welcome to the scrollable and downpagable random, yet reach, range and scale embedded, full spectrum sound bite sample gallery of: raingrow=rainbow=strainflow
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Welcome to the future flour(y) pow(d)er fostering; potentially fastest and already (for sure) the most solid(ly formatted) prose-poetry on earth:  about 7 Megs spread out across over 88 files(averaging over 88 K'z colourful concept- harmmonized and hyrarchical wordsequences, including 4 megs worth of images, even) worth of contextual BLABS =Bottom Line Aphoristically Ballistic Solutions  which will (dis)solve all uncivilly polarizing centralizations, besides break up and open (c)lumpy niches and lumpynesses, wether they be institutionally animated or simply, inertly dormant (yet animatable), by pushing the logistic limits (to light) inventively, notably those (rocks) constraining vertical metabolisms (of trees).
chapter subjects: 0=clear, trees and photosynthesis, antennae and fruit lovingly braid and encompass light and darkness; clear=0 10=from hip and flowery power to grippy grey powdery flour hidden in and tickled from the knots and moments that trigger time like spinning geometries of the life between leaf and letter that spell out laws of nature's language=10 1correlations between gender and generations: restraint, (p)resolution, libido, magnetism, reduction rendered ripeness of vitally nourishing victuals, devil, death and dust 12pro-reduction (the physical type) strategy, agression orientations, (mineral) money and mind2 3blood and birth bonds vs spirit and principle ties3 9dualities are gendered like dust and dew9 4minerals, mud, music and ministry4 9multiplicities and manifolds9 5gaia; bony border bottomline for beleaf 6archetypes, heros, idols and gods6 7rainbow freedom fenders7 8index and bibliography8.
Dear great-grandmother rock,
help me seduce my fellow kind to help the sun reduce you, that is bring the bulk of reduction back down to its proper place since photosynthetic time's organization began: the soil, instead of spooking around in the minds of men. When we crush, wet and expose rock, we 'reducabilitate the crucible of tangible crescendo's' in all octaves from mi- to macro blessings, so once more: wrest primordial reduction from the inappropriate placement amongst the arsenals of reasoningpower, re- and preserve it to literally leave and help love up to pre- and restore earthy values rather than some suppositional zip-zap-zany brain's budgetcut kinds for instance that don't even materialize anything but score kept of mounting debt and erosion of savings which like bits per second breakthrough figures I prefer to interpret as covertly confessed and encrypted lost light catchtment chances.
blabsabsblubbery blabsabs
Bottom Line Aphoristically Ballistic Solutions Anticipating Beleaf Systemisticism;      Solutions for uncivilly polarizing centralizations: notably the will to powder ...o so nubile  and shy, dark and dense matter; call me a petrofile.            The most hard up and straight forward macho-sow-showy yet grownding performance possible: potently pulverizing rock; a whole heapy hunk of a hunch bunch kinder difference maker that beggars all others easily.         Freshtone flour vs old clay is para- vs diamagnetism (see references to Philip Callahan): the shaman's tappable transformer tension of subtle yet substantial and foremostly feminine fenomena.          Dutch braves feel crutchclutchedly dishonoured by their dutchbattery spat and have taken to senseless beatings in the street, ah ..Ducht (beducht=alert) batter makes a fake as good as any cake, a dotsja gotcha batter falls much flatter than any good for nothing bake. We need many local, rather than few big, par aid grinding grounds where proof of pith delerviers can #1): coin the realm's most redeemable, mint currency, mint the most current coin of realm and aeons resembling ours, #2): go mud moed mist-communionist with and for all beings, #3): get their rocks off. Now that I'm on here comes everybody's subject, we may still have to put up with one man upshippering bominator's demon crazed decisions dickering, but we'll ploddy well not let down our own backyard constituencies. Buy a third world country and save as world 4.0. A big shot's person including pubes is paganly public and the less shame fully hidden we put up, the more let downs on shade spenders must worry us woozey.               The sun is a pow(d)er d(e)riving transformating circumcenter mellowing potentially explosive polarization with g-ra-dually and radial mean green no(t)mans(alone)landings.  A many handed clock linker is not yet my logo but if someone likes orrery software as a necessary step to play ground models showing all life, but specially childhood is a stage, well phaced, it can be found, check for instance lair.demon.co.uk/orrery, get myriads of momentary mugshots (showing how the cosmic slug hugs, digs, hugged, dug and/or will hug and dig the ideally coherent and tightly tolerant course (abye and atlargse anyway) along its formicable lugpatrol) there and compare colours, etc with Keyserling for instance. Meanwhile, I know nobody can cone or kink conches but a squared and coupled set of multipolarflexivortex-tensegritty rock prematebolizer should be in your ballpark eh? just for me, can you? (see chapter 4)
What is a(rainbow) nation?:  What else could it mean but a birthright bestower, and living requirement fulfiller and provider? The promised land of free will curbed by respect for, and need to harmonize with, primal global media such as sunshine, clouds and to a much smaller but more cumbersome extent: minerals. Somewhere in Holland, by the train'traject' A'dam-The Haque, Sikkens paintcompany (ab)uses the rainbow stretched into 12 colours as hours on a clock, below another greatly misleading symbol manipulating logo, this one by parent company AKZO; a naked torso, arms stretched out straight to the horizon. Let's not forget the flight sickening chemical industry took, quick and easy enough to intensify and repeat the whole 'homogenotono extracutize blink brink stink tinc poxed pixure' putrescence of and with proteins again on bits, bites and leaf take leave systems. See Christopher Bird's 'Secrets of the soil'; I often focus on one aspect of that book: the use of stone flour, in this work. Don't mind what I do but what I mean:  If people judge you and are in- or affected by what you do or did, proximity and the present being no more irrelevant, than it already was since fireside story telling and thought took flight from it to the future to announce our immanence, deposit a bond up for redemption at the youngest (the last or first possible?) hour; if all this is the case, than my work is futile and not exemplary with respect to the goals I set myself. I slave away behind a screen (after and in contrast with the free and easy float behind a motorcycle windscreen) rather than set out seedlings for proper extension of life span, dignified descendency, juggling delight and decay worshipped at the compost shrine, it's high time for that anyway. Mix mangle and hybridize peace drums, arms and instuments together for proper compostition. Cause what I do know is that what I do now looks and reeks too much of an already tried and failed recipe: Jesus going down to and around hell for a quick visit and vanquish, presumably sticking up road signs for those best on their way to heaven. Well, so be it. I 'll be sucked back in to add pics I'm sure and afraid, especially if someone offers...... .. Welcome to a punch and Jew deed sow-grow-show, a megabite text site with some thing at least intended for every starvling, sentient or no.  This is the very warpy woof we all weave with: the stupendous scale hopping and popping prepar 'n sumptuously providential proportion or opportune periodicity picker.  pinch 'n please or punishing poison paragonian projects or predicamentalization inspect and proceed or prosecute, expel and pontificate parley 'n paradigm with or pounce on partners proscribe palliatives or perplex peevishly impulsimply personalize and propel or parch and perjure powdersnow and downpour pass on or posses proper ties and proper trees ponder and peruse or tresspass the dustily powerful powder patterned or perverted psychology playful or pompous pedagogy propagate and procure or (de)privatize participate or prosecute by Poetpiet who's question is: what do we all have in common and which constellations don't really live up to themselves yet?
Zie zo, this should have caught Umple humplerto's Oce's attention he? See near the end of this doctor your mentailery for a more traditional and comprehensible beaut, it served me as target practice for this one. Best way to pluck the Pentagon apart is to appeal to all pervasive Platonism embedded in their very name and spark eye texture if not to come (in)to your own defense mode mod you laid or planned peace pinch perk you later. Spot the powder, thou that durst dust and polish proudly with plenty lust to bust crust afore and aft. Bring on the Pueblo bake 'n slake prattle snake if you're Able. Defense spin offs to spiral from co-ercive to co-operative capitalism and avoid palm ins. Larger debt money amounts on the faster, bigger and better booming bookybuzzyness bycause of the endemic yet tolerated and even idealized bias for quick fixes which are bad bets and ailments by long run definition standards, 'unforseen' disasters and therefore entitled to subsidy, protection, sacrifice and bail out, especially in exchange for promises of improved performance...... Dominant drainers and reigners steal heritage as per usual. These are the obverse effects (Dutch word for (financial) share; which in this case I would like to take the liberty to rebaptize: (p)implication or poppy poop pope timism maybe) of accurately gauged projects and forming from bottom on up type agreements (inventsments in the sense that may become clear if you dare read through these neoldisms if it is not already) anti- and participatorily perpetrated in an attempt to provide for future plucky ripenings and maturities, not present expedience, sniperings and calumnary cullamities. The present Gift (poison in German) and rift economy shows us we saddle progeny up with more and more wilt and wending its way, wither we know not. Common sense was the freaks provisioning but druids and shamen are given the bad rap of inciting to sacrifice and were 'consequently', 'justifiably' given the boot by slavishly massive mass cultstultpultpit perversion tip topple stumbling across all scales; indeed unhinged and unhenged clockwork zooming through the fireflighty zooeyduckt..eh.. doozyact, dizzyacht, zudidact, shoddyach or any combi nation there of...speaking of which...Just as Switserland, though harbouring such a wealth of well preserved fresh dust, is not as innocent, neutral and lovely as it seems on such accounts, so is the IMF not the merely plaster and bandage carrying do goody it pretends to be (suspiciously little indexed criticism to be found on the net though, I'm taking some home from a Freeman or Cato site, I forget which, tonite). They both are battering rams and strongholds only the strongest military lobbies match, need and indeed breed. How would a criminal do business in an otherwise decent world without offshore caches and foreign safe deposit boxes and unquestionably secretive bankers? By the same token, how shall the white wonderful way( unto)ward I sage blanched westerners manage to continue calling upon all coloured devils if they can't stockpile (the latters) debts and dependence?
the rock riddling, middle and mean, medium fidelament:
tWhat becomes of an  intriguing and perverting  mixture of chinese dragons, vowels, octaves and a bit of Russel cosmology (referred to again briefly below (right around the ninth rainbow)):
I could add the elements from the Russell Periodic Table or the musical notes but you get the idea I guess. For an introduction to other, more traditional and/or less playful possibilities to determine number properties and co-ordinations I refer you to Michael S Schneider's book called: A beginners guide to constructing the Universe, if after that you still have an appetite, try Arnold Keyserling's work as a next step up in 'diagrammar', some of it has meanwhile been translated and is available from Sun Angel Innovations, 9123 E Mississipi Av, Suite 2104, Denver Co 80231, USA, on line at: The school of wisdom; (see also chapter 9B and elsewhere for comments on graphically gifted golden mean related work by Winter, Pawlicki, Michell and Fuller (Synergetics)).
Here is a little taste of Keyserling:
feeling body =scorpio    = muscles= fresh, raw life or stale, deadly warfare,
will + spirit    = sagitarius  =liver=   ideas, religion or blasphemy and dis(p)respect,
sensing + soul =capricorn    =joints=     vocation, state, hyrarchy or uncritical protest ,
thought and body  =acquarius  =skeleton= work and technology or isolation,
feeling and spirit   =pisces  =pancreas=    healing and fullfillment or disease,
will and soul   = aries    =brain=    personability and politics or coercion,
sense and body   = taurus =skin=  chores, art and riches or hidden hoards,
thought and spirit       = gemini   = lungs=   informative science or secrecy,
feeling and soul  =cancer   =stomach=     home and family or hearthlessness,
will and body   =leo =heart = mastery or stumble, bumble, bully and bruise,
sensing and spirit      =virgo     =intestines=       economy and labour or sloth,
thinking and soul   = libra  =kidneys= community and law or reactionary anarchy,
have a look at his wheel

If that's not enough to do your head in, try this:
              Grammar              Energy
            1 Conjunction Healing -   Unify
              2 Noun  Creating -            Produce
              3 Verb  Knowing -             Understand
              4 Preposition Wish -          Imagine
              5 Adjective -                       Analyze - Distinguish
              6 Verb-Person -                  Communicate
              7 Pronoun -                         Fight - Initiate
              8 Adverb -                            Assume Responsibility - Respond
              9 Verbal Forms -                Conceive - Invent - Actualize

                0   Sentence:
              10 Statement                       Affirm
              11 Order                                Lead
              12 Question                          Inspire           (go to www.schoolofwisdom.com for more)

I 'm a little worried about the printing consequences of this massive posting,
I fear the downloader prints would mostly be single sided judging from  what I see around me
though ethical investment companies are starting to prize themselves of the opposite (both sides used) in their acquainting prospectuses, so there is hope. Anyway, I beg, implore, beseech and otherwise urge, nay command you to run your copy (or cost compensated copies if eager readers are found among your acquantances) double sided if you do print your download; if that is impossible, wait till I, or help me, find a publisher. Isn't that the least I am entitled to demand in turn for this offer on a medium that reeks from its wasteful, polluting, belligerently and untransparantly, centralizing powerstruggles no less than any others which escape the sensible duty of fully recycling processed resources? It didn't cost me much monetarily but how much misery is it gonna cause my weather? I'd like to charge on a sliding scale: free for rainbow, hobo, tramp, clown and prisoner, but the pentagon must give up everything for the privilege of penetrating the depths and scaling the heights of this work, everybody too, from host to ghost.
microbow 8 man in the middle 8 macrobow
 As far as spectrum is concerned, I stand by the explorations of Philip Callahan (not yet on the net as of jan 98, though his gigantically gentle focus on paramagnetism deserves broadest cast) rather than the silly 'spectrannulian', often irreversible and therefore cursedly unrecursive exploitation encouragements by the likes fo G Gilder, I 'd almost regret to admit that the latter has the jump on old Phil when it comes to writing technique, but I do enjoy that bit of his virtu(al)osity.
Does not the alphabet itself pivot around the letter N? (AGerman Regenbogen pivots around bo, a Dutch one around nb; though you might like to know that).
Here is a bit of a name dropping credential topping for y'all.
Call upon these fluid crystal mechanics for help with any type (ad)liberation from microcosmic, indiginous, local, tightly con- and preserved oxides, through rootreadyness (more important to be rooting than rooted) to global biomass amassment and breathing air supplying.
(when a name recurs it is abbreviated and if it does it will have those initials between brackets):
Robert Graves (R G),  Lawrence William Lyons, Tolkien, Sahlins, fruit growers and grafters, permapleachers and socalled death its birthright forefighters R G, Daniel Winter (D W), Arnold Keyserling (A K), James Joyce, Robert Hoffstein, John Michell, R G, O K Maerth (OKM) Robert Lawlor (R L), Taoists like Reid, Francois Lyotard, John Hamaker *(J H), Arnold Keyserlng, Fuller, Tom Pawlicki (T P), Dan Winter, Ulrich von Beckerath, Silvio Gesell, George Gilder, R G, R L, Lawrence Rickels, (O K M), John Ray, Charles Fourier  R G, James Demeo, O K Maerth J H, Philip Callahan (P H), Peter Lamborn Wilson, Poetpiet,  Christopher Bird, A K, T P, Michael Schneider, Lawrence Blair (L B), J H, P H, Walter Russell, Julius Hensel, L B, T P, R G, A K, Lawrence Rickels, Theodor Lessing, Hakim Bey, family at welcomehome.org, Tom Robbins, J R Tolkien, Maarten Toonder Hitec bibliographies (Bibles for short) and chosen few snobbishness left behind for permapleached forests as future reference. *JD Hamaker's book was refused an ISBN number which he thought mighty suspicious. He had some of the 'Billions for the bankers, debts for the farmers' type conspiracy classics in his owner built homestead. Biotecture is a term referring to pleaching: a combination of architecture, provisionary fusion forestry and art; pleached and pleasingly advanced permaculture please. Dear rainbowkitchen, orchard and homestead sisters and brothers, local village, township, principality and prefect terraingrow family focalizers and members, regional, county and provincial braidknow familytrees and tribes,    global painblow taskforces and teachers; y'all are not much longer to be confused with drug and gun runners (even though at least one info and banking coordinator that I know of at least has been implicated as such); yes, we support peaceful secession, autonomy and legalization of ethnobotanical exploration, introductions to be voluntary, quarantined for decennia and closely monitored by its hitec federation.  One finds all types of testy and teazy orbs between tasty and tasking ones:   Body: Horny ones; physically feisty ones can rip a concept like generation out of context shamelessly. Orgasm endowes sight seconding and effeminate feel for detail besides molecular bliss. Right? But. Do Dutch dicks deprive dikes of their desire to end endemic domestication? Here as averywar budlike body balls and bulges burst into bloom at the sly test balmyness; Soul: High impact, massive, deadly weighty when blasted ones tend and tendered to execute protectiveness albeit with misguided ambitions. Spirit: Bouncy and playful ones to keep slaves happy and unite 'm behind false, fake but massive fronts. I would prefer inventing the venting sports involving pleaching permaculture, clash-mash-crash-crush and flash of rocks fine paramagnetic quality stash not to mention fruit as the orb to fuel what needs must transpire, be it fake fight or primate right.
go to the file  to see how I have played and worked out these concepts lately.
As I was saying: one finds all sorts of balls spinning and weaving through each others far flung and kinds of spaces as well as drawn out or bedraggled times missing the parts and promixity to mingle and quint, cross, breed, braid and feed essentials. I prefer to not leave them more a head and heart than hands on experience. Nasa tec type dread, fend and defense spin offs funded with and founded on our investments in security, can't seem to face, live up to nor mobilize more of the selfsame from their very own origins, undeniable though not inviolable. And why does that have to mean trampling neighbours underfoot.
Maybe cause we love sexy cute orbs to climba clima chimera rage around in? I deem that ill made and/or won money can hardly be spent, even if it is proffered and meant, to set things right, else a man like Soros would mediate Messiahhood a bit better eh?
A poem similar to the following one was an omenlike precursing announcement for the trouble Shell got into but also an indictment of myself cause I hadn't done any better than that yet although it was tempting to take credit for the coincidence and in actual fact, it did prompt and encourage me to bare all..
Cracking rocks is a percrushion cruise sprouting nuts from hell that become all kinds of life wonderfully well. Would ya have it abundant and swell or scarce enough and suited to sell?. Does distance make dishonest? Dumb engines roar away to help age the young and make life hell. I wish us to learn a bit of composture to deal with each unpleasant repression smell. forgive me if I throw a Joyce like spell, my mother was born on his dying day and I on one sympathetic to her as you may soon tell.
Poetic prefection percision about primordial memories:  Prim ore deal me more ease. Pry more meal, mem or tease, prime ore steel mime more me's; rhyme or steal mummories.
Noah cut some trees to build some boats and cause some floods; then he got terribly drunk to try forget he was assaulting the rainbow balance of swaying tides between wet and dry; so the sad-, mad-, and badness perpetrated by the nowadays scorch torch carrying white westerners continue on from where Middle Eastern desertifyers and their inspirations in turn before them left off (if they did); What I mean is it stems from a long while back when the woeful ways of certain monkeys (Adam's arrival was more like Adam's rival (Graves, R)) started including bashing and cashing each others brains in. Check Tibetan memory, long kept inviolate by nonaccesible pure heirair.
 Yes, we know it all and then some, even about the 'uncannyballistickly' morbid past for instance, but a tiny bit more about that elsewhere.
Rainbow colours are abused by nasty chemical companies who never get the colours right in the first place and even on purpose cause that brands it for them appropriatingly; never mind following a gentle nondistorting way. Besides individuals like James Joyce and James Stephens (born on the same day); all kinds of sex and hedonism related movements like hippy and pschycedelic flower power ones took a potshot at claiming the rainbow.
I prefer apples you know, real apples, heirloom appliances... ...people like green thumbers for that matter; perfect disciplinarians for bully boys who show early tell tale signs of dominance and drive to strive, at least a few years older and a lot wiser will do the trick. They need a little extra attention to instill hand me down hyrarchy consciousness and pass on propriety properly. An often botched and bungled job these days of massive urbanity. I mean, look at us! staring at poisonous, fake and flickering flowers!
Here at the Amsterdam University there has been a massive allocation of time and funds in computer gadgets, and like elsewhere, they definitely dropped Apple, going to Dell in this case, who advertise gratefully and triumphantly, depicting the competition as stuck with dirty delusionary and jealous misconceptions like equating Dell with something nasty. the text reads: "We are so fast the competition thinks we're on drugs"; hard stuff paraphernalia spread in front of a distortingly imposing tower. Great place, Texas, Dell franchises in Finland where these machines are from with their ghastily radiant and heavy monitors; it will surely invite all dealers to come dry out some bad and damp swamp humours in that cow cowered and blistered state.
If you read on, perhaps you'll say: "How about your rock grinding mate?. Seems pretty interventuresome to me!" Yes, but vertical traffic is photosynthetically bound to comes around, right? Anybody feel like getting stuck in the middle with me here?.
The colour and numbercodes applied to the chapters is merely playful only in part;
a sample of the simple intuitions guiding them will remind some of the 9 dragon wall in Beijing park (except that there the dragons an equal distance either side of the central (golden) one are the same colour; others will remember the cosmology set up by Walter Russell:
0,1,2,3,9,4, 9,5,6,7,8.

After a most salient (albeit less colourful) miscellany, as a preface of sorts, and another few rainbows (next one coming is quite lyrical ), the very last one can again c-link you into the chapters, meanwhile get a better whiff sniff from more samples of each to find out which flavors between dark and light to do return favors cause you can judge the amount of sun and minerals stored by colour as a measure for ripeness. Just kidding of course. But now I am not (unfortunately):...Sit back, back off a bite or two, danger! radiation of a kind that has not done much for metabolizing generative gravity yet. (See Walter Russel, Dan Winter and Gurdjeff for elucidation of that last bit).        Start pleaching parties to include, encompass and foster forestry, architecture, food, fibre and fuel production, do the freedom-fight f(l)avouring inanimate oxide h-, p-, and crunch to liberate those locked away from reduction but well within reach and reason (help'm go-flow n grow through you).        Proreductive and practical cosmology;  reduction of cramped style rocks their size, surface and substance, i.o.w.: let reduction from freshly bashed stashes of rock!, not biomass burnt and buggered to! ashes tip the living moisture hol- and folding capacity balance back as the way of welcoming the slipping of lip into gripservice home to keep off course and misnamed defense industries from reappropriating their peaceful spin offs (see epilogue).        Best and most impartial boosters of all forms of life still are and will remain the humble, miniscule, modest and lowly beginnings of them: micro-organically metabolized trace-elements present in the naturally balanced spectrum of paramagnetics rock (mixtures) such as lavas, basalts and glacial gravels. Even brainless micro-organisms produce a favorable oxygen balance for their progeny;  to become foodchain-toppers instead of -stoppers  we must acknowledge and offer feedback to them, they are, were and will be our humble beginning to set the vicious circle spiral-spinning,  and get all of life to thrive and start winning.       Hi, glad you could make it this far, my life is lonelier than the death of a rock sometimes, I bet you this next bit will sound familiar already or haven't you vocalized anything exuberantly yet (for best effect do that while grinding rock manually)
How give light its marching orders? Is matter light with a dense and s(t)olid s(t)ense of purpose?
lowdown of and to the humbly crumbly humus
This book brims over with nonfictitiously stipulated categories of poetically punctuated and advertently exposed imperatives to perpendicularize perjuries, it was written by a hardliner who crunches the deadline finer:  deadlocked but Marblous Rockbottomline hunch, crunch 'n Punchline Pioneer Piet the Prose-Poet Polemicizer, PPP the PPP for sure and short, at first sight just another prototypically pacifist peacemaker, but if you look closer you see a green hippy with a peculiar grip on rock and agression for particularly pertinent polish and pulse; an even more focussed effort reveals the godfather of new and improved breeds: the world's most comprehensively coherent grippies to date as revivals and umpteenth incarnations of Mercury, Cernunnos or other overrun, usurped and discontinued rolemodels.
Here is the All's not well with the use of the word shell poem I mentioned already: Marblous Piet's Boible-Loth* or Phi-cycle peace of mind's eye  sees an easily better than teasy chance to squeeze rock to fine fresh physical pieces and prized particles of roused rock sent to rise on rays; mined and misted mineral muds, the realm's coin raised from hell to ripen and dangle fruit from the sky. Marblous Piet's Boible-Loth or Phi-cycle peace of mind's eye puts on and pulls off a rigorous spell which can truly tell about how his inventuresome keys tolled the bell and prevailed with the petrified memory doors of hell to admit and remember the sun's saviours sent from that core of our magnetically circus show to swell and tie'm as grace justifying current from pump-skin-hell,  so heaven is kept on its best behaviours and afloat very well......
* first two letters of an ancient treecalender-alphabet (see R Graves: 'The white Goddess').
Key concepts for the human right, duty and pleasure:  to engage in efforts enforcing their and all other organisms rights to life taken from the form and manners of death called rocks where its well pre- and conserved nourishment will not for very much longer remain just dead dust  once it's been mobilized from its relative stasis with lusty thrust and starting at the beginning of the foodchain, goes in at its very myriadly mouthed mothering matrix  of single celled organization, the only place to enter your contribution to life in the friendly and humble way which optimizes photosynthesis.
loosely lyrical and associative sneak preview
 photosynthesis got this planet planted and some credit granted, while flow of gunk and ice pre- and recorded the shifty sifting of the dice;        harsh words raise barriers inside and out, snow drifts drive mother gaia into her hardyest hood-mood and glaciers incarnate cause we don't weather as well as we will when these frozen feelings fueling of white powders, houses and washes are done dissolving in seasonable reason (see chapter 5);        between bullet and sperm, stop and go, boom and bust, sheer lust and shearing crust, we better conjure close contact with cohesive coherence to anchor our valves, cause every moon brings egg alerts and most sunshine a chance to raise haven, feed and fibre shedding shade;        the colour of sunset and rise, cutting edge of the east-west axis with miraculous male netwebspun radiance welcoming and appreciation strategy to stop suffering global viruses and ballistics like: the common cold, christianity, legally blend-blinding tenderness, nuclear power and other degeneracies. The interdependence of slavery and tyranny can become indepence of cooperation and voluntary participation.       jesus and the sun, one godsend after another gods end, to cherish till redeemable; no reduction without seduction, rock wants (s)kin and not nearest thereof to pay respect most, close the circle, spin the spiral and find out how fondly formulated farflung feelings fare;        soul laden clouds of morrowsearching sorrow salvage softened crust if rigid death is not 'receptackled' to meet with and rise on the uprighteous vert-ical traffic of life (space speeding radiance goes down to redeem the time tying gene-rated), these left out broods build glaciers that are up to such inertia bust;          help trees live to an extremely happy old age with preper- and diversions of polluting (used to mean unleashing dirt's strenght according to Dudley Young) defense industries funds; earth may first, earth upfront, earth out the back, earth will last longer if our grateful gratitude helps her stay on track;        fresh dust from rock deserves our thrust and to standard status up raisa;l         wistfully deep waters line up to bait and wait for their rides through blue hue heaven to see if they can be animatched by and with as much inner patience as outer perspective;        royal ancestry, reliant exemplariness; typical arches, lovely people        top rung touch down topple tip, the stuff that gives roughing it the slip to set sail and sink roots into the future filled past;        corner and crush stone density to feed the foolish flocks shift and lift those hidden layers, y'all benevolently ballsy players to start, stir and wind up every limber life it's clocks from the bottom end beginning and strengthen fruitfully structured waters.
more brief samples of what one finds upon daring to venture further #@$!@ #$$& $&^(*(* !#@$!@#$ &*()$&@$ #!@#%#$@ ^*&&* ()_@!!!!@#$ !%#&*(**&(()If a tree can grow up and down at the same time, why couldn't we? Lets take propriety past our property back to prop her proper tree. Insist on unobtrusive assistence with perpetual, effective, pervasive and merpeating perspicacity, don't be extreme, but radical. When life after death has and holds emotions in thrall,  life after and before birth languishes.        I care about all that is and that is all I care about. I assure you that lustre is just a musterable effect of conscious dust recall, it is the most common sentience denominator we need to get a grip on, the present to come and be ingredient. Subscription is the soft voluntary clayway,  su-perscription is the hard coercive frayway.        There is no rush like a crush, once you have well and truly done begun, it is the best shelterbelter, familytree and homesteadying fun.        Twain primal black and white, twixt stiffly cold, deadly dark and the bright hot blinding light there came a flowing show of sense and socialbility.        At the ultimate enviro graffiti comix show dust gets sprayed into clouds which can be lit up in the dark with strong coloured lights shining on them. A rock chime peels time and a pre-info, post-form-I-dabbler does too. The vertical organics border defending loving arms race is on!        Relativity is differentiating as much as uniformating.        Divide all too singularly and airtightly lumping rock, especially those in the vicinity of rain and shine so they stop stumping life. I 'm gonna grow some shade to cover myself and come in colours to leave a scent.        Brothers in harm, mark my alarm, if resist is all you can do,  a scapegoat diffuses through y'all yet by virtue of infamosity's woo.        Dust is a must for the lustre of our subsistence crust.        Scarcity ice age cramp or solar city tensility, from dust to lust, mourn to morn, jubilee to jubilee, holy day to holiday.
..The sky gets drunk cause the sun sucks water through the trunk of a tree with gleeful friction frolic of jocular flocularity. Laws and commands without heart and volition of all who are or become involved are as hazardous as smoke and dust clouds without water and rendition.        I try to break most hardened hearts, rattle, squeeze and wedge a way through the cracks and cleavage for rain+shine to permeate the exposed surfaces.        Tensile angles are geodesic tricks, uncramped tangles are flocculant fresh flicks. Don't mix mental currencies any longer, start blending physically dense and diffuse ones, those that we do, can and must truely share with all life.        Love and friendship will rule when the art and science of mutual mimicry, every child's unwritten law will become the creed we need and heed indeed.        A thin skin and soft muscle are the hallmarks of receptive mentality, no skin and hard crystal same for obstructive physicality.        Our sun, wind, water and muscle powered churchorgans perfor(m)ate minerals and play with anybody willing and able to pull their weight with musical size and solar reduction.        Be gentler on people and harder on rocks, folks, cause breath is deep and fear is shallow.        Tragic crust and comic lust meet the golden mean to make magic dust; glacial abrasion plus  biodance-uppraisal makes for growthful seasons.        None come to the father except through Jesus. No one comes to the mother but through Rock.        For me, for you and for a very other body too. For mine, for thine and for a very others body down the line.        Name droppers and reference hoppers in the whole earth wishing-s-well way.
a tree is but a rock's relative which sets fluids in potion motion ---slaughter is sub-per-verted laughter thrown for a loop (Lyons)-- Don't widen but deepen your territory if you need one at all, worry its bottom border into retreat. Parents are karma's henchpersons and sexy-cutes-yawners. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Where is my ultimate  g(u)ardeningtool- instrewment, the heavenly door knock appliance? On the drawing boards, in the modeling  room, in the news, at my fingertips, in my hand, in ours? @@@@@@@@@@@@@@ A rock will sooner aspire to loose its gravity than a conspirational clicktock clock its chronic depravity. If a role model is long dead or merely imaginary, you 'll have only your own conception of it to live up to We don't give the lie to compost pie, the marketplace of gentle oxide reduction. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@
personal PS to nobody in particular
After about a year of going to ASEED's premises regularly to read some and peruse most new arrivals, Iwas refused access to their office, (the only semi-public place in A'dam with a sub to Multinational Monitor in A dam as far as I know), after one of ASEED members had found me rummaging through the building's refuge for sample items or leaflets to add to my modest archive to take to a squatters library and infocafe, (they once dumped hundreds about ethical shoplifting, too hot an item for the SEEDers). I was finding plenty amongst proof of poorly and barely budding personal stuff on at the most only half used paper, of which they feared I'd sell it to Shell or something, claiming such a thing had occured in the past; let me say this much in favor of the grain of truth sprouting in their suspicion: I have doggedly tried to dig up and jumpstart a dialogue between me and my dad as Shaman Black Peter/Churchman Saint Nick, Jesus/God and passionate protester/corporate impersonality proto- and archetypes numerous times to no avail except a decibel deluge meant to shut and shout me down,  something I felt justified billing him about and for. He saw these bloodlettings (averaging out to an fat unemployment check, especially since I have managed to feel effective guilt about owning  combustion driven vehicle for years now) as a baited hook which once bitten would pull me back into the fold of corporate subsidy and respectable workaday drudgery. Corporate hand in glove subsidy helped him ship frozen hindquarters a quarter of the way around the world over sea and land ever so easy. Meat fuels Macho's who buy machines and make Athens a smog smothered mother of cities. (see the SET comments in ch 4)
recent, rough and relatively unpolished but chapternumbered fragments and samples by way of preface:  That skins, peels, rinds, shells and crusts are to be broke and busted to satisfy appetite and keep health turning over is undeniably incontrovertable, witness pricking up of ears when something ripe, raw and juicy receives grateful teeth, those kinds of bites enjoy little or no support, even worse, these choicest treats are treated the worst, they are subjected to ......well, enough said if you understand the expression being subjected to. This whole pandorra's panoply goes for rock breakage and when something 's gotta give, better make that be on just such a collision-collusion-collation and fission-mission course by nature to find and finally mind the awesomely humbling cycle of dust from mountaintop past culture cradling humus to seafloor, it is an eyeopener and window on time I have caught up on and have been caught up into since 1981.                See if I can wet your appetite too with plans to provide mineralized foods one so vividly remembers once imbued, experienced and literally felt fulfilled and invigorated with, cause it is a matter of archaic and none truer taste.        Rapid fire enslaves and victimizes light sensitive pineal gland fueling, wether in terms of bullet, sperm, monitor, spark plug and death or diamond-dealing development of lagdrag, smogclog and secrecy, certainly symptoms of all too common yet extremistically (and not extra mist to tickle all allies) perverted forces that are meant as match for a make and take up of the challenge and promise which inert tectonic bulk of our earthly existence constitutes.        Hidden attraction: Hey, y'all ballsy players, can you bear to lift up and shift these layers,  hiding in our rock, crack them can do containers so deadly dry, yet can be lovely growth sustainers,  Where is the rub if being patient like rock holds its own some never much bothering to make existence less lonesome not even questioning if it is a punishment or a reward ?          Will it take a few more practice runs on this our stretch and choice of the cosmic race course before we become a vitalizing factor of considerable force and consequence? The intellect and spirit can project, delegate, mechanize and mother inventions which patch up, and/or draw attention away from the wounds made by impulsive power probes.        Give your equations a natural nest, compare notes and guess with zest, but know when to give it a rest. If the searchlight of focussed awareness and conceptualization is given and taken as a result from and means to solve problems or heal a   wounds; as fevercleanses or boilbreakouts like Theodor Lessing suspected, these here attempts to fit easily grasp- and wieldable handles to chronic problems can help resonate and conspire with equally natural phenomena such as mineral dust cycles and finally leave early and delinquent youth with broken and missing toys left in its wake to counter the effects of the interferingly surfacing, aggravating and rash influence to which our flexing mind and/or muscle resulted in so far. Let's be intent on standing at attention to tickle forth timely transformation. Lend a hand changing consistency in statistically significant amounts.         I CAN TELL, SPELL AND SWELL TROUBLE VERY WELL The Dutch call money: slijk der aarde, which also means mud, friable, crummy dirt, wealth of the earth, and our monies are indeed quite synchronically as ravaged and polluted as our spoilt and soiled soils. Freshly minted mineral money funds photosynthesis  to flex and juice up the neighbourhood. Moleculize dead minerals to synthesize live compounds.        Once you manage to mime  dynamics of cosmic spin the child wants you to do it a gain again, so please be(come a)ware of the rigid types of internalized, set and concretelike IDentity mentations one could call desert, dike, dam and barrier building and bearing games (nothing against filling a large container with bottomreleasable downstreaming water to lever a load up it, of course). Start to discern and earn your share of and in the mysterious macrolabyrinthine and organic microblock bust- and  clockable, in short: rockfed systems. It is a matter of a cyclical shift from sym- to empathy. Got some credit to strike out on my own but wanted understanding and so I mourned and grieved for the lost and wasted youth of a wonderchild without touching the money except for minimal spending. Now I know, but don't yet touch much of our earth's only universal and very own heavenly kind. Most works of genius get abused and perverted by powerplayful pricks possessed of and by their fearfed hunger for conveniently incontrovertable force, however subtle, soft and magically gentle the original perception of implementation was. Nothing ages well when wisdom waging sages are bereft of proper stages. PFPFFFFPPP>>>>Being loyal to particular people, parkscapes and principles pays.        If your cast and regalia aren't complete enough to mime the mystery of influence, when exemplarily pursuasive prominents palatably presenting precome, rock dust and dowsers fail or ail, you as the man with the enscenation plan might have to wait a while for lustful kinwinning which cause the flustered grinning and spreads the dust-bin beginning of a cloudcover-causing and thinning craze which gives your fuck to freedom for perfect perforatio transformance down on the farm, on the other hand, why not set an example with simplest means to start greatest good in longest run.        And now for a tribute to John Ray, Body electronician, tocommunity urger, seminar holder and body electronician.
braidknow              enthusiasm
 painblow                       pain
stainthrow                    anger
terrain grow                   fear
laidlow                         grief
braingrow                   apathetic
strainbelow                 unconscious
bit squeaky on the reactionariness of (if not the reactionary side to) most emotions if you ask me.
Meaningful muddling ministrates coin of the marblous realm and is not befuddling but mintconditioning, to muddle along minting magically clean and simple trouble musters the means to harmonize humility and riches. Dutch bat into hell to wither-weather and scour it with a clean and clear trouble upping device, soaking and slaking its parched and breath-held oblivion. Wanna mess-mesh with marblous Piet's power per people percentage perpetrapenetreat-traited proportionizer, to bite the dour, deeply dire or the dangling apple and mesh a few majorly mismixed messages? Singing a song is as old as the hills and will stay around for just as long as those keep popping up out of the ground. The rocky road of raising selfconsciousness as starting from molecules, moving through glands, organs and immediate needs evolves to a provision empowering recursive one. The celebratory rockmusic scenes, more than the eco, feminist or peacemovements, are very potent candidates for a prize to be won down this road yet, but they violate the most vitality with equal vigourously resulting in an abusive and narcissist short circuit so far.               I belong to the unfortunately precious few with leisure and mind enough to ponder the life enhancing (diversily stratified, attractive autonomy stimulating) processes and aeonchurning transitions taken for granted and put up for grabs in a fast, limited self serving economy that seems bound to grind to a halt as it ignores, poisons and even purposely tries to do without its own underpinnings; precious soil-health and wealth humbly called humus, the only gateway to and guardian of quality time. Already the weather is warning us that fertile tranquil flex and tolerant buoyancy is withering and even computers sound like the tiny crackles of stressed joints that dry up and age in a hurry. All bioregions have their psychic counterparts or anchors; highly paramagnetic ones provide peace (Philip Callahan), so there is a close correlation between their ability to attract and absorb rain and run off excess cleanly with minimum fertility loss and people's awareness thereof; this book argues in favor of such complementary circumstance sustaining cycle completion.        Arabs are comparatively content desert-dwellers. They don't irrigate yet pay respect with precome within their harems to perversify (control birth) and say they are tougher than their slightly more restless stepbrothers, who possess a selfconfessed weakness for their somewhat less but equally blood and gore stained, occluded and transferred memory of greenery will ever be, but carma is catching up. Both of these worst wide open- and emptying spaceraces need all the help they can be given to get and give up their deserts next and at long last.       The more choice and discernment humans grant each other and cultivate, the more they appear, appeal, approach and approximate their own realizable yet (or rather therefore) divinely appealing ideals.        The opposite of taking once and for all, dead end decisive short cuts is to add grace notes and graduation, staggering stuff to intensify diversity, embellish and fractalize; stretch and fracture the bottleneck. Animate meets inanimate concentration and intensity, intent meetmatematches density, man has a crush on rock cause he skipped and scrapped wage-slavery to become central banker. Lowest mobility level receives the highest, most volatile and energetic one's impact. Together they approach the golden mean meaning, the happy middle man medium. Macho machination minces rock. Mobilization can be good and bad, it can uproot, metabolize and control or fundamentally feed, enhance, invigorate, buffer, bank, bless, balance all while ab- and dissolving itself.        Dan Winter spins a tale:  Field effect nesting ends up looking like double terminated umbrellas, trees and toruses. 7fold: maximum number of symmetry axes for the tetrahedron; number of heartmuscle groups giving vortexturation shape to sequential requirements for coherent coping; maximum amount of each with every other in neighbourly touch related fields when nested along a torus weaving lemniscate/moebius. Matter is a holograph with a weight problem.  To sum up: use a combination of multi- and even sub-, that is trans-sensory props and paraphernalia, diagrams, documentation, drama, music and mime to help lastingly impress and entice the audience to participate , so they can not only depict, then put in perspective and eventually distinguish between, but at the same time also encompass and harmonize the various complementary, multiple polarities, such as we and they will ever find within and around us and them more or less as follows: Apropo Rickels, a germanist in St Barbara who answers the query: do the media reflect man's inner life? from a freudian perspective. This is a comment on his work with a Jungian twist        Here are my takes on the astro-matter; one born on the first spade the second night of 98 (sorry, it moved way up in this document) and one scribbled at a SET strategizing meet:        aries and libra:  Ram home perfect impact pointedly for prepersonable mixed rockpowders dabb(l)ing as a protective positive pressure and friction derived effusion to foster biospherico-lawful, therefore diverse and personable clock-powerbabbling community (priorily if not primarily cast your dote-vote perpendicularly instead of the perverse perpetuation of perfidy that coercive politics will ever present) in order to physically preventilate (rock) and mentally forestall periodic and spasmodic repetition of protest, loss, absence and ignorance of it, mostly due to one way hirarchical delegation. (People with a jump on us not only have their own feet off the ground but keep ours dangling also).       taurus and scorpio:  Riches or hoards, wealth or war, fertility or scorporate interest; photosynthetic fullfilment of floury (you guessed it:) rock and animate mass movement conditioning which lead to and ensure happening of and upon ripe, fresh and raw pow(d)erful food versus the ones that lead to secrecy, stalemate, scarcity and war.       gemini and sagittarius:  proliferation of unethically analytical rationality held in check by the boldest dreams and aims of transpersonably humblest religiosity rules like the golden one, and this is no more an anthropomorphization than the referred to masses of soil inhabiting descendants and such life sustainably calibrating rocksubstance should need before being democratically respected.        cancer and capricorn:  Harmony between home, heart and open, exterritorial states of art from the heart and  with voluntary compliance as the hurdly threshold which will undoubtedly become obvious, common sense only to sink back into subconsciousness once again to get ready for a new round of struggle. No fun? Ah, but continental  and tectonic heaters aren't burnt out yet, not by a long shot anyway, neither is the sun.        leo and acquarius:  Sportive and supportive mastery of body weather through their mediator and their radicalized extension: technology sunk in sync to show and grow what we stand for and with to do.       virgo and pisces: Hospitable economics as elucidated above ensures healing of scarcity, easy coasting of diversity.
The humblest kinds of power will not need to 'suffer' people's subversions indefinitely; mere words or gestures, even the timelessly right ones cannot cover for the heartily wholistic and headily heed- and needful deed.         The peaceful spinprotection of ways to freedom grinding minds cannot be prevented or dissuaded from even in prison, chains or death (and may even prevent all sorts of prisons and prosecution soon) since such headyer, less timehonored (and -ing) versions are around, have pulled humans through enough of such abuse to prove my point, yet the big wait is for symbolically richest men (like Soros) to fund more moral monies for the many voluntary fellow secessionists headed for wasteland in between love and war. Public 'lifeleads taken to swing m' is a talent which will one day neither be resented or manipulated nor intrusive (though many a rock particle barrier be breached, small scale efforts afford a whole lot of choice) but voluntary.        Mental energy and physical matter match, meet, mix, complement and follow from each other in a sort of chicken and egg sequence with no end to squabbles about supremacy and decisiveness of the one or the other, this also explains the use of the same terminologies in both categories or realms of existence which in itself generates bias and confusion. When the physical meaning of words like: invention, inflation and reduction cease to be sucked away, usurped and siphoned off by more abstract, mental significance bearing processes and are left, more importantly, stimulated in their respectively proper places and physical functions to help up and rejuvenate the vital spin rates and exchanges between the most basic binary twosome.        The more heady, abstract and purely conceptual dual terminologies become, the less they really conceive anything there but friction, strife, opposition and deadlock rather than tolerant flexing. Yet when based on their concrete and most potently practical functionalilty, they are the only ones that establish the revolving pivot, katalyst and tickling rev that is inherent in their topple-turn traffic thoroughfare interactiveness, preventing war as well as pre-venting(animating oxygen of) rocks.        Terrestrial surface life tends towards increasing the spinaxis numbers which divides momentae into littler ones to trade a gain in friction and choice for a loss of inertia.        Where the whips crack:  The focus on how to breed and who with, as well as worries about mere 'deceiving' looks and shelflife rivalling that of 'dead' rock, is best aimed at the most general bottom rung prerequisites for a fully informed and whole range of choice at the top of that fractal foodchain ladder to spin full spiral no less than complete cycle perfectly. This is why I can't drop the dynamisized rocktopic any more than earthly life will in the foreseeable future, and I certainly won't 'forget it cause it doesn't catch on', only schizoid people like Chirac and yourself don't dad and that's why arms are mainstream and -stay appliances in the (therefore?) most powerfully coercive country in the world, its freedoms gained at great cost to nature and natives got a very brief spell here and there during which to flexcersize its muscle in mind, now new attempts are nipped in the bud cause violence monopoly is as sacrosanct as the hardly even at all contested any more moneyminting one (will LETS ever grow up?).         Hitler's staggering con flag rant n rate show sigh nation with fatal natal inflatal pitted versus a preconspirable past postpent to clothe the naked imperial sunshine in old native growth. No mineral metabolizing, biomass bulging bite size rite rights secured, not right away, any time soon some day in the wild flux of reasons mutually subversive, incapacitating, noncommensurable; show off and let it  grow, show your competence to the Faraoh. Oh slavery, con flag knavery when will we realize subjection must not be sucked out of rock psychologically, but physically, they like to serve. They are so good at it unlike alpha domino's deeming doom dank dickheadedness a small price to pay for blessings of a trimmed, clipped and primmed, primed and pruned economy, no right for the very young and very old; no scruples when trading old trees for new cars, they can't have cake and treat it too.        I like to commit to saving what's left and staving off what violates that last homeopathic refuge of diamondlike frequency and proportion, that's just got to be better than my Apple freak friend the golden mean fabulator Dan Winter. I am too old to stand in smog and stick out my thumb in hopes of having it recognized for what it is, at least potentially (and who's isn't): a royal seal aiming to extend domain, leave a mark of distinction, appropria....tion? no ..tely tailored gifts to enhance diversity in return for the ones of abundance. Taking a little poisoning into the bargain. Sell your computers and get a hype going around say.... preposteritous permapleach or something equivalently perspicacious. Mark my (Dutch) word (woord has the oord reverb (German Wort-Ort), so strangely reliant on and related to a connotation implying extension and meaning region. Sharability is surf surgingly served up with incling and unclung. So board the seas, brave the seas and read on.

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