true economy, its derivations and subversions utopian thoughts for radical economics politics, defense conversion, autonomy
Welcome to the future flour(y) pow(d)er fostering; potentially fastest and already (for sure) the most solid(ly formatted) prose-poetry on earth: about 7 Megs spread out across over 88 files (averaging over 88 K'z colourful concept- harmmonized and hyrarchical wordsequences, including 4 megs worth of images, even) worth of contextual BLABS =Bottom Line AphoristicallyBallistic Solutions  which will (dis)solve all uncivilly polarizing centralizations, break up and open (c)lumpy niches and lumpynesses, wether they be institutionally animated or simply, inertly dormant(yet animatable), by pushing the logistic limits (to light) inventively, notably those (rocks) constraining vertical metabolisms (of trees).
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parable x x x credits x x x democracy featuring crazy demons x x x orderly and public accounting hubs and centers held in check by responsible peripheries x x x LETS level square about bottom lines x x x the multiple means, mindsets, meanings and media alignment to mint more moderate, measurable and moral monies may remove morbidly monotone monopolies x x x fold in, fi(b)re and tell, crease out, water and swell x x x secret secretion secretaries x x x and now for a crash course in coherent and cosmologically correct commercial x x x mystical statuary for monastic unity x x x from rock to man, from movement of people to ecolonomikarma of clearly re- and accountably personalized currency, from harvesting to propagation x x x blended dusts and distinct digits reflect singular sentience and sussed sociability x x x the sun saves you and spends itself, so return the flavor, predeem and prime some rocky time, help it soak up rain and shine
The (printed pulp) sources for 2L about autonomous, econo(r)mic ethics Destined to outgrow the formal fashions of per-, ob-, in- and reversions of secretively centralist, vantage point, bottleneck, privilege, pace and precedent setting, defense, pharmaceutical, fossil and fertilizer industry complex condoned by equally masterful movers of the IMF and world bank.
 (3) Robert Graves's small but truely historical essay: Mammon and the black goddess; (2) George Gilder----(2) Bucky Fuller+--(2) Unwin---(2) Goux (see App)---(2) Lyotard          Cato Institute, 224 Second street SE Wa DC 20003 (academic quarterly: The Cato Journal), libertarian thinktank with freebanking philosophy.          Durrell Foundation, Box 847 Berryville, Va 22611, USA; inflation fighting thinktank started with a legacy  hailing from the handtoolbusiness,          American Institute of economic Research,Great Barrington, 01230, USA LMP, Libertarian Microfiche Publishing          John Zube's efforts at fixing the leaks to float the human rights boat. Without the right to issue private money tokens unemployment can not be abolished nor can harmless competition (differentiation and open centralisation) be realized. c/o John Zube, 7 Oxley st, Berrima, NSW 2577, tel (61) 48771436. The worlds biggest and cheapest collection of drafts and deliberation towards social reform legislation (1/2 a million A4 pages ) inspired by and featuring Ulrich von Beckerath+ yet to become known as social reformer and matchlessly eminent historian and his friends Heinrich Rittershausen+ and Walter Zander besides out of print constructive, nonreactionary nor the bombing varieties of anarchism and monetary freedom writings like Lysander Spooner, William Butler Greene+: "Mutual Banking", Benjamin Tucker+ "Liberty",  John Dewitt Warner: "The currency famine of 1893" in Sound currency '95 and'96 ; Thomas Paine, Proudhon, etc, etc. (all material averages 2$ for 120 pages per fiche, they are called peace plans, PP 760-765 has the tables of contents of the first 3/4 of the collection)          Leopold Kohr+- --Judy Shelton-- --Roland Vaubel --Lewis Hyde---- Donald Mccloskey-- --Mirowski ---Michael Lewis ----Tom Greco- ---E Riegel
here we go
Parable:  Top down information, open central, free and accesible as sunlight, augmented by bottom up growth from inanimate crystaline per-for(m)ated formation thanks to pulling your weight imperatively and   the parallel, equally decentralizing money emission commitments spell spirit and spunk, without these, there frankly and in all fairness can be no free trade and certainly no free migration, let alone full fertility restoration and  mutual sustenance on par.         Credits:  My studies in search of a juster economics started with my already mentioned frustrations concerning the causes for the relative and as I found out very much related general ignorance about the less verbally admitted and proclaimed than pronounced 'misted mineral emission' meaning of mother earth's do it herself help for fertility, but first I encountered efforts by the likes of Kitson, Soddy and Gesell with sideway glances at conspiracy theorists who habitually point the apathetic scape goating finger and look at personal causes for long since institutionalized principles, all of whom make no bones about centralized emissions however, just wanting a go at the controls themselves I guess. I still have a debt owing to the Swiss "freiwirtschaftler, Rohkoestler und Steinmehlstreuer" besides the in this respect sideways related work of Arnold Keyserling for the lesson that material and spiritual heritage seek to reflect and help each other out to achieve balance in the mediating soul. Next came Wilken's parity pitch (still adhered to in Acres USA which celebrated its 25th anniversary in 95), he maintained that monetization measures must not exceed seven times the price fetched for raw materials, which leaves one seventh of all wealth in the hands of landworkers who ideally enhance its beauty through diversification (he doesn't say this in so many words but the homestead as arc concept was still very much alive in his day). Finally, work by Rittershausen (Unemployment as a problem of turnover credit, etc.), a popular professor, befriended and mentored by Ulrich von Beckerath (Bth) fell into my lap as a stroke of good fortune to crown my efforts. Bth had the knack of presenting his readership with facts that allowed 'm to draw and come to conclusions instead of giving them the customary feeling of having to try translate some perscriptively alien formula into their own circumstances; he was an unknown insurance mathematician (some of his work was published in the thirties crisis: "does job creation take money?", by Edgar Milhaud in his Annals of Common Economy, Geneva, but his manuscripts and library burned up in the war), his thousands of pages worth, personal letter collection constitutes the core, inspiration, main attraction and best reason to merit more attention for the worlds largest and cheapest source of monetary freedom, libertarian and constructive anarchist documents made available on cheap fiches called Peace Plans by Beckerath's trustee John Zube, who runs LMP, Libertarian Microfiche Publishing from 35, Oxley st, lot 7, Berrima (near Sydney) NSW2577 Australia. I have little dispute carrying command over the substance but hope to mend that by going through closer study. I believe the rockdust saga (mineral cycle awareness) is not going to make much headway into consciouness til the more mental currencies are exposed, humbled and literally brought back and put in their proper place. What one cannot visualize with all its springing points, returns to chip away at, and/or break through the cracks of our reactionary dealings with reality til we get it right. Keynes versus Beckerath is as Jesus vs Cernunnos (see ch 6)
Democracy featuring crazy demons:  Beckerath relates a story about a vote for or against restrictions of some kind, it turned out everybody was for applying these, but to except themselves, voila the birth of a collectivism and an individualism all at one and the same time,
receiving equal amounts of votes.         Mock the vote, clock quadrannual politics out with your own daily businesscard/ad/valuestandard/moneymint- and minding.         Here is my attempt at giving you the gist of what stuck after glancing through 4000 pages worth of Bth inimitable style of drily conveying information:We don't need: stampede mood making and breaking, anonymous manipulators who bribe, tax and dictate the mindless stage pageantry aidience from behind its theatrical buzzword patchwork facade (roughly with astrologically signature like newspaperarticle-sequences sometimes, no doubt, but in the big and wild blanding moneymixer nothing gets out alive), votes for these however much charisma possesing but almost invariably to active or passive pissing post degrading figureheads give the sheepishly silent majorities the all too rare, illusionary and ineffective chance to influence the course of e-vents, all this keeps us lumped into un- or at most reactionarily criticalherd mechanisms of imposition.         But we do need:  diversified monies as truely specific, daily ballot tickets passing through all hands, cause they originate from our extent of and capacity for bonding at basic and bare necessity levels, not from volatile speculative bubble scum on top, (and make no mistake about it, when a centralized issue is at stake, the meanest and most ruthless will show off or cover up their fancyest elbow work depending on how blatantly fashistic they hold power at this front if we let them) bycause all projects need to have the support and permission of all the ones entitled to a say (in proportion to the extent they would be affected by it) about the matter before it ever gets to be, however local to start with, common currency. This doesn't mean we lose the equitable equating, balancing, liberating libra quality of a standard of value as reckoning unit, just as long as nobody can hoard, hog and accumulate it physically by force or finnageling, that is refuse compensation and demand the real thing however scarce; by analogy nobody owns the sun, but all can use their share of light as usuriously as they like and are able to process and grow away with it, buying and selling the results.
Orderly, transparant and public tabulating and accounting hubs and centers can and must be kept (a wakeful (round the clock) eye on) and held in check by responsible peripheries.         Diversity and decentralization stimulate noncompetitive competence and dispersion of surplus. Shortage calls for balancing with subsequent avoidance resulting in abundance. Centralization must become open, honest and simply registering, accessible thoroughfare, nonencrypted, cooperative, nonsecretive and undistorting.         Fusing the libraries, parlaments, congresses departments, ministries, media and banks together frees up the spectacle, socialization and various types of theatrical spaces for more playful functionality.         Communism (state capitalism) turns to secretive and private yet nontheless centralized capitalism which in its turn should give the almighty manipulated means of payment the slip to let its constituents free for the next step also, if it wants to get and stay ahead again. Which it does, right?. Logo, no? A move that goes beyond democracy, dropping majority rule dictates for systemically diversified (alphabetized) to and fro each all their own hitlists choosings of ads, plans, businesscards, vouchers, voting slips and every other kind current above board, on the ledgers, in the papers, through the fibers, all neatly categorized, indexed and dated, tying emotions to tangibles, which only emitters and associates must redeem at face value if returned to be cashed back in while valid, starts with the freedom to emit such money.         Personalized money (vouchers) were once called promissory notes,in an open competition of potty training olympics, choosing and championing  from amongst many causes by confidently circulating their specific bills unanimously rather than anonymously is a colourful, ongoing and therefore decidedly undecidable but exact score keeping event to which the anonymous yet exclusive black out and white wash blind, blend and bland, admini- and demon-stratively crazy democracy, imposing on minorities and nonvoters alike, as they do in our essentially secretive society, compares unflavor-and -savorly.         Visit your card upon the world, show off how well equipt and fit out you wiz. Customized currencies can replace voting ballots and polls, even dissolve gridlocked, duelling and dichotomous dualities, simply through (p)articulate and specific attention given to the legitimacy of choice: currency competition to rule out coercion.         A truly legal, open, honest and helpful tender is based on updatable, crossreferenced resume's, both numbered and dated.        Mock the vote unless you can vote constantly by choosing from amongst the many present and future monies (simple goods and services after all), which were wanting, wished, hoped for and can be planned  (is printed, publicised, calculated emitted, financed and executed into existence), so fuck one kind of money, people can only learn to put their mouths where their monies are, if and when these in turn teach them where the mouths willing to eat, drink and sing are, the myriads of metabolic profusion now haunted with starvation and poison.
Mock the vote, unblock the rock, clock the buck:  LETS level and square about bottom lines. Money may evolve to businesscard(called visiting card in Dutch)like ID and means of payment in one, it will have date and time of birth, eyeball, hair, nail, tooth, skin, frame and silhouette info; even enumerate, qualify, categorize and index: tools, capital goods, instruments, toys and arsenals, in short inventorize everything including talents and predilections, kinda like the CIA, etc., except, here comes the clincher: open and accesible like sunshine, serving accurate  and reciprocal scrutiny by and for everybody, processed efficiently into daily scorekeeping.         Plenty of decentralized every man for (but not by) himself competition out there, yet relatively negligible amounts in complementarily representational currency to reflect relative value thereof and base capital demand (meet ready goods to be moved or plans to be executed) and corresponding supply on.          We run into problems from too much money sooner than from too many monies.         In its socalled golden age the 17th century Holland had a (valued in but not traded for gold) 1000 kinds of circulating bills. Don't hang your most tender feelings of security, justice and/or equality on "legal" tender. Look, you haven't even the right to create yours at your own risk and that of those who choose to deal with you!  Money is not the root of all evil, not even the love of money but the love of any one kind of money alone, which can and will become a very mis- treat-, guid- and representing one at that. Instead the love of monies (more than one coherent identity undoing kind) is like the love of dictionaries and discernment, the love of coordinates and success rates of microclimate and bioregional radiance reception, it also has the ability to buy from and/or go help out with any growing  production that strikes your fancy, even merely projected ones. mellowing the tides that stretch between abundance and scarcity.         Do any of the numberpushing global administrators and debt reschedulers ever blow soap bubbles and deal in viral rumours? Start a viably against all odds one today; cause under open conditions the good drives out the bad.           M  The multiple means, mindsets, meanings and media alignment to mint more moderate, measurable and moral monies may remove morbidly monotone monopolies:  see also: two in one is three (9L), a bit binary, inform and unfold (9B) See "idee forte" in the september 94 issue of the magazine Wired about  superdistribution (pay for productuse, not info).         Monopoly money must be exclusive, expensive, sacrificed and competed for to weed out lesser partakers and -ticipants; it thus dictates for a deep sea politics of take over and swallow ups for the bigger bullies.          The belligerently bloated and loafing monopolizers and inflators discourage, preempt, restrict, ridicule, ignore, even forbid and outlaw small selfhelp-credit and destroy value and its possible sustabilization insatiably, all dreading and defusing the day brawn and brute go out  for tact, honesty and agility to come in to better mousetrap power.         Just as blind, bland and blend money hides good and bad alike (to subsidize one with the other), so does who ever came latest or even better, comes on now, harvest oggling attention while obscuring perspective like toxic juvenile graffiti signature overlays. But on the other hand however quite to the contrary, a selective intake provision due to a no overdraft allowed policy makes all sinning aimed at it bounce back at equal or greater tilt depending on viberate.         Just monies need space, time and quantity specs (specifications) plus an accesible, recent and trustworthy (free random check) rating, not a too undifferentiated, contradictorily and nonvoluntarily coerced and collectively conglomerated cover instituted by real eased and unleashed rock dreading, stuck up-tight-fisted lip serving nincom pact poopering pseudo fundamentalists.         Soil banking; the save way for economic freedom of all life forms:  Clinton wishes to make change but doesn't know what humble, modest, grassroots, effective, greatest need of tiny subjects satisfying small change is.          Put a price on the overhead growth ingredient reduction obstruction  and on biomass diminishing as well, free up and order the infoflow of associability to the status of priceless preciousness, giving an inch and a hint to a perceptive (meaning naive and young enough) audience is all it takes. If info and sunshine are equally free you can still charge people for what you have done with it.         Fuse post office, library, media and government together in one networked, unencrypted, open and nonsecret agency with terminal time slots for every literate body; I bet enough funds would come in to keep it going even (and probably best), on a voluntary basis with capacity to spare, arms will then gradually start to be recycled till none remain and never revive again, turned into toys and tools like nonpolluting cameras, musical and sporty model rockgrinders.         Fold in, fi(b)re  and tell, crease out, water and swell. I've had my share and fill of all brawl and brash belligerence that makes the news punctuated by the cynically make believe good news substitute: lying commerce.         The usefulness of access for many to multimega bitabled digital infocompaction can start to outrun costeffectiveness of and need for secrecy to the same degree reason loses its abstract strictures, i. o. w. when feelings are recognized and acted upon as no less variable than reciprocal influence on weather. If love is the degree to which you share viable information even if you only leave the next beggar his place in the sun for lack of the foremost sharable forms (like fruit) to offer, it still increases your capacity to receive.         A bullie at the other end of the spectrum is like a rock full of itself but can lose and loosen content to gain volume and life, such festive heavens we know not how to visualize, and those that try with any serious claim to completeness can be concise and to the point only at the risk of losing touch with prose.         If I went around or better yet staid put to crush and spread rockdust with a side line in fruit quality control as I once strongly aspired to do and describe daydreamily in other chapters, some vitally important writings (Bth's) would perhaps be left to decay in peace without attempting to revive and date them up, I would need harder ware than a bicycle and dolly, (which is all I 've been handling for the last three years) besides to be a trifle humbler and less ambitious or plain smarter, then again, if the right big shots became enamoured by the scenes of plenty I try to conjure and convey so poorly, (do we have any painters on board? welcome, have a read... I know, I know, most thinkers don't do and doers don't think) we could all be messing around humbly together at permanently peaceful play very soon.         Secret secretion secretaries:   Systemic infocompaction obviates laboriousness and ultimately (bad karma of) coverups the same way the analogous formation unfoldment and complementary more uniformated solar info compaction, precipitation and differentiation must meet the succulently solved riddles and secrets of rocks readied for lush secretions. Give us a chance to employ, and return handsomely upon an investment of fresh surplus energy which mirrors and completes this mind/body cycle.         People discern and bark the oxides up for fuel, computers bite the bullet made to pass through church (Dutch proverb about decisiveness).         Dissolve seemingly impregnable rock to help inform biomass, so flexed and freed up relatively static uniformce feeds differentiation in rhythms as old as the ones that our whirly world turnachurns out day after night at.         We have a mechano-technical policy whereby nought may be sold or bought of thought and must bear life on death every bit never in the least nitwitlike and/or without fitting grit. Todays mass media is a bottleneck scarcity phenomenon.         The info-industries are as secretively cynical, constricted, screwsomely fascist and infertile as their re- and presentative monetary complements which compound, bloat, bland, blend, dare-flare-snare and perpetrate the aggrand-brand trend subjected to uniformating loss of vitality which allow and condone the passing of light work through too many bottlenecks so it sure as hell remains dark at the redeem-ducible rockbottom, nonetheless pining from our lack of mining for influence of rain and shine current not to mention from our formation bashing and unpack  hacking lack which doesn't help its dusts up into trees.         True and simple currencies are selfhelp devices that promote and stimulate truthful identity and quality.           To help wind up biotimers, get rocks relaxed and unlocked,  to ensure frisky freshness again, get the emissions clocked.         And now for a crash crush course in coherent and cosmologically correct commercials:  The pump, soak and volume step up, content coax and quality inflation of rock is an undamming sight smarter than the bloatment of social currency.           We must declare a jubilateous slatecleanse, start leaving the (s)pacing of time and tangible credit to the "coin of the realm" minting industry for creditable gobblable tidbits, give bad creation of blandly unspecific wild cards, nondenominational jokers and compulsory legal tenders issued by nitwits aided and abetted by hype adver(ti)sity spewing costly compound junkmail, -food and misinfo the slip, before they wipe out saving grace altogether.          The make believe world of advertizing has fallen victim to cover up, greedy and facade cynics, witness the hairroot feeding shampoo commercial; a lady with wet hair rises up through the desert floor but not a speck of dust or grain of sand adheres to her. This is a perfect in- and perversion of the urgent root hair, desert and attractiveness issue which probably leaves most people fascinated with the enigmatic and paradox meaning of it all.         Time for Transpersonal airheads, grippies and other more objective and detached reflectors to receive the reigns from the sceptic, dominant, arrogant greed and fear-ruled suckers, who's turtle minded snaphappyness needs to be teased, tickled and failing that, most likely thumped out of their shells, however (d)evolutionarily succesful such a brief but glorious moment of primal herd and hoard power stance has proven.         Oxide reduction for biomass building has been ephemeralized, cerebrated, transposed and usurped from the smallest and simple to the smartest and symbolizing beings.         Although the general, grave and dark flip side of the photosynthesis coin has been the best, oldest and most succesful game on earth, a mental version don't work in the intended, equally big way as well, au contraire, it has become termshortening and perverse, stunting all in its path with defoliating disbeleaf (see page 30).          Economy, politics and religion are a triplicity; father, son and holy ghost are a triunity; rock, scissors and paper are a triviality; , rockdust making "timepieces", personalized money and fruit are a timely necessity (see ch 9L).          Mystical statuary for monastic unity:  Down with the bias of anthropomorphic dominance. We had one God and one legal tender fad long before we were trying to get at the indivisible particle.         We cannot have truly unified centralization without equally open and accesibly decentral differentiation,  2 way traffic all the way as in treesap and rain.           Everything is singular and manifold both and at once, preferably at 90 degree biangular swirligig webberishness.          Minerals and money:  The one truth, god, currency and /or central intelligence ideas must be so all inclusive as to be acceptible and palatable to most organisms inhabiting the biosphere. Monomoney: as specific gravity of mixed minerals per animate tensility ratio-re-cycling; ethereal and rare, slippery and moist, hard and dry; trust, lust and thrust in closed circuit combo-sequences.         Monogamy:  means direct fuse fit heartfelt conduit syncros. Monotheism:  aims at life through and beyond photosynthesis, earth's age old fluxuating standard of ubiquitously biospherical value.          All three can be linked in the vertical sense. Lemme see a show of hands:who's longing for terminal progress from rock to man, from movement of people to ecolonomikarma of clearly re- and accountable  personalized currency, from harvesting to propagation.         Jean Joseph Goux's elucidations read like the oddest mixes of abstraction and pragmatics which often result in circular and vicious reasoning but is at times unintendedly brilliant if only he would not exclude minerals from existential participation, but he too, like so many others of his ilk has driven his love of sophistry to unwholesome abstraction (see appendix 2) even if lots more transparant and -posable, Here is a small sample of his amply repetitive oevre: "..nothing irreducible beyond biological roots of the subject.., (slavery, ?) gold as standard of value and monotheism were complementary and simultaneous: credo and credit, debt death, depth, pray, pay"..centralizing monopolized monies of imperialism are an outflow of this.          Let us reconspire to link an interspecies generation chain, dont pass to ad-just the merely symbolic, human and monotonously bland link (that buck), but instead: pass the rock, your very own personal upholder and forebear.         Division of all labour doesn't work without sharing (task rotation),  nor when confined to one species.          Generalize greatest common denominators only, the eternally evolutionary physical currencies of all terrestrial-like life sporting membrane, skin, bark or hide. Polite policy police can break the dam, bank, wall and rocklocked up secrecy open to spill into a sense of soils and savings.         Blended dusts and distinct digits:  handled the right way they may reflect singular sentience and sussed sociability.  Ground gravel is usually reemployed; graded and glued right back into compaction in the form of lootcarrying and -hoarding roads or walls. Most of this potentially fertile money is not taken to the epitome of diversity distributing soilbanks but gets spent and pent right back up into the rigidity of compact and secretively symbol shuffler sheltering structures where with all bulletbiting, glare, flare and heartless cunning, the colours and spices of life are bled into one black mass of mental darkness for as long, high, far and wide as their compulsory legal tender manages to enslave and infradestruct. (see ch 6).          The real rockcrushers are not performing their (p)ungrate- and progridfully quarry crunch to increase credit for biomass crescendo; they do not mean to mechanically prime the from then on more lively unfold and swell made possible by facilitating rain and shine absorption, this very unpacking percussion isn't followed by a pack it in and up again kind of audience, nor do the kindly minded, mined kind currency grinding mints realize that is what they are or intend to attract such come around, carry crushed cash, go around current grounders that bank the biospherical way yet, but it will take such customizers of and by true nature at the cutting edge of evolution developing to save the day for civilization cause a more imaginative purpose than spraying plasters, pouring concrete  or driving pilons lies in enhancing its mobility still further in the borderland between in- and organic  to make its moves in favor of soil life and almost forgotten former glory.        This basic, sharable and tenderly tenderized rock, the currency of and for aeonlong bio-amass- and diminishment has needed no symbolic representation yet cause it can be redeemed or cashed in everythere where moisture, its mate and close relative is present, being most universal indeed, unlike derivatives with a much shorter lifecycle and more specific extensions, but now that our feelings and instruments are becoming attuned to the full spectrum of frequencies thanks to our probing rationality and vica versa, (note the Winter work on the golden mean and Callahan on magnetism), other sundry rock predigesters than ice ages would add an ancient tender to count as naturally legal, which (as we will see) means it can be forced back upon the issuer only or hostbanks who's confidence and commitment he has gained and secured.         Scide and collide:  What more real meat and bones, what all similar truth and consequences do I need to dish out before you see the compatibility and tolerance in diversified life? Yes, we can each have at least everything that counts on the double in a cosmic day's work, so don 't worry.          Once upon a time in the perfect world an orchardist was left his harvest even though the money he had writ out upon it had found takers long ago, with the expiration date of both approaching; should he be happy he may soon emit a new batch of homespun and printed means of payment to his own short term credit in a two fer one style or would he want to go to the central comptroller via optic fibre and see if he can trace his first batch of informative tender?         Choose voluntary funding, association, subscription and accountability or suffer taxes and evasive crime; spot the difference between omens and hints versus laws and force.         Forcibly nominal valuation allows anomalously innumerate and unspecific money emissions to become creeping inflation which is a requisition, silently sanctioned theft, war by greed fueled cleverness perpetuating exploitation and plain stupidity.         The turnoverspeedlim-bb-its of variously formed lifespans and such ('spanning' minerals) will be updated continually, accurately and accessibly divided into categories between bedrock base and flights of fancy, from sub- to supersoil bodies (tectonic plates and wheeling planets), registering dayly, seasonal, annual, perrennial and millenial cycles.          Let us fill mailbags with essential oils, gems, pollen, scions, seeds, and powdered minerals for an evenminded birds eyeful view on the world. Take a company like Seeds of change in NM as an example for future fostering. ..          The sun saves you and spends itself, so return the flavor:  Seemingly predeem and prime some rocky time and help it soak up rain and shine. Religion, relics, redemption, royalty and radiation.          F The sun's golden riches run into our flimsy film of green filter foliae. I wonder how we must return the flavor?          The sun's strenght, availability of suitable dust and water determine the seasonal and local standard of value:  rate of photosynthesis.          Soil signifies savings, admitment hereof leads to commitment for emitment and proplexpedition of current which in a real and subcutaneously economic sense, every living thing shares and deals in.          Oxides of rock and water are nature's money, please do mark it, expose and prespark it after miners undark it so the valve-pump-fusing-supplicative sun doeth bark it up the tree..          Who would know the center stage sun if it weren't for this lovely whirl weight catching a vital and free fraction of its selfsame blessing?          America buys gas, England buys petrol, but are the sun's savings ours to help ourselves to and allow letting it go up in smoke?           A dab of fresh dust can adjust; soilbankbase our (crust we bust-lustily and thus thrust into dust cause we just must coin kindest) currency on oxide reducing photosynthesis.          My expertise lies with inner and outer weather, foundation and firmament, the quintessential interphase of the four elements as sustenance for most of life in the form of fresh, raw and ripe treecrops grown in soils which are in their turn fed by outcropping and powdered minerals, all of which may be presented by symbolic currencies that stand for congealed and stored or harvestable sunshine.          The utter stillness, peace and patience of dark crustal rock contrasts with its complementing pole: seemingly endless space; the formal frigidity of terrestrial surface and super fluidity of aquatic oxides revolving between tectonic and solar fire must be met and mingled consciously by their harmonically selfreferencing descendants caught in the middle.           Break, cleave and dissolve sun resisting crystals to weave its shine into the fresh dirt, feintin n thrustin, one way or another we need make them breathe and wheel free, for biobounce.          Economic indexes and predictions, moods and speculations are like weather forecasts with expectations of sun and rain, temperature and precipitation, photosynthesis and transpiration within a margin of 5-6% accuracy, meanwhile optimal growth and other metaphors between gravity and levity are the kind of terminology busied in both disciplines and pursued with the same relentlessly reactionary and recklessly speculative rumours, tricks, sleigh of hands and shortcuts, as if juggling ways to smuggle is good enough for the hell of its appearance's sake.          Stimulus for photosynthesis takes spiderly patience and pouncing speed both. I live for the day when succes rates of various rockwatering devices, voted and funded into existence by voluntarily organized, exterritorial as well as clumped participants, who believe them to be required for optimization of harmony are recorded, tallied, turfed and traded on Llawstreet.          A homeopathic fraction of the homeopathic fraction of sunshine hitting the earth and its lands in growing season is all we leave ourselves in the era of fiery confusion, until such time when we open the wrinkily folded, crumpled, crustal and closed borders of bioamassing photosynthesis fuel to call clear and wet oxides down which in turn help this close kin of the ashlike troubled kind out and up, thus showing ourselves capable of meeting the challenge to complete and perfect the mimicry of rational thought about economy's roots, with dreamscore keeping in order to share, care, sift and shift rock and seed, besides propagation and grafting of the latter.          No sooner was the soilbankloan granted or he had his tree grove planted and organized his heap of realm coin at a sunny pace.          "Mountains of commodities are  born on the rivers of money to the sea of consumption "  J H Buechi          The holistic creditary effect occurs at undistorted  acknowledgment, transmission, acceptance and participation of fresh dust specs for biomassaged growth.          Gently slaked maidenly thirst of rock upon which the natural community as the bride of christ called church stools, turns the tables on ungrounded bland tenders, the whim and fancy of symbolic blur blenders, insensitive to a freeing golden mean movement which is bound to bend and lend light access to cleanly muddled water.         Are you gonna give us our daily ashes or do we have to go (get it) at the devils ourselves????          Jesus saves, love nurtures, the sunshine is vulnerable, mud is humble and the pentagon fights its own alienating fears and schizoid mirroring misery as if they were some external enemy's mysterious smokescreens.           A true king comes to the aid of his realms fronts and helps'm to the fore pouring mud on the faithfully foliating wheels of fate, rocks wait till kingdom come with all the organizable growth-reducible time in the world at bay and on hold.          Loyalty to locality is a difference of only one letter,  attesting to the closeness of the king and the land which as we all know, are one. I haven't got a mechanic, I haven't got a king I don't have a father who got on with my thing.          Accept Jesus, repent and believe he commissions our savings.          Harvest sunshine, 'prevent'(crush, polish , spread)hard rock to allow sinful soil to save and redeem it.          correspondance + crestrisen complementarity, yes, but chainletters are compound conpost! ! !
Correct response to nonconspiring pow(d)er pacts such as those of stones and their standoffish yet considerably collective moment is to breathe life into it.          Back that bone fast for a move to ward dominance of uprightness. out with imposed rulers inside your biodome-homy sphere.          Needful deeds teetertotter about on the brink of clarifying the deadly inert until bad habit divestment clears the way to at least pledge this plight by bottle post or other messaging means, so someone comes to cash in, helps make and take a way that set things right.          Stop the woundrous wayz of perverted relay-string-ing and other sundry proclivi-things perpetrated by short changers, inflaters or spare chain chinkers at the link lacking brink of a backdrop down to gravity carry me but count thee out.          I don 't like 'm insurmountables full of greedebty deeds, but I bank on our flirtility for good and tangible credit. The exclusion trip drippy drops no clue for the sun to shine into.          The mark it market traces the precious farfetchedly famousized few, so every body helps think how to replicate, reproduce, propagate and breed 'm into common currency range, away from extinction danger toward optimal diversity.         True trademanship is taking from the heart of superfluidity  to bring to the edge of scarcity like Robin Hood did.         The hedge funds were designed to stop fluctuation  but ended up as a tool and delegate of speculation.          Best way to break inhibitions of, as well asyour lance in, on and for bitches is to rag a rock for riches, cause that leaves all of life laughing in stitches, so sow a blend of specks that mends the dance of dust to a stand art of thrust.          Morphomimetic wake-fill-a-mentality. Winged kindness of tender feathers has nothing to do with federal reserve, faith in their funding fosters inflation.          Dis- and replace reactionary demands with active supply monstrations. Undulatory adulation of diversity is benefitting the pioneers who have their heads screwed on right now.          Pouring dry oxides into wet ones helps me puzzle their dry kin to pieces, my rivers truly rock life well beyond their own ends.          Wanna get to heaven? Lighten up, you're standing on and moving over or past the doors wherever you go on or near rocks, carve your name in 'm deep enough to show for a long time to come and it will come up smelling like roses.          Secret agents of the sun leave us with the symbol, tool and taproot of cristianity after they have been here to plead for their employer about the humble beginnings of lavish generosity sometimes arguing the fine points of selfforgetfulness with a nevertheless massively passive and equally misjudged kind of urgency.
Gilgamesh and Cernunnos raised roothairs from hell and Jesus's announced intention to, was considered a threat. Sunshine comes to raise clouds and leave trees at the same time.

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