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This is POET*PIET's latest (sixth) link-list with adresses in the following categories:      library digest gems            logistic aids   count(e(r)r)s     searches     global fuct-fict-fact-fects   logs            social tec   economic modeling      MoneymattersWhistleblowing        Native nations, tribes and tribulations (in the Americas)         Links (advertizers in and contributors of) found in the monthly newspaper Acres, USA, a voice for eco-agriculture (moved to /ecoAcresUSA.htm, a green special in between the fourteen miscellanies and the meantime 7 logalongs)     Some intellectual top heavyweights toppling up   Sacred geometry      Some very very favorites          miscellaneous and rare(ly linked to)

Most of the anecdotes ensuing from discovering and interacting with the makers of listed sites (if any) ended up (and/or begin) in the /seventh_miscellany.htm
library digest gems:   Anarchist Librarians:             Anarchist Librarians Stacks:// (progressive librarian guild including poor people's policies).            // (social responsibilities round table)              ://   Subject: Women In Technology website--needs new homeI know it's the end of the semester and everyone is probably crazed, butI have a website that is looking for a new owner, and I was wonderingif anyone might be interested.        It is called Women in Information Technology, and it's a directory oflinks and references on the subject. It was originally started by JerryMcDonough, a recently graduated PhD student, and then a couple of us fromthe class of '99 took it over. It would be great to keep it associatedwith SIMS. It is already designed, and just needs link checking and updating.         You can see the site at If anyone is at all interested, please contact me. Thanks, and good luck with the rest of the semester!         "DREAMER OF THE DAY" Francis Parker Yockey and The Postwar Fascist International by Kevin Coogan. He has appeared in Mother Jones, The Village Voice, and The Nation. Dreamer of the Day is his first book. More info is available at      “This study is a treasure chamber for all those interested in the ideology of the heirs of fascism and Nazism in Europe and America, of National Bolshevism, Odinism, various occult sects of the extreme right, and the groups which tried to provide a synthesis between the extreme leftwing and far right thought.”— Walter Laqueur, author of Black Hundred, The Rise of the Extreme Right in Russia, and Fascism: Past, Present, Future.                       Feel like having nothing to lose unless you can/ if you can't be reckless at the same time? Take a peek at this: dranger les riches dans leurs niches!  Theft is taxing the poor to subsidize the rich. Stealing is nothing more than a tax on the rich.  I would add: a future (fascist) burden on oneself.

some logistic aids: searches: (a searchengine)
count(e(r)r)s:  webtoolsorg/counter           // (free and plain service)
 global fuct-fict-fact-fects:  //  (Basel action network; anti-WTO toxicity; A project of Asia Pacific Environmental Exchange)      (IMF DEMANDS WEIMAR-STYLE HYPERINFLATION)              // and (center for environmental info; academic climate change periodical; only the abstracts for free).
 logs:  // (excellent log, crummy background combo: black and white columns; yuk!);  +/map = (weblog(location)listing)     // (a christian from Georgia) (seems like a nicely  interactive one, a cross between an open list/newsservice and log but it crashes the wobbly system here)  (reams of text concerning the net: Risks)       there are a lot of log and lograting lists but so far I found not a one that does better than very subjective or very blandly generic, same size fits all, all too comparable descriptions of them but then again, the makers don't do very well on that for their own log most of the time.
social tec (economic modeling): (wes burt+ paul dumais) (soc tec)
sex:   (people exchanging power (mostly a money for mistresses scheme); foto's of all sorts in fetishists plus phone numbers)  (pornfighters)
Moneymatters:  Guess what????? John Zube has onlined the whole of his alphabetical index now!!!!! A substantial piece of information; I must tell those library digest dudes: A4 sized pages there, the bulk of which is his a-z catalog for over 1500 fiches in store. How often the full 50 fold initial repro of 'm I don't know but I bet more than once).          The one before last quote of places where metacrawler finds J Z on the web was in berlin but not at home first time I tried. This one is live and kicking:      Whistleblowing:   Brian Martin's work(whom I mention here cause his "uprooting war" was the only book giving JZ a lavish mention and is now online):       The Government Accountability Project  Integrity International       //        (they did a gesture toward explicit support of indiginous wishes recently)  (independant press; NY antidote to monopoly media)           new interventions (a rag Proyect recommends) (chris burford contributes here; well swell sometimes; check his 16th of nov Proyect counter at pen-l; unfortunately he wasn't able to sustain it though he tried)   (The Surveillance Camera Players: completely distrustful of all government.)      The BBB (better business bureau) has indicted the nuke industry's greenwash. (a big site with leftist analysis)

Native nations, tribes and tribulations (in the Americas): (Aztec and mexican history in E and S)            (Servico Justica e paz. Brazilian underbelly news and action alerts; I was the 1061 visitor since the 13th of july 99 on the 22 of nov. Counter by       (human rights watch)   (new episode every forthnight)       and (extensive cherokee coverage)            narf (native american right fund; from Boulder Co)              // (the lakota word for friend) (union of Ontario Indians) radical canadian periodical featuring Chris Morabito, the native listmom)     AbenakiHistory   (homeground to which apply some of my rainbowhomecoming experiences) (They sell nutrition products with a team of prominents; Big Mountain and Dineh supporters. Giving Back to Native America: Fifty-percent (50%) of the company's profit is given to traditional American Indian projects.) (a decent DC outfit)               New community developments: // This site leads into a rainbow caravan digest called ArcoRueda. A berlin 3D enthousiast is displaying meetings with Zapatistas etc. at:
There is a substantial addition to my pet subject: Articulating the most creatively un-, sub- (and according to the Red Indians even super-) conscious properties of the most substantial of all such (stances):
Rockdust!!!!!!!A thesis by (how suprised need one be?) Philip Madeley, a man with a weakness for raw food once again. They sure know how to inspire each other; I'll say that for them (and confess I have been eating meat again for years but that is mostly owing to my peculiar personal circumstances). SoilRemineralization.htmPledges of support I wrote to can be found in the seventh_miscellany.htm  The following 2 are probably repeats:  (the earth regeration society; very sparse site around the same theme as mine: use and I would say: study and learn from !!! :    rockdust) repair; my kind of avowels spouted there but I am afraid they managed not to grow explosively no matter how much they know about the nitty gritty of that...using rockdust!!!!!!!!)
Some tried and truely grown green links(For instance this large picture of 6 fused (pleached) sycamores sort of a stepping stone-setting flash into the architectural (and my kind of value raising) possibilities given time, pragmatism, generosity and imagination. Holland is forthcoming with subsidies to stimulate a return (which is also a progress) to most diversely stimulating landscapes by absorbing the differences in (subsidy skewered) landuse 'values' when they go from high (grassland) to low (trees) in exchange for duration and opening to the public commitments). Is that money my father still guards for me in the form of Dutch bonds not wasted after all???
Links taken from (advertizers in and contributors of) the monthly newspaper Acres USA, a voice for eco-agriculture (; no content there yet as of spring 2000 but they have a substantial book catalog) ; active in the by definition gentle but unceasing fight for purity. They all (but the most important ones) moved to /ecoAcresUSA.htm is the editor's fav hobbyhorse; all about monetization of raw materials (the money supply for the whole economy should never exceed 7 times that amount), unfortunately the balance sheets of the parity people are still not ranking brainpower among them, even at this day and age.... (and that's being a bit too modest IMHO) shame, shame. Other than that, pretty sound thinking there.  (rural advancement foundation international. RAFI is a postage-stamp-sized cyber CSO with a  half-million dollar budget, 6 staff members, a 22-year history and smart-assed enough to tell the Vatican so. it comes close to great site called about genetic resource protection; also very important is a new feature writer Steve Sprinkle)
Some intellectual top heavyweights toppling up:            // (Mike Brown's one horsepower steam engine site; he is an ex Acres columnist, lawyer and mundane diviner/speculator) (review of powers's new book called gain about claim-culture and decrepitude)         Bad subjects (subversive literature; via this rag I found a curious little glossary well worth a visit  It offers a glossary with neologistic word contraction, very enlightening conflations like sologisms.........I lost sight of this damn site and went looking for the better part of a day during which I stumbled across this one: which seems like a repeat from my first list but the system I am using in this community building with courses for hopeless fruitcases who have a lifelong history of erring on the selfish, offensive and offense taking side of life is so unstable that I don't dare to open a lot of docs to check and I still have no print outs of my work since I stopped making them 2 years ago)  (poetpiet = pipe tote; or how do you like a Dutch one: poep tiet; don't ask me what it means but it is even more primal)            // know this one right? Artec) institute in Amsterdam with Susan George as celeb heavyweight who doesn't wanna come have coffee with weirdo's like me)      (a documentary festival site) (non-stop film fest proposed) (interactive documentairies) //  (a Michael Topper fanclub. Some singularly unmistakable pluralect (inimitably stylish vswerve topped off by punfilled headings) writs (sent into the LA area in something known as the New Thunderbird Chronicle which he distributed for free in some select locations to those who cared not for a subscription). The man himself disappeared leaving a legendary legacy (if you like Tolkienesque theology blended with alien(ating) tecspec) and he may be trying on a new suit of arms as we speak. (see the eight_miscellany.htm)
Sacred geometry; a gem via that latter day champion wielder of it:Dan Winter who points to it practically first thing in one of his latest additions called "compression"):  Laurence Edwards "Vortex of Life" projective geometry (beautiful graphics and article link above) has long been the cornerstone of our understanding of the spiralic electrical space in the heart. How is the charge you check for with a spark to your tongue to see if your egg is fresh, get stored?      (the largest collection of polyhedral art already referred to in my first linklist but now has a new adress), CLINICAL USE OF RECURSION HARMONICS:  .referring to:..  Marty Wuttke, developer of EEG Clinical Practicum to Treat Addiction- at Institute for Family Wellness, Atlanta - was - Southern Institute of Applied Psychophysiology. (I wonder if this works any better then the aenesthesia and coma method broached in Holland lately):
 Some very very favorites:   (This man is one of my big lights and earned my undying gratitude for bringing tree-calenders and tree-alphabets to my attention).       robotwisdom/com/jorn/tpportal.thml (a new page on Thomas Pynchon) little something added to the "hydra" site material, this parallels the Manuel Frank book called "das kalte Herz; all about the relative immortality of crystallizations). an older set of urls (woven by Peter Krapp; for Lawrence Rickels material:  (9 URL's, some of which are slightly outdated cause Nazi-psychoanalysis is not his next forthcoming book anymore,. . . for the moment anyway) (the maker/translater there has meanwhile started a money site but I doubt I was the inspiration for that; Keyserling  on the other hand did a job on me. See /oldcore.htm for some evidence)   Caillois links:
a Caillois variation by pluralict piet:
profit                 interest
organic              hyped and doped
"america decided to test the pretensions of the aesthetic by applying the dollar measure". (the russian rainbow politician with the colours waving through the page title)  (children´s webtopia)  (about as weird as my site; one of their linklist adresses is:

Some German links were found and given a place to live here:

miscellaneous and rare(ly linked to): (The canadian site of an International political party (80 countries) inspired by TM practices such as yogic flying; the conglomoratory site is: (patriots on guard; a canadian flavor)  A nerd studying misfittery and bullying (CNN news report on bullies in public schools) (dunno what to think of this yet other than liking the quote in dark red below in an article taken from the archive at Journal of Memetics - Evolutionary Models of Information Transmission )  "... strategies that are sensible long-term but that suffer short-term losses will not be tolerated".  Haugen, R. A. (1995). The New Finance: The Case Against Efficient Markets. Prentice Hall, New Jersey.

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