never will make it either even though one of them tried to impersonate the nearest sun of God.           Pick up some Biblical bias and get lost in Babylonian baby(g)land bibliograpy to betray and condemn true charm of babyland.           So if you feel such far reaching potential that far off yet familiar, alien races and nations are spooking through your head, pubic rather than publically impersonal affairs, go to some older people for wisdom first or a wild party to have some suitably unbiblical body comfort your dick somewhere slimey and warm to gain a sense of proportion and relevance.        In the beginning we  babble, then start to live through squabbles over bibliographies and once we survive all this way past Babylonian boastfulness you would think that by now  scale as a key to dispersion, density and dynamically stable diversity is a well understood item (see Leopold Kohr); when size is taken as a token of security you can be sure there is a pinch or two in the  game somewhere. A longing for unity manifests in massive society and has its place on the compost pile.             Prior to prying pulverizingly prayz da stupefaction supplying distant peer soup shun.            Great spirit and abstract average, conglomorate collectedness we can and may not conceive of nor imagine, at least that is the way some superiority complex sporting people, vulgarly opportunistic users and racists, blindly circumscribe you.           My prayer is that all monotheistically, matrimonially and moneywise monopolizing, to homogenism and miserly misery admonishing ministrators learn the tiny yet important tolerance lesson without flying off the horny handle cause they are starting to well nigh wreck creation big time especially its own cradle, may they come to a forgiving self awareness of it and other sins too, soon, cause these still rage and strike out left and right; it imposes upon, invades and disrespects indiginous native cultures to undermine and subvert their fertility, sustainability and independently plural modesty without asking permission, coming armed with cocksure and triggerhappy doctrines beefed and backed up with infernal paraphernalia: tiers, layers, strata of justice and bylaws that are shortcuts for some few at best and dead ends for most at worst which do not allow blessings to accrue at the base, organically, the way they used to.         The chosen ones don't lavish but exercize choice, yet they no longer discern its natural betterment bias: carry abundance off toward scarcity, adjust the imbalance of diversity dipping toward predominance in need of nipping in the bud. The ultimate and only ideal to me is biotectural 'fingerspitzengefuehlvoller' manipulation known as pleaching; till then plenty of time to detox and crush rocks.      The chosen one figger they ought to be welcome but as soon as they have gaged and adapted the suckering attachment a vitality depleting current is set in motion. So their boast of boon and blessing bringing belligerence is a lie to be wary of.            A shortcut dispenses with the joy of the journey.         Does distinction and nobility denoting terminology succeed in giving proof of interactive hyrarchy or is a sense of evasive isolation more evident?         If the personality cult and mystification  (mystic fabulation) of natural and biological law suspending miracle men who are elusively and exclusively smoke screen secretive if not as powerful or even as real as their advocates, supplicates and perpetraitoring creditors in humble pawn's guise does not come to its senses and disappear, transcending mumbles, fumbles, stumbles and grumbles  into the humility of humble and crist-al-mighty rock crunch and punchline hunches about best crumble which is  ready to realize the simple truth that receiving and accepting the sun of God's divine grace and merciful rescueclause means catching and appreciating not despising its blessings, in other words banking on, in and reckoning with photosynthesis, we will remain in deep shit altogether all together all to get her. This seems as if looking to heaven for answers as massively in an eco rather than religious way, might result in so many solarpanelhands held out that gardening under them must be done in the dark (which by the way radionicists actually manage to do without artificial light).   Better take a Georgist perpetual trusts type tack.     Stone milling work will thrill whereas sun billing will work ill.     The fairies, aliens and races of all sorts, are they not all dependent on gracefully grown, received and tempered fire; the down to earth provision by the inappropriable Sun of God?      The supremecist sentiment is the pickyness particularity that has its rightful place when practised on, by and in favor of the poorest, that is not primarily at every personal, and public besides personifying level, but as re- and precruiting mobility bestowal at the re- and preanimate bedrock bottomrung bottleneck beginning of the foodchain to initiate a steady flow of digestible and nurturing, not selfchosen but juicy or chewy choosable ones which demands a scala of low specie, agegroup or any other category concentration concommitant to high variety diversity, the complementarity mingle mode.       Wherever nesting grounds are at a premium, the hideal of homestead privacy has to be given up for crowded mayhem regrettingly. Versatility and intimate privacy with little to lock up or hide and less to fend off is the charm and main theme of world literature from Genesis to the american homestead(y)ing dream, of man amongst diversity.         The concentration and control of, and access to force, fuel and strength as characteristic of male dominance enhanced with cleverness coopted natural cunning creates wealth which allows choice, it in turn translates to mobility and mobilization which at its highest potential, as peak performance, prerogative and crowning privilege penetrates the feminine realm, invades it to procreate, conquers it to perpetuate, invests in it to reproduce.           What is missing in most such practice is the opposite of taking once and for all, dead end decisive short cuts: add grace notes and graduation, staggering stuff to intensify diversity, embellish and fractalize; stretch, max factor multiply and fracture the blocked bottlenecks. When then the animate meet the inanimate concentration and intensity, intent meetmatematches density, man has a crush on rock cause he skipped and scrapped wage-slavery to become (de)central banker banking away into live buffer banking. Lowest mobility levels receive the highest, most volatile and energetic impact. Together they approach the golden mean meaning, the happy middle humain medium.       I want the type of macho machinations which will mince rock.          Mobilization can be good and bad, it can uproot, metabolize and control or fundamentally feed, enhance, invigorate, buffer, bank, bless and balance all while ab- and dissolving itself.  Smokescreen of monastic megalomani-mythical myopia is the carma of dirty minded patrist power games played hard so as to buy up the best of all shallow, all surface babes from miles around while screaming bloody murder about the brothers in arms they themselves sacrificed on the way.    All this is not to say a central, fulcrum pivoting registrar is out of order, on the contrary, sorting in a nondistorting way, facts with facts and faiths with faiths, parts of each with the principles and practices involved, sorting by age, shelving by degree, overlap, location, intensity, etc, all this is usefull as long as it leads us back to plenty of reason for gratitude with little to boast and bloat ourselves about.          A realistic rainbowmonstration isn't only colour specific but especially when a rock chew screw and sow grow show also spectrally complete timewise, a scale scan, quite unlike this merely hypothetical, fabulatory, programmarian and projective extrapolation, as a matter of fact...of course....
Aby Warburg's idea of the evolution in consciousness going from instantly gratifying grasp and mimicked grab via in- and evocative role play and personification to symbolizing sacrifice and a more and more immaterial thought process is correct. He says the snake as the most involuntary and instinctive reaction provoking animal, the biggest challenge for the symbolizing thought process. Reptiles being most at home in muddy media I am not suprised the in addition most phallic version of them should be so revered, glorified, feared and cursed.      Webspinning wheel spoke saying, let there be yea and nay, spanning to and fro, sportsy and spectacular, aimed at ending every woe.            The medium is, gives and does the massage, maybe a bit like rock is, gives and does dust or goes to pieces         Apropo the 90 million dollars 'Mutant Message' earned in 'Rickels'itrend style with a Jungian and Poetpieterman twist; let me warn you: tis a some of the dryest, deadest writing I managed to do so far.           We, especially the young, are hung up and hinging on the sense of selfexpanding forgetfullness of leisure, irrelevance and music, all coopted by the ad agencies clamouring for surrender of each and every reservation worth a fair fight, in rapid crossfire succesion, shocking and rocking rank and file within psy-fi warfare; yad not believe it till you try see to its abolishment.         Compulsion to use words is a neurotic desperate dispensation of and for containment (how funny are renegement, retraction, annulment and juggling of nuclear waste?) and yet when they reach a precipice of opportunity to end their regime, wether set up, nudged or goaded to it, hoped, yearned and/or fought for, we can't afford not to trail a string of treasure hunt directive documentation behind us in case the strategy works for other defections, the more so since secessionist defacation room runs out on and must do away with any and all noncollaboratory privation, to protect against depraved deep-privatory and fierce macho penetration; turning on the beast that tries to haunt, hound and hunt us clowns down calls for mutant messengers to mangle, mix and merge not just nor primairily the most reverendly ancient media but 'core active' transformation of the very toxic substance engulfing them with the younger more vital symbol metabolism of a new time configuration no less than symbiotic kinds.         Reconquest and making a stand gets to cover front, news and backwashwaters with a tightness to match the rock of ages known and reported to have said: who is not against me is for me and not: who is not for me is against me, this democratic claim cuts through everything like a golden proporatio whetted tool forged from the amalgamatio of works commensurate with this sample; where is hope were it not for nonpollutant mutant messages; true messengers follow trade routes of life and death, commuting between them and I am honoured to leave my work in the hands of the still and fresher life staff fetching race installment overtakerers.         aborted diamonds And yet, what about the sun's diamond building fossil carbon savings suffering expedient quick fix purposes fueling (ab)usage?          Callahan's, Rickels's, Gilder's and my views in a nutshell Our collective Judeo-christian psyche seems inflationarily upscaled to a global (should this word swap places with christian in this sentence, would it make a difference?) ailment and sees fit to substitute mechanical machines for magical interspecie communicative commensuration (see the very Freudian take on Moses as the chemist-magician by Silvio Gesell for an early example of this sort of luridly manipulative firework with sacrificial ashes to stage sham shamanism). but the contrivances that were ironically enough, conceived of as impartial, tidy and reasonable (rather than keep us smoggily mistified and united in awe), turn out nonetheless to be open and vulnerable to, that is, take and pack, a psychic punch and charge, swayed and directed by as much as at their owner/operaters (surrogatory) engendering designers/builders influence on function.           Once we perpetuated, projected, legitimated and commercialized the externalization of traumatic chimerae feeding reactionary dominance and prowess of pride with controlhunger into the bargain, this gadget construction (a favorite Rickelsian term, the style I 'busy' (D) here and lots of the content in this fragment is borrowed from him also) served resource robbery of what was felt as a state of oppressive and threateningly dynamic, much too shifty eco-balance to begin swallowing sacred groves and what they keep sake, shelter and stood for, first to go: their standing, in great gulps. The profit seduction yawns yet attempts to bridge the gap between inventions and innovations in the same lying breath when getting itself in the way of the simple oxide reduction which accumulates soil and the stuff diamonds are made of. The present info-voracity race seems to attempt to catch up with, outdo, even straightjacket, disciplinarily dose and displace (put in the shade by passing satelites (do their shadows cause anything besides rapidly firing propaganda?) rather than stimulate) photons going about their more habitually biomassive business, which is equally man-I-pull-(string)-ul-ation based and boils down to the same old discard and insult to creation.           unstoppable waves, unbreakable limbs and now: vacant frequencies?     When George Gilder, professional proselytizing prophet, speaks of information services becoming ubiquitous, simultaneous, convergent and emergent for instance, he certainly doesn't stimulate, at most perhaps tries to emulate, with what amounts to mere lipservice which in reality steals, captures, abducts and extracts the vitality from, the bright side of life and its true, fully photosynthetically functioning place in nature, attempting to graft these thus abstracted and -ducted concepts onto an industry that very much meters, pollutes (in its unfortunate modern sense again), supplants, dis- and replaces it, a procedure clothed and cloaked in expensive recombinants of its ravagingly raped savings and resources.
Mail missive for Cato
about 'spectrannulius' or: succesfully serial prototapposition
Dear Catojans, I had a web page of which 1/10 part concerned cooperative(ly cleaned up) capitalism but the search engines hesitated to index it for a while. Do they bar wolves in sheeps clothing? I'll beat 'm at their game thoroughly enough to set new and reinstate some old rules yet.         You guys and LMP feature prominently in the chapter I called: Polite current hing-thing, polytickal trickles for value standards of golden mean proportionate photosynthesis which tickle tackles politicization of currencies and takes on poly tactics. I guess I am on about plain old surplus like Hannah Arendt.       George Gilder is featured as well. I read his article in a recent Cato report; it 'raised my hair t'ward mountain' as the Dutch expression has it. Could you send the poor man to come spend a night and day in and around an inhabited windmill, I grew up 7 miles away from 19 of them on a square mile or so, formerly waterpomping ones, and 1 mile from a stockfeedmilling family operation. Even more upsetting was his supposed and alleged fact that "inventions practically create spectrum which has nothing to do with nature". Yeah right! Just like the floods didn't come rolling in from ex nihilo till Noah had his boat good and ready, probably neglecting to mention all the hills around him hadn't a stitch of forest left on 'm far and wide to soak up rain anymore, must a been a hell of a quick and glib global builder as well. Was he buoyed up and bobbing as easily as we can ride spectrum frequencies or are they all cases of breaking limbs to deep-end up without? And nobody had the pleasure of fighting for a stand on his own two feet in a hostile world till Adam was beguiled to make a wrong choice, at perfect liberty to do so, he and his toil turmoiled the soil well it didn't they? No need to take any of these past 4-5 hogs wishywashes seriously, cause they are all based on wrong and appaling paradigm. Gilder's diabolic ability to play similarly speed obsessed Noah has me dancing attendance as rainbow-likely ephemeral and insignificant cause obscure(d, censored and conveniently ignored) alter ego. Consider the following quotes: 'spectrum is nature'. 'form is frequency' (I highly recommend Philip Callahan's work available from Acres, USA, a voice for agriculture; a monthly newspaper with 12.000 subscribers from Kansas City, Missouri in this regard; I was on the their office doorstep briefly as I was on yours years ago, characteristically someone took me in for the night there but not at your place) Australia never was Terra Nullius either! Techno prowess never can attain escape velocity to leave its secretive and deceptive repression mechanisms so productive of surrogates and substitutions.        Wolves are the perfect shepherds, they cull, trim and tidy the margins of their victims but only under unregulated conditions free of artificial obstacles. I come to tell my poor hypnotized and enchanted fellow wolves (and emperors) to throw off false and fake disguises, their to make believe and quick fix addicting sheepishness of well hidden but not quite so innocent cannibalism, and thus freed from fetters they may pay attention to the infotec analogous sunlight processing helped along most e- and affectively with complementary formation inpacting decomp-activity; flouring rock is mining raw material for biomass and fresh air.       Right of way for living root hair fibre over the compared to that, merely sterile selfaggrandizing fiddlement with lividly optic kinds; you don't have to reinvent nature, prevent and/or speed up atrophy with prosthetics. Learn new skills like pleaching for instance, biotecture for the long haul, designed to grow and keep up with the family tree more easily; life span and lightspeed, eh?, yall are so close, take my little nudge free of charge. Lest we will be confronted with the mental if not physical ice age stealing upon us in the blink of an eye it takes to push a button, send this mail, cry wolf and expose imperial privates. I don't mean to scare yall or burst your bubble, just to help you sober up and lend some substance to the fibre photon dance we seem to have collectively decided in favor of or have we? Can democracy protect minorities and voiceless, minute but proportionately major participants in the chain-toggle-tug of beings? How's that for a more appealing punchline? And now that I'm at it: rockgrinding to use the dust weatherment as itself and sunshine metabolizing receptacle would not limit information processing efficiency to more laboriously and precarious though profitable harnessing the speed of light, but to the prudent provision prowess of soilbank depositing it, succesrates may perhaps not so much boost, but rec- and justify sharemarket optimism much better than anything yet since not only people but the them thus more easily, naturally and healthily underpinned and spun off supply lines for foodchainladder climes and climbs used, regulated, determined and done by all climbers from micropopulations on up in profuse myriads choice. Between the vast regions of inner and outer compulsion lies a land or runs a fine faultline at least of choice. Why expose ourselves to danger and precipitate the reign rainy days we neglect to lay up and away store for? Gilder knows a lot about dangerous males and well he should since he is a prototypical arcangelic one of them, a once and future king and I his dawnfilled, mournful fool.            Add on from early summer 98:   Gilder's advocacy legitimates, wants to tame, harmess, mount or saddle up, iow seems sure to burden and bog down the so far supposedly useless, wild and free (therefore) energetic 'carrier bandwidths with a cascading cavalry (cash value) which seems comparable to capture and domestication; well I am on my way down, descending the pyramid of bioindustrious follies which Holland of all countries has piled to absurd heights and I would hate to see history repeat itself
Callibration of the masses
The sexual politics of most herds, hordes, harems, hives and other descendants of prime feminine, sunny and social charm, show dominance inflicted selection rendering them scarce (progressively and pronouncedly more suppresive with age, witness the 'social' insects), this seems an undesirable macho mothered exposure restrictions causing the majority and/of marginalized masses to live within and through miserly means. The safety in numbers appears to segregate gender and substitute feminine charm with fear feeding brutality but we will need an aeon of focus before being able to tell for sure if the psycho-mechanical pressure fascist variety of policed species such as ours suffers from is the price payed for evolutionary success of havoc, mayem and macho games. It is certain that circumstances are easily modifiable, even by simple yet social and sexual measures, but the process just described is delayed, and so far only evaded by Bonobo's (see 'Demonic males').            Monogamy is not always a sign of abundance like it seems to be among similar birds inhabiting differently endowed environments; they disperse in the case of abundant nesting opportunity but congregate where nestingtrees are scarce with all the cuckoldry and raucousness that entails.           Treeleaves, oceanwaves, birdflocks moving together as one, quarries, factory floors, battlefields; patchinko halls, arcades, computer keyboards moving together has begun, do I nurse and savor solitude, is my race already run?
Shamanic panic and the massive (bene)factor
Inventiveness works, but in our case aggravatingly so, cause we seem to make dire necessity bear more both mothered and mechanical misfits with mounting labourpains and crisisrates; what's worse and obvious, these antics are not only harmfull for ourselves but even to the same simpler ones among the very silent majority of fellowbeings we would be smart to realize our, however much begrudged, dependence upon, instead of fooling ourselves with the frantic and costly attempt to emancipate ourselves from them (did you know even a man like Einstein did not need to go to the stars physically to feel their influence?). Fact is that their needs are by the same token such that we can easily fullfil them emptying rock which when wavewashed and particlerolled through the foodchain, has by that time snowballed to prove itself as our and everyone's very one and only, our own internal(ized), signifying protection and best source to mobilize more true strenght from.            When you skip a few lowly preliminary stages where the real rub is and should be, no amount of good will and intentions is good enough until it has helped retrace your steps and stamina to this most humbly graceful aging staging, yes I am not such a hands off man after all eh? Meanwhile relativation gets harder as well as more urgent on the move headed for the roots of making the difference that makes a change for the better to them as well. So I try to waste no more time on fighting the former futilities and focus on solutions for the latter direction, starting with a mimic  of the most ancient, ongoing and basic one of rock in water.
Jesus and Cernunnos
Memory of the West's very own, early though now nearly forgotten, more modestly powerful and pragmatic parallel to Jesus's in contrast ambitiously overwrought (cause against all odds) peaceful project: traffic control between vertical as well as lateral life and death (which is merely abstract bloodless symbolism by now, like saying: go west) as high- and spotlight star of the present interglacial period for temperate Europe ruled as a Mercury and Apollo assisted God (Cernunnos), a first rate voluntary and -rizing foodchaingang member since he made, bagged and spread powder with the help of a torqued ramheaded snake (most peaceful use of metal tools for rock's thirst to slake). This 'Lord of animals' got sculpted as someone letting a bag of wealth not merely symbolizing coin of the terrestrial realm run out on- and into the ground (was this merely a rare kind of poetic license from the experienced sculptor who was very aware of what his chips and dustpuffs did to the places they landed on?) thus interessentially pouring the most basic and administerable mineral mess as love offer habitually and ritually for the benefit of all beings from single cell on up the vertical trade traffic route right of way between in- and animate (s)existence.
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