trees, photosynthesis and sustenance
 speaks for itself to all with characters like mine;
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The slogan (in dutch) on this paper fruit bag reads: Veel mag, Fruit moet! Lots goes, (but) fruit is a must. If fruit is a must item (all selfimposed must proven to be everything from unharmful on up must be allowed  .  . . at the very least . . .asap), lots of it is not only not or not as much a must but may not be allowed/compatible at all! Leave (out) the choisest or be not left a wellwilling voice fed upon what empowers it to rejoice and read Joyce some more.        I happen to think this is the prettyest (and greasyest) fruitbag out of my around a hundred item collection of such most admirable art from around Europe (I can't give credits to the artist cause I haven't traced him and dread to think how difficult that could turn out to be).
This little image was called: 'first fruit first' (in the beginning, measuring 321K but it loaded rarely and finally corrupted altogether, now there is a version clipped down to 244K which you can see hopeFULLY), appropriately my first scan-a-pic effort; hope you can see it (it didn't show up for months but now 9/1/00 I finally can re-present it); If this paper bag was the worst thing that happened to fruit besides being divided, and having to cross the gap between 'producer' and 'consumer' things wouldn't be so bad but still bad enough. A right to (need I add it? reciprocal!) privacy is not in the picture for Saddam Hussein and neither is a right to 'mutual orchard tending' for more innocent people, since we are breaking more and more less and less musical chairs. As it stands fruit is the most 'fucked with food in the 'civilized' world. Let's make some changes!!!
This tweaked (coloured postcard picture postered for a live talk by the maker: Thomas Naegele) image drew an ambiguous response 3 years after putting it up; well, I think I will leave it in till further notice:

The beginning of the following comment is not as relevant as it was before I made the orignally 569K version into the 89K downsized derivative you see here (and will have seen if you came by way of my Index and scrolled it all the way to the bottom):    Sorry about the schizo-rift running right through that poor tiroler fruitpicker and the heart of Europe, following that old battered Bear line wall and the southwest coast of Africa, the bull ain't feeling all of a piece neither I you ask me; half an hour of frustrating photoshopping make me leave it in, so there.      Postcard size painting done by a Colombia University drawing instructor, a Jewish artist called Thomas Naegele (the black and white part anyways, I added some hue). Naegele, by the way, always hides world continent morphologies, proportions and silhouettes in his art work.
Welcome to the future flour(y) pow(d)er fostering; potentially fastest and already (for sure) the most solid(ly formatted) prose-poetry on earth:   about 7 Megs spread out across over 88 files (averaging over 88 K'z colourful concept- harmmonized and hyrarchical wordsequences, including 4 megs worth of images, even) worth of contextual BLABS =Bottom Line Aphoristically Ballistic Solutionswhich will (dis)solve all uncivilly polarizing centralizations,break up and open (c)lumpy niches and lumpynesses, wether they be institutionally animated or simply, inertly dormant (yet animatable), by pushing the logistic limits (to light) inventively, notably those (rocks) constraining vertical metabolisms (of trees).
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CLOUD                   FRUIT
RIVER                 WOOD              FLOWER
 EARTH                METAL
a variation on the chinese element pentagram of
 metal, earth, water, wood and fire.
An interpretation of Noah minus cargocult perversion of trees:  It is said that Adam named everything, then started playing favorites, soon after that collected some, eventually mutated a lot and in the end destroyed most, he better learn to share what's left now. I have never heard told as clearly as I for one see it, that, when a balancing sway over some fractal arc within arc diversified and large enough neighbourly areas is kept, like the watershed one receives liquids from, your reward and blessing will be rain and shine in their proper proportions, even while the surrounding bioregions of your world can drown in sinful poison or die of thirst without touching these microclimes. Too bad fairy tales and fair laws were long so irrelevant as a rule. Numerous Noahs built so many boats that floods became something obviously immanent and concommitant. Making the reasonable supposition that a lot of bible characters like other mythical heros and gods stood for a way of life subscribed to by a load of individuals as there are always fewer scripts than actors, less innovation than repetition, we can carry on investigating if large scale boatbuilding has something to do with deforestation and subsequent flooding problems.
Noah again: The story of Noah shows the sweeping consequences of male rape and pillage; as we all know, the shipbuilding industry was made possible by the enormous store of immense trees just waiting to give up their lives and most likely end up washing onto some beach soon thereafter or be reduced to ashes after more unspeakable torture, rather than being left in peace preventing disastrous floods caused by erosion and while we are on that score, what to think of present day Rainbow practise? I don't mean the unnumbered paint producing or applying companies that can't even or don't want to even get the colours straight, but the ones with an ideological bend of mind, looking upon the apearance of a rainbow during one of their more like funfunding than freedom founding operations. Old beat and wired up vehicles spewing noxious fumes on their pilgrim path of gathering and festy trails where the sites once found are heavily im- and compacted, then left with imperfectly composted shitholes (too big and deep, no fresh dust mixed in) and ashes; mulch and soilbuilding dead wood left in peace a lot less.
finest f-words: What feelings broke away from icey packs and melted, which souls in these clouds, tiding to and fro more flavorsome favor and structurally beautiful animated moisture, which fiercely vertical traffic fuels who's filtering hairroots? Unite to diversify for fruit fostering fun,  turdsturdying rock raise and soak for mudmoving sunny moisture hoist  to help nurse trees and freight fruit!
Familytrees for fractal foliation affiliated beleaf systemics: Some of my favorite philosophers Lessing and Lyons maintain that man's thinking process is a feverish figuring we suffer due to frustrating loss of a feeling for the fruitfulness between the two (tectonic and solar) fires, most of which doesn't reach far beyond the scan, bescribble and scratch of the surface, now far out front and then lagging way behind in the form of a selfserving profit orientation, some source theories are alluded to further on. Lets turn the corner, add directions, axes, symmetries, selfreference, overlap, layering diversity and dimensions now. Acknowledge the essential status of thus far predominantly underdogged countercultural terminology of 'deep' and 'high', the latter referring neither to phallic architecture nor overdoses of drugs.         A comment on my consistently centered format: Most philosophers, especially French ones it seems, like to reason, if that's what you dare call their viciously virtual, wildly circumscriptionary and abstractly conceptual yet reactionary sweep of generalizions, from the mysterious status and standpoint of a rock: hold the body very still, perhaps to make the mind race and rev,   keep feelings cool, focus on physical flows and blows to act out a few impulses without letting on if they ever act out any  conclusions for a change and while.  It seems like what they are insisting to find different ways of saying is this: GIMME A BREAK.       Somewhere in the sixties Deleuze, as I found out shortly after he jumped out the window to burst from his skin, late 95, was formulating fancy ways to up the status of and express his preference for disembodied flitflatter dreams (his co-author of many years was a psychologist) whe he said for instance: 'trees make me tired', attaching the metaphorical meaning of daytime, rigidly cramped style, mainframe centralized and extractive, reductionist reason and homogenizing logic no doubt, which due to my poor French and his time/space ratio distortions was extra hard to make out at first and also bycause when I feel like mentioning trees and tired in one sentence, the most pertinent perception is quite to the contrary one where fatique results from the lack of these, my kind of real, tangible and good vibe antennes, almost too perfect and even sacred to use as an abstraction at all, let alone a derogatory one.       In '97 I spent a few more hours with 'Thousand plateaus' (almost as many pages and subjects) and found it ranged from the indeed most abstract to such relevant and timely gems as a comment on  another  important and late Frenchman's work: Pierre Clastres's Society without a state which argues that grueling initiations are an almost literal branding and imprint in service in service of classlessness and egalitarianism preempting statehood and warfare. I am afraid that we have to go all the way back to our  monkey  kin to find consistent evidence of enduring  peaceableness (Wrangham, Waals, v/d)
 The much more gloomy and eerie French guy called Baudrillard seems to try divergences and derivations that derail into anything goes (so nothing really does anymore besides idling and rev of melancholia) cerebrality, critiqued by Hakim Bey who shares a love for nomadism with all of us.       Deleuze and Guattari call their rhizomatic reservoir of vitality something that offers 'smooth' chaos (a faint and mental flavor of course, not the moist mud kind), which he nevertheless glorifies as fertile without making the only such assertion justifying, concommitant and pragmatic splashy plunge into rock, not to mention the canopy cover under which soil isn't in the habit of accumulating very much let alone sustaining anything. Identifying with most inert, seclusionary and secret status is indeed as rampant and unquestioned as it has been throughout all of recorded historical of(f) course.       The anthropomorphosized yet static view of the genus tree in question is taken as a principle which absurdly makes it sound as if there were only one kind of them or even just one of the only kind, or a single way they do business: by reduction, which is blamed for an indivisibility and lack of variety, that digests and therefore distorts everything, yet becomes  more and more inpenetrable itself. Sticking to tangible materials as subjects for the socalled 'objective' metaphormating principles makes both of them look ridiculously distorted. He calls singular trunklike centralization a weak point which allows hyrarchy, but he doesn't point out or hint at a 2 way direction within living systems which trees are and definitely do have. Treelike referencing frames are judged not playful, flexible and fast enough, too local, static, vulnerable and territorial. A book has to distract.       They like to honour night- and dreamtime of the unconscious and immanent so much that they command: do not reduce, they still mean mentally of course and I agree, but my point is this: why not emphasize where it does have its place, what about its physical preflection: that of oxides? I for one would outlaw such an unlifelike, from our own underpinnings distractive, rule. They go on to wish for the following: stop feeding of reductionist and thus disfigured and digestabilitated concepts to the voraciously imperialistic central reference uniformating transliterator. Trees imperialistic, the preconscious forerunners of voluntary eco- fascists? Well, yes and no. They conquered the world which would be a desert of irreducibles without them, but has this harmed other forms of life, less worthy ones, less productively oxide reducing and water transducting ones? Absurd!       All this invective badmouths and distracts from real trees, misinforms about them and probably doesn't make people think of decentral diversity in terms of landscaping and extended familytrees even though that may have been aim and purpose of the excercise. Breaking and blocking the building of life with inertia rather than breaking inertia into building blocks of life is a perfect mirroring game, I must give them that, but before it makes any sense, one must turn these formulations over and inside out. A good rule to apply always when translating something from physical to mental realms and vica versa.       Are these folks dreaming of the day one sees a tree only in a zoo with a sign in front saying: do not feed?          They advize us to never sow, only to pick and be a nomad. plan live-love and work time/space planting projects      Woods were once sacred, later fashioned into vessels for greed, then pulped to print lies, we will want of wonderful woods, when our feelings are froze, we can't see rock through, and through it justly for trees.       True radicals raise lofty trees to house healthnuts, who percrushion right ahead, knowing full well a tree is but a fluidized rock and sky flex, filter, fuser and fastener in slow motion which transpirates dignificently plantlike, upright, damn straight, erect and sprawling when given the care not left to chance for diversions or stopping short at mere good intentions.       Lets grow limber timber further out for life in and from tree limbs. Love is respect for life and sets animals free, it vacuumcleans the life clogging mineralmass and spaces many a tree to encourage bioamassive provision and thus end scarcity.       A conman smuggler balances his shades on his nose but an acquarian, you know the one, the 2 jug (might as well be cloud and rock) juggler, looking like he is pouring water from one (up) into the other at the water's edge, well, he is really miming a tree with 2 way rain and treesap traffic there, or a balance between wet and dry oxides, anyway, he plans to plant his (shadespenders) in the ground and grow 'm out overhead to sweat for him, these mild mellowing matrix filters restructure rain n shine (down) and water (up).       Wood(,)I like the shades you made for me,  wood you give up your shades?       A neighbourhood's sheltering grove and fruitful orchard is the only human right worth a chockablock rockfull filled hell of a fight, and after that just loafingly leave the leafy eaves in peacefully loving light.          In my eyes a real stud crushes rock and grafts or nips buds here and there.       We crackle, pop, crumble and bust the crust clumps to dust lustily, for credit emission of rhythmically breathdrawing soul tides to turn heartlights on up to snuff and fiercely funny enuf, this way rock goes green vertically rather than politically, thanks to grey piles and pools of life, poling lightprocessing pillars of stability skyward.       Biomassive bonsai bounds beams bashfully: Some people need cigarettes, other drugs, attention or empire; I for one, like 2000 year old treehouses and so I found a way to get 'm started and if you and I can agreeably manpower life's plan, the planet will soon support such plants.       Rock rubbers give polish, rockgrubbers leave loads of specks per shining beam and misty molecules in a neat and nifty bond they can use to tie water to and with.       2000 years hence the trees planted in the such span encompassing scope wholes will be alive and well and so will the people there in, those who will have dug through their heart hardening fear for and insulation from past, present and future. They will run a quite temperate regime in between the tweaky extreme stress of too hottish dry and frozen cold uneasyness. All categories of biomass will have max-multi-million-manifolded astronomically, inching deeper into more and more sensitized soilbankcredit, a very together practise to replace the symbolic surrogate ways which save, account, advertize, document and do or mean business less fruifully.       Half a single sign precession time away maturely millenial treez demonstrate the exquisite stature of wisdom. Though now those skytickling and always in reason's season realtime-pieces, are near enough to quite undone, just short of not even any left or at least some and that leaves us barely next to none.       Trees are rocks and water, poured into the sky taking a ride on the aspir(al)ing sunshine tripping around diconicomically. Light flows down and dark grows up to come clean and green in between. The sun's golden riches run into our flimsy film of greening filter foliae, I wonder how we must return the flavor.       Nobody beleaves sweet rigid nothings within reach, to suit weathering and quicken the weather.       Nobody for president and precedent.       start the age of the big ol' tree to put a stop to the bigotry.       (P)Remembering where life leafily shades, feeds and leaves you ahead is a believable (b)reach (of and) for the subject of peace.          Trees repay our own sweat for them with so much more.       I am a soil organism, quintessentially part of and partial to the elements.       How's life according to your family tree's dealings with seasonal daytime transpiration variability?       These lovely things that we will do so they do us, these lovely things that we will doodle away with, these lovely things that we will do to doodle a way for you and me not to mention the rest of our big family in the shade of the grove that harbours many a fruitful poets treaty tree.       The sky gets drunk as the sun sucks water through a thick treetrunk.       The sun sucks water through a thick treetrunk after we have gotten a rock fully drunk much easier.       When rock can quit waiting cause it got wet from you, the vigorously sweating and cooling shades will grow some sweat for you too.        I aim to make a music video or use some other preferably high profile and widely distributed media options on our road to freedom to show the links between diversified in(ter)dependence and honestly specified monies, fruit and fresh mineral       Information as free as sunlight and (rock)formation as loose as lukewarm water will in due season accord the privilege of royalty and standing to large well rooted swaying crowns.       With wishes for trees and peace for each era, all space and every being.  wormship yourself into worthy shape      A tree in a seed and its food in a rock, tis a suprisably dusty secret.       I like to trust you will help muster more justly rockbusting thrusters, for never was this much luster ever yet provisionarily unclustered by one man al(l )one.      Let me please tease your ear with this notion: Since a tree connects solid, fluid and gaseous components, you may consider it as a rock in transpiralling potion motion.      Imp-r-overished poetry by Piet Peanut 'n Treenut, compro romp stomp to promo-prop a prime and pumplike tree promp silvosalvalvage. What all sustentacularboreta wood you like to hear rustle and harbor musication overhead with rootanchor underfoot? Sunpumped treevalved water and marble of course!       Trees want to sweat for us cause they are better at it.       My favorite vision and hopefully effective enough pro-vision of timely organized rock (a tritautology as far as I am concerned) morphing into millenially ancient trees and their crops re- and survivals having standing and staple status to take root in buoyantly limbered and fleshed out skeletal bedrockbottom bones of memory is in danger of becoming a deedless creed that don't goad lushed standing through crushed tension onwards too good.       Swinging in the treetops, I see my beleaf gobble the shine just fine cause of my fancy rootfood footwork..       People and trees of all ages at different stages mixing very well.       Charisma is perfo(g)rateful vertical border flexing; scarisma is lateral border perplexing.       Trees bridge the gap between stolid matter and motion. Let thy tongue fall prey to prayerful play and you may say: a tree is just a fluid rock 'praised into motion  bycause a rock can run like a clockwise fluid potion to become a tree very well.       Our kin pumpin trees are not quite what they are purportedly able to be barked up and become a gain (profit) just yet. From deep green to ripening fruit:  Linking rock to water welcomes and int-reduces fruitful freedom for much besides and before roots. If you plan to eat nutritious, fresh and ripe fruit you may start serving it's feeders their food in preturn. If the trees and their rhizomatic root realms of your choice are vital enough, the dust may be taken and dressed up there well contained to sweeten the very next fall.       Was a scouting monkey's cry a sociable abundance acknowledgment as a troup fanned through a region and does the world ring out with more vibrant throats in evidence of tougher twines of thought and resonance twisted and wrung from superbly conductive liquid crystals in ripe fruit and the ionizing release on and for life of a thunderstorm whose clap is sung  along in hundred letter words in rapturous mimicry and gratitude?        Been let down to fall on the ground, ripe and ready, but will I be found.       Johnny Appleseed was an exterritorial orchardizing infrastructor.       Crack a rock, dab and spread a pinch, plant a sapling, snap a twig, nip a bud, pick an orb.       Crushed rock, loose skin, it hasn't yet got the live tension put in, to see their way clear and find their time spin, after daily darkprespecting preparations, weaving a way of livelyhood, so that it's unwound and bound to win.
      Right time and place, ripe and ready to break the skin, rapture spreading from teeth on in  and back out for all over again, is any other skinrupture justifiable besides the dry and far (cry) from animate kind? .      ---sacred sites and geometrees ripen fruit mo' betta---        Objectivate: Plants decompose rock? How much like a seed is an unfolding  rock? No dust need ever be raised above ground, 'cept inside delightful receptacles if it weren't for much cannibalism (see O K Maerth) and many an ice age.      Teach each person to breach the proper subject so they may later reach for a peach and take it to the beach.       We let life die and become dust but bust not death to let it live unless we cleave and water it, so the sun heaves, leaves and weaves it into fruifulness.       Fresh and new earth organisms result from close proximity, exposure and sufficient time to fuse the four elements for integrating growth, quintessentalizing 'm into fertile diversity. Eco guerilla's:  Fresh stone flour and unravelled gravel i.o.w. mineral powder can be soaked to have the wet and dry oxides as mud mixture  be reduced by and under steamily sunny rays and form the"crummy dirt" that powers an arousal that ripens and dangles delectables from  which are gratefully revered, savoured and turned to compost by the all of this wholesome cycle celebrabrating colour and fragrant scent following, pick fruit n' travel vagrants who perform such enthused formation perforations of exposed surfacial, searched, shattered, sown and scattered rockshows, thus they feed and are being fed, giving way to growth of excellence; owners and servants of the globe entire, pilgrim pageants that roam and dance in a magic confluence of sequences. They presentientate and rep-air the prepared prayed and prepayed for goodies in the true coin of the pentacle realm whence all sensitizing mobility to bring such sexcitation through (gratitude for) their own, to the low and slow end of life's line. Man was not meant to extract, abstract, exploit and forget life's origins but to weave to and fro between our relatively new light and old dark empoweringly floured rock, dissolved in water, (s)welled, reduced, and pulled up by evapomoisture to dangle and drop lit up and blushblessed cause treeripened fruit in seasonable and timely laps. Sowing decimated death is post-apekind's way to better harvest re-aping (less hairy, more picky).      Pouring water into rock is beam receptacle readying and subsequent ripe food and fibre reaping  are pageant-type wayz of and for life.       Bucky ball inhabitants roaming above and clearing the crowns of a waving sea of the strongest branches under, on and in which monkey brother may hold sway, follow skin for closeness to win and where they can begin to play,  that is to say: unpack many a mineral trace to forthwith fortify a fruitshrine with life's lease wrested from a vital embrace, of rock which comes to fall apart and feel fine so it leaves us the living fractal geometry of a divinely proportioned place.       Rocks, roots and their inter- and exchange (ar)ranging ramblers give and take time and space.       Free and fund the vision for seeing to treelimbcluster cable conveyances.       Clean karma: The only living structures you may rupture are those of fruits, one extasy furthering restriction is that you may do it with teeth only unless you are going to dry and sculpt them. I elect prospects of detectable and eclectable delectables to be erected upon ripened reflection, in other words: the more you pick, the pickyer you get.     I consumed many a golden mean spirally peeled orb and such time as is weftwoofed on its way to full blown vitalizing substance for treeripe fruit in season helps roll rock up the paths of life to (re)new heights of resonant vibrancy.      ---pluckables sweetening muckabled marble---- Why did I slip, slide, drip and rip away from my mother her tissue, tongue and taste? To learn how rapture flows from the crunchily masticating rup- and fracture!

The personal and paper sources for this chapter are:
0   tree diveners, -champions, -nurses and -workers: (1) Robert Graves+ , two tree alphabet  chapters in "The white goddess" J Russel Smith+the predust bowl classic : "Treecrops" Liberty Hyde Bailey+, Cornell has a beatiful Bailey hall but is overrun with modern heroes, hunters and quakes after quirky quarks        Native Forest Council, PO 2171, Eugene, OR 97402. Permaculture Int Journal, PO7185 Lismore Heights, NSW 2480 Australia, Rainforest network action in London,         Earth first, anywhere in the USA with forest left,            see under 5 for seed sources fruit  fenders, finders  and furtherers: NAFEX, North American Fruit Explorers, oldest treeorganization in US, they put out a quarterly:          Pomona, c/o Marie Kurie, 10 s 055 Madison st, Hinsdale IL 60521 USA---Paul Bekaert runs a natural food store: de Kiem in Borgerhout, Antwerp, Belgium, his first garden is long gone under the nearby freeway, he always has the best selection of fruit in all of Europe.          raw food: (1) Lawrence William Lyons: "The language crystal" from Grammar Publishing, PO 2333, NY, NY 10009, USA;   (1) Gabriel Cousens (seminars) 200 Springhill Rd, Petaluma Ca 94952, a Kundalini awakener through body and mindcleansing   (1) Daniel Reid ,a mostly raw food  recommending daoist Natural Hygene, 12816 Race track Rd, Tampa FL 33625, The Hygenic community network news run by Helen Jean Story. "Retour a la sante par la jeune" by Bertholet+ featuring Arnold Ehret (my very first orientation)+ and 39 other therapists+   Fresh Network, Whitestone, Devon, UK   the instinctologist network based in France, started by Burger.
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