rainbow-root-route-routine regiment; future of victorious vitality, a way of life
Compostition; inextricable dirt and beauty, work and leisure; my experience at rainbowgatherings, wellspring of exstatic tongue twistirrups      some titled fragments:  rainbow refugee x x x the beat that leaves something to eat x x x soilorganisms are us x x x great fully deadshow x x x smoke versus dust x x x riddle and (dis)solve rock x x x no life across that line, across that border..yet... x x x how about that magic hat x x x The oz rainbowgathering as an instance of virulent inflammation,  a token of the unthinking, impatient and immature type of grabby grasp on hedonism. x x x A warning for counter- and subcultural ferals, freaks and other sometimes sympathetic marginals. x x x Spectre contesters vs proportionateley prospective protesters x x x East gippsland old growth battle (1oo arrests after 4 weeks) x x x
Welcome to the future flour(y) pow(d)er fostering; potentially fastest and already (for sure) the most solid(ly formatted) prose-poetry on earth:  about 7 Megs spread out across over 88 files (including 4 Mb's pics and averaging over 88 K'z colourful concept- harmmonized and hyrarchical wordsequences) worth of contextual BLABS =Bottom Line Aphoristically Ballistic Solutions  which will (dis)solve all uncivilly polarizing centralizations, break up and open (c)lumpy niches and lumpynesses, wether they be institutionally animated or simply, inertly dormant(yet animatable),by pushing the logistic limits (to light) inventively, notably those (rocks) constraining vertical metabolisms (of trees).
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Rainbow refugee:  We draw the light and rainflow to fall down from above; we summon the toughest strainstow to grow up from down below, it's thus we show and tell the trusty rainbow spell.            Turn hippy dippy flips to yippy drippy grips. I aint a hippy, I am a grippy up early in the morn, helpin a rock to be born so it can feed the trees that feed us and make us all feel very free.             I dig my pain to know and rig my brain to grow like light lifts up demarbled muddly strains below into a jubilant rainbow show.           Arc and bark; how now? Bow low and set aflow the stow all the better for to grow!            To pass the past along and up for modification I probe the backstage and rockbottom doors that could stand the heavenly knock where-ever I go, but I feel closer to succeeding at the Gatherings than most anywhere else, partly bycause wild places challenge your imagination  while doing so much for your physical wellbeing at the same time.              At these camps of once or still wealthy loosers and choosers, the voluntarism gives one a feeling of tremendous positive potential finally or again and again.....seeing it so wastefully handled though (ashes the quick fix, shortcut, fiery and easy way, little raw food and fruit, no focus on compost and photosynthesis (my kind of sacred fire) but plenty of all night fires drumming and encrypted lipservice) really gets my inflammatory and matchlessly impatient crystals rattling. It seems to start all over again, instead of progressing, story of life; I guess.           How do tectonic, solar, exo- and endothermal, kundalini, visionary and provisionary fire compare, staffle and stack? I'm not so sure and play it safe with my reduction seduction, its the hard yet easy way out and back in for, with, to and from momentum harbouring, freshly juicable trouble once crumbled.           The fateful firewalk versus kundalini fire, if they turn out to be as opposed as John Ray said they are indeed, was an aspect of such frustration at the Austrian Gathering during the finale of the improv circus and at the beginning of which I functioned as the caravan guide on the way to peacefully occupy the army exercise terrain. Yet, somehow the firewalk instructions slipped by me, I was frantic enough by myself, running like a mad dog from a Pyrogenium overdose.            Do firewalks pack and envelop the psyche suffocatingly, much harder a crystalization to undo than the physical kind cause consent is sold to the devil for a lifetime of pyromania? I was afraid so and would have been very outraged had not Robin, ex Princeton professor who fell out of a tree on LSD, and is now a heavily handicapped musician and elder of the kind that can really inspire me, been there, telling stories about the very clear and plentiful stars we saw that night, lying on our backs. A few years later he guided a journalist through the American Gathering which became an october 93 Rolling Stone article.             What does my sense of decency and need to boost my confidence have to do with passing up women's lives thrown upon mine to run after and search for ways to justify giving the handling and treatment of the inanimate version priority? Certainly, my identification with ecotaskforces, fluffing up solids must learn a spiders lesson, perhaps one was instrumental before the escalation through pyrogen overdose, and yet I am wandering again in a flash and a rush, preying on the crash of a crush.           The balancing act of and as the weather worker's wages is just the right proportions of dust and rain which under the influence of our great ball of fire leaves the world beautifully, bycause spirit refined from fossils or stoking vs that accepted from above for freshly fed and bred biomass makes all the humble or haughty, vertical or lateral tide turnachurn difference. What though should we think of such spirit as is wont to bust cloud (Demeo) or converge harmonically (Arguelles)? Their intent is as little tangible as sunshine yet perhaps pre-, por- or tentatively tensile too.           At my kind of rainbow hap people bring fruit, grow sprouts and sap, move the local rocks towards the center of the medicine wheel and out again when these musicization (literal translation from Dutch) motives are let back down to the ground in now much more intimate touch to grow up, once primed to be spent on its foodchain spanning life cycle.            At past gatherings I was often on a roll miming, dropping hints and picking up stitches of faltering reason left and right louder and more often than elsewhere; it will be time for a coherent love offering show of my own soon; for now, I am in the VT daily on july fourth 91 for trying to calm a less than homeyness vibing man, he is quoted (inaccurately) on fire and pain; I was pictured in an Irish paper two years later walking with 2 girls sitting on my feet.            "We love you" is the yell but I prefer to follow up with:  "no kidding till the orchard is planted, the clenchcling stone broke for its thirst to quench and provi-dance granted!".  Hey Douglas Adams, I did it, I started banging the rocks together in the peace drum circle, singing rhymes that reason and bubble at the brink of life's clearest light and grim-dimmest darkness crossroads!            The beat that leaves something to eat: Hollow peace drums keep me awake too, "White outhouse George", but they decide to return your favor and beat around the bush-Bush barren clearcut too, I am trying to think up a bout of help for them to fuck with the harmful arms for peace sake, I hope it turns on rockyness and rocketry enough to get pregnant and hatch membracable rock root musical revolvers by the armload fulls.            Anciancestral Rock refills animations out of shatter, scatter, sow and grow shows, draw a line from hunch to punch and you 'll get a notion for an ultimatummy potion that don't beat the ground around the bush shut nor bang hollow drums, quite to the contrary, no grounds give reason for that, not even white wash house stomping grounds, though God knows its ready for a sounding round or two.            I promised the rainbow nation a rock crushing act but kept travelling light, searching for new threads to weave and fill the spectrum fully. Am I ready to flesh out my skeleton of references, date them up from virtuality, tie the knots and trust my thrust? Photons made welcome here, investable accomodation available, mercy carried straight into the soilbank, life's source acknowledged and made way for.            Resolutely prevolved and ably resolved rock has been given the rig, roll, rattle and shake it must take to make it savourable; having taken that drink that can slake a thirst which yearns for nothing less than the lushest blush; pass, pitch, bang and polish with percussive crush, soak some pebbles for the only thus mintable, honestly inflatable fertile mush; breathing life in, to let more come out of rock takes reason and rhyme to make season and time and plenty of waited and wished for rain and shine slime, we witness and testify to high polish for rocks  with golden mean musical process crocks.            Yes, we mint and deal our  dearly loved realm its own coin, full of many a fresh rare trace so discernably indispensable to grace each and every place, we soften what hard, then wet what dry, so life can start up, humbly and on the sly, see to it for your own upstart self life is on  the make when you take it off the shelf
Hello angular and rigid fright, spin yand bulkily frigid, inert might, have a drink to match and meetmate the ball of light,
we call inert innards to decompaccount and dole out ounce bouncing spring with a rock easing flount, using a potent tool type totem pole turned into a kindly spring-sprung kinda thing.            Hold your breath if that is what it takes to start sympathizing with inertia,  to remedy and remember the aloofy loafy yet ponderous predicamentality of rocky innards, then muster some empathy to make her breathe easy by matching her patiently riddle ready and hellish surface tension stress mentally and mechanically.            My fingers go on pinchpointing to the colourfulfilling grey streak of codecracked, unbunked and defrocked rock, readied for trade with a bundle of rays and a bunch of colour matched clouds. Another Aylesbury, Oxfordshire, England bit: Rocks are the true subjects for kings and rulers to apply their tactical antics, pranks, tricks, tax, toes and all other parts of their retainer to in order to help 'm fill full their mutely submitted promises. Fresh squeezed rock got unwound, unstuck, unbound, romped, fracted and decompacted wealth in stock, made by us true rainbowworryers who heave to cleave and put death to life, delivering the foodchain keynote we strike the strike that correctly and correctingly cracks the core and crux of, or delivers high polish to, rock, evoking her first early virgin mother moan tone either way, yes, we like it here, we are all ear, a sounding touch makes a touching sound as much as a good reader makes a good writer.           My fingerpoints, penpushes, prodpokes, barrelblasts, springloads and other tendoncies are more or less tenderly and tentatively tending to an old as the hills trendentiousness which aint gonna hurt no sentient being (not even "paquatsjies" rockspirits, they like their loving rough).            Render a squeeze onto our ubiquitous and tight pack rocks to refu(s)el 'm, break 'm open and bare, for sun, water and air, to reharness 'm in life's sensitized way, let the good tidings of grave gravity's buoyantumble time and a gain be sustained, give all real inspired growth the TLC and quiet peace that a roothair like and tender fresh actuality probing inner voice needs.            Soil organisms are us you too are (descended from) rock Life is ever a gift- and taking from the invisible score store in every being's personalized code, key, symbol and standard; to get the full measure of seed, fruit, dust and gene, going after which, gesture, song and dream come halfway around, we must go the rest of the way to set mercy and justice on a par. No dismal decimals when proppy portion ally ties are tied into our many moves; mealticket and mothering matrix come at the speed of no time at all for evolutionaries that bother starting with the minerals underfoot in whose primordial and embryonic faces the sky is not the limit but the challenge carrier. Don't let the sun's blessing beam back without a token of our appreciation, starting, as was said with the unglued and unstuck molecule bonds of decompressed minerals to go find their tensile transpiration path a ways up, far enough to dazzle and show a fruitfully undertaken coin of the realm token of life gift and lift offering. (can we squeeze dust into rocks again, make marbles?).            Six line long sentence coming up: We are recursively compostable soil organisms able to make compost and can give ravishing posture to our intercontinentertaining bottleposted breath wish connection when we heave and sigh, rock and cradle, hug and kiss, crush and mix our glaciated feeling (remember our soul or gene rations may span many lifetimes) to the tune and measure of our hearts desire for extension of familiar circles of friends to spiral through one lifespan after and next to another.      The precurrencies of food disguised as rock take some fore sight to make your mouth water.      Put space in time Flow through space and break through time, hug and climb, hear the birdies chime, grub, dig and see to the nit-grit slime with your healing hands laid on inanimated, that is the much belated,little predated, less dilated, always understated, ever unslated, not yet stipulated, never yet baited bits as the real reasons for seasons rhythm and rhyme.       Marblous blush: Air waves and particles are subtle and capacitous psychic carriers of truth or lies, fragrance or stench. The ever buoyant prime tensile winds are meant to enter the windy worm ways below and between high polish thanks to a vigorous mud from marble wrenching rub.      Strain some of the clumpyness below through a well wrought squeezy screen which helps liberate its life and turn it up green if you are looking for the humblest way to set life aflow. Pick some outcropping rocks up, let light filter and pour through it after hopper-dipop-pering 'm into water suspendability for first earth first which in its turn gets bounced and sucked into the sky by the sun's thus tempering spleen..       Tall and cemented forms of rock as in churches, banks, government and federal buildings are far less desirable than rainbow steeped and growing rock as in millenarian trees and their hobbit habit shaped houses.       Drip this info through your filter, pop them rocks in your hopper, squeeze this food into turds, that mettle for your fuse; crush, plant, water and then wait on these blossoming flours so you can sniff their scents into your pineal and fire the imagination.          Most of my compatriots are everywhere locked into the vicious circle of lacking fun funding funds to do a clean mean green professionally schooled circus rig up and let the loose bits hang down ragged in the sticky old dirt
and worn out trouble, trying to forget their sorrow in a stoned stupor,  they drown their caring in narcissistic revelry, rave or small talk with an introvert contemplative, religious and rocklike sense of identity (see SET).          It is not funny what people will do when their clue cannot come through  all the different dimensions at selfsame golden mean constants ratios. Funny people are smile-cracking con-d-imple-mentators who show fresh skin, eager to begin and win the mint condition-in depth digestive of consumed perspective appraisal prize: fresh dirtness from the darky.           The great fully dead brainblow   The deadshows attract enormous amounts of mad max type vehicles stuffed with psychedelica as it would appear on the surface, but innerly more like inner tie us fans, they cast their flame about externally on behest of their volatile spectacle hunger or junkfood shopping inclination, adding up to hot air balloons with immobilitating anchors. Evenso, a dead brat I met didn't deserve my slack and limp;  a monstratively steady grip and lift into the sky over my head was more in order, but a lot harder bit of play at hide and seek than she managed to evoke with her rasp-rough yet childlike laugh; once again I underdid in the land of undoners and fire walking glasshandlers.           Smoke and exhaust versus dust:  Smoke inductable vision may or may not lead to rock reducible practise, how long does it take to stop identifying with, decipher, climb down and understand roadsign, take the hint and bite the bullet to leave the gun behind, count on cadences of a milemarker and a horoscope, wash out an eye colour? Smoke blazes through and dries out the lube tubes of your crownable bulb, joints and tusseled muscles with rev and burn, with a bake you cannot slake. Meanwhile sun, wind and water rush by without your loving hands on experience of harnessed energy, geared up and strapped in to be sent through some passive massive but mobilizable minerals at the wayside you happen to find yourself by. The sharp edges of these complementary hoarding objects in nature would thus be served and subjected to a smoothing rub; jitter be given to structure and vice versa. To know but not to do the right thing is due to emotional uncleanliness, resistance to desired ideality in need of karmasolving acceptance and happy penetration. The unembodied emotions are lace craving dazes, big eyed cowardices that pass the gaps in our sexy super cuteaneous drealm up and by; and no offense, fossil fueled-leadfeet deadheads, but overdoing drugs make the final cut more and more definite eventually, "again and another, our god says: there aint no other,  our god says: this is the way, it says in the book; burn and destroy, revenge the crusades"(Zappa)            Pain stow screw-age is quite becoming to our new (r)age.            Feed life into the strain below to found the rainbow above.            I do not flout but care for the space of a bout to pay respect with some serious millenial clout  to the choked untick(l)ing timepieces full of stolid stout until breathing room breaking and making, tool toting, cross bearing, and tree climbing haplers come around to coin bottomline physical body parts from these b-less-sin' fully filled bodies so rigidly tout and finally partake of the choicest from a solar systemwide range of incentive focussed through us at the top of the foodchain ladder, under orders to dissolve the borders between heavable hell and holdout heaven on earth, colonize it with life starting from planetary pow(d)ers via single celler through to plant, animal and human sprouts their rights, duties and pleasures of global exterritoriality, playing hide and seek, turning corners and curving angles.            We as the up-top-most mobile must learn to seek out the meekest inertia to close the circle with a powerful empow(d)erment which protects diversity, is responsably righteous, uproariously funny and holily sexy. How do you tell if man has brain, heart, ding dong and hands in the right proportion? He fills his punchbag with gravel and wears a spungy harness for harmless full body contact. He saves, soaks and sprouts his seed internally and externally too. He joins worships devoted to the simple forces of home ground growth and soil banking, only joining symbolic and real warships when equipped to set eroding ignorance straight. Tooled up abundance needs no market ratings, just precious and subtly hitec fools.            There is a difference between raising a sissy fussy powerflour and inflamed homo macho ashes.           Riddle and dissolve rock to solve rock's riddle              Why can't we grow a riddle, sneek into a maze and solve the spungily soakabled rock of mythorhythmic animation stages before all living vessels wear thin again from abuse by the vassels thralled to more insipid versions of death and dominance?            Hey, don't drink up that cup of your pucker poison, time is ripe for music of peace, the ultimate field for cooperation and competition, community and individuality without the depravity of permanent privacy  for which there is no need when you have no less to share than to hide left. Take time in your hands to tickle, rub and help make a grow-show for fresh skin and cleft seeing past some pain, seeing it through and through it. We haven't seen to enough of the simple life, nor become very succesful fragrant fruit frequenting vagrants and/or rock shaving yet saving ravers.             Homework is globally valid principle applied locally yet exterritorially and rides rough with the trough 'n crest in the crust  spinning diamond studded 4-dimensional swastikalike octahedronic mill to smooth, polish and shine rock with trade 'n gail wind bag force full speed to found and substantiate freshly flavored versions of living water in season. Do you understand heavyhanded oxides, firefiends and phoenixes? Can you grasp that the heartbeats, big and small, one and all, are driven by the beam redeeming filamental finery transpiration machines? Will you heed the de-com-p-acting strategist, who helps the sun raise down to earth friable crumbly tensegritty bits from bare rock and thus brings the dedeified and symbolized down to earth with his nutty wits?            Am I in a prison dreaming myself all the reconstructive, pro-, ana-, or cataleptic (I forget which, dear Graves) way back to a blissful paradise, then a lawless headhunter infested jungle, next I reach a desert stream armed with a big mortar and pestle, surrounded by forgotten laws, I carry on via an orchard with a veritably musical rockcrusher and true diversity could be just around the corner now, but I forget where I am so easy, so silly, so eazily sleezily teasable; at least I already have a sixth sense of home on the edge from where this here and/or there vantage point gets to chip away from static into focus, God 's weather permitting.            Come on lets budge Excalibur, dip its tip and make a stir.            Roll, grind, wiggle and polish rock into thus fresh made clay, wet the dust, then spread and spray, get a grip and don't just whine, help stone feel right groovy and fine so it greens up nice when exposed to rain and shine come to the crunch which coins the welcoming credit for our stay so a growsome order reigns within the sun and rainy border between night and day thanks to a brainow implement for which, please place an order at the know how to mix and fix the ledgers.            Rock is like a primordial egg that can be hatched, flung and suckled far and wide, fully filling fledgers, the world could do with a listing of equipment for this purpose, looking like the best of all Whole Earth Catalogs, well categorized and neatly indexed to bring forth enthusing melodies, beats and lyrics with a bearing on deeply wetted rock, feeding fragrantly scented and colourful bites. ..            How about that magic hat?:  Magic hat hooded monster tumbledrum chomps and churns, pecks and chews to pick and choose. Behind a crown jewel, a supreme arm, a central fire, any innermost ire and desire, taboo, tattoo or totem pole lurks a potent tool and a conduit for tenderer issues of freshly minted and moistened mineral cloudblasts gone to meet and match mercifully challenging sunlight blazes cause well sopped rockparticles grow up to constitute glades, groves, flocks and droves; a magic tumble, rumble and twist cone hat hungry for lumpchunk and sunstumble blocks to up the spinrate a good few notches away from bare bone stone all on its own lonely self at densest leisure. Imagine a church organ/arms/peace drum hybrid You may feed the magic hat pebbles and shattered boulders safely now, cause its high and higher hi-tec central mint modifications have perfected the sacred yet secular moleculizing functions formerly fabulated by fire side drumming. Either way you look at and/or turn it, these most characteristic rainbow ingredients have merged, matured and now feed the realm, not just us, with its very own coin. Sorry folks the Rainbow gathering never were just a stomp around on the mating ground type deal. As for symbolic currencies, that kind of hat magic is no longer ill from a regime of coercified legal tender, for now,  cause we now formulate our feelings with finesse and know how, along with which, what, why, with whom and all other circumstands that help us take over the Dow.            We heed this rainbow strategy real well, so our reputation grows and goes current right swell, we are perfecting the game of buy and sell, with an anciently religious sense of smell. a new and improved way to show and tell, We pick up, crush and spread the root room and feedfostering return tickets which constitute a sow and grow show coursing between heaven and hell. We come down on inertia very hard to raise animae softly and swell.
           We make growing time based money cheap as dirt and time themselves,  rainbow's common carrier currencies are nothing less than up cropping crust- and graveldusts, it pays for vertical interdependence and our kind of basics: fruit, waterfilters, treeseed and rockcrushing percussion instrewments;  they are the foremost choicest musts,  we quench rocky thirst with a bang and a squirt, a crunch and a splash that sounds the land's girth  a rootright of way blazing beat  bash rock to ash with the purest lust, we surround, suffuse and sustain even our enemies  on our best selfdefense which is lovely things to eat.           Recap:  You may feed this updated magic hat pebbles, boulders, gravel and grit cause it has taken over and ecolonomically combined the sacralizing functions from unsustainably ashes producing firesides with hollow drumming or  shall I say the regrettably and blastedly longlasting former barbarism of quick fix hedonist, transient mating ground, stomped to compaction with soilbuilding biomass buggered and going up in smoke like diamond aborting fossil fuels, finally matured into this present mint for coin of the realm, it is no longer on its former addicting and afflicting diet, I refer of course to the locally current yet surely monopolized forms of legal tender, representing more and more corruptive and coercive forces which leach bleach, blend, bleed and bland our zest for communication. Heed this rainbow strategy well enough so our reputation grows good and swells up to snuff and goes mainstream ready to buy and sell, ready to rock the road and lead the read; pick up and crush or polish, wet, spray and spread it musically, excitingly, entertainingly and provisionarily; becoming, a most solid (re)solution for the most fundamental potential.            Wake up from the smoggy fog, your cloggy state of mind, I wonder, wish and wait for what it takes to make you find that it's useful and really very good to help me do the grind just monkeying around to feed the treez with fresh and finest ground which holds off and out all kinds of freez we tickle biomassive upstart clocks  when we pulverize the bare and brazen rocks.            An army of a million millenary militants marches to pick up the bioamassment blocks of the frontline from which they coin co-incidental yet carmic and crumbly currency to finance co-inspirationally hellish trade traffic for the comic (f)actor tree long 'live graduation of rootrout and growth-trailblazing through the hard of darkness.             Drum:  Root the mint well and good to come up with sustenance and spring love's power off. A completely different drummer will be born and heard when the peace drums make love to the pentagon instead of beating around the Bush (historic event nevertheless). Their issue will sprout and bloom into vertical strategy. If unborn children are inspiring seductors in need of some oxide expiring reductors to re-mindful-fill and mine fresh fragrant air, this is it. Love of life's ammo minting limbers mind and mentality to dismember status quo, it mends gutfeelinglessness with austerity measure obsolescing percrushion that claims and aims at beam reception and growth in leashless rainbow land.            When black and white are woven to and fro, they turn into a sound and colour show at the dark kin pumpin station where we sweat to get some fresh dust very wet to host the heat of light which then begins to grow some brandnew flim-slippery skin for micro slime to improve soilbanking and clime and scale  the ladder of transformative time, to ripen and ready the fittest feed for celebration along the magic ratios of jubilation.modern monkey in his travelling tree is singing a beautiful song for me.            Dignafido the dog flexes boundaries and plunges water into rock to splice those dice real nice.             Foodchain choking, as well as ball and back breaking inflation commited by stagnant and impersonal institutions shall be suspended from their undutifully performed tasks to be replaced by gaian garden guerilla champs and chomping chums  who sink their teeth extensions in the humbly perfo(g)rating way of helping lift and quench grave gravity's inert, dessicated, locked, stocked and barreled emotion-substance with agile and sound garden variety percrushion instruments that help you become what you beat.            We wedlock mercy and justice, fire and ice, rock and light to cover our tracks as much as we blaze trail. We are selfstarters, roam-dome-homers, own uppers and biorhythm-time emitters.              A different and brimful drum takes a nobody and everythink drummer:  The most archetypical type rainbowchore takes days but lasts decades, with quenches andsmoothly polishes the selfsame rock to premineralize and revitalize victual of all sorts, in short, it feast all beasts, it is performed by us purpose-ful(l)time liberating refugees from consumer society, bent on provision monstration with our strewin ments, we beat drums least hollow and most full to squeeze so-lidded ashes that glowed and flowed when the earth was born and still does from tectonic motion, but were left in congealed, pressurized and passified layers and pieces since then till we and glaciers or glaciers and we came to get them fricted, fracted, sifted, shifted, sieved and size selectively tumbled through the grateful prevolver barrels on their way to the projecting valves that squirt a spray this here way and a splash in that there direction with high decibel acoustics for fullness of peace rendition audible for miles around.            When some bodies have done their homework the growing season proportions harmonize, satisfied customers praise the provision precision and confirmamentation is practised.           Driven by our lust for skin we bang the rocks together to make 'm gather water and flow grow with it when shine enters to pull 'm up above the crust,  while bouncing back up to the sky, affording growth a ride on a new errand of rainbowbound duty.            A grey blend of flexkin coin taken from the realm borders, providing for better buoyancy and bounce within them.            Every man born king of compost in the popular microlife support queendoms  fending for full stature of royally thinned, matured and aged trees, a mighty mama mint man must maximize tangible multiplicity and rout out the all too stout and sturdy so softer formces suade extremes into graduality bit by bit, by and by, the mental strew they play  in concerted acoustic effort sounds like peace from miles away, they pass each other rocks and throw their weight around, to help grow it tout again after it is finest ground,  watered and shone the rainbow rough enough way.           We sounded our ground's lumpy bits  stirred up to bring, grow and spin our kin around time's ends both thick and thin. Every last little bit of its freshest finest grits  turned into psalm 40's mud and slime  leading in one fluid motion to god's hand so sublime or was it the other way around?            If to feed a wild place brings happiness it can be said we make a happy sound as we move through their rocks to render 'm well ground.            The oz rainbowgathering as an instance of virulent inflammation,  a token of the unthinking, impatient and immature type of grabby grasp on hedonism:  positive stuff is emboldened (and -ing) (sorry lost those on the way from Apple to Dell) A realistic rainbowmonstration isn't only colour specific but especially when a rock chew screw and sow grow show also spectrally complete timewise, a scale scan, unlike this merely hypothetical, fabulatory, programmarian and projective extrapolation.            The magic music of hearty hedonism: (just to try clean up an old rather than coining a new, term)  is to be distinguished from hedonism such as what it is popularly taken to stand for; the latter hurts, hoards, herds, sedates, seduces, stuns, stones, blunts and stunts (in both senses). But there is hope yet for the literally ground losing and suffering side of this stretched out and tout tail chasing spectrum, although the crazy patchwork quilt of quick fix history, looked at across its harmful segments,  shows the topsy turvy worlds where combustion, from primitive type fire and flame, mind over matter fabulation with gushy here and now cosmicity or other sentimental shortcuts succeeded by exploitative technical cleverness assisted formula one manipulation with carry the day down the drain with constant acceleration of old errors and scorches which are held sacred, that is to say they are adhered to by fanatics whose actions add up to misfortunate and expediently spiralling loss of lifetime and -span, barely escaping burnt bridges which become like bitten but formerly feeding and truely conveying hands. All this contrasts sharply with a right time and place clue 'bout what we must do  to provide for mature and ripe stage graduations of posterity prolongating ancestral tradition and get oneself hungry enough to hold up our hands once, when and where  the fruit is about to fall into such synesthetically educated 'proboscuticular' and digital extremities. Thus luckily the heart, hand and head hinge thing can be balanced in the search for best effect with least effort also. Not till then and there is optimally fostering fire found, funded nor fended for as our puffed up but hollow here and now cosmic 'unity' proves. Witness the magic hat for second instance, in dire need of compartmentalization just as the circle should break up and reconvene also to have a little more accurate, productive and focussed unity through and of diverse tides and tidings typifying communication. The magic hat often provides the burnt food we eat but not the fruit we need and I came hoping this harvest season timing would be that much more propitious to a real natural high, but all I found was lots of white sugar and stinky dope. No new, present and presenting sun reception and provisionary processing or storage was perpetrated but burning and buggering the hell out of bulky batches potential habitat and soilbuilding of biomass was the big deal, the grand issue, baser passions and a bright sun are complemented with firewalk instructors taking mercy on the grueling task of magic hat song singing (I remember hopriding a trashcan/foodcontainer as a cause of much hilarity at other occasions but tried to escape this spathetically hyped and clamorous version). John Ray, the body electronics engineer thinks (and fabulates) firewalking is a memory suppresant and therefore an excellent and much sought after drug, not just simply a poor man's power; 'the language crystal' by Lawrence William Lyons (Grammar Publishing, box 23333, NY, NY 10009) corroborates this. The rainbow crowd has the nerve (rather than the compunction not) to commit these barbarisms besides and betwigst the use of fiery metaphors and fabulations which entice people to see if gushy cosmic shortcuts won't help fullfil that centennial millenarian yearning: to hatch some confidently comforting mind out of matter in front of my very affronted eyes. Vision councils bring these topics up some times cause fire is light is eyes ....is perceiving.... such a small part of the spectrum though. For more and different interesting views about and into related matters and spirits see the work of David Yarrow on the net.           A warning for counter- and subculture, ferals, freaks and other sometimes partially  sympatyhetic marginals today:  Martial and magnetic aspects of spin/pivot and spiral mimic performances by firejugglers and sticktwirlers may carry and explain their attraction  but they do bugger all to help people visualize vortexes and solar system dynamics, not to mention wean 'm from fossil fuel dependence. There are ways in which poor men's power tricks turn against them eventually. Travellers trashed their reputation and thereby squandered their liberties. Earht firsters find volunteer forces to frequent their shindig-indig(i)national front with the predicamental result that all their reactionariness (preposterivetyingness) ends up and is calling for, justifies and results in 'great cause for concern' which translates to coercion against 'm in turn. A move away from something offensive must surely be one toward what pleases and strokes with ones notions of propriety. Fighting against principles, mechanisms and implements detracting from and infringing upon indiginous or relatively undisputed cause Crown vacated and cleared of competing interests types of tracts with periodic timber o permanent till ravished  mining assets has been a fight with backs against traditional walls of wilderness unprotected by forces who should have found out by now what we have in common and so what we can claim to find a wellfunded and fending solidarity for is necessary and noble but it must not begin before peaceful alternatives regarding employment, etc are presented. I would for instance provoke and subsidize the establishment of a protest camp if Shell employed me as a strategist for by proclaiming to wanna raze a beautifully forested area to the ground. After the protesters had arrived I'd send out a lawyer who tells 'm they can win and some supply trucks full of recyclable and burnable waste collected and donated by a local action group of concerned friends of the forest, savvy citizens  who are afraid all the dead and dry wood in the neighbourhood would go up in smoke if they didn't help out, after a well argued legal wrangle which is to be a well orchestrated showpiece of unprecedented reasoning and preseasoning the experiment of legalized ferals fending for autonomy and ingenuity not only against the big neoliberal monsters but for permanency, themselves,  sympathizers and potential converts can commence.           Spectre contesters versus proportionate prospect protesters:  the former dissipate and fragment their forces by placing them at risk no matter how good the cause and provokes greater expense applied towards containment. Would not they at least potentially be put to better use when trying to picture, promote, formulate and clean slate and fresh start perspectives? Are we too smelly and lice ridden to seduce our enemy, their cannon fodder and preempt the clash of conflict. Reactionary protest is really rather like a contest, it more often than not provokes and prompts mainstream planners and stinkers to gain approval for expenditure applied to their policing budgets boosted besides by concommitently increased fascistoid legalist(r)ic(k)s fall out.             Fascism thrives on and feeds off reactionary sentiment trying to block and be against something;  this, that or the other real or imaginary threat motivates militance of up and away for arms and harms on either side of extremist fences.  It is a pity anger and adrenalin never do much for emancipation and selfsufficient alternatives; even the beautiful artwork sprouting in, up and down Claremont Road receives a brief and fleeting interest on a documentary I saw in a well filled Melbourne theatre before the inevitable order of the day, the envisioned cataclysm, the limbjerk agony of cat and mouse games which everybody works towards and expects any minute now at all barricaded protest camps, must begin; all this was topped off with a pyromaniac video to make my disgust complete. No wonder pro contesters gravitate to, feed and stimulate their complementarily opposed  and  equally extremistical polar partner.  In the light of my understanding true radicality is not in the picture here, let alone real roots, rates, ratios and reasons.  It's not like there are no better ways for warriors.             One of my favorite actions is steeling, if you can call taking, what the owners consider waste and will just thank you for removing it most of the time, some fine paramagnetic rockdust to go and write (avec largesse!) a few indelible messages which will become stronger and better legible over the years with nobody being the wiser about this eco-guerilla act to benefit the voiceless building block organisms nobody much hears or heeds till then, so that (lit and fig) leaves you a little breathing space for alibi building. Meanwhile if animals graze in your message they will cut it out neatly so do it near an airport.            Expand the burgeoning permaculture movement with secessionism, merge seedsavers, subscription agriculture and LETlike schemers with for instance my kind of basic and fundamental ingredients: fresh rockdust to compost all scrap appliers, birthright treeplanters and pleachers. Legitimize the evolutionary rights duties and pleasures which freedom to experiment at selfincurred and  costs is. Polish rock and spread the dust: pulse your coin of the realm, paramagnetic powder lust to flex time's tolerance and lifespans as a humble sneeking of bites to feed  the ever again beginnings of our foodchains in need.           P Prodigal pissing post becomes pious and impartial parlying protestical personality  representing promising appertures and their appurtenances imploring all ya good lookers to focus on fantastically phallic fulcrumb logolaw twisting around the empty eye of the spinning torus donut for fairest fun. I am good at starting vitally virulent rumours of the virgo vibe signature, the musical mineral mincer as the ultimate and  most economical catalyst to turn a host of left and carry over enigmas into a paradigmatic 'parade paard' (showpiece). Flexibilitation aids: Lists for you to turn to if nothing already happening begs for help so you need a hint and clue about what priorities have already been spotted but are left without implementers.           Sing, crowd and sweat together, be a rock rouser, a mineral powder plunger, tap into time, give a rock a drink to help it handle sunshine, start some musical millage for a lavish spillage, design; build and use a gun jumpin' fun pump, break barriers that can bear fruit.           The creative destruction of invention/innovation cycles help coercive capitalism grow, subdue, sedate and subsidize at the expense of natural diversity. How satanic for pretty people to lure the average misfit into identifying with the commodities they sell their souls to in return for all kinds of substitute comfort, especially the luxuries affording them to scrap the duty to think.
Madonna and her bumplumbing army manage the massmedia monstrosity fully in line with other axe change (change axing) media but we need some RARE breed: Raw 'Attestonetationmental' Restoration Equipment to lively up the blind, deaf and dumb rock, let's chummily crumble some, make the inmost motherland sprout, tout, tote and take on some weight with weightless light, hold water above sealevel to lighten the seafloor burdens,  clash with the ash-stash to raise some natural cash.           What's the fascination with squirting power?  Firefighters are well funded all over the world and fires have been the inspiration for many advances in the insurance industry. How do you like your balls  and breasts? Which other glands are motivating your actions, what is the focus of your social environment.  If you can't dance the rain, how can you justify being eager to shoot the sperm and squirt the milk, bouncy and bare or on strike for RARE?
The mental and verbal vents for sex are best in that they keep the pressure on once it gains momentum enough to snowball onwards up the road of discoveries, exposing the mechanisms of nature, that which is really at play and stake.  Throwing yourself for curves at the edge of control like a formula one racer.
The unfair battle for East Gippsland trees:  I thought a native title claim would be the way to go but Abo'z are in the business and a claimer claims it is irreclaimable since it used to be native outlaw land; so much the better! I thought, cause that would set a precedent for Europeans to reclaim some of their pushed out podners. While visiting an old growth forest logging protest site in East Gippsland I took a dip in a river which taught me to boost selfrespect and horniness through prolonged continence.  Dressed up in nothing but the rivers drag caused a gentle pull on my nuts during vigorous thrusts.             One must hold thrust in check thrall and trust to build a charge used for empow(d)erment with freshmade dust.              I want every body to acquire a dirty mind in this sense, that is, focussed on clean trouble. What better, slicker, more grounding and gentler substance than fresh clay/mud as primordial sustenance substrate at the foodchain beginning again and again?           Dear Giddy Golem, Please put your dick in the dike and defend the national pride of polder stockpiling, dick in dike, dick in dirt, dick in clay or sand; as long as its done nonsecretively, that is: to provoke the clear secretions of horny clarity, direct and seedless meditation, one can not call it substance abuse nor fucking with nature.            Life serving friction starts at the very edge of anorganic inertia.            Lend an ear to wearing out the road musically to thus wear in some weathering, paramagnetism and fragrance, whichever way you hit the road, use rubberily suspended attire and  prequit a bit of beturn requathment.            Some loggers photographed me as I came back from my swim, I said: so, you snapped me, did you?  The Dutch word snappen means understand, the audio connotations: slapped, sapped, trapped; meaningwise: mugshot, captured, damned. I guess they are curious and cautious. I could have said: 'thanks for the alibi, so kind of you to prevent somebody from accusing me of commiting an atrocity elsewhere right now', or: 'no worries, I love sueing tabloids', or: 'thanks for making me so much more infamous'. Sabotage and reactionary resistance is matching inflammatory fire power and impatience which is a far cry from true benefaction and blending in unobtrusively to bless and boost all proper trees. I are you and you am like me you see.            Vigorous frogs, foetuses nor aliens;  plenty of pimps, poachers and paraphernalians, but do you know what I woodwill die for being able to see? Multistory franchise libraries in a thousands years old family tree!            Control=counting roll; courage=core staging.  Heads and tails coining cunning and gland secretion squeeze control of all roll calls and cross counter dollops doled out and delegated to dilly dallying degenerates divvying their expellctations up into wishy washily writ warrants warding against wonders of wrestling and raging with what's at the core of life in store.            The loss cord hums and haws its havoc again in 97, I left and lost an agenda with numerous names, fichecodes and phone numbers and half a year later a wallet, both in phone boxes.            A treeharbouring nut from hell, undercut, overwrought and caught out in the cold leavings of defoliation.            Organarchy is being blessed with treefed and shaded progeny.            To frame and form its growing covers, get a rock unstuck,  you can harvest and translate it into luckiest pluck.            Here is a wish  for you (courtesy Hakim Bey for the first part) America wants to fuck off work and stick with the fickle fun it does not resent but wants to present; pre-sentient tensility teasing, righteous, radically radial and virtuously vertical duality encompassment for diverting and enduring virtuose verdure viabilitating.            Aby Warburg's idea of the evolution in consciousness going from instantly gratifying grasp and grab to symbolized  sacrifice and a more and more immaterial thought process via in-and evocative role play and personification, the snake as the most involuntary and instinctive reaction provoking animal is the biggest challenge for the symbolizing thought process. Reptiles being most at home in muddy media I am not suprised the in addition most phallic of them should be so revered, glorified, feared and cursed           Bubbly balloons rolling across the treetops.            The lord's lady giveth and taketh away, she enlivens and raketh astray.           Garnet Walch (Australian playwright) when you roam in mirth's dominion you must know how to behave, soaring light on pleasure's pinions and never be your passion's slave and oh remember this boy or else some day you'll rue, there's danger in a kiss boy, unless that kiss be true. Here is a crab tree, firm and erect, in spite of thin soil, in spite of neglect.  The twisted root grapples for sap with the rock and draws the hard(won) juice to the succullent top, here are wild apples, here is a tart crop           Poetpiet: don't misconstrue me but come strew ground rock with me. strew some rockchew with me, be true to me, and come through rock with me.            The japs are expert at depicting the brute with a brain. I realized this when I saw the well groomed and almost elegant aggragate truck driver direct,  stir and steer his inert, monstrous, stupid and shiny beetle-like lorrie.

7  The (pulped) sources for this chapter on the Rainbow family:
The inspiration and references for this section are too numerous to mention as anyone who saw fit to read this book as and/or and  a  representative crosssection of spectramatic prism tweaked filter, screen hoppered, roster struck and wringer squeezed bubbles, bits and weezes of, due to and through the cookie cutter code key symbols called letters pointing at the real thing; all the modern paradigms are heading where real rainbows already are; sometimes wordless, powerless and toothless but filled with humblest faith nevertheless, a true preserver of old values cause they know how it feels to have the rug pulled from under you, especially since there memory somehow taps the times when that rug could hide, feed and fibre the fire for them; now we send Java applets through fibre while the real Java burns another one of those famous rugs. In a sense all books mentioned in the other categories are rainbow required reading.
           US Rainbow Guide, adresses plus interests listing given out free every year with the contributions of the previous years gathering, c/o Michael John, POB 3213,  Madison Wi 53704, USA            Marcus Endicott is maintaining some sites about eco-travelling; an early net celeb. See my linklist.            Always Free (annual newspaper) Rainbow Oaks, Rt 2 Box 84, Warrens, Wi 54666-9802 USA.            There are some permanent rainbow type farms and forests some are just squatted, others owned, some have inhabitants with drug and alcohol habits, others don't; a nice one is Monte Venero, a legal village ruine with pyramids built from waste wood, near Bembibre in the Spanish province Leon.            Hakim Bey ( is Peter Lamborn Wilson from Brooklyn; author of : TAZ, temporary autonomy zone, partier, pirate and (eco?)guerilla tactics.            There is a wonderful book (people of the rainbow, a nomadic utopia) out on the rainbow movement's many shades offshoots, inspirations histories and prospects. It was written by Mike Niman and this is his site: http://www.acsu.buffalo.edu/~niman/

 The mint conditioning of nature's plentiful vouchsavers needs network. Who all can hit the 8 saturnalia of honorability at once: when, where, how, how much, what, who with, what with and finally which task to tackle for taste. When will wailing the woeful wile since be turned into hailing the wistful will hence? We must bust earthly life's (p)rememorable crust with forthright self expanding lust to gleen some membrainy dust for friendly flair and flust.                       Epilogue: To sum up the planning to exploit the potential of inertia big time; all done with, through and in pipelines evading and solving both physical and mental bottleneck problems. The internet is the first great defense spin off towards peace if it manages to remain open and unencrypted, with plenty of public and orderly acces, complete cross referencing, etc, but this is only half of the story, the other one may help provision along as follows: formation and information are as  rock and sunshine; data compression and rockcrushing are as compatible as sunshine solidification and inertia unfoldment for lifeform integrity. So design, build and spin an, all life its breath dealing, rock chewing, then with lavish libationary love offered dust spewing, octahedronic hi-tec tonic appliance if you want to see the resulting stoneflour, gravelpowder, mineraldust and rockflocculate come alive when reductably strapped into rain and shine gear to please eager beaverish roam at homebodies, and that is most children if they had a choice in the matter. Suitable lyrics, stage deco's, and other show segments will make our people for soil-organisms promo campaign a border opening experience from wormhole to millenarian treetop.
Imposing or exposing, life is bleak at either side of governmental mono(polist)culture coins, uniformly drilled, lousy lawenforcing harmies and other etiquetted bottleneck scarcifying, adding up to ice age triggering chess- and horseplay, lets work for the colourful appearance of organically grown skins capturing live water only for but a season in mutual volition and arranged convenience.
Onwards to tiny tolerance squeezer vessels, soft and smooth, away from sharp, flying and fast, give us those word and frequency thereof tabulation programming politicians, Amen.

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